The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on June 28, 1920 · Page 4
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 4

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 28, 1920
Page 4
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THE DES MOTNES KEGISTER: MONDAY MORNING, .TUNE 28, 1920. nnfFRRS RNTRR STATE GQLFMEET STARTING TODAY MORE THAN 300 FORMER CHAMPIONS SEEK TITLE AGAIN Competition to Be Unusu en; ally Keen This Week... fOBMER BTATE GOLF CHAMPIONS. iOI K. H. Unklilne. i Warren Nlrkliiaon. 1 (MKU-n iTrii IMrk Ineoli. "iilWM H. H. Fergneon. .?'n IwiA -H. H. e-ecgiieon. , ISoa Arthur iorlon. '' -Ittin H. H. Ferguson. ' B. K illHnl. lvuS M llllajn MieWian. ' isin Halnh Klner. i 10 1 1 William hrhan. Sri ll 2 U'lllbuun Misoham. 11 Roland l. Harrison. 1 U 1 4 A rl nArllMt -l.tia IV1A Arthur Bartlrtt. .'A 1016 Mallaee k. roves. l.k IIJ Arthur . Bartjett. 11.18 Arthur 1rllrtt. ,; ltl Kobert MHnr, -er: Ths twentieth annual Iowa, state folf tournament will open at 6 o'clock this morning, when two of the players entered In the tourna-'rhnt are scheduled to tee off In the qualifying round of eighteen holes over the Des Moines Golf and :'Country club course. From that time until after 6 p. ' tn. pairs of qualifier are carded to tart out at intervals of five niln- . utes. The entry list is by far the larg-' est that has ever been recorded for fan Iowa tournament. Although f Secretary James Wi Hubbell had not made a complete check of the ''entries last night, he announced f fhat they numbered more than 300 fbwever, many of those who have jB.n.tered did so merely to help the ause along Bnd will make no attempt to qualify in any of the flights. Announcement was made yesterday that golfers whose names were not published In the list of entries in The Sttnday Register may report to Jack Welch, the starter, In person or at telephone Drake 486. and they will be supplied with partners to make the round, flayer who find It Impossible to start at the time they are scheduled may make arrangements to play at. another time In the eame way, but all r urged to follow the time schedule so far as possible. Comix'tit.lon Burn to Bfl siren. Competition in the coming tournament promises to he unusually keen. Several former state champions are entered. Robert McKee, the young Orand View crack, who holds the title as well as the trans-Mississippi championship, will be hard to dislodge from his honors, judging by the way he has been playing during the past week. He has been playing near par golf in spite of the fact that he has had a little trouble with his ten shots, and par golf on the Country club course means more than on most links. Arthur Bnrtlett of Ottumwa, a four time tltleholder, also Is In good trim. . Then there are Ilalph Rider. Frsncls Dickinson, Jlin Hubbell, Rudolph Kneppor, O, Decker French, Carl J'lnt'ho, Fred McClaln, Clark Tllden. Yates and Ted Psvsenr, A. K. Burnett. Kenneth MHcdonald, R. O. Harrison, B. F. Grlswold and two rimen more plavers who may cut Into the play an! upset some of the favorites, nnrtlctt Gets Ixtw.Hcor. The sixty-four players with low medal scores In today's round play another eighteen hole qualifying round tomorrow, but the others will be paired tonight In the leaser flights. The pairings In these flights will be announced In Tuesday's Register. All day yesterday the Country course was crowded with players practicing for the Inurnsment. The lowest score reported was a 73 by Arthur Bsrtlett. Bob McKee shot s 74. Ralph Rider had a 76. and Vates Tavseur, Ted Payseur and it..'kw.n u n .1 a n Aaph Par lor the course Is 71. FREFfmT0WILL . FIGHT HARRY WILLS IN NEW YORK SOON NEW YORK. June 27. Heavyweights Fred Fulton and Harry Wills will meet In the first bout of Importance under the new law permitting boxing contests In Now vnrk This announcement was made here tonight by the International Bportlng club which has matched the pugilists for a flfteeti-rounrl contest. Under the terms of the agreement Fulton will receive $26,000 and Wills $10,000 without any percentage or bonus. It Is the present Intention of the club to limit the spectators to members of the organization. While no definite date has been announced. It is understood the contest will be held about the middle of July. It Is estimated that the winner will be given an opportunity to face Champion Jack Dempsey later in the year. S7 PAUL SETS A. A. ATTENDANCE RECORD ST. PAUL, Minn., June 27. Bt. Paul has set a new American association record as a drawing card on Its recent road trip., In eighteen days In five A. A cities the Saints drew 65.846 paid admiSRlons In spite of the fact that at Indianapolis. Louisville and Toledo the weather was almost unbearably hot. Here are the figures: Indlanapolla. 4 days . ,. 8. UK Louisville. 4 daya 8. 0GR I'oluinbua, 8 dava 8.814 Toledo. 4 daya , 18.7711 Milwaukee, 3 daya 20,703 Total for eighteen days 88,840 Average attendance 8.074 INDIANAPOLIS GETS TWO INDIANA GAMES BLOOM INOTON," Ind., June 27. Indianapolis 1b to see two big football games next autumn the Northwestern-Indiana game. Oct. 31. and the Notre Dame-lndlana game, Nov. 13. The Northwestern game was scheduled for the capital city last winter, but It was only this week tnat E. O. Stlehm, director of athletics at Indiana, announced that the Irish contest would be played there. The Notre Dame game was originally scheduled for . Bloomlngton. ATLANTIC, CTMBERLANT), 1. ATUAiNTIC la, June 27. Atlantic rla-faated Cumberland In a good gama on i ha lattar'a ground Saturday by a score 2 t 1 Tha score: . R- H- ? Atlantic 0OOI0001 0--2 1 Cumberland . . . 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 01 8 8 Dahlberg and Anderson; Mahon and ffarrtso t. I'MOSf GIANT. CTE, 0. L'TE, la . June 27 Gllkeraon a t'nlen fllants blanked the home club here yeater-lav. Smith's pitching wa the feature. Clanta ".0 0 2 0 0 0 2 2 S 10 t vie n ooooooo o a l Smith and Turner; Uarger and Ulmoue. Baseball Figures WESTER I.EAOCE. W.I,. Pet. I W.I..P. Tula ....41 an .7:iOle'a Oty atlU.Wn Wlc-Mla . .7 1:7 ..'!- Omaha . .OT .loplln . . Hi n .271 u Molnta SiJUH.'nn 81. Jot. . 8 III ..-CH; Klnux iy Ii.l44.8t3 TBSTERDAY'H RICHLI.TH. Wlrhlta 7: Oklahoma f Ity .. 3 Tulaa ; .loplin 4 Omaha 9-2. Ii.a Moines tl Bloux City 1. Hi. .loeeph " C A. MBS Till) y Wlrhlta at Ok. cit vines M. at Omaha. Joplln at Tula. Ml. Joe at Son C ity. I AMERir.VNI.FAil E. W . I.. Pet. I W t..P't. rievalaa' 4(1 71 . r,M Bolton . . . New York. 41. 2 .MUSI. I.OU1 rhlrago.. H.'. W ..VMllielroll . W himton 31 M M4 Hhlleadl. .If. Ml lil 40 .84 III47 .234 YESTERDAY'S ItEHULTH. e w Tnrk 7 ; Hosier. S ttaahlngion T; I'hlkilelphla U levl;in-t 4; ''hiraso 1 Mt. Louli 8; Lnrnlt 1 CAM ICS TODAY. rirvl. at St t.miirti I'hlruan at patroif I nlla. at W aahln.N otnura acnruuiou NATIONAL I.KAOl'R. W U .I'M W J-, frt. rnclnnatl M w . Wl f-hl.aao. . Jtnso.f.10 St. I.oiili ,14 2t .!'!, Doalon in Z.4l Brooklyn M 2 . IW Nw York 2in .4SO Plltnburih in 2S .BlOlPhila 2" 81 .417 TKSTERDAY'H RKHULTS. Naw Tork 2; Brooklyn St. Ixtula 3; Clnolnnatl .. J'ltlahursh I: Ohlcaito 3 to otliera arhttrluterl. OAMES TODAY. St. Lotila at Innatl.l Plttana; at Chlraxo Nw York ata l'hila.1 Brooklyn at Honton AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. W.l.Pct.l W L.P. St. Paul .47 2 . TO 1 1 loulavllla 84 4S Mln'polla 8" SI .ft-Mt Indnapolla 80 84 4n Tolroo . . .88 Si .n2-'l('oHtml)iia 8l)3.n .4n2 Mllw'uka SA SS .lilAi Kan. t'lty 147.288 YESTERDAYS MKSVI.ST8, Tnrllanapolla . . U-l ; Columhtia .. Tolno ft, IjOUlavllla Mlnntipalia . . . . H ; Kmiiwii City Hi. Pul ...... v. 2i MU-wauka . .2-3 .. 2 .. 1 .. 0 GAM ICS TODAY. Ina'npwlla at Ool'ba I Itilav. at Tolatio. Kan. City at'M'pll" .IMIIturaukM at St. V. aOITTHEHN AHfUH'IATION. Nww Orlaana ... 7; t'hatarmogjt .. Mohtla 4: aahvllln Blrmlnrham ....11; Mtnphia ..... Til rlEE"-l"TiHK. Panrfa 4-2; Kvannvllla . . .2 . . .0 ..10 M .0-7 ...1 .2 Tarra Hauta . . .7-8: Dloonilnatoti .. Rockforrl 2; Rork. laland .. Crdar Raplia ....: Molln COMRADE IS VICTOR IN GRAND PRIX RACE English Bred Horse Wins French Classic. I By Tha Aaandatafl Praaa.) TArilS. June 27. Comrade, an English bred horse, but owned by E. De Saint-Alary, today won the Grand Prix de Paris In a driving finish with Embry second and Sourbler third. The horses were heads apart at the finish. Bell-house, an American Jockey, rode Embry. Four American and eleven English Jockeys had mounts In the race. The grand prlx, which was at 3,000 meters, carried a purse of 300,000 francs. The time was 3:16 2-6. Never In the hlstorv of the race had such a classy field of starters come to the post on the I,ong;champs course. The best of tbree-year-olds of both England and France competed for the honor nf wlnnlna- the blue ribbon race of the French turf. The field Included Snlon Kop, winner of the EngltBh dprby, and Charlevllle, winner of the English Oaks, fiharleville Never Baton. Charlevllle had never been beaten, either as a 2-year-old or 3-year-old. The French bad pinned their faith on Hoarder, winner of the Jockey club stakes and the firth derby, and Flower Shop, which won the Prix dHln, belter known as the reach Oaks. The United States was represented in the race hv Wm K I. Dennis. - Notwithstanding the threatening weather crowds began pouring out of Paris for the Longchamps course In the forenoon, carrying baskets nf fnnrl from which they had lunched. There wai a record attendance and the sums wagered on the horses were large. Comrade Paid lO to 1. Comrade, which had been picked by only two as a winner, paid 10 to 1 In the parte mutual betting. The English backed their borse heavily. It was said that the largest crowd In the racing history of fifteen years or France wiin3ii the race. Accordance with custom there was the usual parade of notables before the grandstand. Kahiiruunoku Breaks Record. ALAMEDA. Calif.. Juno 27. Duke Kahanamoku of t'tonolulii today In the Neptune Beach plunge here swam 100 meters, free style. In 1:1-6, breaking the worlds record for the distance of 1:1. eilab-llshed by Norman Ross. Kahana-mnkn was participating In the Olympic gamesesterntryouts HETTKRIM Following my full Iron practice the next part of my plan would, be to hit twenty-four full mahle Bhots. Tlmt complfltcd. I would go to one of the green and throw one-half dozen balls Into a bunker and hit them out to the bent of my ability; then I would throw ncinie half dozen more br.lla Into some tough, long grass and execute great care In playing them up to the hole. After this would come six run-up shots from Just off two parts of the green. Then I would make twelve long putts apiece from opposite sides of the hole and this would be followed In like manner by twelve short putts. If after that strenuous work I should happen to feel like practicing more. 1 would do so, but no matter what happened I would always complete my schedule of practice. To a person of my temperament this sort of plan Is steadying; It Is ltke having so much work to do and not feeling content' until the job la finished. I do not, however, suggest that every man Bhould undertake such a plan. As a matter of common sense we know that If a large number of golfers should congregate on the greens and begin that sort of practice every one's chance to play, or practice would undergo Immediate curtailment. Circumstances must In all cases determine the amount of practice, and I think It very probable that Individuals differ in the amount required. Indeed, my gospel of golf is that it must be an adaptation of a few fundamental principles to Individuality. My article are intended to set forth my CLEVELAND DEFEATS WHITE SOX, 4 TO 1 Yankees Defeat Red Sox, 7 to 5. CHICAGO. June 27. Cleveland took the last game of the series from Chicago today 4 to 1, Bagby holding the White Sox scoreless un til the ninth Inning when Jackson drove Into the righ: field bleachers for a home run, Kerr pitched a strong game for Chicago but re ceived poor support d - A B H O A r hl. ato- - AB H O A. Kvana If a 3 2 IjUaboltf rf 4 0 2 h'nm n aa 3 1 1 4 E t'nl'nl H I I t fpakar . f S I) 8 O Waavar 8b .4 1 I n ond r( . .; 0 i lia. kann If . 1 0 rrlnur 8h 3 1 S 0! Falaoh i f . 4 1 i " Wamby 2b 3 1 1 4' J Col na lb 4 1 12 1 ;ohnan III I I t t RIabart aa 4 0 1 2 O'Nalll c .2 0 2 ORohalk 0.2021 Bagby p . 4 1 I) I Kirr p ... 8 0 1 4 Totala , 27 7 27 13! Totala. ..83 7 27 17 He firm hv I r n i nti flavalanrl I H M t I 14 Chicago IH11IIII 11 huinmarv h.rmra. Johneton. nianara. Shalk; two baao bin, E. Colllna. J. :ol- llna, .Tohnartn. WambKanaa, tbrea naaa hlta. I'hapman. Kalaeli ; noma run. .Tark- aon; aacriflia hlta. Wambag anaa. O'Nalll 2. .tohnafon; douhla playa. Riabaig to r,. tot-Una to .t. Colllna. Kftr lo .1. I'ollltia. Kvana to Baghy tn liardner; baaaa on balla. off Hagby I. off Krr S. ITmpiraa. Evana and HlltKibrand. Tlma. 1:27. YANKEES 7 RED SOX S. NEW YORK. June 27 A anaatlonal alghth Innlna rally In which Nw York rlrova out atx hlta. Including a trlpla by Ruth and douhlaa by Ward and Mauaal, anablad Naw York to win tcdav Srom Boaton 7 to A. Tp lo that Inning only four hlta had baan mad off RuaaaM. Hi.aton A H II O A N York AB H O A. Hooper, rf B 1 1 (ITrckln h aa 4 8 2 2 viti. ?o ...4 J d ! tvara HD . 4 a a Man'aky 4f a 1 4 OIPIpp lb ...4 18 0 "' hang rf .3 1 2 0' Ruth If ..4 1 8 0 Mrlnun lb 4 4 0 Mauaal rf ..4 2 2 1 Toater 8h .4 2 1 llodla cf ,. 8 0 8 8 Scott aa . 4 0 0 1 1'ratt Ih ..till Waltara n .2 0 9 l: Hannah e .8 0 8 8 Ruaaall p .8 0 1 2! Maya p ... 2 O n 1 Elbal a ....1 0 0 Olllalch C ...I 0 Karr b ...1 0 0 Cjyunm p ...0 0 TolalasTj 247I Totala . ,3210 27 1'J aFfatlad for Wallrra In ninth. hltattad for Ruaaall In ninth. cRattad for Maya In eighth. Rcora by Innlnga; TViaton 0 2 0 8 00 0 O 0 R New York 0 1 000108 1 U,in.n..n. Hr-nr. Menriakv. Pecklll- pa ugh, M iteael t'llip 2. two baae nita. i-naier ieel 2. Ward; three baae hit. Hum; home runa, Vltt, Ware); atolen baae, Hchang; aacrlflce hit. Pratt: double plava, Meuael to Ward; Ward to Ppp. baaea on balla. off Maya 2. off Rueaell I: hlta off Mi T In 8 Innlnga off yuinn n In 1 Inning, alruck out. by Maya 4. by wmnn 1. by Ruaaell fl; wild nlti-hee. Ruaaell; paaaed ball. Waltara: winning pitcher, Maya l!m-plrua. Chill and Mnrarlly. Time. 2.03. RENATOB8 7 ATHI.F.TH'S 0. WAHHl.vtlTON. P. r . .lima 27 Walter Jnhnaon. had the Athletic." at hta merry today and Washington won Ita eaventh at.taight game 7 lo u. Thla w I'htla-delphla'a elg-hleenrh conaecuHveriefear Phlla A ilH.oTATwaah.' AB. H.O. A. rh-ir,e am a 1 'J 4 .ludae lb.. 4 2 12 0 llrlffln lh 4 0 8 o'vilan If.. 2 J Walker .If 4 2 2 0 Hlc rf... 8 1 B liiwan aa. 4 0 2 8 Roth rf . . 4 2 0 Ktrunk cf 8 0 2 0 Shanka 8h 4 0 1 peiklna 2b 8 O 4 Si Shannon 2b 4 2 8 Welah rl. 10 I OloNelll aa. 4 2 t Myatt n . 8 0 2 1 Plclnlch c 8 1 2 Moore n. 2 0 0 I'Johnoan p 8 1 0 Rommel p 0 0 1 81 --- aBurrua.. I 0 0 01 Totala ..84 18 27 12 Totala. Ill 8 24 181 aRatted for Rommel In ninth Philadelphia 2S Wa.hlngton (I 0 0 0 2.0 3 2 7 Hiimmarv Errors. Welah. ONell; two haae hlta. Walker. Roth, three baae hlta Shannon. Plclnlch. " Nelll; Sacrifice hit, . w . ,.i,i. nilvi Thoman to Per- Line to 'orlffln: Ouaaii to Otiffln; baaea on balla off Voore 2. off Rommel I atruck out. hr Mo'ire 1 by .lohnann 2 Umplreg. Plnaen and Frlel, Time, l is. w. w. . . . k- nriifrna 1 ..V."',";.,.rM.r held rietrolt to three hlta loday and Ht. t.ou'a won 8 to 1. getting an even break on the aerlea A wild threw by (lerbar '"lowing a brilliant atop paved the way for tna vlaltor a lona run. ann vnnie... - Biarted tha lcala tiJjvoruna. v!,. ,k "i n s 8 Tobln rf.. 4 1 8 0 Buah aa .' 8 0 2 OMiedeon 2b. 2 1 1 Shorten cf 4 0 2 0 Stal'r Jb 1 w ,e a A 9 ii.nh n cf S 1 S Hail an rf 4 1 0 oiwilllama If 4 n 1 0 "u Un lb 2 0 10 OiAn.tli, Ih. I I Piniii Sh 2 1 0 llilerber aa. 4 2 6 2 Alnalth "21? !,(',v"',1"1 " i ? J Oldham v 3 0 " Vang der p H 1. 0 Totala 28 8 24 111 Totala 27 S 27 10 S.-ore by Innlnga; , na,ti-nit ooeoloon o l " '(.ummarr-Errora, Alnemlth. "ber fe-o baae hit. tlerber: three bajej hltia. f'la l.r. Allwtln; atolen haee. Plnelll, AnaUn sacrifice Ihlta. Klllann, Alnamllh. oedeon Jacotwon; double play. Young to Ell aon ha.ea on balla. off Oldham 8. off San gilder 2; nn ny pii"n . ut""" er. Auatlni; atruca oui, ny 'n 8. hi Vangllder 4. t moires, Connolly. Time. 120. illn ami STYMIE MODIFICATION WILL BE SANCTIONED NEW YORK, Jun 27. The rule which the Koval and Anrlent Golf club committee will reeommpnd on Mvmtes was received here in a nOile message from toward F. Whitnev. vice president of the United States Gold association and member of the committee sent to Knuianrt to rHneuM lh rulfa of th gam. Th mMf follow: "Th Hovil and Anrlmt commltt will rw-ommndd nnrllftn of tymti' modification for ih I'nitsjrt Ptiittn. which I:- In match ply. whtn both hall am on tha miHlnir r-n th plaj"r whoa ball li nar th hola may play fint If h ao lActa. ratling to play. th playr whow hall la furthMt from tha hola may lift hta opponant'a ball. tharby roncdln hit YOVB OAMK own methods of practicing for big ovents. Miss Alexa Stlrltng tells us that she has accomplished her own great achievement with comparatively little practice. Perhaps she Is one of the fortunate few wlio nnrl hut little Dractlce. or being an industrious musician she may hard ly, realize the amount or time sne does give to practice, for good musician! are the most practiced neoDle I know. On jj when I-was a very small child w. had an apartment beneath that of a professional musician and the amount of time devoted to scales was past comprehension. The object of all practice. I suppose. Is to make the work larg-nlv automatic, and to strengthen the muscles used for the work. The golfer must practice his shots until he is fairly certain of being able to make them on demand. Whether much or little practice Is necessary is an individual thing. The really Im portant thing Is to have a system, small or liberal, as tlie caae must be, that must be carried out. I endeavor to outline my own plan, but each man's business, habits of rising, nearness to golf club and condition of course must determine his. My own plan Is a great pleasure to me and a great aid to health. It is hard to Imagine any keener delight to a real golfer than tho achievement of a good shot, and working for one Is pure pleasure. The real Joy of golf is not winning tournaments. It la playing tne good shots. Five Leading Hitters in Three Ball Leagues AMKBIfAN LEAGUE. c;. ,rv. K. H. Fft. HMrr. M. I- ....SI 49 10S 9 ftlMlirr, fla-T. . 1 tl ' .larkaon. t hi. .. .87 2a X J. .8" Milan. Wuk, ...S5 3J 87 S3 .JM Klil.h. N. V 68 19.1 W 10 .359 NATIONAL I.EACit K. , ;. A IV. R. H. Trt. HI, I.. . .! M 43 JJJ fimlth. S. V 38 113 7 41 SM IMiilM-rt, in nl JII4 84 ll .8814 I hi. . 43 183 t;l " 2 Flwk. hi. . 68 228 4t 14 .223 U'KNTKHM LEAOl'E. ' O. AR. R. H. Prt. Ilocart. Jop SI 287 48 S2 .3S1 Hirh. ..S3 22 41 S2 .388 HU Jo, lit 171 23 SI .384 Kr-ti.r. Jop. ... SI 249 S2 M .345 Pitt. Ok. 4 lly . . 2S 43 SO .337 (Major lrau atrrmjt rampujsu, by Al dlBlUU rsnmm.i aj WICHITA DEFEATS . SOONERS- 7 TO 2 Musser Pitches Good Game for Izzies. OKLAHOMA CITY, June 27. Musser proved too much for the Sooners today, Wichita winning by a score of 7 to 2. Heavy nitting by the Witches featured the game. Wic'llev AB H O A I Ok C'ty AB H O A Smith cf. 8 1 4 01 Pitt rf 8 0 1 0 Waeh'n lb 8 1 Oi Hughes 2h 8 0 1 2 Rerger as 4 0 1 81 D'lnger aa 8 0 0 8 Yaryan o 4 2 2 II L'more 8b 4 1 1 Eaat rf . 8 0 1 01 Breen el., till Butler 8b 4 1 0 0 Moore If. 4 1BO llrlffln 2b 8 8 4 2; Griffith o 4 1 5 0 onlan If. 2 0 8 Mnaely lb 2 1 12 0 Musaer p. 4 2 0 0 ("Ington p 2 0 1 1 'aParka... 10 0 0 Totals .88 10 27 81 I Totala .82 8 27 18 hatted for Covington In ninth. Score by Innlnga: Wichita 0 31 10020 07 Oklahoma rity 00000020 0 2 Summary Errors. Puller. Orlffln. Hughee: two base hits. Waahburn. Yar-ran, Muaaer, flrlfnth; three haee hit. Smith : home run. Yaryan; sacrifice hlta, Rerger, f'onlan 2: atolen haee. Smith: baena on balla. off Muaaer 4 off Tovlnr. ton 2; struck out. by Muaaer 8, by Coving. , mi ny purner. .Muaaer ti -ovlngton i ; "iZ";.",r Muser 2. off Covington 7, hlta. off Muaaer 8, off Covington 10: double E'""' nr" to Orlffln lo Waehhurn. Time. 2:06. Umpire", I.auzon and Becker. TTLSA ajoPI.N 4. Tt'IJIA. June 27 Flf ty-thrre hundred fans. Including 200 from Joplln. eaw the oiler win the third etralgfh game from the Miners today. 8 to 4. In another free nimng game imillant fielding and two cure rune reaturen. lopl in Stuts ss A.B. H.O.A.lTulea AB H O A 0 2 2 2 Purke If . 4 8 2 0 Hmllt'n 8b 2 0 Snyder lb 8 1 Kregar 2b 4 1 lamb rf . 4 0 Bogart If 8 1 Wagner cf 4 2 ar key i-ab 4 0 Dunn c. . . 4 2 Boehler p. 4 1 I I tiraham ih 4 3 n 0 n o M Menus 2h 4 o 1 1 S TIernev ee 4 2 1 4 1 llClevel'd 8b 8 1 2 0 0 Olr-nnn lly cf 4 2 4 0 3 0' Davla rf . . 4 1 8 0 2 OIBrannon o 3 1 0 0 S p. 1 0 0 0 1 51 Morris p. 2 0 0 1 Tola's 87 10 24 141 Totala .82 18 27 Score bv Inninca: O1O012OO 0 4' Tulaa 2 0 2 1 0 0 2 1 8 nummary F.rror. Krueger; twio baae nita. Krueger, ounn, Davla. lireham Connelly; three haee hlta. Boehler. Htutz. w agner, "iierney; home runa, trraham. Tlerney; aanriflce hits, Orsham. MctManua. Morris: atolen baaea. Werner. Burke -2: baaea on halls, off Boehler 4, off Morris l; arrilcK out. by Koehlar . bv Adame ft. by Morris 8: w-ild Ditch. Morrta: rune and hita. off Adama I and 4 In 8 Innings, off Morna a ami n m B innlnga; wlnnlnj nnltir In f. piifner, A'; leit on Daaea, Jopil lu.aa i. i mpirea, jaoooa Time, 2:00. and Buckley. MOI X riTY 1 ST. JOSETH . RIOMX CITY. June 27 The Packers teoK a game rrom t. Joeeph here today in a ien-iiining game ny a I to n score Manager Keiieher of St. Joeeph was eecorten rrom the field by a policeman when he threatened Cmpfre l.lpe after tne umpire nag rendered a declalon. St Joe ABHO.AISoo Cy Emerlch If 8 0 2 0' Marr 2b . Ht'rt rf-8h 8 0 0 2i (-much If AB H O A S 2 4 4 8 1 1 I 8 2 1 ; Walker rf .8 1 0 0 riefnle aa S f-ms i ? Hijsyir, a 4s 2 i 2 2 C 3 2 ! 1 0 ( 2 11 1 I 0 1 ehaetak lb ."V 4 12 " .Mil. rf 8 Bonow'r, cf 2 croahv c . 8 1 0! r"''r:1 -l Williams p 4 I " 41 l-yh f- 4 Totals . SB 1 1 -0 ll Totals42V 30 13 Two out when winning run etui . Eleven innlnge. Score by Innings: e St loaeph ( 1 J t 1 H J S ous " Ity .0800000801 -7 "'Summ.Jy-F.rrors. 'nnn.!ly. h '' Allermatt. l.yona; b.aea ""halls, off I.yons 2. off viniisms i. eeL-niiv-. ...... matt, l.yona, innnony. ';""" i' Bono-lts 2: two Din ,"''- hV ('roahy. Lyona. Marr. Wills, flffert, Robl-son home run. double pays, nefete tn Marr to Meta. 1 onnoMv to I nn- roy to Sbeatak: left on bees. Bloul t ny Q Ht JOsem n; BlOien imn-n. nnnnerlts. I'efate; eerned rune Sloui ritv 7. Bt. Joaeph 4; struck out. by,1':?"" 7, by Williams . Umnlrea, Upe and Wll-itin. Time. 1 ".I Amateur and Semipro WArRON, 1SOSlAM, . June 27 The locals WAl'MI.. I' plaved their Tlrei game inie -oe - testing the Oselan nine by the eeore of 13 to 0 The lorale took the field with their new suits, given them by the Waukon business men. ATLANTIC WANT. r.AMEfl. ATLANTIC, la.. Juna 27. Atlantic would like to hear from some town In southwest Iowa In regard to an out of town game for July 0. Write or call William Evahn. manager. Atlantic, la. rr-OI'l-Kfl MONTHLY 0Tir.r.TOB 3. The Peoples Vopulsr Monthly defested the Teetor Adding Machine company In a well played game at the Dean avenui ball grounds Sunday afternoon. Pelves rop Monthly .0 2 1 2 0 0 0 J Teetor Adding Machine ..2 0 1 0 0 0 0 f BOARD OF TRADE flA'H DUTO 8. The Dnard of Trade nine sucoeasfulyy defeated the Ulch I 'rug in a nicely matched geme Sunday at the Weatern league park k. ny a acore or u o for the winners, pitched five innings wnn n. elvlne hit while Murphy. who oi touched for three hits. which were scratches. Features of the gsme were the hitting of Weber for the winners snd the wonderful pitching of both Tlerher snd Murphy The Hoard of Trade team would like to book some fast out of town gsmcs. and teams wishing to secure games houlil write not.blns. care Board uf Trade, nee Molnea. .. The rnre: rv . ft. Itched the remaining """ f!r.V,r'..yla n I l X n 1 S o is I-AOONA STATE HOl'SH STARS 8. i icnvi le .tune 27. The Ijicnna team won Its sixth consecutive game here j today when they nereaieo tne niio .-u".-Stars of Dee Molnee by the acore of n 10 3. The game waa one of the best ever plsyed here, sparkling plays being marie by both teams. A big crowd was out and the roosing cf theehome fans waa aald by thi visiting playere to be the heat or-ganlsed they had encountered this year, they also epoke highly of the treatment accorded them while here. Kaner. L. cona's star mound artist, pitched his flnsl game here He leaves Monday to Join a club In the Northern league. The score: H E ttI Houio ...0 OflOOHO S S 7 2 Htterli Bnr and Fetter; BUM and Tew. POT.K CITY 14 01D FKUX)W 11. pti,K ITY. U. Junii i.7. -The lootls (,efi-alii the Odd Fellowe from Ics Moine here today by the ecore of 14 to 11. OPt) FKIJXW8 WANT OAM FIR. The Odd ilowi would like to echedule out of town iimfi for July 4 nd 6. 0t In touch with 1. E. Johnson, Black 805. PARK AVF.M K -CAPITAI, . Tt Perk Avenue teem defeated the IVi Mnlnfe Oapital team yeeterday at the 0un Hub diamond by the ecore of 13 to . The Perk Avenue teem would like to ar-ranr out ot tnn g;ajne for July 4 and Write W. Ilenlfen, Jinglna aenue, or call Walnut 7ffl2. HF.RRINO MOTtlR 4 OH'KOU t. 0.'ls.Ol.A. la., June 27 The Herrtntt Motor company, a Dea Molnee team, defeated th leal club here today by the .ore of 4 to 1 The arame was clote and well plaved hv both irtr. The batttnj of Bamueid-in waa the feature of tha con-teat, get t Inn two slualee. a double and a home run in fur ttinee up. Tb" acore; R H. K Herring ftnto0r)2 1 4 11 S tteceoia ..neonofl02 a a 2 S Batteries Rader and Andry, Karrla and I Caeey. Cardinals Threaten to Take Lead From Cincinnati Reds NEW YORK. June 27. A virtual tie for the National league leadership between Cincinnati and St. Louis was brought about today when the Cardinals scored their third consecutive victory over the Reds. The American league race 1b almost as close, only a half game separating Cleveland In first piace rrom New Yorlt. Bt. Louis, which Is the only first division club In the National league proceeding at a profitable pace, be gan Its climb early in the month from fifth place, winning series from Pittsburgh, Chicago, Brooklyn and New York and losing to Phi ade Dhia and Boston. I Be Bos ton and New 4'ork Nationals end the Chicago and Washington Amer-lcans are going at a winning pace. CARDS AGAIN BEAT CINCINNATI REDS St. Louis Climbs to Few Points of Lead. CINCINNATI. June 27. St. Louis took the third straight gafne from Cincinnati today, 3 to 2, and advanced to within a few points of first place. Schupp outpltched Ring by a wide margin. The Cincinnati club tonight filed charges against Umpire Klem for alleged abusive language used to Pitcher Luque In yesterday's game, which resulted In that official being attacked on the field by Luque. Klem officiated in today's game. St. L AB HO A ICInrln'I AB H O A Shotton If 8 l 2 oi'lroh 8b ...3 1 It H hcote cf 8 1 1 01 ruth 2h . Stock 8b 4 2 1 3'Houah lb H'rnahy 2b 4 2 3 8 "mean If Fourn'r Ih 8 2 12 I Kopf sa . S"hults rf 8 0-2 (IINeala rl . Lavan aa ,.4 2 4 sffl.e cf Clerfi'na c .4 1 2 4aCrane Schupp p .4 0 0 8 Allen c . Uilng p .. Totals . 86 II 27 101 .. 2 112 3 0 12 1 8 0 0 0 2 0 12 4 0 7 3 3 14 0 10 0 1 3 110 3 10 4 I Totsls 2T B 27 12 aBattrd for Bee In ninth. St Louie 0 0 O 2 0 0 0 0 1 8 Cincinnati 10100000 0 2 nummary Krrore. Lavan. tlroh. Allen; two baae hlta Ring. Fournier; stolen baaea. Kopf. Hornaby Q; aacrlflce 'fills. Rath. Rouah, Ptini-an. Schultt: double nleya. Neale to Roush. Stock to Fournier, Hornehy tn Lavan to Fournier; baaea nn balla. off Ring 1. off chupp 3; hit by Sltcher. by ttchunp 1; ntruck out. hy ''hupp 2; .wild pitches. Ring 2. Umpires, Klem and tmalie. Time. 1:48. GIANTS 2 IKIIXIKRS 0. BROOKLYN. June 27. Toney pitched shutout ball today. New York defeating Brooklyn. 2 to O. Marquard held the tltants to four hlta. but two csme together In tho third and again In the sixth for runa. Bancroft drove tn the first with a triple after two men were out while the eecond run was the of a double Bteal. N. Y AB. H.O. A.Br'kiyn AB H O A. Burna If... 4 1 S lliKlldufH 2b. 4 0 1 I Bancrft as. 4 1 2 4Jnhng'n 3b. 4 1 0 3 Young rf..8 0 1 murlfflth rf.4 0 1 0 Frtarh"8b4 1 1 1 Wheat If. .4 0 8 0 Kelly lb.. 3 OlO n. Mvera cf .4 2 4 II Kkeg cf 3 O 8 OKone v lb .4 18 0 Sicking 2b. 3 u 2 6 Mcl abe as. 3 3 13 Pnvder c. 8 1 8 (I Miller c 8 O 8 1 Toney p.,,8 0 O 2 Marq d p.. 2 O O 0 'Blsmaui p.O 0 0 0 Totals. .80 4 27 12 iMItchell ..1 O 0 0 I Totals. . .S3 T27 10 aRatted for Mrquard In eighth. Score b Innlnga. New Vork 001 0010O 02 Brooklvn 0OO00O0O OO Summary Errore. Snyder. McCabe 2; two bene hit. Burna; three base hit. Bancrnft: stolen bsaes. Young. Frlsch: double Plays. Sicking to Bancroft In Kellv. Kllduff to Konetchy. Konetchv (unaaalstedi: bssea on balls, off Marquard 1. nit Mabaua 1; hits, off Marquard In 8 lnnlnsa. oft Mamaux none In 1 Inning: atriirk nut. bv Marquard 0: by Maumaux 2; by Tonev 2; winning pitcher. Toney; loping pitcher, Marquard. i m-Dlrea. Harrison and Hart. Time. 1:28. r-IRATKS 8 TI BS 8. CHICAUO. June 2T. Chicago went to pieces In the eighth inning todsv and Pittsburgh made enough runa with the aid of Sour hits, three errors, a passed ball and some daring baae running to win easily h to Pitta - AH H.O.A. Ch'cago AB H O A nu.. If a 1 ft o1 Jrlack rs 1 0 Carey cf 8 0 4 0 Hoivher as 4 I'thwth rf 4 2 8 0 Terrv 2V. .8 ene"r' c 4 8 0 ?'PVr rf.4 rarleon t. l ?!-b..3 o 0 Cooper P..J2 JJ-glVtln l. Vo Totals. .87 11 27 H.aFrlberg .1 4 1 8 4 3 0 8 1 8 0 1 1 0 2 0 (I 0 0 o o Totals 83 10 27 19 a Batted for Martin in ninth. Score by innings. - r'h,,,c"ab.uor,h So?oSSS?oS Summary - Errors. Terry. Merkle. 0 Farrell 2. Hergog; two haee hits. Holder Carlson T-rry. Rob.rton rlmm: aVolen baaea Blgbee. Hersog. Barbara 2. !.' .. aacrlflce hit. Southworth. ( arl-son ferry Her"og: double plays. Orlmm (inassl.tedl. Paekert to , Terry , baae on halls, off Alexander tl. off Carlson 2 off Bailey 1 hits, off Carlson ft I"' ln nlnis of cooper 1 In 1 2-8 tnnlnga. Alexander 8 In 8 Innings, off Bailey 1 I, M Inning: off Martin none in 2 -J mrirng; struck out. by A l" "der 2 wUd nitch Bailey; passed ball, O Farren win. nlna Pitcher carleon; losing pUrt.r, Alexander Umpires, Moran and Rlgler. Time. 1:88. t GETS THROW OF 160 FEET WITH HAMMER ST. LOUIS. Mo., June 27. Coaches and officials of the United States armv championship track and field meet were Interested In the work of Sergeant Carolina, a Negro athlete of tho southern department, in his hammer throw practice. Carolina hurled the ball over 160 feet three times, which Is considered a mark worthy of a position on the Olympic team. rmm now until July 27, when the three day meet will be started, 4lrarollna will receive special atten tlon rrom tne ciitttneu aiiu uaiuciB TONIGHT IS NAVY REVUE DE LUXE A Galaxy of Girls ln a Musical Hit FARREL & WARD WILLIAM RUSSELL In a Western Photoplay "Twins of Suffering Creek" I COOL! COOL! COOL! WATER WASHED AIR ' The White Sox received their set back today In seven starts, while the Senators increased their record to seven consecutive victories. In the National league, Cincinnati is In the midst of a batting slump and the pitching staff of Brooklvn and Chicago are fast failing. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are showing occasional flashes of winning form. Neither of the two American league leaders, Cleveland and New York, appears capable of uncovering a winning spurt. Boston Is fast losing ground through unsteady pitching. St. Louis slumped badly after Its spurt of the previous week. Detroit's batting is below par. Philadelphia today Ioat its eighteenth consecutive game, two less than the American league record. Pacific Coast League At Loa Angeles Morning game; The score: H. H. E. San Francisco o s Vernon - ' Hattenee Scott, !.ewia ana iue. Mitchell and fievormer. Afternoon game: The score: San Francisco Vernon Hatterlea Love and Agnew; back and Alcock. At Oakland Morning game; The score: Loa Angelea , Oakland Batteries Thomas and Lapan and Mlt. At Ran Francisco Afternoon game; The score: Loa Angelea Oakland R. H, E. .2 2 0 I l 0 Ehallen- ft. H. 75. in 12 8 12 6 Holling R. H E .11 14 0 . 2 8 At Stockton Morning gams; n H. E Salt Lake City l f g SaVer"ei-th'ur.ton 'and' Jenkins. Mails, Kuntl. Penner and Cook. At Racrsraento: n ne score. ... .. . Arternoon a"ie The score: Salt iJike R. H. E. 4 fl 5 .3 It 1 Prough Sacramento .. Batteries Bium and Byler and Cook. At Portland: First game: The score: Seattle ril'An.'L i,..v...r R. H. E. .2 3 O 3 1 Brenton Oeary. and Adams; Kalllo ana '" Second game: R H E The score: .' $ q Seattle 2 7 1 Portland Blt?err-uery. Selhold snd Baldwtn. Ademe: Motherland and Ko'hler. ENGLISH ENTERTAIN HAGEN AND BARNES AFTER GOLF MATCH DEAL. Eng., June 27. An enthusiastic crowd of spectators today watched a fine game of golf played by Walter Hagen and Jim Barnes, the American professionals. The match was played on the W aimer and Klngsdown links, and, notwithstanding their lack of knowledge of the course and a strong southwest wind, both, players made .noilani ehnwin&T. At the eleventh hole, driving against a strong wind, Hagen and Barnes got into difficulty, their balls going well out of bounds. Barnes finished the game with a 74 and Hagen with a 75. At a reception afterward the captain of the Walmer and Kingsdown club expressed his delight at the honor the Americans had paid the club by their visit and presented each of them with a silver cup. Hagen and Barnes are ln excellent form and are keenly anticipating the open championship tournament here this week, for which they qualified last week. CONZELMAN SAYS HE WILL NOT BE BACK ST. LOUIS, Mo., June 27. Washington university athletic followers are discussing the announcement, of James Conzelman that he would not return to school next October. Conzelman met with annrlRmtr difficulties last sem ester and upon departing told his law school professors that he would not continue his work next sem ester It was learned at me uiuvenmj that he could make up any scholastic deficiencies and be ell- gible for football should he decide to return. Conzelman is now leading an orchestra at Bella Vista, Ark. RUSSELL WINS FIRST HONORS AT GUN CLUB . Gus Amend and L. D. Russell were tied with high honors In the regular scheduled shoot, yesterday , forenoon at the Gun club. They had each scored 47 out of BO and j ln the shootoff for the trophy Rus-1 sol won, getting 23 out of 25 I while Amend lost one more bird. Twenty-two shooters were en-j tAred in the event. i Amend Rueaell Nutwood, . . . . Wllbert Perlott Durnall Craig Carlson irtannlgan llanlai- 24 14 23 47 23 47 Z2 49 M 46 22 44 23 43 22 41 ID 41 1 89 22 88 20 8 17 3d 12 88 14 81 24 . .2H ..22 ..20 . .1" . .22 . .20 Id Rlenehart g Waring 1 Huaten 'o Weldner . . NOW la NIGHT-COME! TH0RNDYE & CURREN In a Patriotic Comedy JOINING THE NAVY THESBA CAROL BIO V. COMEDY HE LAITGHS LAST SCBEEJf NEWS 20 DEGREES COOLER THAN OUTSIDE DES MOINES BREAKS EVEN WITH ROURKES Odenwald Allows Four Hits in Twelve Innings. Special to The Register. OMAHA, Neb., June 27. The Boosters and tne Rouikes split a double bill here this afternoon. Omaha taking the first game 9 to 6 and losing the second 7 to 2. Good base runnine. lone hitting, sensa tional fielding and a fist fight be-1 tween Bob Hasbrook and "Whitey'' Gislason made the day the liveliest Kourke park has seen this year. In the fourth Inning of the first same. Hasbrook doubled and going Into second collided with Gislason. An argument ensued and Hasbrook wrapped his bony fingers around "Whltey's" throat and planted a stiff uppercut on "Whltey's" map. Gislason assumed the aggressive and backed Hasbrook out into left field with a dozen short jabs to the face and Btomach while Hasbrook waved his arms wildly for Interference. Both players were chased and fined. Anderson was chased later in the game and fined for disputing a called strike. O'Connor, McDermott, Gislason and Weldell performed circus catches at random for the edification of the 6,500 fans present. No game Is scheduled here for Monday. Boosters close their stay here Tuesday. Omaha Glslsaon. i'b ... Palmero. cf-p Fiedell, 8b Piatt, cf-rf .... Donlca, rf-8b .. I.ellvelt, lb Lee. If Maaon, ss Llngle. c Fuhr. p Schatzman. p .. AB. R. H, PO. A. . 8 1 0 I .31201 .48142 .41801 .4 8 8 0 1 .30110 .40100 .4 0 0 8 2 .4 0 0 8 2 .2 0 0 0 1 . 1 0 0 0 0 .84 "ft U -27 10 AB. R. H. PO. A. .40100 1 ! . B 2 14 4 .5 1 1 8 .8 0 2 1 0 . B 0 2 2 8 .81140 .8 0 0 0 2 .10 0 1 0 si 11 27 13 Totals Des Moines Dwyer. rf .Mpaerrnoti, no , French, ss O'Connor. lflb . Aniereon, cf ... Haehronk. lb Milan. If Coffey, 2b wanner, c Lynch, p Fletcher, p Totals Score .by Innings: . Dea Molnea 2 001 20 0 1 08 Omaha 0 1 4 0 2 O20 9 Summary Earned runa. Omaha 7. es Moines 1; three base hits. Melivelt, McDermott ; two baae hlte, Piatt, Palmero, Hasbrook. Banner, Milan; sacrifice hit. I.vnch; etolen hasoe. Gislason. Palmero. U'ledell 2. Ponlra. French; double plays, French to Coffey to Hasbrook; hits, off Fuhr 7 and 5 runs In 4 2-3 lnnlnsa. oft S-haliman 4 and 2 runs In 4 1-8 Innings, off I.vnch 7 and 6 runs In 4 Innlnge. off Fletcher 8 and 2 In 4 2-8 Innlnge. hit hy pitched ball, by Fuhr 2, left on baaea. Omaha S. Des Molnee 12. empires, Daly and FltzpatrlcR. Time. 2:fln. Ser-onif Eame: litnaha A B. B. H. FO. Ulelason. 2b 8 " " 1 Wldeil. 3b 4 1 1 0 Piatt, rf 8 0 0 3, lf 4 1 0 1 Dnntcs. cf 4 0 1 8 Lehvelt. lb 4 0 2 It) Mason, sa 4 0 0 2 Hslc. c 5 0 0 B Fuhr. p 4 0 0 8 aUnge 10 0 0 Totals . la 2 4 86 Des Molnea AB. R. H. PO, Dwver. rf 6 1 8 8 McDermott. 8b .... 8 1 1 4 French, aa fl 1 2 2 O'Connor, cf 4 0 0 4 Milan. If 0 0 8 Haehrook, lb ..... 4 1 2 12 Coffey, 2b , 4 2 2 0 Banner, c..." R t 8 8 Udenwa'd, p 5 0 0 J Totala 4 7 18 . 12 1 aRatted for Fuhr In twelfth. Score hy Innlnga: .... Dee Molnea ...0 0010010000 57 Omaha (I. I 000002000 02 Summary Earned runs. Pes Molnea n: two base hit, Lellvelt; three base hits. Donlca, Lellvelt; sacrifice hits. O'Connor. Milan. Wiedell; atolen baaea. Wledell. Coffey,; bases on balls, off Odenwald 4. off Fuhr 8: struck out, by Odenwald 7. bv Fuhr 4: passed ball, Hale; hit by ftlch-er. Gislason. Piatt. O'Connor; left on ,baaee, Dee Moines . Omslia 8. Umpires, Flupstnck and Daly. - Time, 2:10. Davis Defeats Griffin. BERKELEY. Calif . June 27. Willis Davis defeated Clarence Griffin. 10-8, 6-4. 2-6, 6-3, in the final round of the men's singles event of the Pacific coast tennis chnmnionsh n tournament. Miss Helen Baker defeated Miss Carmen Carlsen, 6-1, 6-3, in the final round of the women's singles event. All are San Fwticlsco bay players. Rtisseill In Semipro Rank. LAFAYETTE, Ind.. June 27.-. Reb Russell, who was recently re-ioqcoH hv the TndlanaDOlls Amer- ,can association chid, nas signea to play rtrgt base with the Lafayette Re(j gOXi a semiprofesslonal or- ganizatlon. Tonight's the night Jazz Pep Laughs in "LOVE 0' MIKE" The Season's Funniest Musical Comedy. ALL-6TAR CAST and Dancers From Mrs. Crawford's Studio. ALL THIS WEEK Rrirular Matinees Solunlar 2i30 San da 7 3 p. m. Prlora Mutineer 2KC o 7rk. Mights 2fVc to t. RIVERVIEW LETS GO! BATHING AL. SWEET'S SINGING BAND CHICAGO, June 27. It has been learned that Ted "Kid" Lewis re ceived the sum of $15,000 for hi" end in winning from Johnny, Bas- hath at London tae other night. The boys boxed for a purse of $25,-000, of which the winner received 60 per cent and the loser 40 pef cent. BOXERS FAIL TO DRAW BIG CROWD CHICAGO. June 27. The show moters financially, drawing a a of only $2,000. Tae cara cost ' CUBl " 9 Bt ( idJai I promoters close to $2,500 K bein guaranteed $1,000 and Jai aon $750. 4.1 American Association At Columbus First fame. Ths score; 11 "i f Indianapolis JJ JJ J LB, aTtirles-james' and ' Heniina';' Mulrennan and Hartley. Second game. . The. score: t a'"i Indianapolis i i Col umbus Batteries Oavet and Gossett; Lyona and Hartley. At Toledo The score: o e' 1" Louisville i Toledo 11 .1 Batteries bon. Decatur. Graham an Meyer; Mldleton and Murphy. At Minneapolis First jams. The score: . e i Kansaa City ' .anneapolls .'14l. Batteries Tuero, Bchorer and Brock; James and Mayor. ' . Second game postponed Rain At St. Paul First game. The score; V' V Milwaukee J 5 i St. Psul 2 J yerond game pnatponed;-:j;jPs2ri LETS MABLE NORMAND THAT MISClF-VOrS HOYDEN IN' "THE SLIM PRINCESS" 'H&iSWfHe- MILDRED HARRIS. CHAPLIN "POLLY OF THE STORM COUNTRY" KATHLYN WILLIAMS And ROY STEWART la "Just a Wife" Racing ThrilU "SPORT OF KINGS" "FOOL'S GOLD" LEWIS WITH MITCHELL - SHOES WEAR LOIfiER When you walk In romfort; no fnrktnea. A Dackace of Allan a Fi Eaae. the antlaeptic powder to ehake In the ehoea and aprtnkle tn tbe foot bat Tivea you tnat "o a anoe" comrort an iivfi wear. Allan a xoot-LeaM make t ant or new anoea leei eaav. uaaiem can gome Allen Foot Kate In each anoe It the morning- fold everywhere. Adv. 1 14 bole: ehfpmn. l.ftH7 bbla; atock,j 23. bbls: Tt. ! r0; D. K. F. O. H-117 5P: J U V-trJT.5i; K, $1S.70; M. N vi. ww, na.ou. n I CTTJ VtHEATRe 0 , r, . o ii in i iKU a i 0 aTcWarLW nzmotxvj--. 0 rSLa'iia Vat WAS !'' ' I Mill T! ! mm 1 Ae

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