Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 12, 1935 · Page 37
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 37

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 12, 1935
Page 37
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' '""N" .' ' ' . DEVELOPMENT afefa BUILDING ,- VOL. GXXII OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, MAY 12, 1935 B7 NO. 132 . . . : . . - THREE PBIZE ES 1 TO VISITORS Tw of Residences Given Recognition tt Exhibition Lut Week in 5. -F, Three prize-winning home? are bow to be teen In Piedmont Pines, Mitchell & Austin report Two houses were f iven recognition last week at the fourth biennial exhibition of the American Institute of Architect! in the Civic Auditorium m San Francisco. One of these, which won an award in ' the class of "houses of seven rooms or lees," was the Jackson-Tribune style house, now open to visitors in Piedmont Pines. It is of Regency design" and is the work of Frederick Confer, Jr- architect " The second house to win an award In, its class, "houses of seven to 15 rooms," was "Green Shutters," the Monterey colonial house featured as the exhibition home of Piedmont, Pines last Winter. It was designed by Miller & Warnecke. The third prize-winner is the house on Chelton Drive, Piedmont Pines, Tiow owned by .G. B. Mills. 1 This was the model home in the tract a little over a year ago, and at the time of 1U construction was given first place in a. national small-home competition. , - " In addition to these homes, other new homes either just completed or nearlng completion in Piedmont Pines, -are open to the visitor. Piedmont i..Pines is reached by driving out Park BouleVard to Mountain Boulevard, the entrance to the tract. The "style house" and other display homes are open dally until 9 o'clock in the evening. NEW. HOME IN ORINDA 'The attractive Monterey-Colonial home, pictured above, is one of ten new residences which will soon be under construction in Orinda. The house, which is being built for L V, Dana of Oakand, will contain seven rooms, and was designed by Ar chitect Fred L. Confer. Orinda homesitei are in great demand by families with children. The early completion of the new; low-level tunnel is proving a strong magnet for Orinda h i elote-in suburban home district. ' -: ' .'. - Highlights.: Of Real Estate, Development Funds for New Home Construction CHICAGO, April 8.Credit support for a Spring revival in the market for residential properties is , going to be provided by the building nd loan associations with hundreds Vt millions to lend. Probably 25 to 35 per cent of their advances during the next three months will go to as sist families in the buying of homes, it is stated, The United. States Building and Loan League cites these eircum stances as the first true reversal of the depression trend in the purpose for which home loans have been ought and granted. The associa tions which use savings capital to maite tneir mortgage loans are finding about twice as many families in-. terested in buying homes and able to buy them as they came across his 'time last year, it is shown. tt NEW NOTION Recently a varnish product has been placed on the market which is applied to furniture by the simple expedient of wiping Jt on with a cloth. It dries rapidly with a very high gloss. It can be used over any finish where varnish proves satisfactory. "Does the publitrequire a Daniel to interpret the Writing on the wall?" The question, is put by Fred D. Kaiser, vice-jpresident of the Oakland Real Estate Board, Who points out that the investment pendulum is once again swinging to real estate and homes. Says Kaiser: "From 1928 to 1935, building has been at a minimum. New subdivisions have practically been unknown. On the other hand, population growth has continued, the result being that today we have the lowest percentage of house vacancies since 1919. Houses for rent are extremely scarce; houses for sale are not numerous, and there is almost no choice in new homes. Many of the occupied single-family dwellings house two families. Banks, life insurance companies, and private lenders are now soliciting home loans, and are advertising that they have money available for new construction. The Federal Government itself strongly supports the nation-wide movement for new construction and modernization. Safe long-term financing is now offered the home purchaser for the first time. Furthermore, building and loan, and mortgage company sales lists of foreclosure properties have been greatly depleted. American urban families are go ing to pay about $240,000,000 more house rent In 1935 than they did two years ago, it is-estimated by the Home Building and Home Owning Committee of the United States Building and Loan League. Unless conspicuous move toward home' ownership takes place this Spring and Summer, the renters will find themselves paying an aggregate of By E. VAN RIBBINK Uevtlopmtnt Editor 1 ee a 11 the new homes the new lots OAKMORE "Oakmore" is the name of the busiest new home district in Oakland. (Right nqw 16 new houses are being built with many more to come!) To reach Oak-more drive out Park Boulevard to ; Leimert Bridge and drive up Leimert Boulevard tnto the tract. Close in! Restricted! Marine view! Large lots! Low . prices! Liberal financing! See Oakmore today, for your own home. f Mitchell & Austin Tract Office AN-1580 around $3,731,000,000 for leased shelter this year, according to the committee. This: estimate is based on a probable conservative rise in rents for the rest of the year in accordance with the monthly rise noted since the uptrend began a year ago. Recent studies on outgo of family funds for city rentals showed $4,550,000,000 to be the esti mated expenditure in 1931, and 1935 is expected to rise to about 82 per cent of that figure, the committee points out. The Easbay foreclosure record for the first quarter of 1935 is nearly 40 per cent below that of the last quarter of 1934, according to analysis of official data made by the Oakland Real Estate Board. Reports made to the realty board by the County Recorder G. W. Bacon show that during the closing three-months period of last year 378 trustees deeds and sheriffs deeds totalling $2,457,861 were recorded, while the totals for the first quarter of this year there were filed 357 such deeds amounting ; to $1,580,694 in property values. The realty board records show that this is the lowest quarterly total since the fourth quarter of 1930 when 1029 trustees' 1 and sheriff's deeds were recorded tore. closing $i;488,693 worth of property, Current realty market activity is 42 per cent normal while that of the United States, as a whole is running nearly 45 per cent normal, the Oakland Real Estate Board finds from analysis of official data The records of 1926 are taken as re fleeting a "normal" market. Record ation of deeds during the first quar ter or 1935 was over 5 per cent greater than that of the last quarter of 1834. MODEL HUM VISITURGED Plans for the financing , of -mil lions of dollars worth of new East- bay homes will be outlined to local builders and realtors by Bruce A. Wilson, of the Federal Housing Ad ministration, at the Hotel Learning ton, Wednesday noon, May 15, as the guest speaker at the! reeular bl monthly luncheon meeting of the Allied Eastbay Realty Boards. Wilson will explain to the build ers and realtors in detail the vari ous methods by which the Federal Housing Administration is using its influence to stimulate home build ing and the financing of home ownership. He will detail the means by which professional home builders and realty dealers, as well as individual citizens can avail Uthemwlves of the facilities offered 4l..r PITA fnV. V.,I1JI - homesW the purchase or refinancing of existing homes. PROFITABLE YEAR Arizona's farms and ranches were more profitable to their owners in 1934 than m any year since 1930. The total cash income from such properties amounted to more than $34,000,000, a sum one-fourth larger than In 1933. Greater returns from cotton, cottonseed, alfalfa and dairy products accounted for most of the increase. , MANY DEER BAGGED Reports issued by .the State Fish and Game Commission, show that a total of 20.805 deer were killed in California during the 1934 hunting season. . $3250 Full Price $325 Down $29.50 Per Month Buys this Attractive 4-Room Bungalow. There are 2 bedrooms, pleasant living roomth fire-pltce, hardwood e ffITl :iifi1 'M (Note the flowers and shubbery) fL... .! ! i L-.L I .'I n nnj . . ... has cement floor. Chicken house for 300 chickens. The lot is 80x355 feet, " How to Get There! Alameda Investment Company, 21684 Meekland Avenue, Hayward Drive out East 14th Street tn 8,,n..t nt a ' . I ward). Turn rlrht five twv. ,., ntti. ,V,.T. 1 . J.:.." "' Mreer In Hay- ' . KT . . "--. tna ana wiuow Avenue. Or take Peerless Bus No. I. at Eleventh and Clay, Streets, Oakland,, direct to our office, . . ; O N H MFI Willi WI.SI II U III k 'T s"jf nriiniinTniTrn &sk tx UtlVIUIWIIlHItU m IrS&l I ' 1 11$ III x ;t -"Any resident of the Bay area who falls to see the Eastbay Exhibition Home at 22nd Street and Broadway, will miss a real opportunity to get many definite and practical ideas 'about every phase of home Building from design and arrangement to. furnishings and financing." - This is the opinion of R. ' W. Breuner, chairman of the executive committee of the Home Planning Bureau, which is sponsoring this furnished display home, as a community enterprise. "Styles in homes, home furnishings and equipment have undergone rapid changes during the last few years," Breuner said yesterday. ! and Willow Avenues, in Meek Es tates orchards, just south of East Fourteenth Street at the entrance to Hayward from Oakland," . . ; ,, , Advertising Chain Names iV.y. Affiliate "Stimulated by part-time employ ment, reduced incomes and the need to provide an opportunity .for con structive use of leisure time,, as a supplement to income, an ever in creasing number of workers are turning to a- consideration of the ownership and operation of Small ttaraen Homes;"Trtales F. D., Cour. neen, vice-president of the Ala meda Investment Company. He added: "Locally, the Alameda Investment Company has taken the initiative In providine these earden homes and the company is now conducting a model farden home demonstration oh a large tract of land near Hayward. The site con tains approximately four-tenths of an acre and is completely equipped with poultry and rabWt buildings, a home and garage, a crop" garden, a Kitcnen garden, and fruit trees It .is also completely , stocked and 14 operation, in charge of a com petent operator who is elsewhere employed on a .part time basis for cash wages. "The poultry buildings and yards were planned to conform, as nearly as possible, to the California type recommended by the Cojlege of Agriculture of the University of California. The rabbit hutches are of kind that is sanitary and eco nomical. -i "The gardens are scientifically laid out, and a systenV of crop ro tation is arranged so as to Insure successful crops, year after year. without depleting, the soil. There are aoout 20 fruit trees, of several varieties, which will give fresh fruits in abundance .at a nominal cost. Berries, currants, rhubarb and alfalfa can also be produced economically. "Other arrangements of the gar den home are also possible, because of the year-round growing seasdn, freedom from damaging winds, and the rich productive soil. The garden home is located at the northwest corner of Meekland "Building and financing methods have been improved, and the costs cut greatly. 'Knowing these changes, a group of over 50 leading manufacturers and suppliers of the materials, equipment or services that go Into a home, banded themselves together to erect a home that would include all the new ideas that have practical value. "The result! If our Exhibition Home in its downtown location. Every part of the home was planned on paper long beore construction started. Miller and Warnecke. the . The Brewer-Weeks Company, San Francisco advertising agency, and San FrannlcpA trmmhAi nf th fnn. architects, incorporated new ideas tinental Agency Network, announces and new materials aho.edulnment. Ui,. mi,n u,ik k. nt,,i, ncwxBiiu jnieresiing eiiecis were achieved in the finish. Special fur nishings were obtained for use in this home. "In other words, we have ere. iiiea an exniDii wn cn is reaiiv a liberal education in the art of home planning and set up a 'model which is destined to Influence home con struction in the Eastbay for a long time to come. "In connection with the exhl bltlon, visitors are finding the free services and free information made available by the Home ; Planninc bureau most helpful in selecting aesign, materials and equipment for home building or modemlM. tion. The bureau maintains a host ess in the home and has a fr r. chitectural exhibit in the Breuner store building. Valuable literature on every phase of home building ana modernization is d trihntH wunout cost or obligation." Rose-Martin, Inc., New York advertising agency, to hold the New York membership. The Rose-Martin Agency thus brings to the total of 12 the member agencies in this affiliated group, by means of which co-ordination of activities for the group can be obtained in the principal cities of the, country, Includ ing New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Providence, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Seattle and Los Angeles, as well as in San Francisco. A research bureau is also maintained in Washington, D. C. IN THE PINES JlPft myrir ninnrup m vjf p t ru ur iun r 1 M. 4 n (ill I Th W i 5 I 4 The rare trees and shrubs in the gardens of the Taylor property, which Is located on- the- west side of the Tunnel Road, near The Uplands,, have made this site one of the showplaces of California, according to officials ef the Mason-McDuffle Company, who are subdividing the property and offering it for sale, . "Twenty-five yean ago, a single live oak marked the spot which Is now known as the Taylor Gardens," the company points out. "Today these gardens, on account of the beauty of their - rare trees and shrubs, have mere than local fame. . "They contain not only oaks and pine trees native to California, but also plants imported from every quarter of the globe. . ..There are flowering erabapple and eherry , trees from Japan: cedars - from India; oaks and hawthornes from England; peonies and wistaria from China; and the unique eantua buxi-folia from South America. "In subdividing this hill top at the very center of Berkeley's finest residential section, the Claremont district, the landscape engineer has seen to it that a fine group of these trees and shrubs Is left on .every site." . ;t: HAS HUGE FORESTS , Lumbering ranks as an industry of major, importance in Arirana. The State contains the largest expanse of unbroken' pine forests in the United State?. An artistic new home (upper) has just been completed in Piedmont Pines by Mrs, Helen Jackson, the builder, and is open to visitors this week. The house commands an unobstructed view of the Bay. The lower picture shovs the diniWroom of the Stvle House, also in Pied mont Pines, which has been furnished by the Jackson Furniture Com pany. Mitchell and Austin are the met agents. - . DEMONSTRATION HOME V ' 'n i" . ' ' 1' "i ' . MANY TOITRIHTH Figures orenared hv raiirnmisnn Inc uhnar th.t ..... ... 10 a cnensnea ruuio ui lumivui w u fromhal1rtSiyr. 2 W Unce to the Norf h. ni-., I room s center of interest. - ..... vuijuai vauiornia. WALL EMPHASIS An effective way o treat special wall spaces, such as the area around the fireplace, the recess at the head of a bed or the wall space around a dining room sideboard, is to have them . painted a different tint or color than the rest of the wall. This decorative treatment gives emphasis to a cherished article of furniture or The Alameda Investment Company has initialed a "Garden Home" drive in response to the demand for residential properties that will maintain themselves. The view shows a demonstration home, completely equipped and in operation at Meekland and Willow Avenues, in Hayward; Inspection is invited. . LIVE IN the'. Taylor Gardens The subdivision of the widely famous laylor uardens opens almost the last opportunity to secure a homesite in the heart of Berkeley s finest residential section. ' CLAREMONT Each site enjoys a superb view, sunny exposure and has its share, of rare trees I'nd shrubs. A limited number of such Lots at $2500 each Salesmen will be on duty at tht Taylor Gardens 275 The Uplands just off the Tunnel Road on Sunday. Or telephone for in appointment Exclusive Agtnt$ - 2101 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley - Telephone) BE rkeley 0200 REBUILD LIGHTHOUSE The famous old lighthouse on Point LomV at San Diego, is being rebuilt by the Government at a cost of, f 38,000, the ork to -be completed before the opening of the California Pacific International Ex-position. The Babrillo National Monument, comprising about two acres around the lighthouse, Is said to be the smallest National monument in the United States. Over looking San Diego Bay, it is one of the most picturesque spots in the country. ' See Tomorrow's Home Today! For scores of new ideas about home design, construction, materials, finish and furnishing, visit the East Bay Exhibition Home AnvwmmtmtKlHV.nti ADVERTISEMENT I jiuiyui.qn.ri.ri.riririi-u-ii-inni'.i'.T i-i-i-i-iTi- wwwww - " WEATHERi Alwiri pUaimi A Orinda NEWS FLASHES No. 3 MAY 12, 1935 They Sought the Things City People Miss " 4 ' i H ' Residents Tell Why They Bought in Orirjda ii-uonoc ionoi I0C30I Home and Business Loans 4 6 Ritei to Payments as low as $6.33 per $1000 per month, including interest and principal' . Loans may be mad up to 20 years Construction Loans Made Q Q (completely furnished) at 22nd Cr Broadway Your trip may save you hundreds of dollars when you buy, build or mod-, ernize. Visiting Hours: Daily and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Home Planning Bureau 5th Floor Bungalow Breuner's Store Bldg. 2109 Broadway CL-3210 and Hl-4343 CARDEN ENTHUSIASTS: Mr. Hswtrd Manhall ( tht Cll-fBl Nuratrr C. (Nllta). will kt M the Eihlhltl.n Hmc, 22nd aid Brad- war, rttn WKUNESDAT and SATURDAY aftcrnoan from 1:11 It I It j answer qorxitnn and ,lv, full In- Isripallnn n (arilrn iraltrra. Brlnr j Jour tardea rMemi, trt hl x- Orlnda's fog-free, dry, warm climate caused more people to move here than any other single reason, a survey shows. But climate is but one of many important reasons given.. Here are a few typical an- swera taJhfr Question:, . : "Why did you move to Orinda?" "Our doctor said the children would be healthier in Orinda." "We wanted to get away from the noise and fog of the city."' "We figured we would have a home plus an investment , Prices are bound to go up when the Tunnel is done." "Doctors recommended Orlnda's dry climate for throat and respiratory ail" ments."- , "We knew' we would be happy here. Orinda attracts the type of people we like as neighbors." "Your finance plan made it very easy to finance and pay for our home." "We couldn't resist tht opportunities for recreation." QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Question: "When will the Berkeley Low-Level Tunnel be completed?" Answer: Present plans call for its completion in May: 1936. Question: ''Is the highway to Orinda to be widened?" Answer: Yes. From the eastern portal of the tunnel to V Orinda junction the graded roadway will be 56 feet wide K and the actual paved portion will be 40 feet wide. ' Question: "How long does it take to drive to Orinda?" Answer:At "presentrtbout-24 minutes from dbwntown Oakland. With the completion of the new tunnel and high-way, 'Conservative estimates .. place the time at less than 20 minu4seasy, legal driving. Plan to See l'Model California Home" This model-home gives you . a definite idei of the luxury "of living In Orinda, where so ; much of your tlme can be spent out of doors. Architecturally it recreates the early , Spanish-California ranch- -houses with garden, patio,,, glassed in loggia, chaste White . walls and red tile roof. There re six huge rooms, equipped with every modern convenience. The low price $8500 on terms) is made possible by the new Orinda finance plan. . . y , i Special for $575 Beautiful view lot 111 ft, ; frontage by 260 deep, with S. ' X. exposure, fine oak trees ' and level building site, only $575. Nearly of an acre in this lot Secluded location. Terms. 8101 SHATTUCK AVB., BERKELEY Orlddi Offlcal THorow.II 16 Jamieson-Towle-Willoughby Corp. 372 1 7th St., Oakland 600 Mills Bldg., S. F. 3oaoi , loaoesa IOE30 IOOOI This k tht mylofta JACKSON-TRIBUNZ "Style House 7 It's a prize-winning house, too. Regarded by architects as exceptionally attractive in design. Full of suggestions for your new home. Built in a portion of Oakland long-famed for its woodland beauty and preserved today as a residential park- PIEDMONT PINES The "Style nouse" Is open dally from 19 t"l S 4 . t - T BLIP II ONE B E r k a I r 0200 j rln( lot im "OuioTOf Uvind ,i aoom." 1 'l""! ld ra In llotln and

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