The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 24, 1962 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1962
Page 2
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fcO BN iffrl3fteSTfe6 f in thV histdry of Kossutb cntfmy rind how Algona and the surrounding towns gbt their starts. I have also wondered many times how! the early settlers went about naming the towns. Not being able tb A dig up much informatidn on thi subject, f hate devised a few theories Of my own, and from these have developed, !'Grac6>S Histbry of ft)Wn' Naming". If the Kossuth. Historical. Society Wants to argue with me, about it. they can jdst'come up with spnie town naming history; of their own H • ' SEVERAL OFTHE;T6\VNS;ln otir afiSj 1 Mni iiappy'to Moth ypii, were real easy to name! A guy liamed wfiley sMM iri Kdssutfi eouftt? and naturally they named Wesley for hitll, alicl When a married Couple, Lit'and Verne came to these parts, they riflttied the toWli of. LuVertie. And we mustn't forget the fat guy flamed Irving. They figured he weighed about a ton, so they, couldn't dtf nlttth better than t call:Hl town Irvington. ...'•'.-..". , y " '•' ' .' * *.".•'•*,'.-.•• Itfp IN THE NORTHERN PART'of the county, a 1 town had a pretty gdod. start before they got around to naming It. There werii qUlte a few pigeon fanciers living there, and it got so that there were crofts With pigeons living in them right in the place the city fathers wanted to pu the' main street. One night at a council meeting they Issued an ultima turn, "'You can keep the pigeons, but the crofts must go." So you see by banning the crofts, they also got the town's name — Bancroft. * * • * ALONG ABOUT 'GS .THERE CAitofi.Tb these parts, a couple of trappers. It wasn't very settled around here, arid once these two guys went but on a field trip and didn't show up for two or thrile weeks. A search party was sent out for them and after hunting around for dulte a while they came upon a body. Sadly they turned it over to Identify it, when one of the searchers exclaimed, "Why this ain't Joe I" They went a little further, and found another body; examined It and said, " 's ain t Benedict, either !" Well, they never did find those two trappers but they did find names for two towns — Saint Joe and Saint BenedictI . , -• »*.«;. . • IF YOU HAVE EVEN A HINT OF AN evil mind, you might think you know how Sexton was named. But I am here to tell you there Isn't any more sex in Sexton, proportionately than there is in any other part of the county ! The town was named for. a church caretaker — a Sexton! * * * , ABOUT TEN MILES FROM WHAT is now Algona, there lived a man who was quite a joker. In fact, rumors suy he was funnier than Carole Burnett and Red Skelton put together. Settlers would gather at the trading post and this character, would make with a few wise-' cracks. His audience just ate it up and they'd scream "Witty ! More !" Naturally, that's why the town is named Whittemore. With the same type of logic I have figured out how another town got it's name. There v was a k'id who simply loved liver. He'd eat up his first helping and then yell, "Liver ! More.!" They named the town Livermore. ' ' * * * .. • THE EARLY SETTLERS DIDN'T always square dance at their parties. Sometimes when the fiddlers really got going, they did what really amounts to an early version of the Twist! The people in one northern'Kossuth town got So good swinging, and, swaying that they called-the town Swea City. Of course, the spelling is a little different, but the first town clerk who wrote those things down was a very poor speller. • * * * YOU KNOW HOW PEOPLE SLUR their words. They did that in the old days, too. It's a deplorable habit, but that's the way at least one town I know about got its name. There was this couple who kept getting wedding invitations. Tht'y were a little on the cjogejiide, and they never really came through with any gifts.,But still theyd*say to themselves. "We oughta send them somethin!" They named their town Ottosen. INDIANS WERE PLENTIFUL IN; these parts in the old days,.and, so they say, were the French. There was one Frenchman who said, "Oo la, la" all the time, and he married an Indian maiden from one of the Dakota tribes. There's a town named after their son — Lakota ! Then there was this Indian chief who wore a blanket called a tonka. There was also a sailor who was excellent at tying knots. The chief couldn't tie worth a darn, so every time he needed his blanket fastened up he'd come to the sailor's cabin and grunt, "Tie tonka". I think that's how Titonka got its name. • * » * ALGONA, ACCORDING TO ALL respectable history reports, was named by Mrs. Asa Call for the Algonquin Indians. But Grace's history isn't respectable so I'll tell you how it was actually named. It was because of that guy named Al who used to live here. He may have been a Call, or a Rist, or a Smith, or a Blackford, but he was real fast on his feet and everytime there was a threat of an Indian uprising they'd gather in the fort around the Town Hall and send Al for help. "Al, go now !" they would urge. And thus, the name Algona was born. And I think I'd better go now, myself. Mrs. L. L. Snyder. Delyee, datigh- .ter- of Mr.. and-Mrl, Jaffle8,-St. John, ancTflochell&, daughter of Mr. afld llM. Fred w"ittfants. jVltfg^ A-fe .^i-L , ' tie first $bMan piibHs|er was Ehfabeth Tintothy,. w&8 published the South Carolina Gazette Ift 1739. Jim Pratt Of AlgohaToWed Denmark Girl THERE WAS ANOTHER LETTER this week from my unknown friend. I don't know her name but I get such a kick out of her stories about her kids which her mother, a reader of mine, forwards to me. This time she is battling the early spring, or late winter problems. "R. and G. go through fits every clay to go outside. I firmly steel myself and say, no, no, no — I can't fight the mud and water anymore. By 3 p.m., 1 weakly say, yes, yes, yes. So yesterday 15 minutes after snowsuit, overshoes and the works were put on, R. came in and yelled to me, who was upstairs, 'Mom, you should see how clean my toes are". I thought — toes, no not toes, please. But it was toes. Isn't that bright of them to go out with winter clothes and go wading in the snow and water ? Then, of course there was this morning. I was vacuuming downstairs. The doorbell rang and I answered it. A young man stood there and said, "Lady, you have a little boy with his head caught in the window upstairs.' And he was so right. G. had opened the storm and house windows, grabbed the house window while he was leaning outside and closed it on his head. Then he went from that to the bathroom and emptied the toilet bowl onto the bathroom floor with nothing to help him but a plunger." * * * "THIS IS NOT ONE OF MY BETTER days. I'm really getting too old for this stuff. 1 wish they'd play tricks and treats with me and instead of all these tricks, try a little treat or two." * * -t THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS for Delicious Pie. 1 cup cultured sour cream 1 cup milk Add milk gradually to cream and mix until smooth. Add 1 package instant vanilla pudding. Real until thick, about 2 minutes. Pour into a baked pie shell or a graham cracker crust. Top with thickened cherries, or any other fruit you desire. — GRACE. Around Algona Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Crawford had as their guest a few days last week Allison Wilson, a cousin of Mr, Crayvfprd's from Southhampton, England. Their daughter, Cleone, who teaches in Denver. Colo, was also hottie for Easter vacation end other guests were Mr. Crawford's mother, Mrs. A. C,''CrfrwfQt$, Mr. «ind iMrs. John Bernard, all of Des Moines, and Mrp. iJOiw Pristol and daughter, j}, Chicago. Baptisms st the M e t h o d i s t church i';t]in Sunday were Mrs. liogcr Kllefson, Nancy Elmore, Dana and Michael Snodgress, John Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Allen, Jerry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Collier, Juanita, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Fox, Bruce and Michael, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Kobert Graybill. Thomas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hedlund, Gerald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ilolldorf of Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., Kobin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Leighter, LuAnn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Duane Mogler, James, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Muckey, Lisa, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Schenck, Kent, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Shipler of Whitte, Sara, daughter of Dr. and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sent! of Denmark, la. have announced the engagement of their daughter, Ann, shown here, to James Pratt, son of Mr. arid Mrs. Lloyd Pratt of Algona. James attends State College of Iowa at Cedar Falls. The wedding will be held June 22 at Denmark. CUDM Engraving) Apr. 17-24 In the parental Johtt Paulspfl...h6irtfe, - , ' Mrs. John tteulSGBi spent i; Wesley To Wed Wesley — Relatives have received announcements of the ap- Droaching marriage of Mae • Stu- ier, daughter of the' late Alf and Belle Studer; to Richard Haiden. They will be married May 19 s-4 12 o'clock nuptial mass at St. Pius church, Santa Fe Spring, California. Mae has been employed more han 15 years hi a Santa Fe Springs store. Newcomers ; Mr. and Mrs. Roger Thornsbak- ken and children moved recently fr'pm Eagle Grove into the Hamilton apartment above the Blake Fhneral parlors. Mrs. Thornsbak- ken is the former Mildred Schaffer, former Wesley resident. Her husband is Hamilton Hatchery. ; . ;'.' '^ School Round-Up There'will be a -.kindergarten rojind-up in Cbrwith-Wesley schools Wednesday, Apr. 25, in Corwith at 9:30 a.m. and in Wesley at 1:30 p.m. Collect $177 $177.30 was realized in the recent Red Cross drive. Workers ncluded Mesdames Faye Loebig, Jeannine Ackerson, Jo Meurer. rene Muehe, Rena Hauptrrtan, /eva Lease, Edna Mae Klein, }lair Thomas, Bernie Hamilton, )tlo Henderson and Anna Mae iirner. Sara Raney was chairman. Mrs. Martha Tjarks returned iVednesday from a week's visil svith her daughter, Mrs. Roger 'ampbell and family at Rockwell and her son, Harry Jorgensen and family in Mason City. Mrs. Leonard Arndorfer and Erna Hillenga have been called for petit jury duty in May in the Hancock district. The Ed Downs and Jim Reisings were Easter Sunday guests in the Ernest Gerdes home in Woden. Others were the Leo Youngs of Gnrner and Gerald Studers of Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. David Youngwirth were baptismal sponsors for their niece, Diane Marie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Erdman, at St. Cecelia's Catholic church in Algona Apr. 15. Banns of marriage were published for the second time Sunday in St. Joseph's Catholic church for Virginia Miller and Maurice Krebsbach. They will be married hqre Apr. 23. Mrs. Norine Studer spent the Easter weekend with her son, Don, and family at Des Moines. Father Elias of Chicago was an overnight guest Tuesday in the Mrs. Helen and Luke Youngwirth home, Mr. and Mrs. David Seaberg of Charles City spent the Easter weekend in the parental George Seaberg home. Wesley Township Homemakers met Apr- 17 in the Stanley Simpson home with Mrs. Frank Johnson as assistant hostess. The lesson was given by Mrs. Joe Skow. Recreation was in charge of Mrs. George Seaberg. Miss Daisy McEllmurray, Windom, Minn., spent Apr. 14-15 with Mrs. George Seaberg and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Weiland have a new granddaughter, Kim- bcirly Kay, born Apr. i2 to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Olsen of Grin- null. . Joyce Paulson, freshman at Simpson College, Indianola, spent entsi Mr, S Mr. '' have a new graitodaualiter, Lisa Henae, born Apr. 8 to Mf, and Mrs. Dwight Seaberg at the Brltt hospital. .She weighed 7W pounds. Mf. arid Mrs. fieB YbHtf'Sf'Mffls neapolls spent -last- week - in -the parental August Garman home as* sisting with the sprirfg" h6l3se- cleaning. ' , { , Mrs. my penning df se,. Bine- diet, 'Mrs. Joe Penning of Sestrni and Mfs. Ewald Haack 1 of A'tglina Visited Mrs. ffiarl Robinson" last week. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wagner -of Kanawha were Apr. 15 callers at the Edward Garman home. . 4 Grqver and "Red" Grubb speni; last week at Rochester, Minn. ' Karen Michaelson of Klemme visited the Bill Hahigs recently. ' Mrs. Martha Tjarks has pur« chased a 2-bedroom home in Mason City and will nidV6 njSxi month. She. has sold her hbtite to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Downs, Who have .occupied the Sam Alne r"nise on Main Street, since they sok! their home to the Joe We'ig's last year. Bernard Mettille of Phoenix. Ariz., who came for the funeral of his brother-in-law, Robert Rockwood, Apr. 14, remained for a 2 week visit with his sister, EUGENE HUTCHINS ...a good man to know! Let him show you why it's good business to use a long- term, low payment loan on your- land-—a loan you can p*y in advance at any time without penalty. FEDERAL LAND BANK ASSOCIATION E. II. Hutchins, Manager Algona (south of Penney s) Monday and Wednesday Forest City (VV. of Forester Hotel) Tuesday and Friday Rdckwood, rs. Mag Bieich was an Apr, guest of her7«ister>Mrt,~Mif"y Sterreioher and WvAi. of'fH a. Another- ftfttety Or 1 . Mi&S r of Chicago Was a gueSt ere, too. ;<Set Driver's Awards Jim Walker of Qarrlgan high Icnool and Jon" Peglbw"6f Algona high school received the monthly driver's safety awards for April frdm the Salesmen's Bureau of the Chamber of Cemriieree 'this foeek. Mayor C. C. Shierlf, 'Police Chief Al fJoekelmati afld dene Nemmers*- were present at the award ceremdnies. Sheri Romys Is Luvtrifsirk State Candidate *-Jk #£. T« V ; -s ^j*&4J< Mr. and Mrs.. Bert C. Hamus, LuVefne, and a Junior in LuVerne Community school, has been elected by the- American- Legion Auxiliary* tf'kttaftf HtfWfc eye QWs State- *»tf ~ e<Mar ; falls' June 17-23. , -'-.., Miss Ramus* activities atfe: member- of high School conferl ban^t, piep .band, marching balid, gW gleW duV'rttixed chMfs, basketball, Softball teams, junior class play; also MYF treasurer, junior choir organist, senior choir, •\j\Take up Wonderful/ dffer // years of scientific testing ..... 6Q,OOp005/eep recordings prove you get sounder sleeo with BEAUTYREST Research was conducted by the United States Testing Co. in laboratory sleep rooms. Actual people slept on all the leading types of mattresies. Electronic equipment recorded their brain waves . . . heart beats. The findings: Beautyrest gave longer periods of sounder, deeper, unbroken sleep. Beautyrest independent coil construction lets you sleep relaxed . .. awake refreshed! Tufted or Smooth Tuftless EASY TERMS FREE VAN DELIVERY STABLISHED 1925 , ROUSING BUICK VALUE! 'Advanced Thtutt putt the (tu tofwaid , , , fat itw'tht trading, flat coinerinf, t flatter front floor, Buick Le Sabre hitches exclusive Turbine Drive (the smoothest, quietest automatic transmission) to a big Wildcat V-8. And adds the unique handling benefits of Advanced Thrust*. All at no extra cost, Clincher: fast-selling Le Sabre costs less than many "low- price" cars! See Le Sabre. Drive Le Sabre at your Buick Dealer, BUICK I!SABRE IS THE BUY Set the CM E<hi»it «t Ul« 1^2 Sialtl* WUHM j F«ir, April 21-0cto|)«r 21,1962 ' •Met ,:.:, r, t -t I I I > . . , ,..,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,. ,...t<<,,i>ll>«,l,,f»,<«,t «•«»,«(•« Tops in TV ! "Sing along with Mitch" — Thursday- evening,. NBC-TV, Brought to you b/pulclt on behalf of your authorized Bujck dealer SCHULTZ BROS, South Phillips, Algona, Iowa &#, ' I '..QUEEN! ;QE THE COTTONS HATTIE LEEDS DRESSES in fine Dan River •-, fabrics 598 The essence of spring and summer fashion in daytime dresses. Wash 'n wear cot- ' tons by famous Dan River mills in sblid colors, border prints, checks, plaids and woven new high-fashion fruit colors. Sizes 10 to 20 and 12i/ 2 to 24/2. pttiits unlimited! , S&L low-priced for savings,,, Jamaicas, Pedal Pushers, Capris JAMA PAS , . , Drip-dry cottons in assorted plaids, stripes and j>o|jds. Newest popular cojQrs, (Oftl?. 1,84 PUSH IRS , , , Cotton chino, .^ Orns ftnn cpnlntn^nrl » n 4* • Yfl , , , no, cotton cord?'and sculptured cotton in stripes, nru.ted plaids and solids, 10 10 IP, S}f W5 ,., Slim-Jim styles in w«hab!« 3 88 cotton prints, p|ai(}s, stripes and solids, W rrom dark fnn» plaids if 1 l: -'-' • • • 3.98

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