The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1938
Page 7
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l-'IUDM', MAJiCll 18, 1938 (AKK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION IJaily rale i>ri' Ihie for coiiiccu- Jvc Insertions: One time jicr lin« lOo Two times per line jier day .. .08o rhreo times pcr'Hiio jier (lay ..Otic Six times ])cr Hue per diiy . ...Oic Month rale per line GOc Cards or Thanks sOc & 75c Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for Hiree or six J -es nncl slopped before cxpirn- :i will te charged for (lie int;u- of times the add appeared ami .ristmcnt of bill made. All classified Advertising copy submitted by iicrsons residing out- sirtc of tile city must be accompanied by cash, nates may be easily computed from above iabfc Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one lime rule. No responsibility will be taken for more (linn one incorrect insertion of any classified nd. Business Directory HAKRY UAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at GoutI L'riccs All Kinds Hea Foot! l''rcsh Crappic Cigitrcttcs 2 for 25<; HARRY HAILEY'S Holland, Mo. 1'honcs 6-F-4 & H7S 4. Cc^l For Sale Personal Used John I3mc Irnclor with slightly used four ro.v maulers and cultivators. All /or $7JO. Half •ash. half this lull. Invc.'tisatc 1 nl. jnce if interested. O:i-eal;i linpliv incnl Co., Onccolu, Ark. National Cash Resistor, H adding machine, money sufp, fi foot Moor show e;!H's. Win - piano. • All goud us new. J. 1,. Witlum, ~ iipadiville. Ark. Hill Oak ft Hickory liunlwr, v ;t i;on ton!;Uo.-> :uid a>:li\s. .shop, fovitlye and dimension lumber ol Delivered at. attractive .H. Sec or write J. W. Karron, li*. Aik., I'hoiie :««, 15pk2'J fc'mnll ii|>rlgli( studio |ii:ino. Ciood as new. Sacnfkvil lor cash. Jack Cmi'B, 311) Lake at, M-[>k-21 40 or SO acres of land. D. R. (\ar- li-pk-4-12 MULES FOR SALE DFmjMPLEMENT CO. Genuine Southern Loredo Soy- bcans. Threshed eatly. Kccleancd S. 0. Dobbs Armorcl, Ar!:. lios -I l-'OH yAljE—12 £$ood yuiimj njnles, tasli or' terms. C'. H. Whistle: C miles .'Oiilli of Itoschud. a-pk->!-8 Hay—HoybcaiiE—Oats Seed Corn—Milch Cow:; And Tr.-K-tor Work. Sen W. L. 'J'ale, Arniorcl, Ark. My Coal Is Illack But I Treat You tt'inle. LOCAL HAULING John Huchauun lil.vllicville, Ark. I'hDJic 107 Batteries BATTEUV StiUVICE J. Ben Clone Phone 8 at Tom Jackson's Radio I'ARTS. TUBES, BATfERIEB )lanlinvny Apiili-iiuf Co. . Henry Werner Main s & 5tii— . Phone 'j> L'otnplete 10 volume KM of Standard Reference nooks with loose lent binder. Call 2'B or 192. 15-fa-fn Por Rratt . by :it) IVrt. N'i.:;i door to l^liiinc Brainy fhoi). ;-20 month. Ton: W. Jack:,on. tli-L-k-if) Conifoi-lablc bedroom, i'liono :H7-J. (Jal! iit Ii2;> \V. Main. 17ek4-17 42 acre farm in clearlaki- vicinity •i'v miles oiilsiElr I'ily limits. Write Luke (jowcr, Brookuort, 111. 'J room furiiislicd upartiiirnt. 98C \V. Walnut. l't-pk-M Furnished ssistrtineiit. Nnwly deco rated. ICG w. Kentucky: phone 633.'' 12-pk-19 Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers l<HlUcli«*. ActlVU l.lvcr Vill» gel Bl (til* c.tusQ ul jour Bln^uliiifna vim 3 y.-in .'cf| Ijka n iitm- liereott, Htd tyelfjn of nur ulus noleoni wjth ut ftll Kiiby Ilrug Stori'i. ilEN OLD AT •10! GET PUP. Nev Osliex Tonic T'n >le(s con(a:r raw oyster Invlgorators and other illiinilunl.s One dose stalls :v.':i ii'P, Valuo S.1,00. Kpcflal price Kie Cull, write Klrljr «ios. Drug Ktorc Salesmen Wan led WAN'J'EIJ: Ucliublc 111:111 fur K:vw- leisli Dealership in MLssissipiii bounty. W. K. Allen so id lioiv HIC- Tssfully lor 11! years. We furnish 2vorythi»3 but cur. proUuds may :e GoiiaJit for ca.^h or on I Wrile if you are Inlorested in in.^ into a permanent, and jK'utK- ible hnsinr-Ki of your own. J. A. L-aws. c-o 'the W. T. H-jwleiuli Co.. Mcinpliis. Tenn. Fon ml Leather lolder with a keys. Own er ran liiivo snine Ijy paying coil if this ad. Black leather key holder eontidi.- liif one key. Owner can liuva >ame l>y payinj cost of this ad. Courier News. CO.MMI.SSIONUr.S SAl.i: Notice is hereby given thiil (lie undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chiincei'v Noli IC'C The Miner Slipper HUo|> I'nrls Cushion Shoo Co. >>v \V«)I| Court lor tin- lilythevilli-. chk-ku- «i»l)a Uistrld of Mi.sslsj;]|)r)| County. Arkniisa-j, on the '1th day ul Ewe niter. 1837, tvlmvin Kivlyii H. lliickclrors (iu T» Wood wns t'lainiilV, and C. 8. CM-1 I'l'l'l'SBUitCill (UP)—Rackets in icy and Melklu Corey were DC- Pidsbtirtid h ; ,yc gone to the dogs ipndtinl«. will sell at public auc- --literally .•.peaking, jj, M. s m |||i lion to (lie highest and liciil hid-, clrlef aitont tor the Western I'enn- ".Iir. for cash, mi a cmlit of three .s.vlviiuln HIIDUIDO aocletv lin.s In- mwiths 13 nwnthst. ut the front. vcstlijaled renoits Ihnl'iKM.' dons I 1 ™::,, "\^\^\,^^ t ;0 r^; r ted »'• - <"« «^ l«w. in the Citv of ill-thcvllh-.l — '-. - ""' l"' 1 ™^'"'"" "»<i Arkansas, on the liitli duy ol Aprit. l!i:j8. the folknvini; real es- iale, lo-wlt: Lot thirteen ci;)i in olock live ifti ol Davis Addition to lilythrvillc, Arkansas. Lots one ill and t\vo i2l of Block Dine lOi of Hli!hlaii(l Place, SCcdnd Ailililion 10 niylhevillc. Paid :alc will he Imd tn satisfy. Mill decree in HIP sum ol S13J.SO, with G'.; interest Mien iKddlrtl in onico liuililhiB lob- l)les downtown. HO3TON (UP) — IJotanlcnl an- Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe isms' "WE M.*KK •£!« , w Phon» HO !ctnl key rliuj with 1J key.':. Found near High School. Owner can have same by paying cost of Ihis ad. l!»:(7. Less tlio c-i-cdtl of $15.0(1 paid', •in judgment .lannary 21. W.W. 'I'lic iniiTlia-er at 'sai<l sale will !:<• required to rxccmc bjiul with ai:;mnvd security, to secure (lie payjiii'in nf UK. |)iin-h, nmnoy.f ;'nil a lien will be rclaiurd njioii .•aid |)io|:;r(y a.s additional .sci:nr-' iiy for ttm iiaynifnt ol ; i:rh pur- chrtsc money. I Witnc:si my hntul and tin 1 :.e«l — of said Court', un this, the 10m duy of March, Ifilitt. «!:i:il) IIAllVEV MOlilUSi CciDiiiissioiicr in Chnnrcj'.v, Kcill Heed, Ally, lor ,1'ltf. 10-25 Lo«t Ulacl: incdicid liandba'4. Initials on bay aio C. C. H. Medical and ;ur[;k-al instruments were in hag. Reasonable reward for return to Dr. Stevens, Farmers Bank Build- 1 pair of Cih'uiscx in a blue case. Please. rcliiri) to Courier News. 8-da-da 'Room and Boai-d Steam heated room with board 80"!' W. Ash, phone 101. !2ek-l-J2 Nicely furnished rooms. lionnl if desired, phoaj (iO'J. 112 1-;. cherry. - 2ti-ck-3-'2S Posi$o;a Wauled White ladv U'ants job :vi housekeeper or mirscmaUl. Heferenccs. Write, 33o.x "V", Courier Ne«'s. IC-pk-21 COTTON SEED "• 1'. I,, Nu. 11 HIM Year Prom Urccdcr ' Custom (ilnmxt BRAXTON GILL Ud!, Ark. Meats and Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here We iwiy Highest I'rlccs mi I'oultrv at iill Tirol's. RAINES MKT. US W. Aiai,i HI. I'honc il'J ArUnui and Mluoirl i (xmfcit rale*— IOKMI f»yfn» • Also cltjr propei Km I DON H. KASSERMAN 1 Thomas Lnnd Co. Olflc« 1 P. O. Box 470, phono 5H. | J. C. EVANS BOX 004 BlyUievlllt!, Ark. District Mniukfrrr HAMILTON 'IRtSl' FUN1I Siwnsoroti JJy Ilfunllloii DeixwKors Corp, Meld Heeds, All 'Valletta. Oats, SoylKtiiis, Lcjipcde/u, Alfalfa. Any Quantity, Wholewilc & Kolall W. 0. UKEVBS So. H.R. St. nlyllicvllte, Ark. Phone; 55G&M9 sfe'viat. tthorliles believe Hint (h shingle planting In history hero l)c ciU'ded tills spring when 7,337 trees, niinibs nhd vines ai'e set In FOWLER DRUG CO YOUR I'KKSCRIPTION DHUGGIST Mala Si M rhunc 111 llio Biourtdi 'nl the: M.750)}#>: OJd ' project. Hemorrhoids-Piles CUKEI) WITHOUT SURGERY & GUAKANTKKU 8str, sure »na w |th ICM dJscemfoit. AU dlscnsM and conilHIons of nervouj orljfn, f«iot iillmcnli dn*. shin c*'nccr* • |rc«ied »iid cured at our ctlnlo. DRS, NIES&N1ES Oslcojmthlo PhjBlcUni 5« MW" fhone SS BJnbcillle, Ark: AL1.KY Otn ^"/^SH WK10K1 ' Y PAY $2 And .Small Down Payment KNJOY.A (iWNUINK CHtiVKOl.Kl' Auto Radio ONLY CHEVHOUJ'l 1 ' oOer;; yoll ItunrnuU'Cd Sclccl-0-Miillc 'nm- Inii, Push it button and tlicrc'u your .station. Come In Today! See and Hour this tcn.salionul new radio. You too will wunt one on your cur. Auto & Household Radios Repaired TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 301 Walnut mono *IMi! e BarksdalcMfg'co. l.ihc Of ELECTRICAL K.\)}i>rl Wiring WALFOLE'S Kjcclflrnl fllure" ! All Service Station and Cafe I.eaclluj JirHmls of Deer, Whiskey, Wine, Ciliis Ami C'oriliuls i>i!.\i,i:u IN - Hay - ,t - drains ii 'GAB ,1111'jo TAX 1'AIU '!• (ill. '2Jii( or 5J.I5 per 24 Hour ; Service ».W. til, I'himc 17 Uolliinil; Now Located nl 101 Korlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EUWAUDS, Proprlct* CAlcoIntortf—lU'pAlrtnfr^-3'art5A.nli)tjoii4 U rniikss of ItcbulU tjjwnritcrs, AiWln ff Mac)iln« «oi Culculutors—Uciiairluu—1'nrls—n 2 room furnished aiinrtment. 81f W. Ash. Phone Lltn-W. 8-ck-Lf Complete Stock t'rolclsniltirs Baseball CJeodri Just Arrived! KilOUSK-HE.NRY IlAUDWAItli CO. Hatchery Baby Chicks PUBLIC HATCHING. Marilyn Hatchery. Blytlicyillt, /Irk., lf.\V. til North, Phone 741' • . I Modern a rodin aiv.irtnicnt. Newly (Icenratal."" Unfurnished, 'Corner Mnin nnd'«nri! Also busineiia building next to Kroger Store. F. Simon, Phone 7(il. 3-cl:-tf Comfortable lieclrcom, nut, Call 101'. . : 1017 - Wal- IS-ck-tf Wanted To Rent I'our or live room Ilirnishcd \m\\tf. K. M. lirod, call 535. 18-ck-23 For Rent Land for rent. Sen Everett B. Ore. - 100 South Second. M-ck-lil , French Official, HORIZONTAL 1, 1 President of .j. France. \ IZTo glatiee af.. .13 Amphitheater center. IS To ascend. 17 Beer. 13 Flaxen fabric 19 Farewell! 20 Made a nose iioisc. 23 Keriojs. 25 Form o[ "a." V.5 Meal. 30 Father. 3lGoU clubs. 35 Giraffe-like . nnimal. •fi> Trascr. 33 fine line ot a letter. 3D Musical r.olc. •10 Ices as a cake. •!•! To appall. 49 Carbon in . . smoke. Afi'i Lukewarm. W Astir. Aiisncr to Previous Tunic "77 •S. yoKDioiN: UJli Kl '-j^ij^ iu _^_^_ n i£fl D i i MS_dRjsfE ClOiMIElDllTEtS 01 Hooks. 'i5Tu rent by contract. H6 Blood. 5" lie iv;>:; to fflko ill 1932. ^ H^—-lias been dissolvc several limes. n VERTICAL II To free. 1 Morinriin dye. 15 Born. 2 Act of 20 His coi-Tilry lending. has been vexed I: labor — 21 Pendent ornsmeiits. 23 Reclines. 21 His countrymen practice > 27 Silkworm. MSced bag. 29 Conjunction, 31 Hop bush. Vt Sailor. 33 Boot poin'. covcrin;:, 37 To clatter. •IOC?!:. •3! Italian city. ')?. Ai.'ditory. •13 Ovuic. •1! Flat plate. 3Kniie. '! Water crcsi. ii Genius, i! Skin tumor. V C.-cv>!|> tree. /<t . l B Coarse- p-.irt of 45 Thought! firoiiinl grain. 40 Wise men.» f! Cm i les l fur n r>ri/.c. •WLung iff). •19 Feminine I>ronouii. 'S.I Father. 53 To obtain. (:^lri(lsil^ LlNtL-UPTUt HY V. t, 11AML1N WHH OOOLA RIDIM \ DIWKJY, WHICH EEWY . — OL EENY^x fXJESM'T KNOW- Y HITCHES UP WEE. \ IF THEY SHOULD | D!NO5'AUE CART AN' TEAESCH-.H T'FIMO OOOLA- ^- OH, OH .'WOW WHA KIMD OF A7HIM6 HAS WADE A TRAIL LIKE THAT? . v , /HELP TOU AKl GIVE wow i wowpee WHAI ouc. DOIMG OU1 'HERE MEET DP HO, HO / HO, HO' BOOTS AND 1IEK BUDDIRH HY EDGAR MARTIN T- FEtL ^>o LOiT—Wfcy OOVJN AX.V BX MVSEX.F V"yrttRt'5 SO MUCH To OO ... fsslO Spi, i-V\-\v.E HftMEM'T UY ROY CUANK HOORfWi! UOOWT TWSI \ OH, HO! VOU BET I CAM.' WHEN I SETTLE DOVJK) X AHEAA! I'D (.IKE TO ROM THIS AD IN THE PAPefc,PLE/VSE:"yot*J6 MAN WISHES TO IWVESTIM SURE-FIRE MONEV-MAKIKJG COMC6RW. WILL PAY CASH." , -, 6T1LL GOT PARTA WvY. 1 NO TME CLOCKS KtU'X;Ki..'os AND ins"FRIENDS 1!Y MERRILY, WMO YOUR OPPONENT • IJUT t 6er SICK OF x SEEIW WORRIED 1 FRaCK A&our MM (MAKE FACES IM A MIRROR. AND OO BLAH BLAH ALL DAY LONG' Mil's WEAR1N'' )J|M:-,FiLF i.i\s WHE.M I-JE WENlt TO BED so TIRED He COULO HARDLY KEEP MI MOUOi OFtNJ' •n ; .v i }.'.-<'".i.-'>>Hi.C> AT ANY PRICE .' I'M L AFF Bur HL'S GOT-TO HK3. i .DOM'i KNOW MI WAME f BE CJLAD WHEM ITS oveR! 1 I U I U 1 i

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