The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 10, 1934
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLB, {ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MARCH 10, 1934 •; Social Calendar ! MONDAY'S EVENTS i Circles of Prttrbylcrian cliurch auxiliary ivlll meet: 1,-Mi's. Ii. H. Allen; '.!,• Mrs.' Fred {janrielur; 3, Mrs. L. S: Brtscoe.-st 2:30 P. M.; circle 4. Mrs. W. 0. LcssjcU, 7:30 P. M.- - -- . '-.>" ; Council raccllijg. First Christum church iil'sociM hall,'2:30 p. in. Clrck's W. : 'M, S. Fil-si Baptist chinch, 2:30 [>. ; m. 'i, with Mrs. J.ty W. Crawford; '2, Mrs. Hussell Kirr; 3, at church. ' TUESDAY'S EVENTS • Senior High P, T, A, executive board meeting, 2:15 p. m. followed by program meeting'3:20 p. m. I/.- p. C., having ruvioll inirt spaghetti supper at woman's club. :Mrs. Hlley B. Joins Iniving Xoung Matrons Bridge club. ! Tuesday Conlifict.. .c.lub. with Mrs. M. A'. Isaacs,, '. ' WEDNESDAY'S EVENT'S -Mrs. Clarence Volbncr I',:' Wednesday Bridge club. Piigea'iiV-nt First BapUiA church, T-Sfl'p.ifl... ••-•:•."•;-. • , TH,UnSDAY'S. .EVEN'S -Thursday'Contract club meeting with Mrs. G. E. Keck, .-., JMrs. c. W. AtfJi=.k having Ti-.urs- djay Luncheon club'? •-Mrs. w. l>. Horuer hostesi to the Mid-Week Bridge tlub. .. Uauglifer' Bovn.'• - 'v 'Mr. and Mrs.. 1>. B. W«o:l :in- Vi'ounee th? b'.rlh cl u d;utv;l'.'.ev. born yeslcrdny at l.:c:r noun; on the Varbvo ro^d. 'il-.-- baby svei-^ii.i nine pounds. * * • Dorcas Class LiitiTliiineil. Mrs. Will Kogcr:, vnteilaincO th<Dorcas Sunday .schosl class ol the First Baptist church last, evcv.iv.s in : special compliment to ti'.T nmt::i>v. Mrs. T. K. Shepiitrd. The 17 jiresciu .spent' a delictit- lul. evening in games after Mrs. W. :M. Crow.'president, iiacl eon- ducted the devotional. A^.frui^ salad,' 1 ice b:>x cookies and "grape Juice ' was tcrvcd. Auxiliary.: Endorses' MrsV i Proctor rotvjStilc Vresiclchl. Mrs. HoWvd .Proctor,' testier. .' In ihe American: ./Legion.- ; -Auxiliary throughout :. AtiirKas,' was .emlorieii as a candidate for' ItiiS "office of stale president in a mctuus ol Ihe local croup, yesterday aitcrtioqn when Mrs. Harry W. HaWs -.met .- Mrs. .S. -5. "Sternberg entcrl:iln:il at the Sternberg .home... _ Perhaps no other womiui in the fsUftej-Kas -lie'4 59 many pisiUons ;!n-thls.organiznztl6n as Mrs. Prcc- y-i,br;.who Is now.-.first vice, pr.i'sUent Candlelight By Helen Wclshlmcc I'D like lo iline by r.imlle -liBlH. . . ' I have :i ytllnw drcvs Anil (jolilen linnnlfs for my \\r\a\s\ Oil, yes, iJoar, I c-onfi'ss, Tlic rliylhin of a wnmnn'ri Imii- Alliurs in sliadow-nlay, And lallow sliine i.s so iirrn To smoolh Ihi 1 lines away. I) LIT you, my lord, like 1 ivally Iliinl; yon ivm'l Knjijy n slcak unless von IKIVC Tlii. 1 'lights thai'iiclianl. In iliiys before electric nlovv liiii-li maiden wnn hit kni^lll 1 iiit'ii never saw llicir lovoi', li.xi.Tpl by Bits oj Nttcs Mostly Personal . : -.of" t/ie." state, state 'ftrdlrman,-and pr«3lden: ol.lhc lo- .-c^ group, for the'secoiiij fc-nn. She "ien^d'^s'ifetricv jiebWchi, lor thve< r.'CpasccuUve-terms, .was secretary, 'of HhV-lacjkl..unit fovfoiir .'.consecutive gears' jflid 'has: hold various gthcr Mr. and Mi's. J. Ncal Gewll arc .pending toduy in Joncsooro. Mrs. J. If. LOUR Mrs. J. W. I'rit/.lus. J. B. Lovelt, and Mrs. J. ir. Kjiher have returned from !l;inisb',u-B. Ill,, where they visited John T. Long who is hcadquart^r- 1:1! therf now while playing in un orchestra. Mrs. Wallc/r C!. Card of Wilson spent yeslcixlay with Mr. and Mrs. Vtllcy B. Jones. Mrs. !•'. H. Acton and Mrs. Gordon Wr!(jhl of CaruthcrsvUle spent jvslcrday in Memphis. Mrs, Eupfia D. Bcailey is visiting lallier in Hernle, Mo., fcr lv;o ys. She was accompanied by her useBiiest, Mins Ola Jlosklns, of Hope. Ark. Mia Florence Arlan has as rsl, Miss Mary Lcvlnsky, of C|il- c igo, who is enroiilc to Knoxville loim.. Jor a visit. Slic will retimi here cnroute home. Miss Jessie Srlte, who has been nnlto ill for the past five weeks, is row belter. She is receiving treat- CHURCH OF THE NAZAKESE Kuplu I), ikasley, Paslur Sunday school, 0:45 i. in. B, U. 1MUIS, fiUpt. Morning worship, U o'clock. Kcrmon Subject: "Uncertainties." N. Y. I 1 . S,, 6-.SO p. ir.. Eicnii'!,' service, 7:15 p. m. Sermon Subject'. "Some Reasons Why We Ought To Be a Chris- I-.MI." CHURCH Ol 1 CHRIST At the Church House J. A..Taylor, Minister SiiiBhiK and Uible school, 10 a.m Preaching, 11 • a. m. .Subject: The Privilege and Ulc.ssinsfs oi kliif in Christ." 1'rcaclilng, 7 p. hi. Subject; "The, Awful Consequence ol Dyliig Out of Christ." Kverybody is invited. FIRST CHRISTIAN K. K. Lalijiier, Mlnjslri- Church, school,- a Ma' a:m. Holy Communion and sermon, 1 1.111. Vesper, 5 p.m. All are cordially Invited. I'lllST I'llESBYTEKlAN CllUltC! NE\T WEEK at Blythecilk's Theatres "The Proper Thing" v\ THE CIT1 Teliug tlie Intimate story ot the,Gilbert after a screen separation Ife of a world famous dancer,'of five years, will receive an ova- 3cot-6c Haft's latest starring pic- tlon licflltliiB tlic queen that Gartun: of Paramount. "Bolero," comes, bo portrays when it opens Tues- Sunclay lo tlie Hita heatru tor two .lays. Geoigc Raft, who himself, was nn Internationally famous dancer _ _ __ , before lie came to tlic screen, plays lau Keith gives a well thought tlie lead, in tlic supporting cast'out portrayal of the jealous Mng- arc the blonde beauty of Carole nus who is displaced In Hie affec flay at the RiU Theatre for two days. Appearing in supporting roles is a cast of unusual Imprcssivcness. "Will yon tell me the best method ol teaching children i manners 1 / My children are still very young and I find it harn to foe continually saying "doii't." And ' what shall I do atout their unceasing . queMloiis? Little children who are enchanting are tnosc who have been tuught not only behaviour but the "why" of behaviour. The parent, of lonf ago may have said, "You must do this because I tell you to." But the modern parent who is wise lives up to the modern child's -;.x- Lombard, as .the only _ woman .he . love,*, Sally HM*. . rtartUhg-e.8liic - O f the Queen by Bilbcit; uon iiclions by answering cvrey ques- another .me per- •„,„, palienlly, good-tcmperedly, Ihough no .•subject in ihc faKdancc is recorded in fte .pic-jfornwnce lo his long list of com- world'were more worth-while dis- ture, Frances Drake, as one of his mendable achievements as tlie cussing By this is meant 1-01 tlic partners, and WiUlam : Frawlcy, sage' :Counsollor Oxcnstierna; Eli- imthinking "why" lliat some clnl who plays the rote ol his brother- ."iabeth Young; -a. newcomer, has d ren i-enont like the tick'lne of Hie jiiajjagci', ' • *- • - t *i_-.. _•„!.. _!!.;„ : .- i,,-*. *~—-,.i««. •_ _. ,* , .. • m-rtiiij, VIA mt nanagcr, .. •., ,, v -. ' . | ihc; only oth?r important feminine dock, but the questions tlicv -,sk .'•Bolero'.presents. Rait, m, \\s. f-plc In Ilic plcturp und reveals a because they want u> undei^l-iVid opening ^ *0rk; p ,|itiail tsleiU'.'i'n'd C. Aubrey Smith it k as unfair for you not tV iW T. who }inji' Inrrvd -Aanrftr rinii t^ Au^AiT n »i' «.-- *i,« nnoiiMV lirtHi-. *« „«. i, _ .. ' S. E. Vail, superintendent. 1 1 :00 a.m., Morning worship. Ser- ir.on topic, "Depression Antidote." 7:30 p.m., Evening Worship. Ser- and nient at the Hlytlieville- hospital Kitpert. Martin Crafton, young'" 1011 lo ' )lc ' "P r °"d on of Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Orof- i ! '*- llllIcnt Publican." ton. Is seriously ill at their home f i Hearn street. , B. Ilarlsell ol Jonesboro. ttistric: xilia mnnnger [or the Maytag company, was here yesterday transact- er, who has' turned dancer, 4nd tk excellent''as 1 'the queen's body- v:iio Is avid for fame and. recog- .guard. ); •£ nilion of his talents. _ ' ' ' He Is rul'ljess, crafty and de- "A newspaper story that's dif- (.enniued to'nciilcve success. ferenl." When he meets Carole Lombard | That is the report .preceding llif his plans arc defeated by love. Warner Uros. production, "Hi,' apparently alone but be, and do The tragic Intervention of the Nellie!' 1 slurring Paul Muni, which and say, to the prayerful utmost World, War, ami its effects upon {coiiue to the JUtz Theatre next | oi your ability, what you would ' have them be and do ami think. Young children arc all copy catsl to answer these questions as it would be not to do your best to feed and clothe the child. The best method of teaching children manners is Ih'e simplest •ami yet the hurdest! Leave u\<:m ; ing business with E. A. Hood, local i representative. MUST METHODIST CHURCH W. V. \VoniMk, I'astor Church school, Q:45 run. Inlermediiile, Senior-Young Peo- him and his ambition', lead to a [ Thursday and Friday, dramatic ending. Glenda Farrell, in Iier first as. . . ' signment as a straight loaJmg Every normal boy will try to do Six very young musicians arc'woman on the screen, is seen op- just like his dilddy; walk like him members of the. Page Kiddies Band, nositc tlie star. She plays u flrl talk like him, behave like him offering, a very novel stage pre- reporter whose long feud with tlie when he's inad. und even try 10 tcntatlon at the Ritz Sunday only, ace newspaperman ends in ro- patter his father's work in iiis o\vn The dainty drummer, singer and nuince. Other well-known players " — omedicnne, Mildred Page, is one in the cast arc Ned Sparks, play- Don't Comphda of "Luck" When You Miss Opportunity Today'* Contract I r rol'!em South is d«clarer HI four hourly. True, he lia&n't many ItcXeti!, but thai slioulilu't dlscourngo him from IryliiB lo make his conlrni'l — and ii can bo done. West open* a 1 0 3 7 6 4 • B 4 3 2 • * S3 3 Solulloo in next Iwuo. 10 sas at th'd'' .national .ctmventior Ixjuistlili, Kyi. '•' . -. : '." '• •" • • Tile *clet.UpU will b.o,'r.eid at the stale meet lug'-in'Eureka Springs next August. ':•'• " ' Mrs. Lloyd V. Wise, .leader, presented a program c n Erigtart in keeping ivlth the Fldac tlieme ab this countti- is being Etsriictl tliis year by all units. M:ss Selmn Lenlz gave tUt icaturo taik. on ';Eng!and:of today." Pjtrlciu Wise did a- tap .dance in aii IrijVcos- lume; with (Mrs. Bill Trotter accDm- Solution to Previous Contract Problem Hornersville Society-Personal ple's Leagues fi:l5 p.m. ! Church worship services. 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sermon sm>- jecis: '"The Fnlherliood of God" und "Whal Is Man?" Strangers and'-visitors weicomc to all the services. ,'!. : moic Hum ;t elmiict-givlug bid. because., remember, Weil lias kepi Ihe bidding open, so North'), call Is pniclicnlly the same us ;i Ihree, tu'iirt bid would have been, U there Inul teen no Intervening bid. N'ow, uhcn tioulli bid three cliiljs. lie U LO'iOwint; a nc\v lea- lure [o his haiKl—he knows, that the hiifely of Ihc hund 1:; heart':;, und tile showing ol this new feature is iniKlc with tne idea of locating u homo tew the losers In case there inlglit be a shim. This Is the "Leeway Principle" of Ilic Kim.s system. When NoiUi liidslhrcerttomonds, he also makes n constructive move toward a slum by showing another feature in his hand, and this tun fce tlone safely as he hus R fit In clubs. 6out hnow knows.that he hM ;it least a gamble tor the slam, i r.idr-ni- Tl._ •,,_._ I *-' iw ^ u ' j i ~^- I Hatclisri were In' Nelson Tftinln, Vcrnic ai'.rt Thomus R. Wllklns rarngould Monday on business. Mr:;. Carl Hoss and two children, have returned froti] n Uvo weeks at. Eminence. -Mo. Paul Hay lias come from Spring- Iteld 'for u monlli'.s visit, with his p<u-fnt<i. Mr. nnrl Mrs. T. A. Ruy. HL-, mother. wl\o had been visiting in Springfield, came home wllh him.. ... . . Mrs. flliolt Poston and little son, lillioit jr.. of Prcscolt, Ariz.. Imvb nriived for u few days visit with her iMircttts, Mr. anil Mrs. W. E. Hayes. MoniUi ylhcy wenl lo Bly- tlwvlllc for ;i short visit with Air. Pos-lon's mother, Mrs. W. S. I'lLCRI.M LUTHERAN CHUKUl H. J. Klelndicnsl, 1'aslor . Sunday sclioo Itcaehcrs' meeting, :4a a.m. Sunday sclicol session, 0 a.m. Morning- Service. 10 a.m. Sermon theme: "The New Song Before the Lamb's Throne." Lenten broadcast Wednesday,. I p.m. over KLCN. Topic: "Shall I Mock Him?" Midweek Lenl-cn Service Wednesday,- 8 p.m. sermon theme: "I',' Saved Others; iTHnself He Uamjo Save!". Walther League business, meeting. 7 p.m. Wednesday. Pilgrim Guild meek Thursday 2:00 p.m. Vou are cordially invited t< Ftcv. C. N. CUiines, G. A. Qulmi mill dmigriter, Lucille, Mrs. Betlie Rose and W. n. Sewell drove to l i'.irr, piwg M:;' 1 ^. :?P'd PaupK..'lip'tolS "sans EnjljsUjfolK -ionss-vUh fcrs. .'Mih 11Y WSI. E. Mi-KKNNKY Sctrt'l.-iij 1 , Aincriciu Ilritlgu League Only too often players will com- pliiln of their bad luck, when it really is their poor playing, Slam contracts are not easy lo make- that is why such huge premiums ro ofTcred tor .ilauiA successfully !cl and made. It you make every slam you bid, then you me nol bidding enough shims—you are loo conEcrvallvc. The riay Wcsl's oiKMiln'R lead is live queen of spndcs.. which South wins with the nee", aouth can-see (Hut, if the c:ub finesse works, the contract Is inatic, b'ut lit; must try to avoid iliis finesse if ]>ossible, in case it fiiils. This cini be iiccomplishcd It Wist holds Hie ucc of heaits. Tiir ten of .spades is rutlcd. declarer returning to his own hand with [he n.uccn of diamonds. Another spade Is rulfcd. Tlie ace and kins of diamonds are cashed, two clubs being discarded. The ten 01 diamonds is ployed next. South trumping with the c^ht of hearts, Soirt hnow must lead a small I'.cari lowarrt (luminy'.s len, hoping . rhc 'yajno, .Mrs. w. J. I : «ad- a, pjper on 'England. In the business ic-ss:on It, W iis repbr(ed'thaj:^re unppy'.bcil on the court liotise il^vn. hail .fauen. plant- rcid4edJKi[.iiMrsl.\y. j. Pollard a' chalrniaivthH-wort; Vas bein.- dono in contributing tooks vj libraries and that child ntltire work inti' been done in V j: ca l family, I Mrs. Proctor tola o{ the recent meeting- iir.Memp.-.if' allicdud by aiKlllarj- leaders, Mrs. A. M. V,-?.sl-.- burn told the requlrerr.en'', for child • welfare work and lh= sum o: $8335 ' the treasuo' '' It was announces that the U. D \ C. will have a ravioli and s;>.T-l.f-fi ! supper Tuesday evening at uc. Wo- • man's club. .. ! In the social.hour car... ;l .,(i •.,•-. '. v/iis served: ..<-' ~ ' Today's Mnm might be termed luiiihut If West 1-olds the opHmlslic bid. but there is oneixof lienrts. he will not go" up on i-himco lo make tlic- hnnd and. ll|i:, c nrsl heart. West nwkes Hie you do nol tnkc thai one oppor- c.nvless piny of :i .sinoll heart !.','"'.?' O ' a eompl;lin ° r >° llr " 1)3tl wl'k-li is won in dummy win, the if" "I hearts, uud now the scvei (if hearts is returned. i \vcs; is forced to win with the I i.ce. Now he is Ucljiles,s-if ti, Npncie. Ihf declarer will ruft *' V 100 7 -4 I « A K 10 S 4 J 9 V * K S J 93 2 * C -1 3 2 A Q S G alc— All vul, (l|ieniiiR lea-1— 4, Q. .. .... .. .^— Compliments Briitc, H'oweglicst .AVilh .rarty . Mrs. J.. p. Holland." who wa-s . formerly Miss Aikcn Field shared hono'rs with'. Miss Virginia McCall, of. St. Louis, .housegucsi of JUss ifar)' Blancho'-'OsV and Mrs A M. BUtt,'Bt a '.Bridge party given - jKuntli \V<v,t \or'.h Kiist I t 1 * 2 » Pass i JS* I'ats a# Pass in dummy and dlscurd tlie. loslm (•mo while il the club Is led, It Is :l,t into the declarer's ace-queen j Promised Land Club Meets in New Kitchen . n Miss -Gay Tliursday evening a' {lie. Butt home. ' . In addition .to menibers of the Thursday Nfejit' Briilgc ':Clnb Mmes Riley D. Jones, DMc Crawford Uv Pats a t Pafs I'a^s r&M i'ass JO The North's bid of uo hearts over Tlie I'.omc <ieiuoiisti,ition club o I'iciniscd Liind held (lie (list meet- 1115 in ilv: coinmnnlly i-;uv t.ini; kitcui.i Weilue.Hdny afiemoon .Mr.s. Jerry While, prciulcut. pic siilrrt :iii(( inlroiluci-ri Ml:,. Duf •Moore, the canning ;md gai chalniian. v.ho had charge o the luosrain. Four memljei.i repotted makiii hot beds ;tnci tulrt IISIIK-S. -Th Belter Ko:nt.s chairman oullinc tome of the objectives of tV Bellcr Homes" program (his yea West's bid of one spade is nmcl-.l v '' l!cl1 incl »de (he all-ycar-roiir, ------ , ---- garden. The H points of the pro ir.y tlieir gitcMs by their mother, i tlon -Mrs. J. }I. Fisher. Mrs. Woodrow I tood Fiblier, ;ititl their bister, Gwendo-' CKartes perry, ^(t CoMmanTnar Pop vorn tails, ice cie.m and Mejer- Grabcr aj.d Misses Jayne | cookies were .served. Barnes and TIsha-Smith were nL> Given Surprise guests. Mrs. Holland -won high .score . bath powder, and Miss McCall was presented a simitar gift. Mrs. Holland was showered laneous gifts. A chicken salad plate was sen- '- : •' miscel- Slsleis Uave fJIrthday farty Wanda and : Francclla l-~i:-her cckbrated their birthday yesterday by havin? a party attended by 22 of their friends. Wanda was lo'and Fraucclla was eight cars o!d. They were nsslslcd In eaterlaln- anil fr,-d for the. tai niul Mock, lo i.ricl lit loatl Imme convonictice.s lo the lion and lo iicltl t» the nUraclivenc, of the home by planting anil sliitibbciy in the yards. Ihc ilub voieil upprcilation t Mr. Mooic lUio a:c:«l in ion plelliii; the canning ki'.dieu. Each member contilbiitccl ti was given a surprise party lait \ thing permanent to the kitchc evening by 05 members o£ lils'in a sliowcr ccnrircgalton. I In :hc .social hour Mr.s. Moor \vhen the Latimev luimly re- n.<s!tU(! by her dadglilcr. serv Uirlhday Varly The Rev. E. K. Lalhncr, minister of the First Christian church. lun-.ed from a llicy found thdr home ;irmngecl for a dinner party .prepared by women of the church. A Mrge cake with numerous candies 'was presented the Rc-v. Jfr. Latimcr along wilh a check as n gift from the guests. After dinner rook and olhi-r games \terc played. cake ,'uid coflcc. Mrs. Moore, win, is of Ihe cnninny kllch-.-n. will l ra c Ihosc in (h:s community who c not know the proper method canning friiils. vegelattcs ai meat. Plc.ns are afoot ;or eve faintly hcrj lo have a garden tl Tlnirsftay to attend -sliict conference of the church. Blshoi) A. Mclli- Frank uth.of Houston. .Tex-., was (o bo e principal speaker ;it the co'n- rencc. Byron. liofe ol (he C. C. C. nip at Calico Hock. Ark.. 6|«nt si wee'k end here «ith his niolli- . Mrs. Settle Rose. Mrs. K. II. Davis and children Tnmuiim, Ark., were hero Tues- iy and Wednesday visiting Mrs. A. niiffin and family. Iro. W. E. linycs wa-s brought ome Sunday from the Baptist ospital in Memphis where three ceks bcfoic Klio uudervvent ama- or oiicmtlon. .She w;is aiTom- <juied by her daughter. Mrs. Uilcy viiight. who had remained v.-iiii •r during her stay in the lios- niiST TiAFTIST CHURCH Sunday .sehcol, 9:45 tun. Alvin llolley, -superiiileiuient. Morning worship, 11:00 a.m, Dr J. C. Carney, speaker Jon'esboro Arkansas. B. Y. P. u.. U:15. Subject, "Pre parcdness n ATajor Emphasis c the Kingdom" .Malt. 35:1-13. Evening Worship, 7:45 pm DI Carney, siKiiker. Praj-cr p.m. service, Wednesday, T:4 , thc cleverest bits of diminutive. I ing a "dead pun" reporter; L>on- minily. Mariner . Page, laid Meek, as a fifty-year old offici said to be .the boy; Edward Ellis, Kathryn Scr- recreallon. The little eirl, in the same way, wilt copy the mother she adores. And by the .standards of their parents children come to know right from lUTong, beauty from ugliness, good taste irom orld's youngest saxophonist, real- fiava, Bevton .Churchill, LJoroUiv y looks the part. Sonny Page, the LeBaire, Douglas Dumbrille, Rob- bad, true manners- which spring tiuthful trombone player and his ert Barrat, Kobarl. Cavunn'.igH t.M '• trom kindliness 'of heart from ' ' istcr. the conietlst give same ex- .ibitions of .tlieiv. talent and traln- ig. The .eldest of Ihn girls Is the ccompani'st and director Jor lluj Ciebrge Mceken ' The 'breach of promise' suit" uf (lie century—\vltli' Slim Suinmer- those of veneer and shanie. cry. youthful, which, is- v|llc as the lawyer and ZaSu Pitu mnrlly costumed and outfitted. J as the girl who has .been promised Ranging in , age from live lo] —will open' here ori Saturday^ a! onrteen. the HtVIc musicians offer program that Is a revelation to the rtilz Theatre.' Based 'on .the Broadway stage Sandpapered Kn&s .Aid : i To Insurance Tricjkisters . CLEVELAND tUP)—Hoy,' it feels to-have your shins'J aiid 'knees' Promise Me" it is said MiidpnpercU until the skin .comes most uproarious of the ofr ' ™ s lol(l 'in Common' ' Pleas heir .audiences und-a-source-ot i hit, "Oh, .entertainment (o .all theatcrlto be the .... _. -.._ patrons. All kinds oi musical ui- > popular Siimmerville-Pltts co-star- • Coutl ' here by. Julia ^5elara^no, .trumrtets are used by the youth- ' ring comedians. I w ' 10 pill< l she underwent that tor- ul band and each in turn is an! Shnring these experiences with l - ul ' c to ^ e ^P !1 sang of tricksters jrtist in general vaudeville i-nler-: Slim and ZaSu, in one way or an- 1swjmilc '"Durance compiinies. •alnmci'.t. , , . | olhcr. arc George Barbier, Lueille' Apiwaring againsl one man. who •-•'.;•-. >:.rr'-^.- - •... \ ['Oleuson. Miss Teasdalc,- Dunalrt was Indicted with twc others 'in "Queen, ChriMinu," Jil(jlro-Col<l--Mccl5, Purnen Pratt and- Adriehc • a series of iiiiurancc dalnfo on •—-• -- 1 • . .. _• .. -.. . . jj akc aLi(omobiI( , accidentjjVjjj,, tc5 . lifted the sandpaper -was ' applied to her leas to make her story of an accident appear plausible. .milch-discubsed his- Dorc, the latter said to be one. of torical epic that serves as the re- the most beautiful women in llol- union of. Greta Garbo and John lywood. tut CHRISTIAN SCIKNCE SOCIET "Man" is the subject of the Lcs- son-Bcrmon to be read In ihc Chrislian Science ser\ice, Sunday uoniing a!, n o'clock. The Golden Text is, "Beholrt, what manner of love 1ms the !•?.- thcr bestowed upon us. mat we should be caltai the sons oi God" (I.John 3:11. i- llc ciiniious trom the the following- "What, is "Midnight." Universal's picturi- icrs. Opposite her in the featured zalioix of the fsimous Theatre! ma'l chad is Nils Asther. one ol Guild .play, has been booked for| Hie handsomest lending men. the Roxy tteatrc. Sunday juiclj The story harks back to those Monday. An imposing CHSI ol ] hcctii' days of 1915 on Ihe Gcr- Broadw;iys grcal. headed by .p. I', man-Austrian -• Russian bonier, Heggle. the distinguished English when sill of Europe was aflame. The beautiful Rus-sinn girl Vi'ho sacrifices everything to serve her country in the only way she . knew how snd the cross-roads she Bogart, Lynn Overman, Margaret.] coiws to when love crosses her Wycherly. Moffat J^jhnson.. and | path, makes one of Ihe most ab- Heleu Flint'are also included in! sorhina piclures that has been Ihe ciist. actor, ami Sidney Fox. Universal screen star, arc-' featured iu this Intensely- dramatic story of American life. Henry Hull. Humphrey Hal. lllc und Mrs. Roy daughter, of Sloan and "enn.. who will spend two ureks ere. Mr. and Mr.s. C. B. AncieiM heir son. C. B. jr., ami the 1. er's wife and little son, and Miss rtyvl Anderson were i;v.;st5 al a lirlhtlay dinner for Mi.s licuio Cancer at Scnnth Sunduv. .eachville Junior High Has Who's Who Contest LEACJIVILLE. Ark. — A Who's Vho cOnlrsl iimonp jut:ioi high chool pupils re-suited a.s followt: Picltlesl girl. Dorothy Robinson; boy. Eugene lhi|; nlrsl. Ertna Lcc und Robert KDSC; prettiest hair. La Vcrn Brown nmj Jvyaii Kcnnetl:. best athlcies Bryan Kcnnetl and Corenc Ehippo; icst all round, Corenc Sl:ip;ic Robert Rose; neatesl. L'dn:i and Robert Rote: most .stud:aus Corene Shipiw and Elrio most conceited. June RagMlal Bible is , man. ihou art mindful of ntnv dominion over Uic works of thy Iwnds ihou hast put., all things ut.dcr his feet" iPjaini 8-4-6) ' The Lesson-Smnmi win ' u :so j n _ elude nasbugcs Iron-. tlu> Chrislian Selena- ilcaltli textbook. with Key ' y Maly ".Science und to u,n Sc'rlr)- ,- of which reads. "Man ana woman as coexistent and eternal with ood forever reflect in Btoiified quality the infinite Fatl;cr-.\io'ticr Gi (page 516). ClUiUCII SKCOX1) B.M •'. !•• \evrMim. Pastor Sunday_ schooi. 10 : , m . Thoma ,, Bogun, Sermon, n Her Alone." a.m. Subject. By ;i simple- twist of fate, mem- Irers of a citiict average American family are hurled into a vortex ot overwrought emotions. At twelve midnight on a particular niglit. the scale is weighed with two lives in the balance. Both girls, both have admitted murder. Lore, intrigue and. adventure seen in a long time. The cast, .nolcl. NMh includes Kdward Ar- Beery. John Miljan, Vince Burnett and Rollo Lloyd. Action is the keyno'.c oi "The Man From Arizona." thrilling Monogram \vcMcrn starring Rex Bell which to the Roxj theutrc v.oxt Friday and Saturday "Ti.c Man >.-om Arizona" is the Sikeston, Mo. WED., JIARCH M HIGH SCHOOL GYM COW) Squ.irc Fcc( of Bancine Space. Uoom for 666 Couplts. Btiicfit Airpurl Final. comprise the nucleus ol a picture | moving story of Bell's efforts his likeable but weak-willed from the clutches of the cm- Ihroat gnng, and also to deliver that Is more than an evening's entertainment in Univei-surK iwv.-- orful continental drama, "Madame Spy." . which, opens at tha. Koxy | him safely out ot the Influence o! j theatre Tuesday for-a three days! Lupita, fiery Mexican beauty. n 'n- . j Tlic cast includes Nat Caw. Fay Wraj; ip. Hie title role give.-, j om:i Judge, Charles King, Henry on exemplary' performance iti :< i Sedlcy, Ocorgic Coojicr. James characterisation which will delight-1 ilnrcu's, John Beck and Theodore fully surprise her many follow-1 lurch. The Editor's Letter Box I'coleiLs 'Dumping of Uiibliish (To the Editor:) . roati as well a.s tlic city likes a clean bad: alley. i What would a city man think I of a fellow who brought his rnb- j biV.h and clumped it in thr Mrrtit I or- bade alley? I am Miro that j the 'poor fellow would pay for it. ' ^Business- m «lin s ot u lc ( . hurc]l . Sermon. 2:30, at divan- churt-h. subject, "vf.c ChiircT" B. V. p. u.'s .it 6:30 p.m. Mrs J L. Ncwsom. director. ' ' Sermon, 7:30 p.m. subject .. llle Great Salvation." Bill Iligsiii!-: biggest pe*t.v."i;iinn Wl JI - s - Moiujay, 2:30 p.m Leo and Bill Higsins: most imh- fra Kr mecilng Wednesday i ful. Dorothy Baker nnd Eiiion " ~ Hfulcr; vittlcit. Edna lx?.- ;,nd Bryan KennelL: mo>t Uoiotliy Robliiion and Robert RL-SC' The communities surrounding' Well what is sauce for the goose the city of 'Blythevillc can ccr- . is siiucc for the gander. We have ' talnly tell that spring Is coming I the cur number of several cars by looking at tho .tin caius and I seen dumping .in o;ir commtinit-y other rubbish that has been! but do not wish to take the mat- Mr.v J. \,. WHlKiin. u lakcn lo Jone.sboto day for treatment. Palll X. WIllUlllls ; U |[| H'OJ. Spcnce of the stale highway department were Kiieils of Dr. c,nd Mrs. A. E. Hob:n.son TIII and Wednesday. The junior class of the school presented "Elghtmi u.irat Boob," a 3-nct comedy. »i the Allen lirolhet-.s theati-i Tuodny and Wcdr.esday. Tlic lo'.lo-.vmg students look part: Fred;l .Tulin- .-Say soii, Tom Velma Smith, Lila Maj-.-rs, Specie. Evcreltc Kenr.ctt, Berneda Watkins. Lois Haircl, Lloyd Griffin. James, Adleta Edwavds btid r'vaiik MidtV'.e- P-m. :30 Midway Notes thrown in their ditches, on the roadside, and on their fence row;, Now everyone knows that il i., absolutely against, the law lo dump rubbish in these ditches. The community just north of thc| city would be obliged if the city; tcr up unless it becomes necessary to do so. A. hint to the. wise is Mifficienl, so we liopc it will not happen again. I.ublc White. people would bum 1'ust a Mr. and Mrs. and niece. MK-J E. M. McDim.ild Williams. :it Sikcilon, Mo., visited rclalivca Sunday. The children ot Mr. ;mrt airs. Dock Scxlon have whoopinj cough. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Voting ol Os- ccoln, vlsiled l\Ir. and Mrs. Hill Thursday on business. The children of Mr. :md Mr.s. Hubert Coles lime whooplnc tough. ton. T'lin play wm ilirccli'd Miss M;\iy Eliis. Mr. and Mrs. E. spent the week-end Mo., as pur.-ts of N Hubcit (\ckeis M. in Howard Maiden d Mrs liltle' more gas and carry their junk on to the dumping ground which i just n little ways further on. I We do not wish to harp about this just to harp but the Irash slops up our Uitche.s aim Ihe walcr can not drain off. Tin cans make '» breeding place for mosquitoes and we do not like them any belter than our city friends. We like a clean country Don't V or get ill's Agency General Insurance I'll one 701 GRADE A Raw Milk Phone 14 Craig's Dairy KASSELSIN TH£ A/R" ORCHESTRA SUrls al 9:30 Admissiun Danriiiff 1'cr Coupln Spfctalori, Ea Ii .... S2.80 . 5M CROP PRODUCTION LOANS We arc prepared to advance inorry for crop producttpr, cn- the crop ot 1934 on cliattcl mortgage security. NO Farmers fllfilile for F ciuvs their needs willi us. STOCK TO HUY ami (,'icriil Aitin. loua invited to at Live Stock Finance Corporation Chamber of Commerce Office in City Hall

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