The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 3, 1962 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 14
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6*Af0M« (le.) UpfMf 0« MolrtM Tu«tf«y, Apr!! 3, 19A1 - Newlyweds At St Joe Given Housewarming St. Joe — Mr and Mrs James Capesius, ncwlywcds, were given a housewarming Sunday 'evening when neighbors and relatives gathered for a social evening. A potluck lunch was served and attending the gathering were Mr and Mrs Bernard Capesius, St. Benedict, Mr and Mrs Willie Reding, Mr and Mrs Hubert O'Brien, Mr and Mrs Howard Bormann, Mr aad Mrs David Bernhard, Mr and Mrs August Bernau, Mr and Mrs Wilfred Schneider, Mr and Mrs Laurence Thllges, Mr and Mrs John Capesius all from here, and Mr and Mrs Vic HarmjS of Corwith. Mrs Ralph Reding entertained the R-Nu Club in Her home Thursday. Receiving prizes were Mrs Sylvester Wagner, Mrs Adeline Wagner and Mrs Orville Wagner. Mrs Ed Borman entertains the club April 26. Mrs E. J. Gales entertained her 500 club Thursday with Mrs Alphonse Berte, Mrs Peter Bormann SPEAKING! | CHANGING SCENE J9I2-I962 | HURJWWrrHTHAT WILOFWATER- THENSSTREAOy FOR VO)R BATH MODERN IN 1912 MEANT INSIDE PUMP -XNP A CANTANKEROUS WOOD-BURNING RANGE TO HEAT IT. THEY USED TO SAY that in the "good old days" family ife had a tendency to center In the kitchen. There was a reason. That's where the heat and hot water came from as well as the food. MODERN DAY-LIVING WITH ELECTRICITY has made all parts of a home liveable. Constant hot water, from automatic electric hot water heaters takes the bathtub out of the kitchen; modern electrical automatic heating gives just the right temperature at all times; the cooking is still in the kitchen, but how different, with quiet, safe electric ranges and electrically-controlled refrigeration. THEY ARE YOURS for only a few pennies a day. Algona Municipal Utilities "LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY THERE IS A NEW BABY in the home of Dr. and Mrs. L. L. Snyder. Her name is Sara Ann. As with most families who have a little girl many years' after three sons are born, she is a star attraction. The whole family is making some well-planned readjustments, but the baby is the answer to a dream and many prayers. * * * SARA ANN HAS HAD many experiences in her short life of seven months, including a change of name and country. She was born Park Hei Soon, Aug. 26,1961 at Seoul, Korea. Food is a precious commodity in Korea and the baby's unknown mother abandoned her when she was three weeks old. She must have taken good care of her until that time for the baby was healthy and weighed six pounds, seven ounces when she was admitted to a Korean orphanage. * * * IN ALGONA, LOU AND SHIRLEY Snyder had long wanted a sister for their three boys, John, 13, Tom, 12, and Mark, 1L Mrs. Snyder's surgery had ended hopes for a larger family by the usual method, and inquiries to adoption agencies brought the reply — more parents wanting to adopt babies than there are babies for adoption. Some of them also added, "Just be glad you have three fine boys of your own." THE SNYDERS DID PEEL they were lucky in having their sons, but the dream of a little girl persisted. Besides, Shirley sews beautifully and a woman likes to express herself with a few girlish ruffles as well as with tailored sport shirts. * * • LAST SUMMER, THE SNYDERS read a newspaper article about a Denison couple who had adopted a Korean orphan. The Denison coupfe got their baby through the Holt Agency at Cresswell, Oregon. The Holts have eight adopted Koreans of then- own and five years ago were instrumental in getting an immigration law changed so they could bring orphans to this country. Mr. Holt has written a book on the subject, "A Seed From the East". The agency sends out regular news tetters, conducts state and national reunions for adoptive parents of Koreans and was the first step in adoptin Sara Ann for the Snyders. » » * MUCH THOUGHT WENT INTO THE decision. There was also considerable red tape. From the Holt agency, the request had to be cleared and was the first step in adopting Sara Ann for the Snyders. with immigration authorities and state officials. The Snyders were finger-printed, their home was inspected, and they were asked all sorts of questions including, "Are you now, or have you ever been a Communist sympathizer ?" Only the Snyder's closest friends knew about the process during the several months it took. Even I, with my nosiness, heard it only last Sunday I * * * THE SNYDERS TOOK ALL the necessary steps, adopted the baby and picked Sara Ann for her name, the Holt agency kept them well informed about their daughter while they were waiting for her to arrive in the States. She was one of 500 infants at the orphange and there were 200 toddlers. There were teenage orphans also, and each of them had 10 babies in her charge. Although the food and medical care was adequate, you can see that the babies must have been short on another important quality, T.L.C. — tender, loving care. * * » ' ; r * PLANS WERE TO FLY TO Portland, Ore. to pick up Sara Ann when she arrived from Korea. But last week a message came through^ that saved the Snyders quite a bit of time and money. A missionary of the Methodist church to Korea would bring three babies to Minneapolis and if the Snyders wanted to, they could pick up Sara Ann at 6 a.m. Sunday at the airport. * * * THE FAMILY WAS SO EXCITED that none of them slept very much Saturday night,-All five'of theifr'pHed*int6 th'e station wagon very early Sunday morning. The airliner from Korea was huge and a great! many passengers got off. The Snyders had the same idea about what missionaries should look like that most of us have — matronly am sensible. Dr. Snyder stopped one lady and asked if she was the one they were looking for, but she turned out to be somebody's grandmother. Then the door to the plane opened. The pilot, carrying a baby, alighted; then the co-pilot, carrying another baby, got off. Next appeared a woman lovely enough to be a fashion model. She was carrying a third Hahv "TVifc 10 tHa Gnir/lav* /tlillsl*' C*VIA nn*<4 Tt.!« r*l«*M,»«... n «».«.«j...__ Swea-Eagle By Mrs. Kenneth Irene* baby. "This is the Snyder child was the Methodist missionary I she said. This glamorous creature IN ALGONA, SARA ANN is thriving and so is her family. The boys are tickled pink about their sister and are helping with her care. They've had lots of previous experience baby-sitting with neighbor children. Sara Ann is still very tiny — she weighs only 11 pounds at seven months — but she takes eight ounces of milk at one time and wakes in the night for a bonus meal. She also "eats up" the love and attention the Snyders are lavishing on her. * * * COST, IN MONEY, OF adopting Sara Ann is not much different from having a baby in the natural fashion. The Snyders paid the costs of her care in the orphanage and her transportation to the United States, plus fees in connection with the legal papers. Cost of rearing Sara Ann is not expected to be any different, either, for it is the Snyder's aim to give her a completely normal childhood, just as it is for their sons. » * « AND AFTER SHE REACHES YOUNG womanhood, what then ? Whom will she marry? Well, no parent can answer that question at any time. Although Sara Ann is the first Korean infant in Algona, there are several more in the surrounding area and enough in the state to have a reunion for them and their families next summer. Who knows perhaps Sara Ann will enrich our lives with a talent such as another former orphan, Kim Deal, has done with his singing. * * * OH, THE SNYDERS, who are such good Methodists, might give Sara Ann the kind of upbringing in their Christian home that she might very possibly return to Korea one day as a nurse. Or even a glamorous Methodist missionary ! * * * THERE WAS A FINE LETTER this week from Dorothy Young Campbell who reads this column in Edmonds, Wash. It was written on stationary publicizing the coming world fair in Seattle and she mentioned seeing the article about the Egel wedding in the Seattle Times She also sent this recipe for No Bake Fudge Cookies: 2 cups sugar 4 tabsp. cocoa ! /4 pound butter Vt cup milk. Boil together for 4 minutes. Remove from heat and add- l i't cup peanut butter 1 tsp. vanilla 2 to 3 cups oatmeal. Drop by spoonfuls on wax paper. "The children love them." — GRACE. A week ago Friday former neighbors met at the Ernest Patterson home for a housewarming, brought refreshments and a gift Present were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schuler, Mr. and Mrs. Lev! Schuler, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Genrich, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Johanson, Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Hardt, Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wiechmann. Mr. and Mrs. George Eden were hosts to SO persons on the occasion of then* 20th wedding anni versary, Mar. 18, in the evening at Estherville. The Ederts were married at Elmore in 1942. The Edens started farming in the Swea City community in 1946. They have four children, Ellen, 11, George, Jr., 9, Arthur, 8, and Clyde, 6. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hans have making frequent trips to Buffalo Center to visit her sister- in-law, Mrs. J. E. Ukena, who submitted to major surgery at the hospital there. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hans were Thursday simper guests of their daughter, the E. G. Jorgensons and helped grandson, Dale celebrate bis 8th birthday. LeeOra Peters will be honored with a card and coin shower at the Baptist Guild Hall in Swea City, Saturday evening, Apr. 14, at 1 p.m. All friends are invited.. Sunday afternoon guests of the Marvin Johnson home were the Ed Godfredson family and Mr. and Mrs. Collin Meyers and sons. Mr. and Mrs. William VanDe- vender and baby visited her parents, the Harold Boutelles at Rochester last week on Sunday. This is the first time that the baby and its grandparents have been together. The William VanDevenders are moving to Swea City from the house on the Eldon Isaacson place west of town. They will move to the Otto Kelly house and will be assisted by high school teachers, Clifford VanBerkum, Marlin Johnson, Don Butterbaugh, Bruce Iverson and Lerimer Bjorklund. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Thompson entertained the following friends at their home Saturday evening: Mr. and Mrs. Walter O'Green, Mr. and Mrs. Richard O'Green, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Newlin, Mr. and JWrs. : Don Martin, Mr. and Mrs, Kenneth Seylar, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Lahgennan, Mr. and'Mrs. "Roy Rohlin, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Anderson and Russell Parker and irvin Bathe. ' A week ago Saturday evening fJerry Thompson was host to 2] "high school boys and girls for his .birthday. .Jerry is the son of the Wayne Thompsons. Mr. and Mrs. Art W. Larson were weekend visitors with her aunt and uncle, the Robert Johnsons at Onawa. Mrs. Ormal Guinn underwent an appendectomy last week and was a patient at Holy Family hospital Monday thttragh Sahifrlsy. Mr. and Mrs. Walter O'Grtsn and Bonnie and Mr. snd Mrs. Roy Rohlin visited Mrs. CTGmsfTs sister add family, the Forties Bergans at St Paul last weekend. Brian stayed with grandparents, the Glen Morrows at Fox Lake While his family was gone. Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Brandt and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Jorgenson entertained their card club Friday evening-at the Wayne Jorgenson home. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Mino and daughters and Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Paul and family wire Sunday dinner guests at the Albert Paul home. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Krumwiede and Kristi and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tapper of Buffalo Center, arrived home Saturday after a week's travel in the south. Enroute to Texas they stopped at Belle Plairte where they left Mrs. Hikke Abbas, (mother of Mrs. Krumwiede and Mrs. Tapper) to visit with Mrs. Abbas's sister and brother-in- law, the John Brights. WANT ADS BRING RESULTS Rudy Saatoffs, Burt, Will Be Honored On 50th Bart — The children of Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Saatoff, Bart afe honoring their parents on theif 50th wedding amtoefsary, An open house will be held at Cunningham's Tea Room from 2:30 to 6 p.m. Sunday, Apm 8, No invitations are be'irig sent but the children extend an iflvitatiofi to all the relatives and friends, tf ITS MEWS. WB WANT 11 BLAKE FUNERAL HOMES CORWITH RENWICK HOMES AT LuVERNE WESLEY TITONKA ALLEN J. BLAKE, DIRECTOR 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED - RADIO CONTROLLED PHONE TU 2-3322 (collect) LuVerne (Home Office) (£g%3&3&C8Sy083y&!^^ Your Wedding Pictures Important You'll want to live again, , year after year, with .your, wedding day. Only a capable' professional photographer can capture it for you in formal portrait or candid camera . . . from the first flurry , to the final handful of confetti. We've been taking wedding pictures for a long time. We know that our first chance for a picture is our last chance. .b. We invite you to stop in now and talk it over. Early reserved bookings are appreciated. PHONE CY 4-2593 ISAACSON STUDIO Corner Call & Moore Sts. Algona, Iowa and Mrs Wm. B. Devine receiving prizes. Mrs Joe Sinnwell entertains the club April 12. C.D.A. will sponsor a bake sale in St. Joseph's school Sunday, April 8. Committee in charge of arrangements will be Mrs Peter C. Redin, Mrs Joe Sinnwell, Mrs John Capesius, Mrs Tony Becker, Mrs John Reding, Mrs Herb Kayser, Mrs Connie Kohlhaas and Mrs Paul Erpelding. 70th Mr. and Mrs. Barney Kemper, both members of pioneer Sioux Center families and residents there for more than 80 years recently observed their 70th wadding anniversary. They are parents of 2 sons and 5 daughters. Banwart, Juhl Named To Co-Op Board, Cylinder Robert Banwart and Arthur Juhl were named to the board of directors at the annual meeting of the Cylinder Co-op Elevator Company in the school gym. 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