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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 4

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 4

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

4 OAKLAND TRIBUNE, THURSDAY, NOV. 7, 1935 SWEET VENDORS TSOTHS FACE SWEEPER Arizona Board Refuses Pardon To Winnie Judd IE SEAL SALE LEADER NAMED THEFT C1CE WES TO IRK START OF WORK II UNDERPASS CATCHES AFIRE Pension Outlook Bars Older Men In Engineer Jobs CHICAGO, Nov. UP) Only young men, for the most part, are being accepted for technical engineering positions with rarg firms because of expectation of mandatory retirement pensions, the American PHOENIX, Nov. 7. The Arizona State Board of Pardons and Paroles today refused to Walter M. Briggs, of, Pleasanton BERKELEY, Nov. 7. A lighted Jm? mM who last year acted as honorary county chairman of the Christmas Seal sale of the Alameda County IX CEHRITO, Nov. 7. Earl Logs-don, 18, Of 788 Eighth Street, Oakland, and Charles Schwab. 18. of 830 Ninth Street, Oakland, will be arraigned before Justice ef the Peace A. H. MacKinnon today on a petty theft charge. Logsdon and Schwab allegedly tole some metal from an auto wrecking yard in Richmond Annex. Association of Engineers was told today. Tuberculosis and Health Associa tion, will serve in the same capa Eastbay Notables Will Join Ifi Ground-Breaking Sunday at 30th and Market remove the death penalty which overshadows Winnie Ruth Judd, convicted in 1932 in connection with the "trunk" murders of two friends. The dismembered bodies were shipped to Los Angeles in trunks in 1931. Applications for a full pardon and for a parole in case the pardon cigarette picked up by a vacuum cleaner threatened destruction ef the Ivanhoe Hotel, 2400 Durant Avenue, yesterday afternoon. Damage was confined to $50, covering loss of the vacuum cleaner and damage toUie store room at' the hotel. Tnetyaze was discovered after almaid had placed the vacuum cleaned in the store room shortly after Ihe had finished using it in hotel rooms. city this year, it was announced today by Mrs. S. M. Marks, chairman of the seal sale committee for the Tuberculosis Association. Clergy, laity, civic leaders and offcialdom will join in groundbreaking ceremonies at, 38th and Market Streets at 2 p. Sun- This was asserted In the associa; tions employment report, which said: "Anticipating old agegnd retirement pensions and other social provisions likely to be mandatory, industry plans to catch them young." Few men over 52 are accepted for technical positions of large firms now opening, the report said. was denied were rejected by the board. The action means that in event As. a resident of Alameda County for many years, Briggs has taken an active interest in the work done TTiey were arrested in Berkeley and turned over to Constable Charles Schwake. ParhhWhtst Party Set for Tomorrow The annual Thanksgiving whist tf St. Andrew's Church, will be a which Mrs. Judd, now in the State Hos in this county to control tubecu mm will off i losis and has been particularly in pital for the Insane, regains her sanity during the tenure of the dally mark Building Heavy In San Leandro SAN LEANDRO. Nov 7 Build the begin There is now an actual shortage present board she must be executed in the lethel gas chamber i of work on the oi engineers, the association was told, because the technicians pre ing activity in San Leandro during for the slaying of Agnes Ann Leroi. fer uoveroment jobs as more stable. held in the parish hall, 36th and Adeline, tomorrow evening? Plans have been made for a hundred tables. The Rev. Alvin Wagner is In charge. She also faces a murder charge uctober was almost three times as great as during the same period in 1934. accordina to a renort com in the death of Hedwig Samuelson. Lorado Taft, the sculptor, was born in I860 at Elmwood, I1L for which she was never tried. piled by Building Inspector Fred The Rev. H. J. McKinnell. aged terested in the work at Del Valle Preventorium and Arroyo Sanata rium. FUNDS HELP FIGHT Discussing the 1935 Christmas Seal Sale. Briggs said: "Funds derived from the sale of Christmas Seals helD carry on tuberculosis work throughout the year. "Mortality trends from tuberculosis are on the decline, but this disease still takes a heavy toll of life among young people at the age when they are beginning active ardtilt life and establishing homes. father of Mrs. Judd, asked for the 16-b lock long San Pablo Avenue Under-p a a a a will carry the main flow of traffic to and from the San full pardon. Her brother, Burton McKinnell, sought the parole. 2cnaer. permits issued for nine new construction projects and six alteration jobs during the month amounted to $36,450, while seven new construction and eight alteration permits in October, 1934, totaled only $13,260. Both were denied by unanimous decision of the pardon and parole board, without comment. IJwPjS lSlH mmm Tuberculosis is still a major pre Fr a cisco- THE FLORSHEIM 11 igrfSW Oa kland Bay Bridge. ventable cause of suffering and death and every good citizen looks forward to the diy when we shall have abolished this affliction. The fight to stamp out tuberculosis has The a i spo red WeeRun Down Mfc 'BjjjTT Mill, my hearty support." fl mmmmmWmmm IBS try rife Acorn Club COMMITTEE HEADS Heading the various Christmas Seal Sale committees throughout the county are: of Oakland, will include speeches by Earl Lee Kelly State 1 HOaV the Reason For Run-Over' Mrs. George C. Thompson, Ala fl Ba director of meda; Mrs. Laura H. Ryan. Albany; Mrs. S. M. Marks. S. Hawley, Emeryville; Mrs. Peter J. Public Works: Crosby, Hayward; Miss Anne Wag Shoes" oner, Livermore; Leroy R. Good MBS. ARVII, la GLODEN0 0 11 8 eS3- thomas MrfttJiBE men Albert -Boye photo e. Carter rich, Oakland; Mrs. Albert H. Rowe, Oakland Council of Girl Scouts is devoting the month of November to selling cookies to raise funds for council work. Among Scouts assisting in the activity are (standing, left to right) Kathryn Jane Jones and Wilma Gardner; (seated) Virginia Rohan and Carol June Beverly. Tribune pholi, irl Scouts Selling Cookies To Raise for Council Piedmont; Mrs. Claude Smallwood, Pleasanton; Mrs. A. W. Bruner, San no jonn it, TOJan; Mayor William J. McCracken, of Oakland, and Leandro; Mrs. A. W. Ebright, Suhol; Mrs. J. E. Thane, Washington Town 'SSBP -glt Length I mayor Angelo Rossi, -San Francisco; State Senator William F. Knowland, Assemblyman Henry F. Mechan, District Attorney i 'Our tiiioeasing efforts to make our November has been chosen astnated a troop flag to be given the ship; Miss Mildred Nauert, Alva-rado; Mrs. Howard Chadbourne, Centerville; Mrs. A. A. Amaral, De-coto; Mrs. C. A. Lutf. Trvlngtonf Miss Sophy Gallegos, Mission San Jose and Warm Springs; Mrs, Cockefair, Newark; Miss Dorothy Smith, Niles. The advisory committee for the county Is as follows: Mrs. Wallace M. Alexander, Mrs. Walter M. Warren, of Alameda County; Wil-liam J. Hamilton, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and Councilman Dr. T. E. Fitzsimmons, of Oakland. A grandstand and hundreds cookie month' by members of group selling the most bass of better led 'us -to develop the famous Floraheim Flarewedge Shoes. to tteet the requirements of the mal ou la re oo requ i in mo room on the outside. This exclusive Florshen feature actually eliminates running-over' instep corns, and crowded toes, of wearing shoes on1 outflare feet. And, like all Florsheims, Flarewedge; shoes will look better longer and OoSt you less per day of wear." seais are being erected at the celebration site to accommodate other citizens who will be on hand for the ceremonies, Harvey Blair president of the sponsoring group, announced. CLUB RESPONSIBLE The underpass was secured by the Acorn Club, whose membershin Oakland Council of Girl Scouts, who are busily engaged in vending the sweets to their friends in order to raise money for council work. Thousands of bags of cookies are being disposed of, and Friday and Saturday, November 15 and 16, will be Days," when orders will be delivered. Among Scouts selling cookies are; Kathryn Jane Jones, Wilma Gardner, Virginia Rohan and Carol June Beverly, members of Troop 11, Westlake School. Mrs. C. Robert Adams has do- Briggs. Miss Annie Florence Brown, Dr. Chesiey Bush, Dr. W. H. Hodgkin, Dr. E. W. Jacobsen, Ros-coe D. Jones, Joseph R. Knowland, Dr. Frank R. Maginson, B. H. Pendleton, Dr. William Barclay Steph cookies, according, to' its registration, it has been announced at Scout headquarters in EtheUMoore Memorial Building. Members of the Scout Council assisting with details of the sale are; Mesdames Frederick A. Whitaker, Theodore Wittschen, Adams, G. F. Hickok, O. A. Schlesinger, Richard Wright, Bert Scott, William Cavalier, John Beales, G. W. MeMas-ters, Clinton Walker, Donald Breed, Charles Brown, E. E. Johnson, Childs, Elwood Wright and Lawrence Fletcher. ens. Robert E. Stone, Mrs. Robert T. Sutherland and Dr. Edward von Anelting. bonsts representatives of more than 40 leading improvement and service clubs of the Eastbay. Most of the nmmMm patterned inatelaese i Wm fihot wlth I The sale of Christmas Seals will begin on Thanksgiving Day. WMMmmfflM brilliant colors! A credit for the nroiert's cnnstrnr'- tion is due to the activities of Rlnlr Chese Children's and, other officers of the club who include Thomas McGulre. vice- REPORTS ILLS Home to Celebrate president; Birdie Pilcher, secretary; Arviua Li. uioden, treasurer, and Mrs. Georgette Morton, member The twentieth anniversary of the Ming Quong Presbyterian Home for Chinese children, near Mills College, will be observed at the home. Veterans Name Dance Chairman SAN LEANDRO, Nov. 7. Harry Ferelra has been selected as chairi man of the committee in charge of arrangements for a "Holiday Dance" to be given at Veterans' Memorial Hall on November 30 by the Estudillo Parlor of Native i mmmmSm I ship secretary. Other directors of the organization include CaDtain W. mono gifts I OPEN A LIBERALIZED CHARGE ACCOUNT. TAKE 5 MONTHS TO PAT. NO IHTKMifiT WO KTTR4 CMkPC.VA II B. D. deBarrows, Oscar Gervals and George Sheldon, ft75 end qg FLORSHEIM oAeSHOf 1444 BROADWAY SMidlrntc llulMhiu Between 14th nml I. Mli Street! Arrangements for the eround- 3B71 McClelland Street, Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday program is at 2:30 p. m. and will be in Chinese. The Sunday program will be at 3:30 and is especially for American friends. Miss Katherine E. Gladfelter of New York, assist breaking program were handled by committees of the club consisting Frank W. Wentworth, treasurer to the board of trustees -of Mills College, today announced receipt Of ant secretary of the Unit of Educa-" gifts to the institution approximat Sons. Those who will assist him are Frank Perry, Charles Souza, Alfred Fereiria and Frank Nelson. The affair has been planned as a means of providing funds for a proposed drum and bugle corps. I). V. I BROADWAY I I lng $90,00. The -announcement was oi Mcuuire, Miss Pilcher, Mrsi Gloden, Mrs. Morton, Captain Voortmayer, deBarrows and other directors of the group. Others who aided were Sheldon, Gervaii and J. B. Vnn Heck, Joseph N. Steiner, Alfred E. Maffiy and the Misses tional and Medical Work, Board of National Missions, will speak. Ming Quong girls and Chung Mei Home cadets will participate. made in Treasurer Wentworth's bi monthly report. Distribution of the gifts was made Anna and Lena Adelson, club mem to various funds, incuding the Mills College fund, faculty salary fund bers, SPECIAL INVITATIONS Special invitations have been extended jto pastors and conereeations tin jmn, scholarship, music department Summer session of music, cndow ment and Summer session of drama of leadinc churches. Knnprlnr A gift of was received judges, member of the Oakland from the estate of Ella Pierce Breyfogle, for the establishment of City CounciKand the Alameda and a scholarship limited to art students. It is to be known as the San Francisco Boards of Supervisors and other dignitaries and groups. Souvenir programs will be distributed at the celebration. Ella N. Pierce Scholarship. Other donors to the scholarship fund in Forty pieces of the drum corps elude the Native Daughters of the Golden West, Mills Mothers' Club, oi we Emeryville Tost, No. 1010 Veterans of Foreign Wars, will pro Mrs. Robert M. Ripley, S. Waldo vide music ior me occasion as Coleman, George M. Pope Memorial Fund and the Honolulu Mills Club members of the post's auxiliary stage a drill team exhibition. Arville Pearl Davis, noted oper Other gifts and funds to which they were directed were received atic soprano, will be heard in a from Mrs. H. T. Dobbins for the number of solos, and Alfred E. college fund; Emergency Com mittee in aid of Displaced German Scholars and the Rockefeller Foundation for the Faculty Salary Furtd Mrs. Robert Syer, Mrs. Edward F. Haas, Mrs. I. W. Hellman Mrs Robert J. Burdette, J. P. Coghlan, Mrs. M. C. Sloss: Mrs. Edward Maffiy, superintendent of Berkeley General Hospital, will conduct community singing at the site. Invocation will be delivered by Rev. George W. Philips, pastor of the Tenth Avenue Baptist Church, and Monsignor Joseph M. Gleason, pastor of St. Francis de Sales Church, will pronounce benediction. Thomas McGuire, president of the club; and Mrs. Gloden, treasurer, will appear in talks on "What the Acord Club of Oakland Has Meant to the Eastbay." am mmmhMflBBEzr mmmwAsmw' Heller for the music department and the Summer session of music; Mrs. W. O. Wayman for the endowment fund, and Paul Bissinger, Mrs. M. C. Sloss and Mrs. Maurice Lom jfii 1 pi bard! for the Summer session of drama. Richmond Woman's Funeral Tomorrow RICHMOND, Nov. 7, Funeral rites for Mrs. Louise Janet Richardson 79, of 228 Santa Fe Avenue, mother-in-law of Police Judee C. A. 67.00 mm Odell will be hold tomorrow, morn-the Richmond Funeral Par- ing a lors. VBurial will be at the family SaMCia! for lliaeA plotjlf Los Angeles. 7 I I Mrsl Richardson, a resident here for 20 years, is survived by four daughters, Mrs. C. A. Odell of Richmond; Mrs. Carolina Miller and Mrs. i Fur Trimmed Coats Tillie Wright of Los Angeles and ill oeiier. Seagram Lrown wmskies won America yfjjMMlV" jE1 I w'thirr tfjfc. This finer taste was developed hy iKlTWinDHSiftk WttP II Seagram through more than three-quarters of a I ir ivraY-w I century of distilling and blendine experience. I WZnlffln MB Mrs. uicille Applebaum of Oakland, and two sons, Jessie J. Richardson of Michigan and Charles B. Richardson Of Nevada. Richmond Rotary mmmwmm-rA Stunning some reduced From regular ome specially every one hand-pipked for UAZOR-quality. Fabrics by famous Forstmann, Julliard, Botanyl Luxuriously trimmed with the season's popular blue, black, red and pointed kolinsky mink and many others Very Specially priced, Just when you really heed a good winter coat! lor ete Armistice RICHMOND, Nov. 7. Armistice Day will be observed by the Richmond Rotary Club tomorrow noon with John.B. Kinstrey, Commander of Richmond Post No. 10 of the American Legion and other officers of the post as guests of the day. William E. Barden, San Francisco attorney, will be the speaker of the day. Barden is adiarent nf VrcA Tx n' 10 'nsure lt t'le House of Seagram holds in "Somif iffiif TKU nJ reserve, a vast treasure millions of gallons of mC years to come jpfl 'lit ImeMJot4kw06atM'TcucA Statrm-Dhtittert Corp. Executive Offices, N. Y. 8 I 'Bunch Post of the American Legion, an iranciseo. TAKI 3 MONTHS TO PAY WITH A UilRALIZID CHAROl ACCOUNTt i YUGOSLAV SALARIES SLASHED BELGRATIMi' Yugoslav Government salarieSiave been reduced 7 per cent as an economy measure calculated to save $9,300,000 yearly.

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