The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 3, 1962 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 11
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CS P n tinr, ™ / ' l° r y ° Ur lnfoma Tte ™?V 6e 1 lng ' of cardin * Is ine suet Frank Ryerson. frien friend if a "y feathere a dog was the gainer. There was no way of fastening it to a tree and the method used - Oh well, it can't be R. did his best. That cute ' dea ' ha vtag a cardinal ?' an JP on the letter dealing with the binls. I added it to the collect' cT/T^f t pass °" to Margaret seefeld, if she ever gets over here again. » » . Sunday, Mar. 18, we had a nice surprise. The choir from Trinity Lutheran church sang for us and then passed fruit salad and cakes to us. Thank you. * * * ' Paul Marlin, kindergarten-age son of "Champ" and Mrs. Martin, didn t think much of having to attend school Saturday morning Mar. 17. In fact he was moved to tears at having to miss his TV programs. * * * Like Mark Twain, who remarked at the reports of his death a considerable time before, his demise. "The report was greatly exaggerated," John Bergman can say the same. It was a close shave for John however, and an experience no one wants to duplicate. He was on a battlefield in World War I and severely wounded, a steel plate in his' arm today to prove his injury. Thought dead, he was placed on a truck load of dead "buddies" but regained consciousness enough to make a desperate effort to get off. He made it, was picked up and hospitalized for some time. In the meantime, word of his death was received by the Pauline McMahon Engaged To Wed , I'm proud to represent the WORLD'S AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE .COMPANY Mrs. June Simpson announces ;he engagement of her daughter, Pauline McMahon, shown above, o James Balfour, son of Mr. and Wrs. Russell Balfour, Nebraska 3ity, Neb. Pauline is, attending 21arinda Community college and James, is being transferred to a missile site at Phoenix, Ariz. .(UDM Engraving) Harold Sundet 706 S. Phillips CY 4-2341 STATE FARlvi MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSUBANCt COMPANY Home Office: Bloomington. Illinois S'.l-JO family and memorial services held. In a few weeks he came to prove the tale "exaggerated." Bergman was a resident of Bancroft where the memorial was held. He is still very much alive and active. * * * When the Dick Mittags visited the Bob Kuhns Mar. 18 at Ankeny, they found Bob knee-deep in wood projects. He makes beautiful cupboards, tables etc., and an unusual deal is covering a fire-scarred bargain-priced piano with formica. * • .* Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rube came from Omaha, Neb. Mar. 18 and drove the long way around, Sheffield and Clear Lake to Algona just to see the snow. Oh, of course they enjoyed their visit with the Wayne Hansens and Oliver Bak- kens. Mrs. Rube is the former Judith Ukena. * * * 'Rabbits may be kinda cute but they,play havoc with little trees and shrubs. Ed, Hagg has had quite a time putting boxes around trunks, then conies snow and piles up so the rabbits can reach farther to unprotected bases. Three times he has had to add boxes and now flowering shrubs have been attacked. Other persons have complained, too, and I remember tales Clark Orton told me of his battle with rabbits who raided his orchard. * » ' » Thank you, Janet Zerfass Veer- ver, Downers Grove, 111., for your St. Patrick's note. * * * The Lylc Steeles are back from a vacation in McAllen, Tex., and New Orleans, La. They were inclined to like the coffee, which I've been told is unusually black and strong. One can get the French style, which is what I have described, or one can order the American variety. About equal parts milk and coffee are poured, I the French type, which tana I down considerably. Tliey enjttyec the shrimp and I'd like to have a big serving right now. they also visited a rice plantation in nessee and were given sample bags of it. Well, you may have your rice. That's one thing I do hot like. * * * Fred Dultott, Ledyard, was here to call on me Mar. 16. We had a fine time reminiscing. * * * It amused a group of women, nil of German descent, when their hostess, also German (Luxemberg, really) gave them Irish favors! * * * Patty Balluff was hostess to a meeting of girls, Scouts 1 believe, and each was asked to answer roll call by "A Sign of Spring." One girl said, "Kids are tired of playing in the snow." Patty's answer was "My winter pajamas are Wearing out." (It's , my patience that's worn thin.) , • •', ••* * Larry Dean and Rocky Rockwell have left the Lawrence Welk show to go on their own as "single" entertainers. * * * Who was it that got adverse publicity for having accepted a vicuna coat? Many wondered, as I did, what a vicuna was, so here is the answer. "It's a.>llama, the smallest one. Vicunas run wild in the highest part of the Andes Mountains and are so agile they can escape the cleverest hunters. A vicuna herd consists of from six to 16 females and only one male. The male stands guard while his wives are grazing and whistles to them if danger approaches." , * * * Elizabeth Libott, Los Angeles, enclosed some clippings in a recent letter. One was of Mae Murray and Claire Windsor, well-known movie actress many years ago. They were attending funeral services for Anita Stewart, also well-known years ago, Mae Murray was known as "the girl with the bee stung lip." Remember? She was a blonde, a sort of Marilyn Monroe. So after an emphatic "Never again", Princess Grace has weakened and is going back in pictures. 1 wonder how she managed to get around the Prince? Fat salary probably. (Later Grace announced she doesn't need the money and is giving it to charity. A fine gesture, Princess.) * * * Occasionally I could use little 5 year old Connie Nash to answer my phone if she'd give as candid an answer as she did to me a few mornings ago. A bright little girl, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Nash. , . •• * * « •'.,...', It is nice when the Auxilinry "Pink Ladies" meet here for they drop in for a few moments' chat. At the last meeting there were Mrs. Dena Boekelman, Mrs. Duane Dewel, Mrs. Emma Dreyer, Mrs. Martin Becker, Mrs. Anna Presthus, Mrs. Pauline McGuire and Mrs. Ole Ferendahl. * * * If I seem a little deaf at times and ask you to repeat your words, blame it on radios. Three at one time, each a different program, is a little hard to cope with especially when they are coming in with quite a bit of volume. * * * Mrs. William Navoichick and Mrs. Miles Sloniker were two very happy women when they reached the outskirts of Algona a few The news editor of the titiM received the following letter •>and while it is not a letter to the editor, it is interesting, to say the least: FROM THE OFFICE OF THE SEXTON, IOWA Dear Sirs: The S.C.F.P.S.I. (Sexton Commission for Public Safety Improvements) wishes to thank you extremely for the interest and effort you displayed in the Case of Algona vs. Cooper held in the City ,,Hall of Algona, March 21, 1962;, * The efforts of Mr. Cooper,in his drive to have the licensing of Automobile drivers done on a ocal level has long met with our approval. Mr. Cooper is in fact the head of the Sexton Drivers .license Bureau and has the first and last) license isstted by that department. (Which was in effect at the time of his conviction). It may be of interest to you to know that we (S.C.F.P.S.I.) have decided to drop the appeal case which had .been submitted to the Iowa Supreme Court in regards to Mr. Cooper's conviction. The knowledge that so many of you fine citizens are behind us regardless of the court action against us is the motivation we needed to 'spur us on in our drive: Thank you again! B. F. "Beanie" Cooper Director of S.C.F.P.S P.S. Our sincere thanks is als extended .to "Swede" Honsbruch a local sundries merchant, wh gave freely of his time and talent (?) to further the cause of justice Minneapolis were there a year ago, she learned the place is swarming the ex-Kossuth residents, there, at Phoenix and other suburbs. Ray Laird and his wife have built an apartment house and •spend the winters there. They have lived at Sioux Falls, S. D. many years. Ralph Laird and Clair Laird and their wives also spend quite a bit of time there. Add to them the Guderians, Livingstons, Willrctt relatives — and I've barley scratched the surface. * * * Know any cases like this? "A ouple who have four grown children recently had another child. When the husband was asked about the new baby, he said, "It's wonderful. But it's h.... mixing a formula again — with bifocals." * * * The lecturer was talking about he crisis over worldover-popula- ion. "Do you realize a woman is jiving birth to a child every minute, day and night? What are we oing to do about it?" A woman n the back row called out, "I think the first thing we' should do weeks ago. They had a ruggei journey from Kenosha, Wis., wner they visited with i sick parents Weather reports around Chicagi were not alarming, in fact on thi normal side, but it didn't take long for the picture to change once they were on the highway. They don't care for a repeat perfor mance. * * * That was a beautiful picture o the Ed Hough residence and should be printed for. commercia purposes. I sent it to a friend in California who was so glad to have it and remembers the beauty of the place and grounds. Dick Palmer remarked that he had qne.o 1 the largest lawns in'Algeria to mow, and no power mower.J-VNo,' replied the other party to the con versation, "The Hough place i; bigger." ' ' - - * • • ••* ; ' * •' .•-''•• ' Mr. and Mrs. Louis McEnro have been at Guttenberg. for recent weekend visit with Dr. an Mrs. George Auer. The men die some fishing for walleyed pike out on the Mississippi, which is breaking up. Well, my idea ol on a warm day, a placid river and from the shore, thank you. I think the men were running risks on a river breaking up. But I'm "chicken" where water is concerned. Unless it's an ocean liner of course, which I'd like to try. Louis and the doctor were classmates at Loras college, Dubuque. * * * When Mrs. S. E. McMahon told me about the little girl born recently to her granddaughter and lusband, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gcar- ty, Scottsdale, Ariz., she said when she and her son Maurice of NEW! UNITED BUILDING CENTER i«* • • • • t • • • < ... is the new name for Botsford Lumber Company O UR NEW NAME describes the progressive changeover we are making—from lumber store to BUILDING CENTER. It means progress for all the community. For we'll be bringing you broader selections, more helpful services, and better buys than ever before. UNITED The mark of a new name for an eld friend UNITED BUILDING CENTER WHATS SO REASONABLE, YET SO RICH IN VITAMINS AND <500D CONSOLIDATED MILK OF COURSE! fs find that woman and fit 6f* her.' Uttssell Buchanan's birthday celebrated with a family dinner Mar. 23. Present were Mrs. Edith Buchanan, Mr. and- Mrs. Allen Buchanan and family and Mrs Carl Wiuff. Dessert was graham cracker pie sent by Mrs. Louella Baker, who has thus remembered the honoree a number of years with this, his favorite dessert. Phase One Of Scout Good Turn Day Is Slated Algona Cub Scouts, under Cub- masters Ed Sindelar and Ted April 3, 1962 Atgona (fa.) Upper Pal Motnc«-*9; and boxes, which should be placed- on the front steps of homes fdfj pickup. Practically anything, ex-- cept newspapers and magazines,, will be accepted for use by the; handicapped. Charles and their den mothers, will distribute Good Turn Day bags to all homes here and in the Prairie Gold Council this Saturday, Apr. 7. It is hoped local residents will fill the bags (and extra boxes if necessary) with clothing and other items for handicaped workers at Goodwill Industries at Sioux City. The donated items will furnish work for the handicapped and a chance for them to earn a living, rather than be a burden on society. The following Saturday, Apr. 14, jeginning at 8:30 a.m., local Boy Scouts will then pick up the bags CAKE Seventy-seven year old John E. Ellis of Knoxville has for the past six years baked a birthday cake in honor of his next door neighbor Karen Kline. Ellis has done the same for Karen's brother, Larry, who celebrates his birthday in,,,. August. He mixes all his cakes by hand. CO-OP 'CREAMERIES 1 WH1TTEMORE 8-3361 LONE ROCK-WA 5-3245 , SWEA CITV-8R 2-4581 THANKS TO YOU YOU ARE INVITED ... SO BE OUR GUEST TO V m Ml AI CAKE AND COFFEE 7A.M. TO 6 P.M. WE FEATURE THE FOLLOWING SERVICES & DEPARTMENTS FOR YOUR CONVIENCE CUSTOM MIXES (your Formula) GAIN BOOSTER FEEDS Cattle ••- Hogs — Chickens PURINA FEEDS AND HEALTH AIDS SEED CLEANING SEED INNOCULATING (Soy Beans & Field Seeds) • PORTABLE MILL GRINDING & MIXING AT YOUR FARM • CASH BUYERS FOR Corn - Oafs - Beans - Wheat • FEED INGREDIENTS • FERTILIZERS Liquid - Bag - Bulk • SPREADING SERVICES COMPLETE LINE OF SEEDS AT DECENT PRICES SO COME IN AND SEE US FARMER'S SERVICE CENTER, Inc. GEORGE PENTECOST , -LARRY DREYER PET DOERNING GERALD THILGES DICK KISSNER DEAN DODDS Mrs. DORLA ANDERSON SAM DAVIS, IWgr. • I ( >': M, •. A ' •• ;'•••' •• '.••aMBa^ llllllililllllllllllllll™^ PORCH-FLOOR ENAMEL Top quality Davis Porch-Floor Enamel for inside or outside use. Withstands traffic wear on any walking surface. Ideal for outdoor furniture, work benches, pipes, and many other uses. Use on wood, metal, linoleum, or concrete. Provides smooth tile-like finish. 12 colors. Save 83e a Quart Regular $2.10 a Quart GALLONS ALSO ON SALE Buy At Many Quarts or Oalfon* Ai Yov Waatyvt This Lew Sale Price. Brush Super-Bargain! SPECIAL PURCHASE! The biggest brush bargain we have ever offered. Genuine DuPont Nylon bristles — hard-wood handle — ideal for inside or outside painting — wears indefinitely. 4 inch size 3 inch size-$l .84 3'/a inch size-$2.09 OAU Save 61* DA-LUXE Non-Yellowing While Enamel During this sale you get a FULL HALF PINT at less than half price. Use on any paintable surface inside or out. Da-Luxe goes white—stays white. Finish Reg. MS? '/» Pint on looks like porcelain—stands repeated washing. Limit—2 cans to a person One-Half Pint DA-TEX WALL PAINT ( For those who want the best here's famrus Rubberized 1 Da-Tex now at a special low price. No priming or sizing 1 necessary. No laps, no brush marks, no telltale traces if 1 you touch up later. • Dries in 23 minutes • no painty odor • guaranteed washable • clean tpols, hands wifh soap and water | • wide choice latest 1962 Decorator Colors. FINEST WAll PAINT YOU CAN BUY -MADE WITH DOW Gallon Eos/ to use rubber-base interior wall and ceiling paint—beautiful glare-free finish. Use on any interior painted or unpointed surface of plaster, wallboard, brick, wallpaper. • Apply with brush or roller. • Wash tools, hands with soap and water. • Dries in less than one hour. • No laps, streaks or brush marks. Choke of most-wanted high fashion colon. Gallon WALLPAPER SALE PRICE SALE! Our everyday prices on Wallpaper carried in stock are less than established Retail Book Prices but. .. during this special sale you can save MUCH MORE. Buy now at... Va of Retail Book Prices All sidewall papers carried in stock included. Not just odds and ends or short lots, but fine Studio and Decorator patterns included. WE DO CUSTOM — — PICTURE FRAMING! SAITER'S DAVIS PAINT STORE "MAKE ALGONA YOUR FRIENDLY SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS" Iwii^^

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