The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1957 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1957
Page 20
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V 4-A!jena (ffi.) Upp« &M Motnw , Jan. 24, 1957 Tidbits From f ve/yn The Donovan* might b* callfrd "rain makers" and could possibly reap a fortune touring in the dry states. They, (Ralph and his wife Lydin, father Robert, and son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Bob) went to Caiitorma tor the Big Parade, the Big Game and to visit relatives. Before leaving for home there were nice showers in Southern California and when they reached New Mexico and Texas, they brought good showers to that parched and thirsty area. How about touring iowa's dry spots. » * * The Harold Kuchenreuihers also spent several days in California during that important time. Both Lydia Donovan and Mrs Kuchenreuther agreed it was nice getting home. Lydia favors Florida more than California. ». * * Speaking of those who have been places, I'll now mention those who would LIKE to go places. Mrs Ed Wolcott and I agree that we have a touch of gypsy in our blood. Peers like there is no immediate prospects of us giving vent to our wandering cravings, so I guess we'll have to be content reading maps and travel folders. • * * • Mrs A. J. Eason is getting a collection of dolls and has promised to bring them for me to see. I love dolls too and as I've frequently said, when I can find time I'm going to get out my family of small dolls and the furniture and renew my childhood. I'd love to do a house and make doll clothes. Guess I never quite grew up when it comes to dolls. * * * The Ed Wolcoits, Clayton Pitt- mans and Delmar Kerns have quite a time getting together for lestive occasions. With little folk in the Kern and Clayton luinilies, they don't act in accord One family will have measles, then the other will have colds, and during the holidays there was sickness which prevented gathering around the festive board. Sunday t Jan. 20 finally found everything Ship - shape and a family dinner was served at thc. Kcrns. ' » * « O! course t don't think people are exaggerating when they tell of the words their parakeets say. Hazel Lusby has told me all the things her Jefferson says, but often as I've seen the bird, he has never favored me with his conversation. Now Trade Kelley tells me about their Pedo. She told me he says Pretty bird, Pedo wants a cookie. Open the door, lets go, Ring the bell, and whacha doin—Well, I'd like to hear all that. One part of it he obeyed the other day—the open the door, let's go part. He didn't order it done, but some one opened it and Pedo decided to try his wings and win freedom. <He doesn't like the dark.'st) having gone out intp the night, he decided that wasn't for him and he''hurried back to* the shelter of the home. «-.:•,? '* - '' Bern ice Schoby says she feeds innumerable bird flocks. They seek shelter in the ravine which is behind, the house and have a merry time. Lila Potter says she- has learned to distinguish many I THESE WOMEN! "No, I don't mind your, pipe! I LIKE your pipe! 1 just don't like YOU!" v : \ "? • ' , specie since she and Ruy moved to/'their acreage southeast of town. What lovely places to live in spring and summer. My bird lore is limited to a robin, blue- jay, sparrow and woodpecker. • + * * Margaret Hofmaster told me a bit of interesting news awhile ago. Years ago she, Huth Suc- kovy (Mrs Ferner Nuhn) and I were classmates. Ruth has madr qujte a name for herself as a successful writer of books. I, too have had communications from her but not recently. She lives in Claremont, Calif., has been battling arthritis but is slowly winning the game. She is still writing and has found it quite lucrative. She didn't say what the new book is. Her father was pastor of the Congregational church here a number of years ago. * • * It speaks very well for the owner-tenant combination when their association covers 28 years. Such is the 'case of Mrs Neal 'Smith and her renters, Mr and Mrs Guy Diamond of near Wts- ley. Alter fanning it that long, he and his wife have purchased a smaller farm near Garner but it shows the relation has been most satisfactory, for the Diar monds' son Merwyn and wife are taking over the Smith farm now. » » » The Kenneth Holcombs have added a little daughter, Cynthia Louise to their family. She was born December 19 and is the pride and joy of Katherine Kay, 15, Kenneth Jr., 14, Patricia, 13, William, 10, and Janet Marie, 4. The family moved here froni Whittemore a few months ago. Mrs Holcomb is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Bestenlehner, well known here and at Whittemore. * * * Word from the south is thai Mr and Mrs Russell Cook and Mr and Mrs Albert Reid are having a fine time together at'St. Pet'erst burg, Fla. Last night when thq weather report said it was down to 17 in Florida, I hoped the Io\vnns there had taken their red flannels. * » * Measurements? The Joe Lich- ters' smaller girls were doing some measuring the other day— of wrists. I said "A few years and it will 1*6 bust and waist." Let me se€—Ifrhat b it?— 36, 26, 34? I think Jfayne Mftha- field is 48, 24, 34. * » • • Mow news travel*—On* wonders how it gets to distant places so quickly. The news of the skaung rink explosion reached Hartford, Connecticut, and Yarda tins, sister of Segrid Kohlhaas phoned her the moment she neard of it. She got in communication with Segrid to see if she was O.K. t guess the' report must have given the impression the whole town blew up for Yarda must have known the rink, several blocks away, would not involve Segrid. A relative' di Segrid's, Mrs Phil Kohlhaas, facetiously remarked, "It was not Segrid's night to go skating." There are so many activities during the holidays it is impossible to get everything in, and while .this news was prior to Christmas, it just got left out till now. Mr and Mrs Charles Kuchynka celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary December 19 and had as guests their sons-in- law and daughters, Mr and Mrs Dennis Elsbecker, Mr and Mrs Ed Bowman and daughter, Mrs James Smith. They are Joan, Gretchan and Dottie Kuchynka respectively. Mrs Smith's husband is in service in Germany going there from a camp in Maryland a few months ago. Mrs Smith plans to join him in February. Mr and Mrs Kuchynka also had a phone call from their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs LeRoy Mathison who live at Venice, Calif. * * * A few items of December 1924 — (What—again) Algona's new telephone system installed. Ed Genrich wedded to Genevieve Jones of Livermore. Splendid annual program by county farm bureau. Mrs George Carroll of Burt died. W. T. Maakstad, county agent, resigned to take effect March 1. Harold Cowan, Algona student, seriously injured at Ames when struck by automobile. * * * Next week I'll have something of interest for the old timers. new fSde held next inorhintf o'clock. Trustees will be morning ftt the ho\if ftt 10:00 Tltonkan Off On Europe Tour Tllbnlca *» Louts Qesterreich« left Titonkfc, New Years day, lei New York where he sailed mt Thursday on the Queen Mary for E u r c p e. Louis will tour Belgium, British Isles, western and southern countries, Yugoslavia, and Greece where he will visit at the horne of Mr and Mrs Nicalstu Stavros and firnily who are now living there. Mrs Stavro.« is the former Jean French o: TitoftRft, and Mr Stavros if working on an engineering project there. He will also visit Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg where he will Visit his grandfather' relatives. His stay will be approximately 2Ms months. Louis las recentlv been associated with his father, Alfred Oesterreicher; on the farm and this summer his mother, Mary Oesterruicher, took a similar trip. HARD fS «gf A 9pan of 6,009 feet tit num f«| coptier JWIf t*s stoli fwrtn A line of the lefft f*< arid Lifht Co. nelr tflt Pot tafnte'HarHson eolinly lint ft* ceiitly. The person* Ukin| trie Approximately s of Hopfcn- eft 6Sth Chevrolet shows you some important differences in low-priced cars just by •• * ff f "*• ; ' " v '•• • the look on iteface! Wouldn't you say that most of the '57 cars look good from 50 feet away, but what about from 50 inches away? What does a close-up of the grille tejl you, for example? Is it solidly made like the new Chevrolet grille? Or, in comparison does it look less rich in design—feel less strong and solid? Compare the quality and construction of the bumpers and headlights, the fit of the chrome trim. The more closely you look all around the car, the more clearly you'll see that Chevrolet has the edge in the way it's put together. You'll fittd» for instance, that Chevrolet is the only car in its field with a lacquer finish . .. that only Chevrolet Bel Air models give you foam rubber cushions in front and rear seats as standard equipment. These are just a few of the §dvantages of Body by Fisher,, Chevrolet, you know, is the only car that has a Fisher Body. We'll be gladto give you a close-up, comparative look at this new Chevy any time you care to come in- This week, maybe? 1UBA ':, / c;i,iL;V n i) t t i Only frfinchiunl Chevrolet, dealers Jj display tliit fatiwut MOTOR CO Square Phone Sharp Jump In New Car Sales New vehicle sales in the county hit the highest peak registered for several months with a total of 50 registered in 'the county treasurer's office during the past two weeks. Chevrolet — Midwest Serv. Co., LuVerne; G. F. Alke, Titonka; E. F. Fischer, Lone Rock; B. G Berg, Lakota; Clarence Arndorfer, Algona; Midwest Service Co., truck, Fenton; Sylvan Thiese, Titonka; J. M. Farrell, Whititemore; ,W. J. Brass, Fenton; J. N. Berte, Jrvington. , 1 • ^Cadillac — V. W. BlWhster; Swea City. ' Ford — C. E. Priebe, Algona; R. H. Thompson, Burt; J. B. Weig, Wesley; Nick Berte, Irvington; E E. Bollig, Fenton; Clifford Abbas, Burt; Francis Wolfe, West Bend; Lyle Krumweide, Swea City; H. B. Bollig, Fenton; Arnold Anderson, Swea City; J. A. Badje, Buffalo Center; R. G t Beemer, Lakota; Wm. Huisman. Titonka; E, H. Boeckhpjt, Titonka; Swanson Bros., Swea City; Marvin Simon- smeier, Swea City; and Rinard Johnson, Lakota, Mercury — G. W. Wolf, Lu- Verne; Ervin Johnson, Lakota; and Roy McGuire, Bancroft. ,• Buick — Howard Funnemark, Wesley; J. G.. Clapsaddle, Burt; Herman Askeland, Armstrong; and L. H. Kleinpeter, Wesley. Oids — C, F. Krantz, Titonka; and Rupert Ridge, Swea City. Dodge — C. M. Bormann, Whittemore; and V. J. Plathe, Lu- Verne. . Chrysler — E. J. Seenen, Bancroft. Plymouth — E. G. Hanselman, LuVerne: R. B. Berninghaus, West Bend; Delbert Berninghaus, West Bend; Emerson Kelly, Ledyard; and George Kemper, Wesley. DeSoto — Collette Kockler, Bancroft; « Sludebaker — Wanda M. Thil. ges, Bode; and V. N. Berte, Bode. Pontiac — Hugo Miller, Elmore. Nash — A. M. Tokheim, Swea. City. Lone Rock Guests Lone Rock • — Mr and Mrs Clarence Cooke and Mr and Mrs Duane Metzger of Burt and Mr and Mrs Ray Lauenberg of Lotts Creek were N6w Years eve guests of Mr and Mrs Wilbur Boeckholt. ESCAPE About 40 hogs were killed near Tama during the recent snow storm when a truck's motor died as it was going -up a hill and it slid downhill and fell over an embankment. The two passengers escaped injury. Carefully compounded Each ingredient is carefully weighed and measured, a personalized label made and accurate records kept The time involved pays off in better health for you. See us. : Phone 252 fi THUENTE PHARMACY OUR BUSINESS IS PROTECTING YOUR HEALTH Annual Election Lone Rock Church Lose {lock — The annual con* f regational meeting of the Lonj ock Presbyterian Chyrch wag Held Wednesday evening, Jan. 9, at 7:30 in the church parlors, Rev. C. E. Nordine served as moderator and Milton Madison as clerk. During the past fiscal year about $11,500 has been received by the combined organizations'of the church. During the year 24 -members were received making the present communicant membership, at 29p. The following officers were elected: Elders fpr three yeaj termj T~ Willis Qotton ah4 Robert Fortney. Trustees for three years — Roger Jensen, Mervin Christenson and Robert Angus. Church' .Treasurer — Angus, Cotton; 4san t treasurer, Mervyi Chrlstenson, MUSJC director, Mrs Donald Blanchard; assn't, Mrs Milton Madison. Youth Budget Treasurer, Wanda Schrader; church ushers, Harlan Blanchard, Dean Culbertson, •Robert Fortney, Mervin Christenson. Sunday School Supt., Mrs -. A. Lee; Assn't, Mrs Roy Jensen; pianist, Nancy Fischer; Sunday School Sec'y and Treasurer, Will Christenson; J unior Sunday School Supt., Mrs Roger Jensen; Assn't Supt., Mrs Rose Kraft; T.,„;.,.. "igjiigt, MUJ'iaJ .Mrvrrlma- ;oll' Supt., raate . Installation services for the Notice To Automobile Owners 1957 Motor Vehicle Licenses Become Delinquent Feb. 1 were available December 1st, and may be purchased before February 1, 1957, without *• penalty; after that date a penalty of five per cent, with a minimum of one dollar, will be added EACH MONTH until licensed. Please bring in your last registration certificate when applying for new license - this means all motor vehicles including trailers TAGS TO BE ATTACHED TO 1956 PLATES WILL BE ISSUED FOR 1957. NEW PLATES WILL BE ISSUED FOR TRUCKS AND ALL TRAILERS AND MOTORCYCLES. MAILING CHARGE-Add an additional 10 cents to your remittance if you with car or truck plates mailed. MUST HAVE TITLE TO SELL USED CAR r •% Before a motor vehicle is sold the owner must have Title and Certificates which is assigned to the new owner, and. new title issued in new owner's name. These must be obtained from the county where the owner resides. STORAGE • ' t Owners wishing to stofe their cars or trucks for 19,57 njay do so before February 1, 1957, therefor* avoiding penalty if they wish to obtain a'license later in the year. Cars in storage before b/ dvrjng the ye|r 1956 are still in storage unless otherwise tak*n care of. Plates must be turned in to thl treatyrer'* office while car fs in storage. JUNKING In order to junk a ear, both tho license plates and registration certificates of title must be turned into the County Treasurer's office, together with o statement or affidavit for junk' ing. i * TRUCKS Tw» plates will be issued on 1956 commercial registration*. A full yeqr fee is required on class A'B and G. A registration on a half year fee ean be issued on all classes above C. Semitrailer Y roust be Issued for the full year. Truck licenses wUI be istwed on the gross weight - thqt is, the combined weight of the truck itself plus the weight of the load. GUS5 A-3 TON „—,,-,.,,,-^,, - - f ClASS 1-5 TON ——..^,.-,..^ ,. - I 40.0Q ciASse-eTON — - .: - —* — -f 79,00 CIASS P-7 TON —^-v,^-r^-,v- f °5'&0 ClASS i-8 TON ,_,, T ,„.„._„,-_-- - - - $1W.W Rosella Voigt Treasurer of Kot»«th County I

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