The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 17, 1957 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1957
Page 20
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ft*-Algona (In.) Upper Des Mo»n« Thursday, January 17, 1957 Tidbits From Evelyn One of these telephone mix-ups ormiTfd iivvhiV ago. Came a Voice I did iu>l rwogni/e and a remark I did' t rntch. hut I knew Whoever \v;.s calling, they know each othc'i well. My reply was hot the expected one and the voice boomed "Who ore YOU?" 1 replied, "I'm Evelyn Cady and t boomed right hack at him. "Who are YOU", and lie laughed and said. "I'm Virg Smith." The conversation ended. I don't know him and he doesn't know mo. • * • The oJher day !he operator had 'trouble healing me and finally said. "I have a mid and I don't hear well." To which I replied. "I have a cold too and I don't 1nJk well." This is enough to keep a family in a \\77.y —Margaret Wuieff. o friend of Mr an I Mrs Oliver Bakken. has t!i<> distinction of living near Rut I;,nd. her posloffice is lv>df\ and the telephone is listed as Humh.tldt. Mr end Mrs Arnold Elbert had a n-.-ent experience they don't care to r neat. They spent a recent weekend at Carroll with their son-in-law and daughter. Mr and Mrs Don Bierstedt, and had to come home Sunday over very icy roads. Mrs Elbert's heart did flip-flops all the way and she isn't sure it's gone back to it's rightful place yet. They drove at 25 to 30 miles per. hour the car swerving and skidding over every inch of the way. anc that, not being enough, they passed a truck with a calf in the back and somehow the animal had slic to the back, was partly out of thf vehicle and about ready to land on too of the Elbert's car. Some honking called the driver's attention and he made the proper adjustment. * * * Rex Post had graduated from the baby class to the little boy snhere. He has been shorn of his blonde curls and now proudly asks friends to feel his "whiskers" —whiskers being the stubble at the back of his neck where the hair was clipped. Not long ago Papa Dick took him to the barber shop but Rex raised such a ruckus the deal had to be called off. In the meantime the cutting of hair has been given a big build-up and this time Rex was r docile, pleased little boy. Meeting grandma Lizzie on the street shortly afterward, he demanded that she look him over and ordered her to smell him too. * * • Mrs Rosa Jones called on me the other afternoon and brought a letter telling of the death of Mrs C. F. Neitzel. She was the former Vannie Tinker, daughter of Mr and Mrs George Tinker of Elmore, Minn. I believe they lived near Ledvard at one time. At any rate, I have known Vannie man" years. She used to I think it took courage to be on the hip.hway last Monday but Lizzie Post and Hazel Vet a braved the elements and roads and spent the afternoon at Humboldt with ?»lrs Millie Klamp. There were to have been other guests but they were timid souls so the two Algona women had to help eat the bounteous food prepared and the rest was divided among friends at Humboldt. * * » Over and over I've said it's a small world & further proof comes with this story told me by Mrs Walter Elbert. She was at'Pasa- dena with her sisters. Mrs John Altman of Irvington and Mrs Ted Morey of Fort Dodge the big day, January 1. and there among tlie thousands and thousands of peo- ole she came fact to face with Mr and Mrs William Heller, former residents here. For a momen none could speak. They could scarcely believe their eye.?. * • « Mr and Mrs Harvey Johnson left last week for Milton, Wis. In join Mr Johnson's brother-in law and sister, Mr and Mr Irwin Thissen. From there the: are going to Winter Park, Fla" where an apartment is awaiting them. They expect to be gone- several weeks. * * * Seems like everybody has the California craze and it was with great interest I read these portions of a letter of a few days ago from my cousin Melvin Henderson whc lives in Pomona. "Well, this ha? been an Iowa vear if I ever saw one! First the Miss Universe, anc then the Rose Bowl Champs From my own observations, both honors were rightly deserved."— "California did a grand job of showing the boys and the country in general' why so many lowans have moved to California. It war about 80 during the way, and about 44 at night. It was wonderful Chamber of Commerce weather, but very bad on our business and the very short water supply It has been one of the driest Decembers on record. If we do ^o hr liplrt in find for sairt School trict on the 2nd da> of Fobrunry, 1957. whereat Ihere will be submitted to the voters of said Sentral Community School District, to be by them voted upon, the following proposition, to-wit: "Shall the Board of Directors of the Sent ml Community School District in the Counties of Kos- Ruth and Palo Alto. State of Iowa, issue bonds in an amount not to exceed S-15n.000.00 for the purpose, ol carrying out n high school building program consisting of erecting a new high school building, procuring as a site there- for approximately ten acres of land Hing in the Northeast Corner of the Southeast Quarter (SE 'i ) and in the Southeast Corner of the Northeast Quarter 'NE '. 4 ) of Section Nine (9', Township Ninety-seven (97) North. Range Thirty (301. West of the Rth P. M . Kossuth County. Iowa, and procuring and improving adjoining land as a site for an athletic field in and for said School District. The polls for said election will be Moines.) open from twelve o'clock noon until seven o'clock P.M. of said day and for said election the whole of said Community School District has been consolidated into and will constitute one voting precinct and the polling place therefor will be at the school building In the Town o 1 " Ix>ne Rock, Kossxith County. Towa, at which time and place all of the qualified voters of said School District are hereby notified to appear. This notice Is given by order of the Bo.ird of Directors of the Sentral Community School District pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 2%. Code of Iowa. 1954. and to a sufficient petition with the requisite signatures In accordance therewith and as ordered by a resolution adopted b> the Board of Directors on the 20th day of December. 1956. Dated at Seneca Township. Kossuth County. Iowa, this 20th day of December, A. D.. 1950. /S/ Marjorie Countryman Secretary Board of Directors (Published Jan. 3. 10, 17 and 24. 1057, in The Algona (Iowa) Upper Des HE4»ORT Or CONDITION OP HURT SAVINGS BANK of Butt In ihe Stale of Iowa at the dote of builneu on Dec. 31, 1956. ASSETS 1. Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balances, andlcash Items in process of collodion _ $ 203,133.91 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 643,981^50 3. Obligations of States and political subdivisions ...... 49.609.57 6. Loans and discounts (including $22201 overdrafts) .. 36I,69S!?0 7. Bank premises owned $1.00. furnituie and fixtures none.. 1.00 (Bank pu-tnises owned arc subject to no lions not assumed by bank) 12. TOTAL ASSETS .... we would be in trouble now." The day before come to visit my late uncle) pnd aunt, Frank : and i Marv'" Heaper- son. Mary taueht school* fli^re and boarded with the Tlrjikers. Mrs Jones also taught the same school ?> several years. *V-annie died December 11 so she didn't receive the letter I wrote her Mrpi Jones she had ,-vfter Christmas. brought the last from Vannie, mailett November 1J4. In jt, she told of the serious eye trouble she was havine. cataracts. and the difficulty she WSF having to se«». D<$th was due to a kidn°v infection fnd nh^ was not sick lon<*. Her husband dier" last May. The fate Mr L. A. Coor told me VIP wfis well acquainted with Mr Neitzel when they lived at Roundup, Mont. not have some wet winters soon, they might just as well bring the Mojave desert sign down and put it in where it says "Los Angeles City Limits " * » * It is very serious, and plans are under way to bring the Feather River water down from the north. If it were not for the aqueducts right New Years we drove to Los Angeles on business and I have never seen such a mob. We did not have a caller from Iowa although, we passed an Iowa 55 license on the way to work. At a motor court on the way to Los Angeles, we noticed that almost the entire number of cars were from Iowa A great part of the state must lave been here -for the game." Now don't get me wrong. I LIKE California, as it used to be, I'm not so sure-i'd like to now— orange groves vanishing, crowds and confusing ; • Maybe I'll go out some time : and look it over again. ^ In spite of the fact that the hippopotamus is a mammal it has been known to stay submerged inf water as long as ten minutes. ' LIABILITIES 13. Demand deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations 14. Time dnposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations . 15. Deposits of United Stales rjnvernm"Mt dtvluding postal savings) 1(5. D»posits of States and political subdivisions 1R. Other deposits (certcflpd and officers' checks, etc ) 19. TOTAL DEPOSITS . .. $1.158,042.15 24. TOTAL LIABILITIES . CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 25. Capital' 25.000.00 1.2(54.421.68 808.129.59 112.625.55 1.7RR.6I 235.lfiO.40 360.00 2fi. Surnhis 25,000.00 56.379.53 27. Undivided profits .'." ...'.'."'" TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 106.379.53 29. 30. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 1.204,421 68 •This bank's capital consists of: Common stock ".-I'll total par value of $26.000.00 MEMO R A N D A 33. (b) Total amount of loans, certificates of Interest, and obligations, or portions thereof, which are fully backed or Insured by agencies of the United States Government (other than "United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed") ... 163.33459 We H. E. Rachut. Pros.. G. H. McMullon. Cashier and M. M. Chipman, Asst. Cashier of the above-named hank do solemnly affirm that Ihe above statement is true, and lhat it fully and correctly represents the true state of the several m.i«»«,r s heii-in contained and set forth, to the best of our ' knowledge and .belief. H. E. Rachut, President G. H. McMullcn, Cashier M M. Chipman, Asst. Cashier Correct—Attest: Donald W. Patterson, Kirby .T. Smith, II. A. Thompson, L. E., R. I. Mawdsley. G. W. Patterson Directors State of Iowa, County of Kossuth. ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 9th day of January. 1957, and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director" of this bank. Mv commission expires July 4th 1957. L. R. Daniels Notary Public RUPTURE SHIELD-EXPERT, H. L. Hoffman of Minneapolis and Chicago will demonstrate, without charge, his "Lock-O-Matic" Shields in ALGONA — HOTEL ALGONA THURSDAY, JANUARY 24 from 9 A.M. to 12 Noon. Please come early. Mr. Hoffmann says: "After 30 years during which I have personally fitted over 20,000 cases of hernia, I have produced and patented the AMAZING Lock- O-Matic. It's exclusive LINK-LOCK adjustment to everyone's need virtually guaranty perfect Retention of your Rupture setting a new standard for effectiveness and comfort. Why wear antiquated and unscientific trusses that always enlarge the opening. Remember: The Best is none too good, if you are ruptured. Caution: If neglected, rupture mav cause weakness, backache, nervousness, stomach and gas pains. Those having large ruptures which have returned after operation or injection are especially invited. HOFFMANN'S SURGICAL APPLIANCE CO. Box 3125 Traffic Station, Minneapolis, Minn. NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the qualified voters of the Sentral Community School District, in the Counties of Kossuth and Palo Alto. State of Iowa, that a special school election has been called and ordered 'sw//ss/s//////My//////////j?////M^ Mr Farmer - See Big Ad On Back Page of "Farm & Home" Section With This Newspaper, Showing New M-M Tractors In Full Color Then See These Tractors On Display Now at BUSCHER BROS. Your M-M Dealer North of Milwaukee Depot &"/////////ss///'/////////////^^^ In Minneapolis at the ^X, Hotel you'll be glad you did In the very center O f th« city near depots, |theaters, wholesale district and oil {hopping. Air-Cpnditioned Roomi-» Radio —TV available. Dining Room, Coffee Shofcd Cocktail Lpgngt, age Service. 350 modern roemt, SPROUT SPROUT COMPLETE CLOSING OUT AUCTION As I have decided to quit farming I will sell at Public auction the following described articles on the farm located 5 miles east, 2 miles south, 1 mile east and >/i mile south of Emmetsburg or '/» mile south, Vt mile west and !/2 mile south of Cylinder on Thursday, Jan. 24 Sale starts at 1:00 P.M. Lunch served by the Methodist Ladies. MACHINERY Z Minneapolis Tractor with 2-Row Cultivator. McCormick Deering F-20 Tractor with 2 Row Cult. Case R. C. Tractor with 2 Row Cultivator. John Deere 15 foot disc torn plow John Deere 200 Cornpicker Kelley Ryan 40 foot elevator 1954 John Deere 4-row Corn- Mechanical wagon hoist planter with fert, attachments 8 foot windrower John Deere endgate seeder 6 foot horse mower John Deere Spreader Four section drag John Deere 10 foot disc 2-rubber tired trailers with flare John Deere hay loader boxes 1951 Allis Chalmers Combine Speed Jack model 60 with motor Weed Sprayer John Deere 2-14 inch slat hot- Humboldt Stalk Cutter 100 Head Of Hybrid Fall Feeder Pigs 100 10 Formers Hybrid Bred Gilts To Farrow In March 10 •.t*! , BUILDINGS Two four pen hog houses. One three pen hog house. 12' x 14' brooder house. FEED $00 Boles second cutting alfalfa hoy 300 Bushel Andrew Oats 300 Bales Straw. MISCELLANEOUS 900 gallon gas barrel Hog waierers and feeders Hotr Troughs 3 Rolls Slat Cribbing Electric Brooder Loading Chute HOUSEHOLD GOOPS Dining Room Table and Chain Piano Wardrobe Vitalaire Ice Box 20 Gauge Shotgun Two ^ Rifles Other Articles Too Numerous to Mention TERMS: Cash, or make arrangements with clerk. Not Responsible In Case of Accidents LeRoy Sprout Uoyd Berkland and Norman Bortvit, Auctioneers. Cylinder Slate Bank, Clerk. Complete Closing-Out As I have decided to Quit Farming, I will sell the following described property on my farm located 1 mile north of the Junction of Highways 18 and 169 at Algona, then first place west, on — Sale Starts at 12:30 Noon Lunch Wagon On The Grounds MACHINERY 1946 John Deere Tractor on good rubber, Roll-O-Matic Starter and lights John Deere 2-Row Cultivator with quick- tatch V John Deere 290 Corn Planter on rubber, complete with fertilizer attachments Massey-Harris Combine with PTO John Deere Tractor Spreader on rubber New Idea 2-Row Picker like new John Deere Power Mower, 7 foot cutting bar John Deere 42-Foot Wide Type Elevator like new with wide overhead hoist Continental Stalk Cutter like new Oliver 12-Foot Spring Tooth nearly new IHC 4-Bar Side Delivery Rake nearly new IHC 15-Foot Disc Case 15-Foot Disc Dearborn 2-Section Rotary Hoe John Deere 2-16 In. Plow with throw-away bottoms that have plowed only 40 acres Four-Section Drag with folding steel draw bar Four-Wheel Farm Trailer with flare box Burr Mill near new Hammer Mill Belt Endgate Seeder with grass seed attachment 4 Choice Quality-Weighing Above 500 Ibs. 1,500 Bushels EAR CORN About 700 Bales Alfalfa Brome Hay OTHER ITEMS TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION. 1946 Pickup - Runs Good, Stock and Grain Box and 1957 License • 3 FEID BUNKS t 4 ROILS SLAT CRIBBING TERMS - Cosh pr Arrange With Your Banker. • 2 STEEL TANKS Net Responsible For Accident*. No Sale Items Removed From Grounds Until Settled For. Frank Cunningham QUINN and YUNGEBERG Auctioneers OWNER Security State Bonk, Algona, Clerk

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