The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1957 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1957
Page 17
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January 24,1957 PHONM100 - YOUR NEWSPAPER January 24,1957 a,.....,:-. .«. .:,»»^^. J ... GAMBLES ^^^^^- ^^^M ^d^^ . '^W ^^^^^^, .^^JBI^^ . ^^ ^IPI^" ^^' Wort dftt!-fr**i« pretteti your %mdtM*ld wothtr far tram fr**t«damag*. WHEEL COVER R«g. 29< Mohair it««rtn0 wh*»l Mv*r hoi non-illp rubber* ittd becking (or tnug fit. BRAKE FLUID » 44< Htavy-duty, non-«vapo- rating. Mtxti with all othir fluid*. 12 ox, tan. •Mitt Special Trade-in Offer ON A PAIR Blackwalls or Whitcwalls Super Crest LIFETIME TUBELESS Terrific lavtngi whan you buy 'em by th« pair! • Guaranteed for life against road hazardt, FREE INSTALLATION SUo NoTrod*-ln .YovSavi Blaekwoll ll.l Me. (pair) (pair) 640x11 470.15 710x15 760x15 800x15 56.80 60.20 66.00 72.30 80.50 24.80 25.20 26.00 28.30 30.50 Sal* Prkt« (pair) 32.00 35.00 40.00 44.00 50.00 ' Whll.wall 640x15 670x15 . 710x15 760x15 800x15 69.60 7370 80.90 88.60 98.60 29.60 30.70 32.90 36.60 40.60 40.00 43.00 48.00 52.00 58.00 *Plui ftdtral tax and (we rccappabl* tlr.t. If llrti or* !not r«tappobl» odd $1.50 p«r tlr«." Hut F«d*ral Tax. OIL FILTER , 2.0B Volwt R»mov« iluda*, cut* «n-'1*5433' fad V8, Mtre., Ofheri. M-Mll.tt7* SNOW BRUSH % 44< Combination let scraper and mow ^rutfi. Hat •ajy-reoeh long handl*. LICENSE FRAME 55< R* e . 69* Dl« tail from* flti all .jjlatw. Attractive trlplt chrome plat*. >•"» ... , f: " uarantee 'til 1962 DRASTIC PRICE SLASH Original List Price 29.95 HOW F-60 HURRICANE Save $14 f Extra power for quick winter-starts I 57 plates group 1-, 63 plates group 2L Guaranteed $ yrs. Treated with silver cobalt. 6 volt, 15 1 95 Group 1,21 Exchange M-710. T» GROUP 2.63 Plates, 135 Ampere Hours. List 31.95, Now 18.95Exch. HEADLIGHT Itl9 Staled btom glv«t nwjr« fifht wh«r« you netd it. 6 91 12 volt iyit«mt, B7-MM VARCON PIUCS Velv* 35< Quick cold-weathw iiorti and dtptndabl* p«r« formgnc*. Sovt D7-7ICH-7U7 WINDOW, KIT *»g. 39ff 36 x 72' cltar ploitfe itorm window. Kit Ko» 18 ft. itripi and nail*. BJ3-I77J OI//CORONADO & I TV CONSOLE Regularly 229,99 Big fgvingt on deluxe TV for thU jgle only. Pv*h bvtton om off, glumlnijed picture tube, Hi-Fi sound, mghogany finish. 21' TV BIONDE CABINET VHF*4>Mi..» . 3Q8.00 All CHANNEL $30 EXTRA No Money Down* 2.40 Pw Week, Payable Monthly ASK TO SEE GAMBLES GIANT DISCOUNT CATALOG 10,000 ITEfVlS SAVE TO 40% Vollmar- Preston Nuptials St. John's church at Bancroft was the scene of the wedding of Phyllis Vollmar, daughter of Mr and Mrs Joe Vollmar of Bancroft, and Emory Preston, son of Mr and Mrs Earl Preston of Swea City, Jan. 10, as previously reported in this paper. The bridal couple's picture, above, is by Nels Isaacson; UDM engraving, Read The Want Ads - It Pays! Princess (Stace: AJthough you havenH answered that letter I wrote you last April when you were plain Grace Kelly, I arh not peevd at you. I thought you needed that advice from one Grace to another when you were married and now that the arrival of the royal heir to Monaco is imminent, I have a few more words to say to you. * * * If things had gone according to-schedule, I would know by this time whether your baby was a Prince or a Princess and it would have 1 made this much easier to write. I have to have my stuff up to the Upper Des Moines office by Monday morning and 1 can't wait any longer. There is one thing that babies all over the world have in common, I've found, whether they be the offspring of princes or plumbers, and that is that they get themselves born when they are darned good and ready. A baby is a very tiny bit of humanity, but he can fool the smartest doctor in this respect. Medical Science thinks it is doing pretty well to come within two weeks either way of a predicted birth date. • * • You sure picked a lot of names for the new baby — Gregoire Georges Pierre Richard for the name of a son and Caroline Louise Marguerite, if it is a girl. It'll end up Greg or Caroline, anyway, I suppose. I imagine you and the Prince would kind of like a boy for your first child. I don't blame you for boys are mighty nice. We had one first at our house and we were tickled to death at our good fortune. And in your case, the people need an heir to the throne to keep from having to pay taxes. But don't be disappointed if the baby is a girl, for girls are wonderful! They tend to be more affectionate than boys, are less hard on the furniture and you are more apt to get a daughter to help with the dishes than a son. The best deal is to have two or three each of boys and girls. * * * One of the things I know you are looking forward to in these long, last days before the blessed event, is getting your waistline back. You get accustomed to looking like a blimp when you are p. g. and that first time you can see your toes again after the delivery is quite a thrill. From your picture in the paper, you had a real cute maternity dress, but a gal is always glad to get into her regular clothes again. And it is also a relief to be able to bend easily once more when you are tidying up the living room or cleaning out the bathtub. i * * • One thing I want to warn you about. Several days after you are up and about again after the baby is born, you may all of a sudden and for no good reason, start to bawl. This can happen no matter how ihappy you are to be a new mother or how nice your husband is being to you and there is no logic in it. Technical- Patricia O'Donnell Weds Are You Planning To Build In'57? "Better See BOTSFORD Before You Build" ....,,. '*«... Patricia O'Donnell, daughter of Mr and Mrs Bernard O'Donnell of Bancroft, became the bride of Richard Krapp, son of Mr and Mrs Martin Krapp, in ceremonies at St. John's Catholic church in Bancroft last Dec. 29. The wedding was previously reported in this newspaper. The wedding photo is by Nets Isaacson; UDM engraving. This Home Can Be Yours For As Little As t (Less Garage) ly, it is called post-parturition depression, I think, but I've always termed it the 12th day blueu. If this happens to you, forget that floor you started to scrub, skip the folding of the diapers and put off, if you can, the making of the baby's formula and just flop down for a good cry. You'll feel better almost immediately. * I* * I read in the 'papers 5 iKaf "Ma Kelly came all the way from Philadelphia to ,be with you for the big event.: .»$&$>/is. ; $ne 'for, there are a few,, times" in a girl's life when she needs her mother and this M ?qne. of tiiein. Husbands, fattier, 1 rind) brothers 'are d Comfort rriolt of the Ijrme, but ceptingVfor; the docjfor,, men} are superfluous ;arpurid -the delivery room. . .#•*•» If Grandma Kelly can stay with you for a few weeks after the baby comes, so much the better because she can be of real help to you. She'll love helping you give the baby a bath and when you get tired she can take over for you while you catch a nap. Don't worry about the old saying that Grandmas always spoil babies. It's true, but it's Grandma's involate privilege and something I'm already looking forward to. And it doesn't hurt the baby one bit. Any extra cuddling and loving he can get is all to the good and, according to the latest psychology, prevents all sorts of maladjustment in later life. * For Materials and Erection Above Basement A greater home value at less cost — like the o ne above — is achieved through the Lu-Re-Co system of home construction — exclusively here at Botsford's. This is possible through precision principles of mass production, plus other economies. Only top quality materials are used ~ the kind Botsford's has always sold — but we chop hours and hours off the working time on the building site . . . hence, substantial savings on a new home. And you know exactly to the penny how much your home materials will cost I HOMES FOR LESS And wonder of wonders I Under this exclusive Botsford plan you can choose from any number of home exteriors, making such changes as desired, and if further desired, your own floor plan can >e adapted to the home. It's a "personalized" home building service . . . bringing you greater value or less. Get Our Beautifully Illustrated Booklet FREE- Atk Us Hew You Can Get More Home For Your Money BOTSFORD Phone 356 Lumber Co. Showroom ft Yard On South Phillip* St., Algong . .. •*» « • • • .'«*r*--' 1 '-.te- - *>-•* W* 1 "**..' «WN. •'•M Ptant 356 ! I don't know your husband Rainier, very well but it could be that he will feej .sort of left out afte the baby is born, r It has happened to the proudest new father. "Everybody fusses' over the infant and the new mother, meals and social .life are adjusted to the" 'baby's schedule * and it often seeins that the least im portant ineraber of th« family is Father. *Vou are I know this is not true, but it wouldn't 'hurt to give your Old Man a little extra attention. As soon as you feel up to it, get Grandma to baby-sit and go off to the movies with your husband and forget for two entire hoyrs, that your family consists of more than you and the guy you married. * * * This siage in my life i* a h»ppy one. Our, three kids keep me busy but they are no longer under foot all of the time and I enjoy their outside activities right along; with them. But J do look bac« with a bit of nostalgia to the tinie v r hen they were babies They need me now, .but then they were so absolutely dependent on me and they loved me so uncriti* cally, and I, them. And I didn't have- to make any pin-curls or ivy to explain Arithmetic problems. * * * . A new baby Ss one' of life's. greatest miracles. Inside that six or seven pounds of , squirming humanity are genes that give him characteristics from as fallback as Hts gfcl&t-greafc^andpa. Under that skin, which is ab- ^pluiely.jas ^q|t a&jre^fet, is ajar*... <culatory, neryoua, ,aha digestive system that the greatest adeliti- fic brains in the wbrld fcduld not d^piigate, •; Th^t blanket wrapped bundle is proof thai love is' 1 n4t, always intangible .arid '\ the Ijifth of every 'bab^ lerias^cdrivic- wri'to the hopes that God lias mot iyet despaired of the future,of ouu world. , , ; :.*>•. v . ' >•• ...»: ; v » ' " ';' • • Well, Grace, women can toll you from here to 11 eternity how nice itis-to bepomf a mother but you cant' realize it juntil you have been through it ypurself. There'll be more changes in your life than the ones you make with, the three-cornered pants. I wish you all the Happiness that comes with such an event -and I hope ypur little onetyill skip Ms 2'a^n, feeding very early. I hop'e you won't run into trouble with his toilet training and that he'll learn to walk, talk and feed himself at least two or three months before that extra-smart kid belonging to your girl .friend. And welcome to the sisterhood! Mothers all over the world, np matter what financial, social or racial circumstance, have so much in common. • • . * « •; ..«. V Grace Kelly, or rather Princess Grace, probably doesn't have to do much cooking. But you and I still do. So for this:week's Recipe, I thought you might like this one for Orange Cake Custard. .,It was an ..entry from Georgia Thaves in that recipe contest we had a while back. 6 o,ups sponge cake, cut in i inch cubes % cup orange juice 2 beaten egg yolks 2 tablsp. sugar dash of salt 1 cup milk, scalded 2 stiff-beaten egg whites % cup sugar. Place, 'sponge cake cubes in greased 1% quart casserole. Pour- over orange juice. Let stand, Combine egg yolks, 2 tablsp. sugar and salt. Gradually stir in hot rnilk> Cppk over hot wster jjnttt mixture coats spoon, stir* ring constantly, Pour over cake eu'fces. Beat egg whites until stiff bwt not dry. Gradually beat in •Vt cup sugar. Spread over cake. Brown in moderate oven, 350 degrees, 13 to 15 minutes. Sprin» kle grated orange peel over top. Cool, Serves 5 to 8. —GRACE, HAVE YOU SEEN the new Highlander Maytag Automatic Washer? We have it on our floor and want you to «ee it, A* an introductory offer we pan sell you thi* machine for only $249 and old machine. Own Maytag i North Iowa APPLIANCE Ten Fob, 12 Plans for two Doming events were announced following moothJy meeting of fie St.. hosoital auxiliary .twajd Jan, A VaJenttne Tea,, witfiuAnt te Bonnstetter as ehajnaan '.-, „ rogram, will be he«i Feb.. 12 "

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