The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 10, 1957 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 10, 1957
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By Russ Waller * » » Df, and Mrs M. Murray of Lakota had plenty of perserverence. Had they not, their daughter Kay Murray, an Air Force nurse might not have made it for the holidays. Kav was flying north from Texas and was to land at Mason City. Fog prevented the plane from making the stop, so the Murrays hastily drove tr Rochester, Minn. Fog again, so the plane headed for Minneapolis. There the Murrays caught up with Kay who spent a week at Lakota during the holidays. * * • MAIL BAG: From Glenn Crillys, former Al gona residents, now at Whittier Cal. a subscription renewal and note ... "Whittier is a nice town. Glen is selling appliances. We set Algona people quite often—there seem to be a lot of them here in Southern California. "Yes, and especially over the last weekend An anonymous postcard with only "Now* we have a golfing president and a kissing vice presi- •• dent." This, we suspect, cam: from a Democrat. * • * Mrs John Briggs of Algona. after considerable thought, finally selected a gift for her daughter Sally in California, a carving set with steak knives ... came Christmas and she opened the presen' SHE got ,from Sally... a carving set with steak knives. * * * Don Cook, Algona. was one ol 23 football players at Drake Uni versify to be awarded a varsity letter for the 1956 season... up in Emmet county there was a contested election for state representative, after the county canvass gave the election to Niels J. Nielsen, Ringsted Democrat, by 11 votes—the recount was made tnd Nielsen then won by 70 votes ... Darrell Coover, former news editor of the Algona Upper Des Moines, and for the past year or so on the, staff of U.S. Senator Barry Gojdwater of Arizona, became executive secretary to the- Governor of Montana, at Helena, starting January 1 — he adds that the Montana governor lias the same problem as the Iowa gov- • erhor, only m reverse — out there the governor is a Republican ana the legislature has a Democratic majority. * * * Get out your fraction counters ... starting Jan. 1 the social security withholding went from 2 peixjent to 2 V* percent. * • * Before the Rose Bowl game it looked as though the Iowa squad v/as having its trouble with Lot Angeles traffic problems ... after (the game it looked as though the Oregon State team had been hit by a truck. * * • Headline of the week — "Pro- bers Say Doria Crash Avoidable." We'd say that too, what with the whole Atlantic ocean to maneuver in. * * * Down in St. Louis, a fellow named Joseph Bommarito told why he drilled holes in 24 apartment doors. "I was driving along and I saw a beautiful girl go in ithe building. I just had to see her again but didn't know which apartment was hers." He 'got 60 1 days. * * » The many friends of Jim Murtagh will be happy to know that Jim is now«> to be back at his desk part time, following serious surgery and 32 blood transfusions at Tucson, Ariz, However, Jim Said some future surgery is also expected, probably about March 1. He is a son of Mr and Mrs Charles Murtagh.. .our own Chris Reese is still at St. Ann hospital here where his condition continues critical. * » * This week will see a great many of our "snow buds" taking off for Texas, Florida, California or Arizona for the balance of the winter to join others who left earlier... good traveling, and welcome back in the spring. * * * In one local home, a wife ran across a small portion of liquid purveyed by state stores, and ducked it behind the family davenport so hubby would not find it. Hubby, however, home alone, found it missing and found the hiding place. When the refreshment was gone, he put the cork back and replaced it behind the davenport. Later, the wife found the empty and then inquired how that could happen. "Don't you know that stuff evaporates?" said hubby calmly. Russ Buchanan was Rotarv's soeaker last Monday noon. We stole our last line from his speech, to wit — Famous Last Lino — "If Patrick Henry thought taxation without representation was hell, he should neve teen what; w» can WITH ?•* 1 State Iowa soolcty ESTABLISHED 1863 Entered a* teeond elstt matter at the postotftee at Aljfona, Iowa. Nov. 1. 1933. under Act of Congress o* March 3. 1879. MGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 3 SECTIONS - 20 PAGES VOL. 94 - NO. 2 Bob La Bar re Killed In Car Crash fa. Picnic/ Rose Bowl Trips Now Memories Many Kosstith People Meet At Pasadena By Burrell & Buddy-Mason PASADENA, CALIF.—lowans broke with tradition today, Dec. 31, 1956, and held their Iowa Picnic in Pasadena. Tomorrow is THE BIG DAY of West Coast football and, from the license plates on passing cars, we are convinced that every Iowa vehicle with wheels is in California. Brpokside Park, in Pasadena, is right next door to the Rose Bowl where tomorrow's carnage is scheduled. They have discovered the smartest way to handle the Rose Bowl traffic problem. Get there the day before — and DON'T DRIVE on Bowl day! As usual,. Kossuth County furnished one of the Iowa Picnic's largest — and livest — delegations. A Few Interviews Mr and Mrs Walter Blake attended. They're out here on the Coast, visiting their daughter and son-in-law. Daughter Joan is married to 1st Lt. Dennis Wuebker of the U.S. Air Force and is living at Travis Air Base. The Blakes reached *he Base just in time to beat the arrival of Peter Don Wuebker, new son and heir. Peter checked in on December 20th. ... Mr and Mrs Norm Beat were a popular couple. They seemed to know just about everyone on the picnic grounds. Mr Best is making plans to enter the real estate field in this area. He was formerly with the Kossuth Co. Credit Bureau. Mr and Mrs Alex Derinand of Algona are now living in Santa Monica. They were in the restaurant business before leaving Algona. The Dermands send a message to the UDM editor. We're carefully transcribing the exact quote — "We've got one more metexia, Russ." Mr and Mrs Al Young, former Titonka residents, were enjoying the picnic. They moved to the West Coast about 3Vz years ago and now live in El Monte, Calif. Al's parents are the Oliver Youngs who live in Weslfiy. Jerald and Dolores Schenck and their two fine boys, Michael and Steven, came all the way from Sacramento, in northern California, to be at this gathering. Thev were accompanied by Mr and Mrs Alfred Schenck, and Sandy Schenck. Sandy plays football with the/ juniors, a team of 4th graders at the Lucia Wallace School. The Alfred Schencks are visitr ing Edith Schenck-DeLozier in Los Angeles. Edith's father was the first white boy to be born in Kossuth County. The original Schenck family airived in America from Holland in 1650. Mr and Mrs Leonard Frost, formerly of Algona, are now living in Huntington Beach, Cal., with their lovely 'clu'ldren, Linda (11), Faye (9), John (2V4) and Jim (Age—6 whole weeks!) Old Picnic 'Regulars' Ernie Taylor and Otto Elbert, two Picnic "regulai-s," were on hand. John Lande was introduced t» West Coast lowans by a former Algonan, Jesse Riddle. John is here on a visit to Robert Chambers, now a Pomona resident. Russell Maxwell, now employed by R & C Motors, had a car accident recently. Just to prove that men are made of sterner stuff than cars, Russ is up and about at this writing. The car? Don't ask! Russ, a former Algonan, now resides in Ontario, Calif. ' Mr and Mrs Andy Jasperson of Algona attended the Picnic with their daughter Karen (13). Karen is president of the 8th grade class at Landis School in Baldwin Park, Calif. Elmer Jasperson of Algona was a member of Andy's Picnic Party. Elmer came out to the Coast for the Big Game. Andy Jasperson is in charge of the big Santa Fe Dam in Baldwin Park, Calif. Mr and Mrs Harry McMurray (she was Katherine Hunter) are here visiting with sister Frankie Jasperson, in Glendale,-Calif. The dapper Ed Genrich came over to greet us. Ed and Genevieve Genrich have the Genrich Trailer Park in Duarte, Calif., Here, Kossuth County folks fiAd an unofficial Kossuth — West Coast information center. Ed and Genevieve help them find Mends and relatives in ^California and direct them to points ,of interest. Ray and Katherine Cook headed another Picnic party. Katherine is the former Katherine Cavanaugh. In their party was Don Cook and Mr and Mrs Lloyd Pratt. The Pratts are visiting Don Cook and friends. This group also contained former Al- gonans, Mr and Mrs Lloyd Keith (she was Evelyn Van Allen). The Keiths now make their home in Burbank, Calif. Evelyn's mother, Nellie Van Allen is an Algona resident. Otto Elbert is still employed at The Ravenswood, an apartment- hotel favored by the wealthier movie stars. He holds down the desk in the Ravenswood lobby from 3 to 11 p.m., daily, if you ever get out his way. Ted H. Rantzow — out here for the past 35 years says, " I'm beginning to like it here. In fact, I mav stay!" Albert Bunkofske was a Picnic Guest. Albert is the brother of Bob Bunkofske of Algona. Jesse H. Riddle, who did business under the firm name of R & C Motor Co. when he was the Packard dealer in Algona has a motorcar business here. The firm name? R & C Motor Co^ of course! Oh! Yes! Ernie Taylor was wearing two very fancy celluloid buttons bearing the lettering: "IOWA PICNIC." Someone asked him where buttons such as these could be obtained. "Well!" drawled Ernie, "First, you have to attend the Iowa Picnic in Long Beach." * * * Kossuth county's Rose Bowl travelers were nearly all home this week. And they brought with them some interesting stories. They also reported that New Mexico is a dangerous state — that radar speed traps were in force. One local resident • was stopped twice before he crossed New Mexico, fined each time too, and so far as he knew he was the only driver on the highway for miles and miles. » • • Orville Wicks didn't have a Rose Bowl ticket, but went to the Bowl anyway. Tickets were being scalped before the game for massive sums. Orv didn't bite, however. Five minutes after the game started he and a frienc bought tickets at $5.50 for THE PAIR. Mrs Alfred Schenck had about the same experience. Her husband and son Sandy had tickets and went to the game. Mrs Schenck didn't figure on seeing the game, but went to the Bowl anyway. A few minutes after the game started she was accosted by. •a -• would-be scalper offering e ticket for $2.50. She said she'd give him (two dollars — and got it for $2. Then she went into the Bowl and found she had better seats than Alfred and Sandy. * * * Before the game, Iowa pennants were being offered outside the Rose Bowl for 50 cents. After the game—and the Iowa victory —the same pennants were grabbed up at five bucks each and were a sellout. • » * After the Tournament of Roses parade, Pasadena streets were littered with discarded blankets arid samovar-type charcoal heaters, according to observer Luke Linnan. Those without tickets to watch the parade grabbed vantage points during the night, and held their positions until the parade started with the aid of blankets and heaters to keep them warm in the early morn hours. • • • Mr and Mrs Orville Brandt and Mr and Mrs Orville Runksmeier of Lakota returned last Friday from a Rose Bowl trip. On their return, near'York, Neb.., they had a narrow escape from death when their car was sid<?s\viped by a large truck. The car was damaged, but none of the occupants. Union Slough Refuge Gets New Manager Possible pending tranfer ol Milfred Smith as manager of the Union Slough Federal game refuge became known last week with the announcement that Harold H. Burgess is being transferred to Kossuth county from the Upper Mississipoi Wildlife and Fish Refuge, near Prairie du Chi en. Mr Smith..who makes his home at Hurt, has only about six months to go to retirement from the service. His work has been outstanding. Burgess was transferred to Union Slough as of Dec 27. The new manager is married and has three children. He is a graduate of Michigan State College, and was once a forester with the Firestone Rubber Co. in Liberia, West Africa. He joined the Federal service in 1950. ACP Sign Up Set Friday Applications of Kossuth county farmers for government cost- sharing on soil and water conservation (ACP) practices to be carried out in 1957 may be filed at i-ommunity meetings which have been arranged by the county ASC committee. The meetings will be held Friday. Jan, H, by townships as outlined below, The meetings will be all'day affairs. Farmers are receiving information in the mail with complete information on the various types of farming operation which will qualify them for participation. R. I. Anderson, county ASC chairman, emphasized that all farmers, owners or tenants are eligible to file requests. Early filing is desired. Farmers unable to attend a comnumity meeting may file at the courvty ASC office. Kossuth county has been allo cated $103,200 of federal funds to share the cost of authorized ACP practices in 1957. The signup meetings will be held as follows: Buffalo twp.—East elevator, Titonka: Burt twp.—H. & H. station, Bua^t; Cresco twp. — Ralph Morgan basement; Eagle twp.—Walt«- O'Green basement; Fen ton twp.—-8:30 to 12, Kossuth County Implement, Lone Rock; 1 to 4:30 p.m., Fenton Co-Op elevator; Garfield—Center school. ** German — German Valley school; Grant — Grant school: Greenwood — Murrav elevator; Cfreiman John, peers; Hebron — Hebron, twp. hall, sec. 16; Irvington ^ Ir^ington eleya- tor. ^: ' ,:•? '•# y. ,..•:' Ladyard twp. — Morning, Lakota town hall: afternoon, Ledyard town hall; Lincoln — Louis Wingert home: Lotts Creek — Lotts Creek school, sec. 28; Lu- Verne — LuVeme town haH; Plum Creek — Community room: Portland — Portland twp. hall; Prairie twp. — St. Benedict store; Ramsey — Center school; Riverdale — Center school; Seneca — Seneca store. Sherman — Center school; Springfield — Ledyard town hall; Swea twp. — Reuben Hoi- comb basement: Union — Union Community Hall; Wesley twp.— West Co-Op elevator; Whittemore — Town Hall. Annual Meeting Of Home Federal Annual meetings of two local organizations have been set. The HonSe Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n annual meeting will be held at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 16, at the offices of the organization. Date of the annual meeting of the Algona National Farm Loan Ass'n will be held Tuesday, Feb 12, at the Algona V.F.W. hall, starting at 6:45 p.m. A dinner and entertainment is planned in addition to the business session. Speakers will be announced SnoW & Colder Weather Back After being rather gentle for most of the winter, the weather suddenly tricked this area with real bitter weather Tuesday night. The zero reading early Wednesday didn't improve any during the day and snow anc 1 high winds cut visibility on the highwavs to nothing at times. The snow that fell was added to an inch which descended Monday. Pete Hi L Jan. 3 .35 25 Jan. 4 .28 5 Jan. 5 28 9 Jan. 6 36 13 Jan, 7 32 10 Jtn. 8 , 39 15 Jan. 9 __ _— 0 The 39-degree reading Tuesday may be our high for quite a while now that we've reached January and February. Mrs R. A. Bleich Rites Set At Burf, Friday Funeral services for Mrs Reinhold A. Bleich, 69, of Burt, will be held Friday at 1:30 p.m. in St. John's Lutheran church there. Rev. Wittkopp will officiate and buri«l will follow in the Burt cemetery. McCuliough's Funeral Chapel is in charge of arrangements. Mrs Bleich, who had been under a doctor's care for the past several months, died suddenly ; Jn "tine Bleich home Monday night. .Louise Margaret Falk, daughter of John Falk and Louise Mueller, was born May 11, 1887, at Castle Rock, Wise. She came with her parents to Iowa in 1893 and had been a resident of the Burt community since that time. She was married to Reinhold A. Bleich Sept. 12, 1906, and the couple had two children. Beside? Mr Bleich. survivprs include <s daughter, Luella (Mrs O. T. Cherland), Lone Rock; a son, Raymond A. Bleich,' Libby, Mont.; a grandson; and three brothers, John Falk, Algona, Otto Falk, Tacoma, Wash., and Arthur Falk, Salem, Ore. Mrs Bleioh was a member ot the St. John's Lutheran ladies aid and the Burt Birthday Club. Pallbearers at the funeral were six nephews of the deceased. Robert C. LaBarre Nels Isaacson Photo, UDM Engraving Ray Webb Killed, Clothes Caught In Grinder Belt Form A Wesley Commercial Club Wesley — Wesley Commercial club has recently been organized. At a meeting of 13 business and professional men Thursday evening Maurice DeBoer was elected chairman, David Kleinpeter, secretary treasurer, Burnett Hartley, Don Kraus,. Charles Price and Martin Hamilton, directors, Shotgun Blast Brings Death Seneca—Senecans were shocked to hear of the accidental death of Leland F. Anderson, 53, of Seattle, Wash., on New Year's eve. He was a well known former resident here. Death was the result of an accidental discharge of Anderson's- gun as hfe and a companion were going hunting. Funeral services for Mr Anderson were held at 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Blakjer Lutheran church with Rev, Harlan Blockhus officiating assisted by Rev. Homer Larsen. Burial followed in the Seneca cemetery- Leland was the son of the Albert Andersons and born in Seneca June 22, 1903. The elder Mr Anderson now lives at Waterloo. Mrs Anderson died many years ago. Other survivors include a brother. Arnold, Seattle'- and two sisters, Mi's Forest Chris- Benson, Cedar Falls, and Madelia. LaFayevte, la. He was a veteran of World World II. Pallbearers at the funeral were Russell, Bernard and Georgo Jensen, Wavne and Wallace Christenson and Chris Dahl. Ray Webb, former long-time resident of this area, was killed instantly late Wednesday afternoon when he became entangled in a pulley belt while grinding feed at the Gilbert Sandven farm seven miles east of Humboldt. According to Humboldt county coroner, Dr. J. K. Coddington, Webb suffered multiple fractures of both arms and his left leg, a broken neck, fractured jaw and multiple lacerations. Mr Webb, who had been employed on the Sandven farm about two years, was grinding feed with Mr Sandven at the time of the tragedy. His clothing apparently became entangled in some way in the power take off mechanism and he was pulled into the equipment. His clothing was torn off by the machinery, and according to the coroner he was killed instantly. Mr Sandven immediately shut off the grinder, and not knowing Mr Webb was dead, wrapped him in a blanket and rushed him to Coddington's office in hopes of saving the man's life. Mr and Mrs Webb and their family, which includes two boys, aged 12 and 18, and a married daughter, lived on an acreage southeast of the Call State Park here before moving to Humboldt in 1955. * Funeral arrangements, which are in charge of McCuliough's Funeral Chapel, were incomplete at press time, Besides his family, other sur- viors include a brother, Chet Webb, operator of the Algona Cab Co. Jesse Waltman, Burt, Succumbs f Funeral services for Jesse Waltman,-81, a resident of the Burt area for over half a century, were held there Tuesday at 2 p.m. in the Burt Presbyterian church. Rev. H. M. Smidt officiated and burial followed in the Portland township cemetery. Garry Funeral Home of Bancroft was in change of arrangements. Mr Waltman died early Saturday morning, Jan. 5, in his home at Burt. He is survived by three sons, Clifford and Clinton of Burt, and Waif of Corwilh; two daughters, Opal at home and Wanda (Mrs Robert Ditswortih), Jefferson, a brother, a sister and seven grandchildren. His wife preceded him in death in 1948. Mr Waltman farmed in the Burt area from 1900 to 1943 when he retired and moved into town. Adult Evening Classes Open Seven adult education classes began weekly meetings Monday evening, with 136 enrolled at the start. Classes are being offered in typing, bookkeeping, aeronautics, oil painting, arts and crafts, industrial arts and current civic problems. There are still a few more enrollments needed in the current civic problems course, which will be presented as a panel or forum- type discussion group on problems of common interest. Meetings will be held on one evening a week, Monday, for two hour?. Courses run lor 10 weeks. Coffee, Jan. 16, To Aid Polio Fund According to Kossuth County Campaign Director Oliver S. Carlson, there will be a Silver Coffee honoring the March of Dimes on January 16th at the Algona American Legion Hall. The coffee is open to the public, with special invitations being issued to the various clubs and organizations of the town. Anyone may attend this coffee. The donations will be held in a special fund under the Coffee for Polio heading. This is to be held in other towns through-out Kossuth County. Hours are from 2:30 to 4:30 'at the Algona American Legion Hall. New Cheese Makers Lone Bock — Mr and Mrs Ray Lauenberg are the new cheese makers at the Lotts Creek cheese factory. They moved to Lotts Creek from Odebolt recently, Has Surgery Seneca *-• Mrs Emma Wienberger is a patient at the Holy Family hospital at EsthervUle where she submitted to surgary Monday morning, $40 Fines, 7 Days Jail, J. P. Court Four persons paid fines during the last couple of days in justice C. H. Ostwinkle's court. Hprman Brockschmid't, West Rend, paid $5 and costs for driving with an expired chauffeur's license; Larry Cook, Algona, paid $10 and costs for speeding; Hugh Colwell, Algona, was fined $25 and costs for reckless driving, and William Countryman, Swea City, was sentenced to seven days in jail for failing to report an accident. Marie Girres Funeral Friday Funeral services for Mrs Marie Girres, 78, a former resident of, the Wesley area, will be held Friday at 10 a.m. in the Catholic church at Garner. Burial will be in St. Joseph's cemetery at Wesr ley. Mrs Girres died Tuesday morning in her home -at Garner, Survivors include a son, Adolph, Wesley; and four daughters. Her husband, Fred, died in 194 J. She had been a resident of Garner for several years. Florida Vacation Wesley — - Mr and Mrs Halvor Flom are spending a two weeks vacation in Florida. Mrs Flom is cashier at the Studer'a Store. They left Sunday morning. Chimney Fire Wesley -» The fire answered a eaJJ to th» MW|H Ferstl farm hom,p where they ««* tinguished. a eh&mey Wi*f. Wife Critically Injured South Of Ft. Dodge Algona Car, Meat Truck Collide In Blizzard Robert C. LaBarre, 37, young Algona insurance man 'and state president of the Iowa Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1953 and 1954, met instant death in a head-on collision between hisi station wagon and a meat truck, 16 miles south of Fort Dodge, about 4 p.m. Wednesday. % His wife, Marian, was injured but after first reports that she was critically injured, word came from Fort Dodge Mercy hospital, where she was taken from the crash scene, that her main injuries were face lacerations and severe shook ' On Way To Des Moines Mr and Mrs LaBarre were on their way to Des Moines; driving south on highway 169. Visibility was poor, and state highway patrolmen called to. the scene described the weather in the area as a blizzard. Just how the head-on collision occurred had not been determined, other than the fact that the blizzard made road conditions bad. A Gus Glaser meat truck, traveling north, driven by Jimmy C. Osboe of Fort Dodge, met the LaBarre vehicle head-on. The meat truck was overturned, and the LaBarre machine was a total loss. Osboe, however, was not injured. The mishap took place about 600 feet south of the Webster county line in Boone county. Funeral Arrangement* Pend Funeral arrangements were pending here. McCuliough's Funeral Chapel is handling arranger ments. Surviving in addition to Robert's wife, Marian; are the three LaBarre children, Sue, 15, Charlene, 13, and Brian, 7, his parents, Mr and Mrs C. R. LaBarre, and a sister, Eleanor, Mrs Murray Mowers, all of Algona, and another sister, Betty Jean, Mrs Dennis Gahan, of Humboldt. She family here was unable to gof'to Sort Dodge, lasts night, due to theS>lizzard, tout kept in touch with Marian's condition by telephone. Bob was born January 22, 1919, and on thai date this month would have been 38. He was a graduate of Algona high school, attended the State University of Iowa, served in the Merchant Marine durm.g World, War II, and was active in many civic organizations. After serving in various official capacities in the Algona Junior Chamber of Commerce he was honored with the highest state office of the organization. He was active in Senior Chamber of Commerce work and a member odt the Algona Lions Club. Bob was head of the Algona Insurance Agency here, and wide* ly known in business as well as, civic circles in this area and throughout the state. The community extends sjncer. est sympathy (to members of the LaBarre family in their tragedy. Two Fertilizer Meetings Set Joe Stritzel, Extension Agron* omist from Ames, will be th« featured speaker at two meetings on fertilizer problems to be held in Kossuth County on Wednesday, Jan. 16, according to Dean L. Barnes, county extension di» rector. The first meeting will be held in the V. F. W. building, Algona, at 1:30 p.m. and the second meet* ing will be in conjunction with the Swea City Farmer's night school, 8:00 p.m. at the high school. All farmers are invited* Licenses To Wed To 4 Couples Licenses to wed were issued to four couples during the past week at Clerk of Court Alma Pearson's office here, as follows? Jan. 3 — Ronald J. Gerber awj, » Jeanne JSisenbarth, Algona ', V*»r* non Higgins, Whittemore, ajvf Eva Bailey, Algona. > Jan. 8 '- Emery Preston, Appii* strong, and Phyllis Vollmar, Bajv* croft; Raymond Klein, Bode, Genevieve Wagner, Algona, City Milk Ordinance A public, heaping h&s been for 7:30 p .m,, Jtn. 18, at the ' Hall bv the city oounejj discussion on the matter fion a* « "United ma Jfeajth Service Wd " ©ad*,"

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