The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 24, 1962 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1962
Page 9
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THREMIN.MjftMS TO SERVE YOU! ' , t *•„ 't -r r £ ."W^JatKH i ALGONA, IOWA, tU&DAY, APRIL 24, uarters for North Iowa 7962, Presented By D'S -:- FOSTER'S ,* * * * * * Carpet Colors, Patterns Dare to Be Bold in '62 BY CHALMER READ The 1962 carpet styles are committed to brightening yo.ur home! You can l)e as daring as you like with new colors, for bold hues in a wide range are seen in carpets at all price levels. You can choose textures which are more interesting and varied than ever before, or patterns which run the gamut from strictly traditional to "avant garde," f ln short, new carpets are designed to make a difference in y.oiir decorating, to dress up what has been called the "fifth wall" of a room rather than retreating timidly into the background. Here are some of the design highlights for 1962: " "Cool and clear" is the color (forecast. Two colors especially stand out in the broad color spectrum now offered in carpet styles — blue- and greenl These two hues, by themselves or in combination have hit a peak of popularity since tljeir introduction, into", yolume- 1 produced ' carpets 1 ' several years ' 1 .Blues rarige;all'"the way from Bristol. 'and* "rich" teal ' to shades. Green has an equally wide 1 ranges, with emphasis on bronze atia olive tones. New Color Blends Used together these two colors provide even more variety. There are rich .mixtures of royal blue and kelly green; lighter blends of pale - blue and olive; clear blue- green combinations with as many as six or seven shades of the two colors combined. .Throughout new styles generally, there is increased emphasis on colors that are mixed, scrambled, blended or shaded. 'There are many color blends which rate top honors ori both design interest and practicality, many of them variations on the ever-popular tweed theme. There is. further design interest ori colbr effects heightened by the skillful use of texture. Two-tone effects are often achieved by combining cut and uncut pile for a light-arid-dark appearance of a solid color. • Textures are also varied according to the "mood" of a carpet — ranging; from rugged, shaggy yarns to dense, Icjoped textures with a "needlepoint" appearance. Sturdy Quality A number uf these' 'tight-looped styles, or those with very dense cut pile, have been developed from carpets which have prbved their worth hi commercial; installations — large, public areas .such as restaurants, theaters, schools, and offices; * These heavy-duty qualities are now available for use in the home, where durability and practicality are of prime importance. Many of them have been restyled in interesting colors and small-scale patterns best suited to use in to-, 'day.'s' homes.T *, -£•**"'/ ' • «•„ *" Patterns throughout new carpet collections also show a wide range of choice in styling. Designs run the gamut from traditional florals in blocks or panels, to abstract motifs achieved by color-texture combinations. . Both patterns and color blends have. been, designed for ease of maintenance, since these styles skillfully .conceal soil and footprints between cleanings and retain their handsome appearance while in use. New styling techniques have led to these handsome but practical carpets which are easy on the eye and trouble-free in maintenance at the same time. , Area Rugs Put Accent In All the Right Places BY BOB WATSON Area rugs have emerged as one of the bright spots in home fashions news for 1962. More than ever, thesd little rugs — and many that are not so small — show an intensity of color and design that can add a bright accent to many areas of your home. The brightest colors and bold designs can be used to advantage in these rugs, since they do just what their names imply — provide an accent in a room or define one area. The vivid style which might be overpowering in a large area of carpet can be a focal point in a rug. ' Styles are numerous — from those inspired by regional designs, such as Pennsylvania Dutch or Southwestern, to "novelty" ideas tb brighten'a child's room. , Style Choices Colors and textures show as much range of choice, froni pastels to "jShpck" colors, from thick, furry rijgs to smooth pooped tex- • hires. ...-.•.• Here are a few tips,'tb~aid in your selection and use of interesting rugs: ; Do choose a rug size with room proportions in mind. Obviously, a 3'x5' rug by itself will be completely lost in a large room — and too many small rugs in one room will give a haphazard appearance. Therefore, choose a rug Idrge enough to define a particular area — perhaps a furniture group, or a corner of a room. square or rectangle to define the "living room" area of the same room. Do choose your area rugs for their design and color interest. Since a rug on a bare floor^ or used over plain carpet, naturally stands out, make the most of contrast in color and texture. Design Interest Do consider rug design when you think about placement. Many new styles have border or center designs, so plan furniture arrangement accordingly — perhaps a table and chairs grouped around a center motif, or furniture contained within a bordered or fringed fug. Don't be afraid to use an area rug over wall-to-wall carpeting. You can choose a rug for its design interest and be practical at the same time. Small rugs help protect carpets >at heavy-wear spots.. Shift them occasionally to avoid undue abrasion on carpet pile and remember to vacuum the carpet' uhcierneath during regular cleanings...'...' [•--"If you use small rugs over bare floors, be sure they are anchored securely, Many rugs today are quite heavy and stay in place of their own accord. But If a rug shows signs of slipping, keep it in place with double-sided tape, or by using one of the powder preparations available in hardware stores and home furnishings departments. Two rugs in the same room do not necessarily have to match in size or shape. For example, you might use a round rug to accommodate dining table and chairs, a Rugs large enough to be called "room-size" are generally used over padding, as carpets are, with the padding cut about an inch less all around so that the rug slightly overhangs the padding. 1962' Carpets and Rugs Built for Modern Living tight-colored yarps in the cent** are shaded out to dark, rich tones in ftte Interesting wool area rug, thick-textured in the manner of a Scandinavian rya ntyte. . A large fringer rug underscores a room geared for entertaining, testure has a three-dimensional effect — thick cut pile with a tower looped background. Smart styling with built-in comfort — that's the promise of 1962 carpets and rugs for your home. Whether you're building a new house, redecorating or remodeling an old one, or refurbishing a single room, you'll find beautiful carpets exactly suited to your needs. New colors, textures and patterns ere a boon to decorating. New sizes and shapes in rugs assure a "just right" choice for individual rooms. Mew styling techniques are seen in carpets and rugs that offer the bonus of practicality as well as the basis for decor. Carpets make housekeeping easier and living more comfortable in any room of your house. These practical products cushion footsteps, quiet noises and create a homelike atmosphere the minute they're in place. Budget-conscious homsmakers are stretching their home furnishings dollars by choosing floor coverings that make sense - the carpets and rugs that play up to the dugl role of function and beauty. This guide holds the answers to your most concerning problem — How to buy carpet. This Page Sponsored By v

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