Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 9, 1935 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1935
Page 3
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, .THURSDAY, MAY 9, 1935 D T7D A MPr MOVES TO SEEK DEFENSIVE . l - AID ABROAD ENVOYS HEAD " FOR ROME ID f SIGNING OF FRANCO -SOVET TREATY BILL APPROVED IN COMMITTEE B CAPITAL Air -Minister Flies , to Italy To Conclude Pact; Laval Ready to Call on Stalin By CHARLES FOLTZ Associated Press Foreign Staff PARIS, May 9. France, ceaselessly seeding security against war, moved' today to strengthen, friendships abroad and -bolster defenses at home. General Victor Denain, Minister of Air, left for Rome .to work out 4Jno Hi"rtort llnac nf an Ttnlrt-Vrpnrh air assistance treaty, while Foreign Minister Pierre Laval prepared to leave for Warsaw and Moscow on his . long-planned political fence-mending expedition. Simultaneously the Government put into effect plans to mobilize reserve units' ahd private organizations as part of its campaign to tighten national defenses' in the face of German rearmament. DEFENSE BATTALION A "home defense" battalion, nominally composed of artillerymen, at Lille, was given an official standing by presidential decree and placed Minister to aid aerial defense of the frontier in time of war. Creation of this organization, constituting a sort of local militia, was part of the Government's plan to encourage voluntary assistance of the nation's air defense. President Lebrun's decree said the Lille unit would "reorganize with a view to participating in aerial defense in the triangular district of Lille, Roubaix and Tour- UUlIJfi, Will UIC iMIIJlDWJ V. termining the means of recruiting and instructing and the methods whereby the battalion will be called for the air defense of the territory." ' FLYING TO ROME v A . squadron of three airplanes "conveyed General Denain and his staff to Rome. The agreement he will seek, which Is expected to deal with commercial as welles-military aircraft, will constitute the first link in the western defensive air pact proposed in the Anglo-French accord of February. In Warsaw Premier Laval plans to confer with Marshall Joseph Pilsudskf, Polish dictator, and Joseph Beck, Foroign Minister,- on Soviet mutual assistance pact from Poland's viewpoint. tin m.111 attumnt in neenra PfVlnnr?. concerned lest her geographical position between Russia and Germany some day should make her territory an Eastern European battleground, that the Franco-Russian accord will have no effect on the friendly relations between Paris and War-. gaw; . Laval's Moscow visit will be In the nature of a celebration with josepn Statin, soviet dictator, ana Maxim Litvinoff, Commissar for Foreign Affairs, of the successful conclusion, of the Franco-Russian agreement to support one another with arms in case of an attack. Cuba Trails Friends Of Slain Radical 'MATANZAS, Cuba, May 9. ) Army officials searched the hills today for associates of the radical leader Antonio Guitteras, who was shot by Government troops who raided El Morrillo Fortress in which he and his followers had taken refuge. . . Guitteras' aide, Carlos Aponte, cued with him while the attackers lost four soldiers. Some 20 of the 28-year-old radical's associates, two of them women, were in the fortress. Itwas -learned a considerable amount of the ransorn money" paid In the $300,000 kidnaping of Eutimo Falla Bonet, with which the Gov. ernment had charged Guiteras, was found near the slain radicals body Three Bank Bandits Get $15,675 in Raid WORCESTER, Mass., May 9. U.R Three bandits raided the Green-dale branch of the Worcester County Institution -for Savings today and escaped with 15,675, mostly in cash. Two of the robbers brandished sawed-off shotguns and the third carried a pistol. They harvested $14,450 in cash, $1000 in stocks, and a $225 diamond ring. The bandits were in the bank less than three minutes. They overlooked- an additional $1250 cash In the safe. Astor Takes Over Famed N. Y. Hotel NEW YORK, May 9.-JPj--Vincent Astor was the sole owner of the fashionable St. Regis Hotel today, having purchased the Duke tobacco family's interest in , the property for $300,000. Raymond Moley, close adviser to President Roosevelt, has been acting as receiver of the hotel on which Astor foreclosed a $5,000,000 mortgage last year. SILVER and OLD : GOLD PRICES RAISED at ... PRECIOUS METALS CO. Blmk nidi lit! WaihlntUa CASH PAID far tha followlnf Old TrlnkeU: Ladles' Wateh 6.50 to 24.50 Band King .... 2.60 to 1 1.75 Dental Gold ,.3.10 to 81.00 Watch Movt 25 to 2.00 Men's Watch 15.00 to 72.40 "Brine Anything That Gilt ten" ....01 Wlm "UPs II If: You are looking at this picture before the ship that carried it across the Atlantic has clocked in New York. It shows Pierre Laval, French Foreign Minister, signing the political treaty with the U. S. S R.,in Paris on May 2 while M. Potemkhine, Russian Minister to France (seated at right) and attaches of both governments look on. The picture, carried across the Atlantic by the liner Bremen, was placed aboard an airplane at sea, flown to New York hours ahead of the ship and flashed across the continent by A. P. Wire-photo to be published here before the Bremen reached her berth. A. P. Wirephoto, Today 's Pictures With Today's News. REIN MIDI RENO, Nev., May 9.-U.R-Re-lieved of allegedly, threatened, bigamy charges in the event he remarried, Max Reinhardt German stage director and producer, and Helen Thimig, actress, will be married shortly, it was Indicated today.. Reinhardt and the actress left Reno last night after obtaining a marriage license. They wfcre expected to be married at Carson City or Gardnerville, Nev., en route to Las Vegas and Hollywood, where Reinhardt will produce a picture. Failure of Parents to Send Money Leads to Suicide SALINAS, May 9. "If we had' sent the money, this wouldn't have happened." - Mrr and Mrs. H.ArMorano, of Salinas, whose daughter, Bobby Lee, 20, was found drowned in the Chicago River last night, admitted today their failure to send her railroad fare as she had asked, was responsible for her death. The girl, a resort hostess at Chicago, wrote last. January 25 for funds to return here, "I realize we did wrong," her mother said, "in not sending her the money, as then she would have been alive and athome today. But we were hard-pressed for' funds. The parents said their daughter had left here two years ago as governess of children of a San Luis Obispo family, taking the job so she could see the World's "Fair at Chicago. ' ' Then, they said, she remained there and married Thomas Anderson, last January 29. Later the couple separated. Recent letters intimated, the - mother said, her daughter was to become i mother. Other letters commented she was "tired of living" but otherwise gave no hint she planned to take her life. - The girl was a high school junior when she left here. Her parents were making plans today to claim her body. Morano is a mechanic. GweYmr Fata Cavler Climalk FLORSHEIM . - "' . Al R - Co N D ITI ON E D Ox FORDS "We believe that " quality' is -the', , - soundest shoe ' "-eoonomy. If we''.' ever lose our . " '', -business it will ', be-because our'-"' ahoes'are' too good not too poor " - "Twenty degrees cooler inside" is no " exaggeration when it comes to these comfortable . Summer shoes. Wear them once . . - and you'll -never be without them. Hundreds ofneat perforations , . .. punched clear through , . give your feet a chance to breathe and make them feel as cool as a 6ea freeze. A wide variety of styles for business, street, or sport ... with famous Ped-Flex construction that eliminates "breaking in." A Vy MOST T-rXEJ 1444 g p OADWAY wiiisiiiiiiiMBiaiiMimiiiymilLaaiuiffliiiiumfl I mmmmmmmmtm ACE GHftRGES . SAN FRANCISCO, May 9.-Hugh Ritchie, Inspector . of the State Dental Board, arrested on Tuesday as an alleged bandit chief, faced new charges today of impersonating a Federal officer, and extortion. As he appeared before Municipal Judge George Schonfeld on the robbery charge, Mrs. Louis Gorl, 627 Sillfman Street, Identified him as one of two men. to defraud her husband of $300 three weeks ago, police said. Wagner-Gonnery Measure Is Okehed; Omnibus Banking Bill Near to Passage Death Stay Is Refused ToHhon Texas Governor Declines to Interfere in Execution Of Convict and Slayer mm WASHINGTON, May 9. U.R- The House Labor Committee today voted unanimously to report favorably the Wagner-Connery bill reinforcing the labor guarantees of section 7A and establishing a permat nent labor relations board. The bill, as reported ' by the House committee, would place the labor board under jurisdiction of the Labor Department, as recommended by Secretary Frances Perkins. The companion measure, pending In the Senate, would make the board entirely independent of other Government agencies. -The House voted, W2 to 61, against outright Government ownership of the Federal Reserve System. As it pushed the Administration s Omnibus Banking bill toward pas sage, it defeated an amendment by Representative Cross (D., Tex.) under which the Federal Treasury could have bought $140,000,000 in stock of the 12 Reserve banks now lield by the Reserve member banks. Republicans Battle Bank Bill in House By CLARENCE M. WRIGHT, Associated Press Staff Writer. WASHINGTON, May 9.-0?)- Three sizeable scraps were in store for the House today as Democratic leaders pressed the Administration's omnibus banking bill toward final votes.- But since the measure weathered yesterday's tests without amendment, majority chiefs predicted the same thing would happen today. Republicans were defeated yesterday in attempts to revise the bill in line with their views that gives the Government too much power over the banking system. - The major tests today were on proposals to require State banks to join the Federal Reserve System, permit the reserve board to raise and lower reserve requirements of reserve banks, and authorize the Federal Government to buy up all the stock in the 12 central reserve banks. In the meantime, Senator Borah (R., Idaho) joined today with those holding that the Supreme court s recent decision wiping the railroad pension law off the books would not block action on the Administration social security program. AUSTIN, Tev., May 9 (JPh-Gov ernor James V. Allred refused to day to inteVfere with the execution of Raymond Hamilton, and Joe Palmer. - A few minutes previously the Court of Criminal Appeals had refused to admit a petition for a writ of habeas corpus on behalf of Hamilton, Southwest desperado and one time aide of Clyde Barrow, slain by officers last May. Both are to be electrocuted shortly after midnight tonight. The judges ruled the writ pre sented, by Miss Camille Openshaw, Houston attorney, was insufficient .Hamilton and Palmer are charged with the slaying of Major-Growson, a prison guard, in an escape from the Eastham Prison Farm in January,- 1934. Their escape was aided by Barrow and his woman companion, Bonnie Parker, slain with Barrow. " The action of the court and the Governor apparently shut the door to any .delay in the execution, al though it was reported another petition might be presented the court After hei petition had been re fused by Judge F. L. Hawkins and O. S. Lattimore, Miss Openshaw made a direct plea to Governor Allred, who said his "decision with reference to Raymond Hamilton is unchanged." "After careful consideration I have concluded that I should not interfere with the lawful execution of Joe Palmer and Raymond Ham ilton," Governor Allred stated. ' a Cincinnatian Heads . B'nai B'rith Society WASHINGTON, May 9. (TV- Alfred M. Cohen of Cincinnati was re-elected president of B'nai B'rith, international Jewish society, last night at its closing convention session. , if All members of the executive committee except one were re-elected. They included the two vice-presidents, Juge I. M. Golden of San Francisco and Archibald' A. Marx of New Orleans. Woman Flier First to Make Non-Stop Hop Between Cities; Time Is 14 Hours Sister of Marina To Make U. 5, Tour ' VICTORIA, B. C, May 9.--W)-The Princess Katharine of Greece, sister, of the Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, was a passenger on the Empress of Canada when It arrived here from the Orient. She was not on the liner's passenger list and was known to her jellow passengers as Catherine Constantlne, -Picture on Page 19) NEW YORK, May 9. (U.B Touseled haired Amelia Earhart slept late today while the country acclaimed her latest feat a nonstop flight from Mexico City to New York. It was the first non-stop flight between the two cities. Miss Earhart, who has flown solo over the Atlantic from Newfoundland to Ireland, and over the Pacific from Hawaii to California, brought her red Lockheed Vega monoplane down at Newark -Airport at-10:28:50 p. m. (E. D. T.) . last night, 14 hours, 18 minutes and 50 .seconds after she took off alone from the dry bed of old Lake Texcoco, near Mexico City. The distance is 2100 miles. Tired but happy, she retired at i a. m., today, leaving orders that she was not to be disturbed before 11 a. m. : TRIUMPHAL LANDING More exhausting than her flight it seemed, was the reception she received on landing. A crowd estimated at 10,000 to 15,000 persons welcomed her in scenes reminiscent of the transatlantic flying days of 1927. Sweeping aside the 45 policemen who had been assigned to maintain order, the crowd swarmed over the field Efforts to take her to the New Jersey National Guard hangar la a police car were balked by the wildly cheering mob. Four policemen placed her on their shoulders, and surrounded by the good-natured thronr, slowly made their v way to the hangar. ' She seemed to be the only calm person on the field. Smilingly she complied with the commands of photographers to look this way and that . CROWD ROILS HUSBAND But her husband, George Palmer Putnam, former publisher, who had awaited her at the field since dusk,' was annoyed by the vehemence of the demonstration. "Mexico," he said, "la four times . as civilised as Newark. This Is the most disgraceful scene I ever witnessed." The speed record for flight with stops between the two cities is credited ta the late James R. Wedell who flew from Ottawa to Washington to Mexico City with an elapsed time of 11 hours and 43 minutes in 1932. Colonel Roberto Fierro, ace of the Mexican Army air force, and a mechanic flew from New York to Mexico City In 1930 In 16 hours and 35 minutes. Syndicate Building Between 14th and 15th Streets in -. m m m. y weWV m 'RWV Iff 'if 9 ROBERT SURREY, foremost style scoutr gets around and knows what best dressed men wear. He adopts the pick of ideas and has them tailored by Hart Schaffner & Marxt . .. . Such a garment is "Harris Squares" as he sketched at Pinehurst Golf Tournament recently. It's a rough and rugged Harristype tweed with . windowpane square plaid, Has shirred back and all the other live stylepoints (see below). Never has a vqrldfamed maker given so much style in a'suitffor $19.50! v Hart Schaffner & Marx "Harris Squares" TO.50 1450 BROADWAY IL;A?, V. '1

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