The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 13, 1962 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1962
Page 10
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Lockvood ' ' mu> ASSiSlfAkT FROM EQUitAbLE" Call him for mortgage insurance, estate analysis, college fund plan, and business insurance. Phone>20 Burt, Iowa "JHEtt IS AN EQUITABLE POLICY FOR EVERY LIFJE INSURAKlCE NEED." Phone CY 4-3535 - Your Newspaper SPEAKING: THE CHANGING JCiNE fWHyOHWHV DION! JQMEONE HAVE 5ENJE FIFTY VEAR5 AGO.V/HEN MOTHER REWRNEO'FROM A VISIT TO GRANDMA* JHE FOUND THE.QLD ICE BOX IN A ME5S, HAPPY HOUSEHOLDS know the value of electrical refrigeration. The problem of keeping food fresh and ready for use was solved by electricity, as a refrigerant. IT COSTS ONIY PENNIIS a day for most of the modern conveniences offered by your most econ- omieal servant - ELECTRICITY. ft yoy're planning to build, or to modernize, you 'fhtwjd Investigate the many advantages of IfUCTRICAL HEAT, Algona Municipal Utilities * ...u, T, UU » mi» nr« i ivsi wiu »ir»ii i vur. ween, tuiu U1B n- 0 ——, ~ r r~,- Des Moines is cooperating fully with &e Idea, ybu'lljfittd ft .Whijle bunch orthetn, uV every cla^sfflcatlbh in i^other section of this neWspapm; jyUKE TO iifeAt) •WANT" AtilS, even if 1'ih hot hi die market for renting, a home, buying some pigs,, hiring some help, .OF getting a real good bat-gain in a secohd hand car/IUke to spectiltttie on wh6 is sellinfil *hat arid their re^oite fo'r selling it. 1dftett wish there would be 1 mtfrfe follow-up strides telling the resillts each advertiser got ttbm his M .. : '/ '* * '. 4 •-, • ' '. .. '. - • • ^ :-.• • I ALSO LlKfc TO READ WAl^T ADS in city papers about people 1 don't even know, and I wbttder abdut the stories behittd them. Why was that employer so specific that the secretary he wanted to employ: be exactly between the ages of 30 apd 45 ? 00 you suppose If a Well- preserved gal of say 45% went in 6hd' applied she could get the job even if she told her true age ? ; ^ . . *. . * • • * • . • ; . .••.-'.,.•( WHY WAS THAT WEDDING dress advertised for sale still new and never worn ? Did she get left at the alter or did she give the guy he gate after the ceremony was all set ? Or just beciuse the wedding and the reception when she wore the. gown take such a short time that she feels she is justified in stating that the outfit is brand hew ? .;,••-. . * * *' ... .... WHY WAS THAT BRAND NEW FURNITURE - enough for five rooms — advertised for sale ? Did the couple who bought it breik up before they had a chance to use it ? Or did the break come after they/ had used their furniture only a few weeks ? Wouldn't the store they bought it from take it back ? Or it could be a finance company that is advertising repossessed furniture the couple couldn't pay fdr ' * * -*;.;.-_. WHAT ARE ".CLOSE UP HOLSTEIN Springers ?" Does that mean that the farm where they live is just a couple of miles out of Algona or does it mean the Holsteins don't spring very far ? And for goodness sake, what Is a milking Shorthorn bull. I thought all milk cows were of the female persuasion ! '* * * WHY DOES THAT "RESPONSIBLE party" want a ride to California and why must he be there by April 1 ? Perhaps he is answering » Help Wanted ad that promises steady work. If so, how does the advertiser know he can promise that business will keep steady and he won't have to lay people off during the dull season ? *.**.. . I DON'T KNOW HOW OLD WANT-ADS are^ but several people in history could have inserted some interesting ones at various times. For example, this ad could have appeared when the United States was still the Colonies. "For Sale: Copper lanterns. One set new, the other Used one time. Good for either land or sea warnings. Paul Revere " •••••.'. "•' * * * .'." AT ABOUT THE SAME TIME, this ad could have appeared. "Wanted: Red, White and Blue cloth. Can be from used coats or petticoats if in good condition. Must be-suitable for flag making. Betsy Ross." DURING THE YEAR 1491, a Spanish newspaper might have carried this want ad: "Am planning to go to the West Indies by ship. Am willing to take_ several passengers to help drive. Proficiency in map making desirable as I plan to chart a new route. Would consider receiving some capital investment in return for a share of the profits after the journey. Christopher Columbus."' " i ''' :: "'-'- •• ; * •'•• * *,...'•..'•. ••.. .', • '..".-' i' IN THE EARLY DAYS OF THE SETTLEMENT of Utah, this romantic note could have livened up the want-ads: "Wanted: Young strong, girl to become, a part of my large^househpld. Must, like children and get along well with co-workers; Have large estate and plenty of other household help. Object matrimony. Brigham Young." * * * GarleneGray OfTiionkals Wed Feb. 22 TUonka — Garlene Gray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gray, Tllonka, and Virgil Schmidt, son of Mrs. Ray Wessel, Algona, were married Feb. 22 in Ramsey Reformed church, Titonka, at 7:30 p.m. Rev John Jansseri officiated. Mrs. Terry Schutjer was matron of honor, while bridesmaid was Sheryll Gray. The bridal gown was fashioned of white nylon sheer over net over bridal satin, accented with sequined pearled lace applique on the bodice and skirt. A molded shirred bodice, styled with long sleeves, ending In a bridal point, bateau neckline, and traditional button and loop back closing. A very full circular skirt draped from a slightly lowered waistline, flowing into a graceful chapel train. Her veil was shoulder-length made of imported all silk illusion draped from an orange blossom coronet. Best man was August Schmidt and groomsman was Ray Penning. Soloist was Mrs. Goodwin Bergerud, accompanied by Mrs. Roscoe Mawdsley, Jr.. Organist was Mrs. John Smidt. Ushers were Terry Schutjer and Lawrence Weig. A reception was held in the church parlors for 140 guests immediately following the ceremony. Guest book was in charge of Mrs. Bernard Weydert and gifts were displayed by Mrs. Loren Nelson and Linda Larsen. The cake was cut and served by Mrs. Ray Penning and Mrs. Melvin Baas. Mrs. John Marti and Viola Gray poured. Table waitresses were Linda Smidt, Elaine Folkerts, Sandra Gray and Jane Raney. Mrs. Schmidt is a graduate of Titonka Consolidated school and Mankato Commercial College. Sfie lias been employed at Algona Municipal Utilities. The couple will )e at home on a farm near Irvington. -Mrs. WlMfl and her friend. Mrs. Ann Hartsofi of Fairmont, Minn,, left for; A months vacfctloli in Cleatwafer, Fla. EnrMe they visited over the weekend "With Mr. and Mrs. Ffart- :es Pitjlk m Cetiat KifpTds, er of Mrs; COMING UP TO THE PRESENT DAY, there are a couple of classified that could be inserted by famous ladies of our time. For example there is a young lady in Great Britain who, it seems to me, is missing an awfully good chance to earn herself a little extra money, and at the same time help with the mortgage payments. She should advertise in the For Rent columns. I have an ad all set up for her if she should want to buy it. "For Rent: 389 rooms of my 600 room home. Can be made into private 10-room apartments or will rent as individual rooms. Some heat furnished, laundry facilities available and kitchen privileges in the basement. Some rooms have baths; others built-in private ghosts. Call after 9 a.m. Queen Elizabeth, Buckingham Palace, London, England. * * * . THERE IS ANOTHER LADY who has had ample advertising time on TV recently, but it seems to me for really good results she should place a want-ad. It could read, "Second Hand Furniture Wanted. Need not be in good condition as we will restore to better than original condition. Mrs. John F. Kennedy. The White House, Washington, D.C." I ENJOYED SO MUCH MY trip to the Good Hope Methodist church for their mother and daughter banquet this week. The ladies went all out on their program idea — dress patterns, with complete instructions, but what really impressed me was the men who cooked and served the meal. There must have been about 35 of them of all ages I thought jerhaps some woman had planned the food for them, but I was assurred that this was not true ! They did everything themselves and everything was hot and delicious. And they have accomplished this in several previous years. • * * * THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR a kind of cookies called Porcupines, t was submitted to the Presbyterian cook book by Mrs. Edna Harr .ncidentally, the Presbyterian ladies are now out of their popular cookbook but they will have an ample new supply after March 15. Porcupines: 1 tbsp. butter % cup sugar Add: 1 egg beaten 1 cup dates 1 cup nuts l tsp. vanilla Coconut r ° U ta C ° C ° nut Bake 15 to 2 ? minutes at 35 ° ~GRACE. Byrt Woman Has Fall In Home; Leg Is Broken Mrs. Sara Ollom, 84, Burt, frac tured her upper left leg between the hip and knee, in a fall at her home Thursday, March 1. She slipped on a rug. •-•"••*' Mrs. Ollom was taken to St. Ann hospital, Algona, then taken McCullough's air later ambulance Iowa City later the same day where she underwent surgery to correct the fracture. Her daughter, Mrs. Mary Kreger, Albany, Ore., accompanied her to the Iowa City hospital. Alflonfc- (la.) Upp6r be* MoJn«-5 HARRY BODE, 83 Thursday eventng, Marc"h 1st, the children of Harry J. Bode, were hosts to a birthday party for his 83rd birthday at the home of his Son, Harold Bode, of Algona. Helping him celebrate were the, HefthSfl Bodes, Wesley, James' Coady Sr. arid James Coady Jr., Butt, Evelyn Mde, Calvirt Bodes. Flbyd Bodes", Rolaffd Boctes, all of Algona, Kenneth Prohaskas, Britt. The barbershop quartet 'Th* Night Owls' cbnsistfag of Corwin Peer, Rolartd Bode, Martin Huber and Don Leavertoft sang • : -"—™—-™™™™™wt««w ii M lum.miiiiiiii.i.iiiiii.i.i jin i IM. w mui urn ,. mmmti u,uxfK4bM,x#jKt$#ff;%, mmHU its such a joy on a busy day... to nave a phone a reach away! 1 Handy phones in kitchen, -basement, bedroom 'eave you countless steps and precious minutes , throughout the day. And you can choose from many different models in a range Of pleasing colors—space-saving wall phones; regular table models; or the compact new Princess phone with , built-in night light. , ,.'': . ./;,,,,.. , TO ORDER, or for .more information, call the Northwestern Bell business office, or ask your t telephone serviceman. THE BELL CHIME announces calls from a" i cen *«J location in your home/ Can be set for melodious chime, loud or conventional ring. Northwestern Bell JL) in Iowa f- Week afler week carefully tabulated figures published in "Automotive Market Reports"* show that Chevrolet trucks are worth more in resale value. S-City Speech Students Win Seven Firsts Swea City - The speech ment of Swea .^jty high school received 7 ones at the district speech contest held at EstherviUe last weekend. They include the one act play "Winnie the Pooh" with Penny Quyer, Larry Simonsrneier, Denise Seylar and Arnie Ljnde in the cast and Caryl Larseij as narrator, Other ones were won by Petra Thoreson,. dramatic 4eclam,ayon,j Denise Seylar, interpretive pdetry; John Weber, humorous declamation; Caryl Larsen and Penny Quyer, public a, p^ess; Lorraine Kracht, wterpratiye prose re»¥ ing. These students, with the play cast will compete «, ^ st ate co ft at Fort Dodge $# njonth. other speech students entered netlv«J Iws They were Larry Simonsmeier, Barbara Bishop, Bonnie O'Green, Arnie Linde, Walise Schmicking, Pat Hardt, Joan Harms and Robyn Swanson. Style Show At Tyke March 15 Titonka -^ The Titonka Feder- a,te4 Club will present a fashion show "Fashion 'Vue for '62" in the TjtonJca school auditorium Thursday, Mar. 15 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available from club members and will also be available at the door that evening. Models will be men, women and children from the Titonka community. There will be door prizes and lunch following the show as well as intermission entertainment. INVINCIBLE METAL FURNITURE franchisee! r Wppf y Des Moines Al?9tt* v. If you were a professional used truck buyer, why would you pay more for ^ne make than another? ( There may be several reasons, but among them would be: « 1. A greater demand for the i I product 2. "A more desirable product for resale So if used Chevrolet trucks" consistently bring higher prices at auctions all over the country, it means that their quality features pay off for you not only as long as you own them but also when you are ready to trade them—double-wall cabs, doors and side panels, roof insulation, select wood floors, reliable and economical engines, real rugged tailgates, a suspension systera_that hclps^ prolong truck life.( ft See your Chevrolet dealer for a quality '62 Chevrolet Jobmaster truck. •"Automotive Market Reports" Is a weekly authoritative wholesale publication which reports the average prices paid for used trucks and cars by professional buyers at auctions all over the U.S. «fc«l - -- See your Chevrolet dealer for trucks that keep working and working and working and working! KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY 108 SOUTH HAU ALGONA, IOWA CY 4^3554

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