The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 10, 1957 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1957
Page 16
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t-AI0ona (la.) Upper Dtt Moines Thursday, January 10, 1957 Tidbits From Evelyn All )he year* th*t I have known Bessie Hutchison. I sup- posod her husband bore a nickname. It turns out his name is Budd, the surname of his mother. Bt'ssio was a classmate of mime and near me when we were seniors at good old Hi. 1 don't see her often so was glad to hear a little about her from her sister Maud, Mrs P. O. Dorweiler. The Lawsnns have a lovely farm near Corwith, a rambling old homestead which they love and are reluctant to leave except in winter when they go to Clearwater, Fla. An ideal situation —• a summer homo and a winter one. * * • Grandfathers can get the view* point of Harry Ward, who gave his newest grandson, Kevin Ward, about one month old, a huge sled for Christmas. I know children grow rapidly, but I think Harry was just a little premature in this gift. * • • There has been revival of several of the good old tunes and 1 have often wondered why "A Lemon in the Garden of Love" didn't catch on again. It was popular back in 1907-08 and I first heard it when Lucille Grose and I played it when it came in a bundle of music. I was delighted and more than surprised when I heard it on a recent Lawrence Welk program. Now if Welk would revive "Mandy Lane, "Honey Boy," "Under the Tropical Moonlight" and a few others, I'd be very happy. Ah, the good old days! * » • Helen Hutchison had a phone call from her grandson Charles Carroll, Friday morning. He was very excited and wanted to tell her that his baby brother Stevie who was a year old that day, WALKED ALONE. Of course, Charles added, "I help him on the stairs so he won't fall. I take a hold of him." Charles is all of two years and nine months old! » » » Three local women decided to look at T.V. New Years day and watch the parade at the home of absent relatives of one of the women. They had prepared sandwiches, coffee and other foods while viewing the Rose Parade. After their respective doors had been locked and they arrived at the home where' the T. V. was located, the relative-" was aghast to find she had left the keys in .her purse at home. Now with her place locked up tight, and there being no way of opening any doors, the next problem was HOW TO GET IN her own home. After due dej.ibera- tion and after considerable dis*-' cussiori, neighbors were called in on the conference. To make a long and ; sad story short and pleasant, a kitchen window was pried open, access gained, the precious purse grabbed up, and the women entered the house just as the announcer said, "We are about to see the tournament of Roses parade." *..„*., r The true spirit of Christmas and the spirit of good sportsmanship is left out of persons who can find it in their hearts to rob out-door Christmas trees of their decorative night bulbs. A woman here asked me if I had noticed the lack of outdoor Christmas decorations this year, riot being iq a position to give a fair answer, since I am out very little in winter, I said "No", but that I had heard of trees being robbed of light bulbs and boys caught in the act. That had happened at her place too, and she said it was her belief there had been so much trouble along that line, people had became irked with it and hence had done no outdoor decorating. Mr and Mrs W. A. Barry were at Eagle Grove recently visiting their niece Roseanne Holtzbauer and her husband Peter Baumann. There are some interesting birthdays in the family, one son has an anniversary Dec, 31 and two other children haye birthdays the day before Christmas. Takes a lot of gifts to spread over birthdays and Chrwficnas, With the gre$i exudus to California, it ia jepfreshing to learn that gome people dpri't care for it out there a&J are anxious to come home. Suchis the case of Mr and Mrs Vern Howard, son-in-law and daughter of Mr and Mrs Ed John- spji. The"Howards have been living at Lijdo, oh, it must bo at least a CQUpje of years—and now they are : £ack «*t Fort Dodge where tb<ej? lived before sue- curh|>ing .jU? the "fever." Some tUne ago J had an item on the shipTEtruro,. I believe was it's name, which^'was grounded off the east coast; .Henry Dowd, brother-in-law of Dr. Daniel Bray, purchased it and alter months of patience, aided by friendly, tides and tug*, the ship was put afloat the day after Thanksgiving. It is now being used aas an oil tanker and is en- »x)ute to $he Suez zone. ; . ; 'f : 'v * - * I feel s»*?y for Pr. Janse's dog. He runs around, comploU-ly distraught at not finding his master I hope in a shjp*i time he will get his bearings, pour fellow, and here't. e ipeegy recovery {or Dae. I' ^* -' * * &n4 her sister s and Lee H.>p- -ffWiy for Duartf, Cal. unit at the ,l motel court and • dertevieve GenrU-h fence with their t WJA. **> gujte a.o who will and*Mr* leaving t of a month gync loo, a kin* but he will be at Hermona Beach where he joined his wife. They have a son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Ehvood Richter, living there. » * * The Ray Davidsons reached Lakewood, Calif., ini time for Christmas. They had car trouble at Junction City, Kan., and since the repairs would hold them up a few days, they decided to go from there via bus. They were most anxious to reach Lakewood for Christmas eve as Amy has grandchildren she wanted to share it with—and you now how grandparents are. It meant doing some rearranging of luggage since the LUGGAGE included the turkey Amy won in a drawing here. But Tom Turkey, packed in dry ice, made the journey. But pity the poor orphaned car- abandoned and left to what fate I don't know as yet. * * * While Esther and I were having a Sunday nap, fairies were at work shoveling the snow from the walks. We awakened to the sound of scraping of shovels and got up just in time to see these red coated "fairies" going up the street toward home. Thank you girls, you surely did your good deed for the day, which as a Girl Scout slogan, I believe, as well as for the Boy Scouts. INJURED Dallas Madlan of Inwood was hospitalized last month by an air-blast from a tire, which exploded at his service station. He received a broken right arm and facial fractures. Impact of the air burst sent the tire skyrocketing to the ceiling, where it left tread-marks. Seger-Richertds Vows, Livermore, On Dec. 27th Livetmof* —. Mary Ruth Seger, daughter of Mr and Mrs Virgil Softer of Hardy, end Charles Rickard of Rolfe were united in marriage at Sacred Heart Church at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 27. Rev. P. M. Sturm performed the ceremony. A reception was held in the parish hall after the ceremony. A dinner was served to immediate relatives at the home of the bride's grandparents, Mr and Mrs John Seger in Livermore. Corporal Francis Berte, who is stationed in San Diego, Calif. spent his leave here with' his mother, Mrs Anna Berte and his sistei-s and brothers. Ronald Zeimet, who is stationed at Camp Pendleton, Calif., is spending furlough here with his parents, Mr and Mrs Henry Zeimet and family. The Contract Club members were entertained at the home of Lena Altman, Dec. 29. High prize went to Mrs Ted Wagner, second high to Mrs Jessamine Miller and bingo prize to Mrs Harry Clark. Mrs Raymond Berte was a guest. Frog Hollow Club met at the home of Mrs Dagmer Hanson home with Mrs Mattie Meyer, assistant hostess. Each secret sister received a gift and each member brought a gift for the home at Woodward. Mr and Mrs G. W. Thornpsen of Lcdyard observed their 49th wedding anniversary, Dec. 18th and called at the William Murray home. Frank V. Devine, » Mrs Bess Devine and Mr and Mrs Frank Reding and family attended the wedding of their niece Joan WHY A PHARMACIST ? Your doctor knows tjie correct drugs'for you, but he can't stock all the modern drugs. Pharmacy is a profession tool Let our highly trained pharmacists fill all your prescriptions. Phone 252 THUENTE PHARMACY OUR BUSINESS IS PROTECTING YOUR HEALTH DRAMATIC TEST SAFETY IN TUBELESS TIRES HOISTED 51 feet by mowlve crone, H&od-equipped car U cut-free, plunges to earth . *» CRUNCH I 3,000 Ib, cor bend* end twists pyj of fhajp« as Nylon cord Hood tires absorb unppef. -i Devine at the Woden Catholic church Thursday morning. . MM fYed Pooch entertained Kir laid Mrs Norman Scott, Mr add Mrs Herman Pooch of Ottosen and Mr Mid Mrs Detain Pooch fet her home GhfiStrnas evening in honor of the birthday of Frtd Pooch. Mr ahd Mrs Ray Gales arid family, Mr and Mrs Ernest Gil*s Jr. and Mary Louise»Mr and Mrs Robert Thornton and family |>f Humboldt, Raymond Gales Jr. of Des Moines and Audrey Smith were dinner guests Christmas Day at the Ernest Gales home*.; Mrs Elmer Schreiber received word that Mrs Bell Schreiber fell and injured her leg at the home of her son in Britt and was taken to the Britt hospital. Mr and Mrs Nick Klein and family and Mr and Mrs Perty Smith of Dunlop were Sunday- dinner guests at the Alvin Klein home near Irvington. Mr and Mrs Martin Miller visited from Monday until Wednesday at the home of his brother. Dr. Andrew Miller and family at Granville. Mr and Mrs George Foth attended a family dinner Christmas wtth Tier mother, Mrs Elsbeekef in Bancroft. Mrs Qua Bosallts returned to her home in Storm Lake Friday aftef vislttfig hef {wreftts, Mr and Mrs George Leneriz since Mon^ day. Bancrofters Back To Schools After Holidays Bancorfl—College students who have left after spending the holidays at home are: Robert. Mulligan and William Schiltz, Loras College, Dubuque; Francis Nemmers, St. Bernard's Seminary, Dubuque; William Droessler, St. John's Collegville, St. Cloud: Dianne Welp, Phil Garry and John Saunders, State University of Iowa; James Antoine, James Clark, Mary Jo Weber, Thomas Lettsing and Joseph Govern, Iowa Slate College; Joann Kennedy, St. Catherine's in St. Paul; Eugene Nurre, Gale Institute, Minneapolis; Darlene Simmons. Denise Marlow, Louise Gaftf aftd IMn Meyer, Briar Cliff College, Stoufc City. Karen Afttoifie and Marletie FergHisoh, M«f<»y School ofNur* iftg, DM Moines; Mildred Keiar, St. Vifrt-ent'i School of Nuttinf, Stou* City; Betty Cogley, PMrlclA Hatten and Maxine Heldorfer, St. Joseph's School of Nursing, Sioux City; Shirley Goche R. N., Milwaukee; William and James Egan, Creighton of Omaha; Tom Smith, Omaha; ami Marilyn MuHigan, St. Joseph's School of Nursing, Omana; Marlene Lappe and Betty Johiison, Hamilton Business in Mason City; and Dennis Schumacher of St. Louis University. Mr and Mrs Perry Tonne, Bancroft, Mr and Mrs Fred Hudson ahd family, Fort Dodge, Mr arid Mrs John Guy, Dexter, Minn., Mr and Mrs Howard Nagel and family were guests at the Francis Torino home Sunday. Vemon Lensing who has been stationed with the army in California is here to spend a leave with his parents, Mr and Mrs Al Lensing, Yvonne Doocy, R. N. of Des Moiftes ahd Richard Doocy of California who were here for tht Mfteral of their little broth* John Wftuftted to their duties. Mr and Mrs Edmund Ford are the parents of a ton born Dec. 31 at Holy Family Hospital in Esthervllle. The litU* boy will be baptised Gerald Richard. He has erne other brother and two sisters. Mr aftd Mrs Art Long are the grandparents and Mrs Richard Long is the great grandmother. Mr and Mrs H. K. Lampe received word of a new granddaughter born to Mr and Mrs Vihcent Walsh of Cedar Rapids. This is the second child for the Walshs. Mr and Mrs F. X. WH- helmi and Mrs Elizabeth Lampe arc the great grandparents. Whiftemore Mr and Mrs Lloyd Walker and son Gary and daughter Helen Lynett and Miss Carol Oppegard of Albert Lea and the latter'r daughter, Mrs Con Oppegard f om Rapid City visited here Thursday afternoon at the home of Mr and Mrs Harold Kuecker and were supper gueste at the parental home of Mr and Mrs Atthur Heidenwith. In the evening they visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Ralph Walker. In the forenoon they visited with Mrs Bessie Walker, mother of Mr Walker, Mr and Mrs Ro'y Bjus- tiom, sister of Mr Walker, arid I.*r and Mrs Frank Moulton and Mrs Jeri McKean, all in Algona. Mr and Mrs Melvln Heinrich entertained at a card party Sun- cay evening. Present were Dorothy Rosendahl, Mr and Mrs Hhrold Zimmermann, Mr and N!rs Elmer Ostwald and Walter A. Meyer. Ralph Sebers was a dinner and st.pper guest Saturd?-- at the hr me of his uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heidenwith. Herbert Potretz and son David accompanied by the formers par- ej;ts, Mr and Mrs Richard Potratz visited at the home of Mr and Mrs John Hookins in Algona Sunday afternoon. Mr and Mrs Elvin Meyer and family and Mr and Mrs Ernest Meyer and family were Christmas Day dinner guests at the parental home of Mr and Mrs Leo Kinnitz, at Osgood. NO DAMAGE tp lough Hood "4QQ"i, even though car jt»elf it reduced to ft. Of course, you aren't going to drop your car through space. But tte .g&roe type of Impi& rocks, chuck h<jles and other 'road obstacles is the cause of most blowouts. Knowing your tires can take § ucb punishment makes the Hood "400" , , . Yowr Best Insvraftco A|ti§fl Biowwtt! '\r Scobba Skelly Service Corner Phone 788 Mpnte Scobba More Big News In Grahams >l Golden Jubilee Year SPECIAL PURCHASE Highly-Styled Win ter Coats Specially Purchased For Th is Smashing Sale VALUES TO $29.98 ^_ "More' For-Your Shopping Dollar In Graham's Jubilee" Ready Thursday morning on Graham's Apparel Balcony . . . a tremendous, exciting, exhilarating Coal Sale that will have all women in search of a winter coat headed our way I Every single coat is SPECIALLY-PURCHASED — and just in, just ready for you. Hurry I • Polished blacks • Zlbeline Fleeces • Fibrene Flock Tweeds • Cashmere Blends SIZES FROM 8 to 18 UARY WHITE SALE Yes, Spring Prints! And trulyremarkable at 29p per y»rd» Jntere^lng, ajKi colorful printed pa4tenw,» hiai»,*OUftUjroad.cloth — every inch pKHhrvrnk and colonast. All i'ltyrtt ttfcf|wt'tW'':»«*! 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