The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1957 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1957
Page 22
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6~A!gona (la.) Upp^r DPS Molrtw Thursday, Jan. 24, 1957 Two Shooting Victims Making Fair Recovery Clair Flogstad. 21. one of two men from this area >hot accidentally Jan. 12, was reportedly in good condition in Methodist hospital at Rochester, Minn. Wednesday afternoon. Flogstad. who has lived in a tenant house at the Brown dairy farm south of Algona only three •weeks, was struck in the breast bonr by a .22 pistol slug shortly after dinner Saturday. According to stories pieced together after the accident. Mr and Mrs Flogstad were looking at the gun, which was being held by the latter, when it discharged. A full investigation of the case has been interrupted until local peace officers can question the Flogstads when they return from Rochester. After the gun discharged, Mr Flogstad ran to the house occupied by Everett Tripp, another employee of the Brown farm and reportedly mumbled, "don't blame her", evidently^ referring to his wife and the mishap. He was flown with his wife immediately to Rochester where he was treated for the wound. It was reported earlier this vtek the bullet >had been removed after it was located by doctors in Flogstad's collarbone. He reportedly has a very good chance of recovering after the narrow escape. The bullet missed his heart by one-fourth of an inch. It is probable he will be returned to his sometime this week. Tom Gronbach, 29, of Irvington, shot himself in the left thigh about 6:30 p.m. Saturday while cleaning his .22 rifle. The slug went almost through his leg. He was rushed to St. Ann hospital, the bullet removed and he was released the same night. He Is reportedly, in good condition. Gronbach had been hunting Saturday afternoon and after returning home,' began cleaning the gun when the Vnishap occurred. The Flogstads are originally from the Renwick-Eagle Grove area and have lived on the Brown farm only since the final week in December. L. 8. BOHANNON I thought we hit a flying saucer as we drove down the highway. Then I realized ,J,he car] nppp tiad blown op^pnd the S&8 attendant had' failed to, latch it. Do service,slaiions carry liability insurance to pay for/damages caused; by their neg|lgence? *For the answers to your insurance questions, feel free to call me at 4he Bohannon Insurance Agency, Phone 103. 58 Junior 4-H leaders Meet Fifty-eight Junior leaders at- tetoded the Kossuth County Junior Leadership meeting held Thursday evening. Dec. 27, at the Farm Bureau building. These junior leaders are 4-H'ers fifteen years or older and in their fourth year of club work who assist adult club leaders with the carrying out of the 4-H club program. The December activities were in charge of Georgia Heldprfer and Karen Wilhelmi, Bancroft: Gertrude Kahler, Burt: Roger Will and Bill Mullins, Corwfth. They conducted the business meeting, as well as the entertainment later in the evening. Record book keeping was the subject discussed by both girls and boys at this time. Mary Staudt assisted with the girl's group and Robert Johnson led the discussion in the-boy's group. Entertainment for the evening consisted of progressive games at which time the group was di- 'ided 'into five smaller groups ind took part in games as led by the committee. The next meeting date is schedulgti for February 25, the last Monday in the month. Myrna Birnbaumer, Judy Hobsclieidt, Lois Willfong, Patsy O'Brien, Aaron Anliker, Roger Dreyer, Duane Menke and Bill Vaske were named. on the committee responsible for the "-February meeting; . ^ ; Whittemore News Mr and Mrs William Kelly re' cently purchased a trailer home and have" moved it to the Gar' Johnson lot. They Will move into it in the near future. ; .• Mr and Mrs Norvlh Elbert and family from Wlllmar, Minn, visited at the parental home of Mr and Mrs Andrew S. Elbert from Friday until Sunday. Mr and Mrs Don Conrad entertained the public school faculty at cards. Sunday night. Gordon .Jensen and Loretta Fandel won high and Winfield Carlisle and Gordon Jensen, low. Marcella Fandel won the travel prize. Mr and Mrs Francis Wolfe and family of West Bend, Mr and Mrs George (Jake) Baas and family and Don Grandienett of Bancroft were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Paul Ludwig. It was the Ludwig's 20th wedding anniversary. Busy Bees Meet GUARANTEED LUBRICATION to Manvfactortrt 9 Specifications SMIy OREASE*MASTER 1UBRICATION Our §k«lly Oreaw . Mottw -Ou|d« b compiled with the help of automobile tnginem « , * the »wy «nw >*">* «•• flgnfd your eoH Thi« meow thot every vital point in yovr tw't rynnJnff f«a/ receive* tf BB5TVS -T5 ' far o »M fitti today , , . bt The monthly meeting of the Bancroft Busy Bees 'was'held in •the home of Barbara Menke recently. ; There Was a! group discussion on posture.,4 'talks! were giyea by patty Hahe 'andi Patty Qogley' a^d demonstrations by Margaret Nufre, Marianne Nurre and Barbara Menke. f A' big sister-little 'sister program was started, games ware olayejl and ,a lunch "'served by thV hostess. ' . !'"':• • ' The fnirmte* of the meeting of Dee. 17. 1986, were read and approved. Motion by McQuiston, seconded by Bradley, that the vouchers payable be approved and authorised pnid as au- «t*d. tight Tan A C. M. St. P. & P. R. R. Co., frgt. 38944 C. M. St. P. & P R. R. Co. frgt. 1.089.55 sy Roll, pay roll 1.795.56 :ilton Bilyeu, flabor 142.89 flwin Welshanr, labor 138.08 Mervin Hentges. labor 92.41 Ernst Thlel. labor _ 45.00 Town State Bonk;, withholding tax l ... 258.30 Social Security Fund. soc. sec. tax 112.11 Diesel Service Co.. supp. 3.253.22 V. Central Pub. Ser. Co.. *as bill 5.988.52 Fulton Iron Works Co.. serv. .. 384.35 fpeony-Mobil Oil Co.. supp. ... 13.51 Terry-Durln Co., supp. 258.30 Westlnghouse Elec. Supply Co., supp. 44.78 Iowa Elec. Supp. Co., supp. ...; 62.43 Northland Elec. Supp. Co., supp 373.57 Algona Machine Shop, supp... 33.25 Norton Machine Works, supp. 35.25 Algona Laundry, service ...-_. 67.47 R. J. Fhnk, service 4.75 Trupke Etec. Motor Ser.. serv. 0.00 Thorpe Iron Works, service 1.70 Greenberg Auto •Supp'.. service 1.22 Kent Motor Co., service 12.87 fid'* D-X Service, gas 51.02 Ky's Super Service, gas 66.31 Casler Electric Co.. supp 2,261.25 Buell & Winter, service 9,761.82 Robert Deal, service 6.25 American Public Power Assn., supp. ^..i 50.00 M. Joseph Bradley, salary 25.00 Allen K. Buchanan, salary 25.00 C. R. McQuiston, salary 25.00 Farner - Bocken Co.. supp. 5.23 John R. Carroll, service 295.54 JUpper Des Moincs P\jb. Co., .service * 45.84 Advance Pub. Co.. service .»._ 61.50 N. W. Bell Tele. Co.. Service ... 58.13 Petty Cash, petty cash t ..,_. 24.63 Working Fund — Petty Cash, ___ 4S.87 Water Dept., petty cash 218.8B North Central free Service, supplies 33.588.13 Wttei Fond Pay Roll, pay roll • 338.09 Frank Ostrum. labor 125.61 Walter Peterson, labor 134.75 Reakus Helmers. Inbor 12.74 Reiner Helmers, Inbor — 12.74 Georfe Welg, salary t 11.15 Ernst Thlel. labor 43.S5 Iowa State Bank, withholding tn* 18.50 Soc. See. Fund, soc. 'sec. in* 29.10 Lfighton Supply Co., supp. .. -l,3ll,8f> t. J. Cowan, Contractor, serv. 7,50 R. J. Funk, serv 1.83 Western Buyers, supp. 2.25 Ky's Super Service, gas - 10.44 •rs D-X Service, gas 12.45 KosSxith Motor Co., service - 2.45 Kohlhaas Hardware, supp. 5.06 Petty Cash, petty cash i- 7.82 Electric Dept 1.357.15 Dftpotlt Fond Clalr Rowe et a), deposit refund 20.00 Motion by Bradley, seconded by McQuiston, that the schedule of salaries and wages for the ensuing year, subject to change, be fixed as follows: "«*. C. 'Dailey. Chief Engineer—$445.00. Wm. C. Ludwig—*340.00, L. M. BellocV —$330.00. Paul Newsorti*—$330.00. Jack Hernon—$330.00, Herbert Schauertr— $330.00. Milo Kollasch—$300.00. Wajter Haupert—$250.00, F16yd Welshiaf — 1237.00. Jerry Puffer—«237.00. Milton Bllyeu—$1.78, Edwin Welshaar—$r.70, Mervin Hentges—$1.46. Frank Ostrum —SI.BO. Walter Peterson—$1.65. Harvey Finley-$250.00, T. James Palmer, Supt.- $650.00. Ira A. Kohl, Office M|?r. & Sec.—$430.00, Jane Doocy, Chief Clerk—$195.00. Betlyanne Richardson—$185.00. Marcia Cowan—$160.00, finest Thtel—$1.30. Roll Call, voting "Aye", Buchanan, McQuiston and Bradley. Voting "Najf" none. Motion caYried. Next meeting date was set for Jan. 16, 1957, at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Meeting adjourned. /S/ Ira Kohl Secretary /S/ Allen K. Buchanan President of the Board (Published Jan. 17, 1957 in The Algo- nn da.) Upper Des Molnes) Scjeftce Shrinks Piles Way Without Surgery Finds Mealing Substance That Does Both— Relieve* Pain—Shrink* Hemorrhoids ' K»w York, R. Y. (Spnlil) ..-For the • fil-st tlm* science has found a hew healing substance with the astonishing ability .to ihrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain-without, ourgery. , ' Intcaie after case, white gently ' relieving nain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. ~~ Mostamazine of all-results were ,fm thorough that sufferers mad* astonishing statements like "Piles have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*)-discovery of • world-famous research inititute. This substance is now available In suppository or ointment form under the name Preparation H.* At your druggist. Money back guarantee. •B«t. B. B. P.U Off COMPLETE CLOSING OUT AUCTION As I have decided io quit farming I will sell at Public auction, the following described property on the farm located 5 miles south, and 2 Vi miles west of Fenton or 4 >/j miles north and 2 Vz, miles west of Whittemore or 10 miles east, 2 miles north and Vi mile east of Emmetsburg on , TUESDAY, JAN. 29 i Sale starts at 12:30. Davidsen's Lunch Wagon on Grounds Mercury — Sam or Irene Larson, Armstrong; M. J. Platt, Algona; and 'Taylor 1 Mercury, Algona, ; ' . NOTICE OF SCHOPL EJECTION PUPI4C NOTICE. is hereby.fjyen,to the qualified voters of the ' Sentral Community School District, in the Counties of Kossuth arid Palo*Alto. Stale of Jpwr.^tjjit a roe^ija^J election has been called and ordered to be held in and for said School District on, the 2nd day' of February. 1957. whereat there will be submitted to the voters of said Sentral 'Community School District, to be by them voted upon, the following, prpposiUpn, to-wit: • < ' •••.'•• ."Shall the Board of Directors of the Sentral Community Sohool District, in the Counties of $Cps- suth and Palo AHo. State of Iowa, issue bonds in' an amount not to exceed '$450.000.00 for the purpose of carrying, out • 9 Wjjh , school building program consisting' of erecting a new jiigh school building, procuring as a 'we 7 there; for approximately tenn'Bcres of land lying in the Noirthewt Corn, er of the Southeast Quarter (SB V.) and in the Southeast Comer of the Northeast Quarter (ME Vi) . of Section Nine (9),.r? Township Ninety-seven (97) North, Range Thirty (30). West of the 5th P. M.. Kossuth County, Iowa, and procuring and improving adjoining land as a site for an athletic field in and for said School District." The polls for said election will be open from twelve o'clock noon until seven o'clock P.M. of said day wd for said election the whole of wM Community School District has been consolidated into and win constitute one voting precinct and the place therefor will be s* the Building in the Town of TLtme Kossuth County. Iowa, at which ..,„_ and place all of the qualified voters of said School District are hereby* notified to appear. This notice is given by order of the Board of Directors of the Sentral Community School 'District purw*nt to tfce provisions of Chapter 888. Code P* Iowa. 1954. and to a sufficient petition with the requisite signature* to accordance therewith ana 4* ordered by » resolution adopted by the Board of Directors on the 20th d»y <4 December. 1866. Dated at Seneca Township, Kowutb County, Iowa, this 80th «ay el December. A. D., 196f /«/ mbM* Ceuntrymwi Secretary Board of pw*ctorf (Published Jan. 3. », 17 wtf «t, 1957. fp The AJfW» (Iowa) Vpi*r D** MoJtoes.) 65 Head of Hybrid fall pigs vaccinated for cholera and erysipelas. 1953 Kaiser Automobile in excellent condition 190 Leghorn Pullets In good production 1953 Chevrolet 3 A ton pick-up with only 12,000 miles MACHINERY 1954 Allls Chalmers 45 tractor, Wide front, with 4-row cult. 1950 W, D. Allis Chalmers tractor with two row cultivator. ., , , Ju^t, overhauled with new sleeves & pistons. 1943 W. C. Allis Chalmers tractor. Allls Chalmers two row cornpicker; Allis Chalmers 7 foot mower an4 winnower; Allls Chalmers side delivery rake; Allis Chalmers •ub-Boilei; 3>14 inch Allis Chalmers mounted plow; 2-16 ^nch John De*r«! plow; John Deere 15 foot disc; Duncan 14 foot roller? Me- Cormick Deering 11 foot sorina tooth hirrow; McCormick Deering endaatet weder? G^hl Field Chopper 25 horse Waukesha motor; Gnhl blower with 50 fooi of pine; Gehl 14 inch.Hammer mill with PTO drive;. CliDperfannlncr mill; McCormick Deerino 8 foot binder made into a windTower; Massey Harris 6 foot combine with Wis- coasip/notpr; 1954,Minneapolis Moline four row corn planter with ferlUirti? M^ach>nenti;..MinnjeaDplis Moline 18*foot disc) Minneapolis Monae 15'/a foot rotarv hoe; Four section flexible drag; Humboldt Stalk cutler; Humboldt manure loader for W. D. tractor; Snow SCOOP; CM* so| f5c3 ; hoB»e mower; Two wheeled t,rftilw with an 8' x 16' bed; Two wheeled trailer 4' x 8'; 2—New Idea four wheeled trailers with flare boxes; New Idea tractor manure spreader. Forage Master silage unloader used two seasons with 5 H.P. motor _Jamesway feed cart on rubber Municipal Utilities BUILDINGS - 10' x 14' brooder house. MISCELLANEOUS 7—Swinging 30 bvuhel ho? feeders; 3-4' x 16' extra good feed bunks; HA? bunk; Eclipse' hand mower; Reo power lawn mower; Lawn Sweeper; Wood burning tank heater (newU Hwt bouser for W. D,; Swwiw, shovels, forks; Platform scale; Jamtsway Brooder stove; 20-cem«nt hog troughs; McDonald air compressor; Set of taps and diet; Battenr electric fencer; Stone boU with steel head; >/« inch electric drill! 8 inch bench saw (in good condition); Loading chute; 2—sets of 13/28 inch tractor chains; Other articles too numerous to mention. , 1000 boles of 1 it * 2nd cutting olfoifo hay' 1500 bolei of straw. 400 bales 3rd cutting alfalfa hey. __ TERMS: Cub, or make arrangement! wilh Not rwiKwwiWe to cut ol ART BLECKWENN ry^^f TW"y*ww i.u w-llllJ»-»^ •^_*^,9_x*f 4 Bwkliad and bylt BwMtn, I Erpelding Farm Having decided to retire from farming, I will sell the following described property at my farm located 5 miles east of Jet. Hwys. 18 & 169 at Algeria and then 2 1 /2 mi. south; or 4 miles east of Algona on McGregor road and 1V4 miles south; or 3 miles west of Sexton, and 2V4 mi. south, on Thurs •P Jan, 31 Sale Starts at 12:00 Sharp - Come Early Because There Will Be No Small Stuff at This Sale LUNCH WAGON ON THE GROUNDS 124 Head of Livestock 84 Brood Sows and one Purebred Duroc Boar. « These brood sows represent years of outstanding breeding and have been fed Special Brood Sow. Ration — and are longtime vaccinated by a veterinarian. 28 Tq Farrow March 1 •. 24 To Farrow April 1. 32 To Farrow April 18. 13 Cattle 10 Hereford Cows, Bangs tested and vaccinated, to calf in March. 2 Brown Swiss heifers. 1 Registered Hereford bull. 26 SHEEP 25 Good mouthed, black-faced ewes; 1 buck. 3 TRACTORS 3 1—late 1954 I.H.C. Super M.T.A., live pump & power take-off, like new. •••••• 1-1950 I.H.C. "M", A-l shape. 1-J.D. "B", road gear, starter, lights, excellent condition All three tractors have fluid in tires. MACHINERY All this machinery is in good, first class condition: 2M "E" corn picker, with blower & mountings for M or 400 IHC. 1954 Massey Harris 60 7-ft. combine, with power take-off, scour screen, floating pick-up. -\ . , ; 1954 Massey Harris 12-ft, power take-off windrower. 1954 J. D. 490 corn planter, with fertilizer attachments & 320 rods wire. 1955 4-row J. D. cultivator, fits JD or IHC. J. D; 2-row cultivator, ; ; \ New Stan-Hoist elevator/ 42 ft. ! Farmers Friend drive-on hoist. 11 H-ft, J. D. field cultivator. , !l95521-ft.j,D. disk. ! ; 1956 Montgomery Ward hammermill, traveling feed table & power take-off drive. CONSIGNED TO THIS SALE; IHC 4-row corn planter with IHC been & beet planter- 1951 Chevrolet 2-ton truak & MISCELLANEOUS Large walk-ip tu?g feeder* 3 Steel hog feeders. Six 20 x 20 new tarps. Qyinn i RoUlng, AmHont»ri 4-wheel Oliver farm trailer, with springs. Electric wheel rubber-tired farm trailer. Anthony all-steel box, 6x10. 2—6 x 10 wooden boxes. IHC manure loader. 3-16" J. D. plow No. 55. 1955 IHC 3-14" plow, chief mold boards. 1955 5-section Lindsay drag. IHC endgate seeder. 2 flat racks. Wagon with waff r tank. 7-ft, IJ^C mounted mower. 2 sets of wheel weights for I.HC tractors. Heat Houser. Pump jack with electric motor. Set of disc carriers, This is all good, first class machinery, fertilizer attachments. Hammermill with drive belt. 6-row factory grain box. 1951 Nash 4-dr. TERMS; Ceih, or make errqngernents with clerk. Picnic table, seats 12. 2 Oil burners. Franklin treadle sewing machine in A-l shape. Not responsible for Occidents. Iowa Stolt Bank, Algona, Citrk. ''

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