The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1949
Page 3
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SATURDAY, APRIL 2, BLYTHEVIU.E (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE THE NATION TODAY ! Churchill Changes Tune About Russian Aims and Says A-Bomb Held by L/.S. Has Been a Factor Jl.v James Marknv WASHINGTON, April 2. (A* t — Winston Clnji'chHl. who only three years ago thought Russia didn't want war, lis changed his tune. In a speech at Kulton, Mo., in 19-10, lie stud: "1 do not believe Soviet Russia desires war," Last night in a speech Ht Boston lie said; "It is certain thai Europe would have been eonmumizcd and London under bombardment some Lime ago but for 'Jtic deterrent ol Hie atomic bomb in the hands of the United States." Three years ago he said war with* — -,___. Russia is not "inevitable." Last | night he said war with Russia !s not "Inevitable." Wliy docs he say that now if, In the same speech, he says Russia would have attacked already il it were not for atomic bomb? You have to peel the delicate skin off ClHIrclnil's oratory to find the answer. There are two main but grisly reasons: 1, If the Western powers are militarily strong Russia will be discouraged from attacking. 2. An<1 the death of Joseph Slulin may .someday split the Russian Communists or leave thorn without real leadership Hopes War Can lie Avoided Churchill nevet 1 mentioned Ht;»l- in's name but he made clear what Vie had in mind by saying: War is not inevitable. - .Often Cherry Blossoms at Might Special Gasoline For Farm Use Called Mahogany LITTLE ROCK. April 2. (/!>)— If you hear a service station at- temiant told lo "Fid 'er up with mahogany," don't be alarmed. That, will be exactly what the man means. He will be asking for a tank of j .special gasoline lo be u.^fti only lor j operation of agricultural implements, and on winch the slate will make a tax refund. Cherry blnssoms e-mbrr icier tin- niglU at Washington's Tidal Hastn. Sightseers' curs am parked in front ul the Jefferson Memorial (cento >. Th. 1 Capital dome ile£t coiiU'r in distance) is bright unit some windows Liquidation Of Barge Line Is Advocated WASHINGTON. April :;. </v»— linine>llate llcjuUlihtton of the Federal Hiune Linos .syhtrni was recoin- nicntlt'd yesterday by the Heaver C'ommKsioii. Discussing the lulnml Waterway Cut paratlon, which operates tho Ihii's. the nmimlsslnn on ornanl/a- tiuii of I lie i:<m>nmienl in n report to emigres* said: "Wr recommend lliat the corporation be put Into liniiuMllntn H- rjiiltUtdun unit that the nnniiiil cx- IH'iuNlurc of the K'jvcnuneilt be I'mk'il." The cfiinntisston said: 1. in its 23 yenrs up to June 'M. 1!)17. the corporation showed an tivuimtlotdi deficit of $8.19-',I«M. '2. The baine fleet "Is tibsiilcto 1 ' tnd Its rehabilitation woulil rciLtiire $iH,(Mi>,ot>o. :t. I'rlviilc* enti'ipilM' MMVCS tho >:uue lralls))oi talloii needs "as In- licatcit by the (act (hut the conl- inliy (an l>nrntlim) ciin'U-d about l.nni).t)0l> tons out o( a total ot over 10.000,110(1 tons on rtvers it serves, 1 ' Tile corporal Ion operates l-Vile- il llai'KC Lines on the, Mississippi lilver. something hnapens to turn or mitigate the course of events. Four or five Imndrcil years nno Europe seemed about to lie conquered by the Mongols. . .It seemed nothinK could avert the doom of the famous continent. . .But at the critical I moment the great Knhn died. | "The succession was vacant and the Mongol armies and their leaders trooped back on their ponies across the .seven thousand miles which separated them from their capital in oicdr -to choose a successor. They never returned till now." Except tor these thinns. church- Ill's speech last week was milder than the one he made at Fulton three years ago. In the Fulton talk he called Russia R menace. And he urged the I Western nations to form a united front against their big Communist neighbor. Correctly Foretold Events That speech startled a lot of people. It came, right after the war, at a time when there was still hope of getting along with Russia, Slowly, a relations with Russia grew w'orse. the tilings Churchill called tor three years ago have come to pass. For in those three years his country, to solidify the West and keep allies, has set up the Marshall plan »nd is now entering the Atlantic pact. The spirit of the whole West Revenue Commissioner Morlcy, in tell ing up regulations for making the tax refunds, has decreed that the special fuel shall be dyed n mahogany color. Under an act of the 19JO legislature, llu 1 strtlt' will tefitnd lann- 1) e a n j '"e lighted at the Bureau i't Kn AP WircphoUO dar k-lll. Othcis ol the fauu'd trees Lino the shore toward Russia grown as hard in three years has ers four and one half cents of the slate tax on gasoline they use in farm machines. Morley has set up the machinery for claiming refunds and issued the first permits thereunder to Jake P. Magec, LcwUville. and c W. Sack- ctl, k'K.vpt, Craighead County. Under the slate highway revenue setup, no money for making (he gas tax refunds is likely to be available before nex< March. Pine Bluff Firm To Manufacture Cotton Pickers PINE EILUKF, Ark.. April 2. i>Ti~ it became official ycsterihiy that Ben Pear.son, inc.. licve will ufnctui'e a new lii; lit weight cotton picker. A contract to this cud was Digued today by Curl B. Haim, prcNklent of the firm, and John B. Rust of Memphis, inventor of the machine. They announced that production \vi)l begin immediately. Hjum said at least 100 of the pickers, to sell for $3,750 ervch. will be mnnnlactnred this year and thtit he believes 200 will be turned out by mid-October. Kaun and Ru-st said demonstrations had shown that the machine picked cot toil clean and \vithout Mother Rescues Three Children as Home Burns; fourth is Fire Victim HOT SPRINGS, Ark., April 2, i.i'i A 13-month old clilhi ptrisiu'd ami hci' mother w»s [ximtully burned in a fire which (ieMroyeil iheir home '.it Amity Friday. The mother, Mrs. Thehna Jackson, :n. re.scucd three other fhilri- i, tiu 1 hiding a fo«r-muncti-o!d i.aby, but \vas hurncd attempting to rp.-cue lier 13-month-oUi daughter, KUu-l. Mr.s. Jackson was relensed from n Hot Springs hospi t al after re - cei\ in;; treatment for her injuries. Hayti Eligible as Site For New Post Office Mo., lui.s been pis iced on a Missouri towns and cities as silo.-; for new ]x>,-;l nt£ic:c building which niiiy be cou.stmcted if ;t ml when Connie; p:«n uk-.s the I'umLs No i-.slimate.) of ctvsls weir gwen, but the offices ure expected to van h«5S than $203.000. Oiher South Mi.s.-ouii ( ami ciui\-> cm the list Include Maiden, New Mitdrkl, I'oi'tafcevillc and Scn- ;Uh. COTTON FARMERS ChrinkMlly ilcllntcil cotton seed germinate quicker, plant uml plow the ti;une week. Ituduce chopping «xpenM and • pruiliK'c more cotton per acre. STA'll; CKKIIKIKI) VAIilKTIKS AVAILABLE II. A I 1 . I,. N'u. II, per 90 l.b. tin; }!••*• I). & I 1 . I,. No. 15, PIT 50 l,l>. Hut !».«* Stoucvllle * li, I'IT 50 l.b. Hag ]«.«« Sloiievlllc 'i C, l'«i 50 l,b. Kaf 1«.M llowtlvn 11-11, 1'cr 50 l.b. Hat- !».«« Hall .<• ll.llf (Illlin-lO. (Vr 5(! l.ii. K;1 S !«.«« Cukrl's 100 Will Itnlstailt, I'or SO I.b. Baf 10.00 1'iiuhi, I'cr 50 l.b. ling l».«0 Umpire, rrr 50 I,li. ling I«.M C'unic hi nml |)l:u-ti vmir order or jet your supply today. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. lc H50 Branches: Illyllluville. Ark. Flione 857 Lvuclivlllu, Arlt., Iliirnersville, iMo, and Sriutth, fl!o. NntU-e i)T Accounts (if Kvcctit ami Ailinllihitniturs l-'llcd. Notice i.'i hereby given (hat (Itic- int the monlli of March. lu-tB the lollowiiiK iid'oiuHs o[ Executors ami Administrators have been tiled for settlement and confirmation in the Probate Court for Iho ChJuknsmvbjt District of Mississippi County, Ar- I Kansas, mul that such aecoimts with their respective filing dates are a.s follows: No. 187S. list a I c of Fanner Uiijf- limcl. ileceased. vii\n\ repurt lileil by Martha Jean tCnulund, Kxecu- trix on March ID, 1040. Clink anil the seal of siild Court tins the 1st dtiy <>f April. Ill 111. Kl.r/,i\!lKTH IIIA'TlllJ C'minU & I'rolwlB Clerk Hy "SU-llu Cain, D. C. Head courier News Want Ad.' as Winston Chilrch- Trial of Red, Womon Accomplice Is Delayed NEW YOHK, April 2. (/!>»—The espionage trial of Valentin A. Gu- jitchev. So\'ict engineer, and Judith Cuplmo Justice Department •inploye, was put off two weeks vc.steidiiy alter the Russian asked .ui immediate trial. Federal Judge Pinion H. Rifkind, in ordering the postponement, ex:l di.siippointnjent thitt Gublt- chev'.s constitutional right of speedy trial should be impaired. The delay was asked by Archibald j ... . . , Palmer. Miss Coplon's ntturney. "c | "^ ^o^Est-Jtc narcl College honor yraduatc^bc |f cisun - ^censed. Loiters ol Admin- tried fust in Wji^hinglon, D. C., No. 17UD. Estate of H. G. Gil!, dc- Nollec «f New Eshilrs mi \Vliieh j CCi ,. SP( |. PiiuiJ report of Hlver* IV Administration Mas Hi-en ('om-l O |]| Adnilnlstriitrlx filed March 2-1. ' 1919. No. 1753. Estate of MnpgLc L. Cole. deceased, pjiml report of H, 11. Uln- clamaging the fiber. iir.s feelings in 1946. So with the things he urged three years ago already rione or being done, there wasn't much left for him to say last night unless he called for irar. Instead, he said, "we need not abandon hope or patience. Many favorable processes are on foot." Under the impact of Communism, he said. M thp free nations nre being welded together as never before. But he warned tieainst "Rppcas- ment of tyranny and wrong-doing in any form." This is a hard attitude hut a realistic one. for Churchill has never been a nian of pleasant words In time of danger. Ripening Creation Physician Is Relieved Of State Hospital Job Noik-e is hereby given thai the following is a ILst of estates of deceased persons upon which Letters TeV-liimentiiry or of Administration wem grunted during the month of March IfMO with the date of I he [!ninling- of .such letters ami the name and uf the executor No. 191K)—Estate, of Alice Nelson Lee, deceased. Letters «[ Admlni.s- ti ation is.sued ID R. A. Nel.son of BlyLlicvlllc;, Arkansas on March L'.jbancd forever 1949. the luicouuts. son, Athninl.sli'atoi' filed March 2, 1910 All poisons lutcre-sUrd In the settlements of any of the ubuvc rstnles are warned to file axccp- tions DieiL'to, if any hnvc ihey on or before the .sixtieth duy follnw- ing the filing of the resiicctlvc ac- tounts tatlhiK which they will be fiom excepting to No. ' i kins, il eased. Lr i Orvlllc . Elklns. March 2 Witness tny hlind anil seal as sucll where she also is indicted. Her trial there is set for April 25. Second Leukemia Victim, Hot Springs Child, Dies LITTLE ROCK, April 2—<,r>— Dr. J. F. Pee u'ill be relieved of his duties at the Arkansas State Hospital for nervous diseases May !, it was announced yesterday. Dr. George W, Jackson, hospital superintendent said Poe will be replaced by .someone "who can assist in the training and treatment | T " XVHeiTin"YiTBisma'^k. pro-ram." Th( , chHd W . |S Poe, who has been on the hospital staff since 1940, had no comment on his dismissal hut .said "there are several doctors on the staff who are not" and HOT SPRINGS. At-k., April 2. OVj —Leukemia—a blooti disease—yesterday claimed its second young Arkansas vie I Lin within n week. Judy Eloise Confer, two, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Confer I of Hot Springs, died at the home her grandparents, Mr. ami Mrs. , . istration is-slied to II. G. Matthews, Bhtheville, Aikansas on March 19. 1EI4II. No. 1908—Estate of Sam H. Williams, deceased. Letters testamentary issued lo W. L. Taylor, c'o first National Bank, uiyllicviUe. Arkansas on March U3, 1949. Witness tny hand and seal as such Clerk Ibis 1st clay of April, 104'J. ELIZABETH BLYTHE County A; Probate Clerk By Stella Cain, D. C. that he didn't know why he was being dismissed. He described duties as "ward physician." his Arkansas Revenues Show Gain ior March LITTLE ROCK. April 2. «>f—Ar- kansas Revenue Commissioner Dean Morley today reported March state tax collections of S5.988.280. The figure reprc.icnts nil increase of S596.65! over collections for March, 1948, Morley said. Sandman Burglar HAN'OVER. Germany (.-r>—A German youth blew anesthetics through the ki-yhnles of apartments to make people msiric unconscious while he rolHieci thrir rooms, (he v.eekly mapi'i'inc "Dei Spiegel" iR]x)rted, t wo months ago with acute lympathic leukemia. Fnnwnl .services will be conducted Sunday at Bismarck. Earlier this week, another leukemia victim. James Lamar Tribble, , nine, died at his home at Stephens. Read Courier News Want Ads. BABY CHICKS UcJillhy, Sfnnly • l!uy the liosl • Master Mix Feed None rincr Lewis Poultry •lift East Main I'hone THE GRAVES COMPANY i\EALTO[\S Real Estate - Mortaaoe Loan^- insurance 1>SC£OtA BIXTHE\IIU 1. Removt warn englni 2. Replaco with Ford V-J engine, rebuilt lo exact!*! fa<rory spodficotiou 3. Ckcck, and re-im!all dii- tribuior, carburetor, fuel pump and other MCesiary engine occcssorlei 4. Check ond tune enj!i>« 5. Road test car Phone 521 Phone 30751 ICiug Farouk Huys .Tr-cps TOLEDO. O. 'U.P.)—King Far! oiik I of Eg.vpt has ordered 12 Auicr- j lean .1eerj? in the "royal" reel—ei i to e.scorl the 28-year-old inonai'eh'. 1 ; royal limousine and four to be used i fur soneral work on the royal I crnnnds. Jean B»rthct, budding Parisian millinery designer, believes in adding a (ouch of existcntion- alism Ic his creations. Here, he <nrangc5 a bunch of bananas on tme of his latest chapcaiix. His other lid ornaments include such Bicencry as lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower. i You Are Cordially \\ ( Invited to Visit \ I The i i i I Accessory Shop! | Feminine Apparel ' ; Mabel HoRan Jessie^Srile J Hotel Noble Hldg. I Klv1h«>ville. Ark. Fresh Dressed Hens & Fryers Fresh Country Eggs For Sale at All Times We Also Pay TOP MARKET PRICES Knr Live Poultry Commercial Dressing Solicited Johns Produce Pho.4107 W. H'way 18 PROFIT By Rcadinc} tlij> Classified Ads Kvci:y Day! PROFI Bv Advertising In TJie Classified Columns When You Want To Buy or Sell ADS PLACED BEFORE 9 A.M. WILL APPEAR SAME DAY AH Classified Advertising Payable in Advance Phone 4461 Blyfhevilie Courier News PHILLIPS Motor Company l-'iftli GENTLEMEN: uivr n Mill Hint rfiillj' Ills, lie nirasurcil by n tullor. Now nil Mm liilc?,t s|>rlii|; nucl MinimiT Imported and dos. Di-up ilou-n tu inn- ^tbti;] tiny Uuy of the week. GEORGE L. MUIR "Hlythevillu's Only Tiiilor" 109 Railroad CAMERAS FOR RENT Klnsh or »ox 'I'.vpo Ciinu'ras. Also it coni[ik't« slodi ol' tlush loilljs in nil si/.ts. Barney's Drug Store \Vcsl Main Phone 3C.17 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIM OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phone 2089 Phone 4141 G. O. POETZ Railroad at Cherry Guaranteed Radio Service AM-FM Television Violin Uc|iair Kxiicrts EverylhinE In Music BROOKS Music Store 107 K. Aliiin. Tel. 81 nnn complete BUILDING SERVICE AND SUPPLIES BABY CHICKS •1A Quality • Order Yours Now < L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Cherry Jt Railroad, riionc 4IU3 FOR SALE Concrete culverts, t'i incb to 48 inch, pl.ifn or reenturced. Also Concrete BuiTriing Blocks cheap* er than lumber (or barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, loo) sheds. We deliver C;iM us for free estimate - . illume G91. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. • MEAT CURING • STORAGE • FOOD LOCKERS • PROCESSING FOR HOME FREEZERS BLAYLOCK'S Highway 61 North — I'hone 3172 Baby Chicks • Custom Hatching • Eggs

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