The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1957 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1957
Page 11
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) Smoke Shop Has 37 Year History, Present Location The original Smoke Shop, which served its many customers ji urn 1920 on, was destroyed by fire Sunday night. Sept. 2, 1956. Besides destroying an estimated »1.5,500 worth of contents and building, the fire removed a city landmark. Flames and smoke were seer coming from the building by passersby at 9:30 p.m. that ni&ht •met an alarm was turned in immediately. The blaze raged For two hours and firemen had a real buttle on their hands to keep it fioiri spreading to other buildings. Diamond's Surplus Store, just we«t of the Smoke Shop, sustained extensive smoke dam- Bieser, Others Associated In Smoke Shop John Bieser, who was owner of the Smoke Shop until he decided to selj the business to Lawrence Gillespie and Stewart Mt-Fadden after the fire last September, 'has been connected with tobacco products most of nis life. In fact, he's been associated with Ihe cigar industry since 1900, when lie begun learning the trade. From that time unti] April 0, 1939, when his firm produced its final cigar, many stogies made by him were r.old to satisfied customers. John and Lou Guderian went into business for themselves in 1914 in quarters over the old States Cafe. A fire destroyed the contents of the structure, and the business was set up again, this time in the present telephone building. Later, in 1918, the factory moved into the present Grotte Cafe building while John was overseas during World War I, and then made the final move to the present site in 1920. Buck in 1935, Win Scott, Frank Met/.ler and E. A. Guderian were (he cigar makers, and John, Gil- lesuie and McFadden ran the retail business in the front of the shop. After the final cigar was manufactured, a firm in Wisconsin continued to manufacture the well-known Nick-Less brand, but discontinued it after a few years The G & B Special and Nick- Less were the specialties of the factory before cost of production forced John to discontinue manufacture. John, who loves fishing, is still working daily at the Smoke Shop, thus giving him a chance to strike up a few friendly arguments with customers about the St. Louis Cardinals, whom he has followed for years with interest. Church Groups In Seneca Have An Active Week Seneca — The Blakjer Women's Missionary Federation held their January meeting at the church parlors Thursday afternoon with Mrs Fred Johannesen and Mrs Julian Cherland as hostesses. The Blakjer Luther League members attended a P o c k et Testament Banquet Sunday evening at the Estherville Lutheran church. The local group presented an instrumental selection during the evening's program. Presenting the musical' number was Ronnie Johannesen, David Looft, Raymond and Lois Wilberg. Seneca Homemaker's Club will hold an all day meeting at the home of Mrs John Struecker on Tuesday, Jan. 29. The lesson •will be presented by Mrs Martin Wilberg, assisted by Mrs Ole Pedersen. Mrs Woodrow Kracht will present legislation and Mrs Everett Witham is in charge ol entertainment. Blakjer Luther League held their annual business meeting and election of officers at a meeting held Sunday evening at the church parlors. New officers elected were: Lois Wilberg, president; Janet Geilenfeld, vice president; Marilyn Johannesen, secretary; Gary Loge, treasurer; and Marlene Jensen, Pocket Testament Secretary. Harold Grunhovd spent several evenings last week visiting with his mother who is a pat« ient at an Albert Lea Hospital. The elder Mrs Grunhovd submitted to surgery on Monday morning. Mrs Fred Wienberger, who has been a patient at the Holy Family Hospital at Estherville following surgery, is at home again and showing satisfactory recovery. Mr and Mrs Lawrence Mueller visited with Mrs Delond Votteler, a patient at the Holy Family Hospital at Estherville last Wednesday evening. Mr and Mrs Lee Loge an;j family of Frost, Minn, visited Wednesday evening at the Sig Lpge home. Mrs Everett Witham attended a club meeting last wek Tuesday a\ the Wallace Simpson home near Whittemore . The famous Edison Laboratory, now a public museum, is located at West Orange, New Jersey, where many of the famous inventor's writings and inventions be viewed, . i age and some rafters were burned. The rear portion of the building was blazing furiously when the firemen arrived, indicating the fire started near the partition which divided the front and rear portions of the building. Cause of the blaze was thought to be an overheated compressor motor. A portion of the roof near the rear of the building collapsed, making it difficult to fight the blaze from that angle. Smoke billowed high and covered the entire north portion of Algona. The three Ions-time operators of the Smoke Shop, owner John Bieser, Lawrence Gillespie and Stewart McFadden, knew nothing of the destruction of the building until the flames had been extinguished. Bieser was home but not notified, while the other two returned from Minneapolis late Sunday night and didn't discover what was happening until they arrived here. The interior of the building was a shambles, and practically everything inside was damaged to some extent. One prized possession was saved however, it being the final cigar manufactured by the Guderian and Bieser firm April 6, 1939. The Smoke Shop was a descendant of a cigar factory, and the building destroyed by fire Sept. 2, 1956 had been the fourth and final location of the factory. Bie.=er, who had been connected with the manufacture of cigars for many years, became sole proprietor of the factory and retail store in 1935. His partner prior to that was Lou Guderian and the Guderian and Bieser G & B Special, and later the Nick-Less cigar, which was thought up by Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, became famous. The latest fire was the second for. Bieser. The original cigar factory, which was located over the old States Cafe, had its entire contents destroyed many years ago. The manufacture of cigars and t-ilbsequent retail business was carried on later in the building now occupied by Grotte's Cafe, then at the present site. Plans for the new building, which now houses the Smoke Shop, were developed by Bieser immediately after the fire last fall. Algona (la.) Upper DM Weln«-3 Thursday, Jor». 24, If If ' Tom Young of Glertwood rS- contly retired frafn 8 Jofe of 23 years as e-ustodiafi of !ne Milts Cfiunly Courthouse. St. Benedict By Mrs Philip Arndorfer Bill Ludwig, son of Mr and Mrs Jack Ludwig, left Jan.- 4 to return to Camp Chaffee. He had been home since Dec. 24. Mr and Mrs Mareel Reding ot LuVerne are parents of a buy weighing 1 Jb. 10 oz. born Jan. 2 at St. Ann hospital, AJgona. The little fellow was the county's 1st New Year's baby. This makes three boys and one girl in the » family. He has been named Dennis Lee and his sponsors were his uncle, Tommy Arndorfer and Mrs Vernon Kramer of Livermore. He was baptized by Father C. Ernst Jan. 3 in the St .Benedict Catholic church. Mrs Nick Arndorfer and Mrs Philip Arndorfer spent the day Jan. 3 at the home of Mrs Jack Ludwig as did 17 others ladies. Pot luck lunch was enjoyed by all at noon. On the evening of Jan. 10. The Town and Country Club met about 7:15 and started on the bread baking business. After all products were baked. We filled Mrs Nick Arndorfer's fully extended table to capacity and ate it practically bare. Mabel Leason, Jessie Sarchet and Ida Peterson, all of Algona were among those present at a New Year's dinner at the home of Mr and Mrs M. H. McEnroe of Algona. The Philip Arndorfer family was there, too. The St. Benedict Card Club met Dec. 28 at the home of Mrs Lawrence Cink with high prize going to Mrs John Preu- schl. The same card club met at the home of Mrs Philip Arndorfer Jan. 10 with high prize going to Mrs Alex Eischen. The next party will be at the home of Mrs Alex Eischen Jan. 16 . ' On. Jan. 6, Mr and Mrs Leo McEnroe were hosts to Mr and Mrs H. M. McEnroe and the Philip Arndorfers. Jack McCarthy, son of Mr and Mrs Don McCarthy who is a high school freshman at St. Louis, Mo spent the holiday season in his St. Benedict home. Ida Mae Kutschara, daughter of Mr and Mrs John Kutschara, Wesley .spent the holidays here. She is taking a business coursa at the Mankato College. Marilyn Seiler who is taking a teacher's course at Iowa State Teachers College, was also home for the holidays at her parents' home, Mr and Mrse Julius Seiler. The St. Benedict C.D-A. court met Jan. 17 at the St. Benedict School Hall with the grand regent, Stella Eischen, /presiding Proceeding the meeting a Rosary was said for world peace. After a short business meeting 500 was played and high prize went to Louise Davis, low prize to Martha Grandgenett, door prize to Mary Lou Ludwig, attendance prize to Bernice Mayer. A nice lunch served by lunch committee with Evelyn Froehlich as chairlady. Florence Grandgenett was at head of entertainment. Next meeting will be Feb. 21. WANT ACS BRING RESULTS Well Give You For This Ad Just tear um out and bring um in. Hand us ad ... we hand you dime. You know easier way to make money, you tell —"•^"•"""^ ""•-.•—" ^^^MHI™» •^^^HH^HH^BHI . ••^•••••••B .. at Diamond's Surplus Happy HUNTING SALE BEGINS THURSDAY a. m. YOU READ YOU COME YOU SEE! ! We decide make "happy hunting" for our customers. We take lots time getting heap good merchandise to Wigwam . . . then ws make plenty hot prices on same, you bet! You come to Wigwam for "Volume Daze", you shop, you go home happy. •Xtft WE LETTING GO OF HEAP GOOD i Dress You Pay Penny Extra — Gettum Shoe For Other Foot, too. 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