The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1957 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1957
Page 4
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. 7, . AROUND ALGONA' ' * Mrs W. J. Sigsbc? was hostess * to her sewing club on Tuesday ' afternoon. , W "—"P r * Mr and Mrs Walter Schild» kneeht spent the weekend in •* Des Moinrs and Marshalltown. 'I P. E. O. sisterhood met Wed•> ttesday afternoon, Feb. 6, at the * home of Mrs Hortense Ferguson «, —o— * Mrs Rex Voyles was hostess tc ^ her sewing club at the home oi ^ her mother, Mrs Roger Phillips *•-. on Tuesday afternoon. * Mr and Mrs J. B. Asa were , t hosts at a family party on Sat* urday evening to celebrate Feb "^ birthdaj's and anniversaries. ..... —o— Mrs Jack Butcher entertained * at a neighborhood coffee party * this morning, (Thursday) as a * farewell courtesy for Mrs Jim * Boettger. Mr and Mrs Floyd Hutsell of ,; Cedar Falls spent the weekend - here with their respective par;| ents, Mr and Mrs Roy Hutzell ',,<« and Mr and Mrs Perry C6llins. * Mr and Mrs Lloyd Pratt had •4 as their guests on Sunday, Mr <? and Mrs Leonard DeMeulnaere •j; of Fort Dodge. Mr DeMeulnaere ~ is Mrs Pratt's cousin. Mrs Marlin Meelhause has been chosen as the Mother of the Month foi* J'ebruary at the Presbyterian Wednesday Nite Youth Club. **• --* *n , Jane Potter, daughter of Mr and Mrs James Potter, wai five years old on Tuesday. A birthday party was given for her at the home of her grandmother, Mrs A. J. Eason. '• Donna Jane Asa was eight years old last Thursday and her mother, entertained at a party -in honor of the event. Games furnished the entertainment and supper was served. Guests were Becky Fraser, Diane Reefer. Betty Reidel, Bonnie Cook, Jean Sigsbee, Susan Rentz, Susan Vipond and the honoree's sister. Mary. Ann 'Shipley was unable to attend. Dr. end Mrs P. O. Dorweilei Irft Saturday for Alabama, Flo rida and other southern points They plan to be away about three weeks. Mrs Wtliard Steffan was host e«s to her bridge club on Monday evening. Mr.s John Claude. Mrs Maynard Miiler and Mrs Harolc Erickson were guests. Prizes were received by Mrs Miller and Mrs Erickson. —o— Members of the board of the Community Concert Association are meeting this afternoon at tht Druggist's Mutual Insurance building. A representative from the concert bureau will be pre sent. Steven LeHoy. infant son of Mr and Mrs Robert Giddings was baptized Sunday at the Presbyterian church. Mrs Giddings ir ttie former, Trieva Bowrnan daughter of Mrs Henrietta Bowman. Mrs Molman Anderson was scheduled to have major surgery performed today, (Thursday) at the Clarion hospital. The 'Andersons are well-known former Algonans who moved to Clarion several years ago. Tom Brown, son of Mr and Mrt- Ralph Brown, was flown to Iowa City bv air ambulance Sunday to undergo emergency intestinal surgery. He is recovering nicely. His mother went to Iowa City on Tuesday to be with him. —t>—> Mr and Mrs Calvin Tscheiter spent the weekend here with Mr Tschelter's parents, Mr and Mrs Joe Tschetter. Calvin attends the University of Iowa and his wife, the former Lois Riebhoff, teaches in a small town near Iowa City. Mrs Del Carver, Mrs L. R. Potter, Mrs Fred Shilts, Mrs Warren Nelson, Mrs J. L. Claude, Joyce Hayden, Mrs Lyle Riedinger, Mrs Casey Loss, Mrs Charles Hardgrove and Mrs Don Asa went to Britt on Tuesday where they attended an instruction school of the Eastern Star. lulls Bourne and Kirk Hayes, students at Drake University in Des Moines spent the weekend here with their respective parents, Dr. and Mrs M. G. Bourne and Mr and Mrs John Hayes. They attended the Murtsgh- Thureson wedding on Sunday. Ruth Circle of the Presbyterian church will meet Tuesday eve- mng, Feb. 12 at the home of Mrs M. H. Brower. Assisting hostesses will be Mrs Marlin Meehlhause and Mrs Lowell Lenz. The program will be in charge of Mr; Leon Martin and Mrs Lowel Lenz will give devotions. The Methodist Youth Fellowship has invited the young people of several othjr .local churches for a time of fellowship Snnday evening at G o'clock at the church. Participating will be youths from the First Lutheran, Congregational, Presbyterian and Nazerene churches Mr and Mrs Russell Rentz and Dianna, Susan and Wayne plan to leave Tuesday or Wednesday t)f next week for Tampa, Fla where they will join Mrs Rentx' parents, Mr and Mrs Fred Wegener who are spending the winter there. The Rentz family plans to be gone about two weeks. Mr and Mrs Nels Anderson, Mr and Mrs Dick Cowan, Mr and Mrs Ollie Johnson, Mr and Mrs Charles McVay, Mr and Mr.s Dick Post, Mr and Mrs Don Prieskorn and Mr and Mrs A. J. Ricklefs are entertaining at a party Saturday evening preceding the Sweetheart Dance at the Algona Country Club. HIT Albert Erickson, Edgewood, was run over by the truck he was driving recently, and was hospitalized. He lost control of the vehicle on a county road, jumped out and the truck ran over him. 72nd Mr and Mrs George Main, who may possibly be Iowa's longest- wedded couple, recently observed their 72nd wedding anniversary in the V/estfield community near LeMars. He's 95, she's 91. At Lake City, the Oscar Ripleys recently observed their 62nd anniversary. UDM Classifieds Pay Dividends <* n« loiiowing on . . . ««f ide sf *° d l Sp i° aS / e °M* h ^ da £ y lL1 rd «**.*« "ems," I will, sell, at public auction at the farm ° ™ l * W6Si ' I% rmles 80uth «£ Wesl *y. « 4 miles east and 1% miles south of Sexton, the on . . . SALE BEGINS AT 1:00 P.M. 3O-Heesd of Cattle -3O This is an accredited herd of cattle and includes one Holstein Bull (out of cow with over 600 Ib STTC r, 8ire ifJP* 0 *?? las * vear) 18 Dairy Cows, 2 grain-fed calves and 9 other calves, n listed below. Breeding Date Given Day of Sale. •*"• !» 1—Holstein Cow. second calf, freshened Dec. 16. is milking 62 Ibs. daily with a 3.9 test and 74.9 butterfat for January, 1—6-year-old Brown Swiss Cow, fresh Oct. 6, is rnilking 57 Ibs. daily, with a 4.2 test, and 74.2 butterfat for January. l—7.year.old Holstein Cow. fresh Sept. 8, is milking 47 lbs. ! daily, with a 3.4'test; and 49,5 . butterfat for January.' I—first CaJf Holstein Heifer, fresh Oct. 17, is milking 39 Ibs. daily/ with a 4. test, and 48.4 butterfat for January. 1—Holstein' Second Calf Heifer, fresh around Sale Date. l~Hplstein Cow. 3rd Calf, fresh Oct. 19, is milk•-, ing 47 Ibs. daily, with a 3.3 test, and 48.1 but. i. terfat for January. l H'X e W'°W Hoistein qow, fresh Sept. 22, is . mfifciBFlf Ibs. daily, with a 3.4 lest and 44.7 • butterfat for January. Jr-Holstein Cow, second calf, fresh Pec. 30, is milking 56 ibs, daily, with a 4. test, and 69.4 for January. S-year-old Guernsey Cow, fresh «pk»?« «? »*•.daily, with a 4.5 test, and, 58J8,butterfat for January, J^ri*sr Calf Holstein Heifer, fresh Oct. 13. is piking 38 ibs, daily, with a 3.8 test, and 44.8 butterfat for January. 1—Firnt Calf Brown Swiss Heifer, fresh Oct. 10, is milking 41. Ibs. daily, with a 4.1 test and 52.1 butterfat for January. 1—First Calf Holstein Heifer, fresh Oct. 21, Is milking 55 Ibs. daily, with a 3.9 test and 66.5 butterfat for January. 1—First Calf Holstein Heifer, fresh Oct. 22. is milking 43 Ibs. daily, with a 4.1 test and 54.6 butterfat for January. 1—-4>yeav-old Registered Guernsey Cow, iresh Jan., 24, hasn't had time for a testing record. 1—First Qalf Holstein Heifer, fresh Oct. 27, is milking 27 Ibs. daily, with a 3. test and 25.1 butterfat for January. 1—Cross-bred Guernsey First Calf Heifer, fresh Oct. 14, is milking 28 Ibs, daily with a 6. test and 52 butterfat for January* 1—6-year-old Registered Guernsey Cow, pasture bred to freshen in the spring. 1—Pure-Bred Guernsey Heifer, coming 2 years old, out of 600 Ib. artificial breeding. 2—Coming 2-years-old Holstein Heifers, to freshen in the fall. Health Papers On Animals Listed Above. 2—Gram.fed yearling Calves, steer and heifer, wt, 550 Ibs. 2_400-lb. Black/White-faced Heifers. 4—Fall Holstein Heifer Calves. 1—6-week-old Holstein Heifer Calf. ALL CALVES ARE CALF-HO03) VACCINATED. ONE HfrlSTilN BULl - Eligible to Register, Ouar. Breeder. Wt. 1,400 Ibs. 30 Landrace-cross Bred Gilts DAIRY EQUIPMENT 4-*S»rge Milking Machine FEED; MISCELLANEOUS: - "'tryii'""—" ""•""" ••'— W$ Bales of First Cutting Hay. 1—14" Gehl Power Take-off l-S*l£wwkw IHC iepsrajor. 325 Balw of Second Cutting, suit- i^ulSfBSton Hoa Feeder a wg.i J»w. «W» lor grinding. * ^aYJ JJ^ ton Hog Feeder ' 3 SS^MkeMW 9 yMr 50 B » le8 ** Straw (All Wired, l-*»mesway 35-bu. Steel Hog iBgiHp|! »ww«r «*w•• 9 Titt^il n*««4 i++t-**lt \ f 6Gdfir JvnvlZtO&i* iJoLfiV&l Dflirv Water * **VF 019 l*l$*Qi9/t . 3 . T n* n HiSt ^ ty W8 ^ ao Tons of Qat Sileage. 1^-fl^SjS^ *"***' MFRtURY TWO'DQOR, IQUIPPIO WITH RADIO, HIATfR AND OVIR, ITIkl\VUI\l 0||Yfc A150 HAS 1957 AUTOMOBIlf UeiNCi TAGS. it Gaffe, or Make arrangements with the No* Responsible For 'Tony' Brown Eleanor Parker plays lop queen to Clark Gable in the western "The King and Four Queens," which will open Sunday for three days at the Algona Theatre through United Artists release. The picture was filmed in CinemaScope and color. •OTTOSEN By Mrs. Knut Oppedahl STATE 1AJIK Sunday dinner guests at the Oliver Kinseth home were Mr and Mrs M. O. Kinseth and family of Algona. Afternoon visitors included Mr and Mi^ Olvin Haug and family and Mr and Mrs Richard Kinseth and family. Mr and Mrs Chester Alme and daughter Shirley visited Sunday afternoon at the home of Mi> Alme's mother, Mrs Maude Blanchard at Lone Rock. Mr and Mrs Earl Long and Mr and Mrs Arnold Bratland and family of Bode spent Sunday at Cedar Falls at the Don Lange home. Mr and Mrs Donald Usher and daughters were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Rev. and Mrs E. E. Greene at West Bend. Dr. and Mrs William Olson and family of Charles City were visitors at the Earl Olson home- on Sunday, Jan. 27. Mr and Mrs Thorston Satern of West Bend w6re Saturday evening visitors at the'Roy Enockson home. Mr and Mrs H. D. Benson were Saturday overnight guests at the Frank Benson'home at Coalvilte. Sunday evening visitors at the Benson home were Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Kee of Clarion. .;' Mr and Mrs Howard Klein* and Michael of Lincoln, Neb. visited Sunday at the home^.of heriparents, Mr and Mrs W. "G CooTpef. ' ' ' ; ' J ^f Wednesday visitors at ,k'We Loran Daniel home were Mr and Mrs Hormer Johnson of Boone. Sunday visitors were Mr and Mrs- Keith Daniel .and .family of..Box-i holm. Thursday evening Mr and Mrs, Silas Banwart and family were suoper guests at the Alvin Banwart home at West Bend. Friday evening a group of young people gathered at the Silas Banwart home for a social time. Clara Banwart of West Bend showed slides taken on a trip through the west. Mr and Mr: Nathan Banwart of West Bend were also present. Many Bancroft Residents Bancroft — Many Bancroft residents are ill and are in the hospital or confined to their homes. Herman Bockholt is a patient at Veterans Hospital in Des Moines where he; underwent surgery for appendicitis. Clara Hellman is a patient at Rochester where she underwent surgery. Michele Inman, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ross Inman is a patient at St Ann suffering from complications of the flu. Mrs George Nauman is confined to her home suffering from pleurisy pneumonia. Mrs Thomas VonBank is also confined to her home suffering from the flu and complications. Mr and Mrs Fred Tigges returned Sunday after a two weeks trip through Florida and several other southern states. The new circle heads for St. John's Church were announced Sunday. They are Mrs Peter Arend, .Mrs, Cletus Dorr, Mrs Frank Froehle, Mrs Roy Heins, Mrs George Kissner, Mrs Milton Marlow, Mrs Francis Menke, Mrs Leander Vaske, and Mrs J. H. Welp. »V ; POSTPONED ' The wedding of Doughlas Scott" of Baldwin to Ruth Caraway of Monmouth. Illinois, had to be called off just two hours before the ceremony, when Scott was attacked by a stock hog. The ceremony took place five days later. Joseph Story, became a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court at the age of 32. For Your Valentine Thursday, Feb. 14 WHITMAN'S Heart-Shaped BOX CANDY Beautifully Gift Wrapped All Sizes And All Prices to 57.50 PHARMACY Honor Scouts At Itirt Church In Sunday Service Burt — Scout Sunday was observed at the Methodist Church in Burt and special guests were 17 local scouts and their parents Cub Scouts and parents also were present. Rev. Sarnek addressed a short talk (o them Walter Steward gave a brief report on scouting in this community, and Dale Lockwood gave o report on Cubbing. The January meeting of the Cub Scouts was held Monday evening at the Burt Community School. Robert Ortman received a Wolf Gold Arrow and Wolf Badges were awarded to Bobby Lovstad and Alvin Hein. Den 1 served lunch. Den Mothers are Mrs Wm. Giddings and Mrs Ronald Ortman. The latter takes over Mrs Robert Lovstad's group. Plans are made for the Blue and Gold Banquet for this month. Dale Lockwood who has been Cub Master is resigning and Ernest Lavrenz who has been assistant will be Cub Master. Mrs Amy Lingenfilter with her daughter, Mrs Violet Starkie of Estherville were visitors at the Lottie Isenberger home Sunday. Other Sunday callers were Mr nnd Mrs Walter Klamp ol Dakota City and Mr and Mrs Maynard Isettberger of Forest City on Tuesday afternoon. Saturday evening relatives of Mrs Mayme Schrader went to her home in observance of her birthday anniversary. Six members of the Monday Birthday group spent Monday afternoon with her. The Burt Woman's Club met with Mrs James Christensen Monday evening, Feb. 7th. Miss Erna Baars and Mrs Donald Patterson were assisting hostesses. A reading was given by a group of the women and f£im Jin Ho of Algona sang. Mrs Deal of Algona was a guest. Mr and Mrs Wm Giddihgs and family spent Sunday with other relatives fit the Guy Carlson home Wesley. f W© 6nt 7bM Classifieds Pay Dividend* Chester Sherwood of Wilton Junction bagged two foxes with one sho< on a recent .hunting trip. As he came over a little hill, he spied the two foxes, Hose together. Both fell at the one blast from his 12 guage. 12th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION Dean's Gigantic For 10 Days finds Feb. 16 SAVE 25 % Bulova - Gruen - Elgin You Don't Need A Trade-In For Above Watch Values Buy Now For Gifts Later And Save GIFTS-WATCHES-WATCH REPAIR Happy Hunting Daze VD VO %B^ *maffr Go Full Blast This Week-end! PALEFACES KUM GETTUM '* MOAR HOT BARGINS DIAMOND'S WIG-WARM! Smoke signals been telling big bargains at Diamond's Wig-Warm . . . Wagons been coming from miles around, load up with bargains . . . Now moar stuff on sale at Wig-Warm across from Post Office this weekend. You read Ad here . . . Then you all come, bring squaw, papoose, too . . You save plenty lots wampum when buy at Wig- Warm ! You Bring Feet — We Puttum Heap Sock Buy On Same MENS EXTRA HEAVY WGT. ROCKFORD WORK SOCKS just off stage-coach at Wig- Warm door! We puttum out special price 1 These real HEAVY genuine 12-lb. weight, got red heels, wear long time, feel good Q to foot Prs 1 , SI These Heap Good Pants Corns By Pony from Yankee Country MENS "YANK SHIRE" POLISHED COTTON PANTS — Ivy Leaguers — that come to Wig-Warm from up Yankee country, where men are men. These $4.98 kind. Polished cotton wear better than stone arrowhead. Paleface latch onto for $3.98 pair A &*j pants, or •• Prs. VI * We Testum These Work Boots, Take Big Hike Through Swamp MENS 8-INCH WORK BOOTS savum foot, you betl These heavy 8-inchers, gottum good thick cork sole, spill acid on upper, no matteer. We wear pair in swamp, keep foots dry. Fittum all size foots, little to Wilt The Stilt size. Buyum now for Barns Get AH Painted Up Red Like War Dance; Get Paint Here RED BARN PAINT, not pin*like, real bright red for make barn, machine shed, chicken* house, granary lookum swell. We geljum lots this paint from paleface paint-house; we dicker on price; we sellum now plenty low, You buy 4-GALLON CASE FOR Puilum Out This Week-end— Heavy Sweat Shirts For Little Injuns CHILDRENS SWEAT SHIRTS in heavyweight keep little Injun plenty warm, these got Nylon neck feel fine on neck, these the $1.39 kind. We got- turn these heap swell sweat shirts for papoose sizes 4, 6, 8 ... and little braves sizes 10 and 12. Buyum for Big Injuns Kind, Too! Heavy T-Shirts To Fit Good on Big Brave. MENS HEAVY T-SHIRTS 'seep man warm, but plenty . . . these kind with turtle necks, same kind big mud turtle wear. Turtle plenty smart, wear these. Fittum all nig mens, little squirts, too. Buyum these O for for Plenty Nice Cases To Carry Skates In When Go Skate On Wheels ROLLER SKATE CASES with handle on, reinforced around outside to make plenty strong, open up put skates inside, go take best girl to rink for skating party. We gottum plenty low price tags on OA these. ONLY V* plus tax We Still Gottum Nice Assortment Dress Shoes on Wig.Warm Racks MENS DRESS SHOES, we been soldum plenty these, because plenty hot value. Pick- urn in brown or black, pickum oxfords or loafers, these look plenty nice on man's foot, better on both feet. Gettum pair these for • KUM Come To Wig-Warm For Other Paleface Merchandise From Best Trading Poits — Also, Be Sure Pick Up One pf Our Big Chief Injun Blankets, Take Home For

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