The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on October 8, 1916 · Page 17
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 17

Des Moines, Iowa
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Sunday, October 8, 1916
Page 17
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TIIK 1EN MOINES UEdlSTKU : SUNDAY !IOIt.G, OCTOHKH S. 1910. hill i ROBBIE'S SMILE OF VICTORY AND THE DODGER REGULARS WHO ARE PLAYING BOSTON FOR BASEBALL HONORS MAUQCAIU), MYKKS, MILLER, OLSO?, MOWREY, CUTSHAW, MERKLE, RUCKER, JOHNSTON, ROBINSON, SMITH, CHENEY, DAUBERT, STENGEL, DELL, PFEFFER, COOMBS, WHEAT, MEYERS. " ' " f f GRINNELL BOWS TO WHITE SOX WIN TITLE Defeat Cubs in Chicago Series in Fourth Straight. . Pink and, Green Wins Third t. v Game ia Nine Vearg From v Grinnellians. ' OliCW STAR FOR VICTORS Victors Bunch Hits Off Both Vaughn and Packard. ' North Halfback Races Ninety ; Yards From Kickoff for Touchdown. ( JOrAGO, 0.t. 7. Tbn Aenerl-riin leaguer for the lxlh coiihwcu-llvn Um d-reiilPd ttmlr Natlimnl !ciiKUn rirftlti for toe chuniDionKlilii of Clid'ngo, by winning the fourth I Thwe wm a wild llonton shout. PLAY BY PLAY OF FIRST BOSTON-BROOKLYN GAME BOSTON. Oct. 7. The nme began at the nchedulad hour of 2 o'clock. After the camera men had photographed Manufiora Carrlgan and Kohlr.iton, three lneinbom of tho nnllonal cotnmlKiilon and the four umpired. Shore walked to tho uitrher'g box, Onlerfieldnr Myora alepimd to the plate and tho game wax on at i :U6. The flrMt hall pitched looked good to Mvith and hn bwuiim on It, lift lng a hlsh foul fly behind the plate hlcU fell into Cady'a big mitt. ! Y , 'North High, with Its rejuvenatinl j e.fven. defeated the fnt (irlnnell i Hlfth achool team at the Highland l'ark field venterday Bftornoon hy V the acorn of 21 to 7. Yeaterdav'a r vh'tory wan the third acored by the rink and Green athletea thla ma- i aon and the third jtame won hy tho ; i local over Grlnnell In Ue liixt nine ; ' years, J : From the aound of tho whlatln to . j Vxn finish, ynHterday a name waa a , 1 battle roynl. The two teams after i. the klckolf fought for everv Inch f or ground. The all round playing : of the locals was too much for' the rlHltora and the Grlnnell team left tho field with the short end of tho , Bcore. ' North'H IWenan Strung, Althouuh Grllinell outweighed . , North, It waa utmbltt to aklrt' the enda or pltume the Una when It came near the goal line. An Inler-cepted forward pass after It bounded out of the hands of a , ' North player gave the visitors their Only wore, i Harry Hell's nlavera ihaU firej touchdown In the flrnt quar-t-tr. After the hall had been ad-twvanced down the field on line "-Ha plungna and end runs, a for-I ward pass, buwo to Hcarpino, netted ! f twenty yards and the first toneh-- down. Allan kicked foal giving North a aevon point Jead. Allan Makes Tom lidimn. 'i In the second neiln.l Mnrih ; K'ored its siH-nud touchdown after aieaoy niarcn down the field. Al- - Inn plunged over and he again .; kicked goal, niuking the scoro 14 ; to 0. I Th most spectacular run of the uuy came at I tie start of the third quarier. urinneii kicked off to Drew of North on the 1 0-yard line Mini ui i-ina ano tireen hull-J. hack raced ninety yards through - Ue entire Grlnnell uggregntion for 7: o Aiian kichou ino rinal f. KOHl. I .-The visitors made their lone touchdown In thla period. After North had advanced tho bull to the : rrnier or tno flold, an attempt s, whs iriRtie at, a forward pass. The nan, aner aal lug Into a Konh lliKh player's anna, bounded Into mo nanus or i:rtckott of Grlnnell who. with nerfect int..rrro.,.o ,. iwiij Kiun lur me score, a Allan Slid Drew, with thnli- on. saiional open field running, starryd Jor-VHtJl, while Ionian plnved the Rist game for Grlnnell. the latter was the only visitor who could penetrate the North High wall of defense. Lineup and summary: xtrnlglit Kame, to St. The Americans won the final pnina because they bunched thoir hits off Yuiighn and Packard. Four American Ditchers Rui Hell, Fabnr, Williams and t'icotte- wont through their giuiKis without being relieved. Only twelve Amerl-enn leaguer participated In the se- rleH. The Nationals were outnlaved In fielding and batting by their op ponents, i The total paltl attendance win 16.71)9; total receipts. $11,121.(10; nulloniil commission's share fl.-112.10, players' pool $6,000.34, each club's stare $2, 001. 7k. The total paid attendance for the series was 66,614, total receipts $;I6,262.75, national commission's share $ 3.626.27, each rlnh'a share $6.r.27.:!ii, players' pool f 1 l,f.81.gH. The Americana receive CO per rent of the players' pool and the Nitllonnls 40 per cent. Mcnre by lnnlnn: fl.HB. Atn. rlriinH . . . . II II a 0 A 0 I) (I 0 II 0 1 NhIIoiimIm t 0 1 II 1 11 0 II II A 111 I linitxrl tlrolU and Si-hulk; Vuiishn, rsi-kHrrt liiiil Wlliion. PRINCEToiTTIGERS WIN KoHTH II, CIKINNKI.L Sfrnino Mnrtitrtgittftr MrNl-MI .... fth'Inlyra . . , Colli nil ftnyat (o) Crown . , . . w , . . rimmb4ni . . , Allan . , , , , , Mortnn , . . . .1. K ( UK.. , . I T ! L.T . ..,. i P. ,, . J h t;,. R T K T. , K. . .13 M tg.R, .h II, L H . . .it i! it if,. flubty.itlnns'y for 7. . . . . . ohli . .. Loinly ., Kr-rnjr . . . ('nitim II Mfihiiinn . WllHnir. llanloit .. herrtft . , . K.nhr . . . t'uri Im Inmnn to 'hamlicr. Trewlir Mortnn, Kill tor tUtMltia, ( Jnorninsmnr, Mfnter tnr Imw, duller ; f7.r i'ouitu, Klllott for Hrown, Hvimnn fur Mrlntj-rfc, K. K'JIott for Allan, frtrk-it for It en ton. Worrell for Lnnrvv. Mortfti for Irfw, Moliityr for HwitNon, AlUn for 1 Worrll, Chamb!' for l-;ili(ttt. Ina for S1' HiBtcr, McNeill for foiling Ilrowi. for '"SceirpiTin, l.lot'K for Kriify. a 8ummry-1'ouchtlnw n. rrnt, A Hun S rw, Urlt'kttli ; K'oain wftur touchdow in t tt llan n, 1 11 111 11 S Y nfflcflRln Uefwpn, ?;rtt f (Irlnntin; iplr. Hun if lrk: hiid llntrman k 0 ' )ir-r "I', f Atoillrw -fil-Kr ' :-'.' Vt Htmll's Men Defeat North ( rollnii Unlveinlly, to 0, PRINCETON, N. J., Oct. 7. Princeton defeated the University of North Carolina football team hero today, 29 to 0. After Princeton had run up a safe number of points on tho soul hern eleven. Coach Rush of Princeton sent In a string of substitutes. Tho only time in the game that, the visitors were able to hold the Tigers In check was In the flnnl period of play when the Princeton eleven was made up entirely of second and third team players. In tho second half, Jack Eddy made several thirty and forty-yard runs through broken fields. Me iiIho Hirew a forward pass twenty- five yards Into the arms of Funk, a I'rinceton end, in thn third period wntcn resulted in a touchdown Princeton played poor football in tne nrst period. Thn llnrup: Daubert struck out on three pitched balls and Htengol grounded out, Jiuivrln to lloblltzoll. with one bull and one strike on til in. The sldo was thus retired on suven pitched balls. Hooper, first man up for Boston, let the first two go by for balls; the next two wore strikes; then he fouled one off and finally wus a victim on strikes, .lanvrln was shuck out quickly. This performance encouraged the Brooklyn supporters, but Walker, next up, with one strike and no bulls, smashed a mighty drive to left renter for three hags. He was left on third, as lloblltr.ell grounded out, Cutuhaw to Daubert. Brooklyn Gets Two on Hnse. Brooklyn got two men on the bases in the second Inning, hut a quick double play killed chances of scoring. Wheat shot a grounder at. Hoblltzell. who could not. make it i In time to throw out tho runner. Cutshsw tilt Into the double play. Janvrln scooped up lilt) grounder and tosssd It to .Scott who ufter touching eecond to force Wheat, got CutHhn at first. Mowrey drew a base .in bulls and was left at first whetj Olson struck out. J'.oston got three on In Us half of the second but was also unable, to put a runner across the plate. I,owja opened by waiting out four bail balls, (ianlner trying to sacrifice, lit il down a beautiful bunt toward third. Both Mowrey and Chief Meyers tried to field the ball with the result that neither whm nbln In pick It up and both runners wore fielder Myers hoisted slammed a high long fly to center field. Myers ran bark and urade a great catch on the full run. Chief Meyers grounded out In Brooklyn's half of the third, Shore to liiiUlitzull. Marquard struck out. Myers drove a single to cen ter and waa left at first, as Dau bert struck out. Boston tallied Its first run In the third after two were out Janvrln struck out and Meyers dropped the third strike but threw the batter out at flrwt. Walker also struck out. HobllUull hit to right field for three buses and cuino home when Lewis hit the first pitched ball down the left field lino for a two bagger. Lewis was caught off second by a perfect throw. Meyers to Olson, ending the Inning. Dodgers Tie Hrore. Brooklyn tied the score In the fourth Inning. Mteugel singled down the left field foul line and came home on Wheat'a terrific hit for throe bases to the right field bleachers. Cutshaw ahot a hot liner to Hooper who lost his balance In making a difficult catch after a run and fell. Wheat dashed for the plate the Instant the ball wus taught, but Hooper auicklv regained his feet and made a re markable throw to the plate. Cady took the throw directly ovor tho plate and touched Wheat out on the ankle for a double Dlay as he cumo sliding In. It was easily the feature play of the game. Mowrey was thrown out hy Janvrln. In Boston's half of the fourth, Gardner struck out. Rcott sent a high fly out to Wheat, Cady was given his base on balls but Shore sent up a high fjy to Meyers- Meyers Gets Triple. Shortstop Olson opened the fifth Inning for Brooklyn' by grounding out on the second pitched ball, Gardner to Hoblltzell. Wulker lost Chief Meyers' high fly In the sun and the ball rolled to the center field fence. Meyers reached third. Marquard hi a aharp grounder to Janvrln, who throw hlni out while ho held Meyers ou third. Center- hlni to third on a sacrifice, Mowrey to (.utsdaw, wno covered first. Walker Bingled down the left field foul line and Hooper scored. With Hoblltzell up, Carrlgan got into an argument with empire Connolly, the Boston manager claiming that Marquard wus balking, but the chief umpire waved hlni aside. The game here dragged, Marquard frequently shooting tho ball to first in un attempt to nip Walker. Finally Hoblltzell grounded to Daubert for an unassisted out. Lewis pushed a grounder at Mowrey, who, aftor Blurting to throw the runner out at first, changed his mind and touched out Walker sprinting for third. This closed the inning. The National league champions went out in order in the sixth inning. Daubert was thrown out, Gardner to Hoblltzell. Stengel struck out and Wheat hit a slow grounder to Janvrln who made a quick throw to first. Olson Makes First Krror. The first error of the game was recorded in Boston's half of the sixth. Olson made a mess of Gard ner's easy grounder and the runner nas safe. On the hit and run play, Gardner was forced at second by Scott, the play being Mowrey to I utsnaw. Hcott went to second on the only passed hall of the game Cady got to first base for the third time on balls. Shore sent a fly to Daubert rnd Hooper lifted a high one which Olson gathered In, leav ing Scott stranded on second gase, I'll l.VRToN --- HlKhlfy Nil, CAROLINA a I. K II. IS rYn.Mnr I.T1L..T lUmwr ,l.l',!l,.U IIMI1H-H ..IVC I.MIIlll n.ll'KIl IHrri-l! TovU.r HI! I II. 11 I.ov V n v i Jnhomtn II H ill 11 KnlK'T I, II 1 1, 1 1, . . . Kllilnmu,n r.n :r it iioiinur AW I.MKtt Nnurpn . I li.ntirt Ho. ., I,Mtllt , wiUon . Am ,. Iiinwn . II mum , . , Hrnr hy imrtotl; Prlnrntoh O 19 IT n,tft North Citrollrm ,....,) 0 0 0 0 wmnmuiy J-.njrn.lott mm. Funk. Und v, Ittown. Iinxd: rnli from toui'tidovvo. jViink (SI; ion ftom f!t.l, Futile orfli lulu Hffrw, Turin of iirnwn: tmi- Irrt, &l h ratlin 1 1 of Harvard' fltM jiitlu, Imw nil pMrtmouth: iinl ltnrirniiil. Du- vU of WllllHttm. Pun tntloii rrirt'iTnti, it n ill it for HtKliltty, Kiink fur WlUon, H(mi'mUh(H for I Irian, ron'iairt rr i.Hirmt, f.H.iy nr Ami'. Httft'tn for HlntrntHmll, Mi-Urn for ?t Lfrtn. 'mtpy for Hroti, liwnrgl for Ml. Rmii for Hrir. M'hintttm fur in- i l. Koffr for NtniiK". w un for r unk. KonMntf for lthill. I'wnihmk for Mmlriw, Klrlilnml for 8fm'llr, Hamilton fvr Wtnn. hint hlHMpn for Hfmrn. Krch for (lrorvl, tlowitn for HhnllK. North t'urotln, lvm for 1 snv liv for DkvIn, Ukrnr for Proctor, Willi nut for Jortnton, t'oleinan fur Fottr, t'tiirv fur Tnlv. Ttni of pw flint Tin itiitiiii cm nrh WYOMINO COWBOYS LOSE l nlvcrslly of ( olormlo Wins Its Hist (a HIP. l.AnAMIE. Wyo., Oct. 7.-In a gnni(i that flashed up occasionally with brilliant Plays, the rnlverslty of Colorado today won Its first game of the season, defeating the Urvjverslty of Wyoming. 16 to 10. l:ie v youilng ( owtioys developed unexpected strength, since their 40 to o ilereat only a week ago hy the Colorado Agricultural college. or a brief moment In the third period, the Wyoming were In the lead. "IMPORTANT NOTICE! (ii TO ALL AUTOMOBILE OWNERS IMKTH1NO M( NTITI Hl.,SN lull III r, THKAI TINMi .l W- . .. i-'HSl Mil. US. I ln" "" r"nr '' ,lr"' nl Will iuak llii'lll K,lln. J AKASTKIII ran you 75 n,.r ci nl mi v. up llrf i'ni.1 hv our tw Iniorni'rrt vtm nBli-u-tiM(f nn )t,H(l Urn from hvii old tn(ii. slvlnjj n of nillt-t lol-fy pum-tiira vrimf. hlnw out anil w Iir-reroof, 1IU-.V mill ll.nlf In vitlir u-r.isn kill.,.-.. Iu k at Iro,. tlri-a toiiity. i-l,tp llifm l, u. anil t 1 1 c-HImw 1rA4 tlra fUlrnrl to oii tun Uhvm a'tr t h oM nm-it arf r,-lvrJ. I'r of ,aitilnittlnn ami aatin faction bi-forfi paylnK. ilpnalt m-tiai,Rrv IK LIST KOH STITllM.KSS Ot'A ItANTKKll IlOfHI.B THIIKAO TIREg-Vhen u furnUh Wh-n ynu furnlnh ona lira. Wbun wa furnUli two Ore. I.V U : i hy H . , . . ! l- H . . . . I t,r a !,... 1 hv 4 , .... I hy -. . . I t,y 4 ' .... I by -, l.y 4 .... in ny M Dy N Ml hv ,'IH by 4W-. :i7 hy 4 4.. ii,"i hy 5 . . sin hy 8 . T t.y S .., m by 44 ... 4 ' .12 51 .' 5 . SIKI . .111 . :t m . a. . a im , t in , a nr. , 8 in . 4 mi , 4 II ,.4.2.-i , 4-liri , 4.11 4..'.:. 4 IIA 4.7I-. 4 . S.-i MO ftirnUh th other. s in both tlraa. S n . mi 4 mi s im 4.. mi T ml 5 im 7 .Ml .'...Ml mi 11 ml 1 .Ml it L'.'i S ml n r.n ti r.n It 7.- 1 7 mi tn .VI ; ;m II mi 7 :.n II .mi T Tl l i no n on i a .Ml .:m a nn tj'...Mi H . fin 1 4 . ml in ml 14 1 HI. Ml 1.1 no J 1 lltl 1 .1 , nil When lr,nr ahnpn ara m-oaaHiu y. itlll r-vlra rhwrra pf 2.'ir In a.titfil NOTjri-; Ol'R LOW PKII'KS AMI TKfIN TA K K APV ANTAIIIO OK THIS All. IV 1 UST, B ALSO CAHHV A LAKliW STOCK OF NKIV T1KICM. , SEND FOH Win THE A. O. C. TIRE CO. ftftl) F. BilTH NT. I'MH l.ll. II. I., WH.S UliUUKINU TOUCH, KINTlLV HTATIS KIMI llf UIMS IlKSlltLll. Ksfo. Hcott sacrificed, Meyers to Cutshaw, Lewis and Gardner advancing. .Myers .Makes Great Catch. Meyers stepped to one side and Cntly was purposely walked, filling the bases. Hhore struck out. Hooper, with two ball and no striken, Scott. Boston In Its half of the fifth again went Into tho lead. Hooper with two bulls and two strike raised what would ordinarily be an easy out. but Myers lost the ball In the sun and did not see It until It struck the ground. Hooper got a two bagger. Janvrln advanced Double I'lay Stops Robins. Another double play made Brooklyn's turn at the bat In the seventh a short, one. Cutshaw was thrown out by Janvrln. Mowrey got his only single of the game when he drove a hot one to right. Olson hit a grounder toward third and loth runners were out, Gardner to Janvrln to Hoblltzell. In the last half of the seventh Inning, Janvrln, first up, hit a beautiful two bugger past third base. Olson made his second error when he fumbled Walker's grounder, Janvrln In U im' third. Cutshaw fumhled high fly to Hoblltzcll's bounder and Janvrln scored. Walker took second on the play. Both runners advanced on Lewis' sacrifice, Daubert to Cutshaw. Cutshaw ran in for Gardner's grounder and threw It to the plate too late to head off Walker. Hoblltzell moved to third. Scott sent a long sacrifice fly to Stengel end Hoblitzoll tallied the third run of the inning. Cady grounded out, Cutshaw to Daubert. brooklyn tried to rally In the eighth but another double play ended Its chances. Meyers waa thrown out by Scott, Johnston, batting for Marquard. slashed a single to right field. .Myers hit a grounder through the pitchers' box which Shore deflected to Scott, Scott made a quick throw to Janvrln who, touching second, made a fine catch and threw to first for the double play. . Jeffer.ion I'feffer went In to pitch for Brooklyn In the second half of the eighth, and Boston added another run to its Hcore. Shore filed to Wheat. Hooper walked and sprinted to third on Janvriu'g single to right. In an effort to catch Hooper going to third. Stengel threw wild and Hooper scored, Janvrln taking second on the throw. Walker got a base on halls. Hoblltzell lifted a high fly to Wheat and then Lewie forced Walker out at second, Olson to Cutshaw, ending the inning. Itobins Bally in Ninth. In the ninth, Daubert opened the inning by receiving a base on balls. Stengel whipped a single to right field on which Hooper made a quick return und prevented Daubert from going to third. Wheat forced Daubert at third. Shore to Gardner, Stengel taking second. Cutshaw was hit by a pitched hall and the bases were full. Janvrln, In his anxiety to end the game with a double play, fumbled Mowrey's grounder, and Stengel and Wheat raced across the plate. Cutshaw safely reached second. Olson scratched an infield hit toward third and the bases were full. Chief Meyers lifted a foul fly to Hoblltzell. Merkle, pinch hitting for lJfel'fer, drew a base on balls, forcing, homo Cutshaw. Slioro Yanked for Mays. Then Manager Carrlgan took Shore out and sent in Mays and also substituted Thomas Tor Cady. Myers got an Infield hit between first and second, and Mowrey scored Brooklyn's fourth run of the inning. Ol son moved to third and Merkle to second. With one run to tie, the heavy hitting Daubert came to the bat for the second time In the In ning. Ho fouled off the first ball sent up by Mays. The next two were balls and Daubert shot grounder to Scott who threw to Hoblltzell. and Boston had tucked away the first victory of the 1916 world s series. LOUISVILLE WALLOPS OMAHA Colonels Take Lead in Post-Season Series. Double Squeeze Play Features 11 to 3 Victory. OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 7.--Louls-vllle easily won from Omaha by the score of 11 to 3 today, aud assumed a one game lead In the post-season series being staged between the two pennant winning clubs. The Louisville team worked a nouuie squeeze play in the ninth inning. Kirke was on third. Corri-den on second and Roach at the bat. Koach gave the signal and Klrke and Corriden started. Roach made a perfect bunt and beat it out, while both Klrke and Corriden scored. Thescore: L'vllla AB P.O.A.I Omaha AB.H.O.A. Compton If a 1 3 01 Smith If. 4 14 1 v. nite n cr 4 a a ll'Krus 2b.. 4 0 2 2 Platte rf. . 1 0 0 0! Thomp'n cf 4 til Humpy rf 3 0 1 O! Miller lb.. 4 2 9 0 Ktrku lb.. 5 8 12 OIKruejrer e 4 0 B 2 'or'dn Jh t 1 1 HForsythe rf 4 1 2 0 Mi'f'ar y 2b 4 1 1 Ti Klkluff oa 4 1 4 1 Rnar-h. aa . R 2 2 2! Burtf lb,. ROM Wlllnrs. o B 2 5 S Krauwp,. 0 0 I) 0 Perdue, p. 4 1 O OiO'TooIf p. S 0 0 2 Tofala .41 18 27 I2I TotaH.. .84 8 27 10 CRIMSON TEAM IS . HUMBLED BV TUFTS Minor College Eleven Triumphs Over Cambridge Champions in Hard Game. HARVARD ON DEFENSIVE Work of Tufts Veterans Force Breaches Through Crimson Line for Touchdown. 8fir by Innings; T.nuiftvlllB 0 5 8 0 0 0 0 0 8 11 Omaha 0 00 1 000 1 1 9 Hummary Errors, ComDtnn 2. Rirney, Corriden. Pmlth, Krusr. Mlllftr, Kllduff 2. lura: homo run, Mllltr; two baac hit. Whitman, BilllnB. Miller, KtMuff; stolen basf-a, Roach, Corriden. Foray thn; dnuM pluy. Hll Un to Klrke; hits, off Krauae 0 In one and two-thirds lnnlnga, off O'Toolo 8 in aaven and one-third Innings; struck out, hy Pardua S, by Krauae S, by O'Toole 2; bafiea on balls, off Kraun 2, off O'Toole 1; wild pitch, Krause; panned, ball, Krueff-er; hit by pitched ball, by Krauwa (Platte); lift on bases. Ixulsvllie 7, Omaha. 4. Time, 1:50, Umpires, AlcCormack and Mullen, PBACTICE SOCCEE TODAY SIMPSON ELEVEN Scarlet and Black Machine Mows Down Indianola School, 57 to 0. GRINNEU,, Ia Oct. 7. Spe-t'itil: With a touchdown registered against thou, in the first thirty seconds of play, the Slmpsonlans lost all heart and allowed Orlnnell to run up 57 points In today's game. The visitors put up feeble resist ance from the start and the first liult was a farce. The score stood 4 3 to 0 at the close of die first ses sion, but with an entire second team on the flold in the final two quarters, tho Scarlet and lilack hut lit tle more than held their own. The local machine started off In tho old tlmo style from the first whistle and linemen and backs mowed down tho opposition In the same deadly manner tout character ized laHt year's play. Ironclad In- torferenco made resistance Impos sible and AuKiisllna, Walt and Day iroiico. over me gnui una ai win. ItaiTCtt I)lrTts Operations. Not a Orlnnell man was forced to take time out for Injuries during Ilia entire fifty mlnulcs. Captain llarrett directed operation from tho sidelines In Conch Mc.Almon's absence and played only about five minutes. Tho tirst Bcore came when I Hafferty fell on a blocked punt aft-ler less than a minute of scrlnwuaice. I Augustine booted a field goul soon alter and raised the count to ten as the quarter ended. Watt Stars fur (irlnnell. Watt sent the stands Into ec-starles of delight In tho second quarter by pulling off three phenomenal punt returns. In one Instance, aided by Osgood and others, he squirmed and twisted back and forth across the field for a net gain of nearly fifty yards. Following thla ruu ho carried the ball over for the second tally. The third touchdown was the result of liunnigan's fumble whlcn landed square tn Augustine's hands. Mlko sprinted lift yards for the core. Watt scampered around right end tor tally number four and ! caught Augustine's long pass for number five a minute later. Augustine repented the stunt linmodlately after by passing the leather to luy for a forty yard gain and touchdown. Hecornl Half Khortenod. The second half was shortened to Iwenty minutes and was marked by Minor erratic nlny on bom sides. I''ivck. Grant. Vc'huU ami niary showed brilliant succeeded In keeping the ball away from thefr goal lino. Lineup and summary: i; ItlNNUI.L. nnffnrty L.E t. R. An-hle Smith I..T.ILT Sayer Wire Harvey illiipla t:.!i; Wrlirlit lrlln It ll. R.O Hiiahoa 0IK'""1 R T ! It T Clark llohltnan It. 10 IK K pfitinlnstnn Watt J i CJ . ........ IluiinlVnn ln I :..R 111 R.H Sella Aiia-Udtlne . . ..KM I i1" H lllnsntnnn Harrmi ..... .1.11. 1 l,.H.. . . (iravpa SiiliHtUutlikri Bnft fur Clravpa, Youtif for J'ennliigtiin, tirunt fnr Harrott. Mi--Almnn fnr MiirTln, Martin fur iiannini. liettyfl fnr Raffrty, HilmlK fnr Imv, ltrnwn for Mi;Almon, C. Huyt fur Smith. Imv fnr Wait. KUi-k fnr tiay, H Hnyt for Mnrtln, allllvnl fi.r Hrnwn. Jlrnwn fnr liniKlK. SUily for Bnblman, AukarniRQ fnr Getty a. Summary Tnili-hdowna, Hafforty, Walt fl. AuauMlne. liay. rnjhul l-'lpi-k; flld Real. Auaualln,; suala (rum touchdown, AuKUatllitt II- Time of quarter I J14. 1214, 10, 10. 1 ifflrlalp t'mplre. l.amhwrt of Amea; roferne( rmtiararr of Vale; head lluoa-man, 'Jhomua of atlrhlsan. NEBRASKA CRUSHES GLAZE'S BULLDOGS FALL AT LEXINGTON Records in Trot and Pace Races Lowered at Kentucky Racing Meet. OONTINl KH FKOM PAtiE OKK. eight pathos, two of them netting good gains. 1 1 no lineup ana nummary: NKHIUHKA-M ' Otoupalla. 1, H ! T. rory K. KnslUky . Mo lalcj- viutir . .Hl.M.'U . Jtovte ,, i.tuk ... RtKMlt-R . tiardner I. T l I. ;. t ...,H U.l H O. , . , . k Tv n r. M K i H E, ..iYF.HlQ. . ... U II. . H. ,.R F M.I r.H. ....n ii.i n h. 1UIAKK ) O, Smith ...... . .Warner Neal Snrona; W. Mlllllll . . . .Hnffmaatrtr .... w AlUntunh , Hr(f ...... ,Tf rn atn n .niackburn Irvln Nt braMka Drukn .' miimtn umooh ivicann ...7 in 7 0 n t, 0 0 for fiovle. "aly for t'lt-'k. rumeihrfn fr Wnwr. NnrrU fr KoaitKkv, ml.nity for IHlo-ieH ; Ruhfi-ttum for O, Smllli, HtmpHtni tor Ntsul, loupr for jt'rnKan, i r;n ior irvtn. huimniiry Tnu-'hrtowiia, Tlhotlea. Cook. !mlo, (iarttiicr, UitriNon, OtoupMlIk 8, RliJ-lit 11: Koala frttm tmn htion-n. Cnrtiy 5. ltffrM liii.blt'ti vt MifhiKnn; iimplra, foi'lii fhan nf KntiHdR City; heat llnrsman. 1 rtttf of riiHU Fifin nd .wtlv mltiuua. COLORADO COLLEGE WINS nib Opens Sciimmi by Ulilpiilng New Xevit'o. COLORADO SPR1N03, Col., Oct. 7. Colorado college opened the season here today by defeating the I'nlverslty of New Mexico, 4 7 to 2. Pavls, riser quarter, scoren a touchdown three minutes after piny began. 1 he college kicked off and Now Mexico relurned to the 30-yard line. The visitors minted on the second play and Davia, catching the hall on his own 40-yard line, ran sixty yards to a touchdown. New Mexico scored a safety lute In the tounn period. Ocvkoii Aggie Kasy Winners. MOSCOW, Idaho, Oct. 7. Forward passes with smashing Interference featured the ail to 0 victory of Oregon Agricultural college over I'nlvwrsity of Idaho today. Oregon's yardage was mostly made with end runs, Hesrdon and Newman starring. Idaho's tackling was at intervals ami ' nign and itricerta LEXINGTON Ky.. Oct. 7. Four world's records were made on the track of the Kentucky Horse Breeders' association here today. A. H. Cosden's 2-year-old filly. Tho Real Lady, driven by Tommy Murphy, In winning the J,00o breeders' sweepstakes, lowered the world's record for 2-year-old trot ters regardless of sex to 2:04). Hussell Hoy won the 2:0.1 pare after four heats and In doing so established a world's record for a four heat rape. Leo Axworthy, driven by Pen White, lowered his own world's rec ord to 1:68). During the morning Peter Look waa given a record of 2:03, reducing the former record for 3-year-old pacing colts 1 seconds. Itu-Nsell Hoy Shows Form. The fhlef racing exhibition was tho 2:03 pace won by Hussell Boy after the most stubbornly fought race of the week. Hussell Hoy was sent away back cf his field In the first heat, but overhauled Peter Stevens aud Uraden Direct In the stretch, and won in 2:00J. nrwdem' IMrhest Slake. The breeders' sweepstakes for 2-year-old trotters Is the most valuable two year old fixed event ever trotted. The Heal Lady won the race handily. Harrod's Creek won the historic Kentucky stake in straight heats. Trusada became a double winner of the meeting when she won the 2:17 trot In featureless style. The Dinner stakes for 3-year-old trotters was won by Michallowa from Ole Mistls, the only other starter. The summary: 'The Dinner Ktakea." for S-Temr-old Imtti-rii. tno III three. f.l.OOo: Mirlmltowa, h. f., hy IVler the Uriat isrrlill t 1 Ole Mull., h f. lAi-kerman) t 3 Time 1 U. SI IMk, 8.17 tivt, llr In five. ll.lVtO: la, b. ni.. by Mnkn ti.'ox..l 1 1 llnv I'.ifh. h. rn (M '. I 2 2 a Llorla Walla, h. tn. r lemlincl . . . .a 4 2 A1.A ran- Truatv McKlnney. Great Ivan. Alt; t'olfmnn. Ray. l-ocust Bus. Time III!,. 3:11V. a ll. a ni na.e. two In three. II 200: P.uell Hoy. h. ll., by Kualli' 1'ntenter iFlemtncl. .. t B 9 1 rtrniUn IMrert. btk. h. IKcanl.8 .1 4 s Juiiae Ormonde, 111.. h. -ialen- llnel o 3 1 4 Alan ran Pet.r fflevana, Hal Hoy. ITr.d ll in f J ' nl H , a I . a.0Tli-The llreertera eweenntHUea fnr 3yeltr-otd trnlter. tAu III Ihre.., $y.utll: The Heel ldy, br. ,. by Moko I ,vturphi-l I I iUrve-it llele. b. f. (Coal.... 3 'J Ila Berth Dillon, .h f, lerrm. .4 T.d.l , K -. Lelll a 4 otvtrted third nd fourth nwiter. Alun mn Tacit. Time a im.. 3:IHi. The Kentuiy for 3-year-old trotters, two. In throe. la.flOo: linrrmla f'reek, ch. c. by Oen. Watta IKiileinnl 1 1 Suhllne. b. c. (Trayner) a 2 -ifrnwnle watte, D. I. (HndlH-r) 3 8 -i'liinen efinnn .nn iniril money. Alen ran HiiiKen silk. Native Judge- Tltne 3;0Ni,. 3:HH4. To bent lTiilt, trotting Leo Axworthy, b. h., by liuy Axworthy (White) won. l:RMi. Time by quarter,, :3ttV l.''A. To beat 2:lnH naclns Alice Jolla (S), b. f., by l-tlnjnlla Ulrlinnald), won, a.ti',. To beat 2: 14 trntttng Blntara (8), b. c, by lllnlolla (NIIph), won, 2:0SH.. To beat 2 OK14 paetnir Peter I.nok (3). br, c, by p.t.r the Oreat (Trayuor), won. 3: OH. To beat 2il2u. trnttlnr Mendnaa T., b. m. by Tresanlle (Maitowan), won. 3:11, ALL-STARS REORGANIZE Footbull Team Issues Cliallcnge for Games. The Northwestern All-Stars, a football team averaging 125 to 130 pounds has reorganized for the year and challenge any local or out of town team with the same average for Sunday games. For sames write Gerald Young, the Hawkeye and Deg Moines Fire Insurance company, or call Maple 26SO after 6 o'clock. Players Will Try Out for Game Set for Next Sunday. Tho Dee Moines Soccer club will noia a practice game at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon at the show grounds, Twentieth street and Dean avenue, for the purpose of selection of a team to represent the club in a game next Sunday. The local, squad boasts several men who have played on teams in Kngland and Wales, Insuring a fast team here. All who are interested In the sport are asked to be present. ORGANIZE NEWSBOY TEAM Local Eleven Wants to Schedule Games. The Newshoys' football team under the leadership of Nate (Doc) Fldler has organized for the coming season and la booking games with 135-pound teams In the state. The first practice of the season will be held this afternoon at the West High football field. All players are urged to report. ; For games write N. Fldler. rare the sport department of The Reg ister and 'tribune. CAlIBRmr.E Mono 7 Tufts, witn a 'team of veterans. Playing their first name of Iha bah. son, defeated Harvard at the Bta-dium today, 7 to 3, using a bewildering assortment of open play formations. After the first half the Crimson was on the defensive most of the time, trying to break up the spectacular game of the visitors. The early part of the contest was marked by frequent fumbles and penalties on both sides, in the first period Harvard worked the nail to an advantageous position from which Robinson Bcored Har-rd'.1 ?ly P!rts with a goal from the field. In the last two periods Tufts used open plays altogether. Once the Medford boys marched from their own 6-yard line to Harvard's 1-foot line. Here the Crimson line he d like a rock and Tufts was unable to force over their score. Once more the same onen laofin cava Tufts the ball on Harvard's ,Lt- "- line ill rite rinfli neririn n-hi.' H the visitors would not be and Doane carriert the Kali ,4L a touchdown. Morrison kicked W.J KOiii. The lineup: Z I ckedW.J.L rt'KTS 7. .Tonhltn Hroivn Morfaon I'ryor .... Ainu- ... Heafham Kanlmrn . Urummcy Keif. . ... Wtiolt . Heine I HARVARD 8. L. E.IL.E. L.T. L.T LO. I.U C.IC R.O.IR.O.... R.T.IR.T .....R.K. R E .. ..(i.Rlq.B L H B IL H B... H.H B R H.B... F.n.lF.B A. Coolldro .... Taylor , . Dadmun . .. Harrla . . .. OlerK , . Sweetaer Harte .. Robinaon Bond , Thatcher . . . Flower nVore hv n.ri.j.. ft1'1" 0 0 0 T T Harvard a, a q q a Kubatltullorm Twfta. Mitchell for Kvff Abbot for Alsar. Haaarty for wwhtm: Harvana, ffajtmr for Harrla. Ilarwnen for B'mtl, Burnnam for Thatcher Mlnot for Flowar, Lovell for Tavlor, Murray for Robinson, Bnow for Darlmun, M heeler for Kweetser, Thorndika for Sa-g.r. Summary Touchdown, Do&ne: goal from touchdown. MorHaon: giml tnm field, Robinson. Official Referee. Lanrford of Tr nltv: umpire, flankhart of Dartmouth; heal IfnefiinAn. Pendleton of Uowdoln: flald Jutlire. fichwart of Brown. lime or period Twelve minutea e&cn. PENN AGAIN VICTORIOUS Quakers Rout Franklin and Marshall Football Eleven, PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 7. The University of Pennsylvania won easily over the Franklin and Mir-shall football eleven today. The score was 2 7 to 0. Pennsylvania's aggressiveness completely smashed the defensf of their lighter opponeents, although In the first period of nlay the visitors formed a barrier "Which Folwell s men were unable to ene- trnfe. Pershing to Succeed Ruswll. CHICAGO, Oct. 6. Frank Pershing, a nephew of General Pershing, who led the American punitive expedition Into Mexico, is slated to take Pete Russell's place as quarterback on the University of Chicago eleven. Pershing played only a few minutes at the job last year, but Coach Stagg has selected him as most likely candidate. Ohio Easy for Syracuse. SYRACUSE, N. Y., Oct. 7. Syracuse university found Ohio university easy here this afternoon, winning 73 to 0. The Syracuseans who outweighed the visitors ten pounds to a man, made eleven touchdowns and kicked six goals. McNamara's Smart Clothes L IISI Exclusive Furnishings J.M. Mc 605Wust St. f r-j mara Co. Equitable Bldg. V Y 1

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