The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 27, 1962 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1962
Page 11
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Bill liulchistttt has been on sen duty In the ar east and near Japan: He Is Home oh a 30-day leave visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hutchison. Asked about the snow and cold here, he said it was about like what he had experienced when he had some "cold spot" training. * * * Mrs. Jt, P, Milder is very proud of her pink-cloud geranium, all the more so because it blossomed so surprisingly and under adverse conditions. Last fall with a hint of frost in the air, she hurriedly removed them from the window boxes and instead of potting, put them in sacks. A few days ago she decided to take a look at them, and lo and behold, there were blossoms. The plants were immediately given loving, tender care and potted. The blooms tferfc discovered Mar. 10 or thereabouts. :'. .;-.;*•• - ."* : ,.* . ....... -;••. Kcnueth Parrish • f 1 g u r e s he would- have 'saved money had he hired the show shoveled around his place. He spent a week in,St. Ann under treatment for an injured disc all because of that pesky snow. He has been cautioned to 'do no niore of it and NO -. lifting for a good many months. '<''.''••..', •.-•••••<!-••* ; • ; • •• 1 wasn't getting dial tones the other day'and phoned repair service to see what was • the matter. "Probably a lot of kids on the lines", was the verdict. Yeah, Schoolwas otit and-after all they had to do something, didn't they? < »....» . *" • . - • • . Some literature got to me too late'for any announcement in the papers, I will; however, tune in on the program Sunday, Mar. 18. ;"The Women Get the Vote" is the title and will be shown nationwide. :As/most women know/women's ••suffrage was brought about by the tireless efforts of Carrie'Chapman .'.Catt','Lucrette Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanto'n. A stamp picturing these women was issued several years ago, and' because of my relationship to Elizabeth Cady Stanton, I have kept a stamp and am interested in' the; history of women's votes. Mrs.' Stanton was a cousin of my grandfather Cady. » * * • Carrie Chapman Catt grew up in Iowa and began her suffrage work here. She was president of the National Suffrage Association from 1900 until the 19th amendment was adopted. After 52 years of hard campaigning, amendments, legislature sessions, conventions, millions of dollars and hours oi labor, women finally had their way! We got the right to vote. • • • » - * *• Re-reading this I find I forgot to mention the old rocker Albert Hagg also found in the Holm attic. A rattan seated affair that folds flat when not in use. How handy for storage. Albert says they use it and it must be quite a'novelty. * * * "While working as a nurse in a maternity ward," so the story goes, "I asked a young medical student why he was so enthusiastic about obstetrics. He said, sheepishly too, "When 1 was on medical rotation I suffered from heart attacks, asthma and itch. In surgery I was sure I had ulcers, in psychiatric wards 1 thought I was losing my mind. Now in obstetrics I can relax." * * * How I enjoyed Garry Moore's "That Wonderful Year of 1909." (How about you Dot Smith, Ray Potter, Bill Barry, Zaida Nugent, and several others I could men tion) What a pleasure hearing "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now," "Shine on Harvest Moon," "By the Light of the Silvery Moon," "Cuddle up a Little Closer," and "Casey Jones," and wasn't it fun seeing those "hobbleskirts" and willow plumes! I minced down the street in a new "hobble" and was so disgusted I had mother open the seams the next day so 1 could take a decent length step. And that gave my green satin petticoat a chance to be seen. An actual fashion at that time, believe it or not! » * * March 15 — Just heard Dick Post is a surgical patient at St. Ann. Can't imagine "Tiny" succumbing to ailments, but such is the case. Good luck, me lad, and a hasty recovery. * * * When I heard minaret pronounced minARet I wondered ii my minarET all these years had been incorrect. Well, both of us were wrong. My Webster says MINaret. In case any of you readers don't know what it is, it is a slender lofty turret on or near a Mohammedan mosque — having one or more projecting balconies from which the people are summoned to prayer. * * * Oh, to have the family circle again around the festive board, and on this 17th day of March, since we are mostly Irish, grandpa Hen- derspn's favorite dinner would be served u. huge quantities of pork bucks, wedges of cabbage, sliced whole carrots and po- oceans of broth! Does water? I know a few Would be glad for the same dish — hey Eyaiyn McDotlgall, Lizzie Post ana Marg Dahl! * * * filll Bflrry hung up the banner which has been used 47 years — a salute to the Irish and "Erin go brai-" printed thereon. His father, the late Charles Barry used to hang it in His place of business, the fec'featfdB pattof. Ml carried on after his father's death in 19$ and since the business was sold, Bill hangs the banner in a window at his home. * * * When Albert Magg walked In the other day carrying a brown Jug, I wondered whether 1 was to be treated to hootch, vinegar, or what. It turned out to be empty. He brought an interesting newspaper clipping on Iowa pioneer pottery and the jug was a product of the Melcher manufacturers, Lowell. According to the clipping, Lowell was at one time a thriving pottery supply center,- ft -ft ._ „„„„„ 20 miles from Buffl^tf'ottVffie Skunk rtvef. A • ,wlds -Vaifety, '8f earthenware tfas'hiarfe biit it his been SO years. Sthfift the;wtfe^g wheel has spttn w&kr\m&)f\<M wares are greatly sought by an* tique collectors, .. ''" •-' .. * i ; * •> r Another elijTpihg Mr. llagg brought conce^rnetl tha BOlft attel* versary of th§ 'founHlfig of "the Frankel clothiHg stoe r at Des Moines. the firm was started-by the late Isaiah Frankel in a small store in tiskaloosa May 21, 1861. Souvenirs were given and Mr. ha$ the fnatch-cfl%tnai. lighters of today were unihdugnt 6f> and this metal case kept Matches safe and dry. It Is efigfilvedpth the FraHkel flaWe. •'\"'$ ,' » * .» . ' ' Another relic Mr. Hagg brought for me to see .was an ink" well dating back to Civil -War, days. It was of copper or brass/ had a center strip of leather, a push button to open the lid and inside th6 receptacle was a glass Well with metal top. An, eagle was engraved on the well lid but quite 'dim and hard to read the inscription, tt . fflnMl<'&$W fittfc ftW Wef Hohf hoflst plhUa MR, Hagg fiftd VmWed," ffott It's Slt<f6ft SflilH'Ipge.aM East Cdl< Ie*g3 SlJfe-etsY'tite -toeation 6f the William 'BatT.Sfv feiidem Alstf a pewter framed hand mhtbf, 6fti> ately deeof ated with raised fldw* ers and the back soldered oh\with lead at various points around the" Recently 1 mentioned name!) Which are alike of people widely scattered and no relation. Worn my cousin Melvin Henderson, up* land, Calif., came a paper which A CUTE PLAID SUIT 24.98 This is; the SUIT season ... all wool and _^_ rayon suits — priced from only $1^98 to"$35.98 . . .sizes 10-16, 9-15, and 14%-20%. All new styles — select yours today. $w$ J^tf^MBWjNgk'i eMlW§fes ft yaiMMM;^^'dMM ^i-J&Mtd 01 jBBKerBireiu. woo.; jw"««jjy"^s. ««*(< Ifi«t w^fe b¥ ! Mr.-atrfiMiPS^Haf^- (••» WfigR.WJid^Aftafflere'Wfif tod-v- teWaMUvinilete A SYCAMORE COAT A iAIGLON DRESS Coats are ALL new — sleeves, collars, buttons, and fullness. SYCAMORE styles are "TOPS". Picture^ is in imported Monterey fabric at $59.98 . . .see this style and others beginning at only $22.98 . . . NOW! I! ANOTHER SPORTS SEASON There's plenty of sports clothes to choose from — all popularly priced — SHORTS — all lengths, KNEE PANTS, SLACKS, SKIRTS BLOUSES, JACKETS, and PEDAL PUSHERS ... all coordinating to match color and style . . . shop here first for the finest QUALITY at comparative prices ... SPRING INSPIRATION The Easter Bonnet Ladies millinery has never been so wearable and colorful. Priced at $3.98 to $14.98 — all styles and just what you want for EASTER . . . hundreds to choose from . . . NOW !!! Wear this style now and all summer — in silk-looH surah and the finest in 9 fit — with jacket to change the look if you want, . ALQQNA, IOWA ntthitwllh thtmtglt -*H't cuthlontd Air Step, proves that a fashion com'fortable. W not-so-high heel and so,ft t6e' m^kef you wonder $hy you ever wore any other^fepoe'! And it's cushioned, of course, with Air 1 Step's Magic Sole. ' , •» /•' » -.,-'/ • ALL COLORS • 'ALL STYLES ' j . ' a ' ' . c 9. ALL SIZES . • ALL WIDTHS 6 ALL AT THE NtiW LOWER PRICES BROWN ALCONA. IOWA ALGONA Phone CY 44371 IOWA a shoe that boasts of SOFTNESS HEEL TO TOE iMfr^: .•"'••'• - :; ^vr'-^f|rtir.vV! : - Fe'eis smooth as s1l|^.|ts, soft as* a vgibveA Unlifl^d butter-soft leather'jylth the stacked heel' you like best Of course, too, the famous Air' ^ you like best for comfort. Tt,» that w/th l/>»mtgl9 tolo—lt't cuthlontd • ALL COUGHS t ALL • ALL SIZES * f AW. WIDTHS t ALL AT THE NEW LOWER PRJGES

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