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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 26

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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4- OAKLAND TRIBUNE, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1936 State Likely SAFE HOME AGAIN flGUA CALIENTE St IS -To Lose Taxes STORE TAKING si aaaaai -w 121 RATTLERS Ferries, Trains To Operate Late Ml Metropolitan Oakland' residents nnm nrn 'i. 1 MAY BE SOLD SAN rRANCISCO, probably never will col I who celebrate the brictge- opening in lect $28,000 In State income taxes levied against the California estate Among the first Oakland business TIJUANA, Mex, Nov. 12. (U.O tyros to announce plans for ex pan KOSTH HOLLYWOOD. Nov.

amuck In a Jealous fraor. a film sjjudlo worker killed Agua Caliente, world famous Mex San Francisco Saturday night may remain there as late ai 3 a. m. and still get home on ferries and trains. Southern Pacific officials announced today that they have scheduled a special late boat to of the late Will Rogers, film star and humorist This was Indicated today through an exchange of communications be aion with the completion of the.Bay LEE'S FERRY, Nov.

13. (U.PJ A den of 121 rattlesnakes, the largest ever reported in Arizona, was found and destroyed by members of a U. S. survey, camp at Paria "Plateau in the desolate, iso- lated Arizona "Strip," it was re. ican resort, win De aavenisea ior public sale Monday unless the Bridge, and Its promise of greater tween State Attorney-General U.

S. divorcee lancuaay, Diuageonea fcet toother, attempted to shoot her yminf son, and then committed sui iiAm. nrtllr rtnorted twiv. American owners pay a 750,000 peso fine imposed for possession of con Webb and Charles J. McCoigan, per leave San Francisco at 3 a.

m. and connect at Oakland Pier with elec opportunities in the Metropolitan Oakland area, E. Bercovich Sons, furniture dealers, who today disclosed plans for occupancy of a new and larger building. sonal income tax administrator for this Sate. Two day I of quarreling, Detective 5 Lieutenant William G.

Marr laid, Webb pointed out that the Federal ported here today. 1. In September a total of 1,481,949, gallons of gasoline was Kid at wholesale In Greenville County, S. C. This firm, which has been in busi tmded last night When Mr.

Both Government has precedence, over the State In the collection of per Chamberlin, 30, waa abot down by tric trains on the Shattuck Avenue and the Seventh Street lines. Passengers for Alameda will be transferred to Alameda trains at Fruit-vale. In addition, the company Will operate trains and boats via Oak ness in Oakland for 30 "years, announced that it had taken a long-term lease, the five-story brick vm 3 Richards, 34, her boarder traband liquor; M. Magallon, chief, of the Mexican customs office here, said today, An appeal to jSexico's highest court waa decided in favor of the government Tuesday. Magallon said the deadline for payment of the fine, which amounts to approximately $200,000, is Saturday at 3 p.

ia The alleged contraband liquor was I i the started to accompany him on sonal income taxes, and that because' of Federal claim of, $119,000, California would probably reort ve little or nothing. building on the southeast oorner of 'a walk. 'i, 13th and Clay Streets and would Ten feet from the door Richarda lulled out revolver, the detective move into the new structure shortly Strangely, Rogers' estate, under land Pier Saturday night on a 20-minute schedule, concluding with a ferry leaving San Francisco at aiier xne nrsx oi ne year, (aid, and fired twice at Mrs. Cham certain. NASAL 12:20 A 30-mlnute schedule to NOW ON 11TH STREET The firm is at present occupying seized at tho resort shortly after it prooate in los Angeiei t-ounty, was appraised at less than the government's claim, the -figure being $106,900.

If the Federal tax claim la cut Her mother, Mra. Emma Levy, B9, visitor in the house or the was closed following the ban on rambling in Mmlco placed by Alameda will conclude with-a boat leaving San Francisco at 12:49 a. m. The also announced that 1 train will be run through to two floors at Ml 11th Street, and the sew building will provide the firm with nearly three times as Prsident Lazaro Cardenas in JulXrf down, it was pointed out, there might be something left for Cali 1935. The resort is owned by the Agua fornia.

Dutton Avenue from the 1:20 a. m. ferry from San Francisco, connecting with an electric train at Fruit-vale for Alameda. Rsilew the drynna audi and Jay Clifford. Chamberlain, 9, her ton, i creamed In terror.

When he turned the revolver on I-'rs. Levy, ahe struck it it Rich-l ards then knocked her unconscious and chased after Am boy, who fled to a neighbor'! home. Detective Marr said the "frenzied fflred twice -at tha youngster, tha MtlIt. want Bli-h. During ha life the famous humor Calient Company, of which Baron Long, Los Angeles, is president irmanoR ny apptymg ist paid most of vhis money to his and she, as a widow, received much floor space, according to of-flcials the Lionel Wachs Company.

Tealty agents, who arranged the lease. Frontage of the new. building is 100 feet on Clay Street and 70 feet on 13th Street, compared to the frontage of the. present home of the furniture concern. iriemnosanim mgni and morning- large sums from insurance policies, but tax lelns cannot be placed against such policies under the law.

EX-NSTT OFFICER DIES SAN DIEGO, Nov. 13. JP) -Philip Sheridan Flint' 9, retired lieutenant-commander in the Navy, died lait night ards ran into a then, and When Rogers' Oklahoma estate, Arguments Heard in Bank Robbery Appeal SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. appeal of Bradford Si Charles, former Loa Angeles officer convicted of a bank robbery, was argued yesterday and submitted to the Ux S. Circuit Court.

Chasles wasr' convicted with There are a basement, ground floor, mezzanine and three upper stories in the new building, which is to be which amounts to very little, it is believed, Is settled and the Droceeds modernized before occupancy, OUTGREW OLD QUARTERS After 30 years of suoDlvina- thnu- transferred to the California executors, the estate here will be enlargd, but those close to the situation declared there still would be enough- money -to pay the income taxes. Jl I rut a bullet through hit own Oakland er Injured In Albany Crash ALBANY, Nov, 13-Hugh Watts, 81, of 8pS7 17th Street, Oakland, received head injuries yesterday when -vhe waa struck by a car Derated by Stephen A. Brown, of Seattle, as attempted to cross San Pablo A- nue at Solano. He waa treated' tha Humbold Hospital, sanas or Metropolitan Oakland citi Verne Miller and Theodore Wieden zens with all reauirementa in home of robbing the South Broadway- Attorneys for the Rogers estate furnishing, we have decided that we need more E. Bercovlch, president of the firm, said.

It was all a misunderstanding, Mrs. Goldie Lipautz, 35 (left), today when she returned home to greet her daughter, Avia Trumble, 15 (right), after having been reported, missing for 24 hours. Mrs. Lipsutz said she had been job hunting out of town and: that a reassuring phone call had been misunderstood. Police cared for her daughter until Mrs.

Lipiutt returned last -Tribune photo. Florence bra rich" of th- Security National J3ank in Los Angeles "in February; 1835. declared they would place all claims, The completion of the macnifl. matt and Weiden pleaded guilty ta and otherwise, in the probate courts in Los Angeles County. cent San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge will attract thousand! of neo.

and each was sentenced to five-year prison terms. St Charles pleaded pie to this area, many of whom will inhdeent was convicted and te-celved a lS-year. Become permanept residents andl E. PSrions, attorney for -St Charles; based his- case' on two wno wui establish homes bridge marks a new era for Metropolitan Oakland, and we will be ready for It." Missing9 Mother Turns Vp After Mixup on Telephone major, contentions: That the confession of St Charles to the crime was not voluntary and was improperly admitted at his trial, and that Try Rainier Ale these crisp, autumn days. Warming, stimulating IliUETO TVPE All Saints to Hold Bazaar Tomorrow SAN LEANDRO, Nov.

-43. All Saint's Enlscooal Church of Ran A misunderstood telephone con the Federal act making robbenpf a National bank a Federal off ense was unconstitutional, venation led to a 24-hour police Captain William E. Bark; of the Northern Station most of the time yesterday. Captain Barkis had offered to take care of the girl so It's the1 happy medium for fun tonight and a happy head tomorrow, too. A true ale, well-made and fully aged, the date Is on every bout aoJ cap-sealed can.

Try wholesome Rainier Ale -wi LARGEST SELLING! ALB ON THE PACIFIC. COAST Presiding Justice Curtis D. Wil search for the missing mother of bur dismissed the second Leandro will hold its annual bazaar a 15-yearrpld Oakland Kigh School that -elMT not have V. takeif-fcmm. tion' Home perid-T attorney, Wenxreim -iStoTeTf washmgtottl a'll, If was disclosed today.

Avenue and Davis Street. The girl Avia Trumble, 13, a mg ner motners return. was voluntary. -v sophomore at Oakland Technical High School, reported that her Willi risers azwm tmm Do you wear frilly, feminine clothes, or tre tailored cos-tumei more becoming to you? If you want to be positive, let ft mnr The affair will be conducted under the auspices of the-Auxiliary-Guild, headed by Mrs. D.

L. Schaaf. She will be assisted by a committee of Auxiliary-Guild members. Following the food sale and the bazaar, the organization will hold a whist party at the parish house at 611 Dowllng Boulevard, commencing at 8 SO Optical Workers Continue on Strike 8 AN FRANCISCO, Nov. 50 members of the Optical Workers' Union continued on atrike today, with no sign of new negotiations with the Optical Manufac urryieiiyHice warneroros.

designer help you. With his mother, Mra. Goldie Lipsutz, 33, had been missing since Wednesday night from her home at 3658 Grove Street, after leaving1 to attend an Armistice Day dance. Thursday morning, Avis said, the landlady at the rooming house Where she was living, told her that "some one" had phoned that her mother was in Sacramento, The girl, having no food or money, went to police for help. 4 A search was started, but last night' Mrs.

Lipsutz returned, surprised that her daughter was alarmed. She stated -she had telephoned that she was seeking a po lltlon out of town, and had hot been able to reach her daughter directly on the telephone, and had figure analysts chart, you. can tell at afclancethe most flat If 1 teringTinj for your figure Write for your chart today. IT'S tZth together with the latest issue of Orry-KelVa famous, Faihidn Forecast sly. turers' Association expected immediately.

Five San Francisco firms have signed contracts with the workers, who ask a $3S weekly wage for a 40-lrour week, and approximately 30 of the men who struck originally are back at work. left a message which waj not completely Avis, happy to be reunited with her. mother again, said she had been a guest at tha home of Police 7Vl CGI fi Save 4 -ss--s pM''' "IM III irfi'" i Mi Jj III II 1 I uzzuavG iioncii jvow iJ Reg, Price) $123.00" a Wake Up Uout Kitchen jt ni UORE QUALITY FOR YOUR vitli a nODERN GAS RANGE! Sand fast one top from a Whht E2ng Granulated soap package to gethef wish your name and address White King Fashion Service, 727 fait 1st St, Los Angeles, Calif, and both these remarkable style aids will sent to few promptly. 3 Cfc3 CiwnS iMarCatTaaMt T-ite King brings rot the secret rot keeping 703 bands soft and lovely no matter how much theymust be la water. It's WHITE KING'S eooL waur washing method.

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