The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 10, 1957 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 10, 1957
Page 12
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4—Algona (la.) Upper De» Molnei Thursday, January 10, 1957 TIP-OF-THE-WEEK: Along with a new tackle box, I received lor Christmas a fine electric lanlern, but I am passing Ihis "lip" on anyhow, tor a prelty good camp lantern, soak an ordinary biick in kerosene overnight, hang by a wire from a tree brunch. Ihen light, and it will bum brightly for several nig iiis. • * * These cold wintry January days, when 1 see active sportsmen like Arnie Ricklefs and Craig Smith cooped-up by the Input weather, all tensed up waiting lor May loth, 1 remember a suggestion given me by Junior Roomson, my Indian guide this past summer on Lake Of The Woods. Junior said: "Man want to relax, him lay on back on hard floor for fine." HUNTING & fISHING by CLEM EHLANDER '•*-^-»'*«>**'*-*"*•+« innsliip i>ut in the r 'Id wind. voll cil"p a hull' liU.'it a fiienas. Mr tish to swim under you his. • just .is apt ice hole as It's BECKER'S Sporting Goods Store Algeria's "Sports Spot" Hunting licenses — Ammo — Hittes and Shotguns — Hunting Coats. Pants, Caps, Hip Boots 6t Waders. "Shoot The Shells That BecKer Sells" The "lazy" ice fisherman will 15 ' n'unutesr him feel probably cut himseu some willow swucnes, set tnem in tne ice anu • * • ' then curve tiiem aown to UK: hoie. Then he'll sit at a nearby lire with a thermos of coffee ana when one of his willow s jumps up, he'll the fish. over It's a prelly "Email world" amonp sportsmen. After I ran the poem written by Reub Anderson. Minneapolis plumbing contractor a couple of weeks ago howev , n use lnc , ; Ira Kohl stopped me and said h mu t that whde fishing up at Nisswa a attacned and tnen you gel ' Ulc few years back, he had a cabin u playing your fish. It's u next to Reub, and the two used £ to pull a 3 pounu to pitch horseshoes after coming bluevalel in off the lake. Ira also said nnl /., w Reub had the plumbing contract for the Prisoner of War camp here. WESTERN AUTO Outboard Motors • Rifles — Shotguns Shells • Auto Accessories HARRY IRELAND Owner . During a coffee break the other onto the ice. * * * I read in the paper the other day where a fellow brought about 12 big Buffaloes to tne Sioux City stockyarus and sold them on the hoot, just like hogs, except they brought more than nogs. This put me in mind of an articiL in Clark Orton's "book" on early prairie life, and I'm passing sonic of it on. Here's what Clark writes; "Buffalo are now long since gone, but perhaps one of the most interesting remembrances of the noble animal, when I was a boy on the prairies, was the butlalo wallow. 1 have seen these wallows a couple of hundred feet across and more than (5 feet deep, wet placet, where thousands of buffalo came and in their going walked ot'l with tons and tons of dirt. Now, morning, Ted Larson and 1 got I understand, these depression on the subject of fishing. He had are being attributed to the an interesting story, wnich I had Slaciers. not heard, ol the time when his "-The buffalo wallow made t wife caught an 8-lb. walleye up at lot of sense, at least to the but- Amber Lake, When hauled near Fairmont, i'alo. In the prairies of those in the fish was da i' s - one o£ the greatest pesis Miss Peterson, Titonka, Guest Of Honor Tilonka — A miscellaneous shower \vas hold Saturday afternoon at the Mi'thndist church in 1'itonka fur Marilyn Peterson, daughter cif Mr and Mrs Wm. Peterson, who will become the nude of Gary Hoover, son of Mr and Mrs Ted Hoover Sr. the early pnrt i.'[ January. A nice progiam was presented aftt r whiyji the bride-to-be open- tci her many gifts. She was assisted by her sister, Mrs Max Ijai tlioleniew and Diane Hoover. Hie serving table was decorated with white and yellow pompoms, with Sharon Hofmann pouring. Hostesses wire Mrs Dale Hig- *>lns, Mrs Raymond Schutjer, Mrs tJonald Norland. Mrs Koy VVal- idd, Mrs Jerry Wubben, Mrs U.-car Norland, Mrs Henry Had- miiKer. Mrs Soplius Nelson, Mrs Krtd Hotmann, and Mrs Minnie Oestu reieher. Federated Club The Titonka Federated club met January 3rd at the home _ ° f . , Mls ... Ed , Br;indt wi , th Ml '- s ! State''Center" returned "to"Their him to Des Moines Monday whefe he took the plane back to camp, Mr and Mrs Eilwin Harms Of Wellsburg spent Saturday and" Sunday at the home of Elwin's sister Mrs Warner Beenken and husband and also at thu home of Eugene Bconken. Mr and Mrs Merman Chandlef and family left Friday after a week's visit with Mrs Chandlers parents and brother the G. D. Welhouscms and the John Wel- housens. They went to Mt. A; where they will visit with Chandler's parents before returning to their home in Dayton, Ohio. Rev and Mrs Alton Swandt and family of Mineola left for iheir home Thursday after.spend* mg a few days at the home Of Mrs Anna Alke and other relatives and friends. Christmas evening they, along with Mr and Mrs George Alke and Janice, Mr and Mrs Bud Alke and family, Air and Mrs Neal Michaelson, Mrs Junior Thacker and Sons and Mr and Mrs Gerald Radig spent an evening at the home of Mr and Mrs Louis Seegebarth and lamily. Mr and Mrs Virgil Miller of Albert Lea arrived Thursday at the home of Mr and Mrs Gordon Swan and Carol "Ann. In the evening they and the Swans spent the evening at the George bachau home. Thursday they were dinner guests at the home of Elmer Weigends. Rev. and Mrs Wm. Baddley of Gladys Schlichter a.s co-hostess. The meeting was called for 8 p.m. when Mrs Cleo Nelson gave ihe lesson, "Antarcpeca" or the new door to natures deep freeze. Talk Meat Type Hogs The selection of meat type hogs was the subject of uu. A emit Fanners evening school slated for its January 2nd meeting. Slides showing the various types of hogs were shown and discussed. Home On Furlough Pvt. Dean F. Boyken, son of Mr and Mrs Henry Boyken, iarmers living near Titonka is enjoyed a two week.-, lurlougn with his parents and other relatives and friends. He is stationed at Fort Chaffec. Ark., and left Jan. 5th. He entered service Nov. 13 and was a graduate of fitonka high school. found to have a thick layer of to man or beast was the vicious MOs>S on its back. Ted said: "ttle buffalo gnat. When riding "That was a wily old walleye that °n the range 1 have had them at- just laid down there in the water, tack me and it was with great passing up most baits, until my diificulty that I drove them ofi. wiie just happened to dangle me Besides their, they woulc. right one in front of his nose." i'»l your nose and eyes, and the> ' were the torment of the bull'alu with"the result that local fish,^ still fevident on the plains, can men are for this done some inside and outside research on "ice-fishing", and feel fairly well equipped to tell some-thing about it. First of all, a surprising number of summertime anglers hereabouts are also ico. fishermen. Joel Herbst has always got his quota, Try "Coast" For What U Need! but this winter he has forcsaken the sport for a visit in sunny California. Ray Funk and Henry Becker are planning to chop holes this weekend in Okoboji ice oil Gull or Fort Dodge points, and some anglers are heading for Silver Lake (Hand's Park) or Fox Lake, Minn., a favorite spot of Ray Irons, where they say the RIFLES — SHOTGUNS SHELLS OUTDOOR SUPPLIES Always at Typical "Coast" Lower Prices COAST-TO-COAST Store Ed Wolf, Owner "After the buffalo had sheet crappies just jump up through his heavy w j nter coa t, and the the ice holes. summer coat was still short, thej comes a fine northern. . „ .. - ., - ^Ulill|ll r *V'*-'nvWUi3£>l'»*4*ail*-'*ltl'ilt.'.? As for myself, I would prefer were open to the attack of tlu . the sort of ice-fishing they do up gnat These gnals gat hered b> on Mille Lacs, where I under- the thousanc | s on the under and stand they • have fish shanties more ten der parts of his body complete with bunks and portables and where he was un able to reach TV, and wnen a fish strikes, Mr with his v j gorous t ;ul. In hu Fisherman puts down his maga- pain> the pt)01 . but f a i 0 wou ld rush zine, presses a lever, and up for tne nearot ,t wet place, anc here he would luxuriously roll and toss, drowning his tormentors lie would roll in the wonderfuj mud, plastering his hair as full ol it as possible, and then would emerge grinning as only a bufl'ak free from gnats could grin." "It is said that a tormented buffalo, entering and remaining in the wallow until he was free from gnats, on leaving would car- ij a way more than a hundred -ounds of mud on his hide. With thousands of buffaloes, each in the wallows, the result was thai great sloping holes became part of the prairies. These wallows held water almost as well as a Myrtle Sschau of Chicago is visiting relatives and friends in Titonka during the holidays. The past week was spent at the George Sachau and Gordon Swan home and New Year's day she went to Forest City where she will spend some time with her sister and family the Willard Charlestons. Mr and Mrs Francis Culbertson of Titonka are the parents of a baby daughter, Nancy Beth born Dec. 19, at the Hancock Memorial hospital in Britt. The baby weighed 7 Ibs. and 9 oz. and makes three girls and a boy tor the Culbertsons. Mr and Mrs Roger Krominga of Lakota, Mr and Mrs Amos Krominga and Diane visited Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs Glaus Daniels of Fertile. The Menno Everding family were given a farewell party at their home Saturday evening by their neighbors who surprised them. They were Mr and Mrs llinry Van Hove and family, Mr and Mrs Win. Rode and Linda Lou, Mr and Mrs John Rippen- uop. Mr and Mrs Wm. Everding and family, Mr and Mrs Art Rode and family. The guests of honor brought their own lunch which was served after a social evening was spent. The guests presented Mr and Mrs Everding with" a electric lamp. The Evercl- ings plan to move sometime in January to their home they purchased in Titonka. Mr and Mrs Henry D. Harms and family spent Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs Robert Carr and family in Algona. Gerald Wulhousen, son of Mr and Mrs John Welhoiisen arrived home from Stratton Islands in New York for a few days furlough through the holiday season. Mr and Mrs Welhousen took If You've Got the "Outdoor Bus" SEE US FOR — • Fishing Tackle —- Rods, Reels, Tackle Boxes, Etc. • Tents * Carnp Cots t Sleeping Bags * Lanterns t Thermos Jugs • Blanket* • You Name It Prices You Like To Pay 1 DIAMOND'S SURPLUS home after a week's visit with their .daughter and family, the Ed Brandts. Mr and Mrs Junior Thacker and family of Rock Rapids and Mr and Mrs Bud Alke were Christmas day dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs John Alke of near Lakota. Mr and Mrs Eldon Attig, Mr and Mrs Steve Richter and Beverly, Mr and Mrs Everett Attig and Eddie and Mr George Attig of Wesley, Mr Del Redmond of Britt, Ernest and Dick Senne of Woden were Christmas day dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Clarence Attig and Joice. Mrs Francis Gingrich held her 500 club Thursday afternoon with Mrs Loren Hans and Mrs Elmer Peterson winning prizes. Mr and Mrs Paul Krominga of Rockford. 111., spent Christmas at the parental Amos Krominga home. Mr and Mrs Richard Cosgrove, Joan and Stephen were accompanied as far as Omaha by Mrs Ollie Bruns where they all visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Dale Bruns and family on Christmas day. The Cosgroves will go on to Arizona where they will spend some time there and Mrs Bruns will return after a week's visit with her son and. family. Mr and Mrs Hugh Haverly of Wesley are the parents of a baby son, born on Christmas day, Dec. 25, at the Hancock Memorial hospital. Mrs Haverly is the former Shirley Eden, daughter of Mr and Mrs i'red Eden and this is their; first child. Mr and Mrs Junior Thacker and boys of Rock Rapids arrived Saturday evening at the home of Mrs Anna Alke and Rev. and Mrs Alton Swandt and family of Mineola arrived Christmas day. The ladies are sisters and are daughters of Mrs Alke. Win Lighting Honors Titonka — The Titonka Christmas residental lighting conies; vv.:s juugr.d December 22, with Miss Janice Intermill winning lirst prize of an electric frying pan and Cliff Krantz arid Roj Budlong winning 2nd and 3rc prices. This was sponsored by the Titonka Chamber of Com inerce and the Interstate Powei Co. •BURT By Mrs Jessie Rash Mr and Mrs Hem an Neitzel had the following families at their home for Christinas dinner Dec. 2,5; Mr and Mrs Durwpod Neitzel and children of Whittemorc, Mr and Mrs Lyle Johnson and children of Lake Crystal, Minn., Mr and Mrs McAsee and baby ol Garner, and Mr and Mrs Clin lienderson and girls. Mrs Mc- Asee is a granddaughter of tht siertnan Neitzels. Mr and Mrs G. J. F. Vogel are spending the Holidays with Dr <>nd Mrs Robert Melville and fam- ,ly in Iowa Citv. Eugene Steward came Dec. 2. ,o spend his Navy leave with his .jarents, the Walter Stewards. He reported back to the west coast last week. Roger Steward, Fayette, is at home lor the holidays and jiners at the Steward home toi Christmas day were Mr and Mr. Raymond Miller, Darrell am joyce oi Garner and the Cliffon Abbas family. Mr and Mrs Cecil Steward and children of Hazel Crest, 111. an spending the week with the Wai ter Stewards and with Mrs Stew ard's parents, the Milo Rentz in Algona. Mr and Mrs Joe Zanke were Christinas dinner guests at Uu Robert Harvey home. Others there were Mr and Mrs Kennem i'atterson and children of Swea City aid Mr and Mrs James Harvey oi' Dubuque. The evening was spent at the Joe Zanko nome. Mr and Mrs Clifford Abbas and gins and nephew Gary Abbat spent the weekend with the former's mother, Mrs Bagby in Huron, S. D. Mr and Mrs Melyin Abbas of "Algona accompanied hem. Mr and Mrs Roland Lavreru and family spent Christmas day with Mrs Lavrenz brother-in-law and sister, the Tom Williamson; m Fort Dodge. Mr and Mrs Win Otto of Mallard, parents of the women were also there. Mr and Mrs Frank Tellier attended Open House at Mayor anei Mrs C. C. Shierk's home, Algona, Thursday, the 27th. Mrs Albert Bleich of Scarville called on the Art Leasons, Dec. 28. Mrs Bleich and LaVonne attend ed the drfiese-Maack wedding in Bancroft thttt morning. • Mrs Thomas Larsen who has been employed in the Burt ban! the past two years, went to Landstuhl, Germany to join hei husband Thomas Larsen, station ed there. Mr and Mrs Harold Reimers had the following at their home Christmas eve after the churc' program; Mr and Mrs Bernarc MUler and baby, Ronald Miliei and children and Mr and Mrs David Miller, all Algona, and Mr and Mrs B. E. Miller. Mr and Mrs Wm. F. Batt spent sometime Christmas Day with Mrs Bertha Batt and Edna in St. Benedict. Robert J. Batt, who is on furlough spent a few dayt with his oarents. Christmas weekend visitors a the home of Mr and Mrs B\ L. Pratt were Mr and Mrs Ronald Elvidge and three sons of Dundee; Mr and Mrs Earl Nester and son Jerry Lee of Sibley. Mrs Ella Potter, 96, aunt of Mrs Pratt, of Algona was also dinner guest on Tuesday. Christmas week guests at the nome of Mr and Mrs R. L. Moore were the Andy Phillips and children of Lincoln, Nebraska. Tuesday dinner guests were also Mr and Mrs Jack Gifford of LuVerne. Mr and Mrs Phillips and children spent Friday evening with Mrs Paul Moore. VISIT Friends helped make it a brighter Christmas for Mrs Clayton Hovey of Maquoketa, who is incurably ill with leukemia. They subscribed $537 to sponsor a Christinas trip for Mrs Hovey, to visit, her parents in Texas. Local ice fishermen cistern. The buffalo trampep and tossed in these wallows until very pores of the earth gave include U P- anc * these sloping, cup-shaped Howard and Lloyd Wellendorf, wallows held water long after George Cook, Emtl Behrends, Jess ^ e sloughs had dried up. Grubb, Ray Alderson, Winnie atid Bob Sigsbee, Ken Rothler and Joey Smith, to name a few. Ralph Morgan and L. £. Hovey are two more who know how to chop a hole and get a line down quick. Pete Gronbeck, Council Oak butcher, has a fine fish shanty on Lost Island, and up at Burt, there's quite a contingent of ice anglers, including Ernie Lavrenz, Fred Pavis, Rog Scott, Geo. and Becker, and Axel Carson. SHORT SHOT — I have not checked in with Milt Pahl to find out if it is true, but I heard a rumor that Elvis Presley is coming out with a new song just for fishermen, entitled "Bullhead Blues." Cresco Chums Met r „„,_, „___ „„__ ^,,.. r - Delores Eisenbarth was hostess Most'pf the Rui-t boys-., tniy tell *» the Cresco Chums, Dec. 13. me, have their own fish houses with 16 members present. A an avea Ittkes- program was presented' by Ther- Crappies, perch and s-)mt' wall- esa Thilges, Lucille Gade, Ann eyes expose most of the catches Smith and Betty Beach- The made through the ice at Okoboji, Cresco Chums also held a kitchen \, JTox and Silver lakes. Ice- shower for Deannc Eisenbarth on l# i« a sort of friendly and Dec. 22 at the Ervin Corbet sport — as oppos- home. "'—& fishing when ^......m^w^ world even tell lid closest pal about th upoi" you happened to find California University at Berke"fish- Icy has the largest enrollment of any institution of higher learning in ihi6 country, Council Minutes COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met In adjourned session Dec. 12, 1956 at 7:30 P.M: with the Mayor and all Councilmen except one present. This was the time set for heating and letting ot the East side storm sewer project. One written protest was read and placed on tile. Resolution approving plans, specifications and form of contract was introduced and adopted. Following bids were opened and read: Clatk & Fitz Const. Co., Bagley, Iowa $72,369.70 Carl Stille, Garner, Iowa 61,185.14 Don Christensen Const. Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 61,412.55 Ernster and Co., Inc., Waterloo, Iowa 69,849.80 Lundell Const. Co., Cherokee, Iowa 72,194.61 F L. Warren Const. Co., Wintcrset, Iowa 75,423.50 Rupp Const. Co., Inc., Slayton, Minn. 70,640.80 E. G. Griman, Garner. Iowa _- 65,968.80 Giellefald Assn. Inc., Forest City, Iowa 69,942.50 Whetstinc P. & H. Co. Inc., Mitchell, South Dakota ... 60,323.45 Lowest bid was accepted and resolution making award of contract was introduced and adopted. Minutes were read and approved. Letter of resignation by Albert Weis- haar was re«d and accepted. | Resolution received from the Board of Trustees of tho Municipal Utititiei *a» rrad desiring to transfer $28,647.49 from Light fund and $6,466.37 from Water fund to the Street fund. Resolution was introduced and adopted accepting transfer of funds on approval of State Comptroller. City Clerk was instructed to transfer balance of blacktop fund to the Street Fund. Builder's permit were granted to J & L Motors, Wesley Hardy, Joe Funk, Harold Allen, Wegner Const., Jack's OK lire Service, Charles Redemake, Haggard & Peterson, U. S. Postoffice, John Wiltgen. Quit claim offer by the Algona Com- rrumty School District described as follows, That portion of Call Street lying east of Main Street, Algona, Iowa, and the alley of Block 212 lying oast of Main Street, Call's Addition, Algona, Iowa, was accepted. Wages for the new Policeman was set. Various gasoline bids were opened and read. Following claims were allowed. General Oovefdmtnt Fund David A. Smith, Salary $ 122.85 Nancy Sands, Salary 72.67 Lrwis Ferguson, Salary 19.00 Harry. E. Ward, Labor 63.5) Iowa State Bank, Withholding Tax !-.- 35.60 Mason City Blueprint Service, Supplies 38.45 Upper DCS Moines Pub. Co.. ' Legal Pub. 30.58 Advance Pub. Co., Legal Pub. 44.46 Hutzell's, Supplies 4.80 Matt Parrott & Sor» Co., Supplies -- 33.45 Dr. C. C. Shierk, Expense 13.80 John Carroll, Legal fees & phone 331.45 Street Fund Jos? Lashbrook, Salary 129.36 Albert Pergande, Salary 111.04 Glmh Burtis, Salary . 111.04 Raymond Metzen, Salary 88.95 Richard Frambach, Salary 93.95 Donald Prew. Salary 103.95 Iowa State Bank, Withholding lax 49.20 Advance Pub. Co., Legal Pub. ._ 41.75 Lpper Des Moines Pub. Co., Legal Pub. 40.15 B.innister. Carpenter, Ahlers & Cooney, Attorney fees & expense - 1,541.85 Blossom Ins. Ag., Workmen's Compensation . 400.00 Bowman Builders, Sidewalk 96.00 Pratt Electric Constr. Co., Repair lights 4.50 Skelly Oil Co., Gas 85.50 Arnold Motor Supply, Repairs 8.55 Algona Welding Works, Repairs 75.84 Ready-Mix Concrete & Lumber Co., Concrete — ' 32.16 Herman M. Brown Service Co., Repairs 14.63 Continental Oil Co., Gas 126.96 The Carey Salt Co., Salt 67.75 Hilton's Super Service, Grease & repairs 19.30 Algona Imp. Co., Battery 8.70 Grccnborg Auto Supply, Supplies 77.92 Mid-West Service Co., Gas & fuel oil 132.94 Bituminous Materials Co., Premix 33.80 Kent Motor Co., Repairs 37.56 L S. Muckey, Repairs - .90 Public Safety Fund Al Boekelman, Salary 265.96 A. Weishaar, Salary 136.04 Richard/Groen, Salary 231.73 Ernest Hutchison, Salary 209.36 Peter Jorgenson, Salary 180.33 Iowa State Bank, Withholding Tax 94.50 Ira Kohl, Salary 20.00 Algona Fire Co., Service 126.00 Greenberg Auto Supply, Supplies 7.33 lui Kohl, Expense ___ 37.68 J. C. Penney Co., Mittens 27.53 Sanitation Fund ia'.?4 tft 3.61 Harry Ward, SSIaiy. R«aku» Heimers, Labor Reiner Helrrwrs, Ufbof .... G*org* Weifl Jr., Labor City Clerk, Adv. Cath Hutzell's, Supplies Zep Mfg. Cor., Supplies 171.41 Heimers Bros., Balance of contract 582.88 Treasurer of Kossuth Co., Tax Sales Certs. 104 'S? Reakus Heimers, Supplies 20.75 Hilton's Service, Gas & Repairs 5f-VS Miller Lumber Co., Materials -- 39.40 Honsbruch Drug, Water Analysis 10.71 East End Foundry, Inc., Manhole Covers - 56.00 Advance Pub. Co.. Legal Pub. — HJ-tf Lewis Ferouson, Salsty ..-..*— MJ.SD Jame* Egli, Salary —„ M9.36 Fred GronbacVi, Salary * 97.97 Iowa State Bank, Withholding Tax .... .....»..»i— Amon's Davis Paint Store, Paint North Central Public Service Co., Unit Heater Wellendorf Key Shop, Repair door lock Swartz Algona Hardware, Supplies Iowa Sewage & Ind. Waste Assoc., Mag. Sub. .... Wagner Cities Service, Gat & Oil Greenberg Auto Supply, Supplies riall-Strahorn Hardware. Mdse. Pratt Electric Const. Co., Labor & Materials L. V Muckey, Labor on drain -Airport fund Don Service Co., Fuel Oil 141.26 M. D. Wallburg, Cre»co-Urtloti Elec., Electricity -— 31.3 Swartz Algona Hardware, Rop» - 6.01 Debt Service Fund Iowa State Bank, Bonds & Interest 8,500.00 Iowa State Bank, Interest ------ 12.50 Parking Mater Fund Raymond Krebs, Salary 185.71 Iowa State Bank, Withholding •• Tax M* 5 - 50 Published In the KouutH County .Advance, Algona, Iowa, January 1, 1957. 4.00 2.00 10.04 8.00 9.08 2.00 B.OI 11.87 2.00 L. 8. BOHANNON "When a farm building catches fire, it usually means a total loss. I haven't increased my farm fire and 'extended coverage' in years, and I is way below replacement value. Can you survey my farm buildings to bring my insurance to full value?" For the answers to your insurance questions, feel free to call me at the Bohannon Insurance Agency, Phone 103. VICTOR TREASURE CHEST / VALUABLE PAPERS ARE ALWAYS HAKDT mm PROTECTED .. How often hove you contemplated putting your voluflblt paplfl In a tafe deposit box , „ , yet hesitated b«cau»« yov probably could not have immediate access to them when you nttdtd Mi Here's your answer! The VICTOR TREASURE CHEST if ctrtlflfd protect Its content* for at least one hour from flgmti end reaching 1700'F. Handy for home or offi«t, it U IniUWlIf accessible yet provides 24-hovr g day protection froon flrt iff your letters, papers, jewelry or ether prljed poiilisloni, INVESTIGATE THIS ECONOMY IN RECORD IN5URANW TOPAYI SEE IT ON DISPLAY ATi UPPER DES MOINES PUB. CO. QFFICS SUPPIY OEPT. Phone 11 00 Algeria 'inally JtSelieved He has heard and read a great many wonderful things about this new 1957 Cadillac since it made its first appearance a few brief weeks ago— —about its magnificent new luxury, for instance ... its brilliant new power and responsiveness ... its marvelous new handling case . , , and its extraordinary new smoothness of ride. And so, quite frankly, he began to wonder if it weren't all too good to be true. Could any motor car be as wonderful as this latest "car of cars" was reputed to be? Well, he's decided to put his eyes and cars to the test today. And the verdict is unmistakable! It's a joy just to lean back into those deep, soft cushions and look out over that graceful hood into the beckoning highway. And what a revelation the car is to drive! ars A curve in the road ahead? He simply follows it with the £>rc of his hands and the car responds with perfect obedience. A hill in the offing? He just nudges th? acceler» ator and the car sweeps up and over as effortlessly as if it were traveling- the level rpad. A stop light coming up? He presses his toe-r- ever so gently-'on the broad bracing pedal and comes to the smoothest, surest stop imaginable. Yes, it's true what they say about this newest of Cadillacs. This is Jar and away Ike finest motor car ever to travel the world's highways, * * * * How about you? Have you heard the wonderful things they're saying about the 1957 Cadillac? Well, the proof is in the driving~-and the facts about Cadillac have never been more convincing. W. State St. ERNIE WILLIAMS PONTIAC-CADILLAC Phono 1998

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