The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1936
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAY 30, 19315 BLYTHKVJLIJS, (AUK.) COU1UBK Class! PACE FIVB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally inie iwr lino for consecutive Insertions: One tune pel firm ICc IVo times per line per day .. 03c Ttircc times per line JJBI dny . D6r 6lx limes per line per daj .. Q5c Month rate per line 60c Minimum ctiitrge BOc AQ;> ordered for inreo or alx times and Etonpsii before expiration will be charged for the number of times the nd appeared and -<jU3tment of liill matte. •ill Classinco Advertising copy Eubiulttecl by persons residing outside of Hie city must be accompanied by each. Kates may be u*Uy computed from above table Anveriisiui oroercct lor uregular Insertions take the one. time rate No icspunf.iulliiy will be taken for wore than onn incorrect- tn- lertlon of any classified ai Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction AIONKY HACK GUAIlANTKi; With Hvery It. * G. Or Siiuavc Deal Car iiouglil From I'llillips motor Co. t'JSrl fOltl) V-S UK UIXE COUPE. 3 \Vilido\vs. New Tires and Hadio SH=, J!)3:> CliEVKOLET C O 1) I'K. A'ew 1'iilnl and Seat Covers. Motcr and Tires OK $223 M3:> Ft) HI) MODlvL 1! f>K LUXi: 11OADSTKU. New Tires and Paint. 19oti License. Only 5235 1033 CHEVKOUiT PICK-Ui 1 . Mttor Ovcilumlcd. New Taint. A Good Farm 'J'nick Liberal Allowance On Your 1'rcs- cnt Car - - 1-oiv Finance C'liargc Through U. 0. C. Open Evenings for Tour Convenience. Drive by Lots and Gel Acquainted. Call 810 - 3H for Demonstration nv Information. . Ask for Graves, Shanks, Calvin ur liarbcr. ^ PfflLUPSIJSED CAR LOT 51U £ Walnut 1'honc »10 or 811 Open At Nisht Business Directory ! Barber Shops GUARANTEED ELECTRICAL: WORK, reasonable. Frank Gable, Phone 218, Oaccohi. HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STAT1! LINE ! _ Open I3py and Night FRESH CRAPP1K 35o HOW'S HAHBKK SIlOl 1 101 Soiilli and St. HAIRCUT aOC, SHAVIJ 15i! Bath—Close 8 p.m.—Shine lt> inch Kmerson osclllullm: KAN. I tiood condition. I'rlcc $12. Trail-1 lliaiu Coal Co., s. llroadwiiy. HALF A OUAIT naileries 'jglfi- Poultry red Hocks, 'Ulocil li'.,lMl. ll-U'l Wlilli- Itorks. Rods, Call J. B. Chine Every ll-lday, Saturday & Sunday | At ' l ' om Jackson's Service Stnllon LIUN & TEXACO GAS 16.80 gat. Cigarettes 51.25 Carton BIO 13ASEBALL GAME EVERY SUNDAY Phone 1505-P4 or 143 Shoe Repairing Shoes Hali Soled, 6Sc& up Strings with job. lc extra SA'nSPACT1 ON G UAR AN TKKO Tiitn: m.iJi; SIIOK SHOP Next to B. T. Worthy's. Baly' 'Chicks DAY 01..11 ,V STAHTED nny day MAI!II,YN IIATCHEHY For Sale FOR SALE—Use:! Ice Boxes u:id Elccli-lo Refrigerators. Brotutu-ir/ I Snlfs Co.. Ill s. Broadway. I We. left $126.00 Credit on New Chevrolet I or iiscxi car, value $400.00 or j mars, to buyer having no trade-in. I G'.od discount for cnsli. Box "AB" I Courier News. CHICACO MILL. Besl Prices Paid For '" SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Ulvthcvillc Iron & -Metal Co.l BI ?AN fc TOMATo~~STfcKs7"s & G FT. LONG, l!-'-c EACH. 221 \V. Chcriv ^n@BB9BSEH99E%k WE BUY & SELL HAY Ami we handle all leatlint! brands of High Grade Coal: SUMMIT, (WHAT HKAKT. BRILLIANT, MONTICELLO ETC. Superior Coal & Mining Co. I'hunc 700 nouciin' . lili.' 1'ili-cs Piild I H. T. WOimiY—315 E. MAIN Cash Feed Store Pays lop Prices For E(^s & Poultry 111 K. Mtiln ii"/cy Shov/5 Highv/ays.' Pay Public i Find East's Resorts More Inviting iUI>).-Mlllt(Uls s (nun Miitropnlltnn Kcnv Yc.vk who VKrallon m Iwthhut re- sons iilnni! tho coastlino or Ni-w I'uWlo Works AdniinhlvutiH- llnv- j old 1,. telci-.s by niulnrvr.s in clinri;o, «lio llslol ST new M'waue tyjiU'iiis and <lte|>iiMt| mul ui'iil- nient iiinnis brfnu oinMfiirli'il nt u (TO.L nf $70,30i).<HKi by miinli'l- IKlllira anil .wwi'mui 1 dl.ii-iris In WAEHINCiTON I UP)—High way: dh tf Pay th' ii- \vay by reiinrlng nporiil- cats or vchlc'.L's using lh;m Barksdale Mfg. Co, Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONE 10 Character Lonns ••Irom ; -$100 .to S2QOO repaid over a period of 12'to 60 months. No red tape und j low government mt/;rest rate. See E. C. Robinson Lumber Co I 1 or Rent SEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE '.] room lurnishcd upt., newly dec- j orated. Mre. 1. O. Wratbrook. I ABOUT THE CLUB PRICE AT """ Mbard Hdw. Co. 2 room FURNISHED apt. Call 083, 108 Kentucky. Mrs. Elva Pec. 29-k-5 a room FURNISHED apartment. Mi'.s. Mary Hollingsworth, 621 Chickasawba. 29-p-k-5 3 or -1 UNFURNISHED rooms. lea- sonable. 511 Park. 28-pk-2 INGRAM apartment, IntHii'rc at Parkliurst, Co. 28-ck-tf 4 room house, furnished or yiitur- nished. Mi's. Edwin Robinson. Call 274-W. 23-c-tr a FURNISHED Rooms, modern. Sink in kitchen. OH ileani. 23-p-k-23 '2 room Furnished apartment. Lights, water free. Reasonable. Call SIVJ. 22-c-tf 8 Room HOUSE, 115 S. Division. Idea! lor tourists. Low rent. Mnx.U. Reid, Phone 882. We ktf COOL bedrooms, rcaoonablc. Mrs. Jennie Craig, 900 Mnin, Phone 175. 8 room house, Curnished or unfurnished. 2 baths and sleeping (>orch. nil Wahmt. C. J. Crane. Call BG or 20. c-k-H 3 room IFUKNISHED aparimcnl, modorn. 1111 Ash. Mrs. George Mfllt!re>vs. Call 29-1. ck-tf 2 bedrooms or n Uvo room furnished apartment. Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hearn. UNFURNISHED 4 room apartment with bath. Call 327, or 55 at nlghU 12-ck-tI Furnished 3-room nousc. 508 N. Filth &l. Coupla Only. dh •" I«wm Apartnwnt;, 4 rooms furnished. J. II. Sniitrt. Cail 805-J 1 2c ktl Wall Paper NEW PATTERN'S— LOW TRICES CANVAS, TASTE AND TACKS ASK ABOUT riTTSIlURGII'S NEW TAINT FINANCE TLAN The Arkmo Lumber Co. Certified Potato Plants Tomato, Popper & Egg Plants 0'. C. Hawks Cor. Lake <fe Mnin or 520 Madison Good Used Trucks 1W4— 1</. Ton l.'ord 1935—Ki Ton For:l rick-Up 19:(1—1;.; Ton Chevrolet 1931—114 Ton Inlcninlioniil All have Gnrnl Stake Jioillcs TEItMS Vi'Jicn Cilci]ii;i Colled Varc, : I <ivc, captain of the U :; IXirlis Cup sfinad, drank fio,n I he intci'iialional trophy ilt iiloncaaba, Scotland, it wiu a >ia)f-.-ui(:>] ciuuCt; far tho Yankees halved their claahcs wllli 1'iiu lirilish women in the «up i.iatelics, 4Vj to W t . Tlio Ainc.-ican women, winners h\ 1!W, rclulnccl posscsion of thu -.-^ -, ._. •»" «"i « mm.' Delia Luplcnicjit Coir^^mS und on 'nwivlly trav.-lcd ro-uls v:turn fiibstuntkl jironts to the public, the Bureau of Public Road-: cll ' x imported after « study pf the null 1 - : • iif: 1 of v:!!irle travel in throe stnliv; rents in Mlchlwnn hj i ! on will, hlshway cxp«,- : ,,„ , wcr ^ ^ mln ^ Annual p.i-'in'-'ils lor lii«liv-'v V '" iS " sn:e *'' t ' il llu! woll-rslnb- the bureau found, amount to'slliiiii-' llsl "' cl ''"'^ |illat 1; "" 1 ' volunr-s of ly more than oni> per cent a inll.'i "" Ilc m;ikL ' l'» ssil)1 <- 1 the constiuc- ol have] oil nil highways, in Wi>;- , "" nl ' (1 »' :lll " c ""ni-u of lilsh- conslii. .Mfchlijnn, and Mlniu'sota. i ;;^.S" res " l " 1<>1V C0it I'-' 1 ' lullc Iu Winsconsin and Michigan th.. i pavmsiit. js I.OB cents a mile anil in Minnesota 1.1 c»nls a mile. Aualysis of higliway costs and Iravi'l on the stnli systems, ivliltii incluile federal-aid road::, of Wisconsin and Michigan shows thai payments amount to .02 cent nn-.l .80 cent n mile of travel rcspoc- The following di'iilnl nil low will \x closed every ThniMlny nrtcrnacii iltnln;; ilic siiinnier. lira, llrcn-i'r, t'lillil, ainl 'J'avlor n"tJ,'' lkr KW ^ """ C H""«" "V Ihe ,«« construction, n,". .. . ! IS"^/ U|Wto1 ' f " «<W'"on 10 • [,,, , * MUIIIVII ItJ "ftliijj iho memice of disease thu uow plants will Improve unsightly u; ropc.vt to Ickcs llrnt the Pulilli- Works ,. (vnlioii has nlotted $W,(KU,MI to carry on the work, the i;miler IK'itlon of fnr , ,,, Iho ninnletpahttos or districts Tlm>iU.s to the hCiilih of mil. lions of bathers who mmually «t- lilHK lnwlifV und '•; •iiilnlmilfiilry re- lH am "run" faster lying rcforls nro Drs. \Vert & Wcr(. ot'Tosiimtists Over .loo Isnruvi' E3t(»rt "vvi: MAJtis '»;ni SI;K" Phono MO Wrci'lirr SiTvlce - f!;is Ol'EN ALL N1(.!11T SHHVICK'CKNTKH Pliones 777 - Slfl t.. Now I^Jciilcil Rl 101 North ScconO ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU All inaUcn 01 rclmllt Typewriters, Adding Ma cHlafors—Itcpalrlnn—PnrOi—Iflblu: Wanted to Buy Or Lease M.v loiuic ou (lie K\MA |il:ic-.' In I'dUi! Addition will explr, 1 ••Iwilly rtiid iiiiifi' will occupy, 1 urn therefore In (hi. market Ui tiny. If n buff-niii, or lesis-j i> niodi'iii home, Almut ilvo rooms. In or neiii 1 town, nnoni tor tlili'kciis mid nowililv '.( cow. Mn.-jl tc clean plnce. Cioid iiHl'.lilmrhond. I'Vimliy n [ llnvu or fuiir pwiple. no' rhlldivn. A. F. Dietrich I'hone 700 or :!73 ONE STOP" SERVICE STATION ''•'OK YOUK CONVENIHNCI? SINCLAIR GAS AND MJIJHICATION WYSK I'URUY in charge ol SeiTico J)t'|)iiiimcnt. I- H. JOHNSON in clnu-Bc "I" Jiody Dcimilmont. -HATTKKV SERVICE -KADIATOIt ItKl'Altt -1101) Y WORK -NWHKit WOKK —fll.AHS INSTALLICD —AUTO 1'AKTS W. T. BARNETT ,t riymoulh Dealer PHONE 888 HEAR! iinv Wi, " '!"' f s()(:iilUo '» ccrlificnlol of UV Iciiid on your loved onon when they P UM • ve will icpt it at full value on tli e funo 'al 5 ° " as imich C©BB FUNERAUHOME PUONW 2(1 rbonc. 40 Free Estimates WAivlEU —/.LL KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, S3 to 55 ton Aluminum, lOc-lb. Brass, 2o to 4',tc lb. Copper Wire, 4c to 5c lb. Radiators, 4',4c lb, HIDES &'FORS \VOLF ARIAN We Guarantee lo Save You Money on Screen Work . oi All Kinds Barksdale Mfg, Co, Phone 19 STOVES STORED FOR SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal Is Black But I trcal Yon While JOHN' BUCHANAN—PHONE 703 ROOM, size 22 ay 50, next '.o Hubbard Tire &'UAltcry; newly decorated. Tom Jncksou. Plione B. 25-ck-tf •1 room FURNISHED ' npart- incnt. duplex. Shndp, very cool. All conveniences. Bess Hall. Call 260. 22-c-k-U Found Arkansas Truck license No. 217-730. Owner may hiwe same by calling nt Courier News office: and pay- Ing charges, Phone 116 Wanted •- Used Furniture Spot Cash Paid Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. Main Formerly Davis & Dodson Mrs. .1. .1, Davu — spencer Corscliere. CnlJ 42I-W for appointments Automotive PRICES CUT ON AUTO PARTS Tires, Tubes. Batteries, Paint, Tools. Motor Oil, Floor Mats, Seat Covers. Get our prices before you buy. Save Money 1 WOLF ARIAN SO TIIKV'LI, HAVE To WALK! ! !Hf KEEP YER SHIRT OM , '<i BOSCO-rLLGiTCHA «' \VATCH Vvl.OCOL A- HMM - SAY, OOOLA WE MUST BE A LOM& WAYS /-' FRIENOS.THEM Yvoy ^ HEARD OP V^Mf jg^ D rMOSAUR^ PLACE.' '~ v -v I'M WUR.7H' WARRIOR GUARDIAN OF TH'' SAWALLA FRONTIER/ g^!S7lMe VOUR STEED HAsT- AM' IP H£ LOOKS HE i ' IAO AN MO110MS, PROBABLY CEASED TO EXBT TH .LAST-1 SAW OF 'EM* DIMWY WAS RUWMIM'TH TAIL OFF'M THATSkATE OP YOURS.' ROOTS AND HUH UUDDIES -'M ! b^vj\'b •*"• ••" \ t( ' "» | J t j I / >*. qk '""-• ' = — ~?~ ~ \J — ~-^-!t ~ C* \ JEFF PICKET. AFTER HE'D BEEN SLUGGR.1 AMP ROEBEP, WHERE WERE MIS P\STOl^? THEIR L-.IUJIt^fll^l U if LrHli B; •;AHY HAS A niixcii! SOUNDS IT'S IMPORTANT. T FIGURE THAT SINCE Lt HE PfPN'T DRAW HIS 6UNS,HE WAS kNOCKED CUT BY THE FIRST BLOlv By Cram IRBVSOM!BL^ ivE $ R°E "ST^C&^E wlu^ ?S\]^^^ ^wxn^fw&w^ l ^~ -^^^^^^^^^^JS^^^i^ .-. «' ^ci-ittK/MtLy ^i^ PVPM A RELATIVE- OP PICKW! ^ FRECKI.KS AND HIS FRIENDS ITAGAUOkiS, I DOMT SEE Hov/ V/E CAW KEEP THAT DOG." ](. , , \.^ • HE'S EATlWG US OUT OF /-{ t ' /fOM ' DOOS / H3USE AMD HOME.' f£=k HAVE TO I v E AT i' 1—-^--=rj? *rnrit ,' i! • .^'./WV IQO • y r^r^ - ->'III:,,.7 128 E. Main / , v:-;\ !UL.'.V : :3L :? YES, BUT THEY HAVE TO EAT TOO MUCH! POODLES GCT 1KTO THE Ice SOX I HAD A STT^AK.SOME ^j r'cps AMD A LARGE HE HELPED, BITE o= THE MOST V LUCKY HE BITE. OM:THE STEA;< BEFORE I COULD STDPHlMj h'E "TOOK ITOW THE v, LAMB! .>./•-'> WHY, MOTHER/ I'VE NEVER HEARD SOU USE SUCH ' SLANG/ m /frf.X /,-.\-\i4 Bi»:--:;| ^-• : Ar~ •«s\:?x> __J)

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