The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 6, 1949
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, .TULY 6, 10-19 Lengthy Reading )f Bids Resumed 400 Bids on 56 Printing Contracts Must All Be Read LITTLE ROCK, Aric., July 6—In —Arkansas Secretary of Stale C. Q. Hall yesterday resumed his marathon reading of bids on state •ting contracts. -fall began his voice-straining ask In legislative chambers Saturday when some of the bidders refused to waive formality of a Public reading. After talking for nine hours, the secretary of state had only dented 'he tolal of about 400 bid's on the *" contracts. He believes he will ed at least two more days to complete reading the proposals. This Is the first complete oral reading of stale printing bids since 1937. Since (hat time bids have >ecn opened in Hull's office, and abulated by members of 1,1s staff and the printing clerk In the state auditor's office. BLYTHEVtLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Rich Recluse Found Deod Amid Trash And Rubble of Her Beggar-Type Home i COl'l'I.E GI!i:i,T CHINIiSE fllKL TIIKV WILL ADOPT °" ' le '' a "' lVi " Frank J. Chisavi Vt " k New York greets a six - | f -..-..*. (j... w .. «,\.i n.nidi ok ltl\_iual llld nvju 111 1NCW X Ul K lUlIU\Ykl]g n J 2,(JOO-)1H|C tl'il) t I'Om Cjlllli (he bid "rcK&ns~~bcBan""ssiim<\Zy. s| ™ laole<! '«' lllc New York Daily News. Chisari, an ex-GI. who found the child four years ago beside no and Ins wile, Antioneti* Wirephoto) ray. Yesterday however, attendance hail dwindled to about one half (hat figure. Hall predicted that the spirited competition for state printing contracts this year would result in the lowest prices in recent years. However, Bryant wildor. printing clerk in the state auditor's office who is tabulating the bids. OHUIUUICU uj LIU; iv^v yotK uany i\ews. utnsari, an ex-(jl, who lound the child mothers de-ad body and cared for her in the luscl^e O f ft wrecked airplane. He cleft), will ailopl the girl, whose name is Ann. They have two other children. Army's New Payroll System is Explained PHILADELPHIA. July 6-M'l— Authorities yesterday awnllcd a •ouii order permitting an Infested iearch of a home where they said i woman recluse lived like a bcg- Ber despite the fortune at her command. A preliminary survey of the cluttered building Monday revclncd the woman was worth at $'.>00.000. authorities estimated, but she chose :o live on a semi-starvallon diet of bread and milk. The woman. Mrs. CiUhcrlne S. i Hitler, 19. was found dead Sunday on her trash-blnnkelcd bed. The house was> clammed with rubbish and litter. Police said they suspected that somewhere in the maze would bo found a clue lo ihe whereabouts oi possibly S100.000 Mrs. mtter is believed to have hidden away. Police said rents collected from tenants of some u houses she owned were brought to her regularly Neighbors told Investigators lliey knew virtually nothing of the woman except that she used a liny vestibule as an "office" from which she conducted her outside I contacts. About two weeks ago two neighbors related Mrs. Rittcr had opened the front itoor and sent them to a store to buy her bread and milk. But It was at least a year since anyone had seen her emerge from her home. The investigation of Mrs. Hitter's death was tarted by neighbors who complained o f "odors" emitting from the house. Police broke into the house and found the woman's body. They said she had been dead "about three or four days." Death was attributed to "natural causes." American vessels nmst pay toll for passage through the Panama Canal, Just the same as Ihc vessels o( any ether nation. OSRollison Lumber Co Sheet Rock . $5.50 Celotex . . . $6.00 TOM SAWYER PAINTS Call on us to Estimate Your Repairing and Painting Doors and Windows FOR SALE OSRollisonLumberCo Office Phone 5'J I lies. 33U9 The Army's new payroll system, ., pHmngroduion ** »» ™ in ,.„,,„„» ------- „:,., G - Bahn have risen in recent years and that he did not expect pi-ices to be much below the contracts awarded two years aso. The Arkansas constitution requires [hat all state printing be •done under contract. The various [types of printing are grouped into "[•J contracts and new contracts m> let. every two years. The law requires the secretary of • state to open the bids and after • they are tabulate* the contract goes Ito the low bidder with approval of • the governor, slale auttitor and state • treasurer. Bidders for slate printing contracts submit proposals listing their •price for every operation involved •in the contract they seek. For that •reason some of the contract.'! con•lain Ihousanris of different figures •And require hours to read. . .tain Killed |/n Texas Plane Crash BYERS. Texas, July t. Wi—A Iflier bailed out too late and Capt which became effective July 1. to- by SSgt. Arthur who is in charge of Army and Air Force Recruiting for Mississippi County. According to Sergeant Bahn the finance department prepared payroll vouchers to be sent to the companies on the 22nd of each month, for the individual soldiers to see. The vouchers carry his name, amount of accumulated from Army pay. and a blank column where he can direct them to pay so much in even dollars .and direct other funds to his account. Sergeant Bahn said the system was started to facilitate payment, consolidate records and eliminate signed pay vouchers. Officials and enlisted men arc paid in the same manner, and income tax payments are deducted from their pay. Sergeant Bahn al-io explained today that more than 6.000 were enrolled each month last year in the United States Armed Forces Institute at Madison, wis., where courses toward securing a high school certificate are being taught. He explained that the instituted covered every grade and rank from or any other state, relative to Ihe sale ol alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be Issued for operation beginning on jl the 5 day of July 1949. and to expire on i.hc 30 day of June. 1950. We.S[ Sanlord For.sylhc Subscribed and sworn to before me this 5 d;.y ol July 1940. Mrs. Marshall Bhickard Notary Public i My ComniLiSlon expires: 3953. 7-6-49 Illlc-l unllcu SJUU LUU lale HI1U Was x.i'.'.'i.u i,>tl.> ftlnvic all" J.lllti null] killed as an AT-6 plane ran out | recruits to generals, with ages rang•of gas and crashed yesterday. The "pilot parachuted lo safety. The body of-Capt. James S. Har- Irison, Fort Sill, Okla., was found •beneath his open parachute. 15 feet • from the wreckage of the plane. •Bycrs is near Wichita Palls and the Oklahoma border. The plane was from Goodfellow JAir Force Base, San Angelo, Tex. •It was en route from Springfield, •Mo., to Sheppard Air Force Base |at nearby Wichita Falls, Tex. First Lt. Eugene J. Timony. 28, i*kewoorf, O., parachuted to safety far Byers and was taken to Wich- Jlta Palis by a motorist. He had giv- •en Capt. Harrison notice to bail out •«nd thought the captain had done • BO. Timony, the pilot, is stationed • at Goodfcllow Air Force Base. ing from la to 63. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as North Hiway 61, State Line, Blytheville, Miss is - sippi County. The undersigned slates that he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this stale. KOTICK OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given thai the i Commissioner of Revenues of Ihe Slale of Arkansas lias issued a per- j mil. No. 212 lo Hugh Cherry lo sell j and dispense vinous or sniriluous I liQiiors for beverage al ret«il tin Ihe ! premises described as 418 Wosi Ash I St.. Blythcville. Ark. This permit issued on Hie 1st day of July ]949 pnd expires on Ihe 30 day of June 1950. Hugh Chervv 7-6-4!! 7-13-49 NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PKRMIT , Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas has issued a permit. No. 225 to Lendennie Fowler Jr.. to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as i 122 E. Main St., Blylheville. ! This permit issued on the 1st j day ol July 1949 and expires on the ' 30 day of June 1950. Lendennie Fowler Jr. 7.G-12 z&zS SV las never J>een pleasured ! Now AXO THEN, a person who is about to take delivery of a new Cadillac inquires as to the pe.-io<i ot time he may logically anticipate using it. Our ansucr is [hat we do nor know-for tlic life-span of a Cadillac car lias never been accurately Pleasured. There is evidence in abundance tliat, «ith proper "re and reasonable usage, the life of a Cadillac is tar bejoml .ill normal requirements. Recently, for instance, four Cadillacs of the I')f2 scries uerc retired from the testing licet of one o"f the great tire manufacturers. The four of them had traveled a ,otal of 2.5W,II3 miles-,,, average distance of almost 650,000 miles per car. None of them retired for disability. Tach ucnt into general service after leaving ,hc testing fleet. But, of course, the irMranti of . Cadillac is only hall the story. I he manner in which the car performs is equally vital to the owner's satisfaction. Not only can you keep a Cadillac for , | ong , [mg lime-but your enjoyment of it will l,ke «isc endure. SULLIVAN-NELSON-CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut Phone 578 GRABER'S Special Thuis.—Kri Sat.—Mon. Speciol Purchase - Ladies GLAMOUR SWIM SUITS • Values to 7.98 • Lastex 4 88 Completely Lined with Acetate Rayon Jersey All kinds and all colors. Two piece suits with neck tie bra, also boned bra and I piece suits with twisted bra in solid colors, flamingo, seam foam, maize, skybliiB, white, black, also candy stripes and multi dot lastex suits. Sizes 32 to 38. Ladies Reg. 1.98 Cotton PETTICOATS Wide Eyelet Embroidered Trim Bottom 1 66 Ribbon Beading and Bow and Suxy Q 'Dip and Bow Sanforized shrunk. If you haven't bought your summer petticoats yd, now is the time at this low price. White only. Small, Medium, Large Sizes 59$ BUTCHER LINEN Extra Special — First Quality! ors. with A slupcntlous buy. Butcher I, I n r. n 3K inches wide. A complete ranjc of col- our savhiKs >re greater as usual Grater's values. Buy to complete your .summer «-ardrobe while you can make a big savings. 39 C Yd. LADIES REGULAR 5.98 NOVELTY SHOES All White! Red and white! Brown & white! Sanda step-in 3 99 LADIES 1.98 SUMMER BLOUSES Be Cool— Smartly Dressed! i 36 Peasant and Tailored Styles Fine batiste, mulll crept, Dupont Nylon and acetate, all over eytlel batiste, suit blouses to be worn inside or outside skirts, short sleeve and cap sltievc styles. Pink, blue, while and maltr. Sizes 32 (o JS. LADIES CAMISOLES 98 Sanforized Cotton Batiste Camisoles generously trimmed with embroidered eyelet and ribbon bciuliiiK. Wide eyelet shoulder straps. Buy them now to mutch your petticoats. 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Children's and Misses SANDALS T-STRAP—INSTEP STRAP—WRAP AROUNDS Keg. 2.1<) Si/.cs 1 iA S'/ 2 to 12 I.*W Reg. 2.0S Si/.cs | | 12!/ 2 (o ;i I.! filiform soles, weilj>e heels, marte of elk leather and popular 'Sun- air" fabrics by B. F. Goodrich. White, red, green, brown, black patent and two (ones.

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