The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 10, 1962 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1962
Page 14
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. In missile confraeti, on* of the' many Item* involved was fhe construtfidn of, a certain gfoup pf frallers to haul the mtttlfet. Fruehauf trailer "fctOllf.thftrn .en tuJb'iio'ntraet/ and made at profit 6f $4.5 fhflliom Then the trailers were passed td , other contractors/ a Senate Investigation discloses. Next on the list was Douglas Aircraft, which added-a profit of its own of $3.67 million to-the trailers, Next was Western Electric, who added another $5:45 million to the trailers as its profit.' When a little fellow is found evading in- WITHHOLDING TAX JAB . IndlanOla Tribune -» One of our pet peeves popped up in the news again last week, That is the subject of the withholding tax. The House Ways and, Means Committee voted final approval on President Kennedy's proposal for a 20 per cent withholding tax on dividends and some kinds of interest. As we have said before in this column we I are sure that the use of the withholding tax has contributed greatly to the complacent attitude of the people In the spending of money In government programs. We also know that at this come tax-he is ligble to fine and jail. We won- point '' would be impossible for the government , der if fhere 1 Is anything, anywhere, that provides '" -"— •'-- ' .... ... c a penalty for this'type of flnangling with public fi/ffds on fhe part of "defehse" eonfractbrs. ,. , Let's hear more about how fhe 50 billion yearly'for "defense" is spent. HOLLYWOOD FUN .You just't beat fun/ can you. And the boys out in Hollywood seem to have lots of it, The other night singers Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra were in Palm Springs when someone suggested they fly to Las Vegas'so they could throw a couple of custard pies into fhe face of another singer, Sammy Davis, who was entertaining there. law the withholding system, but that in our mind does not make .it any less an evil. The average person is interested only in the amount of his take home pay and most people never see the money jhat goes to the government as their share of the tax burden* They fhfnk of taxes as .something someone else pays,and when another government program is introduced, requiring; large expenditures of money, oftentimes they are for it because they dp not think if will cost themi anything. If the irtaTvldudl had to pay all his taxes In one lump sum at the .end'of the year then we would isoon see the average citizen getting himself exercised about waste and unnecessary spending in government. We * • t- < * * i ^ \ * " , t J - P^JI^J* i * r , J ", t^, ! i * ^'i '•' '—,* ' c 'J^^'^^ZiMl^l^^!^ teastiflastef, Ff. P, t*. <3earen gave the invocation* Grand Knight Ray Schilmoeller gave the welcome, QuMtlnsTo HhH T BOX 66. bfltt' td tak ffitfTWYSTB 'Md*«*iBW*«**wT ^?BSI&iii!!?.g!l!{ a** |f pjafg she **•***" tt " across. ^ , < <. • j^ cflUM a ^ 0 f : j, W frie^,"'caii AB.^'^ sto^ wer*,,^* ^S»;fttt^-* ; and,,flo£ ' Dear Can: Thefe*S a'BrgW'sfloW going to bk'heM at-inls auditorium in the largest city in our state, It's about 130 miles! from home and Mom says my boy friend can't take me becausSMit wouldrt't^ok nice. I don't understand. ' area duririg the weekvwe^e Clyde ^i^&JRUB t^'^Mutf^^ *** slated at St. Cecelia's Catholic church and at other churches throughout the county. '* *' * Among persdns who died in (he "Oh, did I go"thru a «fd%ht? Oh, well —I'll make up for it by stopping at two green ones I" Cooper, 72,- Aigona, Mrs. Milton Norton, 59, Algona.'MrsT Katherine Holdren, 86, Aigona, Edna Peterson, 59j Aigona, Eric Ericson, 46, Aigona, and J. F. Lynch, 59, Lone Rock: * * * Dear Disappointed:.The trip.wouldn't bejspcially."improper so your 1 mother may be using the "not nice!' excuse :b%c,Kuse"t she doesn't want- you out on the highway that late at flight. Call y'ou" blame her ? r Dan: I'nva girljin the worst kirid-of-.tVouble.VI vjust found out rning. Even my boy friend doesn't.kriow, 1 'live with my aunt' Dear this morning, Apr. 14, 1942 » * They hopped into Sinatra's $350,000 pri- will not get an improvement until the people FROM TtiE FILES OF ;,f HE vote plane, flew to las Vegas, walke'd into the take a hand, and as long as the withholding tax I ALGONA UPPER DES show and threw; the pies into Davis' face. Davis is in operation, in It's present form,-that is not "ceepfed. .the<- tribute, saying /'these- are my going to happen. •..,'. • ! -"*- J -" ' ' On top of this evil the government is mak- friends.' ; All of this adds up to a lot of fun, we must say, and a little publicity as well, .. "•:> And on the other side of the world, Liz Taylor is discarding husband No. 4 and just might be making plans for No. 5. Although at the moment potential No. 5 hds a Wife^ and two FROM THE FILES OF THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES fonv Apr. 15, 1952 P * * ' * • Warm Moose lodge members had a one Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward, ones who skim by without harm. 1 ^''AStreetcar Named Desire "> Your aunt and uncle are 1 'going to be 'disappointed and'hurt but with, Vivien Leigh Marlon Bran- they're also going to stand by you, I know. Tell them right away and do, Kim Hunter and Karl Maiden, if you think you need someone with you when you* do break toe news were-to be followed by Walt Dis- talk to your clergyman, your school nurse or your boy'-frierid's mother ney's always-popular "Snow White • *»•*'• T^ "r" ™otner. — l nd >th ? ? even P warfs "- And . D f ar , Dan: We're having a big dance at school next month and I've , thrown in for good measure, was already asked this girl to be my,date, and now I can't go I had the* car • a Mr. Magoo cartoon, "Sloppy Ja- out this week and I dented thetfeddef and mfr'father savs I can't rlrivA ES lopy". until next fall and I can't «} td «•»••»«-->•* • ' ^ l u lve «'«„!» ^ ,,can*J go t() tije; dan;ce. June Corey (now Mrs. Roscbe Mawdsley), a member of the Upper Des Moines staff for the. past Painting bee all lined up — and . , . - , 15 years, was honored at the «U members of the local organiza- was more than anything else/ that we oppose spring meeting of Iowa Press W<* tion were supposed"'to report at mercury ot the particular law now before men at Des Moines Saturday when 7<9nnm w«w»»=^-« *„ u—-_•«... . The person who receives income she was named to the board of through dividends and interest is usually a re- 3 degree children th Eti^land. It all adds up to a lot of sponsible person with a sense of business pro- fun — Hnllvu/n>M4 etula M^I „,,„,.. 1— i cedure.'He has money to invest and this money fun - Hollyv/ood style. Not everyone else, however, c^n follow the particular brand of humor that seems'to" pervade'the Hollywood set. - * ' * '•, *. • . ' ' MONEY IN THE RACKETS . Iowa Falls Citizen - This Is about an activity which goes on in every community that very nearly falls into the classification of a "racket." Yet some of the most substantial groups and citizens become involved. ' Service clubs, organizations, auxiliaries, tir,cles and what have you are nearly always comes from sources ov&r and above that required for him to live cj;n. He usually has professional help, in the preparation of his tax re- directors of the organization. Saturda'y-whe'ri ™ *"- Wednesday to begin :th, LoV^klurin'g V weekT^ '^^^m^M^^S^^'!^^ StU1 * *»• , M~ ^^ -t job. The club also announced new cording to Weatherman Harry ^ you give him a couple Q f d^ajTs to cool off, he might " officers were to be installed Apr. Nolle, was 20 degrees Apr. 5. to. It's worth a try, isn't it? ' ta to talk fn. • i ,, „. , L Dear Dan: Our senior class president has been running with/a wild The annual Father and Son Ban- bunch of boys and has gotten-into two jams with the police in the nast corpora,,,,,. K was a™..,? ffcSLS? £«. ** '2±£ SSSST^ *"" " " ^ ~ ** " * ^ "'^ ' - • u an anhydrous ammonia as usual A fine meal was *ervM n«, 0 « c»..^ » v - - ij i. » ,«.. . ' ' turn and if h* I, honest' hs report, hi.' inTome Bonar to the iwttwmXM % M "™ llrm.t. be known „ b , tte wommoltte cZrch "a. IhatSdclIrtS'tSk ljSi^t25 S°iSft3 l"' ta ^"'>«"*« ond p^ *. ,o* d. u e. Who, £ Jo vern™n, u «"— ^. »«?. «»» ZSSgtJf'JffSSS JSJg *ifS,Ti V&X ffi,® 1 ^? ^pSSt'ilSSlSSiiSfSf'l 3^&!&J'*S^ m * t £&&&'&?^»*^ «-.!>•»-«"*.••«..- The Kossuth County Bdr Association was scheduled to hold memorial services honoring the late Quarton and J. L; ed that an distribution attempting to do through this bill is to further, compound the function of making tax collectors out of most of the financial and corporate businesses in the United States. The administration maintains the law is necessary because a lot of , , 9 .wide ,.vQrtVfy,.a{'or~. ganizations .send representatives through the country offering to sponsor/horne talent plays, print cook books, arrange lecture series or do something of this sort. ond collect taxes. Indirectly tr)is.,bill would im- ppse another tax,oh;,t!ieS'«Ji''m,$. < ifh» withholding arid reporting of this income would cause greal additional bookkeeping expense on these businesses for which they will receive no additional income. ;— o -— -n-vn "• »wo- . f nl ,_j ,\ f * . c _ j»u*.,,« „' "~~-~ ""' """ " lc /""»easi lame * M termed Unstead y S J ' ent wa « ,^8^ Jensen, 27. given every opportunity to dlear himself. den ' proved the term right. Marks , secre- anged from aow tary-treasurer of the business. *,*..,* The "pitch'' is always that fhe local span- ^ e were 9'°^ to re °d that the vote of the n nmt i** !e "j^**I«« *<. — —I ._._ it mm m it too v*«fte n eici-ii^i 1^4- •^«w4>< l!«« ..^.A^. I soring group is "going to make some money " Actually what it amounts to is that the promoting organization simply "uses" the local group as a "front" for its activities. And the division of money works out about like this: The promotional group sells some kind of service, usually advertising. This comes right out of the pockets of main street merchants. And for every dollar that stays with the local group which is "making some money" — five or six dollars goes with the out-of-town promoter. If each merchant who is approached for advertising or support on these deals would ;.iake an out-right gift to the local organization of say $5.00 - rather than buy $20 worth of so- called advertising — everyone would be better off. Be alert, clubs and organizations. There are v/ays to support yourselves without sending $5 out of town for every dollar you keep here. committee was a straight party line vote and that the Republican minority on the committee voted against it straight down the line. It is another hidden tax which the Democrats are attempting to vote onto already overburdened American business. * * * NICHOLAS ON ERBE The opinions being expressed by William H. Nicholas, republican candidate for governor, about Norman Erbe, present governor who will be his opponent in the primary, are certainly interesting. And not very complimentary, either. We doubt that any critic of Mr. Erbe's or his administration has openly expressed such vehemence on the subject of Mr. Erbe's inadequacies as has Mr. Nicholas. The latter, however, strangely enough adds that he will "support the republican nominee for governor, whoever he is." Such is politics. Nicholas says Erbe isn't Summer camps ? Why, those are the places fit to be governor, but if he wins, will support •A little, U_... L .1 i . Li • it. _ ii.. '• I ,, .--^-— ^~.— •. *>W|VI**Vt*tl where little boys go for mother's vacation. — Cowrie News * * * A doctor told his patient after giving him an examination: "You're in excellent shape for a 43." - Hopkinton Leader Upp er him in the general election anyway. * * * HOW FAR FROM THE FLOOR? Ames (la.) Daily Tribune - A fellow who is an astute observer of business trends comes through with some pleasant news this week. He says it's all right to watch girls' legs. Well, not legs exactly. What he has in mind Baseball teams in the area were having a bit of trouble. The season was, according to the calendar ... , . . - -- -— 0 - and workout schedules, readv tn minllp Qonnnl stnn vf r"**w»rttin'« L * i_ i ' ~**~j w pUUllU D1.11UU1 dilU Ok. w6Cella S nP^ln hllr TTlnct fOnwic. Unrln)4 I. ixiiu-' i .. *' v~*,*,m» a ucgju, uut iiiuaL teams nacin t DBPH , i .- 0 , wound up with $572.72 as a, res^t ,ou$oorsi due to wet grounds ,,,, ofthf^Kl^nis clu^pancake Day ^chvBob^ Aigona high his ma- ' " ' Professional Directory '•' : '"'- ' • * ,vii win^^ms ciim^.i'ancaKe Day 'CoachvBob King of , Top movie set to show here was ^eW here recently; -The money school stated he thoui "A Bedtime Storv". wirh v ra Mn was y to be divided betwe In the tPHai «/ ao tn« \.~i • t^&'w-^^ssrr^^ March, Loretta Young andI Bbtarf two h f ^ set-ups. Tptal in. ^n^^ut^dn-t prove it Benchley Other attractions were come from the event was $725.15 fccause aUworkdute had been held -Blondie's Blessed' Event", with- and ex P enaes W WW-53. in the gyinv Up at /Son it was Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake and *, * - '"**- -* • ' as Larry Simms, "Stick To Your 1Iie M & na Upper DCS Moines Guns", with William Boyd and was award ed a first, second Andy Clyde, and "Sleepytime Gal" an honorable mention at the : mi tU t...l.. f\ i «-»'i| yi«-* Tr\l»tO "D*>nnn /^« — . .«.^ll "_ i f - INSURANCE with 1952 A. J. (Arnie) Rlcklefi Hospitalizntion Health & Accident Life — Auto — Fire ~ Hail 2 E. State CY 4-4529 were very- good -for - , „ . V f *.***. "" The first was for S^ral E^im^a^4ilf exceUence in typography, the sec- line O f the f\nft ff\y* rfsvviAMAl M .._^.t1 .*' t, . . «•*»• v ond Krcscnsky's, one of Algona's leading stores, had a sale going on — and here are some of the values being offered: sweaters- a Best Advertising Idea. $2.19, spring skirts, $2.98, and sheer „",'*.'* dresses for youngsters, $1.98. - A JP° untv meeting of the Kossulh * » « ' Conservation League' was to be Two more servicemen from (his held at the_VFW hall, Burt, Apr, reported in Ireland. 23 ' T1 ? e meetin 8 was called so tho t/ueiuuuy, me sec- ime of the'week at Barry's »H C nn en H e l nC L tieS h ^' but *» '&& really^ m, ation and the hon- thunder from the men with no n ^^^ ameas ^esult of less than aTbeTterS Alines ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J. B. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Linos of Insurance CY 4-3176 aOUB-State area were They were John Sponeberg son of during two nights of action. Anne a 549 series on .. .. . - - and 147 to lead the way. • • • ' Up at Titonka, a BLOSSOM INSURANCE! AGENCY All Linos of lns>ii'ai\t'0 Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dcdga, Phono CV 4-2733 Chir6practor Or. D, . D, D, Arnold Chiropractor 7 " Over Penney's Office Phone — CY 4-3378 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 Open Friday Night Monday—Wednesday—Friday Dr. William L. Clegg Chivapractor 521 E. State St. ' Hours: 9:00 — Q:00 thru Sat. $:00.—-9:QO Friday Ph. Off, CY 4-4077 Res^CY4-3469 Spongberg, Aigona, and for 1953 Bob Sigsbee, son of Mr. and Mrs. n -ir rt ion could formulate plans attended reception 3 1 ~ "ation- showor 8 j Goodp Hope Lutheran , „ n IM . . . . • . in honor of the new Dastor N> D ° ge W. J Sigsbee, also of Aigona. Word 1?1Jo * n Bu !' ton ' f Ch ? rlcs c » t y. Rev. Burton Schwer n SuTdav eve' rliVn^tnt. • —-.-""• ">-iiTTv,iiu, ommay UVG- had been named to the sate'pS Sd^' 1^"ftaS^giE in Kossuth county by the Farm fmm ^-..i.,*'"** Ol gius 111 E. Cull Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Aigona, Iowa is watching the length of the skirts. _ 8»ccnd clan potlag» paid al Aigona, Iowa Issued Tuesday in 1962 By " THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr JACK PURCELL. foreman ' NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Amerjcan Newspaper Representatives Inc 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N Y |N TRADE ARKA gu«. Year, in advam* ........ _ ....... ...... ......... $400 Both Aigona papers, in cumbJnatlpii, per year "ifiOU Single Copies .. ..... _____ ................ . ____ '.".'.'; lOc BATES ©UTSIDE AREA V»ar. Jn Idvant-t — ..i...-,.. ......... ________ $5 DO ) AJgpns panel's, In mrabJna.tioo, per year — $7.00 $ iWHH>f- NEWSPAPER ; REQUEST What he's seeing is neither legs nor skirts, but an economic index. Some fellows never forget business. The question arose when someone suggested skirts were getting pretty short, not too short, said the hemline economist. His theory is that as prosperity gets more and more prosperous, skirts get higher and higher until suddenly everything comes down in a crash. Skirts begin to get shorter at the beginning of the cycle when prices begin tp rise. Piece goods material begins to cost more a yard. The manufacturer, faced with making a dress thai can be sold at a price within the range of prices at which he is aiming, solves the problem by using less and less material. Everything, business activity and skirts included, begin to rise. Very stimulating. Everyone knows, of course that there is a limit in how little material you can put into a skirt. When you reach it, the hem pf the whole economy drops. If the skirt is sMch a reliable index, the Bureau of Labor Statistics would do well to take note. There woyld be g lot -more acceptance of its figures if they werp girls Instead pf graphs. * * * r A college Professor WB s surprised to note the majority of hi* students wearing hearing aids. After a closer look, he discovered these were gll attached to pocket transistor radios. — Manning Monito/. * * * It )«kei a 930^1 w$lUr to tionary — The Greene Recorder the die. had been received of their locatioii recently, • • • , jn Kossuth •county by the Farm f7om"pa"ris m oners'. U Pratt Electric, Alfona, was con* Bureau board °* directors, accord- • . . ducting a drive to pick up old I? 8 f *° Hg f, h Blac ^'/? unty P resi " The Legion Auxiliary at Weslcv lighting fixtures. Many old, inef- ^ ent - Mr. Burton had been a resi- planned to hold an amateur• nleht ficient fixtures contained metals dent ° f A1 8° na earller ^hen he at the school Apr. 18 and a fine rtant to the war f rv ! d a l count y y° uth Distant assortment of acts was expected ( . u alt's were cooper- for the Farm - Bureau.. He was to enter and try for prizes beinfi ating by serving as a collection named .}°. s ^? ed A '. . L ' Brf ! wn . 0 «ered. Judging' was slated "n BOHANNON INBURANCE SERVICE Phono CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile • Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAX80N Dwelling, Auto, LiubilUy, Lifo, (Jt'iitn'ttl Phono CY 4-4813 center lor the fixtures. * * • county cattle feeders were set to meet at the hall here Monday evening who had held the post here since two age groups. .1935. « * * * A couple of K08SUTII MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in fomi. CV 4-375U. Lola ScuHhanti Seo'y HERBST For Auto, INS, cuss various Feeders .„»„„„» ,„ „ «i. n i, •, couple of pretty fair movies For Auto, Jlnune, Ho Legion 1It !? terest , w softball-here began a, were slated to show at the Aigona Goodo, and Muny Other toV WO. ^ tal^ •«..», M two Theater. They, were "The ]£3 Phow 0V. 4.W38 AGENCY lloiuehold Forms. during coming - e s aspects of marketing local teams signed to P lay ln the and the Marriage Broker" wilh ing months. A member newly-formed North Central Lea- Jeanne Grain, Scott Bradv ' Thai t at Io « e - ^he Aigona Implement and ma Bitter ' T « d 8 - «•**»* . n &»• Co ' of the faculty at Iowa State Ames S« e - The Aigona Implement and ma Hitter andI M chael Q'Shea Fam P«wau MWU«4-»«. « was slated to be present to answer' S8r 8 ent te * ms °' A ^ ona were Wd "The Harlem GkYbetrptters"' Affiliated wMi| f WW Bureau fllipclinne! n n ™.._i._»!__ «>"ci _|_i._J »_ nnmnata aaalncf inc. m e ,,,,'fU niu V, ^* w " cl -tVHClo , Aiitn. fuHHl'tin'Darllintlhlnl questions on marketing. * * « Several Aigona high sicians received superior ratinii* >12 "* ame slated to compete against teams with Thomas oWeT^Donrthv Autq, (with tlO fleiiuetible) from RoJfe, West Bend, Bode, Dandridge and Bill Walker To Wfe » ^alj » Tractor m Wblttemore and HumboWt in a Three, Stooges were to be'in a Phone CY 4-33SI Pon Hark, Mgr. at the Pre-State Music Contest at Managers of the local teams were for each team, comedy with the Trotters Swea City Saturday. They were! ^ fdy Schmidt, Sargents, aii(J Two Aj K<)n8 Dottie Kuchynk^Dick WooUrd ,»™ '**>*• *- Algona Implement. BW IryS Jf /ieorga *», Ge igel, d aug .u,r the top of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Geigef Al- fltrel . ' ' were teams Jn tbf North, \ the from the area roll, were KOCK.B01W RATES. Harold C, Swndet •CY D '. T Tiie Bur^ Iowa W.LOCKWflpp " U1 ~ w "~ Assurajice .tea Phone 26l DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. • Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK. M. D. -Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 CAROL L. PLOTT, M, D. 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office _ CYpress 4-4331 Residence JOHN, M. .SCHUTTER. M. D. Residence Phone CY 4-2335 DEAN F. K009. M. P, Residence Phone CY 4-4917 Physicians & Surgeons 220 No. Podge, Aigona Oflice Phone C?Y '" OPTOMETRISTS »«, JL L. 8NTO Optometrist llfEast State AJgona Telephone CY 4' ClQ§e4 Mr. was route manager for secoiu( team ' tne tenton Creame * tenton Creamery. theu- teams, Mike '"Merger, Du- BICItABP A, . buque, and Danny Neville Spen- ' Representing • Little Arthur Wclp, 5. son of Mr. cer, were also listed. Mercer is F&PERATED, INSURAKCEJ ' Welp, Banpjolt, npw a kicking specialist with the Modern.One-Stop Insurance Servioa Cffl^jaereq to be having a Minnesota Vikings in the NFL, Business -* Hpjne — C«r — Life p| Md IwPk- fQf the third ?*• — PhQfte CV 4-4955 . .-..;„ . « WWB T-*' -1 tWQ years, Arthur was QM Craamerv Sold P.O. Bog 337 Aigoda. Iowa held fuesday afternoon, Apr. u « rucl < by « OMW vehjde there WIB *»'«« f ''^«y »°«« HBMBBBBMBPIIIJia|i.ui|iiijjutunijmui Sh " u/a<1 « daughter of Mr. and* anc l suffered only minor injuries. ^.The former Hingsted Creamery Rnrm Mttnetft amAnl ' " " 4 as he Bdg- Aas been sojd to Mr. and "*•»"< iTlBliMgifnnipnil Mrs. Louisa daughter of ; family, died at her'home HuKr! Apr JJ and funeral services were hfilH 'ISl»i»l!ii> ..fin.... nvii. A. Thompson, 77 a pioneer Kossuth She was Mrs. Richard Hodges and was The latest mJsJiap occwred s ,- w ,,.,-.,„ ,™,— ,.... _..^ born on a farm near Irvington WOS§e4 the s^eet }n front pf his Mrs. Dale Peterson of Maion'City, ' , Survivors included a son, Dr R' h,<wo.e. fortunately, he. bad riftt w ^ wjli operate frozen fapd lock- H. Thompson, grandchildi-en. and two been ?eriously injured in any of er s and meat cutting and packag- yie miishjips. W§ there. They have moved to ' ' * * ' * ' Rfagsted. •tj> keep your <ppt Eiw^nc schato'ta^j«tar «f ^ MIMEOGRAPH P A n PR— and you'U never Algw>» was rece*»fly upped to tlw »!} iSe*, «fo« " Upper I raj*pf sergeant W t4ie*y:s. Ma- KSf^K^ SKf ontact •UIWM o -6^0 p.m. y AJttrnooni &iNTIfTS B .«w»,ir Qffimtt ' fWVIf^p^lffjj

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