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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 10

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 10

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SATURDAY, NOV. 16, 1935 10 LEARNING CH0PST1CK MANNERS WE AGREEMENT I CDflM nDDDflflPU Pacific Convention Seeks To Aid Gulf Settlement EDMPTRD ILER He insisted that the wages estab di tin i uunuii PUB DENIED SAN "FRANCISCO. Nov. 16. With week-end sessions planned, the special convention of the Maritime Federation of the Pacific, in session here today, awaited the response of Joseph P. Ryan, president of the International Longshoremen's Association, to a request that the federation be allowed to participate' in efforts to settle the Gulf of Mexico longshoremen's strike. NThe request was dispatched to Ryan following adoption of a reso lution at the convention. Its' pur pose, spokesmen said, was to hasten settlement of the Gulf disputej'in a manner satisfactory to bothi coasts." At the same, time, they said, representation of the federation would serve to keep the Pacific Coast group informed of developments injhe Gulf situation threatening to involve West Coast maritime workers through the "hot cargo" issue. CORPORATION REPLY Washington dispatches made public the reply of J. C. Peacock, president of the Merchant Fleet Corporation, to the convention's declaration that a strike vote "was Under consideration as a result of new regulations of the corporation governing wages and working con ditions on its vessels. Morifvn Rath'Wne eprrptarv nf 1 I i ii i ii 'ii i mum iim mi Mr. Kung Chan of Hongkong, associate director of Ming Quong Home, teaches her little Oakland Chinese charges Chinese etiquette, so that they may not be embarrassed if they ever return to China. Pupils at the "chopstick lesson" (left to right) are Wu Ho Chee, Wong Mae Fobng, Wong-Sau Leen and Tong Tun Fong Tribune photo. FIRE HAZES 2 iiuis the San Francisco district council T.hre? shiPs ar? tied up at San of the federation had advised Pea- the -boycott cock and Secretary of Commerce Jhs local situation remained quiet, Daniel Rober oi the opposition to "though the dispute over th? ques-4u- i tiotA OfPfinaltLesior woYkersandem- OFU.S.CUST0MS Brick" Contractor Named fcy President Roosevelt as Sue cessor to D. M. BarnwelJ By ANTHONY F. MOITOREt Thomas F. Mulcahy, former chair man of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, today had been named comptroller of customs by President Roosevelt, rcnrdine to Washington dis- Mnlcahr succeeds the late Davl M. Barnwell of Fresno. Barnwell died several months ago while on a hunting trip. His successor has been active in Democratic pontics for many years. He. is a brick con tractor in San Francisco. Muleahy's name was submitted to the President by Senator WiUiam -G. MeAdoo, along with those of William Mahoney and Annette ab bott Adams, former United States attorney. Mrs. Adams was recently named) as an assistant to Judee John W. Preston in the Elk Hills oil eases, to handle which Judge Preston resigned from the StSte Supreme Court. 6 ft Assemblyman Ray Williamson of San Francisco, who was campaign manager for Sheriff-elect Daniel C. recent" municipal campaign across the bay, will be the new sheriff's succeeding Leo Cunningham when Sheriff "Dick" Fitzgerald steps out on January 8. The position carries a salary of $200 a month. GOO Governor Frank F. Merrlam Is expected next week to start naming members of the State commission to administer the unemployment In-( surance law, which becomes effec-1 tive on January 1. Five commissioners are authorized by 'the act, two to represent employees, one to represent retail merchants, one to represent larger employers and one to represent the public. John F. Chambers, former Civil Service commissioner here, is understood to be slated for appointment as one of the representatives of- employees on the commission. His name has been mentioned for one of the two along with that of John S. Horn of Los Angeles, a former president of the State Federation of Samuel Leask, of San Cruz, chairman of the legislative committee of the California Association of Retail and Specialty Stores, will be named as representative of retail merchants, according to reliable reports. The unemployment insurance law enacted Jjy the last sesislon of the Legislature provided that the commission promulgate its rules and regulations by December 1. It is unlikely that the commission will be able 'to organize and adopt Its set-up by that date. Contributions to the from which unemploy- men0nsurance benefits will be paid are scheduled to start tha first of the yean Girls Find Bit China in ByNAJGY What 'with special classes in L-ii- iu. Urn schools, the University and its ex tensidn division, the Emergency Education Program, you might think it no trick at all to find class in every subject on earth. But-if you wanted to learn Chinese etiquette, all its ancient forms- and punctilious motions, you would have to be one of the 70 little girls at the Ming" Quong Home, 3671 McClelland Street. Each of- the aged from five to 17 years, takes her place in the public schpols during regular school hours. Then she returns to -the bit of Old China that many of them have never Seen, They are taught the Chinese language by Mrs. Wah Lee, of Canton, and their nursery super-vlser for. the" little ones is Miss Mui Chew. STRONG FAMILY TIES "Chinese "family feeling is very strong, and these girls may have an opportunity 10 go fiorne io jei atives some day. We want them to be ready to take their placp there, if the time comes, as well as in if thev. stav here." ex- plalne'tf Mjss; V. (ggl'ij-a, for 20 years director of 'the "Unless our girls arrange to go to "college-ion'e off thepV haV en- we try to iina.posiii9ns. ana con-tinue 'super vise them. Many 3f If threatened to "nullify all we have gained." Peacock replied that "we propose to see that the spirit and Intent of these working rules are carried out and that our officers and men are fairly treated." LEGAL NOTICE 1VQTICE TO CONTRACTORS Notlc Is hereby given' that the Enaj-dj of Supervisors of Alamed County will receive bids for furnish-tnjr nil labor, materia! transportation ahd'pervtres for the construction of additional granite at the base of. th building and additional steel eas-H lc the Court Rooms of the Alameda County Court House located at Fallon Twelfth Street, Oak Street add Thirteenth Street, Oaklnnd.JZ allfornla each bid to be In accordance with plans and specif ntlnns now on file with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Fifth Street and Broadway, Oakland, California and at the 6fflc4Tbf the Architects, Will tt. Corlett, Henry A. Mlnton. James W. Plachek, William E. Schlrmer and Carl Werner, 910 Bank of America Building, Oakland, California. -1 Contractors may secure a complete copy of the plana sry! specifications as above specified by depositing wlth-the County Clerk the sum of Fifty Dollars ($50. no). Contractors will be required to return all copies of the plans and specifica tions as above specified in gnod condition to the office of the County Clerk of Alameda County on or. he PREVAIMNCr RATES OF PAT MECHANICS EMPLOYED BY SUB -CONTRACTORS. HAYWARD, Nov. of undetermined origin destroyed two barns, a sulphur house andi for a time threatened the home of Robert King'oLewelllng in Ashland early this The flames were battled for more than three hours by the Ashland and Castro Valley fire departments and emergency calls were sent to the Hnyward and 'San Jtlre forces. Neither of' the two cities! were able to send however, and.fbr 'a time the blaze was1 expected to jump to 'other' homes in the district. Vi An 'investigation of boss'lble causes and a definite check on the amount of damage was to be made today, It was known that a considerable tonnage of hay, 2500 trays for drying apricots; tools and various other farm eauinment were destroyed, bu an accurate, estimate of the loss was not immediately available. Conservative preliminary estimates made 'by fire lighters: placed tha' damage in excess of $10,000. When the flames were; first no ticed and reported to the Ashland' department, had gained con- siderable headway in the 'loft of me imgci ui me iw uBiiiu. aucxerea stanrora university tnis vear Class of Work (Based on 8 hoiir day, except as noted) AabeMos Workers Bricklayers (S hr. day) Bricklayers' Hndcarrlers (S hr. Cabinet Workers (Outside) Carpet, and Hinnleym Carpenters American LegwrvLauncnes Concrete Laborer (based on 7 hr. Drive for Bonus Payment i other two buildings were ablaze be fore firemen arrived- i -i Main residential buildings were saved by playing constant streams of water on them. Further Study of Franchises Urged SAN LEANDRO, ther study of the proposal to accept bids for gas distribution franchises was urged upon the City Council today by City Manager Fred R. Chilton. In recommending against im'me- diate granting of the franchises, Chilton expressed a belief that lished by the ordei1 "equal or exceed" those contained in agreements between the West Coast union of the Masters. Mates and Pilots Association and steamship companies operating from Pacific Coast ports. Radio operators, he said, are given a wage of $100 a month, which is $5 a month less than they were paid in 1928, "so that radio operators have now received a restoration in pay proportionate to that which has been UU11S IC IU llldb WI111.I1 II granted to licensed 'officers. The local convention was to have closed last Thursday but pjobably win remain in session until Tucs day, it was announced. Resolutions on the "hot cargo" issue, seamen's demands for overtime pay rather thantirffl oftr--a-Js-jrovided in existing agreements, and other controverted questions are scheduled for action. CITIZENS' COMMITTEE Advices from, feos Angeles announced organization of a "Citizens' Committee on. Public Interest and Industrial Relations," which had asked Federal intervention in the situation resulting from refusal of longshoremen to work cargo from Gulf ports. The committee described the boy-cott as a "sympathetic strike." which was working a hardship on business generally, affecting more than 1500 Los Angeles -consignees. viuiaLiuf, iiic 111 UlUdUtm award of 1934 revived rumors that Arbitrator M. C. Sloss would resign. Judge Sloss referred all inquires to the disputants and said he would have no statement until his decision in the controversy is announced in 1 in a few days. LERAL NOTICE WeMeeeAMAWMAWWWMWWWAIM fore Tuesday, November 19, the day on which said blds-wlll opened. Deposits of contractors who do not return said plans and specifications will become forfeited to the County of Alameda as agreed and liquidated damages for the use of Said plans and specifications. Notice Is hereby given that all proceedings relating to the above project, including bidding, award of contract, and all work to be done on the project, are subject to the Kules and Regulations and all conditions prescribed by the Federal F.mergericy Administration of Public Works. Bidders are hereby notified that pursunnt to the statutes of the State of California, or local lawthereto applicable and in cnnTpTfance with the Regulations of the Federal Kmergency Administration of Public Works, the Board Supervisors, Counly of Alameda. State of Cali fornia, has ascertained the general prevailing rate of per diem wages and rates for legal holiday- and overtime work In the locality In which this work is to be performed, for each craft or type of workmen or mechanic needed to ex xecute the contract -which will be awaf-ded the bidder. FOR LABORERS. WORKMEN' AND CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS AND Hourly Rote $1.10 1.50 1.10 1.10 1.325 1-1" .714 1.428 1.143 1.467 1.15 1.00 1.135 .91 1.125 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.125 1.125 1. 1.375 .625 1.25 1.25 .75 2.00 1.25 1.10 1.125 ..75 l-JO 1.125 1.23, 1.35 l.i'o. 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.25 1.10 1.10 1.07 1.06 i.i7 1.125 Scale 9.00 8.80 8.80 8.80 5.00-... 1P.0O 8.00 8.80 8.05 8.05 9.QS 7.28 8.80 8 80 8.80 9.00' 9.00 11. 00 11.00 6.00 7.50 10.00 6.00 12.00 7.50 6.60 9.00 6.00 8.80 9.00 10.00 7.50 6.60 8.80- 8.80 8:80 10.00 8.80 8.80 '10. 00' 8.50 7.00 9.00 9.00 11.00 9.00" 8.00 10.00 7.00 8.00 9.00 5.50 5.50 8.00 6.50 650 6.00 6.50 6.00 6.00 1.1SKT 1.S70 ..1.123 1.10 1.67. i.oo 1.15 .1.28 .79 .79 .93 .75 :.79 .86 .93 DAY a certified er cashier's checkTot fixe per cent (5) of the anyount of the bid made payable to he or der of the County of Alam.eda, California: 'shall be sealed and filed with the Clerk- of the Board of Supervisors, on or before: Tuesday, November 19. 1935, at 10:30 o'clock A. M. and will be opened In public at or about 10:30 o'clock A. M. of that day in the-office of said Board of Supervisors. Alameda County, California. The above mentioned check shall be given as a' guarantee that the blddpr will enter Into contract if awarded the work, and will be forfeited if the successful bidder refuses to enter Into said contract, within ten (10) days -after-being requested so to do by the- of Supervisors. The successful bidder will be re- Hutred to furnish a labor and material bond in an amount equal to 60 the-contract and a faithful performance bond In an amount equal to 100 of the' con-traef'price, said bonds to be secured from a surety company satisfactory to the Federal Emergerfcy Administration of Public Works and to the Board of Supervisors. A list of such suretv companies is on file with thevClerk of the. Board of Supervisors. The Rnard of Supervisors reserves the right to reject any or all bids apd or waive any irregularity In a bid. Unless otherwise required by law, no bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty (30) days after the date set for the opening thereof. Notice Is also hereby given that all bidders must" submit with their bids a tentative schedule showing the classes of labor and the number of each class he will require In the performance of the contract. Dated at Oakland, California, Oct 31st, 1935. V- G. WADE, County Clerk and ex-officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Alameda, State of California, Oakland ahd surrounding comrjttij.i nities are making a substantial contribution toward a record in California home-building, Clifford -C. Anglinv of Richmond, district di- -rector of the Federal Housing announced today. During the first 10 days of November, the Eastbay obtained government insurance on. mortgages amounting to $48,100, covering a 1 total investment of $75,000 in Oak-' land, Berkeley, San Leandro and Pittsburg, Anglim said. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS" The of the City of Oak-! land will sealed -bids or-pro-posals ort Friday the 29th day of November A. U. 1935 between the hours of and oclock P. M. i of said day at, the Council Chambers in tthe City Hall for the improvement (by grading, and the construe- tion of sub-base, pavement, ahoul- ders, catchbasins, and Conduits) of 22nd -Street- between Cypress Street ami. Adeline Street, I. The successful bidder" shall be re. quired to eqter Into a contract, within five (3) days after award thereof. Work shall be commenced within five (5) days after-the, and completed with 120 calendar days from the, date of the approval of the contract by the State Director of the Federal Emere-enrv AHmln. jstratioh of Public Works. ah work shall be done in ance with the plana and tioris therefor adopted bv Resolu- lioftNo. 387C.M.S. of this Council Clerk, to which reference Is hereby1! made for full details and descrlp- tion of the' work. 1 Notice is hereby given that all'1 proceedings relating to the above project, including bidding, award' of contract, and all work to b-r-n on fhe project, are subject to the Rules and Regulations and all conditions prescribed by thei Federal Emergency Administration "of Public. Works. Bidders are hereby notified that pursuant, to the provisions of Section 12814 of the charter of the City of Oakland, and In compliance with the Regulations of the. Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works, the Council of the City of Oakland ha ascertained the general prevailing rate of wages and rates for legal holiday 'and overtime work in the locality in which this work Is to be performed for each craft or type of-workman or mechanic needed to execute the con- tract which will be awa act cce: rfle the snccessful bidder. This-prevailing rate of waares ta found and determined bv Resolution No. of this Council la as follows: RATE F1CATION PER HOUR SKILLED LABOR Tractor drivr 30 hp and under $1.00 Tractor driver 60 hp 1.15 Tractor driver 80 hp. .1.27 Roller operator (7 hour day) 1.43 i Carpenter 1.125 Operator of power shovels (6 hour day) 1.67 Asphalt plant operator 1.25 I Concrete mixer operator 1.25 Master concrete pavement 1.125 Trenching machine operator 1.375 Blade grader operator (fin- ish work) i 1.25 Reinforcing steel worker (ex- i cept mesh reinforcement 1.125 Cement finisher (sidewalks, curbs and gutters 1.125 1 Oile.r.x, pouer shovels or cranes (Or Tiour day) 1.17 1.25 Subgrade finisher 1.25 1 Mechnnic (trouble shooter)' heavy equipment 1.0O Asphalt raker Bricklayer. (6 hour day) 1.60 Blacksmith 1.00 Asphalt mechanical finisher operator 1.25 Concrete pavement mechanical finisher operator 1.25 Hodcarrler (6 hour dav) TN-TirriMRniATE npAnir. BOR fTruck driver (less than 4 cubic yards water level ca- paclty) 0.88 Truck driver (4 cu- yds. water level capacity or more) 0.96 Driller 0.82' r. HeaderboB.rd man 0.75 Flnatmnn I 0.75 Spraygun operator (concrete pavement curing) 0.75 Mechanic (trouble shooter) light equipment 0.90 Concrete' worker (wet and dry) 0,77 Pipe layer (does not include culverts) 0.82 Transit mix operator 0.9375 Oil distributor bootman 0" 7 5 Asphalt shov.eler 0.75 UNSKILLED LABOR- Laborer 0.625 Teamster 0.76 Handvman. -(roustabout) 0.625 Watchman 0.60 Ouard -v Flngmaff 0-60 The minimum wage paid to all skilled labor, folk which rates' are -lint shown above shall, be not less than $1-00 fiffbor. The mlrrimum wage paid to" all Intermediate labor, for which rates are pnt 1 shown above, shall be not less than 75 cents per hour. The minimum wage paid to all unskilled labor for which rates are iiot shown above, shall be not-lesi than 60. cents 'per hour. Overtime-, one and one-half (Hi) times the above rates. Sundays and holidays (except guards and flagmen), double the above rates. The foregoing schedule of wages Is based upon a working day, unless otherwise specified, of elgh.t. hours. It shall be mandatory upon the contmct-qr to whom the contract awarded, and upon any sub-con- tractKiinder him. to pay not less tlieald specified rates to all workmen and mechanics employed hyhem In 'the execution of the contract. Notice Is also hereby given- that all bidders must submit with their bids, "a sworn statement of their financial responsibility, technical ability and experience. Notice Is also hereby given that all bidders must subrolt with their bids a tentative schedule showing the classes of labor and the number i of class he will require in the performance of the contract. Each hid Shall be. made out on a form to be obtained at the office of. the City Clerk and shall be accompanied by a check certified on a responsihln bank, payable the order of W. Clerk, for an amnnnt pot less than 10 of the aggregate amount of pro-' posal. which check and 'the amount therein mentioned shall be forfeited to the -City of Oakland should the bidder to whom- the contract Is awarded fail to enter into said contract --aft-er. being -requested to do" so by the Cjty of Oakland." 'Upon execution the contract the conlractnr sh.111 execute to the City of Oakland and deliver to the Audito'r a "bond in, an amount equal to of the contract price for the faithful performance of the contract and a bnnd'Ui an amount equal to 50 of the contract price to guarantee the pay-mem: of all claims for labor, and materials furnished, said bonds to be secured from a company satisfactory to the Federal Emrgncy Administration Lof- Public Works. A list of such surety companies is on me wnn ine City Clerk. The City Council reserves tha right to- reject any or all lds-. Each bid must bear the affidavit of the bidder as by Section 12 of the Cify Charter. Unless otherwise required by law no ninner may wnnarnw ms nin iui a perjod of thirty (30) days after the date set for the opening thereof. W. W. CHAPPELL. City Clerk. Dated November 14', 193S. Oakland. -CaH'ornla. 10-Kpy, ia-at, piua hot. tt-iM of Old Eastbay School BAMl NAVmr come back here for their weddings, an1 ntrioPi frt trici'a tirhon hfV and others for visit's when they have vacations," Miss Higgins said. "Among the white people here, practically the only opportunities for our girls are domestic work. We have more, demands for mother's helpers than we can fill. But our girls are educated and ambitious. We have found their best chances lie among their own people hence an additional use for the lessons in Chinese etiquette and language. Our graduates include nurses, doctors, teachers and women in business life, working among the Chinese in America HOW HOME BEGAN The idea of the Ming Quong Home was born, of the discovery that our State orphanages were reluctant to accept Chinese' children and most Chinese have large. fam ilies of their own and hence do not care to adopt 'additional members. The Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church assumed th'e responsibility of taking in the girl waifar strandecLin a strange landand with no relative to care for tfiem, in.v America" or China. 1 The 20th anniversary of the Home was-ccelebrated with Chinese program last week-end. Now Miss Higglna is enthusiastically on her way in the 21st year, sure that those 20 years of success are a gopd omen for, the years to some. I VETERANS' CALENDAR, TONIGHT Canadian Legion, and-Auxiliary, Oakland Post No. 15, 8 p. Oakland Veterans' Building, MONDAY American Legion Service Club, noon. Hotel Leamington. American War Mothers, auxiliary to D. A. Berkeley Chapter, 2 p. Berkeley Veterans' Building. stallation of the veterans, while Mrs. Schertle, national junior vice-president of the women's order, will seat auxiliary officers. Devotional "observances for both installations will be conducted by Rev. William Woodhull, pastor -of the San dro Methodist Episcopal Church The State' chnmpinn dogYee team from Hollywood Post No. 839 will assist in: the, induction, andenter-talnment 'will 4)e furnished during the evening by the Haywire Orchestra of the Alameda Post of the American Legion and the Chorai Society pf the Alameda Auxiliary of the Veterans to be seated are; A. C. Perring, commander; C. W. Le Mes-surietv senior vice-commander; Col-man Faria, junior vice-commander; Ira Lindsay, officer-of-the-day; Al Saunders, chapfain; Carl Bloom, quartermaster; James Ogle, post advocate, andW, Woolridge, council dclc-eate. The incoming auxiliary staff isj headed by; Alice Miller, president; Isadora Turney, first vice-president; Margaret Thompson, second vice-president; Berry, secretary; Car-lotta Robsqn, treasurer; Mary Saunders, Christine and Lillian Auer, trustees. that the contenders got together and Concrete Mixer Operator (based on 7 hr. day). Concrete Finisher (based on 7 hr. Concrete Equipment Machinist (8 hr. Electric Workers (7. hr. day) Electric Fixture Hangers El'evator Constructors Elevator Constructors' Helpers Engineers, Hoisting and Portable Hardwood Floormen Housemo vers Houses miths, Arch Iron, Hriusesmlths, Reinforced Concrete or Rodmen Iron AVorkers (Structural and Bridge and Riggers) Engineers (Bridge and Structural and Illmrers) Filmer Says CommiUee Did Not Agree to Deal Recommended by Kelly FRANCISCO, 'Nov. 16, -William P. Filmer, president of the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District, today denied that representatives of the district had agreed to plans of Earl Lee Kelly. State director of public works, for the financing of the Waldo approach to th bridge in County. Kelly annourield--yesterday that the plan calls for use of contingency reserve funds Of th.State Division of Highway and a $700,000 contin-cent fund of the bridge district. These moneys, he would be paid back by, the Federal Government after the bridge district had secured action by the 1937 Legislature to provide that the bridge should. free of tolls after bonds have Been paid off and that the State Division of Highways should audit bridge accounts to see that "revenues are applied to paying proper charges." WON OVER, SAYS KELLY ''The Golden Gate bridge repre sentatives, at the DtrecW Kelly and the State Highway Commission, at first objected to using the Golden Gate bridge contingency fund, but left the conference prepared to recommend it to- their board," -Kelly's statement "The committee, of which I was a member, made no such agreement," Filmer declared. "As a mat-r ter of fact, it had no power to agree to make any recommendation whatsoever. What did tell Kelly was that we would report back to tte district's board of directors, "In making this report, A'ttorney George Harlan, of the. bridge dis-triet, who was a member of the committee, informed the board that the district could not legally advance-' the $700,000 demanded by Kelly or any other amount for the construction of the Waldo approach. NOT LEGAL FOR STATE likewise said that, the State could not legally audit the bridge district accounts or have supervision over bridge district expenditures." Kejly declared that the Government had Insisted upon the. commitment for a toll-free bridge and the auditing provision before it would consent to release! of funds to reimburse the State and the bridge district for the approach expenditures, Dr. L. I. Hewes, western deputy chief engineer for the United States Bureau of Public Roads, said the requirements are. "standard" conditions attached to Federal aid for toll bridges or toll roads. "These requirements- are definitely in the public interest," "he said. W. C. T. Hold Workers' Conference Alameda County W. C. T. U. will hold-their regular quarterly Executive Board meeting next. Tuesday, at the Tenth Avenue Baptist Church' from 10 to 11 a. with Mrs. Mary county president, presiding. A workers' conference will be held from It- a. m. to 3:30 p. with Mrs. Louise J. Taft, State president, as principal speaker. Her subject will be, "Forward Program." Mrs. Leah Bell Boy.ce, State publicity and radio director, will be the' luncheon speaker. Her subject is, "Opportunity Ahead," Others of the State group to participate 4n fhe program will be: Mrs. Elsie May, State secretary Youths', emperance Council; Miss Elizabeth Hewett, State secretary Loyal Temperance' Legion and managing editor of the White Ribbon Ensign; Mrs. Claude TV Dawson associate State secretary Loyal Temperance Legion; and Miss Winifred S. Bangs, State director of International Relations each" of whom will lead a round table discussion. Parking Problem in San Leandro Solved SAN LEANDRO, Nov. 16. Co-' operation of merchants and their employees has virtuallyeliminated the parking problem in -the business district, Chief Joseph Peralta spid today, Business men have agreed to park their own cars on side streets, according to Chief ''Peralta, and as a result shoppers are able to park along principal thoroughfares With ease; A checkup made by Sergeant Henry Bradow after Chief Peralta ordered strict-, enforcement of the parking limit egulations, showed that no citations were necessary. Man Shot, Beaten in Alleged Wife Row PITTSBURG, Nov. Pete Xenos, 37, a steel worker, is in a critical condition today from the effects of a shqlgun charge allegedly fired by Jack Trucco, 42, a neighbor, in a quarrel over the wounded man's Trucco, it is "said, then brought the gun down on Xenos' head. JCenoj: gency Hospital. The buckshot penetrated his hip. He also suf-ferefra fractured skull. Trucco was being held in the City Prison pending the outcome of his rA. Funeral Held for Vincenzo Cardella SAN LEANDRO, Nov. w4s said at St. Leander's Church this morning for Vincenbo Cardella, 52, who died following an hprt attack on Thursday, Burial followed liii Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, at Hayward. Born in Italy, Cardella came to this country 28 years, ago and had lived in California for the past 16 yearif His home was at 1500 Plaza Drive. Surviving are his widow and one sgn. Services wtre arranged by George B. Santos. greater revenues might be. derived individual -feelings toward the sub-and suggested that the manner ject will be discussed and a concen-in which thetwo per cent gross tratpri ffnrt thB-an revenue of the operating company, I on wmch the franchise payments -Charles J. Gavin, department ad-ar; based, is arrived at should be hBB -Laborers X. Lathers (based on 6 hr. dav) Marble Setters Marble Setters' Helpers Modelers (based on 6 hr. Model Makers 18 hr. Model Casters (8 hr. Mosaic and Terrazlo Mosaic and Tenazao Helpers Painters w. Pile Drivers ajid Wharf Pile Drivers' Engineers Plasterers (8 hr. day) Plasterers' Hodcarriers (6 hr. day)" Plumber Millmen, Flanlng Mill Dept Mlllmeni' Sash and Door Roller and Mixer Operators isooiers Iheet Mtal Workers The American backed by nearly all major veteran organizations; and headed' by the national leaders, have started a idriye for payment of the bonus. Rallies are to be held at -all post meetings during next month- when win. nounced 8 plan -to contact each Congressional' Representative to get definite comments and ideas on veteran legislation'. According to- American Legion hea-iquarters here, Dan Emmett, State commander, has issued an appeal to all California Legionnaires to answer a queBtoinnSlre appearing in the State Legion publication. The questions 'are "What would you do with1 your bonus?" An item- izcq account or wnm eacn veteran 'Nearly every Eastbay' post will be represented at installation "cerernp; nies Monday evening at the San clarified A resolution calling 'for bids, was adopted by the Council On Novem ber 4,. on -receipt of an application for renewal of francmse from the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Sealed bids are scheduled to be submitted for consideration on De cember 18. V. S. Eases Rules for Russ Noblewoman cam New Home Fails to Please, Divorce Won Joseph Gallia, 61jl 43rd Street, was granted a divorce from Mrs, Blanche Gallia today on -grounds of cruelty after Gallia told Supe-" rior Judge T. W. Harris that his wife left him for another man after he had purchased and furnished a new home at her request, Gallia testified that his wife com plained that their home was "too far from and asked to live "closer In." Gallia said he secretly purchased the hew home 43rd furnished It and when he called for his wife at her mother's noma last October 10 to "surprise" her with the home, she left him. He said man came out jXMrj. Qallia's mother's home, in-vifed'htm Inside and told him that was In loys with Mj Gallia. Gallia's wife later corroborated the man's statement with: a note. The couple was married in on Jnuary 1. 1925. There are no'-chil-dren. Hearing Continued On Wage Contract A hearing. on the validity of a contract between union elearners and dyers of the Eastbay and bers of the Dyers' and Cleaners' Association, involving payment of union wage Vales, today had been continued for a week by Supprior Judge' James G. Quinn. The contends that the contract calls for personal service on the part of employers and is not binding. The union members insist it provides for collective bargaining and is valid. The document sets a scale for union wages of various types of work and limits the working week to 40 hours, Poet Lauds JSatan' In Milton Classic The Satan that Milton pictured in migration authorities relaxed their be stern rules and permitted Mme. submitted to -the President and Con-Helen Swatkovsky, Russian noble-' are to be published for woman, to proceed on her Shanghai, review of the, business world, Em-London trip, despite the fact tlf met Shovel Operators (fi hr. day) i 'hqvel (CranesmenJ r. 'hnvVI (Firemen 6 Sprinkler Fitters, i Steamfitters 'tone Setters, Soft and Granite (nne Perrlckmen Tile Setters Tile Sellers'" Helpers Truck Crane Engineer (6 hr. BASED ON 7 HR Tractor Operators. 30 HP and under Tractor Operators, 80 HP Tractor Operators, 80 HP Auto Truck Drivers, less than 25.00 lbs. Auto' Truck Drivers, 2Sn to 4500 lbs Auto Truck Drivers, 4500 to 6500 lbs. Auto Truck Drivers, 6500 lbs. and Truck Laborers General Teamsters, 1 horse Dene nil Tearusters, 2 horses General Teamsters, 4 horses Plow Teamsters, 4 horses. Scraper Teamsters, 2 horses -Veterans' Building when new" officer's of Sergeant A. J. Foster Post, V. and its auKilinry, her passport does not have 60 davs I to run, as required, by immigration regulations. Accompanied by her 3ty-vear-'oid son, Andrew, and a- League, of tion, passport due to expire No- vembcr 30,. Mme. Swatkovsky ar rivea in pori ana was fimained by jmnimrHuon omccrs. However, a special immigration board author-ized her to travel by train across- cnmnrivBSUtf; after.thtrnHl'roali i will be seated. City and county officials have declared their intention to attend, ac-cording- to Harry retiring commander; and the ceremonies are be the most colorful inoS son Vm'be red 7' safely to their liner in'New York Db" B' Schertle' Past not allowed to quit the train Partment commander, will direct in- en route, 57 2 Have Applied oMake Trip Aboard China Clipper Scraper Teamsters, 4 horses For Building Trades overtl payments shall be as follows: Overtime at time and one-half for first four hours atter six hours per day, and all time thereafter at double time except In the follow-fng crafts, which are paid double time for all 'overtime after six hours: Elevator constructors and helpers all 'Iron workers, all engineers, -model makers and, bricklayers and hodcarriers and electricians, steamfitters and plumbers. Wherever welding processes ate Involved the rate paid for such shall be as herein fixed for the crafts performing. the work. Saturday (except- for lahorers) Sunday and Holiday work at double Holidays are New Day, Washington's Birthday. Decoration Day, Fourth Of July, Laoor Day, AO mission Day, Thanksgiving Day and rbHslmns. Any craft or employment, not specifically -mentioned in the foregoing: schedule of rates shall, be pW hot less thiiii the highest gen-eVal prevailing rate of wages In private "employment for siipilar work. foregdlng schedule of prevailing rates of per diem wages, and of rates for overtime) and legal holidays. Is based, unless otherwise specified, upon a working day. of eight hours. The per hour rate above specified Is the per diem rate divided by the number of hours constituting a working day, applicable thereto. It shall be mandatory upon the contractor to whom the contract is awarded, and upon any subcontractor under him. to pay not less than the said speeded rates to all laborers, workmem -and mtchanlcs employed by them In the execution of the contract. Notice is also hereby given that all bidders must submit with their bids, a sworn statement of their financial technical ability and experience. Each bid aha II be made out on a form Xq if, a of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, must be accompanied by Minstrel Show Is Given by Dads Club ALAMEDA. Nov. lfl. Members of the Lirtccvin-Versaines Dads Club staged their second annual minstrel show last night before several hundred spectators in the Lincol-n School Prominent among those taking part in the stage show were: Earl Fry, H. B. Barrett. Don Merchant, Lee Gilbert," Bert Hutchinson, Val Farley, Brian Fetherstonhaugh and others. R. was of the committee Jn charge the show. Proceeds will be turned oVer to the club's, welfare fund, it was announced, f. Funeral Is Held For Frank McGue SAN LEANDRO. Nov. were held from tile Seramur Chapel this -morning for Frank McGue, 68, who died Thursday following a protracted illness Mass at; St. Leander's Catholic' Church preceded interment in. St. Mary's Cemetery. A native of California. McGue had been a resident of this community jor. about 10 years. He is survived by a Mrs. Ynei oi San Francisco. his "Paradise Lost," "is the, greatest man any writer yet introduced into the English language," 'In the belief of James Stephens, Irish poet nd a story-teller. Stephens told of Milton's Satan In a lecture at a Mills College assembly, at which he also read a number of his poems. "Not one of the hundreds of women writers in the history of English literature; has created an eternally lovely and delightful woman on the pages of a book," Stephens told the Mills women. n. is sing Portland Girl Sought Here Mrs. Frances Coleman, 1121 S. W. Harrison Street, Portland, today asked Oakland- police to help her locate her daughter, Mrs. Jean Sigler, who might also be known as Jean Lingle. The girl, she said, is 22 years feet, fl'i inches tail, pounds of light complexion with reddish brown hair. She dis pi -eared from her Portland home ometimes ago, and Mrs. Coleman thinks she may have -come to land. The first passenger flight of the Cm-na Clipper won't take more than 20 men afld Women to "Honolulu and ChinaVbut 912 persons already have applied for for it. what "officials Pan-American Airways announced today as preparations went on for the transpacific seaplane's first flight Friday, which will be with several tons of mail but no passenger. The late Will Rogers was the first to make application for a place as a passenger on the first trip, the company said, and was giveq the No. 1 place on the list only a Ehort time 'before and Wiley Post crashed to death in1 Alaska. A motion picture finding herself far down on the telegraphed company officials to charter the huge plane for its initial transpaeif it trip; The company declined and also refused to give out her name. Company officialssaid competition for passenger -pace on the -initial flifiht, not yet scheduled but expected-4a: made in several week, was so, keen in Honolulu drew lots to determine precedence. The fare will "approximately twice that of first-class steamship rates, br about $450 to Honolulu and $900 to Final Ritek Held For Russian Priest SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16. High mass was' said at the Holy Trinity. Russian Cathedral this morning for Father Peter Popoff of Los Angeles, who was killed in -an auto "crash near Ventura. Ordained vjars ago in the church from which he will be buried, Father Popoff has served in New York and Los Angeles for th; past quarter century. Services will be cohducted by Bishop Leontyt who madea special trip from" Chicago for the rites, assisted by Fathers Alexander and Lebedoff. Interment was to be in the Serbian Cemetery, neal Colma, this afternoon. Father Popoff is survived by his widow, Julia, and two daughters, Claudia and Olga. I

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