The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 27, 1962 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1962
Page 17
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(Id.) Upper Pe> Mattel fuesctoy, Match 1 27, 1981 •BANCROFT Sy Mrs. Lawrence Bergman James Elsbeeker has resigned his pdsitlon as driver of the Standard tank wagon and will leave soon to make their home elsewhere, Kay.Menke, Ames, spent the weekend with her parents. John Schiltz is a medical patient at Holy Family hospital, Esther- V11I6. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Torine, Swea City spent Friday with his parents, the Perry Torines. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Becker Share! and Pam, visited Sunday with his parents the Melvin Gang 'steads, Estherville. David and Duane McCllesh came for a,visit with their parents, the Glen McClieshs. Before returning to Chicago, they spent several days with the Leland Derner family in San Francisco, Cal. Mrs. L. J. Nemmers is spending several days in Chicago with her daughter, MelVern and family. Mrs. Le Roy Schiltz returned after a week in Rochester where she was with her granddaughter who was a patient of St. Mary's hospital. She also visited her brother-in-law Alfred Menke, who is a patient of the same hospital. Mrs. Gene Fritzgerald, Armstrong, spent Friday with her par- enls, the Roy Schiltz, and helped her father celebrate his birthday. John McGuire . took his brother Tom to Minneapolis Tuesday where Tom left for Detroit Lakes where he has enlisted in the Navy. The boys visited their brother Bill at Hastings, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hertzke s Austin, Minn. She weighed 6 Ibs 7 ozs. ' Guests at the Vernon Smith home last Sunday afternoon to help Dan riy celebrate tils 2nd birthday were Mr. and Mrs. Arlowe Blome and family of Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs Glenn Mabus and sons and Mr and Mrs. Elmer Paulsen, Donna and Richard. * WESLEY By Mrs. Viola Sfuder Mr. and Mrs. Ed Downs went to Woden Mar. 10 to act as sponsors at the confirmation of their nephew, Robert Gerdes, son of the Ernest Gerdes. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ricke were weekend guests of her sister, Mrs. Arden Hoveland and family of Minneapolis. resa Cdllege fa Wtoona, Minn spent Mar. 10-11 in the parenta L. T. Root home. Mrs. Richard Murphy and Mary and John left Mar. 14 for thei home in St. Louis, Mo. followin a 2-week visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Root, am other relatives. Clifford Carlson of Wesley, well known for his work in sculpture and art, is having a one man an show in the Mason City public library during the month of March. He has done busts of his two daughters, Sandra and Cindy in Kasota stone which are included in his exhibition. ' Tuesday Club met Mar. 20 with Mrs. Hazel Gerdes and Mrs. Cliff Anfinson in the former's home, nstead of a lesson the group made 60 tray favors for the Britt hospital Auxiliary. Mary Lou Carman and Cynthia x>ng of Corwith were house guests f their classmate Linda Detmer- ng Tuesday night in honor of the atter's birthday. Edward Cruise arrived in the arental Vincent Cruise home Feb. Carol'Root, freshman at St. Te- 26 Mowing 2 yea^sTarmy In Plrfflasen, Germany, "fig ^ his separation papers at Ft. Ham ilton, Brooklyn. N. Y. and flew via jet plane.from there t6 Chi cage in 55 minutes. His parent, met him at the Mason City air port. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Mlenecke and family of Jefferson spent the weekend with her parents. Mr. anc Mrs. N. F. Weber. Clair Hlldman was a busines caller in Waterloo two days last week. Mrs. Pauline Pfeffer was hostess to her contract bridge club Mar 12. Her daughter, Mrs. Bill Laine' was a guest. Mrs. J. L. Walker won high score. Mr. and Mrs. Reece Martin write from Jacksonville, Fla. that heir son Louis, who has been at:ending Naval Aviation school here, was transferred Mar 13 back to San rDiego, Calif. The Marins plan to visit several southern tales before returning to Wesley. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Recker Mar. 13 in St Ann hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Luther George Ing visited, this womeft's sister Mrs. Glen Wiggins and family e Thor,; Mar. 12. Mf. Wiggins had just returned from a 10-dfly sta' in a hospital, Aboard HOPE According to word received here by Mrs Hubert Schoby, Dr. Rober Horton, former Algona physician will sail on .HOPE, the floatlnt hospital ship, when it leaves Sar Francisco bound for Peru within the next few weeks. Dr. Horton was slated to leave for San Francisco Mar. 22 and will be gone until June or July. Service aboard HOPE is voluntary. The ship will make several stops on the way to Peru. Garfield Hustlers The Garfield Hustlers met March 5 at the West Bend. Fire House. luth and John Ketelsen were the hostess and host. James Zaugg was elected to place the 4-H posers around town. Befcky Banwart nd Patty Banwart gave a demon- tration on being a good hostess nd setting a table. Galen Metzger •- gave a report on the duties of the Louise F. Schafer explained to us hoW a motor worked and point ed but the different parts to us on some charts and a motor. Bol Johnson took club pictures. Lunch was served by Mrs. Arnold Ketel sen. Algona 4-H The Algona 4-H Club held it's annual meeting Mar. 6. Two new members are Mark Conn and Chris Conn; Talked about 4-H day. Sfte- cial activity was talked about, motors. Council Minutes aproved ..Tractor bids w)ere bid submitted by Joe ment for .$2.480.00 wi pened Bradle were and the i'y Equip- It" WM- moVed"and a s S ec a onde 5 d lhat „ '»$$ 8 A B afl be P ' aced °" the"™* 3?2SjSwt** 1 ft fflCe j Sttothers report" &0 ^°* >siot«t cny/ia. and to'bs tfo ...... . *., *• , game fype 6f brick used to build thi Power plant. ...following names were submitted to fill the vacancy on the council created by the resignatidn of James Whitte tnore! Willard Steffan, Charles ttinken and Wilbur Courtney. By ballot Willard Steffan was appointed to fill the vacancy. Chief of Police was authorized to attend Police school af Iowa City, la /S/ Dr. C. C. Shierk /S/ Dav(d A. Smith May ° r City Clerk GENERAL Shierk, salary _ 112.50 Smith, salary 214.84 Shierk, court costs i.. ... 4200 -a. State Bank, W'Mold. 25.80 Advance, publ. _„_* . 72.70 Arweli rat control 23.00 watt Parrott, supplies 7.03 Shierk, expenses ^ 900 U.D.M. Publ., pufal. « ... 08.93 STSEEf Soitnott, salary 2301 Surtis,, salary 20LB7 'rambach. salary . , .. 186.38 lelmers, salary ioa.54 jashbrook, salary _, 17623 fletzen,. salary 180.47 Pergande, salary 237.83 rew, salary 4^... . 13214 iVibben, salary ~,~ 113,75 a. State Bank, W'Hold 104.90 .mold Motors, repairs _ ; .... 2.95 Bradley, repairs i.oo Cities^ Service, gas & fuel 337.44 MINUTES Ige Towel, service ' 3.25 rederick Hdw., mdse. ... 11 75 reenberg, mdse. — i. 23.00 ilton's repairs : . 250 n. Mueller, haul snow' fulten, salary li^uate^^' 1B7.S9 Fisher, salary .....i „„ 132.60 • Hutchison, salary «. . 188.64 Jorgenson, salary t i...^.. .. IDB.BS Mittag, salary .....a*i.«i»...t ,. 15801 Kohl, salary *t-*-.»,..t.*~. 20.00 voigt, salary .. .v.ii.±'.ji.ii"- i78.42 la. State Bank, W'Hold, 185.00 Trust & Agency, pension „_*„... 15,81 Bradley, tires . . f 2 8.48 Cities Service, gaft -i......^._I. -67.28 oreenberg, Mdse. ,ja..i...» Ai .... 16 69 Hilton's sidse. i-...'i....a i so UDM Publ., supplies .......'..-_ 38.00 City Clerk, adv, cash ' 2,79 Tom s Radio, repairs' 11.45 Algona Flr |.g9. 1 g' )aT1 l£j sfylceft 628.00 Olbbs-Cook, repairs' ..L«_ ' It SB ""CITATION North Cent. e J\IL gas lEWER RfiNfAL" 24.73 Sfonbaeh, .salary .i....^..^.. ____ 13370 -emkee, salary — „„_ ----- .. ___ I8o!o9 a. State Bankiiftterest .^..j..^. 319.75 a.-Des Molnes Batik, interest „ 112.60 a.-Des Molnes Bank, Interest .. 90.00 Mrs. Randall, Interest .....,^. ,3375 a. State Bank, W!Hold. ...... 2560 Cities Service, fuel oil _ ___ „... Ho 09 Qreenberg, repairs —^ ___ ...... 2.93 Pratt Elec., repairs ___ . _____ ... 137,30 HfiCHBATlOM " jalng's Plbg., repairs .......... 19.10 Hutzell's, bats & ba Is ....... 143 in • ; DEBT SERVICE ' I0 a. ;• Counley, pension' ------- ; ..^._ 20.00 ". Esli. pension .. ______ .. ______ 75 Jo PARKING METER Iroeri, -salary ...J.. v ------ -^ ^ 244 ,j 8 Hey, salary ......4.. T 34 M ands, salary _____ ..'I " ----a. State Bank. WH61d. ' ^^._ g , years army service and Mr. and Mrs. Geor.e ri£^ .„ a report on the dut^^Tof C- ^ &£&&<%** & ^^^^^^ & %f« a «S ::::: " ^C'^OW/'ALiTiK™ tR - VICf5 Jf 0 "/>»oi//J. Jf* 0 ur'*" D PATR.oN-12-f'.....-. 2.83 5.93 30.39 •LAKOTA By Mrs. Stanley Stecker Robert Hamilton enjoyed a few iays break between quarters at Mankato State College which he spent visiting friends ' at Luther College at Decorah and with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamilton. Mr. and Mrs. Craig Meyer are parents of a daughter born Mar 9 at the Buffalo Center hospital. She weighed 8 lb., 7 oz. and has been, named Debra Kay. They also have a daughter, Nancy. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. George'Meyer of Bancroft and Mr and Mrs. Pat Donnelly of Buffalo Center, v Mrs. Will Bauman was a guest at the Bruno Stecker-' home a 1 Thompson Sunday to help Bruno celebrate a birthday. Monday evening visitors at the Adolph Poppe, Jr. home to help mem celebrate their wedding anniversary were Mr. and Mrs Har old Flagstad, Carol and Paul. Mr. and Mrs. John Roelfsema visited at the Milton Trasamar home at Elmore, Minn., Sunday afternoon to help Phyllis Trasmar celebrate a birthday. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bierstedl end Steve spent last weekend at the Gerald Bierstedt home at Vermillion, S. Dak. Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Thompson and family were last Friday evening visitors at the Howard Thompson home at Bancroft to help Howard celebrate a birthday The Lakota Blue Jays Carder Club met Saturday at the home of Peggy Boyd. Nine members and their leaders, Vera and Viola Huettner were present. The Lakota Acorn Club met wilh Irwin Wortman Thursday. A two- act-play was put on by Lena Gutknecht, Benita Helvick, Barbara Beemer, Polly Gerzema, Ann Hamilton and Gertrude Gutknecht It was directed by Harriet Kruse A business meeting followed and lunch was served by the hostess A cancer meeting will be held Thursday evening, Mar. 29, at j p.m. at the Lakota city hall f film will be shown and there wil be a speaker. It is open to the public for both men and women Free coffee and doughnuts will be served by ladies of the Acorn Club Who are sponsoring the meeting Mrs. H. H. Murray left Sundav from Des Moines for Toluca, 111 for a week's visit with her daughter and family, the Dr. Robert L Farners. Dr. H. H. Murray took their granddaughter, Sandra Lundquist to Fort Dodge Thursday where she was met by her mother, Mrs John Lundquist of Dsnison. Sandra had been visiting her grandparents for a week. Three books which were given as memorials by the Americar Legion Auxiliary are nrfw at th" library. The Aggressive Lads 4-H Club met Mar. 5 at the hot lunch room Of the school David Sleper and Arnold Sachs gave a report on the Winter Camp they had attended. Arnold Sachs, gave a report. Lunch was served by Mrs. Eddie grass and Mrs. Donald Clapper. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hertzke became grandparents lor the second within two weeks Tuesday, toe birth of a daughter to VIKING OIL CO. GASOLINE AND FUEL OIL WE GIVE GOLD BOND Or KING KORN STAMPS BULK DELIVERY SERVICE Station and Bulk Plant North Milwaukee Depot BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS AND TYPES Phone CYpress 4-4266 • For Remodeling, Modernizing • For Farm ^Homo Building • For Ready-Mixed Concrete Ready-Mix Concrete AND LUMBER CO. TRACTOR OVERHAUL HEADQUARTERS NOW AT ALGONA IMPLEMENT FARMERS ELEVATOR Buyers & Sellers of All Grains • Get our bids on your grain before you sell. • Federal Licensed Storage Warehouse. H. Dale Cole or Corwin C. Peer 419 S. Phillips St. , ... i ,.'.': CY 4-2741 Roto-Rooter Sewer Service For Clogged Sewers and Drains No Unnecessary Digging - Guaranteed COWAN 7 S ROTO-ROOTER Serving Kossuth County _ Ph . CY 4-3523 Algona Collect MILLER LUMBER CO. Building Needs of all Kinds LOWER PRICE MAX BARTHOLOMEW, Manager East State at C & NW Tracks - Algona BEN W IBB EN Building Contractor All Types Building 7- Farm and Town 122 South Heekart, Algona Phon* CY 4-2865 (Please Call After 6:00 P.M.) Your Banking Needs SAFE • CONFIDENTIAL i Serving and Growing with the Community IOWA STATE BANK So. Phillips St. + + •••*»+•*•••»•»•••» Cook & Heat with THERMOGAS The Preferred L. p. G M BOTTLE AND BULK SALES GAS APPLIANCES THERMOGAS CO. of Algona Phone CY 4-2841 A l 0 ona \ \ •» The Algona Implement Co. - your International Harvester Dealer in Algona - is headquarters for your tractor engine overhaul. They are anxious and ready to handle all the tractor engine overhauls possible. You'll be ahead of the game, and rest your mind if you have your tractor in •op working condition for the early spring start. Make an appointment now. Algona Implement will pick your tractor up and deliver it again when the job is completed. Included in the engine overhaul is a valve job, piston pin bushings, gaskets, replace main bearings if needed, check and clean plugs, pack front wheel bearings, check transmission level, adjust clutch and brakes, and check tractor. BUT LET'S TALK TRADIN', TOO I International Harvester has the greatest line of farm tractors on earth ... and if your present tractor is ready for the "trading stage", let Algona Implement show you the best deal on earth, too. There's a Formal! to fit your every need, Moving • Storage • Crating We Move Household Goods Anywhere Fully Insured - New, Modern Storage Warehouse All Types Crating - Phone CY 4-2275 POST Transfer & Storage '»«»»»»»» Algona Implement Co. 11 FARM EQUIPMENT • FARM SERVICE Uf MOTOR TRUCKS 111 HOME APPLIANCES '' Phone CY 4-3501 1407 Commercial St, •*• T r tiin >»e General Machinery Repair Welding - Cylinder Boring SPiCIALTY PARTS MANUFACTUREP ! ALGONA MACHINE SHOP [M. C. Oakland w. State St. Ed ERNIE WILLIAMS Your John Deere Headquarters In Algona "The Quality Name In Farm Equipment" On Piagongl St. at NW Tr«k* ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING DAY OR NIGHT SERVICi^THE FINIST IN PIUMBINO AND HEATING IQUIPMINT * tux-Alre «n4 American Standard Fu*n _», aces and Ai* Conditioning **"* FUTO * * INSHfKEHATQH Wttff 4-424Q IN AMSQNA

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