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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 43

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 43

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

T-9 OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, MARCH 8, 1936 SHIPPING AND PORT NEWS New Fertilizer Developed Here WEATHER REPORT Uttai glatwttra tattattrs The San Francisco fire "burned up" Herman C. Schlichting so badly SOUTH in TRAOE OUTLOOK San Francisco Maximum 67, minimum 50 degrees. Saeramcnte Maximum 68, minimum 48 degrees. I resne Maximum 72. minimum 50 degrees. I Antflfs Maximum 64 minimum 91 Berkeley Births (mentions to Wed SUSSMAN To the wife of Joseph Suss- REPORTED GOOD that he moved over to me tastoay while the fire was still burning and he's been over here ever since. The National Fced'aftd Fuel Yards founded in Oakland by Schlichiihg 30 years ago have become somewhat of an Eastbay landmark for all types of garden supplies, fuel, feed and other requirements. For the past 25 years it has been located at 806 55th Street, jwhere the business has grown steadily with the years. Just now garden lovers are enthusiastic over a new development at the Schlichting yards a new type Supremo on Continental Sid of San Francisco Bay OAKLAND'S ONLY LOCALLT OWNED. LOCALLY CONTROLLED DAILY Established February 21, 1874 a Member American Newmpaper Publishers Association Charter Member Audit Bureau of Circulation Exclusive Complete Associated Press Service for Great Eastbay Full United Press Service The Associated Press is exclusively ert titled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwiae credited in this paper, and also the local news published herein. All rights of republication of special dispatches herein also are reserved. THE TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COU PUBLISHERS. JOS. R. KNOWLAND. President. Publisher and Editor. B. A. FORSTERER, Secretary, Treasurer and General Manager. Published every evening and Sunday. Single copies: Daily Editions, 3c; Sunday Edition. 10c. Back numters: Daily Edition, 5c and up; Sunday Edition, 10c and up. PUBLICATION OFFICE Tribune Build-ing. corner of Thirteenth and Franklin streets. Phone LAkeside 6000, I Entered as second-class matter. February 21, 1908, at the Postoffice at Oakland. under Act of Congress, March 6. 1879. Subscription Rates by Carrier: (Daily and Sunday) One month t. 100 Six months (in 5.50 One year (in advance) 11.00 By FRANK KESTER man. a son, Donald. February as. KEHN II To the wife of Ruy Eugene Kern II. a son, Ruy Eugene JIL February 26. 1936. MADDEN To the wife of Foster Lawrence Madden, a son. Ronald Lawrence, February 28. 1936. BOTTINI To the wife of Domenic Charles Bottini. a daughter, Joan Rosalie, February 28. 1938. To the wife of Harrison Richard Scheer. a daughter, Barbara Lee, February 28. 1936. VAN HOUTE To the wife of Robert Van Houte. a eonr Sheldon Wright, February 2d, 1836. MATA To the wife of Daniel Mats, a daughter. Rose Marie. February 28. 1936. barred out as too dangerous mis-sllerso now 'Ihey Use a canvas bag TIIEV0I.D SAILOR OPINES "Some day I want tolake tripr all around This ol'. world as a passenger, wit' MrCorirtirk Line Traffic Man Reports Outlook Is Unusually Bright BEST. John Milton Jr. M. 505 Key Boulevard. Richmond. McGIMSEY. Virginia Katherine 22, 6000 Broadway Terrace, Oakland. De MARR. George Forrest 39. 24 Beu-lah Street. San Francisco. HARRIS. Edith 25. 24 Beulah Street. San Francisco. CHRISTMAN, Harold Dean 30. 2030 Curtis Street, Berkeley. MoGREGOR. Phyllis Anielie 22. 556 41st Street, Oakland. BROWN, George Andrew 24, Box 404 Hathaway Avenue. Hayward. BRUCE, Elizabeth Frances 20, 364 Bartlett Avenue. Hayward. ANDRADE. Antone 5. 1751 Eat Ninth Street. Oakland. ANDRADE. Mary 33, 2751 East Ninth Street. Oakland. PELUSI, Joseph John 22. 2328 (Kith Avenue. Oakland. WOODALL. Alice May 21. 1262 62nd Avenue, Oakland. RESSOR. James Goronwy Parry Bu-chan 37. 2628 Benvenue Avenue, Berkeley. DODDS. Mary Kathleen Elizabeth LIM To the wire of wiuiam l.nn nuns, I a daughter, Shirley Darline, February 21, 1 1936. APPERSON To the wife of Festavis i Beverly Apperson, a son, John Charles Otis, March 3. 1936. I LACEY To the wife of James Sterling i Lacev. a daughter, Frances Elaine, March I 1. 1936. 1 Marriage Licenses i EKRRY, George Francis 44. Oakland, i SMITH. Rose Nell 36. Oakland. 31. 2500 Durant Avenue, Berkeley. of fertilizer combining activated sewage sludge with bonemeal. blood meal and other valuable garden ingredients. Users report remarkable results when this new fertilizer is applied to lawns or gardens, and one out-, standing feature, they claim, puts it in a class by itself; it can not "burn" grass or flowers, no matter how heavily applied. Weedless cow manure Is another specialty here. A huge pile. 100 yards long, subjected to the recent weeks of heavy rain, did not germinate a single weed a strong tribute to its guaranteed weedless qualities. half filled With sand or shot. Its only half full so that the shock of impact is distributed and absorbed and the sack won't split. A sailor in the bow throws ot heaves this weight and the light line follows. To it they tie on the heavy hawser or cable and it is pulled in hand over hand by stevedores on the dock who have been engaged beforehand to "take lines." It the ship has come in unannounced and they can't false anyone to take a line, the mate has to put a sailor overside and on the dock. They used to jump and in this broad jump the prize for the winner was the stringer-piece on the dock and the penalty for the loser was a plunge into the water and the chance of being crushed between the ship and the piling. "Pier-head jumping" has been declardVtoo dangerous and it Isn't dOue "any more. Now -they rig out a ai'go boom and the sailor goesWlrf a rope sling. -toco TAKE A LINE. MATE They try to avoid this if possible and Will do everything that the no sound Of a horny handed first mate yellin' fit to bust, Er a bosun makin' me turn to an' chip off rust From th' side o' some ol' hooker wot 'ud be Far belter off if she was sunk deep in th' sea. An' I'd stroll off down th' deck to where I'd malce th' steward place my big deck chair; I'd ask fool questions of all th' bloomin' crew Jist like all them wanderin' towerists do. An' I'd git 'cm all so mighty mad ah' sore They'd wish that I'd staid back on th' shore. An' I'd hear 'em growl, an' chuckle up my sleeve, An do more things fer addin' to their peeve. Then, when they was ready to toss me in th' brine I'd break 'em th' news I too, had crossed th' line Afore any o' them had ever seen Otklan and Vicinity Fair and mild Sunday and Monday but overcaet night and mornins: eentle west wind. Northern C'aliUrnia Fair Sunday and Monday but fo near coast; no change in temperature; moderate northwest wind off the coast. Sierra Nevada Fair Sunday and Monday; no chanse in temperature; civile variable wind. KacramenU and Kan Jeaqeln Valleys-Fair Sunday and Monday; no change in temperature: lisht variable winds. Santa Clara and Salinas Valleyn Fair. Sunday and Monday but morning foes; no chanse in temperature; light variable winds. Southern California Fair Sunday and Monday but morning foes in the extreme west portion: no change in temperature; moderate northwest wind off coast. Nevada Fair Sunday and Monday; no change in temperature. Idaho Fair Sunday and Monday, ex cept cloudy in north portion; no change in temperature. Washington Cloudy Sunday and Monday: occasional rain in west portion and snow over the high mountains; no change in temperature; strong southerly winds off the coast. Oreann Generally cloudy Sunday and Monday; occasional rain in norihwest portion: no change in temperature: moderate changeable wind off coast, except strong southerly off extreme north coast. Wind and Weather off Pacific Coast-North of Cape Blanco: Strong southerly tonight, 'decreasing Sunday occasional rain. Between Cape Blanco and Point Con-repcion: Moderate northwest and generally overcast tonight and Sunday. South of Point Conccpclon: northwest and overcast tonight and Sunday. WEATHER CONDITIONS The disturbance over the Gulf of Alaska Is causing a fall In barometers this evening southward along the coast lo Western Washington and pressure continues low over Western Canada and Alaska, but It is high over the Far Western States and westward over the Pacific from California. Relatively low pressure rovers the Mississippi Valley and Plains States, while barometers are high over the East. A few scattered showers have fallen today in Texas and Oklahoma, but generally fair weather prevailed in most other sections of this country. Temperatures have risen in the Ohio Valley and Lake region and are now near normal and they are also near normal In the F-ast. but they are above normal in nearly all other parts of the country. Rainfall to p. satcrday Last Seasl. Nmil. Srasl, Outlook for improved trade conditions between Oakland business men and those of South America) especially in the Argentine, Ire better now than they have evet been, according to Colin Thompson, traffic manager of the McCormick P. A. B. Line to South America. Thompson is on the coast making a trade survey and spoke last night before the members of the Oakland Foreign Trade Club. "South America is looking to the United States to supply a largfe part of Us wants," Thompson stated, in part. "The South Americans, especially in the Argentine, wftht agricultural machinery in large quantities and Eastbay manufacturers stand a good chance of acquiring a big slice of this market. BUCK, Frank Henry Jr. 23. 57 Highland Avenue. San Carlos. Calif. HEL-L1ER. Corinne Agnes 23, 2826 Derby Street. Berkeley. BAPTIST. George 24. 2952 East Seventh Street. Oakland. FREG1, Dena 34, 356 Filbert Street, Oakland. PEYLOURET, Ferdinand 29. 1459 Hopkins Street, Oakland. KERPER. Margaret Shirley 21, 4318 Norton Avenue, Oakland. BROWN. Henry 25, 1234 Street, Hayward. CALKINS, Barbara Ethel IB, 5031 Calaveras Avenue, Oakland. PETERSON. Elmer 23, 440 4Srd Street. Oakland. CALDWELL, Pearl 21, 460 34th Street, Oakland. FIELDS, Lester Arthur 24. 4008 Qulg-ley Street. Oakland. VARGAS, La Verne Rae 23, 2801 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland. Sunday only 3 months 1.05 Subscription Rates by Metl. Postage paid. United Slates and Territories. Canada. Mexico, Spain and certain South American Countries. Other countries double domestic rate. (Daily and Sunday) One month 1.00 Six months (in advance) 5.50 One year (in advance) 11.00 (All Mail Subscriptions Are Payable in Advance) SUNDAY (ONLY) EDITION BY MAIL One month .50 Six months 2.50 On year 4.50 TO SUBSCRIBERS Subscribers failing to receive their paper by I p. m. daily or 8 30 a. m. Sunday, will please report the same to The Tribune Office by telephone (LAkeside 60001 and a special messenger will be dispatched at once, wilb a copy of The Tribune. Rosa Rouletti Smallest Rose Queen of all miniature plants, the "PdT 'H I ATS. trades feffl councTl rtlta A It shin's whistle and human hint canJ "rgenune is on do to get someone shoreside to' 'ar scale building projects such as docks, grain elevators and other th' light o' day, An' was now jist ft toff who was' come out and take a line. Some day FRATERNAL 305 Native Som ofjhe Golden West McDERMED. Earl 31. uaKiano. Mary Quintral 27. Oakland. WARD. Jesse James 48, Oakland. CAMARA. Louise 38. Oakland. SUNDERMEYER, Herbert 21, Oakland. HATCH. Margaret 18. Wayne, Mich: QUINTELLA, August 31, San ljeandro. TRADES. Minnie Susanne 21, CHRISTENSEN, Victor Alexis 27, Richmond. BILL, Anita Eli.abeth 27, Oakland. SOUZA, Manuel 24. Oakland. AYALA, Madeline 21. Oeklnnd. O'RELL, Johnny Gordon 31, Alameda. THOMPSON, Miriam Ruth 37, Alameda. FERRE1RA. Anthony Joseph 21. Hayward. GARCIA. Isabel 20. San I.eandro. FRANCO, Antone 45, Niles, Irene 27, Niles. BUTLER. Vernon Clare 21. San Bernardino. AMSTEAD, Josephine Emolyn 18, Albany, KERDO, Manuel Cruz-26, Oakland. AYOTTE. Flossie Mitchell 2B. Oakland. GLUESINO, Karl Franklin 25. Los Angeles. LETCHER, Dorothea 17, Oak- laROOTS, Mikkel-B7, Oakland. BONO, Anna 2. Oakland. MARTINEZ, Gerbasto 49, Oakland. THOMAS, -Mary 48, Oakland. MARKS. Virgil Ry 21, Oakland, BARTLETT, Gladys Louise 18, Los Angeles. VOGT. George Henry 44. Berkeley. BARANT, Emily Catherine 41, Berkeley. RUSSELL. George Russell -IW, Richmond. MAB1F.R, Lucy Francis 62, Berke- John Francis 23. El Cer-rlto. HELD1NGER, Phylis Ceclla 18, Richmond. DYBFKST. John Rcineit 57. Oakland. MAOGINK. Lillinn Elsie 56. Oakland. Ll'NN, Otto Bonneville. Ore. NAMES. Virginia 25. Tacoina. Wash. MICHALI.SON, Laurence Martin 20. Oakland. SEARLES, Florence Lanrme 17, San Francisco. WALTERS, Albert I.emen-38. Oakland. REED. Nina Dent 38. Oakland. SOUTHEHI.AN1). Winters 27, Berkeley. PATTERSON, Ova Jo 18, Berkeley. MUHORFRA. nudonlh Mitchell- 28. Oakland. McGUFfTN, June-Rose 20, Ouk- "'rORINSON, Donald 3D, Oakland. ALEXANDER, Jeanne 31, Las Vegas. nitorees Filed AGOSTINA, Filllno, vs. Lillian, cruelly. EICHENBRENNEft, Dorothy, vs. Ernst, cruelty. NOYES, George vs. Lucille, deser- UBAnnETT, Evelyn vs. Otis 195 meets in N. S. G. W. Hall, 1Kb, "ana Clay ATiiirva piRtin Nf or night you may be walking along our Embareadoro and a boat will slide in and you'll gel a hail "Hey, mate, take a line?" Now we want to give you a word of warning. Do this only if you are prepared for a hard, dirty and dangerous job. In the first place, you ma. be conked with the sandbag but that Isn't the only drawback. When you've pulled in the light line, the heavy one will follow, and if the mate lets it tun out too fast the weight. wiU- pull minions nrs. to date to date 1033 genuine Rosa Kouieiu, one 01 me rarest of all dwarf plants, commands Universal interest. This precious little rose, originally discovered in the window box of a peasant's cottage high in the Swiss Alps, grows only a few inches high; a mature, blooming specimen is easily covered by a teacup. Its tiny double flowers, no larger than a dime when full blown, open from the daintiest buds imaginable are borne on thin, wiry stems an inch or so in length and are double, fragrant, very lasting and of a rich pink. Unlike other miniature roses. Rouletti a i permanently a dwarf. It is easily grown as a house plant In a small pot, requiring little attention, although it Is hardy oul of doors and a-gcra in the ock garden. Because of its rarity and daintiness it is attracting great interest from horticulturists Though the plant is so small, it has a large root system that requires little or no fertilizing, and it lives to a great age. 2B.HB 27.24 Redding nil Sacramento. Street, Tuesday, March, it), Election for 2nd and 3rd vice-presidents. LEONARD F. ROSR President, 3217 14th Avenue, MKrritt S74 or 6764. HAROLD B. FARLEY, Secretary. 4623 Bcnevldes. KR uitvale J3C0J. 30.08 1404 18.42 10.49 m.os 18.12 27.08 ti2 IK.SS 22.0B 14.04 8.M AMI (t.UH 111. 1 54 17.IH lOtlli (1.72 1(1 28 1 1 (17 7.8U San, Francisco. Stockton S. Luis Los Angeles. San Diego 17.M Kllit bein made to pay Fer th'r(un I was Then they'd see th' joke An' say, "Oh, well, 'e ain't such a bad kind o' bloke." Then things 'ud be fine fer all th' rest o' lh' trip Fer I'd bo jist anuther sallorman on til' ship." MOORING A SHIP McCormick Bob and Whispering Dick have come forth with a full explanation that will be of invaluable aid to any one interested in docking or mooring a ship. Mooring a ship, they explain, isn't Bs simple as parking an automobile alongside the curb. For one thing, when a ship loses speed it also loses "steerage-way" and becomes more or less uncontrollable and at the mercy of tides and currents. A smart captain stays well, away from shore structures, remembering that a ship can become a powerful weapon of destruction if thrown with force a dock or wharf. If you have to dock a 10-000-toliller you will try to get tugs to SAN l- KANCISCO Ml I IIOROI.OIIK Al improvements. In order to supply cargoes to maintain these great sections of the land are being turned to grain, corn and seed growing. Road building machinery is another thing in strong demand as the country is expanding its highway systems. Pumps, oil, handling equipment, barrels and ether materials are also needed as major oil field developments are taking place all through South America. "The credit situation in the Argentine has improved tremendously and money is again quite free tor development purposes, There ane opportunities for young men in South America in the engineering fields. The country needs men skilled In civil, electrical, radio and mechanical engineering. There is no -demand, though, for clerical workers, as this supply iB furnished locally. The schools in the Argen tine teach not only bUsihess courses but English as well. But the engK heering field offers possibilities for skilled young Americans." Thompson made an aerial survey ot the Oakland waterfront and was strongly impressed by What he Saw '303 Native Daughters of the Golden West ALOHA PARLOR No. 106 3S2D Piedmont AvAnnn Nnrwav Hall. DATA 5 a. lii. Noon 5 n. In. Barometer (sea 30 12 110. 18 30.111 Temperature (dry bulb) fil.3 55.3 114. 1 Temperature (wet bull) 411.0 fil.8 ,17 0 Humidity (per 8.1 711 wind iiiiciM ion K. Wind velocity (m.p.h.i.. 5 5 8 Weather Cldy. Clear Clear TEMPER ATI) It FS 41. Western I Eastern Hish Lovvl HtKh Low Raker 52 S8 Abilene (W 48 it straight( to the bottom of the channel, and It will pull you in, i too, if you aren't smart enough to' let go. But that isn't all the mate -Is never satisfied to put his lines the nearest and mos convenient pair: of bitts. He1 usually wants to be well tied down wilh lihes stretching a couple of hundred feet fore and aft. You will grab this heavy three-inch cable dripping with sea water and foul with harbor Scum and drag it to the nearest bitts and then look up hopefully expecting that the job is done, only to near a yell, "No, not that one, the next one!" Another hundred feet pulling a hundred poundi, of dead weight, only to hear, "Not that one, Ihe next one!" Another hundred Next meeting Tuesday, March if. MRS. ALMA ULIENTIIAU President, 2334 Park Boulevard. HO llid.iy 6108. Mns. inMA S. Mt'RRA 1528 Irving. VR uitvale 22I6M. Iloise 32i Amarillo. 54 44 301 Bird of Paradise Flower in Bloom Visitors to the Hollnnd Nursery, 1775 Street, Ilaywai'd, this week, will have the opportunity of seeing a rare specimen of 'plant life, the "Bird of Paradise" flower, In bloom. C-ilfinry Del Monle. Kstevan Klaxstaff II. Fresno Honolulu. 80 42 41! 58 58 07 72 48 78 308 Woman's Renefil Association cruelty, 28 ,,78 34 82 40 Ml 80 54 111! 28 88 62 54 88 88 421 Boston Brownsville. 44llUilfaln 441 Charleston. 241 Cliicnmi 37 50i Denver 3a! Des Moines. (ill 34' Duhith 2R! 301 (Jraiid Juncl BP Huron 40! Jacksonville 48i Kansas City. FLORISTS ARGONAUT REVIEW No 69 meet WUrwsin Hall. Pacific Building. Julleau 40 "assist," that Is nose her into the berth. But if not, the next best tiling Is to manociiver the ship parallel to the dock but about 10 or 15 foot out and then haul In with tlie aid of your sleam winches Knllspell 48 here. He was also highly pleased with the Oakland Airport. He declared that the airplane had been one of the strongest factors in developing trade and good will in Spring Flowers Finest Selection Oakland Floral Kamtoops. I os Maivihllcld. Needles North Oak. Airport. Phoenix'. and Jefferson. Wednesday, March IS. CLARA STRORRIDGE, President, 737 4th Avenue, GLencourt 7378. 42! Knowille 64 Ml Lander 84 50 Memphis feet pulling a hundred pounds of dead weight, only to hear, "Not that one, the next one!" When the fourth or fifth time you've heard, "Not that one, the hext one!" you will probably tell the mate to go chase himself, dump the line overboard, and leave for home, resolved that you will never again he inveililed liitn "InUiio a lmnuina Recording Pocalello 48 Point 54 Portland 50 Prince Rupert 40 MILDAHD WILLIS. Secretary, 28 Minneapolis. 481 Modena 401 New 34! New 40i Norllr flat id. and cable. But there's the problem of getting those heavy three-inch lines ashore and that brings us back to the "heaving line." It's a rope, light but strong and on the end, so thitHt Tan be thrown like a lassoo, is a weight. This used to be a lead ball clutched in. finger of spliced and knotted rope, but lhat has been 4tT." JLVCllUl S. Carese Co. FlorlaU and Nurserymen 830. -Washington. LA keslde 026S PI edmont 1287J (home) according to .1. C. Thompson, proprietor of "this 20-year-old nursery business. Thompson, personally, brought back two fine specimens of this rare flowering plant from near the Mexican border during a recent visit there. The plant bears five separate blooms in petals of red and blue; one bloom appears-each seven days until the whole five are out, When the result is a perfect liellnea. tion, in color and form, of the beautiful Bird of Paradise. A new type of mildcwri'eslstniil grape vine, ideal for foggy climates, is also being shown here, A cross between Concord bik4 a South American grape, this vine is a fast glower and heavy -producer, according to Thompson. 34i Okla. Clly 7(1 South America. On his present voyage from Buenos Aires on the West Ira he made a great many side trips by air to sections thai would ha ve taken him many "days of hard travel to accomplish by the Older methods pftra headquarters are at Buenos Aires, Argentine. LODGE WILL CRUISE A most attractive Summer outing program presents itself in the 20- HI Omaha 58 Reno Hoscburff. Sacramento San Dieso. OAKLAND REVIEW NO. 14, meets Wigwam Hall, Hilh and Jefferson Street, line. 4l Pittshwh 44 441 Prim Albert, 42 16 52 Ouebec 18 -4 4F III II.IHVGX I'OII SAI. San I'rancisco (17 jinn ri.niuMU I Ilill'IM ll.V ni .1 Seatlle 52 421 Hoswell 84 42 TiiPBuav, March ll. Marrh 12. Thursday, Pioneer Chili Hirtliilnv Lunch, Cat 'Kiddle, 3700 Grand, 12:30. MRS. Lh.ONA WK1HNER, President, 2S39 Madera Avenue. Kit uitvale 2014 W. MRS. ALMA BOTTOMS, Re-cordinK Secretary, 2469 Cutb Ave-nuo. VR uitvale 2647J. 1 days cruise of San Francisco Council Sealed bids will be received tmlll 5:00 P. March 20, 19311, at vvhiiii hour thev will be publicly opened and read, for various buildings located In El Cerrllo, Con 1 in. -Costa Couulv, and In Oakland, Alnmcila County, us lisied below. Buildings may be Inspected, with permission of occupants, during any working; day upon nppllcallon lo the Division of Highways' i.rfice, 3615 Watts Street, Oakland. Each building will have an identification number painted on It, or on the fronting: sidewalk, corresponding to following list. Should more than one structure be on the prop-ci-lv, then each such structure will rarry the same Identlfical ion num AMMlltsUX In Berkeley March 7, Elsie Andersen, dearly beloved wife of the Into otto 10. Andersen, and loving- mother, of Harry Oscar Chnrles O. iind Robert ,1. Andersen, sister of Mrs. lVssie Osberp; a native of Sweden-, aped 72 years. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral services Monday, March 1H36, at-2 o'clock p. m. at the New Miirliuu'v of Alhr.rt EtiRel Company, Telearapll Avenue at Jlith Street. Interment Mountain View CeineterjA In Oakland, March 6, Charles P. Council beloved husband of Grace (Jminell and lovinK father ot Thomas ('. and Chnrles M. Council, and son of Mrs. Marv Qrninell and nephew of Mrs. .1. TTTIinlierts, Mrs. Orvllle Warner and Thomas Graham. A native of Soul li Carolina, aired 4:1 years, 6 -months, days. A member of Oakland Lodge No. 1SN, F. A. M. Friends are Invited to- attend the services tit. the East Oakland Chapel of The Grant f). Miller Mortuaries- 2:172 East Uth St reft, (jWfland, Monday, March Ill 3 8, lit 1 o'clock P.M., under the auspices of Oakland Lodge No. 1 F. A. M. Interment Evergreen Cemetery. FOWI.KU In Oakland. March 6. Harriet Gardner Fowler, loving- wife of the late tMirnr Fowler, and loving, aunt, of Kltaa belli Hill: a native, of New Hampshire, aged 77 years, Friends are invited to attend services at It a. in. Monday, March 10.HS, from the Chapel of S. iloilean, Incorporated, 2110 Webster Htreet, Oakland. Interment, Mountain View Cemetery. Ci l.l. Tn Oakland, March 6 1 Margaret, beloved wife oi John Gallagher, loving- mother of Mrs. Leo Cunningham, Thomas, Eugene, Gertrude, and the late Francis Gallagher; a unlive of Ireland. Friends' are. Invited lo altend Iho, funeral Monday, March at 9 a. from the Chapel of the Oaks, Oakland Mortuary, 3007 Telegraph Avenue, thence to St. Patrick's Church where a requiem high mass will be celebrated for the repose of her soul at a. in. Interment, Holy Sepulchcr Cemetery. V. El) In Oakland, March 6. lliilfi, Ann, sister of he late James F. and William V. Kennedy, '-in ll nt of Louis .1. Kennedy; a nnthe of Ohio. A niciiiliei- of the Third Order. of St. Francis of St. Elizabeth's Church. Friends are rcspocl fully Invited to attend tile funeral -Monday. Mnti at 8:110 o'clock m. from li Funeral Home of Freeman Cox-Roach Kenney, Telegraph Avenue at 27th Street, thence to St. Mary's Church here a requiem mass will be celebrated for the rephse 'of her soul commencing: al 9 a. ni, Interment, private. MeK EE Mn tcli James beloved huslinnd of Frances Me--Kee, fa I lier of mes 'A. McK'ee foster father of Francos Iter-nice Spence, A member of Silver How Lodge No. 4K, F. and A. M. or Unite, Montana, and Scottish Rile and Mystic Shrine bodies of Washington. Services: Monday afternoon, March 9, at 2 o'clock at the Chapel of Albert Brown 3176 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, tinder auspices of Verba Buena Lodge No. 403. F. and A. SIXES In Oakland, -ffehru-ary 7, 11)36, Josephine, beloved wife of the Iflte George W. Sines, loving mother of George, Joseph, Eriwlu and Raymond Sines of Los Angeles, Mrs. John O'Cnnnell of Phoenix, Arlr.ona, and Mrs. William ,1. Rellly of Oakland, Caif, Friends are respectfully invited tn attexd the funeral Monday, March it, 19311, at 8:110 o'clock A.M., from the' Funeral Home of Freeman it Cox-Roach it Kenney, Telegraph Avenue al 27th Street! thence to Our Lady of Louiibs Church, where a requiem mass Will be celebrated for the repose of her soul commencing- at 9 A.M. Intel rnc hi Presidio National Cemetery. SO IT II Ell Tn Oakland, March 6, 1936, Colonel Robert Lee Southern, lovlny husband of Aprllla Wanflzelta Southern, beloved father of Fullerton Waldo Biers; a native of Louisiana. A rnemlier of Thousand Oaks Lodge No. 478, F. A. Services Monday at 4 p. in. at the Chapel of the Chimes, 4499 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, under auspices of Thousand Oaks Lodge of Alasons. Friends may call at Truman's, Telegraph Avcnjie and 30th Street, until 2 p. m. EIIXTEIt In Oakland, Maivh 7, I9.HI, David W. Webster, loving father of James David and Joseph Webster, Mrs. Francis Lowell and Mrs, Dorothy Mower; a native of Scotland, aged 79 yea rs. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral at the Cathedral Chapel of-the Grant P. Miller's Mortuaries, 250 Telegraph Avenue. Oakland Mondav, March 9, 1938, at 1 o'clock p. m. Interment, Cypress Lawn Cemetery. S09 Sernrit Benefit Association tS. 53 101 SI. Louis 84 42 Spokane 50 3ll Salt Lake Clly 58 32 04 481 San Antonio. 74 50 Taloosh 411 441 Santa Fe. 58 32 ToncHiah, 58 40! Sheridan 46 28 74 441 Swill Current, 3H Walla 68 38l 76 60 Winnciiiucca. 62 3d! Vlcksblim 72 511 Yakima 84 Mi 46 30 Yuniu 88 60, Wtlllston 36 .10 I Winnipeg 30 14 Maximum temperature ptecedhm day. t'Snow on around. 118 Inches. PRKCII'ITATION Western---Kstevnn .70, Juneau .34. Portland Prince Rupert .08, Seattle Tatoosh ,62. Kaslern--Abllene .74. Amnrlllo Kaiins Cilv Minneapolis Oklahoma Clly .20.. Pittsburgh Hoswell Santa Fe Washington Winnipeg .16. SUN, MOON, TIDE By V. S. Coast and amitotic Survey, HH rwtmm Rlrln Ban Francisco. SUNDAY, MARCH 8 OAKLAND COUNCIL NO. 133 meets Jenny Llnd Hall 2, 2229 Telegraph, Sun ihe I Bun fVliinn I Mnon MOON PHASES New First I'ull Last ber. Item No. Next mealing-, Wednesday. March IS. 0. L. II lODRI! (CP, President, 8114 4 Iri Avenue. AN dnver 3S22. ISABEL GEORGE, Financier, 40i 2Mh Street, III Kate 2020. J. D. HOIiTON, Dlslrlct Man-Ker, 553 22nd Street. TE triple-bar 4071. No. HI8 quiit'ler Moon Qiuulrr Moon (X 219 Alameda Coal Firm Has Garden Business Established 17 years ago as a fuel business, the Alumeila Coal and Supply Company, which has gradually added a large and extensive garden supply department to its business, will shortly move to new quarters at 1532 Webster Street, Alameda, says J. H. Campe, proprietor. Here, garden lovers will find complete stocks of everything needed in, garden work fertilizers, garden supplies, insecticides and all other requisites, with the entire plant devoted to these items, the fuel end of the business being now in process of removal. to suitable warehouse quarters, retaining the new office as an order office only for fuel. The firm has a well-established Oakland plant at fl(i34 East Fourteenth Street, in charge of Henry Campe where another large stock of garden needs will be found. 339 Club March April 6 March Hi March 22 0:35 P-m. The time and lu-liil of tides In tlie followlnii 11, S. Coast and Ovodetjc Survey table Rre given for foot of Welister Streets Oakland. For Fori Point aubtruct No. 615, Knights of Columbus, on the United Fruit Company liner Talnmanca. The ship has been chartered for the trip on June 25 to July 15. Stopovers will be made at San Pedro, both southbound and northbound; visits to Balboa, Pan ama and Ancon, to the great locks of the Panama Canal, ahd sight, seeing tours. On the northbound voyage, a day and a half call will be made at Puerto Applications for reservations on the cruise can be made With the committee members or Grand Knight Mayerle. 210 Post Street; Secretary Jas. M. McGaffigan, 150 Golden Gate Avenue, and Joseph O'Connor, 243 Whltcomb Hbtel. THOUSANDS OF SEA-DOGS CROSS OVEtt Transportation of dogs across the Atlantic in Cunard White Star ships amounts to over 1000 per year, more than twice as many dogs being carried as "excess baggage" than are carried as "freight." One dog fancier recehtly arriving on the Aqtiitanla was accompanied by no less than 25 prize dogs. Exceptional facilities for the housing of dogs aboard ship have been provided in the Queen Mary, new Cunard -White Star superliner, Concentrated Lawn Food Is Produced Have you ever noticed two lawns side by side one. rich velvety green and the other scraggly and faded? Why the difference? The answer Is probhbly In the soil. In one case steps have been taken to assure its proper conditioning making it fc storehouse for food and moisture. In the other, with humus and organic mntlcr missing, it has become hard and caked unable to absorb moisture or ''digest" the plant food. In the "horse and buggy days" the use of barnyard manure was the standard practice for supplying this needed organic matter. In these days of streamlining, however, people demand convenience and sanitation as well as freedom from weed seed in their fertilizer. To meet this situation a California concern --has created a concentrated plant food called which, it is claimed, acts like a tonic on jaded soil. minutes. TUB HEATH CLUB, Po-lice and Firemen, meets at Odd Fellows Temple, Uth and Franklin MARCH II 15 bt. Time 11. Tlm fl.W. L.W. TO MARCH Ft. Time Ft. H.W. 14 1.7 1.1 llOn SI OS 611 (1005 T'otroro Avenue, VA Cerrllo. J-'our (4) room frame dvvellinK with KHU siiuare feet, floor space. Canine I'll siiuare feet. Available 1MI1. Street, nnrt 1 -1 0 2 Cvprcss Street, Oakland, wo (2) slory frame flats and penthouse, and storecontain, ing 7S00 square feet floor space, and two (2) glory bakery and stoiane loft enulalniiKC 4400 square feet. Two brick baking ovens and fixture Available June Ifi.lS. liri-ICU Cvpress Street, Oakland. Two (2) slory iun tfi room frame ilvvellliiK and store bouse wllh 2100 square feet floor space. Available May 1, 1GIH, Cvpress Street, Oakland. Two (2) story nine C) room frame dw'ellillK wilh 20O0 square feet floor apace. Available April I'JK. a-IMS JIoss Avenue, 1'. 8: Mil 1:1 3p Streets, Thursday, March 12. W. T. WILLIAM J. MOOREHEAD, Secretary, 1S25 Bridge Avenue. FR uitvale 4451W. Office telephone TEhiplebar 4318. I III Mfia ID 98 11 Ml 6 5.7 2:3.11) 49 5: Mil 4.6 OS. 0.7 0T 4.3 6: 37ll 4.2 0.7 0.7 4.3 the almve lulmlallnn the tides the dully tides are ilven In the order of their occurrence, 'commencing with Ihe early morning tide In Ihe left-hand column and the nu'ceeding tides as they occur, On tome days hut three (ides occur. The column of heights gives the elevation of each tide ahove or below the level of Coast Survey Chart soundings. The numbers always are additive to the chart depth, unless preceded by a minus (-1 sign, then Ihe numbers are mbtracted from the deplh on the chart. (Signed! THOMAS J. MAHGR, Moss 08 Oakland. Combined two (21 story five (5) room at i-netnrfl rame MOVEMENTS OF SHIPS square feet floor space -will! stucco store of 220 i.rocAL ivoTicn with 2250 square feel floor space. CiiriiKe square feet. Available 1, Moss 133 Harrison Street, Oakland, One (1) story a nil liasenu'iit frame ilwellliiR- ot seven (7) rooms wild 1240 square feet floor space. Avall- able Iwo days atler ac ceptance of hid. Mosa 133 16l-16l'i Santa Clara Avenue, Onklaiul. Two (2) story fin flats of ciKht (') rooms Willi 1 0HO square feet floor space. llal'iiKe 450 square feel, Available June 1, Bidders may tnalfe offers for one or morn-complete items, as Is, and where is, but must state the price offered for each, uslntf Hie above lleiiis and street numbers to identify each particular bid. No lump sum bids be considered. The Iiepiirtineut of Public Works, Division of JIIkIiwovs, reserves the rlcht to reject any or all bids. Didders must tender a certified check or cashiers (heck made out to "lilvlsion of JliKhways, Slate of California." for the full amount of their bid at the time offer Is submitted. Checks accompany loir offers not accepted will be promptly returned. Successful bidders must take de. livery of and remove the biilldlnits secured within fifteen (ir,) days after beliiK notified that their bids have been accepted; but should the available dales shown In the items be later than Vticli notification, then the. btiildiiiKs secured must be removed within fifteen days (15) after such available dale. All responsibility or the Department for any materials or bulldliiRs or parts of biilldlnns, ceases with Its rolense to a bidder. All sales must be approved bv the Department of Finance, which usually require from one to two Weeks. lilds should be addressed to Jnn, If. 'kegK, District Muffineer, Division of ITiRhways, BOO Sansomo Street, Kan l-'raiiclseo, California, in sealed envelopes plainly marked "Hids for Buildings to be opened P. If. (in March 20, 11)36," Slate of California Department of Public Work Division of Highways Jno. SkeKRs District Kngineer feet. Available sq 1111 re A on Garden Equipment Firm Opens Office For such convenience of thg many patrons of the H. V. Carter Company and due to the rapid wrowth of sales in garden supplies it has become necessary for the H. V. Carter Company, who In the past have maintained a residence greater Oakland representative is now to maintain a hew office nnrl show. 2, 1MB. -r, Piedmont Ave- 3752-4- 101 Onkland. Three nne New Seed Novelties Now Are Available Miracles of bursting buds, mist-like foliage, splashes of breathtaking color, rarest fragrance that is what is in store for home gardeners who are busy these days preparing for the coming growing sea son. Varied and interesting are the latest novelties being introduced for the first time at the seed displays at local dealers. In fact, garden lovers more and more are discovering that they can got practically every kind of seed they could possibly desire right at their own neighborhood dealers. Many gardeners claim thai this is by far the most satisfactory method of buying seeds due to its convenience and ease of selecting for color combinations from the actual colors displayed on many of the packets. fat and tni si or.v TO ARRIVE mcgaiy mtmi: notick nins fob FU ii si sin a a NIXK AlTtMIOIIll.US. The Council of tlio City of Oakland will receive sealed bids on Thursday, March 12, 11)36 between the hours of 8:00 p. m. and 9:00 p. for furnishing nine automobiles for the Police Dept. of the City of Oakland. Specifications and blank forms of proposals will be furnished by the City Clerk on application. Price bid shall Include all State and Federal Taxes. All proposals shall be accompanied by a check In an amount not less than ten per cent, (107,,) of the apKrecate amount of the proposal, certified by a responsible bank, pavable to the order of W. W. Cbappell, City Clerk of the City of Oakland, vhlrh check and the amount therein specified shall be forfeited and retained by the Clly of Oakland If the successful bidder fails to execute the contract in the required form and furnish the bond required. Bond for one-fourth of the total contract price to be given by successful bidder as a guarantee for faithful performance of contract. Contract to be entered Into within 6 days after award thereof. Automobiles to be delivered within .20 days thereafter, W. W. CIIAPPELL, City Clerk of the City of Oakland. No. 215-March 4-(5tj hiilldlnir with 3100 square feet floor space. Ten (Ifli rooms. Avail able April'l-', 1H3C. MARCH I i China Clipper Cuba Maru Planter Diamond Head MARCH Lolpblon Street, I Moss Olrklllllll. rooms at 608 Iflth Street with a com Two (2) slory lliiiK; six (C) frame ilw TRANSPACIFIC MAILS Th following tailing dalle and closing times of transpacific malls at Hit main San Francisco poatnitlc are based on the latest Information furnished by steamboat companies' ORIENTAL March 1Q, 1:10 p.m.. City of Singapore. Mareh 1.1, 4:40 a. Pres. MrKlnley. March 1,1, 1:10 p. President Hayes. March 1.1, 6:00 p. Lurline. 5 Mnrch IS, 11:00 a.m., China Clipper. Mav 6. 0:00 a.m.. Chaumont HAWAIIAN ISLANDS- Mnrch II, 10:10 a.m., Manuksl. March 13, 1:10 p. President Hayea, March. IS, :00 Lurline, Marrh IS, 11:00 a.m., China Clipper, March 31. Msrlpnsa, Ma 9:00 i.m., Chaumonl AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZKAI AND- March 11, 11:30 a.m.. Manuganul. March 31, Mariposa, MfcXK AND SOUTH AMLKICA March 13, 8:00 a.m., Hollywood. Marrh 12, 8:00 a.m., Point Judith. Mnrch 12. 1:10 p.m., Bolivar. Mnrch 1.1, 8:10 Talnmanca. 14. 0:10 a. Virginia. with 1C20 square rooms floor space. (la feet ragf in 0 square feet SUNDAY, Manila Yokohama Columbia Los Angeles MONDAY, Boston Boston New York New York Baltimore Puset Columbia Columbia Columbia Columbia Los Angeles San Diego TUESDAY, Available Mav 1. 1936, plete new line oi garden equipment and all the diversified ramifications. The H. V. Carter Company was established in San Francisco in 1916 and for the last 20 years has enjoyed a steadily increasing sales of garden equipment, such as lawn mowers, tractors, sprinkling systems, Insecticides and fungaeides and all varieties of grass seeds and fertilizers. Alaskan Wind Rush Virginia Sutherland Oakmftr Blrlus Hollywood Admiral Wood 4 Point Judith Nebraska Wapama Point San Pablo MARCH I Mayes City ot Singapore Bolivar Slnaloa Admiral Laws Pennsylvattian Marseille New York Champerico Bahia Ventosa Puget Puget MORTICIANS MORTICIANS 3 New Aids for Gardens Prepared Mil. jfSuperior Professional Skill we are ready to serve me particular tami nes who ao- Few Night Blooming Cereus Plants Urged Is your home of the Spanish architectural type? If it is, a few of the handsome night-blooming Cereus "plants will add greatly to the Spanish atmosphere, displayed in a hand-made Olla, or in hand-made hanging pots, says F. J. Thoma9, general manager of the Thomas Cactus Gardens In the Hayward-Nile highway, five miles South of Hayward, And even of your home isn't of Spanish design, these beautiful, showy plants should find a place In your cactus garden, Thomas suggests, because tn a few years' time, the hundreds of blossoms, opening in the early evening and at night, will make a magnificent and unusual display. u. -1 Moss 113A i(l-lflS Moss Avenue, Oakland. Two (2) slory frame flats, nine (II) rooms, with 2225 square feet floor space and basement. Available June 1, Moss 113B 529 Kl Dorado Avenue (Hear of 166 Moss Ave nue! One (1) slory, three (31 room frame dwelling with 1136 square feet floor space and under. Available Afi rll 1, Moss 115 1B0 Moss Avenue, Oakland. Two Vi) story and basement frame dw.elllnir of twelve (12) rooms with 3050 square feet floor spac. Garane 180 square feet. Available May 1, 1936. Moss 120 14.1 Moss Avenue, Oakland. Klve (5) rooms and Karaite, ffnmejstueoo dwelling -with 1200 square feet floor space. Available two day after Mil accepted. Moss 118 035 Kairmount Averlue, Oakland. Six (6) room frame stucco dwelling With 1 2.10 square fret floor space. 1X0 square feet. Available June 1, 1336. Moss 122 137 Moss Avenue, Oakland. Two (2) story end bfiaement frame dwelling of eight (8) rooma i preciate a quiet dignified service in a serene atmosphere." iiuee new Ricis to Detter gardem have just been announced by the AN-FO Manufacturing Company, of Oakland, manufacturers of Snail-Foil, Ant-Foil and other products. The three new members of the An-Fo family are Nico-Foil, a prepared nicotine spray; Bug-Foil, a general purpose insect pest-killer, and Mildew-Foil, an activated mildew spray. "These three snravs nrovirlB a TRANSPORTS Th following are the approximate loca. tlon of ships of thl United Stitet Army tranport sevlr: t'llAHMONTlsan Francisco to Manila, CIIATKAU Tllll RBV-In New York. HENDFBSON-San Francisco to Norfolk, LDDINUTON New York to San Francisco. Mi: ins Manila to San Francises, Kin BLIt In New York. SIRItm At Bremerton, ST. MIHIHL San Frnnclscrt to Honolulu. VEGA San Francisco to Norfolk. V. GRANT Manila tn San Franclico. EASTERN PORTS PHILADELPHIA Arrived, March 8, Walter A. Luckenbach from New York. Balled, March Wlldwood for, San Francisco. NEW Marrh William Luckenbach for Ban Franclscn, CLEARED MARCH PACIFIC RELIANCE Bvinh for Vancouver! Furneai Line. RILVERAVAVA-fteey, to Mantlet Central Btiamihla Corporation, Ijulius Inc. TO DEPART M'NDAY, MARCH I Southampton MONDAY. MARCH London- Moverla New York Ohioan Puerto Colombia Point Judith TUESDAY, MARCH 1 Manila City of Singapore Trinidad holly wood New Orleans Katrlna Luckenbach Mahukotta Mauna lei Seattle Point San Pablo Seattle Lake Frances Seattle Alaskan Portland Forbes Hauntman Crescent City Unlma ISLAND PORTS HONOLULU Arrived, March (. -0 a. President Harrison, hence March 5v a. President Hoover from Yokohama! p. Tatsilta M-mi Yokohemai Mauna Loa. hence March Mauna Ala from New York. Sailed. March p. m. Prwidwt Harrison ior Kobe, NOTICE OK fltf.R OP PIBLIC I'HOI'EIITY. Pursuant to Resolution No. 4134 C. M. S. of the City of Oakland, the City Manager tit the City ot Oa kland will cause to be sold at public auction to the highest bidder on Monday, March 9, 1936, at 2:00 o'clock P. on the premises, a certain unnecessary building known as No. 6447 Broadway Terrace, Oakland, Calif. Specifications governing; the demolition and removal of buildlne; will furnished by the City Clerk on application, and said work must he done in accordance with said specifications. The Council reserve the right to reject any and all bids received. W. W. CHAPPELL, City CUrlt. No. 116-Mrch i(it) 2110 Webster Street Oakland, California John A. Mills, Manager complete range of weapons for fighting insects and fungous diseases," said O. Rosefleld, sales manager of the company. "Each has advantages of its own, and each fills a specific place in the gardener's requirements. The Colonial Mortuary I HI gate 4046 Excepting for the Spring flowering fruits and shrubs, pruning should cease when the fruit trees come into bloom.

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