The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 27, 1962 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1962
Page 3
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moan Athletic Banquet On ,". ^Hf-: ' ' ' ' ' , 3; BfeRNIE SAGGAU The annual athletic banquet for Garrigan high athletes and friends Will take place Tuesday evening, April 3, at Garrigan high, sponsored by the Booster Club. Bernie Saggau, well known col- fldal* whfi Was 6n<s of the state tourney bffte'IalS last week, will be guest Speaker. He is a graduate of Buenft Vista college with fl B.A. degree, and Montana U, with a Master's. He is now located at Cherokee, with an insurance agency. Father Leo Kelm, fofmer assistant at St. Cecelia's parish, will be masted of ceremonies. He is presently chaplain of St. Joseph's hospital in Sioux City. Athletic awards presented, and musical selections offered by the Garrigan double quartet as other program numbers. All adult members of Garrigan'S Booster Club are eligible to attend upon presentation 6f their club ticket at the door. One extra ticket may be purchased by each club member for wife or husband at $2.60 per plate. No tickets will be sold at the door. While letters are being sent to all Booster Club members, any member not receiving a letter by „»„» »-BB-, — accident is invited on presertta- lege and high school basketball of- tion of his club ticket. The dinner Ha 1 UDPOI- 0** MaltlM Closing-Out Auction At Rainbow Roller Rink Armstrong, Iowa Thursday, Mar. 29 7:45 P.M. Complete Line of Men's, Women's and Children's Clothing,of , . . .. The Homsey Clothing Store Vr CAREFREE BAKING V/ PERFECT RESULTS WITH AN... A U T O M AT I C Bake with Gas and be as confident as you please! With a fully automatic Gas oven, you just slip in your pie, cake or meat — set the dial. Oven turns of! automatically when food is done and delicious. Bake this carefree way — with Gas! BUY ON CONVENIENT MONTKUY BUDGET PLAN AT YOUR DEALERS OR North Central Public Service Co 109 S. HARLAN CY 4-2484 Will bd 'SetVed at 6:30 p.ffl. itt the Gafrlgan gyffl. Mr. and Mrs, Terry St. John and Mike, Cafrdll, spent the weekend In the parental Stanley Slack ininliiiiiiiiilini Card Of Thanks - «.,<?* v «.,.-, -**i»$ijAv JB t -.***> lY^i,*^ fci ye* «& t r,,i • ,.',•! fd*hiWfr .TdwitthW M Natffi, CARD OF THANKS We are sincerely grateful and wish to thank' all the relatives, neighbors, friends and merchants who helped us, in various ways of kind expressions after the fire which destroyed our hoRle. Your kindness ,will always be remembered. — Hie Her'inatf Becker Family I CARD OF THANKS wish to thank my relatives, ws o an , riends for the prayers, cards and visits received while in the Lutheran Hospital, Fort Dodge. — Mrs. Nick Gengler. ' 12* CARD OP THANKS I wish to thank my relatives and riends- for- the prayers, visits ( cards artd gifts while I was a pa- iertt at St. Ann Hospital. —-Edward 'otratz. . 12* CARD OF THANKS We wish to tfiank all our friends and relatives for the parties they iad, for us, and also the cards and Sifts we received on our 40th wed- ling anniversary. — Mr. and Mrs. Frank' Flaig, Lone Rock. 12 CARD OF THANKS We Yfish to thank the priests, sisters, nurses and doctor and all he staff of St. Ann hospital for their excellent care to our wife and mother during her illness and fitter icr death. Our thanks to all .the relatives) friends and neighbors who visited and gave needed help and were so generous in so many ways during our great sorrow at losing our beloved wife and mother. Lorenz Gisch. and Family. 12* boundaries of the prttMl*} 4 l 4SH 1Ct "*" rnunity Schoof bulfieHof KossutivCSoniy, Iowa, W be a Wrtflmjeuf- pSftrtWtif ' Itrfe enclosing the following contiguous lands described by flovimrrtertf41. sUbflWIslanl as Loth dreek Township, township '$6,K)orth, - i&<! 30, Kosiuth County 1 , 'lowai All Of Section! 24, 25, 34.'35. and 36 the Northwesf' Quarter; VttylVt) and South Half (S*/i) of Sector! lb, frTe South Half Shi Of StttjBn 14; the South H/lf Si/i).6f SftflOft 13; the East Half (6'/a) of Seetlon 21; the ta»r naif tty a ) of .Section 26;' tne Southeast Quarter (S6%) arid the East Half (L"Vl) df SSUthWBSt ..Quarter tsvVVi) ot Seetlow, 33.' the Southwest Quarter (SW'/t), the Notthwest ' Quarter (NWVi) and the West Half ertne fcrtrieast QWrtef (WV4 M NlVil.ef Settion 22; and the tast Half (£&) of Section 23. Union Townihlp, Township 96 North, Range 29, Kossuth County, Iowa! , All 6/ Sections «, 10, It, 12, U 14 15 16, 17,'19, 20, 21, 22, 23, U, 25 26 27 28 29* 30'*31 32, 33 34, 35, and 36; the East Half • (E'/i) of Section 8; the Southeast Quarter (SEi/l) of Seetlon 2; the South Half (SVl) of Seetlon .1;" the- South Half (Sy 2 ) and Northeast Quarter Whittemore TOwnshlp, Township 95 North, vfcange 30, Kossuth County, Iowa: All of Sections 1, 2,, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 24, and 25; that part of Section 11 'lying North of the Chicago, nmwauKee and !>t. Paul Railway; tne Southeast Quarter" ISE'/,) of Section - 14; the Northeast Quarter (NP/i) of Section 23; the fast Half (EVi) of Section 36,'«the North Half (NVi) of the Notthwest Quarter (NW'/i) and the North Half (NVi) of the Northeast Quarter, (NEVi) Of Section 18; the North Half (N'A) of *he Northwest Quarter (NW'/ 4 ) and the North Half INVM of • tne Northeast Quarter (NEVi) of Seetlon 17; the North Half ' (NVi) of the Klorthwest Quarter . lNv»'/i) of Seetlon 4. , Cresco Township, Township 95 . North, Range 29, Kossuth "County, Iowa: Sections 1 'to 36 inelusi*e. It being .all of ( Creseo ToWnshio; Riverdale Township, Township 94 North, Range 29, Kossuth County, Iowa: All of Sections 1 and 2; the North Half (NVi) of Section 12; the North Half (NV4) of the North Half (NVi) of Section 11 lying east of the present channel of the East Fork of the .Des Moiftes'River .and a,ir that part:of Section 11 lying West and »uth of i the present channel"'of the East, Fork of the' Des Moines River and fhaf part of Section: 10 which Hes in the Northeast Quarter (NE'/,) and which ;lies in a general direction east and northeast of the highway, .which highway extends north,and 'south between Sections 10 and - -11, and which in the Northeast Quarter (NEVi) of Section 10 proceeds in a northwesterly direction throegh the Northeast Quarter (NtAf !.„ of Section lion v'/*/ fc *"" ^^»S2* WSSr yuarier fSWVi) 8f SMfUfli 33! the Northwest Quartef- (NW/4) Of Seetltfrt 34, Prairie Township,, To*nshl(t 95' North, Ranae 27, Kossuth County, lowajv The V^est Half NMYot «j» Nafth- west Quartef (NWVi) 6f SjKtWn 19 and the Wsst^ Hdif (W'/j) of the Southwest Quarter (SWVi of Section 18. Plum Creek Township, Towrtshlp 96 North, Range 28, Kossuth County, Iowa: All of Sections 7, 19, 18, 13, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27. 28, 29, 30 31 32, 33, 34, 36. and 35. The Southwest Quarter (SWVi) et.feetlort 12; the Southeast Quarter (S£i/i) and the South Half of the Southwest Quarter (SV Z of 5WV 4 ) of Section 11; the Southeast Quarter (SEW) Of See^ tion 10; the West Half (WVi) of Section 8; the Northwest Quarfef (NWV4! of Section 17; that part of Section 20 lying west of the road between See- Wesley Township, township 96 North, Range 27, Kossuth County, lowai All of Sections 29,-30, and 31; the West Half (W'/i) and Southeast Quarter (SEVi) of Seetlon 19; the South Half (SW) of Section 20; the South of Pubtished Irt the - , County A«Wari<:e f Alo<ma, Iowa, h 6f fM b6ard PttOBAffi Of WILL STATE OP IOWA com* YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED, That an tastrutflehi of writing purporting to be the last will and, Testament of Stella, Terhurte, lie- ceased, dated September 26, 1 but l:?« attira "^^fj^^-^^W **" ^ ttot mine. I thw l elWfiit'*^i?^« i*h» Wl^H? fh^ ll|ceS8ary ^ correction*' . , s L-IX.^ .^5J having been this day filed, , -n----.-, and read, Monday the«-9$'d«M April, 1962, is fixed tbt .Hfelfttg; proof of same at the Court House in Algona,. Iowa, before the District Court of said County, Of" the Clerk of said Court; atld v at tefl o'clock- A.M., of - the. day t a -, all' ^ instrument should- Hot .tie prdbated and allowed as, && for, faff :fast Will and Testae ment of said deceased. </ vD«t«d at, Algona, Iowa, March; 23,1982.;, '„. -' 5 "Alma Pearson".- ': the "ttlC 11C1CUJ AiUMAJl^v* *•*•**,«•**»!*••*'—"£•«•*•— i appear, ahd show eaust, if arty 1 ' EASTER SUGGESTIONS and so thrifty/too! WOMEN'S HANDBAGS BEN THE MEETING OF THE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION OF KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA FINAL ORDER RULING ON OBJECTIONS AND FIXING BOUNDARIES FOR THE PROPOSED SCHOOL CORPORATION < -• In. the MatteV of the . ALGONA COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT of Kossuth County, Iowa. BE IT REMEMBERED, that on the 28th day of February, 1962, a petition was filed with the County Superintendent of Schools of Kossuth i County, Iowa, affecfing all lands within the' present Algopa Com-, munity School District in the County cf Kossuth, State of Iowa, and involving all lands within the present Whitternore Independent. School District in Kotsuth County, Iowa, and involving lands within a portion o.f the Whittemore Rural Independent School District, Kossuth County, Iowa, sianed by the requisite number of voters In each district, or portion thereof, supported by affidavits attesting to the fa:t that there were the requisite number of signers in each district, or portion thereof, namely, Algona Community School District, Whittemore Independent School District, and that portion of Whitemore Township Rural Independent School District proposed to be added. That said petition, as filed, asked the formation of a Community School District to be designated as the ALGONA COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT and to include lands within Kossuth County, Iowa. That, within ten days after said petition was filed, the County Superintendent of Schools of Kossuth County, Iowa, did >ix final time, date, and place for filing objections and the time and place of the meeting for the Board of Education of Kossuth County, Iowa, for the purpose of holding a hearing on said objections. The time and placo for filing objections was fixed at 12 o'clock noon on the 19th day of March, 1962, at the Office of the County Superintendent of Schools at Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa. The time and place cf hearing on said objections was fixed at 2:30 o'clock P. M., March 19, 1962, in the Assembly Room of the Kossuth County Court House at Algona, Iowa, and notice thereof was duly given by one publication in the Ko&suth County Advance, the Algona Upper Des Moinos and the Whittemore Champion; weekly newspapers published at Algona, Iowa, and Whittemore, Iowa, respectively. These ocmg the newspapers published and of general circulation within the area, in their issues of March 6, 1962, and March 8, 1962 The members of the Board of Education of Kossuth County, Iowa, met in called session at the time and place so fixed, in the Assembly Room of the Kossuth County Court House at Algona, at 2 30 P.M., on the 19th day of March, 1962, for hearing on legally filed objections. The said board finds that all of the applicable provisions of Chapter 275 of the 1958 Cede ot Iowa, as amended, had been fully and strictly complied with by the petitioners and by the County Board of Education of Kossuth County, Iowa, prior to this hearing. 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