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Corsicana, Texas
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TWELVE THE CORSICANA DAILY SUN. TUESDAY, 'JANUARY, 24, 1933. GANDHI THREATENS TO BEGIN NEW FAST RESULT OF ORDERS! POONA India, Jan. The fast which the Mahatma Gandhi has been threatening over the "untouchables" situation will now apply to the whole of India instead of to the temple of Gur- avayoor only, he said today. This was the icsult of the British viceroy's decision yesterday that the government will sonction introduction in the legislative assembly of bill on the question of "untouchability" instead of sanctioning the proposed depressed classes legislation applying to Madras province alone.

Jlr. Gandhi, who is still held in Yeroda. prison near here for loading a disobedience campaign against the government, said there was no need of his declaring the beginning of a fast at present. "My threat to fast is not intended to embarrass the government. But I do want to embarrass reformers and co-workers and awaken them to the fact that human nature is slow unless spurred to action," he said.

In "Trunk" Case TWO CLASSES IN EDUCATION BEING OFFERED BY Sill. Mr. Gandhi pones the fast begin New Year test against the "untouchables" yoor temple. In recently he prote ment of Yeroda indefinitely post- he proposed to Day as a pro- ban upon Indians entering Gurava- another brief fast sted against treat- jail prisoners. Baby Born Without Esophagus Dies in New Jersey Hospital HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, N.

Jan. (IP) Helen Marie Taylor, the baby with a closed esophagus, died today at Hasbrouck Heights hospial. The baby previously had been given only "one chance In a thousand" to survive. After she was born last Friday, nurses noted that whenever she was given nourishment, she suffered severe choking spells and her face turned blue. Dr.

William J. Greenfield of Hackensack found that the esophagus, or gullet, the tube through which food Is carried to the stomach, was closed at the third rib. Five physicians performed an emergency operation yesterday, Inserting a tube through the abdomen to permit articicial feeding. Previously the child had been nourished by an injection of sugar and water. Not being able to take food normally, the child had an excess of saliva, and a physician said it had been nccessery to use a suction pump to keep the mouth dry.

The infant, who was otherwise normal, was the daughter of Air. and Mrs Herbert Taylor of Ridgefield Park. Winter's Long Far West Siege Showing No Signs Abating SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 1 week-long siegp of the. Far West, during which blizzards claimed at least three Hvcs, disrupted communications to mountain regins and lashed the coast with wind and rain, gave no indication of abating today.

The United States weather bureau predicted continued snow for the highlands of Washington, Oregon and California and for Idaho and Nevada. Storm warnings were posted for mariners on the coast frnm San Francisco northward. Winnie Ruth Jutld, murderess," is shown ns appeared on the witness stand in court at Phoenix, during the. preliminary hearing of J. J.

"Happy Jack" Halloran (lower), wealthy; lumberman, who is accused of being! an accessory after the fact to the- crime for which Mrs. Jucld was sen-: tenccd to death. After she had tes- I lifted, Mrs. Judd startled the court with a frenzied outburst against Halloran. Courthouse News Roosevelt Holding Series Conferences With B.

M. Baruch WARM SPRINGS, Ga Jan. to put a new international program into prompt motion, President-elect Roosevelt today began a series of conferences on domestic and foreign economics with Bernard M. Baruch, financial authority of New York. Mr.

Roosevelt is ready to n.eet and talk over separately with the foreign powers their pleas for lief on war debts but he is going to exact in return for aid in this direction a measure of co-operation on his plans to restore prosperity by tariff adjustments and stabilization of currencies. Baruch, a staunch democrat and also a man who has intimate knowledge of the world economic situation, is expected to give a helpful hand in the preparation of the Roosevelt program. Condition British Novelist Serious LONDON, Jnn. condition of John Gnlsworthy, British novelist and 1932 winner of the Nobel prize in literature, was causing grnvo concern todav. Galsworthy, siiff'M-ins: from anemia, reported ilncideclly weaV- rr- He was nt his at Humpclcnd.

A heavy cold contracted early in December, brought on his present condition. ROSES Beautiful 2 Year Field Grown Roses Talisman Rose 14c Nandina Beautiful Ked Foliage. 29c Italian Cypress, Arizona Cypress 3 to 4 feet. 39c Two classes in education nrc being offered by Southern Methodist University professors here at the county superintendent's office in the courthouse, according to an announcement Tuesday. These courses are offered Monday afternoons and Monday evenings.

The courses are "Tests and Measurements," by Dr. C. Wisseman, and "Public School Accounting" by Dr. G. O.

Clough. Both courses oner advanced or graduate credit. Amonfi the school men taking tlic course are W. T. Brumbnlow, principal at the State Home; R.

M. Hawkins, Moxta superintcnd- nnt. Supt. Whitchurst of Groes- becit, 11 ml others. Former Publisher Eagle Pass Paper Dies in New York NKW YORK, Jan.

Joseph N. Quail, a member of the staff of the New York Sun, died today at his home, in Rutherford, N. ,7., after an illnes of several months. was born In New York City. Oct.

16, 1858, but began his newspaper career In the west. He tartcd the Eagle Pass Times, in Eagle Pass, Texas, but came to New York in 1880 to work on the NMV York World, first a.s a printer and then as a copyreader. From the World he went to the St. Louis Post Dispatch and then to the Butte, Miner. Later he worked on several New York papers, on some of them as city 'editor, and joined the staff of the Sun as a copy reader in 1923.

Surviving are his widow, the former Virginia Henry Sperry, of Illinois, and a son, Victor Neil Quail. Illinois Educator Named Chancellor Of New York U. URBANA, 111., Ja. New New York University turned to the Middle West in electing a new chancellor, Dr. Harry Woodburn Chase, president of the University of Illinois, who announced his acceptance of the post.

Dr. Chase will succeed on July 1 Dr. Elmer Ellsworth Brown, who before becoming chancellor 21i years ago, was at cne time principal of a public school in Belvi- dcre, 111. Dr. Brown will become chancellor emeritus of the university.

District Court, Introduction of testimony in the case of the board of school trustees of Corsicana vs. Eckert-Burton Construction Company, breach of contract, was still in progress in the Thirteenth judicial district court Tuesday morning. The Navarro county grand jury resumed its work Tuesday morning after being in recess for several clays. Executor's Deed. Louis Pcvehousc to J.

H. Edgar, lot 10, block 1, Edgar addition No. 2, Richland, $50. Txccutor's Deed. Mary Lane et als to Metropolitan Building and Loan Association lot 7 and west 1-2 lot 8, block 414, Corsicana, $1 and other considerations.

Sheriff's office. Sheriff Rufus Pevehouse was on the lookout for several hours Tuesday m6rning for two cars believed to have traveled this way following the. fatal shooting of an unidentified mr.n near Fairfield at an early hour, but the suspected cars did not come through Corsicana. Greek Chamber Is Dissolved By Decree President Tuesday ATHENS, Greece, Jan. (iP) Zalmls signed a decree this morning dissolving the chamber and setting new elections for March 5.

The President's action followed approval in the senate of a resl- calling for the dissolution of the lower house under provisions of the Greek constitution. Eltuerlos Venizelos, who became premier for the fifth time In 23 years last week, requested new elections because he had only a bar majority of two votes in the chamber. Treasury Figures: WASHINGTON, Jan. Treasury receipts for Januarv 21 were expenditures balance custom duties for 21 days of January were $13,165,150.79. Constables' Office.

Deputy Consta.blc J. R. "Nutt arrested a man Monday night on North Commerce street on a charge of drunkenness. Justice Court, One was fined Monday by Judge M. Bryant on a charjje of drunkenness.

Formal complaints filed before Judge Bryant Monday included two for alleged forgery and two for alleged theft of auto One man was fiped Tuesday morning by Judge Sam B. Jordan on a complaint for drunkenness. DISPASSIONATE REFLECTION URGED BY EINSTEIN AND TWO COMPANIONS TO SOLVE ILLS By WALTER B. CATJSEN (Assoicated Press Staff Writer). PADENA, Jan.

Albert Einstein, scientist, finding relativity is not applicable to every day life, went into a soft of consultation to think out a formula of what to do about the world in general and the depression in particular. His intellectual consultants were Henry M. Robinfon, banker and. intcrnatioally known economist, and Prof. William B.

Munro, historian. The throe thought out loud in a symposium here last night on "America and the Situation." Their formula, expressed mathematically, is that '-'dispassionate analytical understanding (Einstein), plus "elimination of fear" (Robinson) plus "adjournment of politics" (Muro) measured by the co-operation of the people, equals economic recovery. Einstein thinks the first sten necessary to dispassionate understanding-' is the removal of tha "obsta.cle of the tabu." That obstacle, he explained, "lies in' words and other symbols which are laden with emotion." He said there are some words which "produce such violent disturbances in our feelings' 1 that the role they play In the transmission of the ideas is lost in the background. Among these words he included "honor, prestige, fatherland in nearly a.ll the countries of the present world." ''The use of such is adapted for the driving out of all reasoii and the setting up of emotion in its place," he said. Facing "naked reality" as he termed it, Einstein said he did not believe war debts caused the depression, but that it was due to increased production from technical invention and organization decreasing the need for human labor.

He believes international obligations should be reduced to a figure payable and acceptable by a corresponding amount of goods. He thinks disarmament can be reached almost rapidly by eliminating universal military service and dependence upon professional armies. The fundamental necessity, he asserted, is dispassionate reflection to analyze conditions and thus create mutual understanding to develop the ability to solve peace- Cully all questions. An Important Asset advertising Is an Important asset-to any wide awake business, It Is absolutely necessary if you want to acquaint the public with what you have to selL OKLAHOMA FIELD I DECREASE LOWER! OUTPUT FOR U. 8.

TULSA, Jan. big decrease in the Oklahoma City field countered production gai'na in other areas to put last week's daily average crude oil output barrels under the figure for the preceding week in the United States, Oil and Gas Journal reports disclose. Total daily average production for the week ending January .21 was 2,022,073 barrels compared with barrels in the week; ending January 14. The Oklahoma CItv Field fell off 31,720 barrels to and Oklahoma's total daily 'aver- ag was 26,540 barrels xjtr In East Texas, howev.eiv the figure was 298,226 barrels, gain of 4,818 barrels and tot.l Texas flow increased 4,865 barrels' to 801,800 barrels. Kansas was up 3,355 barrels to Rocky Mountain area, up 4,876 to 71,676.

Easetrn fields fell off an even 2,000 barrels to 114,000 and California was 2,500 less -to 469,500. World's Adviser Newspaper advertising world's to eat, what to drink, what to wear, and how to sleep. Without It we would still bo driving horses and buggies, hugging the old base buriiex and sleeping on horso hair. Phest Colds WUfe Best treated without "dosing" STAINLESS now. if you prefer Bridal Wreath 9c Beautiful EVERGREENS 2 to 4 feet.

49c NEW KNIT TURTLENECK Sweaters in Wine Green Blue Black White Canary 32 to 40 This cotton sweater in a pineapple weave is just the right weight for spring and the right price for any We will be open Wednesday 10 a. m. All Nursery Stock Priced Very Low. NAUGHTON FARM Located: Southeast Corner 3rd Ave. and Beaton St.

Wilson Brothers Sleeveless Sweaters -HERB iHARJHSx JACOBS Corner Firth at Beaton Ladies Full Fashioned SILL HOSE 5OC Values to $1.75 Many famous makes, including Knysers, about 300 pairs of pure silk chiffon and service weight, broken assorted, but your favorite color and size is here If you hurry. MARKS BROS FORCED TO Half of Our Present Stock Off to A Fine Start and Ready for Crowds Again Tomorrow Men Should Buy Their Suits Now Because they can get new suits from $22.50 to $25.00 nt practically Suits, New Sty IPS pair pants, year around weight. SUITS Every suit tailored to fit nml will give satisfactory wear, they are going out rapidly, sliop early for best selection. Sixes to 40. Dress SHIRTS $1.

Value New 43c So far only a few items have been advertised In the papers because it would require a whole newspaper to give a fair representation of the Hems In all the store throughout has been crowded with thrifty folks since the sale started on the strength of our first announcement. Corsicana is full of thrifty people who make the most of opportunities like this, to dress hotter and make their home more attractive at minimum cost. Check your needs now and hurry the first' thing tomorrow remember the entire stock is now priced at just what we think you'll pay for the goods- Let nothing keep you Come now, it is our biggest sale in over 52 years. Free Goods Daily at 3:30 p. m.

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