The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1930
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Served by the United I'ress BOfTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS 'IHE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Ol' .SOUTHEAST A»KANS»H iwn sniTTni-Ac „ ,„,.„„,— ' * * ~^ NEWSPAl'l-U 01' .SOUTHEAST AltKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL XXVII—NO. 228 Blytheville Courier, Ulythevllle Dally Mows, Blythevllla Herald, __MLalsilppl_ Valley Leader. j^YTMl'lVll.I.K, ARKANSAS. WKDNKSDAY, DKCKMIiKK 10 1030 BULLETS FLY SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS : J.W.StokesjSEIZEJII, Found Dead In His Bed Hoovers Visiird l )y Gramlclulihvn fl BRIEF HSU Bank Theft Defendants Returned Here Pending Filing of U. S. Charges. Following an automobile trip to Jonesboro and back yesterday afternoon, Aubrey E. Scott and J. E. Shipman. former First, National bank employes hekl In connection with nn apparent shortage of $50,000, were !u the Mississippi county jail here today awaiting action on the part of bank officials or the federal authorities. Max B. Reid, attorney for Scott and Shipman, explained today that they were taken to Jonesboro yesterday under the impression on his part and that of the local sheriffs office that informations against them were to be filed before U. S. Court Commissioner Ed Westbrook there. Upon arrival in Jonesboro i( was learned that no informations had been filed, nor was there any Indication that any would be forthcoming immediately, so there was nothing to do but return the accused men to the Blytheville jail. Await U. |S. Action The procedure for the immediate future, apparently, will be to permit Scott and Shipman to remain' 1 In the local jail pending the arrival of a department of justice representative to file federal charges SALT LAKE CITY UTAH against them The justice depart- 10 ,UP)--A talkative little cabaret ment agent for this territory was.-| Emg(r , once a blond but now dis- sald to be in western Arkansas or playing auburn tresses, and a sil- Oslahoma. at present, but he or an-1 etit, morose young barber, were in Tipton Stan ton Branch ol County Bank of Coving- Ion Is Looted. J. W. Stokes ,38. manager of the Hutton-Thomas Hardware company and former mayor ol Manila was found dead in his beet at ihe Highway hotel in Manila, by his landlady early this morning. | Flowing an Inquest n coroner's I Jury returned a verdict of death! from heart failure attributed to! • causes unknown. Stokes isi reputed ! MEMPHIS, Dec. 10. (UP)—Three to have bee; drinking heavily for n'business-like bandits armed with numtcr of months. ,.«awcd-ofr shotguns entered the Stokes, among others, made a i Pe °P' cs Bank ° r Stanton. Tenn. ! shcrt talk nt a mass meeting of' fortj ' m " cs w(M >t °1 here, shortly Manila citizens last night Implor-i afler ?? n Pli'll'fls. assistant cash- Ing aid for ihe un-emp!o\ed and| lcr ' had opened the doors todny people of the community in necdi n "c< robbed thc instiuition of te- of necessities. He appeared in fair. Iween $8.000 and $9,000. health and was to an amiable The trio, led by an elderly map mood, according to reports, noi: who acted as spokesman warne-i complaining of any Illness. ' the employes not to atlcmpt to The deceased was popular among [ stop them and. after cle.irlug out Manila citizens. He was not mar-, the vault, fled In an automobile. I The bank is a branch of the Tip- I ton County bank of Covlngton. i Tenn. ried. ' $£0,000 Loss at Kansas City j KANSAS CITY, Mo., Dec. 10 i (UP) — The Interstate National ; ! bank iiere was robbed today. ' j Estimates of the loot plnce the ', amount at $60,000 in cash and so- • i curities. ' in the i DTI i \,i r- -|"»«uui>, imtiiig twenty employes of, Kobbcry ot IViemphian: j the bank to remain quiet while - • ' - - - - - - j they waited for the time clock to I release doors to the vault where the money was stored. Loot Texas Bank 10 HELP NIT'S JOBLESS Free ['.mployment Office Will Gel lobs and Work- Three Shot In Gun Fight Early/Today Joe Buchanan, 35, of Carutheru- \llle. Mo., )s (n the Illyilievtlle hospital ami 11 man nanied Mnrlowc, crs loycther. C(m!C make their Girl Admits Attempting . Four men Participated n T , , ,„ ,'. & j holdup, forcing twenty emp th . machine other federal agent is expected to j jail today faced with the prospect come here to take charge of the of first degree murder charges In I Flrst state connection with the murder Sat- I da >'' escaping FRANKSTON, Tex., Dec. 10. (UP —Three unmasked bandits armed ! home In the While House for several months, '.he three, children of Herbert Iloovrr 2nd. son of the President, are pictured above as they arrived hi Washington from California. It was their grandmother herself—the First Lady of the I.aud—who mei. ili»ni at the train, and s'ie; Is shown holding the hands o( Her- bcn Hoover 3rd. now nearly M years old. and Peggy Anne. 5. Baby is seen, cl Ihe right, in Ihe onus of a nurse. At Ihe left is -Mrs. Ilcibcrt Hoover 2nd. who is lo join her husband at Ashvllle, N. c.. vvhcr; iir- h convalescing; from a slight lung lesion. A frrr cmuloymcnl service for nlytliovUle. tlnoii(jh which It Is hoped to mintmlve the elfcels of business depression In the community, will be established by Dud Casou post. American Legion, as thc iTsiill of action taken at Ihe weekly post meeting last iiluhl. The cfllce will open at once with Coi]X>ral Luther Leathers, locul nnuv recvuHlnct officer In clinrjii! jIleadmtartcrs will be In Ihe recruiting ofllcc at the courthouse where n telephone. Number 208. has he, Installed. The office will be ooeu from 8 a. in. to 4 p. in. each ilav. If patronage of the ofllcc warrants It additional help will be provided, f All residents of the community j who are out of work are Invited lo call at thc office. Their names and addresses, and the kinds of work they arc prepared lo do, will be registered, and kept for reference In filling requests for workers. Confidence is expressed by American Legion officers that In a day or two of the same city, k mu'.i-r bond charged with assault Intent Council Refuses Immediate Consideration of Butai Plant Proposals. : '"!:' to kill ii<i the ri'suU of n quarrel there this m'-rnlng which ended with the exchanging of .several bhots. Uiichiumu, who Is shot through j lh> back and 111 the li.uid, may foc!< heved^he'Tlll" no" die" 1 Marlowe i '„ butanV ga 5 "f,-ancliK : e";i' 1ms n wound in the shoulder and u slon. This milomatlcallv lo ft*. by.slander wa.s .shot In tho heel. Tlifrc wcrc'scveral eye witnesses lo I lie sho-,tli)K which took place In froiip of John Scott's pool room ill Caruthersville. Accrcllug lo Sheriff Roblns'ji. of Fcinlscot. county, Marlowe's hearing will be hela as soon RH Huchunau's recovery Is asiMred If he dies tho charge will be changed to murder. Both nrc heads of families. case withm a few days. Detention of the men in county jail on state charges without a preliminary hearing was described by Mr, Reid as an Irregular procedure, an opinion in which sher- •ifl's .efflcers wore inclined-to u&rei. New Denaturant Gives urday of Sam Frank, 65, Memphis | cnsnie r and assistant cashier wen- guns held up tne; of Frankston to-' «i i i r> i r n with 513,000. The! Aiconol Had fcgg Mavor the office be prepared to nil auctioneer. Jean Daile, 21, was arrested Tues- i day -jnhile Phillip J. Gulnan was picked up last Sunday.' Both'deny "tiiej^killed tho southerner, but the! locked in ihe vault. Mr. R«id said, however, that hts| vo ung woman'admits she "attempt-j clients were willing to await ac-; e d unsuccessfully to rob him. . lion by the federal authorities, j Police detectives today were striy- Audlt Is Planned I ing to unearth additional evidence Scott and Shipman have admit-j b i' wnictl tne >' hoi*' to Iorce » ted falsification of bank records to I confession. In any event murder conceal defalcations which appar- ; cnar B es probably will be filed ently amounted to about $50,000. j a samst the woman today. They have confessed to receiving a ! Email part of this money but have, refused to reveal what became of the rest of it. The exact amount of the shortage will be established by an audit, authority tor which was a.5ked of the comptroller ' of thr. currency by the bank's directors yesterday. It is the hope of the directors that the audit will be underway next week. Unless the audit reveals the shortage to be greater than is now indicated its completion will be followed by an application for authority to reopen the bank, the directors have announced. Work preparatory • to the reopening was being continued today, and Joe Isaacs, president of the bank, said that satisfactory progress was being mode. R[LI[F8ILL!: j Appropriation of $110000,000 Scheduled for tarly Adoption. i WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 (UP)— ; Development- of a new dcnaturant i lor alcohol which is non-poisonou'i, I bi:t makes alcohol taste like "a j combination, of spoiled eggs ou-J I garlic".- was-announced 1 today by (ho (.o:mni£.i:b:'.i>: of inuu:;lriul al- :o';ol. James Uorr:ii. It will be used. Doian said, in ~.c phce of wcod nlcohol in all lent denaturing formulas hereafter. I WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 <UP>— I Regardless of, what may have h.ip- pcned lo thc harmony program | fought by President Hoover to cv. ; pcdiate legislative biisinss (his j winter, tile senate moved quickly .If 101 Ur. 't I U 1 PL I lc <<:>y to relieve unemployment v.JU Hospital Head Lhosen ! an appropriation ol $110.000,000. Geologists Study Area for Oil, Gas W. C. Cates of Oklahoma Ciiy. n , „ -i representative of an oil anci gas President ol County So-; m ™'f hln ; ilree "»'»>"« after the | producers syndicate, and two gcol- P • i T o : meeting at noon Chairman Jones l . Ciety: omith IS Secretary'had called up the emergency bill' oglsts arc cll snged in a • .passed by the house yesterday and ! surve >' <* " lc country around Bly- Dr. Paul L. Tipton. operator of i consideration was begun. requests for workers of almost every kind. Anyone requiring help of any kind, If only for nn hour or two, in urged to get in touch with the office. Tt Is thc hope of Legion officers that public cooperation will be Riven to make the undertaking fully successful. Odd jobs of cleaning up and repairing that must uc done sooner or later may well be done now. when the need for work Is great, It Is pointed out by E. A. Rice, post commander, and If business men and home owners will Join In a program -of-- this, kind the M ,y; T n it ' . " ..... '""» ...... ui-HiwiKina me Ores War talk as He suffering which. Is already 'rcsiill- ? from ,\ i W U I A 1 f I ? from lle P r es5 e d bus Accepls rtohel Award ior tions win be kept to « T"» • f\ ^ r~» A£ni^nrlini*fnr.*.i_L_ art in business coudi- 19 ft minimum. As another feature of Its unemployment relief program the Amer- hiis received permission 1 Lumber warning that western clvlliza- bel Peace prize at a ceremony Nobel hall. Honored as cnc of Ihe outstanding workers for peace thc former secretary cf siate of the United States and co-author of the pact of Paris expressed thc hopes of ''humanity for peace." Kellogg said he was convinced the nations that signed the poace pact would fulfill its solemn pledge in absolute good faith and he did not sec the present v.-orld unrest as with the rest available for distribution among needy families. Volunteer Workers Assist Secreta 17 in Applicants. Handling Memphis First National Pays Dividend and Bonus create . was a leader in an elfort to brin ! nila, j Smith, Blytheville, secretary and . treasurer; Dr. W. P. Hutchens. Ma] nila, censor. Dr. A. M. Washburn, Blytheville, public jobs. The , was named delegate and Dr. C. M. (V "'' CS house today a 1)111 givin for conflict," Kellojtg ' in oil here several years ago. that j said. '-I'd rather share the opinion passed unai:i- '•( results of the present survey!of 'humanity for peace.'" 300.000 postal warrant it a test well will be drilled. : "Have we sn soon forgotten the weik. They. Mr. Cates informed Mr. The:, :as i four years o! terrible carnage, for- U nt The pastor's committee and members of church organization;; and various clubs were assisting Mrs. Ethel Wilson, executive secretary of the Red Cross, today, as she received applications for help In thc form of food and clothing at her office In the city halt. The line of men, wbrntn and children standing hi the corridors of thc city hall has grown steadily In the past few days and fit .noon, Tuesday approximately" 125^ po~oi)IC were aowdlng the doors of the clly hall and thc stairway leading lo the Red CroM office. City officers and other citizens, realizing Uie. Impossibility of Mrs. Wilson's force handling thc ' Increasing line of applicants,' appealed to other organizations and the pastors who had. formed a committee to aid relief agencies. '-For a while Tuesday the 'group seeking aid .from the Red Cross seemed to grow beyond control of officers of the' relief organization hut with the assistance of various committees and ministers today the situation was well In hand, according to Mrs. Wilson. "There Is no reason for any Ickj; feeling," Mrs. Wllscn declared. "We are Inking care of (he needy as fnst as we can and we ara not going to let anybody starve or go ""'" ~ kes sift fnr; W/"li oioi- 'Without sufficient clothing. It ta Will beek. Oolutionl'lme to Investigate applicants, ; tion Among Negroes. Over one attended ]out, Ihe needy cases and to distribute supplies ana clothing, tut wq are doing everything that can be done as fast as possible." | "We arc still asking that dis- us lor ttended a mrelng at th» Brtliet!,., . 7^ V s - M. E. church lLtnig l utol,eari' ilStrlbUli ° l ''' shc " MEMPHIS, Dec. 10 (UP)—Di-1 Harwell. Osceola, alternate dele- wl " bc l '" [lt!eci ' '< the measure be-' tint whatever the outran" cf th- rectors of the First National Bank! gate. It was also unanimously wt-i, comes a !aw - to - a Saturday half- : present survey future activities at the regular monthly meeting I ed to present a resolution to Zal ! ! ollcio y cr '« equivalent within five , would net depend up-n lo~al flimi- yesterday voted payment of the I B. Harrison, county judge-elect, i regular quarterly dividend of 3 p;r endorsing the reappoiutment of Dr! | cent, with a dollar per share bonas, P. D. Smith as county health of-' - , payable January 1. nicer. Manila was selected as the : p C J" , U1L i President Hoover's nomination of _; Eu?enc If ye-. Jr.. to be governor account to Sl.MO.OOO. President S. I mer member, was host for the' ™~~, 1 !L? ?<icral r , cs =™ B _, board and " ~ meetln? nt Ihp Ho'?l Olprr^, „->,„, i ,-P..ointment cf Floyd An addition of $50.000 was voted • next meeting place. Mi3 surplus fund, bringing that | Dr - Finley A. Robinson, a for- ciays following. Thc banking and cur-' rcncv committee derided today a record vote to approve cial participation. gotten the millions of men who t gave their lives, v preme sacrifice? l:o made thc su- Their sacrifice ] Mr?. Ethel Wilson. Red Cros.i cxe- nillve, tell of the co:irlitras among' thn colored ran- In this city. I Several hundred negro families; i were reported needing relief due to: Arkansas Audition Victor Goes to National Finals Construction of New Hayli-Caruthersville Road a lllllull lu . HAYTI, Mo.—Work on state should Inspire ihe pledge naver I ih c problem' by suggestTng that'the : "'Bhway 84 is progressing very rap"-••-'•••"-• -..-... -.,..--..-.-! - "••"•• despite the weather conditions. highway, 5.2 miles long, is ID employment situation and Mrs.'; Wil?on offered ]::•? only s'.'iitlon to- agaln to innict humanity wlthsuch j negroes fo n crime." i care for the ed further consideration of the gas franchke until the January.c'oun-: ell meeting and concurred in.thel request of Uie Arkansas Power and.'!. Light Company, which h; Uic( only,' nrm offering any plan for natural^, gas hero, that the zas franchise be' '• delayed Uilrly days. '-:.-'^; The council passed unanimously' an ordinance prohibiting taxis arid curs' for hire from using parking-spaces on streets within the fire. dltlrlcl as places to conduct their business, and forbidding their stopping at the curl) except tn dls> charge and pick up passengers'. •. Representatives of three cr.mpan- les seeking butane franchises here appeared before. Ihe council last night oul did not go into their franchise proposals tn detail. -''• The Arkansas-Missouri Power company, which cpcrales the "local- clcclric power syutein and Ic'o plants, entered the field of applicants last night by placing a frah- ;' form on thc table ceforc tho' council. Tho representatlv£$"o'f the.- company present, O. P. Moss, geii-r '''•[ crnl manager, and C. V. Selmugh, local manager, did not gr, Into their proposal, however, Natural Gas R$.K)r( 3 Favorable J. .Well Brooku, .secretary of tiio 16cal chapibcr of c'<mmerce, told the council that .he had been ask- r ed by Uie Arkansas Power, aiid"J Light company and t>,e Memphlsv Gas company to state that a. 4 J by.o( ^Uf.^ItyjJ^^.-&W;tion. fr" -turai gas posslbilitfes™ : )rad'' completed and sent tiMhe New- York olficej of the companies for : : action. Mayor need stated that C. ' A. Cunningham, local counsel for Ihc natural gas companies, who. was minute to be present at the session, had asked him to request the council to postpone action. Mr. Reed also dated nn official o[ th Arkansas Power and Light company at- Pine Bluff had 'phoned hini 4 just before council meeting that favorable reports regarding the. construction of natural gas lines from available supplies to rerve Blytheville and territory had been" filed and if carried out .wrald 'involve the expenditure of approximately n quarter of a million dollars: The rates, U wa;l stated, in- -trie event natural gas was brought here, would be the same as Jonesboro rates. " ' W. B Gravetto, lr<ral attorney, . representing P. A. Homaday of Sarc Anlonio, Texas declared that if.tile council wa;- ready to take actiort for a butane gas system he would yo Into detail about the franchl.'i? .of his client but that If the c-'.unctl I desired to delay action lie did not see the necessity of any detailed discussion of the various franchises ready for submisinl at the meeting. Voints to Former Delays Judge Gravettc attacked the "delay pleas" used by representatives of natural gas companies, declaring that C. A. Cunningham had been telling the ciuncil to "wait, wait,' E. Ragland. announced, which Is .meeting at the Hotel Glencoe where <.vui lo its capital stock. Ragland delicious refreshments were served, i f, rm i mn I™,.,, said S200.0CO had been added to ! Members present were: Physicians : this account this year, and total : C. E. Wilson, John H. McDaniel! dividends of $14 per share have Jr., W. A. Grimmett, Paul L. Tip- I Vnnnki been declared. j ton, C. T. Morris, A. M. Wash-I VCnaB| C ' • iburn, P. D. Smith, P. U Husband.- P. , . _ ' I. R. Johnson, all of this city; V . stock of Famous Store i R - ^ and w - p - Hutchens or Ma- i i nila; W. J. Sheddan and c. M. - , Hftrri ; i HOT Sl'RIN'GS. | son to be a member of the federal j i UP,-ROSS Lloytl Laync New Master I Run Again OH Power Trust ARK.. Dec. 10 Graham. Hut Sorliv:s •'••ih. ---l,^ V0 :i l!i» district Alwater Kent radio audition contest. leu last n.ght for New York where, Monday night and elected the fol- •vi'- - :.i;K>;r: in ihe national | lowing officers for 1331: Lloyd finals o! thr audition December 14.'Laync, worshipful master; Alex LEAC11V1LLE. Ark.—The Leachville Masonic Lodge No. G83 met "Wait" for about four years. He said the council diould tako action now for a butane gas granchlsc and de- clarod that In the event natural gas was made available by the running of a pips line near this city that the distributing He was accompanied by John Sum-, Dill, senior wr.rdcn; . n. . • ii 'iiim; w. u. oiieuuaii ana (j M 10 St. LOUIS House ' Harwell, of Osceola; M. B. Ellis' LI1TLE ROCK, Ark. (UP) - J ' irm an organization lo ', [j], 1 }' d 5 s|) "° " ie Ke ather conditions, the sick and hungry. m ~' A permanent organization was' ^ paved and will shorten the dls- j f tmcd cciulitlng of thc following tanee approximately two miles be! officers. Dr. W. B. Greene, chair- Iween Hayti and Caruthcrsville. 51 U 'I 1 M., I lnan ' Wlllic Stewart, secretary and Contractors Porcum and James, i Leacnvlue masons j. A. Jones, treasurer. The head- Dyersburg. Tenn., started work on. .... „ , quarters of the organization will be ; Ihis project November 15. 1930 an-J I could not legally reftisl .^ «^., Tillman Hall. | Ihe contract calls tor its compio-1 tural gas to any company holding The committee hop?; to work out: tion Oclober 3. 1931. but the CD;H-| a franchise here. He also said pany expects to complete the Job; that tlw unemployment situation two months earlier than the con-.^ai a minor point to be comldered tract calls for. i in prompt action to let a fran- NVork will continue during the • chise here, winter . on thc bridge and dump i O. P. Moss, general manager of I lady, Junior warden: J. L. plans to relieve thr acute ccndt- tf'ns of thc people a-i much as IMS- . sible. If any citizen po.';rsFK old Ruins Love- i Clothes that thsy can give to this ' and E. R. Barrett of Wilson; T. F. The stcct of the Famous store Hudson, of Luxora. has been purchased by Fleisher.; • — Brown and Co., of St. Louis, and i n . ., , , M i' lc rcmallll "s go=<is of 'the Kulh Nichols Completes New York store and H. Saphlan's. i bought recently by the same flrr.i,! is Review and several times candidate fcr governor, has tosstd swking ihe gubernatorial The Hnt Springs youths will meet 1 senlordeacon: Louis Wcinberg.'j'un- i ^l' or woman f-r a day they sire - work. All bridge and dumo wor'r : 'he Arkansas-Missouri Power" com finalists In Washlnjton ; ior deacon; Hadley Robins, secre- i r wuested to please communicate i s expected to be completed" in the ' P""?- concurred in Mr. Gravette's reception fcr Ihem has tary; Urelle O. Thomasson tieas- : vrilh tne chatr:r.a:i of "•- —- -• - - I tee. Hie commit i is In r.nount-ing hij candidacy Ven-! f oa-,t (n f na«r Fiiori*! nbl ° ttedarccl hc will conduct a V^Udol 10 uoasi rUgnt | campaign "on the Power tru't" I •->••"» '«uvea 10 St. Louis today, j • i sue. His publication long has" b^ "»"s Isaacs Is manager of the ! ROOSEVELT FIELD. N. Y., Dec. '• an enemy of the power interests amo!:s store. ! 10 (UPl-Mlss Ruth Nichols landed i - - ' u j i night ficm"wichiia, Kama". C Hcr i ^ wo More Iowa Banks Hundred Thrown Into | unofficial time was G hours and 21 tre a reception fcr ihem has been pl.-.nncd, at Ihe While House., urer; c R layno ty!cr FI-UH Warning!.;:! ihty wiil pu-i The new officers' will'be Install-1 ' 1 -f e ouo N Kahn° rk to bc "" 8UC£ts i f on st Jo!l11 ' 5 eve ' Deccmbcr "• Seek $166,000 Loaned l I OllU l\<tllll. I n } n mnnttn* tn o-lilnTl ™,t f.t t 1 ' 1 here nt 3:02 P. M .today after a i i night fi-cm Wichita, Kansas. Her | '. unofficial time was CL- if n- ! minutes from Wichita to New 35 Ship Hits Tier! York, and 13 hours and 22 minutes j from Los Angeles to New York. Italy, Dec. 10. (UP>— ! • -.innmr-is. who Is t!;e son of the campaign on the Power trust" Is- Hev. and Mrs. L. D. summers lived 1 His publication Ion? has b^en In this city for several years' wlisn ! his-father was paster of the First Bnp'.^t church. i at a meeting to which out of town 1 Masons will br- invited. i . . _^__ latter part' of spring. The paving j statement that a natural gar, dls- ' will commence in tile latter part Irlbulor could not refuse to sell aas of spring, as soon as tSe weather I to ' ne n °l c ' er if B franchise here i permits. The work Is divided b°-! lf a plp - llne was Iai(1 ReBr tnis , D i llwen two gangs, bridge and roa'd I cit i'' Mr-Moss also stated fliat His LOl, LllKC Lea by BanK gang. Both departments combined:' "™pany had studied the feasibility Wife Sent to Bed With' Chickens Wins Divorce i employ approximately 45 men and of natural Gas lor Eiytroville Mist j-p)_ I several teams. i (Continued on t'agc Three) NASHVILLE. Dec 10 (UP) Suit tor recovery rf approximately | £106,000 claimed :o have been loan-, Funeral Services Held Shut Their Doors Today; fold Last Rites For Caruthersville Man Col. Luke I."u. , ; | _ ! through lrrcg«!or rliannrts by the | {-Qr D. D. NichoU Tuesday; WEATHER TRIESTE, Ten were believed drowned today when the Jugo-Slavlan steamer | Topola crashed Into a pier In the harbor of Sushalt. Slav port of Flume, throwing S0 me 200 persons into the water. Two bodies been recovered, reports here said, Kingsford-Smith Weds MELBOURNE, Australia. Drc. 10 (UP)— Commander Charier, E. dcors situ DES MO1NES. IOWA. Dec. 10 (UP)—Two Iowa banks closed today, bringing to eight the numb?r of failures In five da:.s. OAKLAND. CAL. Dec. 10 (UP) ! Mbrrtv Bank Trust company, was 1 —Going tn Ixd nitli Ihc? chickens i filed In char.crry rnnrt 'ifre short-, did not appeal to Mrs. Emily |ly before nosu '.ri.iy. i Mendcz. , . Last riles were held at Caruthersville, Mo.. Tuesday for D. M. Simmons and Company, -pimvcr Hedger, 31, of near Carulhersvlll;, Occeola. la., bank with deposils who died at the Blyihcville has"of more than $1,000.000, closed Us.pftal Monday of acute appendicitis iul:ancously willi thc col- - The deceased is survived by his husband forced tj rleep In a chicken coop. ARKANSAS—Rain this afternoon ! and tonight; Thursday mostly Funeral services were held Tues-1 cloudy, rain In extreme cast pcr- day for B. B. NichoU. 65. who sue-, tion / cooler in northwest portion icumtcd Monday afternoon at his' Oilcloth protectors that roll to Kingsord-Smlth, distinguished flfJ: lapse of the Murray State ia'r.k «' widow. M^'c^ra Hea'»efand US ul' have'been hu'nted 'to T' '", er. was married todav tn vi« \<-,v,. i Mnrnv. la. a KiihslriiEirv n-iih /i*. ,,o,.»^,, -,c.. ^..j \i.. . ' . ,, ' . " a ^ c DlCn .""'ntcd to guard rain and I when windows are oi>en. dust Use Unemployed jhome On Washington Juries etery where Interment was made WASHINGTON', Dec. 10 (UP)— ] The Cobb Undertaking company cas In charge " " tonight and portions Thursday. cem-! According to the official weather inercc has prrpnri^i a list of employed pc-r.'ons r"sible tor Juryj here _,..., ,44 degrees; clsar with lljht frost. The deceased Is survived by his | On Ihe same day a year ago duty and ho. amended they widow Mr S . Agnes NichoU. 'two SnlmSm te^SltaV™ 33 de! be called upon to serve In that sons, Freddie B. and E. V. Nichols, grees and the maximum, GO 6s- capacity. |nnd one imeU daiiishlpr, |(m>esr clouriy;

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