The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1957 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1957
Page 20
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4-Atgona (let.) Uppw Des Molfttft Thursday, Feb. 7, It is a pretty well established fact that machines and household equipment are governed entirely by the laws of physics and engineering and that they have no minds, emotions or souls. But it often seems to me that typewriters, washers, vacuum cleaners, duplicators and steam irons develop personalities of their own. Like human beings, they occasionally get tired of being so darned sweet and suddenly decide to act real mean. * * * This is especially true, it seems to me. of any of the mechanical equipment I have occasion to use. I stand in awe of the labor saving of present-day appliances so it is not that 1 don't respect their powers. But they know blamed well that when something goes wrong with them, I, with my ten thumbs and limited mechanics! ability, can do absolutely nothing about it. Take my washing machine, for instance. It comes from a good family — that is, it bears a good brand name, and it has served me faithfully for eight long years. Last week it got lonely sitting down in the basement afl by itself automatically turning out clean blue jeans while I performed other duties. So it had such a violent temper tantrum that it popped a solenoid. I can still use it while I'm waiting for the part to be replaced and it works just fine as long as I stay in the basement murmuring words of encouragement and chastisement to it. The minute I go • upstairs, that washer gets tempermental and doesn't even slosh . * « * My typewriter is patient in spite of the regular tappings and beatings I give her. She was ailing a bit a while back so I sent her to the hospital and she returned with a clean blll-of- health. But she must have liked the attention they gave h'er for ever since she Returned she's been kind of mixed up in her ribbon. She goes along real smooth' until I get an idea that will. evaporate if I don't write it down immediately and then^he tangles up. If she were a hutnaij instead of a. word machine,' my,, diagnosis would be that she's' more psycho than somatic for she's been re-checked and there's not one thing mechanically wrong with her, * T ' Down at the church, where I am valiantly struggling to learn a new job, there is a one-armed monster called a duplicating machine. My predecessor, Dori.< Riley must have had that machine intimidated for she put out twice as good work as I've been doing and in half the time. When I come around, the one- armed monster whispers to its smaller companion-in-evil, thu addressing machine, "Hey! Here comes Grace. Let's squirt ink on her!" t » * The other day I read an article addressed to parents, on the problem of swearing among our offspring. The author told about a minister friend who, when faced with those situations that are enough to make a preacheq swear/resorted to the expletive, "Oh, the exasperating perversity of inanimate objects!" I expect that I shall be borrowing this exclamation quite frequently from now on. Especially, when I am down at the church. • • • Our son. Bill performed his first job of baby sitting the other night. The first job outside of his own family, that'is. Dick and Jane Cowan's, Cindy it« a competent nihe year old but she's still too young to stay by herself when her parents and her two older sisters all have engagements on the same night. So Bill was asked if he would just as soon watch television at Cowan's instead of at our house. After the party Jane and Dick came down to our house and we talked and drank coffee until the wee hours. Before they left, there was some checking on the amount of change on hand to pay Bill and there were assurances that our boy would be delivered home in a very Short time. The phone rang while We were waiting. It was Jane. "We can't find Bill!", she said.'. After an interval of near panic, it -all came out all fight.' The sister, Marcia and her boy friend had come home around eleven o'clock- had paid off Bill, took him home and he had been upstairs in his own' bed all the time. > • * * Fran Eason told me a little .&toxy aboUt, her granddaughter, Tfafle* Potter. She's five 'years old, the daughter of Marge and Jim Potter and she's been,learning to print her name. The other day her big sister, Susan was busy with the colors when Janie wanted to print her name on a [THESE WOMENj 'I'm about to settle down with my homework! Is Perry Como any good to do math by?" I t c h e c k s instead of rejections ] I quite regularly lately and 1 have warned them that I Would borrow from their recipe section. This one is for Glamour Pie. Graham cracker crust 1, 6 ounce can frozen lemonade concentrate ',4 cup water 1 pkg. raspberry gelatine \<t cup sugar 1 cup undiluted evaporated milk Make up a graham cracker crust following your favorite recipe. Combine lemonade concentrate and water. Save out 2 tablespoons for whipping evaporated milk. Heat remainder to boiling and dissolve gelatin and sugar in it. Cool, stirring several times. Chill evaporated milk in refrigerator tray until crystals form, about 15 minutes. Whip one minute. Gradually add reserved lemonade concentrate and continue whipping until very stiff. Fold into cool gelatin mixture. Spoon into crumb crust. Chill for about 2 hours before serving. If topping is desired, whip remaining 2/3 cup evaporated milk adding 1 tablespoon each of lemon juice and sugar. Just before serving, garnish pie with topping and some extra graham cracker crumbs. —GRACE. Lunch was served by the following hostesses: Delores Ackerman, Barbara Dremmel, Karen Ber- Oau, Roberta Hamilton, Judy Hinckley and Judy Woltz. box. Susan offered to do the job for her and she inscribed, JANE in big black letters. Immediately afterwards, Janie came out to her mother in the kitchen. The little girl's face was a mile long and storm slouds were threatening. "What's the matter, Jane?", asked her mother. "Wouldn't Susie print your name?" "She did it, but she did it all wrong", said Janie. "J-A-N-E it says. She left out that letter that is a polka dot with a string under it!" • '• • We parents sometimes think that our four year olds don't get much from a movie unless it's the rooting tooting cowboy type. "Secrets of Life", as you know if you saw it, 1 ' w"as a perfectly fascinating nature study picture with quite a bjt of time devoted to intimate glimpses into the life of bees. Jackie Waller saw it and didn't make much comment on it until a week or so later after he. had had an earacne. His mother was attempting to clean out-the excess wax the ear drained and she met with firm resistance from Jack. "Leave it alone!", he said, "That's what bees make their houses from and I want th'em to come'in and make us some honey." * • • There was a letter this week from a reader who asks that I not mention her name. She says that although she follows this column regularly she sort of "lost put on what has happened, to Wienie and her pups. "Are w you still blessed with the pups like Dagwood's household?", she asks. No, indeed. Wienie herself is fat and lazy and may even be a grandmother by this time for all we know. We found good homes You'll find the fixin's for this special at your grocer's! Enjoy Coke with mealsl s • * 0. * «s*s$Ss. If U'eeug^V spice arulevejythingtwe,*, then it call* for Coca-Cola! The bright and breezy taste of Cote, fte snappy little sparkle, is just plain delicious with desserts! Coke with meals... a regularize bottle of Coke conMoa fewer cdorie§ than half s grapefruit. "€**•* U »r«ou "-'Ih» Bring home the Coke! Presbyterians Hold Annual Electron, Burt Burl — At a recent congregational meeting of the Presbyterian Church, Donald Ringsdorf and Dr. R. H. Thompson were elected as Elders for a three year term; Mrs Roy Ringsdorf and Mrs Harold Becker were elected as Trustees for a three year term; Donald Ringsdorf was re-elected as church treasurer; Ushers elocted for 1957 were: Robert Angus, Harold Beckei\ Larry Holding, Edgar Keith, Duane Mawdsley, Orval Peterson, Richard Thompson and Michael Scott. Installation of Elders and recognition of Trustees will be held the third of Feb. Kitchen Shower The junior girls of school were hostesses at a Kitchen Shower at the home of Barbara Dremmel, honoring Mrs Eulan Schuller, the former Shirley Ackerman. Some 30 friends were present Thursday evening. The entertainment consisted of instrumental music by Sheryl Smith, group singing and f _, a paper game or quiz game. The They ^have . been sending me honoree received many gifts. for the pups when they were eight weeks old but the only ones I know of who are still around are Lady, who belongs to the Jerry Hardgroves ariti Gus, who lives with the Joe Techet- ters. Gus has gained considerable fame with the high school set by following the marching band around at all the performances. The pup episode was fun from a looking-back attitude, but we need another batch around here like I need a hole in the head. * * « The column of several weeks ago on procrastination brought me some godd results. There- were three phone calls with nice words lor 'me that had been put off, they said, because of the almost universal vice of procrastination. And there was a letter from Helen Brunson of Glawson, Mich, who says she's a good putter-offer herself. Helen writes a column and does a lot of free lance writing. She says, "I wish we could talk over article 'writing and markets — also 'Editors J have received slips from' ". I wish we could, too, for .my pile of rejection slips is growing every da'y and I need some tips and' encouragement. • * * This week's recipe was swiped from the Kitchen Klatter rriraga- zine published at Shenandoah. Lura Sewick of Forest City spent the weekend at her home and with the Art Leasons. Mr and Mrs Paul Olson came from Huron, S. D., Sunday and are spending some time with the Larry Holdings and Mrs Clafa Marlow. LaDelle and Larry Olson will attend school here for the present. The Olsons have a trailer house and live where Mr Olson is working on elevators. Mr and Mrs B. E. Miller with Mr and Mrs Harold Reimers andj family attended all day dedication services at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Emmetsburg recently. The Millers lived in the Emmetsburg community before moving to Burt. Mrs Roland Lavreftz and Mrs Etta Holdren are patients at the University Hospital, Iowa City, since Jan. 22. Mrs Layrenz underwent surgery Thursday. Herman E. Rachut and his daughter, Mrs Ed Smith Jr. and Jill spent several days last week with Mr and Mrs Harold Bern and family in Cedar Rapids. Herman Rachut Jr. who teaches in Bennett, was at the Harold Bern home Tuesday evening. Mr Rachut attended an insurance convention while in Cedar Rapids. Sat- Mrs Mrs Lee Cofe received word of the death of a brother-in-law, Len Mitchell of Corwith, who passed away suddenly on Sunday. Mr and Mrs M. J. Cunningham accompanied Roland Lavrenz and Karen to Iowa City ~ urday where they visited Lavrenz in the hospital. Wm; Giddings also went and the men gave blood for the blood bank there. Mr and Mrs Lee Cole visited recently at the Walter Baade home, Titonka and made the ac- quaintence of the granddaughter who was born Jan. 19, at St. Ann hospital, Algdna. The baby has been named Lee Ann Marie and she weighed 9 pounds and 2 ounces. Mrs Henry Anderson of Missouri Valley and Mrs Lottie Isenburger were Tuesday supper guests at the' Clint Henderson •home. Mr and Mrs Art Leason spent Sunday afternoon with the Glenn Grouse family near Lone Rock Mr and Mrs G. M. Gross and Duayne, Perry Gross and Darlene Gifford also were callers. Mr and Mrs Otto McFarland were in Stanhope Sunday of last week where they attended an anniversary observance honoring Mr and Mrs Lester Fuller. The affair held at the Everett Fuller! home was the 45th wedding anniversary of the Lester Fullers and the 42 wedding anniversary of the McFarlands. The women are twins. Some 50 women were at the Methodist Church Friday afternoon to meet Marion Warner, the Missionary from India, who told of her work and life in that country. The Methodist W.S.C.S sponsored this meeting and coffee and cookies were served. Several from Doan and Good Hope attended. The choir from the Ledy.ard Methodist Church attended Sunday morning service here and furnished the music for this service. Rev. Samek is in charge of both the Ledyard and Burt church. Mission book study was held with Mrs Samek Monday afternoon. L. S. BOHANNOM This week another home was destroyed by fire. The household furnishings were uninsured. In most cases, such homes are underinsured several thousand dollars, and likewise the furnishings. How can I be certain that my home and belongings are covered to full replacement value?" For the answers to your insurance questions, feel free to call me at the Bohannon Insurance Agency, Phone 103. ft* C*«-Cal(J Ctwnpsny fey SPRINGS BOTTUNO COMPANY - HUMBOIDT, IOWA Topics 100,000 HUSBANDS WALKED OUT ON THEIR WIVES LAST YEAR / According to reliable statisticians, last year 100,000 husbands walked put on their wives and never came back. A survey revealed that the cause was due to "washday grouch", and it leads many of us to wonder how much romance there is in a clothesline. Being greeted by a wife with chapped hands and 'clothesline shivers' might have something to do with it. And in mqny, many eases the tie was broken when, after a day of trudging in and out from the clothesline to hang up the wash, the little woman, dog-tired, flopp- into a chair and told him to help himself to the cold beans. It hurts a man and incidentally his ability, to have this situation, which is in turn bad for the family income. To say nothing of the fact that this outdoor- clothes-line situation, forced pn the ladies in all kinds of weather, is running down our womenfolk. The smart, thrifty girls are seeing to it thgt they have an automatic gas clothes dryer at hand to handle this situation. No longer need they fear that a 'clothesline' is going to come between them and their men. Aside from the toil and bother saved, an automatic gas clothes dryer accomplishes so much else that makes liying a pleasure, and keeps romances intact. A man's shirts come out sweeNsmelling as fresh clover, the towels he uses after his shower are soft, thirsty and fluffy, and all the kiddies clothes are as fresh and snowy-clean as can be. Clothes don't come out stiff as a board, but feqther.soft. * * * And an automatic $8$ clothes dryer, in combine* tion wjth an automatic washer, lets the little woman wash and dry clothes when she pleases - a little at a time, if she wants, iliminates that gruesome thing called "Blue Monday/', and actually makes it fun to do the laundry. Iff to easy to acquire a new automatic gas clothes dryer, in /act, it takes nothing more than ordering one in, and then distributing the cost over the months, a little at a time. And little enough it is to see that old sparkle returned to a woman's eyes, that forgotten charm replacing clothesline slouch, end that irreplac- able vivacity that brings bock the capital "R" to romance. P. 5- TO HUSBANPS - VfttenHjie's Pay, Doming w?tk' is juft thp best time of ell to give her the very btst Valentine pf all - an automatic gas clothes dryer! See your gets appliance dealer or Phone 1412- OF FARM MACHINERY As I will discontinue farming, I will sell all of my farm machinery at Public Auction on the farm located 216 miles west and Vi north of Corwith, on Tuesday, Starting at 1:00 Catholic Guild Will Have Lunch On Grounds 1-John Deere "G" Tractor 1-J. D. "A" Tractor- 1935 1-J. D. "B" Tractor- 1942 1-J. D. P.T.O. 12-A Combine Case A-6 Combine with Motor — 1944 J. D. Side Rake — Tractor Case 9 ft. Windrower, 3 yrs, old J. D. 18 ft. Disc — 3 yrs, old J, D. 226 Corn Picker 2—J. D. 4-row Cultivators '1 Quick Tach - 1 Old Style' 1-J, D. 3-14 tbw 1-J. D. 2-16 Plow 1-J. D, 2-14 Plow J, D. 4-$ec. Harrow — 24 ft. J, D, 7 ft. Mower J. D. Tractor Spreader 2—Int. Spring Tooths — 9 ft, Field Cultivator - 16 ft, 2—Trailers 2—Flare Boxes Steel Wheel Wagon & Box Humboldt Stalk Cutter 6-row Bean Planter 6-row Bean Cultivator Brillion Cultipacker — 16 ft. High Clearance Sprayer J, D. Hoist - Wide Type 300 Gas Barrel & Stand Endgate Seeder J. D. Elevator - 44 ft. 3—Portable Hog Houses 1—Brooder House — 10 x 12 Walk-In Hog Feeder Humboldt Loader Snow Scoop 1 2 Inch Electric Drill P.T.O. Chain Saw Tools & Many Other Items To o Numerous To Mention. TERMS; CASH — No property to be removed until settled for. ERNEST WIDEN OWNIR <- Not gesppnsible For Accidents H. H. BBUMMUNB, Auctioneer. Serwitb State isnk, Clerk.

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