The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 10, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BIATIIEViLLK COU1UEU NHWS THE COUR1EK NEWS CO., PilHLlSHKliS C. U. BAUCOCK, Editor II. W. llAUiKi, Adverlismn Manager . (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Sole National Advertising RcynrcHlallvci; Arkansas Dallied, Inc., New York, Chicago, elL-Ul. 81. Louis, Dallas, Ka-'siid City,Memphis. Published Erery Afternoon Uxciiit, Sunday. Enlcied us fecoiirt matter :il III? post olllcc at l)-ylheville, Arkansas, under act -jf C'Migiu>s, r October 9, 1917. Served Uy the United I'/css SUBSCRIPTION itATES By currier In Use City or Blvthmllc, 15c per week or 5C.50 j>or year in aav:ni'o, By mall within a radius of M) n'llc-s, S3.00 ]x-r year, 51.5U (or six months, SSi: for (Krce months; by mail la jjostal zones two u> six, inclusive, 50.50 IXT year, in zones scn-ii urn 1 elylil, Sltl.uii per yeur. payable in advanCL-. New Parties Might Clear Out Misjits W'asl'.jiitflun |iiilj|i.-lii'i fur lln: I'oniuliun ol' a IK-W political parl.v in thi> Uiiili'd Stale.-;, with opposition tu llu; j^'iK-Tiil Uvml of the "now iloal" as its main plal- form iilaiik. Such a jiai'ty, do says, ml^'lil. lie called "The Cuiisliltilioa Di'iiuici'alif I'arty," anil woulil replace tho existing Ci. p. !'. Thi; present Demun-jilii- parly hu would ruiianit! "Tin- Socialist Democratic I'arly." Tho i-cslntiriiiig Im aih'ucalc.s thus would give us two braiiil-ncw national parlic'H to lake llic place of the- onus we have. II lia.- IHCN Din; ni' Hie axioms of American jiniitics for a frond many years that there is little real ilill'er- eiift; Ijelwik-n the two nuijoi 1 parties. It has hccii eiiuaMy clear thai neillier l>;irly has Ijn'ii lionio.wnt'ous, and (hat cacli one contains sixttlilu groups sadly out of iiantiuiiyi \vilh Ihe majonty opinion of their I'eliow.s. •* * V 'J'u put llivoujiii a Kciiei-id sliiflillfT of pui-.-:uniiel and prindples thai, wuulil five us twu Iji);' pariic.s, each one more or k-s* iinited I'ruiii lop to bottom, based on widely dill'erent t:on- I'upiion.s (if llic fuiietion nl' jrnveri!- incnl in the iiKidurn world, mi^hl Uan exceedingly liealth.v dcvelopmetil. It is hard tu escape Llic feeling thai llic actual trend of tilings today is'in Uiiil direction. We have the "western progressive.--" in the Reimhlican jiarly, who are far elosur to Ihe admiiiislratioii than they are to such leaders in their own parly as Air. Hoover or .Mr. Mills. On the other hand, it is prelty obvious that men like Senator and ex-Covenuir Smith are not exactly llic same kind of UemoL-rats as President Koo.sevell. * V r Continuance of this (rend am do one of two tilings, ll ean give us two IK-VV major jiarl.ies to ri-placc Hie old "lies, or it ran split boll, our parlies umt give us a -rotip of half a dozen or more blocs, creating a condition in which no administration ever could I'.'tve a majority in Congress and in which compriimiM. ; .,id a multiplicity of "deals" would ] )(! i] ll; o ,.,),.,,. ( , f tilt , day. Tiie recent experience of enough argument against the latter liossibility, A republican government works best on a straight two-jwriy system, wilh the two parties diametrically opposed, as a matter of principle, DM most major issues. If we are to have (hat in (lie future, it might Im a very good tiling for us to promote soniu sort oi reshuffling like Ihr oiii; this Washington publisher advocates. --Mi-lice Catton. Significant A New Vork relief agency, Irving 1" help girls looking for jobs, i s buying silk stockings for its wards, at- coiding lo a reccn! news dispalcli. A (h.'catle or Iwo ago such a bit of IM ws would liavc indicated a most profound and irresponsible bit of mismanagement. Today it merely shows that 'tin 1 relief workers have good sense. A girl ' who is for a job nit:sl be dressed neatly; and nowadays being neatly dressed, I'or a woman. means — among oilier things — the wearing of silk stockings. Lament the fact as we may, it nevertheless is true that silk stockings are just about a necessity, now, and not a luxury. And the fact is a significant measure nf the way in which living standards have changed in the last few years. £.'* An Echo oj War- . >ou could draw Iwo or lliree ralher olnious morals, probably, frmn thai «ad little accident in Poland where J(l sdioiil children lost their lives, when an old World War shell which they found in a field suddenly exploded. T» most people, 'probably, Ihe most obvious point will be thai what happened to school children was nol, after all, very unlike what happened to Kurope as a whole in Hl|.|. 'I lie children found a nii-e, attractive. shell, iliey started monkeying with it, and it suddenly blew up and deslroyed (hem. ICtirope, half a generation ago, in an almost eiiually carefree and ignorant manner, likewise was playing m '[|i H *!«•!! -with a whole, arsenal full ,,f shells, to bo ex-act. Suddenly, without warning. U)e arsenal exploded. Maybe Kuropi. wasn'l exaclly dcs'troyed. but the resull wasn't far sluirl. of it. And !lii> moral— almost too obvious lo be worth repealing- -is lh ;i t if y()l , i'liiv anmnd with high e.\pln>ives you're "pi to get hurl. It applies lo nations as well as to children. !!:<-• dnrnvi-.u- brlwccn a g<.- tart hrokcr K i-.i- alxlity m beatitilnl (|i;.i!uy .•.onii.'tiii'.i-s i- frimd-.. — ,;::d,;i; \vii|i:,n, L. Jini-y. ! )r o;:i"- uml a k.- IiiciKls--a sisivu to the Uih of N- C .V OUTOUli WAY VOU WANT ME • TO START 01-1 i I HEM SHEAVFG. j OR 7H' TRACK i WHEELS, P;GHT v. AFTER DIMMER. H l'i.!..idci:t FIi>;::;n-clt had not had inlantile |i:n :.::.>:.,. I dniibi liiat we shrnild hni-e had tin; .Ni-.v u.-'al. A man in his lortii-s. lie was Miii- iien!y -i.iid LU ;nu shelf. 11 arid he lomul (imo lu think :,!!d oisanlze liss life. -D r . Aitlnir .Me:;..;:. r!!.iii!-,:;n: of Ihe 'H'.A. CHURCH EXCUSE Love - l!o|» - Churlly Love Y,as .-ilitssca ijy JCSI:K. Hope \\-3-, stressed (jy Jesui. Charity was stressed by Jesus Jle led 1,1s Dlsclulw t i C(Jlll!llllo btH ^i llg ltu .^ „,,„ |t) ct IILS work on earth he laid the foundation for his church hoiiiJU thiil tlH-ousl, this ...ahum Hut Love, Ho])e and Clunity would \y. the oiitilandliiff iliuissliv, in the lives of his reonlc ATn-;NI)(;|[i;Ju;ilSUiNI)AY Thirty Days That Rocked the Nation * * • the (.'rash—One. Ycar'AfU-r ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Ne*s lias been authorized to announce the following »f candidates for p:\bllc office, subject to the Democratic iirltnary ntxt Augitst: For M«mlKT c: Congress CLINTON L. CALDWEU, for Sberiff and Collector CLARENCE H. WILSON For ne-election for Second Term l-'or County Treasurer JOE S. DILLAHUNTY riOLAND GREEN I'or Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG AUDISON SMITH For County Court Clerk PR ED PLEEMAN For Re-Election for 2nd Term tot Aisosor R. L. (BILLY; GAINES C. C, (IKE) HUDSON For Constable of ChlckUiiwbii Tow-nshiu JACK ROBEETSON FOR CITY OFFICES Election Tuesday, April 3. For City Cterk S. C. CRAIG R. L, MCKNIGHT ROSS BEAVERS For CHjr Attorney BAM MAN 1 ATT SATURDAY, MARCH 10 193-1 SIDE GLANCES By George Clartf As thuueli eeuncmle collapsr »ere nni enough, physi (ll dis; t c , «i»s uddi-il. Urng Ik-aeh and M-veral nther soutliera California towiu \ierc .-iKiki'i:' by a disastrous carlhqinke. Twenty-Fifth Day, March 10 Have You Noticed? Tlml the Editor seldom writes of the party ihusly: "Anil last, uni not le;u>t, Ye Editor was scaled at the Inble which fairly groaned under the good things to cm." ' * * • That a fire, whiitlc will cause I more iwople to stop work and lis-1 ion than the policeman's. * * * That man 'is the only crCiiture in the world Una drinks when he is not, ihirsly. "Thafs .slrai«-hf gooits. Air. Hoggs. We girls at the oflJ fhinkyou re the elites' sales manager we ever had." HV WILLIS Ni:A Servia- Stuff Corrtspoinli'iit The tans; bill out of the way aiui ttinied over to Secretary Wowiin for exeeulion. the president mm-! asked Contjrcss for authority lo .l;e sweeping economies by cutting pensions imd fedrenl salui;i'S. He e.sliiuiueil a deficit, by Jmu'. MI:H. of live billions. (Later we were hi learn In talk of deficits in mud, higher figures.) l-'edenit Reserve system banks I were directed to npply to the Scc- vclary ot Ihe Treasury (hen- iocnl reserve uanh's for. piT- uiission lo reopen, and Ihe "trek to Washington of thousands of harried bankers began. for weeks they were to beisecn anxiously siltliiij in Treasury: nnd HFC mile-rooms. i How ncnr-sighted is the day afier the vot counted. « *= * What, a short aim tin: hand usually has. Uark hiile Giusupsic /ungftrn was scntentcil lu die In the elec- llic elmiv just foni- days after the death of Mayor Ccrimik from. nsarn's iniiiileruiis bullet made il ra-luin Iliat tins eoukl )xi<lhD only stqurl. And a.s tliuugli the troubles of cemiomic collapsr were nol enough, curtliciimkes in southern Ciilifornlir iij; the I'aclfic Const, crushed out Ihe live.s of 1^0 people and did projierty iliiniiigc ol $40.000.000 during hvo days of recurrent riunke.s in the tectlon centering on I-OIIR Beach. It inniie it scciu as though Nujlnri: itself was si^ainM the nation (that was fighting lo keep auoat. EMEGUESSB Bv Williams WAIT TILL AFTER DIMMER j I'LL SEE.' ' BVAU.TirL.nWj CP ( LiTEKATUSe /fH' BULL \ O' iH'VJOCPS SHOULD SAY To HlSSELP-l-lM-i. HEFJE'S A MAM WHO'S ; H£f\DED fER SUCCe^G.'/ HE DOESN'T WAIT ' / GftTt — Ht PtiR TH 1 WHISTLE,/ I WAIT FERTH'VMHl- TO GO TO WORK. .; j: CY ALL TH'i LftWS OP HUMAN : NATURC-,Tl-r BULL ; WILL SflY- H.AH. I HEKE'S A MAM WHO ' T> IIL r AOtU PER TH TO EftT. r , hrn hf l]r) , „ III. MIIIIIIK XdVKS. nnnrcd k r It is said that one of the sons given uy Louis XIV for [| building of the great pa- Versailles was that ii would url vide employment for 30,000 worl men o\er many years. yrMAT STATE RtS N. U.M IN AREA ? '»• <;<•->% ,,.,TI, THESTORT CIIAl'TKR IX 'TO left with n rou,, s m , 1n who _ K:11 ""S to cnnverl It into ttn ornate Pnmlnia. Thep. ho lo I lie senrnnta- qi ll1r 't 0 rs. There de^founil eicltement (hat "as niado manifest through loud talk am] occasional hlgt-pltchcd lausliter. Tho seivants were ei- cileil l>y iii e prospeet or ttia good lliue ol mild, ,|, cv would hJTe elimpscs mil also because It was "'"'ore,! t!n[ 0!) lh|3 OC( . a3ion FMa nlemloi] lo outilo past <itrava- E.iiirc.i. "Tno had you-all won't be bere tonli;!,;, 11 lack commented. "!''« seen such parties before," 1'jlililo .inswcreil. "Not liko Uiis |i(, rc oao _ T^IJ fs the blEKCj; yet." > fiokcJ iiji i sweater, sung Ic-iis'" and turned toward tha sale or tho pitio where Tot* <iaiiei!in the car Ihe servants used. Ti:ty drovo over sandy roada and through ivaite aicas toward tbe s'.np ol bcac!) wlicra Pablito al- raoore:! the sma i] uoat to lie hail aliacheil a power en- Ri«e. In this lu waved coadby to I'ctc. started the Ca3lno ln( j nlade for iioinc-tlic slrip 0 [ | a would be louoly tonight. woul'l uot |« (cr Ioug ,u B i, :c d tl i at Dut It would lie cumins back lo tlio camp. Back MIS with II lbo (au? woalil t:o. liack to tho glitter and would be l« masquerailo that lil;- real nr him. 4 1 KATHARINE MAVILAND.TAYLOR K£A S=3'/lCE.iHC. feminine advances: 1 ' Estelle, lie had been told, was to bo a wood dryad, cloihed In green anil carryins musical plijea of Uie sort with which Pan is salrt lo hov» I dtsFoned. she w a ,, lo „.„, ber hair hanging looje and hound reith a Earlanil. Her fpet and legs woiilil tie bare. One or the servants bail h:t.-;n to mahe a ciDiment atioui thts Umie hut Dad balled it abruptly at a long ntiil coldly appraising Elare from I'ablito. Early in the "lays ot Pahllto's employmeut al tbe camp there had been an occasion when he had Nird low another servant named Hckc. Up until lhat ' moment Zcke. who bad a quick, ungovernable temper, Bad thlu^s very much bis own way. ihrashln; anyone svbo disasrced nllh him. | The affair had established n repn. tatioD for the hloorl youth and alter that Pablito went lib way uncliallensed. The other servants I were careful not to say anything tliey had reason to feel he would dislike. cs made his way through a fringe or scrasgly, under-nourished fir tree=. Pablito found himself looking at tlie beginning ol tha parly. The seltlcj was more dazilln- than he tad dreamed It couli; te. in spite of ht3 kirowledsa uf Uoaic nlghta and their power, even on- aided, to eacliaot. He diil not at first see tho nee for whom he was looking. Doubt- Ics3 she was standing somewhere in a corner looking on. a little shy and conscious of her barn Icga and feet. Tha music Oared forth then aad a^w3^^i*^> fc ^^i^K^=« Suddenly In lai a-curioui conviction thai tomcm: teas B-alc/img him. ~' to Insure meals and would cover him. Some lla "' 1=(li kcen - cil s <! ' 1 "is stars put out rain r dl brow furrowed, thlnklns oi Xoy , ^1 who needed care. ahlilo 'hail C o: forgotten Ber. He hail plunged It Into ) so that only iho bill shon lillle clistaiico or the in a Spanish c«tamc acd „ , a ,„. C05ttima of aboui this time. The snV walked loo aell. Thero was a rhythmic iindulatlnri of her shoul- Mo nlaiiiietl scir.e of thc llilii S3 he camp at 10 t;;a; 111.4:11 hii'n. nut he could sea no one aad^ p!rly fnaa> -o^""" 1 *. with a. colorfi.I • B ")l on quickly. '" ] "(-'lever, thai!" Uie u'muiD sa!ci i admiringly, a? she l«ol<r-l afler Ibs ! and the slnrky. sh»r! man ;1ilo her. "Fano- tti° *H Itiat . would ciaka one dl.ifai::^ A mail answerer! her roughly.' walk!" I au>ona else Is piarniins our; Her 'companion slio..', ni- Leal . Erir "? lle " con;e oul at the , smiling a little. "Fieiil ii.ii ;,n ;,, r u ' ;ctl eDll: " lor triauds." be said "Klip n.,ij not After lie bvldisariyveil i I r |a ' l voice B ai,l "\ 0 o'uc tim « nf,i :S ' r ivoiild wrie from ibis wiv_- i s1 " tbroas—ladles of Venice, torcnrtn/s. Pierrots, Columbines, nuns, pncsi... .„.,„ „„.„_ , xq OI1C „„, 0 , aenorilas el old Spain. There uere ivciild tonie from Ibis way—grown-ups turned lo children ji;s; for the night. Russian royalty. Watteau milk maids, plroics. ever; variety of soldiers, Italian ccasanis.! say to her and them M em Mlt aloml. The screech ot a swoop. us eull seemed to mock him and he replies to It In kind. Then re- meinlicrins. ho tinned hh face to- «ard thn st r e ich of water beyond v.ilch lay Cuba. Ho had always hunier t ,i to S o UK- ; , r ,.-.d now be «'»3 going but nltti a reliictance <l'«miln B his c^perness to rlew new S'l;!'" There was olleo. he do- 1 ..... '• nri h "i'> about one's cranted - that Kleid e nl Havana .t^iiuiy oi fiinumr.,, IUIM.IU uedsants ' Sicilian fishermen, Lady lla:;i:i 1 tons, Bonaparte!, Queen L'lljabcihs and many others. Bright hue?. rich fabrics and tantaitlc rtesii;i!3 ... »„„„ , HM . were to bo seen on all sides. Tdcre • TI , -',.1 >! , . <™, « »M. «n™ IT, lh» r«=l ?' ' '' C ..?".' ^"^ 1"'" nt.VOIH "W'liai'ii y ou ,| 0 aboi;[ It?" "I'll waici, hi:i:. 1 1,3,1 a goo d '';OS ai hi,:, an,1 If 1 see him asaio 1 i: k)io - -7 hiri-,. 1 j a wide range In the Ill; . v , UQnl heeauso ol the wlrto range la |,cr E0 t ,1 funay W oni3 sceuicrl l;o dissuisinj; her n-ain a:ip: all'. 1 The eh: s-!in hir] I>:I = SIM niem was saying ar.xio; 'Do ym; 'l'he|su! Tha mnn ansv.crcd .0 '-V(-T COD^- !ici «Uh a lie., i. II ha U to spend. Pablito pulled lita small boat to. [JAEUTO kacw lore and walked to ILo camp. Mills' L -;oin^ to ha sli ...._ look half an hour In epllo ol bow dresse was Me begin to comb tioncd In a wl shrill by o"0 »MI, I( J Jour aiid I'll tend lo m i,,,.. Iwen reassured and given coinage | ojact from him some show I generally >'ii" f.:li 'li«jti!l[i;!cbo-.«ti autl. UL« lubl lialr OUT leit 1 !. Ili9 hrn^n nf l.t* sl..n ni.nlP i II^.T'Q . I:-M u.'e Ijigel tor

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