The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on October 5, 1980 · Page 19
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 19

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 5, 1980
Page 19
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$5 mm ?rn Mi , IWwww. --. ... ....... I - - 4, , C IMtLiM4fitL .ttwxZ ilMLMwJclJ w'Si fTo fish or to they aren't biting these days on tbe front lawn of the Wit-lenburg farm east of Clarksville. But motorists do a dou- llnmate at ' Continued from Page One Jiunity-based programs as alterna Oves to prison. Most are treatment and work-related, designed to help a (riminal overcome the problems which led to his breaking the law and tip get him into a job that supports him and his family. jj The programs include probation su pervison, work release programs, pretrial and presentence investiga lions and parole services. "We've been trying to move more and more to apartment-type structures where persons assigned to us Can hold jobs, pay taxes and take advantage of other programs designed to help them with their nroblems." said Keiser. 2 rial Farrier, the state's corrections Qijef, said about 8,500 people are in the probation and residential programs of the community bureau, with another 3,500 taking part in pretrial programs. 3 Farrier and Keiser acknowledged that it would be a serious mistake if the Legislature next year diverts money from the community programs to take care of prison con ditions that have received publicity this year. j Such a move, according to Farrier, ould result in more people being Jovans' votes in Congress Prim The RwhMr't WasMnvM Otmm ? WASHINGTON, D. C. - Following 3 re roll call votes of Iowa members of Congress from Sept. 26-Oct. 1: KNATS VOTIS DMtd, 40 to 41, amendment to prohibit lr its of funds enforcing the agricultural commodity (coon embargo to the Soviet Union. Fer. John Culver, Democrat; Roger Jensen, Re- ubllcan. "Voted, SI to 17, mat the amendment to orevent (re , Deportment of Justice from Initiating or par-tklMtlna In litigation to secure remedies for violations of the Filth or Fourteenth Amendments to the IM, Constitution wes germane lo the eppropria-jtens bIH for the Departments of State, Justice, Bommeree, and the Judiciary, f For Culver. ' Against: Jepsen. f Defeated, 34 lo 4S, motion to table an amendment to a tXH making continuing appropriations through Dec IS, two, to provide thai no funds be used to 'rform abortions except where the life of the other would be endangered; or enceot for victims rape or incest when reported promptly. For Jensen. k Net vetMc Culver. Approved, 47 to 37, amendment providing that elates remain free not to fund abortions to the extent thai they in their sole discretion deem ao- ronrlale For Jensen. Culver a, Approved, M to 27, bill making continuing appro-alallons through Dec 15. IM. a, Against: Jepsen. t Net voting: Culver. s Approved, el to I, conference resort on the roll deregulation bill. J Fen Jensen. JJ Net votnat Culver. HOUSE VOTES Approved, 334 to 71, bid to provide a program of federal supplemental unemployment compensation, Attending unemployment compensation payments ui to 10 weeks. .For Berkley Beden, Democrat; Tom Horkin, Democrat; James Leach, Republic en; Neal Smith, Democrat; and Tom Tauke, Republican. Not veflng: Charles Grassley, Republican. 'K Approved, 3IS to It, conference report on bill to duthoriie appropriations for fiscal 191 for the Intelligence activities of the U.S. government, which provides for more congressional oversight. -.Far Bedell, Harkin, Leach, Smith, Tauke. d Not vetlnc Grassley. Approved, 303 lo 9t, bill authorizing 10 million to provide assistance to state and local school districts (V the educe. ion of Cuban, Haitian and Southeast Aian refugees. .For Bedell, Grassley, Harkin, Loach, Smith, Tauke. t Approved, 310 to 97, Ma lo amend the Communications Act of 134 to provide that the Federal Communications Commission, in considering ep-Qveattons for the renewal of broadcasting station licenses, she! not take Into account any ownership interests of the applicant In other broadcasting Rations or In other communicallons media. 4 For Grassley, Smith, Tauke. Ageimt: Bedell, Harkin, Leach. Approved, 230 to 173, resolution providing for a "ecess of the House of Representatives until Nov. tt, I9M. For Bedell, Harkin, Smith. i Against: Grassley, Leecn, Tauke. Voted, 376 lo 30, to expel Representative Michael vers (Dem., Pa.), who was convicted of bribery the Abscam case. 4 Far Bedell, Grassley, Harkin, Leach, Smith, lauke. H you would l a complete list of how wbs representatives voted on roll-coll votes iy'.week. please send a self-addressed, tSatnped envelope to: A , VOTES Do Moines Sunday ftofttter Det Moines, Iowa 90304 :j fcSgg MORNINGS flush? ' required to find sent to prison, less rehabilitative programs being offered and prison costs continuing to soar. Increases State records indicate that almost all programs within the community bureau had continuous increases in the number of people assigned. Pretrial programs were up 27 percent, with 2,500 lawbreakers assigned in July last year compared to 3,178 this June. A comparison for the same two months of those on probation showed a 16 percent increase, and a 20 percent rise was reported by the state's 17 residential facilities. A thorn in the side of the community programs has been the public's unwillingness to outwardly support having lawbreakers serve their sentences in situations that permit them to hold jobs and live in the communities. "People get distressed when they hear someone has been assigned to a community progam," Keiser said. "They think those criminals are getting by with a slap on the hand, but the rehabilitation of these people is so much more effective if it goes on in the community instead of behind prison walls. . Kilman said people are more Inclined to only tolerate, rather than accept, the community programs. "But much of the blame lies on our shoulders for not better educating the public on what we are doing and not being a little more vocal about our high success rate," Kilman said. Anyone assigned to the community programs is required to find a job that pays a livable wage and to keep the job. "If someone refuses to hold a job, keeps getting into trouble or breaks our rules, then they are shoved into prison," said Gardner. Self -Supporting Because of those strict rules, Farrier said most "inmates" of the programs support themselves and their familes, which keeps them off welfare and other tax-supported programs. A program being tested by corrections officials is designed to help them determine the risks present in sending inmates back into the community. "The science of human behavior is McGee gets 2 years in death of infant By The Associated Press Ronald McGee of Kellogg has been sentenced to two years in prison on a charge of involuntary manslaughter in the death of 9-month-oId Come Comstock of Newton. Judge Louis Lavorato handed down the sentence on Friday in Polk County District Court. The Newton infant died of head injuries while she was in McGee s care. The case was transterrea irom Jasper County to Polk County District Court on a change of venue. IOWA REFERRAL COMPANY TURN YOUR INACTIVE REAL ESTATE LICENSE INTO A PROFITABLE 2ND CAREER WITH UNLIMITED INCOME POTENTIAL Sgall CLAIR NIDAY (515) 277-6222 FOR DETAILS REGISTER PHOTO BY BOB AAODERSOHN rrT" " p bie-take if they catch sight of the stooge on a stool fishing In a stool. What's he using for bait? nor!, keep it still in its infancy," said Kilman. "We are asking these communities to take risks, so we need to improve our capability of predicting those risks." Kilman said that while the community programs have a good batting average, there is still much room left for improvement. "We know these programs are certainly an economical alternative to prison," he said. "We have just got to keep in mind that the institution has to be the last alternative in any correction program." 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"Praise God!" said Art Diaz as he threw the cover of the record album "Woodstock" onto the fire, minus its vinyl contents. Across the fire from Diaz, several teen-agers stood breaking records over their knees; others were busy tearing the plastic tape out of cassette tapes. The fire was the rallying point Thursday night of an Ankeny church's youth group protest against "satanic influences" present in rock music and in some literature. "Young people are making a stand by burning rock music, and saying they don't want it," said Art Diaz, 25, youth group director of Ankeny's First Assembly of God Church, as he watched the fire that was set on church grounds adjacent to the parking lot. "This is something the world should know." Diaz and about 20 youths, ranging in age from their early teens to early twenties, began Thursday night's protest by dumping out a box filled with rock 'n' roll albums, cassette tapes, several books and magazines, and several T-shirts. Diaz formed the group in a circle around the fire, and they held hands and bowed their heads as he prayed aloud in the 47-degree night air. "Remember, we're not doing this to get attention, because nobody wants to burn hundreds of dollars of stuff," Diaz told the group. "We want to stand up and make a point." The first items thrown on the fire were several T-shirts, beginning with one captioned "Go to hell, world, I'm a senior." "This is not something a Christian would want to wear," pointed out WITH YOUR VIDEO RECORDER If you ore away record the game, and watch it later. If you'd like to see the game again Record it as you watch it. Then with Zenith Speed Search you can quickly select those important plays for a second viewing. Keep the tapes for your "World Series Library" or record again and again using the same tape. Each tape has 5 U JJ NOW CABLE READY TV! The Hastings M1961W with Computer SPACE COMMAND ' 2500 Remote Control. No converter needed. 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"Everything rock represents is the opposite of that format" Diaz said that the instigation for the burning came after he and his wife, Tamara,- attended a seminar last week at the First Assembly of God Church in Des Moines that stressed the influence of Satan and devil worship in rock music. Premarital sex, homosexuality, and immorality also are encouraged by rock musicians, Diaz said. "There are occult symbols and signs on album covers that you wouldn't take a second look at unless you knew what they were," said Diaz, who plans to study for the ministry. Now, however, he works full-time Drug Monitoring 10 Hours of Pharmacy Continuing Education Drake University's College of Pharmacy and the Iowa Area Community Colleges present the following continuing education program via the Telenet Communications System. Dr. Phillip J. Levine, Lecturer. 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I listen to Christian rock now." Not all of the regular members of . the church youth group approved of the burning, Diaz said, and not all attended. "They're not fully grown, into the Lord," he explained. "There,, are still things of the world they place u before God." ;; Not all of the general public" probably would approve of the ' burning either, he said. "I imagine, they'd shy away from something like this," Diaz said. "But if that seminar we went to was on TV, it would scare people who aren't Christians into not letting their kids see this kind of thing." siiVii U.S. SAVINGS BONDS 0) f? f? with purchase of LT LUL-JLJI selected models NOW THRU OCT. 15, 1980 SUTHERLAND-Garys TV ft Applianc. lAMA-iriomas Co. L.T.D. WATERLOO Balko's Furn. ft Appl. G.n.ral Electronics Vid.o C.nt.r WAUKON-Byrn.s Stereo & TV WEBB-Lee's Radio ft TV WEBSTER CITY-Hom. 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