The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on December 12, 1915 · Page 5
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 5

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 12, 1915
Page 5
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THE JJ:;ISTI:H AM) LKADKIt: SUNDAY MOKMNd. Dfct'EMHKIt 12, 1015. CHAFIN DOPES OUT I Will Talk on Prohibition I I I Juniors' Serge Dresses Sizes 13, 15 and 17. NORFOLK dresses made of all wool Amoskeag serge in middy style with sailor Red Cedar Chests 41 x 19 x 17 inches. POLITICS OF 1916 L Ril aim del baMMH S ons M ADE from one-inch frag rant Red Cedar. Highest grade. Strong and Says Taft Will "Be the Republican Nominee and Easily Defeat Wilson. collar, white silk braid trim "Where Lasting Satisfaction Follows Sv$ry Trantattion" beautiful construction and copper trimmed. no Special $1.70 med and silk laced $3.95 front The Store of Practical Gifts Of things useful and of sterling worth; that will have the same value after Christmas as they have now HERE TO MAKE ADDRESSES 1 kinrl nf criffc vnn mnsir unniwuii u v flip kinH nf cn'ffc tn er'nrn Wovo ia a o-rpnt. atnvp rhivtv-riinp Hpnnvtmpntu Former Candidate for President Will Make Three Speeches in Des Moines Today. filled with such articles as you would be pleased to receive and therefore the logical place to make your gift selections. Use (his announcement as a guide to your Holiday Gift selections and use this attractive store with its great Christmas stocks, its conveniences and accommodations as jour gift buying headquarters. "Abolish the war and navy departments anil establish a depart ment of peace," is the advice of Eugono W. 'Chafin of Tucson, Ariz., who ran for president of the United States in 1908. Mr. Chafin arrived in Des Moines last night and will make three addresses on "National Prohibition in 1916" today. "I am thoroughly in accord with Bryan and Ford in this peace movement." continued Mr. Chafin. "When this war Is over the countries of Europe will not have enough gunpowder to shoot off a firecracker." FroMiiti on Utile Campaign. The veteran prohibitionist docs not favor the Odle crusade for the enforcement of the blue laws. "Let the officers alcne," he said. "Although sometimes they, may not do all we want tbera to, those that work in Iowa are certainly efficient and conscientious. Let us not interfere with them." The prohibitionists of Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois, according to Mr. Chafin, are planning an active campaign for next year. In this Btate alone 500 automobiles are to be mobilized in Des Moines, Marshalltown, Mason City and other points, and will make the trip to Minneapolis, where the democratic prohibitionists' national convention will be held on July 19. Speeches In the interest of temperance are to be made all along the route. Hohson for Dry reader. Richmond Pearson Hobson of Alabama will probably be the presidential nominee of the prohibition party for 1916, Mr. Chafin said. "At any rate, the choice will fall upon some young man that will leave the ranks of the republican or democratic parties because of "their refusal to adopt a dry plank." Taft will get the republican nomination, ha predicted. "Alter all the favorite sons have had their innings, he will come in as delegate at large from Connecticut anit carry the day. Wilson will be the democratic choice, but Taff could defeat him easily." Criticises Iowa's Plan. Mr. Chafin took his customary fling at Iowa's proposed prohibitory amendment. . "It is aimed only at the manufacture, the sale, or the keeping for sale of alcoholic liquors. That's not enough. What is wanted is the kind of law that went into effect In Arizona last January. It prohibits the use of alcohol for any purpose-medicinal, mechanical, scientific or personal." Mr. Chafin, who is making his headquarters at the Wellington hotel, will leave Des Moines tonight. He will return on March 1, 1916, for an extensive campaign throughout Iowa lasting five months. I Gait Going to Florida. It is said that reports that Warren Garst will be a candidate for governor on the republican ticket, are un-1rue. Mr. Garst has announced that he will leave with his family soon after Jan. 1 for a trip through the east, winding up in Florida. He says he will not be back until "time to put In the crops in the spring." EUGENE W. CHAFIN. Eugene W. Chafin of Tucson, Ariz-candidate for the presidency of the United States in 1908, will speak here today on "National Prohibition in 1916." He will make an address at the Calvary Baptist church, East Ninth and Des Moines streets, at 11 a. m. His next talk will be before the men's meeting at the Y. M. C. A., at 4 p. m. At 7:30 o'clock in the evening he will appear at the Klmwood Presbyterian church on Thirty-fifth street. NAVAL FLYING CORPS PLANNED This Is One of Provisions in Appropriation Bill. Increase in Number of Midshipmen Also Proposed. WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 11. Creation of a naval flying corps, establishment of a school for training navy aviators and increase in the number of midshipmen at the naVal academy by about one-half are proposals included in a tentative draft of tiie naval appropriation bill, some details of which became known tonight. The proposed increase in the naval academy would permit each senator to appoint three midshipmen instead of two as at present. For two years after passage of the act the secretary of the navy would be empowered to appoint ten junior officers and five warrant officers a year from civil life on provisional commissions, to be revoked in two years unless the officers prove fully qualified as aviators. A reserve corps of aviators also is provided for, to be composed of men transferred from the active service and the surplus of graduates from the school and also open to qualified civilians. A training of from two weeks to a month annually is planned for the reserve. PLEAD GUILTY; KELEASED Pair Held One Month on Weapon Charge Get Good Advice. ; Thomas Malbour and Lou Garrett, two men who have been held in the county jail awaiting the passing of sentence on the charge of carrying concealed weapons, were Deiore Judge Dudley in the Criminal court yesterday. The men changed their plea of not guilty to guilty, Since the record showed this was their first offense and that they had been in jail over a month, Judge Dudley gave them some advice relative to carrying concealed weapons and dismissed them. Turole Term Starts Monday. The state board of parole will go to' the Anamosa reformatory next Monday to begin the December term. The board will Interview 100 prisoners during the term, sixty-eight of whom are men who have not previously been given hearings. "Where Gcm and Gold Are Fairly Sold" Diamonds-The Gift Supreme CHOOSE these wondrous jewels never changing always exquisite 1 carry your message -of. love or friendship (his Christmastidc. For connoisseurs we have ready Necklaces of regal beauty magnificent Pendants, Brooches and Rings. And the completeness of our line is attested by the abundance of fine stones at prices most moderate. B7 t JTj BANQUET KINGS. Selected brilliant. white diamonds artistically mounted in carefully designed filigree platinum mountings planned to exhance the brilliancy of SA,W"J25 to $500 "A Pleasure to Show Goods" Lewis & Van Sickle Co. 819 Walnut St. 1 i ,n,i,fl,fli,fl, a,p fl,il,iv,n.o,fi n,ril,o,fi,a fl,lBft,ft,cr IS Christmas Silks THESE arc the silks in Fashion's highest favor and in great demand for gifts. New Tub Silks, 32 inches wide, in white grounds with colored stripes. Heavy, firm quality for women's waists and men's 79c Hhirts. yard , Priced the Yard-wide Taffetas; soft, pliable and lustrous for street, after-noou and evening dresses. Shown in every de sired plain color. Yard $1.19 Silk Crepe de Chine, 38 inches wide, extra heavy quality. The correct silk for afternoon , and dance frocks. Every wanted color. Yard :....98c Black Silks what you want in weave, weight and quality, you'll find here. 36 to 54 inch widths. Patterns for gifts will be put up in prettv Christmas ybarT..The.89cW3.50 Embroideries BABY Flouncings and Yokes and Corset Cover Embroideries that are highly appreciated by recipients. Baby Yokes of fine sheer swlss in ' circular and panel effects. Very eaa;hty.r.e.8:.'15cto 79c Swiss Baby Flouncings, 27 inches wide, ruffled, hemstitched or scalloped. The yard 50c, 59c, 69c, 79c, 98c, $1.25 Corset Cover Embroideries of fine cambric or swlss. Beautiful patterns with beading and lacy edges. Corset cover lengths for gifts will be put iu attractive gift boxes. The yard :59c Wanted Christinas Ribbons A Notable Sale Affording Remarkable Savings BEAUTIFUL Imported Ribbons, 8 to 10 inches wide, styles and qualities desired for mainig attractive bags and other useful gift things. Heavy Satin, Taffeta and Faille weaves with floral, fruit and bird designs; also velours in exquisite floral pat- d Q terns.. An immense assortment to choose from. Value to $3.00 the yard at To $1.50 Fancy, high class warp Print and Taffeta and Faille Ribbon with brocaded and floral patterns; also with wide bands of satin. Light and dark colors, 6 to 8 inch widths in Cft this big Christmas Ribbon Sale, the yard Ot To 50c Fancy Warp Print Ribbons, 512 to 6V- inches wide in light and dark color combinations; also stripes and plaids in beautiful colors, for hair bows, sashes, fancy work, etc. 'ir. Sale priced at per yard Merry Christmas and Holly Ribbons in red. green or white grounds. Three different widths. 5 yard piece for 10c Ribbonzene in Holly Red or green. Spool containing 8 yards o for OC Plain red, spool of 10 yards for 8c Satin Ribbons, light weight for tying Christmas packages. Vo. 1, 6 yd. piece for N'o. IVi. 6 yd. piece for..lO So. 2, 5 yd. piece for..,.12 While Ivory White Ivory Brushes in oblong shape with eleven rows of anchor set, first quality bristles. Q7 Speeclal at 4I"f $3.00 White Ivory Bonnet mirrors. Large size and beveled plate d3 OA glass. Each tJ.O" White Ivory Combs, hand finished and extra heavy quality. 60c val-ues at Osi White Ivory Jewel Boxes, velvet lined. Cologne bottles, hat brushes, picture frames, pin cushions, extra large buffers, etc. An extensive line JJ QQ Women's Silk Underwear for Gilts Dainty garments in attractive Christmas boxes gifts that are sure to please. These are most popular : Kayser's Glove Silk Top union suits with lisle pants. Taped neck and arm's eyes with ribbon. Cuff knee. All sizes. a3t4tO.44...$1.00 5 I I 9 Gift 50c $1.98 $5.95 Pajamas and Gowns In Pretty Gift Boxes White Outing Flannel Gowns with scalloped embroidery edge in neck and sleeves. Front laced with pink or blue silk ribbon, middy style. Special at each 69c Plain white or pink or blue striped Outing Flannel (iimns with tucked anil hemstitched yoke, with or without collar. silk braid trimmed 011 neck, yoke and Klecves. .U 98c Women's plain white "Daisy" Outing Flannel Gowns, with or without collars and silk braid trimmed. Regular and extra sizes at . . , $1.25 Figured Outing Flannel Gowdb in Slip over style with scallop em broidery neck and sleeves. Tucked yoke. All sizes at .$1.48 Neat striped outing flannel pajamas in all sizes Jackets fastening with silk frogs and trimmed with finishing (J AA braid. Priced, the suit D1.UU Women's Heavy Outing Pajamas; flared jacket, military collar, sijk frog fastenings and pocket in front and silk braid trimmed. All sizes The (p i o suit PI.U Women's Washable Silk Pajamas in pink, blue or lavender; pocket and frog fastenings di q on jacket The suit..v.VO Glove Silk Union Suits In pink or white. Taped tops; reinforced at crotch and under arms. All sizes, 34 to 44 at $2.98 Kayser's Venetian silk vests in white or pink. Shield shape relnfo rcements. Shown in all sizes. Priced, per pa garment . . v 1 .OU Phoenix Silk Hose Phoenix Silk Hosiery expresses the new idea of useful gifts. Those who wear it will appreciate your thoughtfulness in replenishing their supply. Others will thank you for introducing them to this luxurious and wonderful wearing hose. Packed in beautiful gift boxes without advertising making them useful afterwards for dresser or utility boxes. Women's Phoenix Pure Silk Hose in Black, white and colors, with lisle tops and lisle soles Com four, two or one pair in a box, at per M V. .. tj d .icn ci '-SaflffiffiSf'iJV Men's Phnpnlr Pnro Slllr Wrwa tn black, white and colors with lisle heels and toes Come four, two and one nair in a box. at tier fn E 1 il hnx J2. SI. 7Ke and OUL O fc?. til 1:.. .. i l -' or blue Two pairs in a AA box. The box $ I .UU Undermuslins In Pretty Holly Boxes. Allover Embroidery Corset Covers in several dainty designs with ribbon draw string at the . neck. Also other styles that are lace trimmed front and back. All sizes, 34 to 41. Your choice Combination l,ace and Silk Corset covers In pink or White. Made of dainty insertions alternating with strips of plain silk, CQf all sizes OyL Crepe de Chine Envelope Chemise in wane or puiK anu oaminy trimmed with lace. Priced at each Fine Crepe le Chine Corset Cov ers in pink or white and with j Hand embroidered Gowns and or without sleevesi Beautiful Skirts in extensive assortments lace insertion trimmed. AO at all prices from Euch . . "Ot I 98c to White of pink mercerized Swiss Ribbed Vests with hand crocheted yokes, at 50c. Jewelry Never Fails to Please It is impossible to describe such a showing of Gift Jewelry as we have this season. It ia so varied and so attractive that the only way to appreciate it is to see it. But here are a few items to suggest values La Vallieres of Solid Gold; also Gold La Vallieres In dainty da-signs set with precious stones. Come In pretty velvet lined boxes and are most appropriate Yuletlde remem- dl AA brances. choice j)l.UU Other Complete l ines (o 12.50 Rings, 10 K. Gold, with wedge-wood cameo sets, 92.08. Finger and Dinner Rings at 50o to 112.50. signet and stone set rings. A com- Children's Solid Gold plain band, plete showing at prices 50c to $8.00. New Velvet Bags As smart a Gift as you can find. A great showing at prices $1.00 to $6.98. New Soft, Crush Bags of Chiffon Velvet with self covered frames with jeweled or silver clasps. Dainty qf colored Taffeta silk linings. Priced $L70 Handkerchiefs Always Welcome Gifts This is a stock we are proud of. Its wide varieties, its fine clean new merchandise, its attractive Christmas boxes, the many gift suggestions it makes for everybody and the marvelously little prices. Women's Boxed Handkerchiefs. 8 in a box at 25c, 30c, KOc, 50c, 60c and $1.00 in a box at 80c, 50c, 60c and up to f!.5). Children's Boxed Handkerchiefs. 8 in a box at 15c, l!5c and 50c. Men's Linen Initialed Handkerchiefs. Each, 15c, 25c, 85c and 50c. Women's Silk Crepe handkerchiefs with dainty lace edges; colored borders and embroi dered. A wondrous assortment .. . . ' 25c Women's fine linen , fiandker-chlefs with Armenian and Venetian lace edges. Hand embroidered and colored em-brodlered novel- Cr ties .LoC VP i irk ni . mm m mm mm m w vp' II IIB llim w That Delight Children- Kid-body Jointed Dolls with beautiful faces and hair. Eyes that open and close. Exceptionally low prices 17inchsize $1.00 20 inch size $1.18 . . 23 inch size $1.9S Dressed Dolls In an Immense ,'a-rlety of styles. Among them are thirty different characters In unbreakable dolls. . The large and Junior sizes priced respectively at $1.00 C(r and .'.OUC Clown Dolls the newest of dolls. , Dressed In comical cloun suits. They're priced at '?Cr ' only iiuC Teddy Bears in cinnamon color. Jointed and with elec- Q io trie eyes $ 1 .TO . Teddy Bears, cinnamon g AA color and with voices . . $ 1 .UU New Dress 'Goods Fine Chiffon Broakleloth, 62 inches wide In blaclc, navy, Belgian, brown or green. A most beautiful fabric foi) suits and skirts. Yitrd . Fine Cord Epingle, '60 inches wide. A fabric of remarkable,, beauty and wearing, qualities. j Shown in eighteen, ',II ffA plain colors. Yard . . . i$ I .Uv " Auto Robes ALL wool Auto Robes, Bize 60x 78 Inches. Heavy weight. All colors. In Scotch plaids. Name of recipient will be put In any robe purchased without charge. Excepttonal values at each i Robe Blankets BATH ROBE BLANKETS, size 7,2x90 inches, in all colors and Indian designs. Cords and frogs for robe with each a ' blanket. Priced ........ $L.J7 Bath Robes made to omler $2.00 Turkish Towels and Sets FANCY Turkish Towels in all- ' over brocaded patterns In all white or with fancy colored borders. All sizes at, each Turkish Towel Sets, consisting of one large towel and one wash cloth with beautiful brocaded borders in desired coloin. Each set In neat white box fri tt for gifts. Set )I.UU $2.00 All sizes 48C Lealhrr Novelties For dills Pullman Slippers In all sixes, : ":t.;:....;.$1.00 Manicure sets in Suede cases with five Ivory t f fittings at Pl.dU Others 91.00 to $7.08. Writing Pads of Walrus or Malt grain leather fitted with writing pad, calen- d pa dar notebook, etc. . . p I .Oil Others from 1)11.00 $5.0H. Of Course Yon Will Give Some Gloves And you want to be sure of good style and the quality that will reflect credit back to you. You are certain to obtain gloves of this character if your selections are made at The Glove Store of Des Moines. The "Valllere" world famed for Its quality excellence and a most appropriate glove for Christmas gifts. French real kid in white, with heavy black embroidery. Two clasp fastening. (PI Priced, the pair pi.Z5 J. M. Chanut Real Kid Gloves in black, white and color.-! black with white or white with-black Paris-Pci'ihf embroidered and over seam sewn. A com plete line at, per pair. $1.50 French Lamb Skin Gloves with black bandalette tops. White with black embroidery. Also In new two tone blaok and white embroidery 1 f u Fine Cape Gloves in black, white, tan or gray in all sizes and complete lines at prices, d 1 PA the pair, $1, 1.25 and . . v Children's Silk Lined Kid Gloves in black, tan or gray. 1 Also washable-. cape gloves in white, pealTwith black or champagne with black embroidery. All sizes at per pair $1.00 .,tu,mu..L,itkm im,tiniLim.ji,;,iiiiimimli,ai,.;:,1ii.7 I H

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