The Portsmouth Herald from Portsmouth, New Hampshire on June 10, 1935 · Page 2
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The Portsmouth Herald from Portsmouth, New Hampshire · Page 2

Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE PORTSMOUTH, N. H. HERALD. MONDAY, JUNE 10,J935. OPEN OGUNQUIT PLAYHOUSE ON FIRST OF JULY Ubby Holman will play in "Accent On 'South" the first week of the season at Waller Hartwig's Ogunquit Playhouse Jn Maine. The season begins July 1. Miss Ho!man will remain as a permanent member of the company. On July 15 Mr. Haruvig will revive John Galsworthy's "The Silver Box", by special request of Ethel Barrymore, Tvho \vill be seen as Mrs. Jones. A play by Frederick Jackson, "Murder V.'Jih Pen and Ink." will be tried out, with Florence Reed as the star. Alexandra. Carlisle will be a guest for two week.s. appearing in "Oliver Oliver" r.r.d "Criminal R: Large." There is to be a r.t-'.v play, as yet unspecified, with Violo: HeminR as leading actress. Fritz! Scheff will be seen for a week, the piece to be announced later; Mitzi Green will play in "Jane's LeR.icy." a new comedy by Eden Phillpott. The letter's comedy, "The Farmer's Life," •will also be done. The company includes Daisy Atherton, Edward Emery, A. J. Herbert, Howard Phillips, Ernitn Lascelles. Sliano Eraggioiti. John Drew Colt, Lysia Bernard, Joseph Curtin, Frank Roberts. Cecile Wulff. Lydia Fuller, Car! Reed and R. Henry Handon. BRESNAHAN BEAMS AT IOWA'S SOPH TRACK SPEEDERS Iowa City—George Bresnahan is rubbing his hands a$;ain—and _ that means trouble ahead for other western conference track coaches. There's good reason, too, lor the BIG SISTER MUSTT4T OFFER WVOCH . I'VE COME /X LONG \MJXV TO SEE HIM. DON'T : D- .' LOOK. TOO WELL FIXED! LOCV<S UKE QUICK. KAONEV NAIGHT DO TME. TR1CVO »FVOUU- COME I'LL. CAUL. HIM \N1 FROM THE. ITS TO VOUR FATHERS INTEREST THAT "X see. HINA SUCK LOOKING .. HAVE. VJVTH OAO? IMMED1 ATE.LV BY K\AXJMG HIM SUSPICIOUS ! by PAUL ROBINSON tTTAKETT ALLSET,MEI,-. HERE COMES TWS IS ~IH& (30UTE SHE SAID HE'D USE— HE/OU6Hr 10 BE ALONG AW MINUTE — ir HE HALT— LET trap /aid by CORNS REMOVED BY CASTOR OIL MY rnodbre to d»n<TOUi raxori »n<J clumir mrn- |..iih. A new liquid "lied NOXACORN ontto piln In ul m-ondi. Drlei UP corn »o It never couin tmr*. fnntaliw Dur» ciiior oil, iodln* nod corii-aiolrln. A^olmeljr i»f«. PMT direction* In cTer? pv<**r«- 3V Imltlt ww untold ml»tn, OrVKCUt r»turp» yuuc miwy If NOXACOKN fall* t* I'l.Vf ffJ.l.VI IriUOVC fcpjklndvfcTnBrciIiiH, ' > fAgJi la.'J if fcj CASH and CARRY PAPER BAGS, OYSTER PAILS, PAPEE NAPKLNS, PAPEB CUPS, SI RAWS, ICE CREAM CONES AND BOXES, KITtUENWARE. HOTEL and RESTAURANT SUPPLIES. PAY CASH and PAY LESS Portsmouth Paper Co. 126 Market St, Portsmouth, N, B. Telephone 83C-B W« Deliver GOOD INSURANCE Is no 4 , cheap. Cheap Insurance Is not good. It Is economy In the long run to patronize your local agent. THE COOK AGENCY Kitten, He. You intenitf arc ran Our bat •erviee U roan Bresnahan glee. At least six University of Iowa sophomore sprint stars can do the 100-yard dash in 10 seconds or less. Two had high school marks of 9.7. All of which means another great Hawkeye track team is in the making. The Iowa coach appreciates the valuable points those boys can score !in a dual meet, but it's the spring relay meets he looks to with glistening eyes. He sees new marks lor Iowa 220, 440 and mile relay teams. Bresnahan Is particularly eager to regain the miie mark at the Drake relays. For 15 years Iowa held the record of 3.16.9, only to lose it last year to a quartet from the University of California, Los Angeles branch, who clipped a full second from the time. Four Iowa sophomores race the quarter at near -.50 flat indoors. Van Phillips, an Iowa City lad, recently touched 50 seconds even to break the Hawkeye indoor mark. Others nearly as fast include Andrew Dooley, ol Centerville; Eugne Skinner, Omaha negro, and Claire Briggs, a rangy Atcheson, Kas., colored boy. To give the team necessary experience, Bresnahan has Capt. Beraie Page, who does :« or better outdoors, 1 HOLD MEMORIAL SERVICE ON NEXT SUNDAY Why Not Have Your Radio Looked Over And brought up to the mlnut* By expert workmen? No fix—no charge on radios, cleaners, motors, generators or any electrical device. Byrns Auto Electric Co. Church A Porter Sts. Rear of Postofflce CEMETERY MEMORIALS SMALLEY, DA VERIO, LYONS, Inc. Successors to Smalley, Hobbs & Hunter Largest Floor Display in N. H. Write in for displays 5 Signal St. Tel. 228 Rochester, N. H. NORMAL STATIONS On Sunday, June 16, the annual Odd Fellows memorial services wil] be heW by the lodges here. There will be a parade, with Canton Senter, No. 12, P. M., as escort, and members of the two Rebekah lodges and other bodies in the line o' march. The members will go to the Methodist Church, where Rev. Philip S. Nason will preach th« sermon. . \\HEB 4 —Dance tunes 4.15—Girl Scouts ! 4.30—Modernistic melodies i 4.45—Janet Lee, organ 5—Afternoon musicale 5.15—Birthday Man 5.45—Story hour 6—Musical moments 6.15—Ball gim-e 8—Hits of the day- Tuesday . . • 10—Devotions I 10.30—Program resume and weather report 10.35—Helen Porter 11.30—Homemaier 11.45—Ellen Do* 12—Farm flash 12.15—Luncheon program 12.30—Master's music room 12.45—A. P. Langtry 1—Band program .1.20—Herald news . flashes . 1JO—Salon musicale 1.45—N. H. Farm Reporter. 2—Reminiscences 2 JO—At the console 2.45—Devotions 3.15—Afternoon symphony 3.30—Sunshine for Shut-Ins TCGOSLAVIA TOTALS FARM DEBTS (By Associated Press) Belgrade—Yugoslav farmers owe $151,460,000 says the ministry of agriculture 'but they will not have to dodge collectors until September when the moratorium on peasant debts expires. It was estimated that, In 1932 peasants were behind $8,640,000 :n interest payments. Funeral Service CM. IBM BOSTON a SUJNE TRANSPORTATION CO. Portsmouth Division Change In Schedule Effective April Z8.13J5 Eastern Standard Time Main (Rye) Line Week Days Except Holidays No Service on Sunday! or Holiday* I,v. Portsmouth for Rye Beach P. O.— C;00, 57:00 », m.. 12:05. S2:00. 4:05 p.;m. Lv. Rye Beach P. O. ror Port»nioutli— 6:30, S7:45 u. an.. 12:28, S2:41. 4:30 p. m. PORTSMOUTH PLAINS & CHRISTIAN SHORE Week Days Except HolJdayi LT. Market Squ»ro via Middle St.—7:05. »:05. 10:05, 11:05 a. m., 12:05, 1:05. 5:05, 3:05, 3:35, 4:05. 5:05, K7:05, 8:05, 9:05 p.m. Lv. Market Square via Christian Shore— 5:30, 6:35. 7:35. 10:35. 11:35 a. m., 12:35. 2:35, C3:30. 4:35. 5:35. 8:35 p. m. Sundays & Holidays Lv. Marke: Square via MIclclH St.—11:05 l. m.. 3:05. 5:05. 8:05 p. m. Lv. Market Square vin Christian Shore —9:05 a. m.. 6:05 p. m. PORTSMOUTH t TORK BEACB Dilly Except as Noted Lv, Portsmouth Railroad Sta, for York Beach—-3:00. K3:10. 4:07. K6:52 p. m. Lv. York Beach for Portsmouth—X5:25. 11:04 a. nu H6:34 p. m. BOSTON It PORTLAND Dally LT. Portsmouth R. R. Stv tor Oguo- qult. Wells, KenDeounk, BlddeJord & Portland—9:21 11-07 «. m.. 2*7. 4:07, 6.52 H3:22 p. m. Direct connection at Portland on 8:22 n. m. and 2:07 p. m. for Lewistcn, Augusta, waterville and Bongor. Direct connection at Portland on 11:07 a. m. and 4:07 p. m. for Brun.swlct, Bath, Wlscasstt. Waldoboro and Roci- lond. Lv. Portsmouth R. R. Sta. for Hampton. Newburyport. Everett and Boston — 8:43. 11:3» *. m_ 1:43. 1:58. 6:58. H8:58 D. m. Direct connection at Ecston OD All trioa for points south and west. References:— S—School Day* onU. K—Saturdays only. Q—Via Sbor* to Gar*** except Bat. • —Week days except Sat, X—WeeK days except Holiday*. H—Sunday* and Holiday* only. , Phone Portsmouth 33. 1 . , H. E. RAMJ8DELL. Supt. S—Kay Foster? songs 5.15—Adventures of Grandpa Burton 5.30—Alice in Orchestralia • 5.46—The Mind at. Peace 6—Variety 6.30—Lum and Abner 6.45—Thomas Burgin, political talk 1— Mixed chorus 7.15—Black Chamber, drama '. 7.30—Variety revue ^45—Uncle Kzra, 8—Richard Himber's orchestra 8.30—Gladys Swaithout, mezzo soprano; Margaret Speaks, soprano; mixed. chorus 9—A & p Gypsies; Ramona, soloist 9.30—James Melton, tenor; Frances Whit«, soprano 10—The Lu'.laby Lady; male quartet 10.30—Max Baex, music, drama n—E. B. Ride'ou: n.20—Jesse Crawford, organist 11.30—Leonard Keller's orchestra 11.45—The Hooiingiiams, WNAC 5—Patti Chapin, songs 5.15—Baseball pointers 530—Jack Armstrong, sketch 5.45—Cosmopolitan quinlet 6:30—Rhythm Round-Dp 6.50—Modern Minutemcn, spenker 7—Jus; entertainment 7.1o—Just Plain Bill 7.30—Frascine and Her Whalers 7.45—Boake Carter 8—Talk on Taxes, Reginald W. Bird 8.15—Musical moments 8.30-^Pick and Pat, drama, music 9—Ruby Newman's Quartet 9.15—Variety 930—Block and Sully, comedians; Gertrude Nieseu, soloist 10—Corncob Pipe Club 1030—Vocalists KJ.45—Musical rhymesters 11.15—Joe Smith's orchestra 11.30—Varieties 11.45—Dick McGinley's orchestra . 12—Bill Hogan's orchestra 12,30—Luigi Romanelli's orchestra WBZ 5.15—New England cgricullure 530—Singing Lady 5.45—Childhood playlet 6—Weather forecast 6.15—Ivory Stamp Cl-jb 6.30—Press-radio news 635—Bradley Kincaid, songs 6.45—Lowell Thomas 7.15—Tony and Gus, sketch 7.30—Hank Keene's music 7.45—Dangerous Paradise, love drama < 8—American adventure, drama 8.45—Boston municipal talk 9—Minstrel show 9.30—Dramatic sketch ! 10—Ray Knie-ht's Cuckoo Clock I 11—Weather forecast 11.05—Huphie Barrett's orchestra 11.15—HJ.'jrJ Sr^m's orchestra 11.22—Ink Spots Quartet 1130—Ray Noble's orchcsu-a 12—Shandor, vioiinst 32.0E—Henry King's orchestra 1230—Joe Rines 1 orchestra MODERN PITCHEKS LACK VARIETY, IS SAD SAM'S CHANT Chicago—fat-cause variety doesn't seem to be the spice of 8 young pitcher's life nowadays Sad Sam Jones. venerable White Sox f.inger, is sadder than usual. The 43-year-old star doesn't have w> worry for a while yet about upcoming '. ' piichers pushing him off the scene, for ' he has been a big factor in the Sox' 'sensational early-season spurt. But i he is a bit concerned at the tendency jo' new rookie slab stars to concentrate , on one particular delivery. "In this matter of bearing down on one style of ball the current opstarte are different from what they were "way back when I broke in;" says Sam. "In my salad days incoming pitchers strove more thwi anything else for variety—E lair sort of mastery over a number of different deliveries. "Now they come up with all their attention centered on thromng a- 'better' sinker than anybody else—or a better slider, or a better screwball I think ltd: | be easier on their arms—though per, haps exercising then- minds more—if I they paid more attention to studious-, blending of their talents. "If you're going to endure in this business you'll have to learn, sooner or ; 1 uer, to do a lot of pitching with your head. Why not learn it sooner? Most of the young pitchers coming up now: also fail to study batters as they used to. They leave most ol this important •work up to the catchers." DOG RECEIVES MEDAL i (By Associated Press! Pairtia,ven, June .8—Schlitz. a Ger- I man shepherd dog, wci-e a 'Silver pin • last night in token of his .regular attendance at Girl Scout meetings. •On ihe nights the Scouts meet, E. J. Quinn family said, Iheir "fa;rly dances with joy" at the pro.- of attending. The dog, accomp^ by h!s mistress, Margaret Quinn, .:er cousin, Shirley Bogue. has .ained an attendance mavk of 85 :cnt for tne last year. The pin was presented at special ^monies. P.sad Tne Tieraifl Aon- the pet .n:ed and at- THE REAL DRIVER ^ 1— Keeps His Mind on Hw Driving—DO YOU? At thirty miles an hour, an automobile travels forty-four feet in .one second. In this short period<of time,, lower speeds, a serious accident -can occur if the 'driver is momentarily inattentive. You owe it to yourself, and to those whose lives may depend upon your •skill as a imotorist, *o keep your mind on your driving and 'be alert at all times when .behind the wheel. English consumption of fresh fruits reached a new high record of 95 pounds a person in the last year. I Orange consumption in England was j 24 pounds and bananas 12 pounds a person. | i I PORTSMOUTH TRUST & GUARANTEE COMPANY A Savings Bank Also acts as Trustee of Estates and Funds Hon. John H, Bartlett, President Wm. J. Cater, Vice-President Willis E. Underbill, Treasurer NEW HAMPSHIRE BANK BUILDING A circus would not be complete if. there were no elephants in it. therefore the Sparks-managed Downie Bros. Circus have exerted every effort to obtain the best herd of pachyderms available. The elephants they I have and which will be seen here Sat. ! June 15 are admitted to be the smartest performing elephants in the American "circus today. They have been under the capable training of Miss Ella Harris, who puts^ then: through their paces for the circus. Pictured above is Teddy, who has the longest tushs of any known elephant and-Tena and: Babe, two tight wire walking elephants. George, the riding A complete and splendid array of Shuford and her wild and domastic animals fill the spacious zoo, the doors of which are opened one 'ful! hour in advance oi clown; Marion thirty dancing' horses; the Plying Brocks, daring and sensational trapeze artists; Billy Siegrist, tight and slack wire artist; circus starting time in order to allow j Frisco's Seals, 'the HaianH-ng and mn- thc circus visitor amp'e time to in-lsical entertainers; the Carlos Carreon sptct the ironders within the lighted, | world's champion high jumping stal» well ventilated dens. Lions, tigers,! lions; hundreds of aerialists, aero- leopards, pumas, emu, jagna^ camel,'bats, gymnasts, performing horses and zebras, kangaroo and an elaborate dls- ' ponies and an array of the world's play of rare and beautiful birds. i funniest clowns. The opening spectft- 1 The cast of the 1335 presentation :s \ cle "A Cavalcade of Splendor" brings headed by Bill Cody, popular cowboy I the show up to the standard set by scrsen star; then, there is the Hanne- the vetsran Sparls over almost a half j ford" family ol bariback rider* with century as circus impresario. GOLDEN ROD KISSfS 4 - at Ycrk Beach, Maine NOW OPEN Try our NEW LUNCHEONETTE Choice Candies Soda Grill SWAMPSfOTT- MASSACHUSETTS * Ptrrtiluon the Ocean* \ i Nc«rtfc ^hunOi farau»»H MMM hotel Ided. «UMide «nd coantr}- inwiwMl . . . hmhb^vii^. mk «c« breezes. Coif . . private MWbglMIHll . . <H>cni«OMUII ! " —" — ' - ! ettitlnc .. Kccuible 4* Uitarfe i Ibtc* •otuidanUe. .. Sooklcl Oemnl Kcnwljr, Pmnidenl _«~-.-. ^^

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