Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 22, 1935 · Page 13
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 13

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1935
Page 13
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1935 13 WANT-AD GI IITtL CLUES Tl British Naval Commander Reveals Study Leading To Discovery of Vreck By GILBERT McALLISTER (Coprrifht, MM, by United F.ature Syndicate. Reproduction In whole or in part prohibited. All rights reserved.) 1Q ABOARD SALVAGE SHIP OR-PHIR, Oct. 22. A "want ad" in a Cork newspaper resulted in the discovery of the apparent wreck of the Lusitania, Commander Robert Harding Dring revealed to me today. Commander Dring was the mysterious "British naval commander" who accompanied Captain Russell on his shore excursions just before the discovery was made. He has now joined the expedition in its daily operations. Dring, who fought with the British navy throughout the World War, retired in 1920 to his farm Glan-mire, In County Cork, and has lived there since as a gentleman farmer. KEEN INTEREST He and his wife and three children were spending the Summer in a traif caravan at the seaside near Old Head' of Khisale when the Or-phir began its, search for the Lusitania. His casual interest in the salvage ship, which was frequently within sight, became keen when it occured to him that he might help by collecting information. "Accordingly, I inserted an ad--ertisement In the Cork Evening Echo," said ommuider Dring, "offering a reward for Information likely to lead to the discovery of the Lusitania. "I received an enormous number ' of replies. Sifting them, I proceeded with my researches. By coordinating the information I took off bearings on ordnance survey maps and charts, and then got in touch with Captain Russell. "Together we went around the countryside, the captain checking the bearings with the ship's com- pass, which he brought ashore. These bearings were charted and Q(he point of intersection determined."" WORKED OBSERVATIONS "It was by working on these observations that this big wreck was found within the area of intersection." A week-end of the worst weather in a century kept the Orphir in the protection of Kinsale's Summer Cove again today. Outside the waves were still growling snarling, but to leeward it bright and sunny, although wind was northerly and cold. The rest was welcomed by the men, whose tempers have been graved by buffeting of the ele ments. Much ealmer weather will be required before the Orphir can proceed with the next step in sal vaging the Lusitania. . House at 811 Clarke (and another one) both rented through one ad vertlsement in The Tribune. . . and was the Degr ees, Certificates Given 306 Students by V. of C. (DdDMS Stop Hurting Instantly then Lift Right Off! Drop FREEZONE on that aching corn. Instantly it stops hurting; then shortly you lift the corn right off with your fingers. You'll laugh, really I It Is so easy and doesn't hurt one Sit! Works like a charm, every time. A tiny bottle of FREEZONE costa only a few cent9 at any drug store, and is sufficient to remove every hard corn, soft corn, and calluses. Try itl FREEZONE TheBtMKi HAIR Remedy is Mad at Home "VTOU can now make at home a better X gray hair remedy than yon can tmy, Ohy following this simple recipe: To half t . .it . i - pull, VI waict HKJ unc wmy rem, I a small bos of Bubo Compound and one-fourth ounce of elvcerine. Arvr druggist can put this op or you can mis it yourself at very little cost. Apply to the hsir cwice a week until the desired shade . Is obtained, barbo imparts color to ' stresked, faded or gray hair, makes It soft and flossy and take ytan off your looks, it will not color scalp. Is' notettckyorfrsasy m does not rub oo, JL AITVKHTIS1DMKNT (WWBAtssSssNtaBWIsWVWWMW POISONED KIDNEYS Stop Getting Up Nights PTo harmlessly flush poisons and cid Jtom kidneys and oorrect irrigation of bladder so that yon can top "getting; up tilifhtd" get a 15, - sent packs!- of Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules and take as dl-rected. " Other symptoms of kidney and bladder weaknesses are scant, burning- or smarting; passage backache leg- cramps puffy eyes. MODERN WOMEN NBED HOT sWR aoalUjr pain sad sUay due to ookia,riarTWJ strain. sxpoaurftorrimUaroauata. CU-ehesrteri Diamond Brand Pill are efiectiya, iiaoie ana my wm raticr. oaa try. au dranom lorrmr 0 ymn. AskWf mm In I lAMOMDatAMBr BERKELEY, Oct. 22. Degrees, and certificates were today awarded to 223 students following completion of work at Summer sessions held on the Berkeley campus, while 83 students at the Los Angeles campus of the University of California won similar awards. Of the Berkeley awards, 153 are baccalaureate degrees, 68 higher degrees, 30 bachelor of education, one bachelor of science in agriculture, and 14 master of arts. Awards were formally made by the Board of Regents following completion of requirements by the students at Summer sessions. Here are the Berkeley awards: CERTIFICATES Curriculum for trajnlng of hy-gieniats: Olga Boriaovaa Monomack, San Francisco. Curriculum In optometry, Max Budge Cole, Oakland. PHARMACY, DEXTISTRY College of Pharmacy, degree of Granduate in Pharmacy: San Francisco Guy Cheu, Nathan Fisher, Robert Tracy McArthur, Georg-e Henry Willis; Atwater James Allen Heller; Martinez Louis Penn Keller, Elbert Joseph Sohweinltzer; Richmond Hoy Emmett Weston; Roseville Willis Com-ad Knapp; Sacramento Jerome Royal Fletcher. Degree of Bachelor of Science: Joseph Abraham Schick, San Francisco. College of Dentistry, degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery: Addioi Jai-obeon, Colusa; and to Norman Ostrander Jenssen, San Francisco. LAW axd arici i,ti;be Degree of Bachelor of Laws: Flo-ri.in John LaiiKcr, William Edgar Wilson, San 'Francisco; George Rebel' Miller, Berkeley. College of Agriculture,.:. degree ...u(,,Baoheloi Of Science: Atwater Burt Earl Croak-lte Jr.; Berkeley Bernard Morgan Kirk; Fresno Raymond Russell; Modesto Robert Leroy Van Buren; Oakland Norman Elmer Dlrcksen; Roseville Howard Jack Shelhoua; San Bernardino Helen Margaret Hansen; Ban Diego H. John Ray-nr; Santa Roea Reld Harper Look-hart; Klamath Tails, Ore. Laura Bernic Fry. CHBMISTRT, COMMERCE College of Chemistry, degree of Bachelor of Science: Floyd Bruce Longtin, Fresno; Benjamin Holmes, Modesto; Ernest Neal Develter, Oro-vHle. College of Commerce, degree of Bachelor of Science: Berkeley Mark Daniels Jr., Theodore Donnel Murphey, Webster Williamson Wilcox Jr.; Chlca Earl Robert Beblns Jr.; El Moriena Nelson Harlln Conway; Hollywood Harry Ernest Jones Jr.; Mcnlo Park Edwin Jud-son Justice; Oakland Howard Franklin Bowker, Robert Phillip Thorpe; Piedmont Robert Walker Drumm; San Diego Arthur Vincent Moore; San Francisco Charles Albert' MoPhee, Tamotsu Sakal; Santa Barbara Frederick Kelty Graham; Stockton Ben C. Allln. EXGUVKKMXG. MIIV1AG Degree of Bachelor of Science, College of Engineering: Alameda Hendrick William Mattsson; Berkeley Albert Sidney Guerard Jr.; Burbank . Thomas Smithson; Los Angeles Russell Lowell Forsythe, George Meredith Snyder, Kenneth George Wilkes; National City Ernest Albert Tarr; Oakland Daniel Edison Johnson, Jack Knight, Robert Edmond Williams; Pasadena Graydon Tarry Brockman; Riverside Sam Allen Weed; San Diego Earl Coleman Myers Jr., Victor John 8koglund;, San Francisco Anthony John Polos, Arthur Robert Layne; Santa, Barbara Francis Elliot Cornwall! Santa Cruz-3 Calvin L. Gleason; Juan . G. Restrepo, Me-detlin, Colombia, South America; Morrill Roland Woodward, Tucson, AH. V - , , College f Mining, degree of Science, Jack van Wyke, Berkeley MSTCOIVTIMEI College of Letters and Science, degree of Bachelor, of .Arts: Alameda Virginia Guerln, Arthur do Beau Carr, William Scott Mitchell; Alturaej Ida Fay Ballard Milllgan;' Arcardia-'-Halbert Edmond ; Root;, Berkeley Maraerr Mar Brailsford. Loula Agnes Dalley, Evelyn Dam,' Henry Michael DeCoss, John J. Gallagher, Elizabeth Elene Keeney, Elmer Sharman Millard, Edward Desloge Pike, M. Elizabeth Reading, Beverlee Ethel Sleghold, Idalle p;ilzabeth Van Wye, Dave Louis Wallace, Doris Woodward; Burlin-game Jean Viola Anderson, Robert Alan Mr.GIll; Chlco James Blaine Divine; Crockett Lois Emily Grow; DunsmUIr George Richard M lllard; Esparto Milton Arlelgh Woods; Fresno Theodore James Goth; Glendale William Lyman Thomp son; Hay ward Walter William Lin-4! den: Long Beach Ruth Marie Pitch- ford; Los Angeles Alfred 8. La jams, Betty Ellen Parker, Fred Miller Rmoot; Maricopa Alvlna Gertrude Smith; Modesto Avis Jean Rose; Oakdale Mildred Kluckohn, Lawrence Nicholas Quaccla. OAKLADKR NAMED Oakland Leon Battaglln, Max Budge Cole, John Earl Green, Rob-ley Hlgdon Lawson, Esther Desmond Lewis Ronald James Morton, Vonette Well Helmer; Henry Leonard Swords, Herman Thal-Larsen, Mary-Jane Wilson; OJal Herman Sell Bishop; Patterson Neal Johnstone Smith; Pacific Grove Raymond Marrow Case; Pasadena-Nancy Jane Dickinson; Petaiuma Maurice Ruby; Piedmont Joseph Maskel, Elva Reed; Redwood City Albin Dobson Hlrsch; Sacramento-Frederick Louts Beauchamp, Mary Elizabeth Lynn, Helen Georgia Nagle, Katherlne May Nielsen; San Bernardino Frank McConnell Towne; San Diego Robert Walton Leonard, Carl Wright Chandler; San Francisco Helen Cornelia Bartlett, Grace Virginia Brasseur, Lillian Crelsler, Wirt Daniel Griggs, Carol Hauschild, Franklin M. Henry, Sing Dai Koo, Katherlne Torney Coak-ley, Edward Preston Lee, Louis C. Lee, John Joseph Little, Arthur Robert Mason, Ernesto . Maria Re-blzza, Ellnos Marie Shapiro, Edith Amanda Stolpe, John Nicholas Thornton, Grits WIese, Berthe Gachet Wllley; San Mateo Louise Todd Posey; Sonora Allison Jarvls Solarl; Btrathmore James T. Wilson. Tulare Lynn Donald MeCallhrter; Turlock Victor Everett Hailstone; Ventura Frank Evans Orr; Vlr;, glnla Loretta Dennis, Wsshlngton! D. C; Mary MeNeely Kriegerj Stanford, Montana; Ethel M. walker, Reno, Nevada; Marie Louis Dufre-noy, Paris, Franc. MASTERS OF gCIECW Degree of Masters of Sclenoe: Berkeley Charles Wilson; Hanford Tyr Vladlmar Johnson; San Diego William Harold Crow; San Francisco Beverly IT. Fisher; Alexis Richard Havemann, Pretoria, South Africa; David Alfred Oppenhelm, Harbin, Manchoukno. MASTERS OF ARTS Degree of. Master of Arts: Berkeley George Walcott Ames Jr. Elizabeth Verne Cawthorn. Ruth McGovnev, Arnold Maurice Martin," Harold MeDonough Mathews, Basil Hyrum Peterson; Bakersfleld George O. Bennltt; Chlco Llod Myron Cook; Fresno Brand Thor-man Johnson; Laton Jacobus ten-Broek; Long Beach Gale Ward Greenwood: Los Angeles Louise Darling, Paul Freeborn Wslden-helmer; " Modesto Robert ' Francis Hoover;. Oakland Marlon Loretto Hogan; H. Stewart Kimball.- Prey, Philip Looey, Lynda Barbara Tage-man; Orange Manfred Ernst Adolf Mueller; Pasadena Lorraine Daniels Fuller; Redlands Clarene Eugene Oswald, Gladys Lamb Potter. Saeramentrj Nicholas E. KesheJI, Forrest Carlton Mlchell, Lawrence LaVerne Tabor; San Diego Lloy-din Delia Martin; San Francisco H o m r Woodhnll Davis, Hope Frances Kennedy, Norman Harold MoCollom: San Gabriel Florence Lucfle Chapman, D6rothea Ellen Petrle; San Jose Raymundo Anosta Favlla; . Santa Rosa Alio Weber Yates; Sonera-Beuben Anthony StIts: Thrmsl-j-Jora8tl ' E-vereft Gibbs; Stanford University Warren Dwlght Allen; Mamie Barrett, fiutte, Montana; Charles Henrv Boweii, Olympia, Washington; Alfred Ruben Everest, Newberg, Oregon: Pari Holland Newcomer, New Tork City; Virginia Sorolofskr, Tampa Kansas; Mathilde Solowey, New Tork City, DOCTORATES CONFERRED Degree ot Doctor of Education: George Edward Axtelle, Oakland; and Tikhon I. Lavrischeff, Cordova, Alaska. .Degree of Electrical Engineer: Charles Francis ,Dahsiel, Paso Rohles. Degrree of Doctor of Philosophy: Beaumont Walter Ebellng; Berkeley Kenneth Ieon Culver, Ernest Loeb Inwood, Richar'tf Adams Mc-Ginnls. Vernon Aubrey Neasham, John Calvin Potts, Maxlne Bardsley Younsr; Chula Vista Stanley Ellsworth Flanders; Los Angeles Ben- J a m 1 n Barnett, Caroline Agnes Brady. Sherwin Francis Wood: Oak land Andrewa R. Noble; Pasadena William Hammerieh Claussen Louis Grenberg, Pueblo, Colorado; Milton Reed Hunter, Holden. Utah Louis McCorrv Myers. Eugene. Ore gon; Arden Beal Olsen, Salt Lake City, Utah. Following are awards on Los An. geles campus: BACHELOR OF ARTS Degree ot Bachelor of Arts Beverly Hills James Leal Hender son; Covins Margaret Jean MiHi-kan; Glendale Williams Donnally Hollywood Robert L Brewer; Huntington Park Robert Lyman Peters, Frd Speldel Youkstetter; Ingle wood Marie Valerlo: Los An geles I. Max Albeck, William Howard Brainerd. Florence Edith S, Carlson, Josephine Matilda Casanova, William Parker Cooper Jr., Fenton William Earnshaw. Alex Fred, John William Gibson, Douslas Frederick Johnson, Louis Lloyd Johnson, Leah Kalish, Jeanne Mary Kennedy,. Abe Loshakoff, Blanch I Mel''adden, Iuio Carlos Marques, Ilulaney Williams Palmer, Margaret Marian Ward, lmrothy Velma West, Robert, Crowner Williams, Mary Virginia Provaznlk, Augustln Lorenzo Santos, George Nathaniel Walker; Lone Pine Margaret Alice Gilmore: Pasadena Eleanor Sarlls Carson: Pomona George Gray Young; Palo Alto Harold Ellin-wood Small Jenkln; San Pedro Sheprob Haran; John Christie, Enders, Chlaaero, Til.; Ruin Mildred Franklin, Jackson afleh.; Howard Freedman and Sidney Lowy, lork City. BACHELOR OF EDUCATION Degree of Bachelor of Education Anaheim Frances Isobel Brulngton; Bakersfleld Byron Hays Apperson Chester Irwin Whltten: Huntington Park Grace Angeline - Southard Balrd; Los Angeles F.thel Agnes Ahlnort. Vivian Eileen Borgman Iva Nettle Doty, Gaillard Mowdy Hardwlck. Marcella Linda Henkes, Virginia Llane Mav,- Mary Beatrice O'Brien, Ruth Ellen Ruble, Edna Silverman. Gertrude Mabel Allison Mavis Smith Cain. Bernice Nycs Cnrlett, Maurlne Davis, Ruth Ann Donat. Katherlne IVadel Hawkins, Dorothy May Kaiser, Gertrude Schaleben Nutting, Alice Anderson Petterson, Ella Sattinger Williams; Pasadena Dwlght Hamberg Cran-dall; Redlands Edna Elizabeth No-well; San Diego Leora Alice Mc-Vey; Santa Monica James Henry Moore: T a f t Kathleen , Patricia Perrlgo; Venice Ida Claire Shapiro. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Branch ,of the College of Agriculture, degree of Bachelor of Science: Robert Tloho, Czechslovakla. MASTERS OF ARTS Degree of Masters of Arts: Hollywood John Frederick Harris; In-glewood-Dolores Tejeda; Long Beach Ethel Johanna Rasmussen; Los Amreles Elsie Marshall Bravo, Jennie Isabel Davidson, Charlotte Harriet Hanson, Sister Mary Ancllla, O'Neill, ConsueU Rivera, William Oswald Shanahan, Anna Marl To-; daro. Florence Mildred White. At- tlllo Grsxletto Parlsl; San Diego ArchU Cllve Gerlach; Perlna Pizlall, Princeton, Michigan. BR. PA ill! GETS WPA POST SAN. FRANCISCO, Oct 22. Announcement of the appointment of Dr. Paul Radin of Berkeley as State director of the Works Progress Administration's writers' project, and supervisor of the United T States guide-book for California, was made at WPA headquarters today. Dr. Radin's appointment was seen as an assurance that a large number of professional writers and newspapermen would be given employment The projects, designed to provide employment for every jobless writer in the State, will be carried out under the direct supervision of Henry G. Alsberg, of Washington, D. C, director of Federal Writers' Projects. The guide-book will provide a comprehensive survey of each State by localities and cities. Each State book will eventually be incorporated into a volume covering the entire Nation. s -, , , , - Stationery to Have Letterhead Map SAN LEANDRO, Oct. 22. Reduced to letterhead size, the official map of San Leandro will be printed on the .back of all city stationery, City Manager A. E. Pelton said to- (day; The letterhead map will be identical wim tne regular large map, Pelton said, with the exception of several minor revisions made sine the original was drawn. The map will be in exact scale and printing will be sufficiently large to make Is easily readable. 1 Tracy Scout Units Fill Out Fund Needs TRACY, Oct. 22,-With $375 In cash collected and more than $500 in pledges, the annual drive for funds to finance activities of Tracy's two Boy Scout troops has been completed, according to C. E." Ritter, drive chairman. The goal was $750. 7A CASH FOR YOUR L IP AND SSLVEEl HIGHEST PRICES IN TOWN AT PRECIOUS METALS CO. Blake Bid., 1131 Washington Room M8 AMAZING NEW CONCENTRATED KINDLING! E 1 i m i n o t "chopping" . . . muss . . . paper . s Art hcnardsl fe clein convenient economics! Cironerr, Hardware, Sporis and Department Stores Concentrated Kindling: 36 CI flOOOGG 0OSQI1M GQQDPQQ)?? LEADER S Throughout the Nation oufii ennioeia Quality Unsurpassed old nmERicnn Straight Bourbon and Ry ISJ HI SKIES nmERicnn cold inoEi Blended UIHISKEV nmERicnn Gin old coLonv Gin pnnn nuEnuE Gin BSS 1.$ MmMfaetwrlfig Plant Ptkln,lllino)i Philadelphia Hoboken,N.J. New Orleans San Franeitco Dtsaribiited bj MERIT DISTRIBUTING CO, INC, through the following rets 11 outlets! OAKLAND VINE & LIQUOR CO. 2321 Telegraph Ats, Oakland BARTGLLI UQUOR STORE 1326 Park St, Alameda COAIOET'S LIQUOR STORK $436 Grove 9t, Oakland DUTTON UQUOR STORE 690 E. 14th St, San Leendr GORDON'S LIQUOR STORE , 7W Aft. A E. 14th St, Oakland GRIXrT LANTERN BUrTET Emeryrille KELLET DRUG STORE 135 FoothM Bkd, Osklsnd LAKE-MElWrrSS3S2 Madinon & Lake Sts, Osklsnd , MILLER DRUG STORE : j s8oo e. Hth Oskiand ; ROSE-WATERMAN DRUG CO. Store 11150 Seventh St, Oakland Store 2300 E. 18th St, Oakland Store 33801 Grove St, Oaklsnd Store 41624 Franklin St, Oakland Store 5-532 15th St, - Oakland . STORM'S MARKET 1110 Seminary Ave, Oakland S. F. CORNER STORE 80S San Pablo Are, Albany VALLEY OF THE MOON VINE & LIOUOR CO. " 2953 Ssn Pablo Aw, Osklsnd TTEBSTER FAMILY LIQUOR STORE , 1Z.1802 "Vebster St, Arameds " Firemen Hurt in Extinguisher Blast SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 22. Peter Farrell and William Wood-hall, members of the San Francisco Fire Department, were recovering today from injuries received last night when a fire extinguisher with which they were putting out an automobile fire exploded. The accident occurred in front of Mary's Help Hospital. Farrell suffered a fractured leg; Woodhall, ' injuries about the face and loss of several teeth. . - Dramatic Readings To Feature Program SAN LEANDRO, Oct 22. Dramatic readings by Miss Alia Peterson will feature a dinner program for husbands of members at the Alta Mira Club Friday night. Other entertainment is being planned under the supervision of a committee headed by Mrs. G. M. Alexander, while arrangements for the dinner are being made by a committee of which Mrs. William Frost is chairman, i Savings for Tuesday and Wednesday, October 22nd and 23rd, in All East Bay MacMarr Stores TUTTLE'S COTTAGE aPt A At A sv-nnomioanv 9 OZ. Hj C j priced PABST-ETT Mf Choice of liS standard or WllVVtIV pimento. SUNSWEET Glass 12 2pl.f) Prunes Sir p EE LIBBY'S Piddes 6 oz. Jar PENNANT Matches I Quick striking- value! 9 3boxE(JD PIONEER MINCED jp. Clans 2 No-55 S VIBU ebowder. Cans iiiliniraiijTi I 'i fi.- y Golden brown, delicious dough? I nil - nuts at bargain price Z 'X&trJ f TUESDAY AND WED- I ' NESDAY ONLY! " ' f T7V.fi.rT 't5' I TASTY Wf TI'E'O Special for Tuesday and UU1 ll-lli Wednesday D Aim LAND GOVERNMENT CERTIFIED fWfjMmiJlf Federal-State inspected certi-ISU A I Ulll fied to be 92 score or higher ib. Sg4 TWIN PEAKS Peas Fresh-flavord, tender. 2 No. 1 cans If sini.IsV WHITE . a . ( EGGSlr' 35 ieggs I LARGE FRESH MacMARR u. s. , ' extras. Doz.l (Nulaid Eggs, dozen 46c) PIEDMONT or Lime Rickey (plus deposit). 4 - S3 EE Ginger Ale BROWNING'S PPeSerVeS All varieties in stock. LIBBY'S FANCY Pineapple ARISTOCRAT I 1 Mayonnaise Qt. tJE 2T 8 oz. . Jar Choice of Hced or 1 No. 1 flat crushed fruit, , , --- cans C e c c ; - TENDERSWXET ? Corn Delicious i-'im style. I 1 i'VliC 2 No. 2 I 1 cant .;,-Jr fJ , , : , 1 PORK & Beans Van Camp's just heat and serve. Med. cans 4 RAINIER Af A 3 v ........... J bottles (Plus depoHlt) 3$ BROWN DERBY Dm . M v- ........ If bottles. Mellow brtw, (Plus deposit) PALMOLIVE Soap. Bar ...... . Fin toilet soap. BAKER'S y Cocoa....;. ltM Nationally famous brand. A BLUE BUNNY PEACHES Luscious dessert fruit. C.H.B. PANCAKE FLOUR MacMarr's for tasty hot cakes. . SLEEPY HOLLOW Syrup, pt... .11 Pur cant and maplt. . DEVILED Meat. Ho. J can lc Llbby's brand. SMALL WHITE Beans... J lbs. tl lc At a low prlcel . BLUE ROSE Rice ..... 3 lbs. fl c . Extra fsncy. . Bottle Ji(g -7 MACMARR A EVAPORATED MILK Carnation, Llbby's, Alpine or Pet r Tall Cans Walnuts 2 lbs. 2 Fresh erop. . ISSUB S S S S'S'S S k I Vila I WW A real bargain! E7 Fresh-ground -1 rir ib. 2-11(2 HASTY 7 Tapioca, pkg. . . . Tissue ...... 4 rolls l! s Soft, absorbent, sanitary. KOOL nuuij , Pa, M Cigarettes ...2 pkgs.E Also 8puds r Phillip Morris CALO Dog Food i mr. w. Rau. t m m 1 kfe t cans . X c e SOUPS All except clam chowder, 2 c ,ans : a Quickly and easily prepared. POWDERED Sugar, 1-lb, carton . . . tZjC or Dessert siiRnr. , M (Brown Snrr 1 lb. eta.. ...) ' m CREMO ' ,. ' ' ' - Cigars 3 for fl ggC Mild, mellow smoke. ink mt , RALEIGH - Cigarettes . . .2 pkgs. rQ Also Lucklfi, Camels, Chester. J ; fields, Old Golds - mmM mf SCHILLING'S DRIP . Filter pa pars Insld the ean. lb. O if Round, Sirloin and Prime Rib Fresh ground. tesiEss (Short Ribs to Boil or Bake, lb.. 12c) SI3ssdl IBastim Hormel's, lean and tasty pkg. lb. lb.

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