The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 10, 1962 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1962
Page 16
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•«Bf»i I'. <Ky- Sitfr •!>_<. was compelled to car-ve a set o loftg.tJejHhis the daughter of my 4 and hff.rtethe/is'Julfa Cady. A . first clmis always a bli special, ; **-'«• Mrs. Helen Johnson had a re'-. cent letter from her granddaughter Cathy, daughter of the Roger Johnson's, and the following * J ' dl Mag. i by M'eManus). Then faureeft arid Kathleen, .'* , » * ' A 1 card froth Hazel Miller sent frpnT tyexico — "This is a para- 'dlse. 'Just carrie out of pool. Tern- fefatufe 90" Hotel Taninul, whefe- ever that,ls! It's about time to borne home, isn't it Hazel? ".' A letter front Myrna Orton from •San Jose! (says "Here it Is mid' April, flowering almonds, etc. cerpts are of Interest. "We have are ° ut - You need a wra P most Oi an apartment in the American I the time and it is chilly mornings Housing-area at Butzback, north and'nights. We 1 are in a beautiful of. Frankfort. The housing area te Home in a housing tract like caned' "Roman Way American hundreds of other streets and Housing Area", this name was hundreds of other tracts. Every- chosett last year and is quite true 6" e * s l fl a ma ^ r" 8 "- Clothing and because it Is built over the cover- f°°d' in general are considerably , ed remains of a small Roman Cheaper, at,home. In general, life city. On a large hill by our school here Is one big, rat race and there are still two Roman look- ?fraln for survival. The trip was out towers." Uneventful. Even Conner's Pass was open and less awe — inspir. ing than in the summer months. wooden spools to keep his hands busy." (Can yott imagine that! Then there was the old tefitt sparking, followed by wooing, fus •sing, necking artd peUiflg. Which all added up to the same thiflg 1 am not "up" 6n this latest terftts so what is the 1S62 word? Wha does a beatnik say? . * * "Sparking" is explained as' being a Booster word. The pioneer swain "set up" later and later with the woman of his choice as his intentions grew more serious. Late hours meant more wood thrown on the fire, and sharp eyed neighbors watched for sparks from the chimney as a sure sign of more than a passing affair. Hence the word Courting. "sparking" to signify . "Before the' housing area was built, many Roman vases, utensils, and pictures were found, underground In that area. Many of them can be seen at the Butzback museum. We have been here a little Bill and I go to the elementary school in Butzback, grades 1-8 The 7th and 8th grade classes are sort of separate from the resl Oi the school and the daily schedule is like that of a junior hi. Next • year I will be going to Giessen . for 9th grade. Carlene will begin school next fall hi first grade." * * * "We had a very nice Christmas but no snow to go with it. Germany has a late winter. It has been coH and snowy all March. Today 'Bill £nd I took Carlerie and Stevie to. a' .^carnival, carnivals come quite often when the weather is good. I won a beautiful doll for Carlene. You buy little rolled U] pieces of paper for 5 cents anc. .What .you win is. written on .the .paper. If it says "riiete" that means nothing. If the. paper has the name of- a well-known' city, that means you get something. I got Wlesboden, the highest you could get "and then you have' a choice of anything wanted. 1 was first to get Wiesboden so when I handed the man'the paper" he took me to a little sort of stage and started babbling to the large crowd. Boy — was I embarrased!" * * 1 The Other day, Patty IVicGinnls trimmed th? Bangs of her 1 "daughter, Suzanne, while sister Janelle, 3, and brother Michael, 5, looked on. Not long afterward Patty was horrified to see Janelle's hair cut jaggedly and well up into the front hair, and Michael showed up with a cut.worse than a crew, ruite a terrifying sight. Asked why they did it, Janelle answered. "We were playing barber shop^ per." Janelle is contrite because everyone exclaims about the'loss of her lovely curls. Being feminine, I'll wager the. shears won'l attract her again, when one loses beauty thereby. And Mike? OK he just grins. What's beauty to a man? •>'• ' * • '» ' • •- r ... The Don Chrislcnscns arc all set for summer days and fishing. They have purchased a 16 fool house trailer big enough to sleep four. Yep, spring is here. Mrs. Hugh Cohvell was at Adc) with the grandchildren while her son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. Harold Banwart vacationed off the gulf near Texas. They were particularly interested in deep sea fishing and were out one day. * * * It isn't ofttm I look at KRNT-TV but I did Mar, 24 and heard Jim Raesley mentioned as one of the out-standing golf players who will bo in a tournament. He is a son- in-law of Dr. and Mrs. F. C. Scanlan. * * * Fate often deals out cruel things pathetic too. Mrs. 0. B. Laing has a sister, Mrs. S. E. Ginn, Cfoino Valley, Ariz., who was widowed recently. Mrs. Ginn and her hus band had planned to celebratt Ihejr fiftieth wedding anniversary jn April and were coming to Des Moines and Corydon to be with friends and relatives in the "olc home town", Corydon having been the girlhood home of Mrs. Ginn anc Mrs. Laing. * * * Dorris Long Pitcher has written a history of the Long family and several copies have been sent to friends here with the instruetiqn to pass thfm on to anyone who might be interested. It was fun reading about the "old times". 4, * * * - I've learned quite a bit about bjgggg of dogs lately but here f ojojs one I never heard of before. Blyei,9,Scotch breed. This 1$ owned by Mr. and f It Gutter who are puz- fJ? piffling hej, They want UfjfJ combing "In the spring man's fancy turns — '"Tls said the term ''spooning" had its origin in an pld' Welsh courting custom. A calling on his sweetheart I hit the jackpot Wednesday when Florence Furst brought me a delicious candy bars chocolate from the malt and shop she and her husband have. Calories, but who cares — malts are so satisfying, and chocolate has always been one of my weakenesses. * * * Data on Algona's electricity. The first plant was completed in 1897. It was in 1910 that the plant was remodeled. * - * * We have grown up on the story of the little lamb that followed Mary to school. This story has a Cyflthia'Merfy'ttia: it to her sister B next cafe for'a pet gave it to C. forgot it and her locker' O 1 chick. ly sent it'bade, ...... how is more* thah v ?I I do know, chicks I had three ih m y childHbodfin^ loved them very" mudh; s 08lVSbt killed, one developed tf'tteafr'jffc. position when he readied maturity and landed'in the'pot with du'm{i- lings. The third- was & cUttt*'Btm. ;am rooster, s*o tame" fctftd mftmteS. He lived to a ripe old age I aWiih the side of the chicks. I don't f|nd ;he name Hatch in the dtfeetb'fy >r I'd inquire about the etid^f the story.. ^ * * * Many persbns will rememfcer Ruth Walker, wh6 for some tirtte made her home with her'relatives Mr. and Mrs. Joe NicoulW and Fernley. She attended school here and was graduated from high school. Her parents were Mr.'and Mrs. John Walker and there were two brothers, B\id,, and 1, Have forgotten the other. 'Her .fahjfly ' ' ( f moved to California, hs dld-th< Ruth married and had a daugb tef>tluKhaabartd dfad several sars ago - and she. married;, Alson athbone. They live at Exeter, ttuth, Born fn 1962, bec'affle' tefc iousiy sick with & liver ailment and died Feb. SS. Services Were Held Mar. 3. she is survived by her husband and two daughter*: Mr.- and Mrs* Walker died several years ago. Her death occurred daring the' time Mi 1 , and Mrs. Theodore Hutchison were-on va'ca- ti in California; but Helen was having • trouble with a virus arid did not get to call on Ruth, a classmate, nor attend the services. The late Mary Hough was also a relative. * » * ' It was practically ''old home week" for Dr. .and Mrs. TCari Hoffman wheh they were on thefr vacation to Texas. At 'Corpus in the same Mrs. Claude nristi they were motel as Mr. -and fiot needed ch weft tfit' stfetcli from • thd- sidewalk 'te her ,'h'eihe. Ves, most women hate wearing overshoe's; . ., ' Slagle and Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Nugent, Des Moines, former Algerians. A phone call from Dr. Joe Kelley of Snreveport, La., inviting them to his home was accepted. Dr. Joe is a former Algonan, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joe, Sr. The Hoffmans also took in the races at Hot Springs, Ark., and came out in a satisfactory manner. At the Bellevedere they danced and .listened to Jan Garber's music and Karl had a chatsame time. To Cedor Falls . , kay Whitten, home economics instructor at Alg*ona. high school and 33-, of her students attended the .annual High School Home Economics Day, sponsored by the State .College, of,Iowa home economics department, at Cedar Fails Mar. 31. Purpose of the annual event js to acquaint high school students with home economics on the College level and to give her a chance to visit a college campus. The'girls also saw live demonstration^, including one -on foreign cooking, numerous displays and.a skit. SICK Six year old Wes Hunt Of Glenwood recently had the mumps, wuuu icueimy uau me inuniua, , , _.:> A -^ «j*^.,j« >'<•?* ' • u •> j j-«Vi* • '• measles and chicken pox all at the PhOUG CY 4-3535 — YbUr NeWSbCJPer fifltna MmA. , ' f *> • .*^ ^ k_ GOOD NEIGHBORS KNOW Around The 1 ', •> •' ' Town & Country 1 , "* * ».-..*'•, •, •, -* ^^^L 1 YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR Meet Lament Wellendorf, Algona WATCH THIS SPACE EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR - ; This week's Country Neighbor is Lament Wellendorf,: wha has farmed for eight years (with a /ive-year interruption for service in the U. S. Air Force) on a 320 acre lay-out Jhree miles south and 2y 4 miles west of Algona. He is a life-long resident of Kossuth county and son of Mr and Mrs' Lloyd Wellendorf, Algona. ' Lament farms a place which is owned by his uncle, Merle. Algona. During an average year, there are 100 acres of corn, 100 acres of beans, 30 acres of oats and the balance pasture land on the farm. They also raise purebred Brangus cattle, some for market and some for breeding stock. The Brangus is a Brahma-Angus cross and the bulls of the breed ' look somewhat like a buffalo with a haircut. Laniont was born here March 20, 1932 and graduated from Algona high school in 1950. He played center, on the basketbaa team prior to graduation, tneu farmed for three years before entering the air force where .he served as a lieutenant and jet pilot. He lists hunting, Hying and bowling as his hobbies, and operates Kossuth Speedways at the fairgrounds where stock car races are featured. This year's program is tentatively set for May 18. Lamont met Shirley Patterson, daughter of Mr and Mrs Troy Patterson, Sioux Falls, S.D., on a blind date at a St. Patrick's Dance at the officer's club at Sioux City and they were married July 20. 1957. Mrs. Wellendorf is a member of U.P.W.. the Cresco Mother and Daughters club and a homemakers club and lists bowling and sewing as her hobbies. She also takes an active interest In the stock car enterprise. Mr. and Mrs. Wellendorf have two children, a daughter, Cynthia Jo, 3'/ 2 , and Michael Scott, 2'/ 2 , and Mr. Wellendorf has a sister, Carmen (Mrs Larry Anderson), Des Moines, (UDM Polaroid Photo — Engraving) Out on Diagonal street on the CNW tracks you will find ERNIE WILLIAMS FARM MACHINERY, pictured above. The firm was established in Algona 13 years ago under the partnership of Ernie-Williams and Cecil Taylor. In 1953 Ernie became sole owner. : ' '' Andy Anderson is manager of the firm, having hid over 20 ye^rs of continuous service' wfth John Deere. Andy stresses service . . . and a main feature in his service department Is that all servicemen are factory trained by attending an annual John Deere Service Training School. The personnel at the Shop consider it an honor and pleasure to serve your needs. It is a policy of this firm Jhat the customer Is satisfied In every way and the service department is available at any hour- of the day or night. i The firm handles the well known John Deere equipment mainly, however you will find other equipment as well as a very fine selection of used farm machinery. Each customer of Ernie Williams Farm Machine-y is a V.I.P. (Very Important Person). For highest quality equipment, and prompt, effecient service, call on Ernjd Williams Farm Machinery, Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Aigona Beecher Lane Appliances "Where The FAMOUS NAMES Greet You" In TELEVISION Wcstinghouse In APPLIANCES Westinghouse Frigidaire Youngstown Phone CV '1-3613 Algpna Clark Grain Co. Galbraith Station luVerne, IPWP., P.O. Grinding & Mixing Master Mix Feeds WE BUY anc) SELL GRAIN Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Moline - Jfeliy-Rycih - Pgpec New Idea Farm Machinery, , 8«Uf Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Oearler FAJtM (EQUIPMENT MOTOB TRUCKS Sales & Service ii MPMMXOMl HA«»WH 4-3501 4JgOfl3 Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped f» Serve You Completely" Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Algona Farm Mafihinsry«- Trucks r- Tirei

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