The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1944
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 0', J9<M ... WAKNING ORDER III (he Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. James McMorrow, Plnlnliff vs. No. 8788 Myrtle Lee McMorrow, Defendant. The defendant, Myrtle Lee Mc- itlT*' ' S hercby wnrnct > to <Wea, named In Ihe caption hereof nnd answer Ihe complaint of the plsin- tlll, James McMorrow. Dated this 10 day of October, 1914 HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Doris Miiir, D. C. Ed B. Cook, Ally. lor Pltf. Liicien Coleman, Atty. act Litem 10ilG-23-30-U;6 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1VAKNINO ORDER In the Chancery Court, ClUckasaw- IKI District, Mississippi County, Arkansas; Elaine Bazzill, Plalnlift, vs. No. 8828 Clifford Bazx.ill, Defendant. Tlie defendant Clifford Bazzill, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Elaliic Bazzill. Dated this 1C day of October, 1944. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Doris Muir, b. C. Claude p. Cooper, Atty. for Pltf. Percy A. Wright, Ally, for Deft. 10[lC-23-30-ll[(i H > A More Abundant "Crop" from Field, Woodland and Stream — Arkansas feeds AMENDMENT 36 SMf-Suslainlnir 1 , Noii-l'ulittcal ('imservaliim 1'ro- gr;un For Jlorc Abundant Wildlife! Join with thousands of other sportsmen, businessmen, lovers of the'out of doors in voting for and supporting AMENDMENT 36. Help provide public shooting grounds for all. IIKUE AUK THE IlKASOXS Will'— AMENDMENT 3G jicrinits long-range wildlife program! AMENDMENT 36 provides and assures funds lo carry through! AMENDMENT 3C rapines NO money from taxpayers! AMENDMENT 3(i provides for seasonal anil sectional emergencies! AMENDMENT 3C brings about uniformity of laws! AMENDMENT 3C brines art- i'antases for returning service men! AMENDMENT 3C e.vploiis natural lerritorlal advantages! AMENDMENT 3C will improve Arkansas' tourist trade! Mark Your Ballot Like This Next Tuesday For Amendment 36 »_ V .. * ^J •. o/^ Sponsored My A Noil-1'oliticai Group, the ARKANSAS WILDLIFE FEDERATION Wallace Illdg. LitHc Hock, Ark. Canny-Lawson Match On Card Women Performers Also Scheduled To Entertain Fans 'Hie wrestling rnllhfnl who Imvc Ijeen clamoring tor the return of the gnl empjrtors will KCl their wish fulfilled Umi B ht when the sensational Elvira SiKxIeniss will fncc Ann Uivcine in one half of Promoter Mike Mcroncy's all-star mnt card. "Wild Bill" Cnmiy, ll)c Atlnnln 'Hubbcr Man" nnd tops In the villainous ring roles, matches his power, skill nnd H -HS w ||h "uuck" Lnwson, tlie poimlnr ex-ciilef nmi naval commando Instructor. Both mntclics will be on Hie hvo- l)cst-falls-or-three route, with the 90-mimite time limit, mid start nt 8:15, Klvlra A Scream Elvira Is one of the brightest woman stars ever to grace the local leyton ring. Fans easily recnll her mulches earlier in the yrnr, rs- preliLlly tlie one with the worlds cluiinpton, Miss Mildred Bnrkc, Willie the title was 'not n stake in this match, since the necessary forfeits and added dough were ntil pul on Ilic line, Elvira pul up one of her greatest, scraps. Fast, clever, and nl her rough peak, siiu carried the fight to the champion and nil but put the skids under (lie benu- tlful queen, she took the first full — something very umisunl — and came as close as her next breath to making it two in n row. if she had it not, only would have marked the first time such a stunl had been ipulled, but the first time she was ever Ijealen since she became champion more than seven years ago. Mildred's record to date !s nnscarrcd, Few falls and no victories, have been scored against her during thai remarkable period. Elvira did it nl least twice. Hiis Fine Hccoirj Promoter Mcronoy. forced to mnkc a change in Ills original booking when Miss Violet, Valentine was Injured in a match and was unable to take on the former "Hooslor Hillbilly", is high on Miss Laverne. He admits he hasn't seen her In action, but reports from other promoters over the country, who hnvc used her (mite frequently on their programs, are highly complimentary, she is not a mere novice but has been in the game for several years, long enough to get a caull- ,flowered car. a sure sign of a bnt- | tie scarred veteran. She isn't as large as Elvirn but packs enough weight and power to give her the fight of her career. She also plays for keeps inside the ring. She will have to play that way for this Smxlgrass lassie is no softie. The matching of Lawson anc Canny rates as a 10-day strike bj tlie local impressiirio for it should New Tennis Champion " Crowned At Loco) Field Air Corps Trainee Jacques Shaw of West Hartford, Conn., Is tho new tennis champion of Ihe DAAP. In a loiirmuneiii Just completed, he defeated all ClI and trainee contenders to win Ihe hnndsomo trophy awarded by the locnl Athletic Department. Garrison And Tubbs to Coach Enlisted Men Lieut. Cecil Garrison, junior physical (raining officer, and Staff Sgl. Hobert Tubbs, also of the Athellio Department, have been, chosen lo couch the 11AAP llombers, post enlisted men's team, lleut. Hill Adams, local athletic officer, announced today. These two men,, botli of whom have linil long experience ns bns- ketball players and coaches, have already tukcn charge and are drilling their (rums four limps <i week In preparation for the first game of the Ensleru Flying Training Command Hnskclbnll Tournament. The Hoinbcrs' first contest will be played here against the Coiirt- Innd, Aln., AAP team Dec. 2. In other first round games, (he locals will play Ihe Smyrna, Tenn,, ag- jregntlou twice, an ( | will meet Conrtland In a return fray'; Then, tho BAAF smtud will taiigle with lie winner of the gnme between Freeman Field, ind., and Lock- Ijournc Field, Ohio. In the event Hint (he locals are successful in these elimination contests, they will vie for the championship In games in Maxwell Field, Ala., Feb. 1, 2, and'3rd. Osceola Team In Homecoming Seminoles To Play Strong Hughes 11 In Grid Feature _OSCKOI i A, Nov. (i-Osccolii Hich School will ob.sei ve Us annual Home- cwiilnn Friday, Su|iwlnlendent Jtnn Whlteslde has announced. Highlight of Ihe minimi affair, io of Hie year's banner events on ho local school calendar, will uc lie football game between the Os- ceolu Scmlnolcs nnrt Hughes Tigers bringing tho full day's program 0 a climax. ' Ulle last Friday for |lu> first |i mc since the 19-U seiison got under >vay, (he Semldolos cxveel to be "good shape for the nnllulpnleU "liter struggle with the Tigers, couched by UitA-lcr I'oimcey, forni- er Scmlnolo chieftain. Enrllor in the campaign (ho locals had lo extend themselves lo Wn, 12-0. from tho heavy eleven. 1 Hoy were held scoreless In the »[<> pnydlrt twice in (lie Ihlrd and "to paldlrt twice In (he third and fourth quarters. H ivns a luird fotiglil, rough contest described by Couch Bourns is the most violent experienced by tie tribe (his season. And tluit aoesiu even exclude the scrims jvllli Marked Tree IUK! 1'iukln the wo leaders in (he Norlhenst Arkansas Conference. , Marked Tree was forced to come "cm behind lo detent them last be a fitting climax (o an action filled show, one which ought to appeal (o the local fans who take their wrestling seriously and prefer action in wholesale lots. That these two giants cnn mix tt at. a lively tempo is indicated by their past records here. Canny IB without a doubt one of Ihe roughest, most brutal, hard punching men ever to crawl through the ropes here, lie has more than held his own against all comers and has earned the respect of Iocs nnd fans alike lor his power and skill. He docs not appeal to the fancy of tlie customers. Quite the co tvary, he is definitely a mcanlc type and apparently cares little vital the funs stiy about him—as long as they keep coming when ho i.s on the card, and they do. • A different, typo In action and showmanship, Lawson has a fine winning record nnd is immensely popular. In recent appearances lie has been especially effective with a brand new spirit. He is certain to prove n formidable opponent for Canny nnd if he decides lo n-j.lch blow for blow it should develop into a wild swing, barroom all right againl THIS IS THE HISTORY OF THOUSANDS WHO HAD SUFFERED FROM RECTAL AND COLON DISORDERS "You'll never know how I dreaded to come—but it was the best decision I ever made—it was so much easier than I expected"—that is the verdict of nearly all of those who come to the McCleary CHnic and Hospital for treatment. Since this is true in nearly every case why are you putting off from one day to another doing something that you should GET THIS FREE BOOK' to Learn About These Treacherous Ailments The information in this 122-page book is based forty years of experience at Tlie McCleary Clinic in treating men and women for rectal, colon and stomach-disorders. It should give, you a belter understanding of your condition and why these troubles should be regarded seriously. It tells the truth about the possible results of neglect. The coupon will bring you a Free copy and, also, a list of names of former patients to whom you may wish to write regarding the mild institutional •__; Me C) ewy^treat ment. on more than do—now. The Treatments are mild—the pain and discomfort that j'ou expect is reduced to a minimum. Piles, Fistula, and kindred Rectal troubles and Colon diseases wait for no man—or woman—they have a tendency to progress gradually, thus impairing vitality and laying the foundation for more serious complications. The McCleary Clinic 1)11 22 Elms Blvd. Excelsior Springs, Mo. CUP'AND MAIL THIS COUPON now THE MCCLEARY CLINIC :Elms Blvd., Excelsior t Mo. Gentlemen: Please send your Free Book describing treatment. AUo special inlormation regarding; D PILES Q COLON DISORDERS D FISTULA Q STOMACH DISTURBANCES Thrace Ramsey To Get Chance With Boston William Thrace Ramsey will hnvn a chauco to achieve his life-lout; amblllon lo play in the major iijjnej; next year. The bin handsome Osceola young, slev was sniircd by Ihe Boston Jlmvps In (ho itmjor lenBiies' draft inooltiiK Wednesday in Clilcano, one ol 10 nlnyci-K selcclcd by 13 clubs of (ho Aineilcan and National U'URiies. 'I'hi) rospecllvo chinnplons, llin St. I/)lils Drowns and SI. Ix)nls Ciudinnls, did not nuike, u player bid u i id Detroit's choices wero ln- ellglWu. A former Osceola IliBh School star iithlclo, Thraee llnlslied the I'JM Biuisuij wllli Ihe Hucraniej club of Hie 1'iiclllo Const urn! compiled n line record, in aildltlon lo u ,B8. r i s»'iil liiiirk tho WB outfielder led his club In almost every bulling department, inul lopped Iho leasuc In .stolen liases, home runs, 11 scored and triples. Ho also ranked lilgh In total buses and rims batted In. lie Is employed In Iho oil ueason by tlie lliuijlns Shipbuilding Company, New Orleans, l,a., where hu plays baskeluiill in tliu city leiiuue clurliiK Hie winter. Vor Ihe last Iwo seasons he has been ucleclcd on Ihi, ull-slar teams. Complete Auto Repair Service JIM NKKI,Y U now In [•ha rue of our mechanical rrjulr department ROBERT WATSON'b i> charge of the bodr"wd upholder/ deputmenf,"',' ',/ WK OUAHANTEB SATISFACTION '' ' Shop Located In Rear of Marlin's Cafe ' '" 114 W. M»in-Phone 565 <.'.-. Buy Your Winter Supply of . , , WOOD and KINDLING While It It Available. " ; PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL > PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS! " *'' BARKSDALE MFG. CO, Blythovillc, Ark. Phone 29U I'l-liliiy nlKlil, 12-0, thanks lo a brilliant 'Id-yard fourth quailcr run by Halfback Hcndrlx lluil broke a tl-(l deadlock. COTTONSEED BAGS and SOYBEAN BAGS Sec Us Before You Buy! J. L TERRELL Office 111S. Bdy. Phone 2631 Street No_ I -Stale!&>• " y° u Mf> »'»/» vi A pctionel letter, ajlirn^ any <juei'<-3f» • ^"^ y<=" tlosiit, !< trill receiVo ptomfl itltntton. I ^~*^^ -! • ' — * The following MISSISSIPPI COUNTY SPORTSMEN Ask You To Vole FOR Fish and Game AMENDMENT No. 36 Clinton AliboU /1'aul Abbiitt .\\'. :\. Afllick •Oscar Alexaiulcr • Quliicy Alc.xiiiulcr I!. J. Allen ltcrn:\rd Allen llcrry Allen E. K. Alley Hugh W. Allen iWrs. IIURii W. Allen Ira Alien H. D. Alston 4 V ' I.e.slcr Andrews Joe Applcbaum I.onis Applebaum i'hilliii Applehaum lludduck Arnold Ifenry Ashabrunncr Harry Atkins Don Aycock Mrs. Don Aycock Clcatus Railcy "R.,.L. Baindsicr Jumes I/. Barber B. Marker Jathc.s Barksdnle J. G. Barnes T.' J. Barnes Walter Barne.i J. I.ce Beardcn Roy Beavers R. W. Becker Jinimic Bell Ncal Benson Henry J. llcrry Kalph Itcrrynuin Carroll Blakemorc U. S. Blankcnslllp M. W. Bolkk Eric Bollard Mike Bombolaskl Jimniic Bnrtwcll Borum DriiR Co. Fred Boycttc IJ7C11 Branson V. M. Brlstcr John Brork B. F. Brogdon Chas. Bro}(doTi W. G. Brown W. R. Brown Mrs. W. U. Brown Jerome F. Brownson G. F. Hryanl Mrs. G. F. Bryant J. .1. Bryant C. M. Buck Earl Buckley Mrs. Earl Buckley Kiln-aril C. Biiriil O. D. nufliuRloii Hililrcd Bunch Albert Burks Bob Burns J. V. Burton Paul Byrum Chester Caldwcll Tom C'allis Russell Camplrcll F. M. Carlock A. A. Carson Chas. Carlcr Leitoy Carter C. W. Calo W. C. Calcs .Tobn Caudtil R. B. Candle C. B. Cliildrcss Bradford Chilwood .r. M. Cleveland Bob Coleman Bobbie E. Coleman Chas. ft. Colcman I.ucicn E. t'olcman \V. (;. Colston Dr. George Cone J. J. Cookslon Fred Copeland O. W. Coppcdge Ilaymond V. Cordell Riiyntond Collier J. E. Covinglou Uoscoc Craflon J. E. Crain KaH Cravens Bill Crawford Dixie Crawford Ira Crawford J. W. Cullom OUo ('ummiuKS C. A. ('unnln)>liii]it W. C. Darby Claud Davis Fred D.ivis II. II.-Davis Lewis Davis Waller D«y T. F, H l)tic" Demi E. U. Dicklnsnii .1. F. DIi-ks»ii A. F. Dlclrich (,'ltht l)i>hbs Watson Dodsan T.' II. Donahkiin Henry Diniiicr Fred Durls Breivor Driver W. J. Driver G. I,. DiiiiiiViUil Drill Eilwanls J. It. 1-jiocliK, Jr. 1'. E. Eubunks Joe Evans J. .1. EwliiK Hussell Farr Ilichanf T. Faiishl Saniljo Fincher W. F. Fil/.Kerulil .loe Fltzpalrlck Eddie II. Ford Mitchell Forrester U'clch Foster Clyde. Fowler 1*. Fowler Tommy Fox llcrnard Fra/er .1. P. Friend II. J. Frlt'ius CliaK, II. Gaines Lucian <>aincs iMarcus (Klines Itusscll Gaines 1). G.-irrell S. K. Garrclt A. H. Garrison I.. E. Gay Bill Gentry Dcwcy Gentry ftcne George W. O. Gcurin Clmrlcs Gilbert Nolilr. Gill linssdl Gill G. K. Gillcnwalcr F. (i. Gliison D. I,. GofT Klnnlcy Cuff C. It. Graves GcorRC F. Grehb Arvll Greene Carl Green, Jr. Greene It. I. Greene Itoland Green Ted Green Virgil Greene M. ('. Grccnway i\. l t . Grecnwcll Harry (Jrimr-S \V. A. Grhmnell N. J. ftrnvcs Joe Gschwcm! J. I,. Gunn J. E. Gimtcr E. I/. Hale George Hale. :\. C. I la Icy A. 11. Hall J. E. H.ilscll Mclvin Ilalscll T. E. Halter Oscar Hanncr Kdscl llnrber E. r. Hardin Alviji Hardy "Frog" llarily E. C. Harper Ben W. ll.irpolc, Jr. /.al B. Harrison Harvey Hart M. U'. Hart J. S. Harlrlch E. S. Hartzog Stanley Haur" W. W. Hawkins Mrs. W. W. Hawkins G. C. Hawks Uusscll Hays Wilbur H.IJ-C.S Tom llcalon Doyle llcr.ili-r.siiu Nelson Henry Wilson Henry I!. I., lle.sste Raymond Illcks W. (J. lllKKlnsoii C. A. Ililnlniaii llnrulil IliiiMiil <i. I-'. llodRC V. G. Holland W, M. Hiillaiul Wi A. m»!llnj;sworlh.i Alton Hold I,. K. Hot I C. W. Hoover Eurl Hopper Jack Homer ,lcss Horncr, .1. A. Huskins (In). <;. Hudson T. O. Huey Alvln HiirTmun IMiss Aline Hughes II. W. lluiihc* \V. I.. Hughes Orin Until V. I,, llushaml ,11m Huston l.oyls Lsaai.-. 1 ! Broille Ivy : Mrs. Bruce Ivy fjeo. L. Jackson ,lim .lacksuir K. It. Jackson .lolm Jacobs l A. II. Jenkins, N. G. Jerome H. .llcdcl .1. 1,. Johnson Caycc Joiinston J. F. Johnson Virsll Joplln F, II. Joyner (i. K. Keck \V. A. Kcncfcr Al>n Kiiiiimfghain Cramlall W. Kltiningliam K. W. Kir by Turner Kissell M. J. Kochler Olio Koclilcr ICaymoinl Knchlcr Jra Knonrc I,, l.apldcs II. K. LaShot Vlllsnii J,ay Bryce Layson Gcorcc M. Lee Wade I.ce Ruff l.ctvis li. I,. LoRgins Gilbert I.otl J. .C. Lowe C. E. Lucas (;h;is. Lutes Clyilc Lulcs Marry Lutes H. A. Lynch C. T. Lynch W. I. Mallri Sirs. W. I. Maliii Jiwk Marsh licifonl itfarlin O. II. Malhcws G. W. Maxwell Herman May II. W. May A. L. Mayo Buck Meliarff Sc.ircy Mcars Mike Mcroncy J. W. Meyer W. L. Michael C. O. Miller J. \V. Miller C. A. Mllrow I'clc Mlnyard Hay Mitchell II. E. Monlsomcry F. J. Mooncy Forrest Moore George Moore Hal Moore Dr. L. 11. Moore •'• I). N. Morris Harvey Morris Joe Morion Herbert Mulllns Cecil Mi-Adams K. III. McCull I>:ilnon Mcl.ctill Marlon MfX)lanalian ,1. K. McOnril J. C. iMcCiory O. W. McCulchcon (,'. O. Mfilluficy .1. 11. McllalTcy Jolin (J. Mcllatioy Hoy iMcKay €. I,. Nnlmrs J.. It.'Ncal It, 11. Ncal ' It. A. Nelson l>lr.v. I?. A.' Nrl.fon Cliarlus It, Nuucomli Sid Nli-hol-, O. K.,Nicholson Tlail Nicol Samuel K. Norrls l.iine iM. Nimcll 1'al O'llryant Huforci I). Orr W. N. Orr .1. L. Oslcca Sinn Owcu.s Jack O'/-nicnl I). (!. I'aiToril I 1 . S. I'arher l.culs I'alc I'ete I'iitr William rale Sherman I'aul Hill I'aync It. L. I'aync SlnnlDii 1'iiiipi'r Johnny Terkins J. T. ^clcr^oll Dean Tierce Mlllnn K, 1'iii'c II. II. 1'olter T. W. Voltcr H'. Ii. I'owcll Lctin IVuill I'aul l*ryor (J. W. Halns J. I*, llamcy Dill Rnspticrry I'. II. Raspberry Itatclir Jeff llaulls I-'toyd lleclor <!. (i. ncilm.-ui K. A. IlcpcuoM Clifton licvcll Kdivartl K. Keynolds Sam Rhodes Dcwcy Rice Eil Rice A. L. Richardson J. W. Richardson I.ce Richardson K. Ii. RhliiiRs W. O. Ront-h F.lmcr Itolicrt-son Hustcr Holiinson Charley Rose Ralph Kusliini; Jlmmir. Samlcrs K. V. Sanders <!. G. Saliba Jack Saliba Joe Sampler Klliott Sarliiin II. R. Schmuck Olio Scrape A. I). H header H. B, Shcarln W. J. Shcililati It. L. Shcrrlck It. V. Shipley II. T. Shippcu C. W. Short I>. Simmons K.- J. Simmons F. Simon Earl Slonc Murray Smart Carllon Smllh C. A. Smith C. L. Smilh George P. Smllh Leon Smilh Mosc Smllh I!. H. Smllh Jimmie Sniothcrnion Melvm Speck Bilbo'Stalcup J. L. Slalcii|) John Sliitler VV. A. Slatlcr Ross Stevens l.loyil Sltckmon K. li. Silks R. H. Sloul W. II. Slovull i Griilunn Hutlbury llarolit Sudbury J. '!'. Sudbury , Hays Sullivan Klih.ud Swjfford Kriftir Swain '' J. I.. Sivlhart M. J,, Swlh.irt riurnion Taylor Marshall T;iylor J. !j. Terrell Ralph W. Terrell., l!a:u-rofl Terry Mike Tlilcme ' Mill Thlemo /• • ;•< Charlie Thompson li. G. Thompson Mrsi L. G. Thompson W. W. Thompson Klmcr ThrelkeM li. R. Threlkeld K«J. C. O. Thomas Chris Tompklns , Garland Trammell .1. A. Trammell Lynn Tr.mnum H. C. Turner M. 1. Upton S. E. Vail Arthur Vance I!. E. Van Hnoser Krlo Waddetl llulicrt Wade R. L. Wade OUK Wadlc K.'G. Wadlcyi Earl Walker C. 11. Wallace Vlrjsll Walls Horace Walpolc L. W. Walters, Jr. L. W. Wallers, Sr. A. F. Waril Franklin Warlh W. W. Watson, Jr. W. W. Watson, Sr, Frank L. Webb Harry Weedman Robert Wccdman Nathan Wclnberg J. I). Wells Ellis Wheeler Klia Wheeler Albert II. While Hen While Clifford J. While Floyd White Godfrey White Jcis White R. T. White .loc Whltlcy ','"•! ^ G. R. Whtteside Hugh Whitsill Lasroiie Whitlle " (•'rank Whilworlh W. L. Wilborn Earl H. Wildy S. B. W'iiforil Clyde Willard , .:, B. Frank Williams r Calvin Williams v Krt Williams Hoyl Williams S. U. Williams J. W. Williamson C. IVilson J. B. Wilson C. 1). Woods, Jr. Roy Woods E- H.. Woodson George Worsley O. C. Wright Percy A.,Wright' ' Will Wright Bill Wundirlich Holley ,C.'iWy»tt O. D'. Wyall" , Cecil Vatsar,V / Itaydo D. Veach Boy Veach Bill Young Buford A. Young Ed Vpwcll , ' ,

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