Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 5, 1935 · Page 32
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 32

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 5, 1935
Page 32
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DEVELOPMENT alkte BUILDING runtw VOL. CXXII- OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, MAY 5, 1935 NO. 125 HOME BUILDING MSTflAV IS ON INCREASE THE EASTBAY AND ITS NEW RESIDENTIAL AREAS More Residejitial Lots Being Sold Than for Several Years, Say Realty Men ! By . VAN EIBBINK Development Editor Indicating revival of home building Is the report from subdivision realty men in all parts of the East- bay that more residential lots are being sold now than have been sold for a number of years. The operation of the Tederat Housing Act and the Impending completion of the Bay Bridge are both given as apeelfic reasons for this renewed Interest In home building. A still deeper reason, it Is stated by Harold C. Austin, ' president of the Oakland Real Estate Board, is the fact that there is a real shortage of good homes in the growing Eastbay area, and that building m response to this demand is enevl- table. Thousands of young married couples, he points out, are anxious to possess a home and, only temporarily halted by' the depression, re following ihe usual routine of choosing a site, buying it and building In preference to purchasing a home in an older neighborhood, i '' '.' ,' ,.',' ; i i GIVES REASONS Again, of course, ' general business conditions having improved, many people who have long wanted a new honr now feel safe in proceeding -io acquire it. - Others, who have hesltatjtd merely through the fear of aVunoertaln future, have come to the conclusion that a home 1Y after all, a basic Investment for any family, an investment that has proven more stable than many - others.. . .-i,-.,. , The : new subdivisions ; are ' all notably further from the center of the city than were those that were active before the depression. This Is not only due to the growth of the city, which constantly opens up areas more distant from downtown, but also In response to a growing for larger homesites and for a more suburban type of home. : Increased interest in gardens, trees and ample free 'apace about the home la generally reported. A brief survey of the subdivl-alons now active In the Eastbay is presented. :' V; "' . . , . v , SITUATION PRESENTED J Berkeley Berkeley Highlands Terrace, In charge of Mason-McDut-fie Co., and Berkeley View Terrace, owned by the Bay Cities Proper? ties Co. with A. H. Winder as sales manager, are being developed with Directors of the Morris Plan Com homes of moderate, price, and both pany, of Oakland, Joined this week present year, m against the X. CSSJmrn' ' ' L j'TTmin" f , first three months of last V V JnSv ' . ' 4 ' : : - ' j WireQl ' S A L -A M E D A P7 1 ' ' I" ' ' . ' 1 . II ' ' ' SMMMMflaaanaaMaeaaeBsaaaaaaaaaaaassBaBassssssa ' This map pictures the topography of the Eastbay and its new residential districts. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, with its northern, central and southern approaches, and the new Broadway Tunnel- are also fea tured in the map. . The new residential districts shown include Berkeley Highlands Terrace, Berkeley View Terrace, 'Orinda, Claremont Pines, Merriewood, Mont-clair Highlands Extension, Forest Park, Piedmont Pines, Upper Piedmont Estates, St. James Wood, Oakmore Highlands, Estudillo Estates. C CHIEF tracts feature their spectacular ma. rlne view. Contra Costa County Orlnda, suburban, country club homesites, beautifully wooded, ample in size, moderate in price, are being offered by Mason-McDuffie Co., which la also financing 'the construction of homes there. Claremont Claremont Pines, naturally beautiful sites, highest type of improvements, and partly built up with fine homes, adjoin- lng Claremont Country Club, art being offered by Mitchell & Austin. Oakland Hill Section Merrie-, wood, low-priced home section in the midst of the pine-covered hills, la sold by Phil Heraty, as is also Montclair Highlands Extension. which provides beautiful marine view homesites for moderate and higher priced hornet All sites are large. Forest Park, in the same ; vicinity,, provides a great variety or wooded homesites with attrac with executives of the Morris Plan system of Industrial Banking t hroughout the country in extending co n-g r a t u-1 a 1 1 o n s to Owen C. Carr, president of the Oak- 1anH InaM. tution.l S upon his 19 1 jmt- years ol as-1 y W I D t) uon with the Morris Plan and upon his record ... of dur-i n g t h e y e a r a ' he Mi OWIN C. CARE tions for both low-priced and mod- has been vice-president and presl-erate-prlced homes. Forest Park is dent of the Oakland company. In charge of the Bay Cities Prop- Carr went to the Evansville Mor-ertleg Co. and A. H. Winder. Also ris Plan Company in April, 1916, as In the hill section Is Piedmont it manager. When he left to come Pines, center of moderate-priced to Oakland in 1932 he was executive home-bluldlng activity, being fea- vice-president of that institution, tured as a residential park by After two years as executive vice-Mitchell It Austin. A great many president of the Oakland Morris new - homes of unusual character plan. Carr was named its president are to be seen here. Oakmore High- ln May. 1834. During th? three years lands, closer in, and served by ne 1,88 Deen th Oakland ln-atreetcar transportation, is the scene titution, he has seen loan volume of considerable home building now, doubled and thrift funds Increase and a new subdivision of 50-foot constantly, lots has just been announced here. 106 year 193 WM lhe biggest Mitchell f: Austin are the agents. vear m toe history of the Oak-Piedmont The two principal sub- ,an(I Morris Plan with loan volume divisions in Piedmont adjoin each climbing to slightly less than $1,000,-other, St James Wood and Upper 00, Durin the first four months Piedmont Estates. Both are ln 1835 loan volume has Increased charge of Mitchell & Austin and 32 Per cent over the Mme period offer de luxe homesites of the high- ln 183- Thrift accounts have in-et type. creased 17 per cent, or $66,000 dur-East Oakland An active home- ing e first four months of 1935 building campaign, appealing to over the same P"11 last year-veterans and buyers of, high-class AII Arit faif srniTTO but moderate-priced houses, is be- mxt7 f, EA1LE t)SCOiuI? Ine carried nn -in rLiiu BENO, Nev. Boy Scout. Troop which 1 Tunder SI No- 3 of Reno c,aims to be flrst Stanley Lthit .S Lw 00P m the Nation to be com- SfnH .U,,Ctingf 8 PJ nrely of Eagle Scouts, the iJ SmrttaS fa JTn t ghest k vallablt in that or- 2iP 7 aithese. tracts,' gankatlon. Twenty-one youths Pe1ay completed their ilnal tests to ' bl , v . inducted as Eagle Scouts. . 'Style House9 Enhanced by Lights of Bay The lights of the cities around San Francisco Bay present an entrancing picture at night from the numerous vantage - points in ' the Jackson-Tribune "Style House" in Piedmont Pines, Mitchell St Austin point out . Architect Frederick Confer has introduced into the "Style House" many original details, the agents say,. Most of these are devices ac complished at very low cost so that they are of practical value, It is asserted. The ''Style House" it is declared, attracts to Piedmont Pines great numbers of visitors who have never before visited this section of the Oakland hill residential district. Directions for reaching the "Style House" are given as follows: Drive out Park Boulevard to Its junction with Mountain Boulevard. There an arrow indicates the entrance to Piedmont Pines. . ' . Illl DEALS MADE The National Lead Company of New York has purchased another holding here, consisting of its distributing plant located on the Southwest corner of Harrison ar i 10th Streets, it is announced: This property was formerly occupied by the Tyre Glass Company. White, Pollard, Fred. T. Wood, Inc., also announce a long term lease to the United States Government, of the entire Northwest corner of 10th and Oak Streets. After extensive alterations made by its owner, A. H. Kopperud, the property will Be used for a down town Post Office Garage. Both of the above transactions were handled by Arthur P. Pollard of the real'" firm. Ten new homes, representing an investment of over $50,000, will be ln course of construction in Orlnda during the next 30 days according to an announcement made yesterday by the Mason-McDuffie ... Company, general agents for. this restricted residence park, which is located in Contra Costa County, just beyond the eastern entrance to the new Berkeley Low-Level TunneL " This total, added to the twelve homes which have been completed in Orlnda recently, makes a grand total of 22 homes, representing an investment well in excess of $100,-000, and gives Orlnda the heaviest building activity and lot sales in its4istory. , The reason for thls activity, according to the company, lies in several things, including present low site prices, the threat of inflation (and the resultant flight of capital to tangible things), the near completion of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the Berkeley Low-Level Tunnel, the actual shortage of homes in the Eastbay and the Introduction of a -new financing plan in Orinda. "Orinda site prices were set 'during the period when real estate values were at their lowest point" one of the officials of the Mason- McDuffie' Company said yesterday. "Prospective home buyers realize that with the completion of the tunnel and the bridge, there will be a surge of new population into the Eastbay section and that prices of restricted property such as Orlnda definitely will be forced up by the demand." Resort Opens Booking Office For Bay Area With announcement that FeathSr River Inn is to open its 1935 season on May 29, the( well-known Sierra Resort has established a booking office and information bureau in the Western Pacific City Ticket Of fice, 287 Geary Street, San Francisco, Vacationists will be advised as to fishing conditions and recreational opportunities in the Plumas County highlands, round about the inn. Henry F. White, manager of the inn, will leave soon to prepare for the opening". Romey Mirault will be in the San Francisco office. " , Price Cutting to Be Eliminated ' "In order to insure fair dealing throughout the State and eliminate the price cutting menace which has caused so much trouble, E. R. Squibb and Sons, have inaugurated a policy of handling their products so' that this feature of the trade is eliminated," states R. D. Keim, vice-president and director of sales of the company. ; "In order to show the value ..of this policy the company has inaugurated a plan for "Squibb week" which will be staged the first week in June throughout the , State," Keim continued. "Retail druggists will have special displays of Squibb products and will feature them throughout this period." Stanley M.- Davis, Home Builder and Sales Agent for Bancroft Gardens in San Leandro, mounces start on construction of a new home for Stanley B. Johnston this week. The financing of this home is the result of the first home loan made by the newly organized First Fed. eral Savings and Loan Association of Oakland. . va.cx. Davis states, that interest in Ban. croft Gardens is increasing daily, and that during the past week four building lots were sold to pros, pective home-owners. i . ... 1 Distillery Produces 40 Millionth Bottle NEW YORK, May 4r-The produc tion of the "forty millionth bottje of Crown Whiskey since May 23, 1934, by the Seagram Distillers Cor. poration was observed recently at its plant in Lawrenceburg, Ind., Henry I. Peffer, president announces from the company's executive offices in the Chrysler Building. Fetter u. parted for Lawrenceburg and pre sented the bottle as it left the plant to Governor Paul V. McNutt of Indiana. NOVICE IN FIFTH PLACE MEDFORD, Mass. In his second attempt at .trap shooting, Dick Shaughnessy, IS, tied for fifth place in a field of 40 in a contest held at the Paleface Gun Club,-, Dick competed against men three or four times his age. jj ' I0E30I 30E30I IOE30C I0E30I See the new homes in OAKMORE All over thia close-jn, colorful tract new homes are rising. If you want inspiratioh, ideas or a site for your own home in the fastest rowing part of Oakland, visit OAKMORE S ' ...: " , Drive out today Park Boulevard to Lelmert . . Bridge, then over the bridge into the tract. (Ori Street Car Line No. 18) .Utensil & Austin Offic0 on Tract. AN-1580 g Home and Business Loans to 6 Payments is low-as $6.33 per $1000 per month, including interest and principal . Loans may be made up to 20 years . Construction Loans Made Jamieson-Towle-l'i 372 17th St., Oakland L Corp. 600 Mills Bldg.S.F. How to get to the "Style House" Tear out this little map. Use it to reach - . . the new, novel and interesting Jackson Tribune Style House high above the city in- Piedmont Pines Mitchell & Austin GLencourt 4874 TAYLOfl TRACT HOMES fllSIHE S SUBDIVIDED ON NEW TRAGI The Taylor property, including the Taylor gardens in the exclusive Claremont district of Berkeley, has been subdivided and is being sold, according to an announcement by the Mason -.McDuf fie Company, Berkeley real estate firm, who is in charge of subdividing and sales activities. The property, which is located just west of the Tunnel Road at The Uplands, has been one of the show places of the Eastbay district for more than 25 years. "In subdividing and placing this property on the market we are of fering exceptional residential sites in one of the most desirable resi dential sections of the bav area.' one of the officials of the company said yesterday. "For 25 years the Taylor gardena have been one of the show places of the Eastbay. "Like an Italian hill town, the garden terraces rise in a series of steps to tne many-chimneyed Tay lor Residence which crowns the hill top just west of tha Tunnel Road at The Uplands. -""Both the gardens and the resi dence command one of the most famous views in the world a view that extends from the Suisun Bay to the mountains back of San Mateo. Immediately below is a long vista of the gardened and wooded slopes of the Claremont Hills. "The arrangement and location of the gardens and the view from them are not the only things that have made this property so desirable. The gardens contain many rare trees and shrubs. In subdividing, especial care has been taken by the landscape architect to preserve a choice collection of these trees and shrubs so that each site will have its own garden. 'To the many other desirable fea tures of the Taylor property its sur roundings add tremendously. This is a district of fine homes, most of which are in the Mediterranean style of architecture. It is expected that the harmonious development of the Taylor gardens will further add to the beauty of this section." New Industries Are Located Here Four hew manufacturing plants and factory branch concerns, representing an investment of several thousand dollars and giving employment to more than 50 people, have located in the Eastbay during the past week, the Industrial De partment of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce reports. ' The Friend Manufacturing Co., a national concern- manufacturing park, orchard and row-crdp insecticide sprayers, auto washers and dusters, has taken over 5000 square feet of .floor space at 4227 Horton Street for a factory branch. Home offices of the Friend Manufacturing Co. are located at Casport, N. Y. E. P. Tyson is the local manager. A factory branch of the Killefer Manufacturing Corp., Ltd., has been established at 1900 East Twelfth Street, with H. F. Mapes as manager. Nearly 6000 square' feet of floor space has been leased. The company will handle agricultural implements and road machinery. Northern California, Oregon, Washington, .Nevada, Utah and Wyoming will be served from the Oakland, branch factory. Pacific Coast headquarters are maintained in Los Angeles. Oakmore Highlandc auiUmaag t hold the center of the local cetde tial building stage. A small anrfrs men enter the tract every morion, and apply themselves to "the task of home building and street eon struction, according to Mitchell I Austin, agents for the ytopetty. 1 every portion . of this tract ne homes are rising and new street new curbs, new sewers are beta; installed, it is stated. Many hundreds of thousands o dollars are being expended withi! the boundaries of Oakmore, to agents say, and numerous house. now in various stages of plannin. will be started as soon as stree work, now in progress, is completec "Oakmore Highlands ia close t the downtown area, with transpor tation, stores and other facilities a hand and possesses the nature beauty of abundant trees, varie contour, elevation above the at-level and a commanding marin view. It is these features that ar attracting so many home builder to the tract Right now there are 1 homes either just receiving the fin ishing touches or in some stage o construction. i "These , homes range in cost Iron six thousand dollars to several time that amount. While most of th houses are being erected for indi vidual owners' occupancy, seven others are being built for sale. The include a Spanish bungalow at 405 Oakmore Road, now complete, an an English home at 4361 Bridgerlev Drive, also finished and open view." Oakmore is reached by drivini out Park Boulevard to the brtdg across Dimond Canyon THE TAYLOR GARDENS SUBDIVIDED The widely famous Taylor "Gf dens occupying a superb hill in Claremont Berkeley's finest home section have been subdi vided into a limited number of home sites each with an UNMATCHED VIEW sunny exposure and rare trees and shrubs. ' This affords one of the last opportunities to secure a building site in Claremont at TODAY'S LOW PRICE! .. .. 0' iJfWi""'i luHTTnTTT 2101 ' Telophon ShatfuckAve. . BEreiS Berkeley Exclusive Agents The Taylor Gardens are situated at 276 The Uplands, Just off the Tunnel Road. A representative will be there Sunday. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT WBATHERt Alway pleaiani o rinda HEWS FLASHES No. 12 MAY 5, 1935 Orinda Is a Paradise for Play Each Home a Country Estate" Among the many things 4 Orlnda residents enjoy and city people miss entirely is ' the opportunity Orinda offers for play out of doors the year around. And . to. modern people such relaxation is an essential to complete and healthfuL living., Golf, tennis, swimming, riding, hiking, gardening Orinda people can enjoy any or all of these things in a fog-free climate which beckons all to come outdoors. And additional recreational opportunities are to come with the cre-. ation of the Regional ' Park right at Orinda's front" door. You may not want to golf or swim or ride or hike. But you will find that it is a source of satisfaction to know that you have these things to do and these places to go whenever the spirit moves ' you. Especially when you can have them in addition to the regular features of your home at not one cent of extra cost Orinda homes are really "country estates." Lots are large and tree-covered. They " lend themselves equally well , to country mansion -or informal, moderate-priced home. And, because of a close-in location, you can live in the sun of Orinda and work anywhere in the Bay area. And, because of present low lot prices and our generous financing plan, you can afford to buy and build in Orlnda. "Model California Home" Is Open Today we invite you to visit Orinda's "Model Callfor-nia Home" a home that presents the ideal and the spirit of Orinda. It is a beautiful home-slx rooms built around a garden patio that is as much a part of the home as is -the kitchen or the bath. Chaste white walls are topped by a roof of Cordova tile. Living room is literally a room of windows. You will want to see this home which " Is so -moderately priced at $8500 on easy terms made possible by the new Orinda finance plan. THIS WEEK'S . i at rncn A i - Picturesque," double-view lot located on a gentlyv sloping knoll. Beautiful oak trees surround the . attractive, level building site bat do not shut off the view. 104 feet frontage ' with a depth of over ISO feet The low price is $975. Terms, of coarse. HOW TO REACH ORINDA Drive out Fish Ranch Roa4 and main Walnut Creek highway to San Pablo highway. ' Turn left one-half mile to our office in Orinda. i 2101 SHATTUCK AVE., BERKILEY .jffflSjfc" Orloda Offlf TE1BPHONI BErkeltr 0200 m!JliU --- THoiawall le i IF YOU, SAW IT IN TH TRIBUNE, TELL. THEM SO IOEXOX locaoi IOE30 "T7

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