The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on June 10, 1983 · Page 23
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 23

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1983
Page 23
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Fri., June 10, 1983 THE DES MOINES REGISTER 3M Church leader's death leaves mystery Kalona, MOINtS By FRANK SANTIAGO Rvtetor Stall Writer John Robert Stevens is dead, but the legend, mystery and legal battle he left behind in Iowa lingers. Saturday, Stevens, 62, died of cancer in Los Angeles where he had set up the Church of the Living Word, also known as The Walk, in a bitter break-away from the church of the same name founded at - Washington, la., 50 years ago by his father, W.J. "Dad" Stevens, now 87. J. R. and his fundamentalist church had spread to ; 100 small congregations worldwide, and to the ownership of an 1,100-acre farm in Brazil, a ISO-acre retreat mar Fresno, Calif., and the 300-acre Shiloh, a ' commune that dominates a hill overlooking Kalona, la. ' Thursday, with the details of Stevens' death and - burial still a mystery to relatives in Iowa, the rift hadn't healed. "We called out to California but they wouldn't give us any information," says Fred E. Bickhart, 60, J.R's brother-in-law and a spokesman for the Iowa branch of ' the Church of the Living Word. Bickhart said the lawsuit brought by J.R. and others against Dad Stevens and himself, accusing them of misusing large sums of church funds, of bilking worshipers and abusing positions of church leadership, continues. So does a countersuit against J. R. and his associates charging them with conspiring to "take over the church and ... real and personal property" belonging to Bickhart and the elder Stevens. J.R. left Iowa in 1954. At the time, his father said the young preacher was divinely inspired and destined to carry the word of God. Brought up in a family of 16 children on a Story County farm, Dad Stevens went to Drake University in ' Des Moines, taught school, fanned and later sold insurance in Newton. He later went to California and enrolled in the Foursquare LIFE Bible College founded by evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson. How and when the rift between father and son began isn't known outside the family, according to friends. Some speculate that it developed in recent years and may stem in part from Shiloh. ; The two apparently drifted apart philosophically when the elder Stevens became upset with what his son "was doing to the camp" at Shiloh. It was founded by Dad Stevens as a day camp for the church. J. R had opened it as a permanent residence to others, many of them from out of state, and some who had alcohol and drug problems. There are now 50 residents at Shiloh. J.R. rarely returned to Iowa in recent years. He was rarely photographed, according to local legend, and constantly carried a tape recorder with him to tape his thoughts and conversations. A man of medium build, he dressed in expensive but conservative clothes and wore tinted glasses. Mary V. Zielinski of Kalona, who has written about the family and met J.R., said, "He's very capable of going up and down the emotional scale." ' Stevens was divorced and remarried and had been living in North Hollywood. Bickhart says the elder Stevens was "holding up pretty well" after learning of his son's death "but he hurts real deep down inside." Unclear Thursday was whether J. R. would be brought to Shiloh for burial. Tony Flores, a Shiloh spokesman, said an announcement was expected today. Survivors also include Steven's ex-wife, two daughters and three sisters. Plans for Japanese tea house, garden in LU1. ' By ROX LAIRD Rtflttttr Stall Wilfw A new committee hopes to raise .-money to build a Japanese tea house and garden in a city park or - elsewhere and open it to the public. The committee is being formed by - the Des Moines Friendship and Sister : - City Commission, which was created -by the City Council to conduct programs related to Des Moines' sister city, Kof u, Japan. . - Jean Gazzo, commission chairman, ."-told a half-dozen persons who - attended an organizational meeting f Thursday that the city has been given the interior of a 50-year-old Japanese teahouse. -'-. The concept of a tea house and -. gardens would require the building of a structure, about the size of a two- : bedroom house, and several acres of land for a Japanese garden. ' Gazzo said a number of possible , . sites have been identified, including city parks, Water Works Park, and - -sites near the Botanical Center and Des Moines Art Center. - Another potential site, suggested at Thursday's meeting, is south of the . .Capitol building surrounding the k Japanese bell. : Meny science teacher resigns The Ankeny School Board unani-. mously accepted the resignation of a science teacher Thursday night who " had been recommended for termination. - Robert G. Otte, 33, of 317 N.E. -. Grant St., a junior high science : teacher for 11 years in the district, , submitted his resignation Tuesday.' ' ' After a closed session Thursday, the board accepted the resignation. ' The board also directed Superinten-1 dent Keith Hopkins to file a -.. complaint with the Iowa Professional Teaching Practices Commission, which could recommend to the state - Board of Public Instruction that Otte's teaching certificate be revoked. Hopkins said he did not know when he will file the complaint He notified Otte on May 13 that he ,. would be fired and Otte appealed. ..j . Otte was suspended with pay ,7, April 29. Hopkins and Otte have ..'declined comment on reasons for the suspension and for Hopkins' recom- mendation to fire him. Hopkins said Thursday that Otte 'did not give a reason when he .submitted his resignation, and Otte Jl declined to comment on why he v, "resigned or on his future plans. : Kilman named to corrections post James R. "Bud" Kilman, a corrections administrator from Waterloo, -was named deputy director of the Iowa Division of Adult Corrections on Thursday. Kilman will start his new job July 1 and will be in charge of the state's . t community corrections program. He ' ,has been executive director of Iowa's t ' 1st Judicial District Department of 'Correctional Services in Waterloo. Kilman replaces George Reiser as . deputy director. Keiser resigned , v several months ago to accept a cor-l "rections job in Washington, D C. Chirp p row Mint powwi Plan m ad wider classification 200. Sales Help, let classifieds wort tar joa, too! The tea "house and gardens would be open to the public for guided tours and for special events such as weddings, concerts and tea ceremony demonstrations, Gazzo said. The garden and tea house will be designed by a Japanese expert. Estimated cost of the project is between $300,000 and $500,000, she said! A grant for up to half the expense will be sought from the Osaka Exposition Fund. The remainder would be raised through a tuna drive. -i ,.,..,fyT,,i7,rY,ni,.....l.....,,l.J., f i h H 1 i " r s ' i -i i ' ' fa - - jK'-X 'liV MARK HAMILL HARRISON FORD CARRIE FISHER BILLY DEE WILLIAMS ANTHONY DANIELS... ci.0AVI0 WIOWSE KENNY BAKER PETER MAY HEW . FRANK 0Z mRICHARD MARQUAND ..HOWARD KA2ANJIAN GE0RGE LUCAS LAWRENCE KASDAN GEORGE LUCAS ,.,GE0RGE LUCAS JOHN WILLIAMS PG OUBMCf CUKSTB I X liPf STERflo owcunt soumothwk ow wsowconos tm tam 'ulu " I nmtuwm mm ui.mcm tows m MV K TOO tHTCMS FOB VtBY Y0UW6 CHUDWtW i 70MM DOORS OPEN DAILY AT 12:00 NOON SHOWS DAILY AT: 12:45, 3:30, 7:00 AND 9:45 p.m. EXCLUSIVE DES MOINES SHOWING! LSPj SORRY, NO PASSES HONORED! THRU JUNI 28th ALL SHOWS ADULTS $4.50 CHILD $2.25 NO REDUCED PRICES TUESDAYS OR MATINEE SHOWINGS RETURN DISCOUNT COUPON WITH EACH TICKET PURCHASED. AFTER JUNE 28th, OUR REGULAR PRICE POLICY RESUMES. READY, WILLING and . ABLE to serve... ...Wherever ...However ...Whomever! Chuck Vincent' immm urr mzmjm mm i rr j urring Kelly Nichols 'cptT ' j rrlj Xirfjf totally nuce so.:3o. lir VI f 7 m THEATER CLOCK! BLACK STALLION RETURNS: Eastgata - 7:30, 9:30. BLUE TMUNOEK: Plua - 7:30. 9:45. BREATHLESS: SouthRklga - 7:30. 9: 30. CITIZEN KANE: Th Moviei - 7:30. EATING RAOUL- Valley - 7:45. 9:30. 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PIONEER: An Officer and a Gentleman 9:15; 48 MRS. 11:30. PLANTATION: Psycho II 9:15; American Werewolt in London 1 1:15. S.E. 14th: Trading Races - 9:17, 1:26; Star Trek II -11:50. ON STAGE MARKHAM Charlie's MOVE OVER, MRS. Showpiace at 6:30. PLAZA SUITE - Ingersoll Dinner Theater at 6:30 p.m. STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF - Drake Hall of the Performing Arts at 8. mm mi mm mm p. mmmm mm mm m .i I Mill f p I m S H a mi lis w : ps d $3.95 Pet Person. No Mess! No kFuss! Look What You Let! Pizza-Soft Drinks-Game Tokens Balloons-Party Hats, Napkins & Plates Birthday Cake Gift From Billy Bob For Birthday Person Special Birthday Show Personal Service CALL NOW FOR RESERVATIONS (Other Special Group rentes Also Available) WEST 22ND & FREEWAY (West Des Moines) 223-9430 ' H 1 If BIHH1BBIBI WTTW H B Charge up your selling power! Place an ad under classification 200, Sales Help Let classifieds work for you, too! ;?M-niiioi J SHOWINGS INDOORS AT 7:45 AND 9:45 PM OPEN 8:00 PM CARTOONS 9:00 FEATURE SHOWS ONCE 6NLY AT 9:15 PM CO-HIT AT DRIVE-IN ONLY AT 11:00 PM Ttiey told Dr. Jekyil to take his amazing scientific discovery and sYlJ, shove It up his nose. 3 i-fe JEKYLL & aa a mjsu ..together again A PARAMOUNT PICTURE I BONUS SHOW AT DMVE4N ONLY AT 12:30 AM CHEECH & CHONG'S UP IN SMOKE I YOU CAN ALWAYS SMELL THE EXCITEMENT IN THE AIrN 9 gHIIOH (If 1 r-ait. fta 1 LiiTOOOft THiyUHJUnEYOUBOLUN' pT: I I jOUiilii- IN YOUR SEATS! II MIW MB PRESENTS CHEfCH S OODSIUiMKN-WMJ CUFFCH MVW (THOMAS MN5 TW mm MAfiW & THOMAS MMMI PRODUCER JDSRI WfflDJCED MM MMM WmT USQia "IIMIHilt UHK1IM mini H M ).! Copyright' rCML XXXIII By Pftftounl rVlurW Corpoml'Dn V 285-923; . 454SfUUflDR. J I "'SR'"'1.'. X. ?j WV mTmi, ilM ,T., w j J I PLEASE CHECK TIME CLOCK FOR INDIVIDUAL SHOW TIMES! 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