The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 13, 1962 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1962
Page 9
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i , iue/i/0 Thilges And Gary Df. SchuttaiV „ —£-,-, Long's stadia, *upjjiie» l ..i...'E. P. Hanseii, meeting,—.—- j. s red De Soeti if>i fliwtlw *».*» ?•* erafcSncOchutter,,meeting .... M.W L. c. Hubetv meeting ii:.-.-.— *4.o Willard Thompson, meeting 8.01 Carl Nlelten, meettWS —-— Vlfc Streuckert meeting •-*— *- 8.01 Lawrence Hante"lman, meeting 8.01 Fred Plumb, •ntectmg »~> 4.0i o. A. Bjuiitr&m, meeting' *—.>- *•<> Kelvin Alt, meeting 4$ Kenneth Strnjer, meeting — 4,0 Glenn bareen, meeting ... 4,0 -'. J. Stewart, meeting 4.0 onald RtngsdoM,, meeting — ioyd tt. BifrUtfttrrtieetln' ' ; «UJ*11 worth Centrqrtfilffi Algona He'frigerMi N. W. flelUTe 1 Matt ParrtiU i supplies -j , Fidlar & •' Koch Bros., sui 6., M State ..n ;. X»RJ»» > f i* ae . Mental Health IniUHtfft, -- irV,, gas . pairs . 10.V5 313.32 1U.18 .. 232.63 403.64 7.41 ., supplies 74.85 Uublies, ^_ M -— 24.84 jbflei JL.i.*»«.At—— 8.<>» KStoSkr SS6S Irfea 'A««ft» - 7.79 AUdres^i&lffl.irolHfeKifJft^CO. „, macmne -;.^*—-'--*"- 7 > ! Pratt Elec.,,parts L.*..I..A~~ Dr. sohutler, medical jen .e May toomis, ' 7,547.33 .-— 5.80 „„. 22.60 41,80 . Up^.r''rJ6s Homes Pubf Co. doard; proceeaings ..^.*.— 141.73 AoVartfcS fub. Co., bda^d " eduigs j'-ft 1 - 222 ' 66 Uppofe notide .-.— Bancroft Jieglster, notice -^ ---- 18.80 Advartt-6 PUB.; CO., notide .. ---- 24.J5 Upper: ues Moines Pub., Co., Advance Pub/Co:, supplies .... 53.75 Bancroft Register, docitets 01.00 Goraori L. Wlnkel, expenses — 181.48 CO. Tr«as.,« bounties 228.63 COURT FUND -., Pa^o«:Fun,a,.court,payroll ... 144.15 C. -H. 'OstWthKle, J. K fees ---Dr. Cameron C. Shierk,' mayor Dr. CamVr"o"n""cr r Sh"ierkVim"a"yoi' fees-- ----- -.----.'--^-— ^-- — — W,W Sti!Y?art,'' constable fees .Delia Welter, J. P. fees — ..... Ralph LindhorSt, sheriff's fees Hamilton .Printing, supplies — vern MeCture, attorney fees — lilhrian, Lynch & Straub, attorney lees ...................... 25.00 Delia .Welter, J. P.. fees ----------- 6.00 21.00 5.00 2.80 6.00 4.05 12.60 25.00 ea .eer, . .. Sheriff Fees (Halph Llndhorst) lees ________________ .......... I SECONDARY ROAD FUND M 4.0S 79.03 N. W. Bell Tel. Co., tel. 1 serv. — • Fort Dodge Machine & Supply : Col, parts 1.1" i West Bend Imp., parts Slog-Fort Doage Co*, parts Iowa. Machinery & supply Co., <»Bafis '••'--' '•'•'-' -ii'^ --. 52.45 •V,,~i.T-"!-"--..^j^t ,. '600 24.60 Miss Luella Thilges, daughter of Mr and Mrs Felix Thilges of West Bend, and Gary'.R. Banwart, son of Mr and Mrs Arlie Banwart of Ottosen, were married Feb. 14 in St. Peter and Paul's Catholic church, Father Louis Anthofer saying the nuptial Mass. The bridal couple is pictured above. The bride and groom are both 1958 graduates of West Bend Community School and after a wedding trip in the south will be at home near West Bend. "'•« Gerald Reding, Leroy Thilges and Thomas Altman attended the bridegroom. The bride had as her attendants Mrs Gerald Reding, and •Evelyn and Marlene Thilges. A dinner and reception followed the ceremony. ' . ••••-.. Karen Thilges and Karen Banwart were in charge of the guest book; - and Mrs Robert Burns, Mrs Bernard Thilges and Mrs Robert Kramer opened the gifts. The cake was cut and served by Mrs Clarence Thilges, godmother of the bride, and Mrs Robert Besch, godmother of the bridegroom. Mrs Victor Besch and Mrs Richard Zaugg poured. Table waitresses were Lilas Banwart, Carol Schmidt, Dea Thilges and Theresa Thilges. (Nicholson Studio Foto — UDM Engraving) COUNCIL MINUTES The city council met Feb. 28, 1962 I (1C Illy i.uuin.11 inc. I w. ^v, I yw* with Finn, Mayor Pro tem and the following council members: Muckey, Peirce and Andreasen. Last meeting minutes were approved. Kent Motor Co. having low bid on police car was accepted. The amount was 51068.00. Buscher Bros, having low bid on tractor bid for street dept, was accepted. It was moved and seconded that tractor bids be reconsidered. It was moved and seconded that all bids be rejected and set'March 14, 1962 tor new letting on tractor bids tor street H.' Smith of Wallace & Holland Engr. firm from Mason City, la. gave a preliminary report on the storm sewer situation in the cast part of the city. Beer permit was granted to Larry's Hccreation and Diagonal Groc. Council adjourned to executive session, Council reconvened and accepted the resignation of James Whittcmore, council member from the second ward. HI Dr. C. C. Shierk Altcst: /s/ D. A. Smith GENERAL C. C. Shierk, Salary .$ 112.50 S-nith, Salary 214.54 In. Slate Bk., W'Hold. 25.90 Kossulh County Recorder, Recording tees 5.50 Kossuth County Treas., Board & Lodge Prisoners. 187.60 N. W. B. Tel. Co., Phone _-_ 23.67 Norton Mach. Works, Chair woldinrj 385 Shierk, Expenses .., __ 1200 STREET taitnott, Salary burlis. ij.-jlui/ .. . hambach, Salary - Hclmc.-s, Salary L.lbhhrook, S.iLny Qlbbs-Cook Equip; Co., repairs 'ahd ''parts : _-_- '-- '---• 1,231.71 Lone Rock Coop Tel. Co., tel. serv 26.34 Fenton Lumber Co.. supplies „ 7.80 D-X Sunray Oil Co., fuel 118.14 Standard Oil. fuel , 1,925.29 Allr Wheel-OriVe Co., parts;.— 22.06' ToWn of West Bend. elec.rserv. 1.37 K. & H. Coop Oil Co., fuel .'--- 283.30, George's Body Shop, parts " 15.43 Town of Titonka, elec. serv. ._ 6.50 Dukehart-Hughes Tractor & Equip. Co.. parts - — 306.34 Schmidt's Plb. & Htg., furnace 696.47 Good Hope Lutheran Church. burner & controls - .?2'2S Greenberg Auto Supply, -parts 416.28 Grouse Cartage Co., supplies „ 6.50 Quick Supply Co., ditching .... 164.00 Paper Calmenson & Co. blades 277.60 Arnold Motor Supply, parts _„ 81.37 Kent Motor Co., parts —-....-- 44.18 Elmore Concrete Prod. Co., tile 3.50 Koss.' Co. Treas. freight Q 5.01 Brown Supply Co., parts 81.97 Central Iowa Tel. Co., tel. serv. "= •" Iowa Elec. Light & Power Co., elec. serv. Hatfield Duplicating, supplies . Standard Oil Co., fuel Algona Machine Shop, repairs Hilton's Super Serv., tires, etc. 133.80 Lone Rock Tel. Co.. tel. serv. „ 13.77 North Central Pub. Serv., gas „ 187.79 Town ot Swea City, elec. serv. 19.60 Algona Mun^ Util., utilities — 24.51 14,999.52 82.00 25.91 10.27 12.23 69.56 32.50 133.80 Payroll Fund., Sec. Rd. Joh'n'sc MabefOslanHTright-of- way —. Mvor>, Salary P-:rQanrl'j, Salary .. I'r.-w, Salary V.ibboii, Salary . ._! l.i. btalc; 13k., W'Hold. Cities Service, Gas 6. F. Oil M. W. B. lei. Co., Phone Norton's, Repairs Pratt Electric, Repairs S.neitzor, Inc., Repairs .. Taylor's, Servico _. _. ROAD USE TAX Evcrds Bros., (Maint. Mat. 8. Labor .... PUBLIC SAFETY Bnokelman, Salary Lulton, Salary ._ . Fiiher, Salary Hutchison, Salary . Joigenion, Salary . Mittag, Salary filbert. Salary Ira Kohl, Salary _ Voiqt, Salary _ la. State Bk., W'Hold. Trust & Agency, Pension C.lics Service, Gas Hbher, Clothing Allow. _. Ken's Aulo Service, Car Expenses tJ. W. B. Tel. Co, Phone Plectrun Corp., Radio Repairs L'tt Electric, Radio Repairs __ SANITATION Baas, Salary — Leeck, Salary — Courtney, Salary N. W. B. Tel. Co., Phone ._ SEWER RENTAL Gronbach, Salary Lemkec, Salary la. State Bk., W'Hold. N. W. B. Tel. Co., Phone ... Norton's Repairs . _ PARKING METER Grocn, Salary Riley, Salary — Sands, Salary - ia. Slate Bk., W'Hold. Trust & Agency, Pension — Norton's, Repairs — . Pratt Electric, Traffic Lt. Repairs ...... Ult Electnc, Traffic Lt. Re-pairs 62.97 143.70 131.60 68.42 169.25 138.00 134.63 167.61 148.00 20.59 61.27 94.10 155 35 13.85 32.9 2.50 22.64 26.34 6,784.60 209.92 157.70 132.60 157.65 166.21 142.60 1500 20.00 144.77 114.50 12.75 9 1.53 150.00 15.40 23.20 4.69 9.75 93.37 93.37 93,37 12.90 133.70 180.69 25.50 1 1.85 4.16 189.55 31.63 106.99 46.70 2.12 2.45 233 5.75 were Jens Sorensen, Chairman, Charles Plathe, Charles Newel, John Rode, and A. M. Kollasch, Absent: none Motion by John Rode and seconded by Charles Newel that Beekeepers association of Kossuth County be allowed fWO for the year 1062. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by John Rode and seconded by Charles Newel that the following bonds for the field assessors be approved, for the year 1062. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Harry Ward John Smith Elmer L. Franks Milton Espe John Simon Douglas Wlldin Clarence Vaske Robert Skilling Wayne Gadc Roger Scott Loretla Binzcn Wayne Gade Dolores Vaske Marvel Halvorson Hobert Lang Ernest Peterson Lloyd I'horson Wm. Rode Sam Link Lcander Vaske W. J. Mcrriam Thomas Becker Thomas J. bormann Dale Struthers A. A. Krueger J. A. Lmdebak Alphonse Sluclcr Uunnis Lynch A. D. Newbrough .Suifcii Pedersun Uurylc Berg Luverne Hiatus Arthur Ol:,ti\ Anton Becker Glen KlocKu IJL'nnts Webi.T Motion by A. M. Koilasch and sec- ended by Charles Plaint that Lyle and Dorothy liirk, Wt-st Bend, he granted a cigarette permit effective r'i Diiiary 1, Una. Aye.i: all Nays: none Molum carried. MoUnn by John Hode and seconded by A. M. thai taxes he sus- Herman Sanders, right-of-way . 156.00 Norman Helleseth, right-of-way 196.00 Julius Harms, right-of-way — J96.00 Andrew Yoch, right-of-way — "4-00 Vtrs. Anna Sapp. right-of-way . 92.00 Mariorie Tucfecr, right-W-way 136.00 3 hilip Dorweiler, right-of-way 246.00 George McVay, clay hauled 26.60 Alvin Hanselman, right-of-way 290.00 R S. Liebrand, right-of-way — 120.00 Herbert Jansen, right-of-way — 70.00 'earl Wlnkleman, right-of-way 42.00i A. W. & Dorthea Rhode, right- . of-way 80 '00 Harry & Gladys Shortenhaus, n right-of-way -, "O-OO Walter J. Bradley, right-of-way 90.00 Minnie Bruellman, right-of-way 136.00 «ayme Haroldson. right-of-way 84.00 loyt Raney, right-of-way —— 146.00 Donna Schmidt Thilges. right- of-way •• 144.00 L. B. & Thea Miller, rtght-of 'Geo. Wichtendahl, Dr. 9 ... * Leland Wlldin, Or. 9 ,--""Upper DBS* MolhM Pub. C6., t Wm!' RuncKVy,'"Dr"V"I!Ii!! Carrol Pottsr, Ot. 9 .-..^— . Francis Kollasth, Dr. 9--— Shumway, Kelly & frlstedt, Walter H. CMst. Df, •--•-General Co, fund, Dr. J33 -Lawrence & Agnes Mehke, Df, ( General 'Counfy "Fund, Dr.' H. K. 2-36 25.00 '41.80 PAYROLL FUND ' > j R. K. Beck, Probation Officer W.24 Heiko Clapp, Co. Home 149.44 Alice L. Clapp, Co. Home ... W.44 Murl Jorgenson, Co. Home .. 36,93 Hulda Jorgenson, Co. Hbme . 126.83 Robert Bralnerd, Oep. Medl- ' cal Examlrwr Dr R F. Snyder, Med. Exam. . Mary E. Lampfight, Assists the Treas. —---— Joan Mueller, Assists the Shar- ,, , iff -.—.-.- Uft2 51.60 162.69 Lola Scuffham, Registrar .... Dean G. Parrott, Court Reporter Fern V. Miller, Court Reporter R K, Beck, Probation Officer 1 L C. Rovn, Probation Deputy Claire A. Boltz, Cdurt Reporter CtW"S H. Newel, Meetings & Mileage ..... '--- ----- --Joh^ ri. Rode, Meetings & Mileage ...—--- ------- A. M. Kollasch, Meetings & . Mileage ... ---Charles Plathe, Meetings & 26.40 51.00 57.12 100.X6 107.65 62.50 465.04. 609.23* 505.43, , Mileage ..... — - ....... 435.9,1 Jens M. Sorensen, Meetings & Mileage H. M. Smith, Engineer ...... John Fraser, Assist. Engineer Hazel Anlikor,' Clerk 358.64 463.60 Clifford Blanchard, Labor ... 282.88 J. W. Burnett, Labor .- 298.86 Raymond Baade, Labor 2?i'lj Ed Blanchard, Labor 2??'57 : Alvin Ewlng, Labor Ssi'Si Clarence Henfges, Labor — IS< "" Clifford Holmes, Labor Earl Johns, Labor _-j A. J. Kollasch, Labor - r Anton Kardoes, Labor --—.George W. Kockler, Labor .. Ben Metzger, Labor Ralph Markla, Labor Ferdinand Meyer, Labor Lem Stockwell, Labor Herbert C, Nellis, Labor C. E. Zaugg, Labor 287.36 298.72 356.17 334.03 299.29' 311.68 315.27 291.48 281.98 311.83 318.96 347.57 *.. C. I.C1UUU, k-CJuw- «A1 I c Henry Zweifel, Labor - 301.15 George Werlnga, Labor Xii'i? Erich Willrett, Labor -•- ?ZJ'?7 Nfoble L. Crouch, Labor .... 298.86 E. M. Downs, Labor c. m. ixun-..*, .«*.-. -010 10 Don Hainzlnger, Labor ™nf Arnold Hainzinger, Labor """ °° Dale Helmer,' Labor Laurence Newbrough, Labor— Urban Neuroth, Labor .—...'Roelf Miller, , Labor , Edward Rlcke, Labor -----Charles Thompson, Labor ---John Schueler 'Jr., Labor _ --George C. Studer, Labor ---James Schultz, .Labor -----Orville Weiland, Labor 307.46 292.98 301.58 313.08 307.46 292.98 372.65. 282.88 306.20 287.86 318.96 332.62 . 323.18 urvilie »»ctiBitw, t»w«. nin It. Cyril Wagner, Labor - 339. 6 James Walker, Labor ----- "' la POOR FUND State Comptroller, Over Quota Wilbert Borgmeyer, Pigs — Algona Locker Plant, Rent — Elec. 500.00 1Z.OQ Cresco Light i Power Co., Elec. ]95 73 Thermogas Co. of Algona, Fuel Culligan, Soft Water Grace-Lee Products, Supplies N. W. Bell Tel., Tel. Serv. ... Thuente Pharmacy, Medical Honsbruch Drug, Medical ... Heiko Clapp, Mileage Paul A. James, Trucking Pratt Elec., Repairs -- ---.. S H U e r g 9 a e r',ys SUP p P " e l HtV.,-Rep^s ^ Algona Imp. Co., Parts Nick's Shoe Shop, Repairs .-Orville Duncan, Subscription . Roger Whipple, Fuller Brush Products T — Consl. Coop. Creameries, Dairy Products 45.50 24.50 115.60 26.11 7.60, 363.73 12.60 7.00; 3.74; '48.00 32.61 1.25! 1 2.20 Sjogrens Grocery, Food ... M. 4 J. R. Hakes, Supplies . Consumers, Food Council Oak, Food --Finn's Bakery, Food Algona Lockers, Rent iomgaars Ben Franklin Store, Edwin "Bcniingnaus, righ~t-of- Fred Adams"" rlgrit-of-way Tohn Van Hove, right-of-way — 84.00 196.00 94.00 84.00 ponded on tilt; CJ L . f tiude Saatott properly described iis N. 125' lut 3 plat ul 1 lots in the S. (i Acres except N 5'. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion car- led. Motion by Charles Newel and sec- mdtd by John Kudu that W. E. Ley tlutoi. Lakola. be awarded the truck )id fur $1500. Ayes: all Nays: none Mutiou carried. Motion by Charles Newel and sec- JiiUed by A. M. Kollaseh that motor grader be avvaided lu .Swaney Equipment Co., Fort Dodge, in the amount ul $17,700. Ayes: ail Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by A. M. Kullasch and seconded by John Hode that bid of JUIUl V M.. »»WTWI ..«.-- —- -• —,. - f Swen Larson, right-of-way 84.00 Orion Lee, right-of-way .- 84.00 Hannah & Folkert Winter, right- of-way --— ou.uu John Osland. right-of-way 84.00 Henry Borman, clay — Ijo.uo Norma Dudding, right-of-way . 84.00 Louis Balgeman, right-of-way Barclay Co., supplies .... Goplerud Lubricants, fuel K. & H. Coop. Oil Co.. fuel Reynolds Machinery Co.. parts Wille's Canvas & Uph. Shop, repairs Fenton Coop. Elevator, fuel Algona Imp. Co. parts _ — Julllgan. soft water Norton Machine Works, parts . Ogren Serv. Station, fuel Northern Lumber Co., supplies Carpenter & Son, parts - Standard Oil Co., fuel - Tcrnes Garage, parts United Build. Center Inc., supplies Mason City Blue Print Serv., supplies Frank Flaig. repairs & parts „ P n lions, repairs & parts -_West Iowa Tel. Co.. tel. serv. .Rogers Tire Serv., tires Products Inc., supplies Laing's Plb. & Htg., labor & parts Miller Lumber Co., Supplies ... Pederson-Sells Equip. Co., Inc., 196.00 71.69 96.24 331.98 98.30 35.75 ... 38.64 20,60 27.30 4.50 53.00 10.20 7.68 68.23 7.10 104.64 1G.67 10.0!) 16.33 2011.57 75.86 11.27 16.14 a Iroiil-end loader bu Glbbi-C.'ook, Mason City. . Published in Ihe Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algons, Iowa, March 8, 1962. BOARD PROCEEDINGS rOUHTH DAY FEBRUARY 1. 1962 REGULAR JANUARY SESSION The Board ol Supervi.-,or;i met pursuant to siUjoUlluntut. Tho»« $ia,!)7;i tor awarded to Iowa. Ayes: all Nays: none Motiun tai tied. Motiun by Charles Newel and seconded by John Hode that tuuith quarterly lupurts bu approved lui Justice of the peace, fled E. Dutton. Lcdyard and tor Max O'Kuelu. Swua City. Ayc-s: all Nays: none Motion carried. It was inutuintd that the following claims be disallowed. Ureli & Mains, domestic animal luud _ __ 4000 Calvin M. Havcusciull. M.S.W., medical 36 .00 tlunciH'k Co. Auditor, luod - .- 14.42 It was inutiuiiud that payment of claims allowed at this meeting of the persons and lams listed Immediately lullLming be latitled, allowed auci contained. COUNTY FUND Post Oil ice, pojluge ti'.> 00 Nuith CY-iitial Pub. Sciv.. gaa Vi.litj Alfeuna Mun. Ulll., ulilitius 155 13 Algona Mun. Util., utilities 4-1.06 Payroll Fund, county payroll - 7.324 02 Payroll Fund, county payroll ..2,501.37 1-avon Liudhursl, assisting prisoner ..... . ... .... . -j.ijfj Hal|jii W. Lmdhuisl. mejls & mileage. 23U.50 Ralph W. Lindhuisl. meals & mileage 231 U7 Uunald M. Wuud, mileage '10.77 P. H. li uns, p;u Is 3 57 N. W. Bell Tel. Co., tel. scrv."I 3^31 Iowa Slate Induslrieb. supplies 21.83 Joyce Harden, mileage _.. 54.11 CtiUigau butt V.'jlcr, bull wjttj- b.Vt Supplies Penney's, Clothing 69.27 250.36. 4.84 26.74 87.21 64.35 36.59 17.17 8.38 fcf1&7>"ttWlt North, r^ibla _- _ 1D54.9 feet EL_. __ of the Southwest. COfftef of said Section 13, thence. East 164.2 feet, thence North; 36- flegfees JI7- nrt«» utes East a distance of 278.8 feet, thence North & de«|» IS ift.lfWlttr ' and "" We"t C a distance of 168.0 feet, thence North 89 degrees, 17 mlftUteB West P distance, of 356.3 feet, thence South 3 degrees 43 minutes,West , a distance of 804.6'feet to point of i^f^^^^^^&tAM id which deed Was recorded on De' cember 20, 1950, In Book 86, Page 282 of the records of Kossuth County, Iowa WHEREAS, said deed furthef recit* S ihe South line of Said Section 13 Is assumed to run due East and Said 'tract of land Is hereby granted to the County of Kossuth tot its sole use and benefit In the follow-' ins. That the County shall have Sit of the gravel and,<road material contained In said tract and the Use of the same for all time or until said eravel and road material la . exhausted, then and in that event the title of said premises shall re- verti to the then owner of the original sub-division from which It was taken. It Is agreed that after tne gravel is removed from the above premises, the overburden left in the,pit after the removal of the gravel, shall be spread evenly over the bottom of the pit and the land left in as good a condition for farm- Ing purposes as possible, WHEHEAS, the Board of Supervisors on 'May 17, 1961, moved and seconded that a quit claim deed be given to Walter T. Rich, and WHEREAS, a quit claim deed was prepared, signed and delivered by said John Rode as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to Walter T. Rich of the interest In the real estate above described which deed was dated May 17 1961, and was filed May 18, 19fll, In Land Deed Book 93, Page 278, and WHEREAS, the sufficiency of the legal procedure attending the conveyance to the said Walter T. Rich is challenged and the Board now desires to 'put at rest any and all objections „„ „ HEREBY RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County; Iowa, as follows: 1 That it is found and determined that Kossuth County acquired an interest by a deed on December 19, 1960, of real estate described as follows: All that part of the Southeast 9"Jf,~ ter of the Southwest Quarter (SEU SW'/ 4 ) of Section 13, Township 96 North, Range 29, West of the 5th P. M.. Kossuth County, Iowa, described as Beginning at a point 1954.9 , feet East and 45 feet North of the , Southwest corner of said Section 13, thence East 184.2 feet, thence North 35 degrees 47 minutes East a distance of 273.9 feet, thence North 16 degrees 30 minutes East a distance of 289.5 feet, thence ' North 2 degrees 12 minutes West a distance of 358.0 feet, thence North 89 degrees 17 minutes West a distance of 356.5 feet, thence South 3 degrees 45 minutes West a distance of 884.6 feet to point of beginning, containing 6.71 acres for the consideration of $2.684.00. 2 That all of the gravel and road material contained in said tract has been exhausted and that It would be for the best Interests and benefit of Kossuth County to convey what in- n/ the 6Wfief'<L-» *v, Rtai iraet w whis i •8L'l|at,<tel«fea,o> a*«£eftee^ i| ti WiAifef u 1 tftie S any. 'twftf atf shim; be eu«fd and' removed> so :tpt,.,tt this land a«iiileftee$ iktjjj} ... _.../;'twftf atf shiraia _. _..tT removed, so !tt}at,.,tHe gtaritee may. have;merchantable title, •fid " • < . * < * f BE #'FURTHER RESdLVEDr. that Jens. M. Sorensen, Chairman 1 ot the Board of Supervisors of'Kossuth Court" ty t .Iowa, be and he is. hereby em- fsowfefed ttuthoetitea and dlrebted to execute, acknowledge and deliver, and MftfL- Modre, Auditor ot KOBBUtn. CoUh* iy, Is directed ter attest botH leftntf lot' and in behalf 6f Kowuth County, Ipwa, a dull claim ,deed'eonyeymS all right, title and interest ot KosmltK County in and,to the following described real estate;) to-wit: Norlh, Hange 29, West df the'Bth P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa, des- . crlbed as Beginning at a point 1R54.9 feet East and 45 feet North of the Sbuthwest c!orhei> of said section 13. thence East 184.2 feet, thence North 35 degrees 47 minutes East a distance of 273.B leet. thence North 18 degrees 30 minutes East a distance of 289,5 feet.' thence North 2 degrees 12 minutes west a distance of 358.0 feet, thence North 89 degrees 17 minutes West a distance of 358.5 feet, thence South 3 degrees 45 minutes West a distance of 864.6 feet to point of beginning, containing 8.71 acres to Walter T._Rlch for the consideration ° f At the conclusion of the reading of the foregoing resolution and after discussion thereon It was moved by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by John Rode that the resolution be adopted. The Chairman put the question and the vote thereon was as follows: Voting "Aye! 1 :, All Voting "Nay": None \ Absent: None , Whereupon the Chairman declared the motion carried and the resolution 8 Forthwith, and during the meeting, the Chairman and the Auditor executed and attested a deed pursuant to the resolution, and submitted such deed for consideration and approval. It was moved by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by John Rode that the quit claim deed executed and acknowledged by the Chairman and,attested by the Auditor be ratified, confirmed and approved. The Chairman put the question on said motion and the vote thereon was as follows: ' * *•' Voting "Aye": All Voting "Nay": None Absent: None , «».,'*,.. Thereupon the Chairman stated that the motion was duly carried and the deed approved and the Auditor was instructed to endorse the approval of the Board upon said deed as provided There' was other business transacted at this meeting which was recorded elsewhere and not here. • , MARC MOORE, ' County Auditor SEAL: Approved: ^ JENS M. SORENSEN, Chairman, Board of/ Supervisors . CERTIFICATE STATE OF "IOWA ) KOSSUTH COUNTY ) SS: I, Marc Moore, County Auditor of Kossuth County, Iowa, hereby certify and return that the attached and foregoing is a true, correct and complete copy of an excerpt of the proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, taken at a special meeting thereof on the 23rd day of , Diamond Surplus Supplies -- »•« Fuel ------ — - 438.66 33.80 8.00 19.50 9.00 45.00 204.00 supplies .?§•?' Emmet County Treasurer, taxes 415.1- Advance Pub. Co., supplies 2.3( Iowa Pub. Serv. Co.. elec. Serv. 5.00 :ook Welders Supply, supplies 13.2 Herman M. Brown Co.. parls „ 118.15 SOLDIER'S RELIEF FUND Bancroft Oil Co., fuel — 1'. J. Egan, M.D.. medical Advance Pub. Co.. supplies .-John M. Schutter, M.D.. medical Mrs. Emma Dreyer, rent Council Oak Store, food --. Busk Drug Store, medicine 31.10 Iowa Pub. Suiv. Co.. elec. terv. 15.OT Holy Family Hosp.. mcdlca -- 154.04 Champlin He-fining Co.. tuel ... 62.20 Hobarton Coup. Elevator Co., Hugo &""c" V. Lmdholm. M.D., medical — Kossuth Oil Co., fuel Honsbruch Drug, medical Holy Family Hosp.. medical ... Mrs. E. Belmkundorf, rent Thuente Pharmacy, medical — R. N. Lepind, medical -.-- Fergies Super Service, fuel Welp Drug Store, medical -.-Dr. Richardson, medical 103.87 BANGS FUND Dr. J. L Crouch, inspection — Dr. A. E. Siekmeier. inspection Dr. A. W. R. Llehter. inspection Dr. H. E. Weber, inspection ... Dr. A. J. Cotton, inspection -— 53.40 80.00 16.80 71.10 01).« 25.00 173.00 37.50 8.85 22.15 12.00 8.00 36.00 6.00 40.00 . . . , -— . Dr. H. P. Shoeman. inspection . 7.00 Dr. J. J. Cecil, inspection -,~. 2.00 5!\ j! S'. SaHt'tnci-TTnVpectlon ', 6.00 Dr. J. R. Waite. inspection 4.00 Dr. T. J. Lensing, inspection ... 8.00 Dr. M. F. Calhoun. Inspection - 3.00 T. B. FUND Dr. D. J. Shoy, Inspection . 9.00 Dr. D. J. Shey, ln»pectk>n - 26.60 Dr. J. R. Waits, Inspection -- 6.00 Dr. A. J. Gotten, Inspection . 22.8C Or. D. S. Shey, Inspection „ 104.00 Dr. A. J. Cotlcn, Inspection . 57.20 LIBRARY FUND Iowa Book & Supply Co., Supplies ... —.- 23.42 STATS INSTITUTION FUND itandard Oil, Fuel Hobarton Co-op. Elevator, Feed Rath, Rent Marguerite Hayes, Rent Sarah Harbour, Rent G. R. Cook, Rent 1.. F. Donovan, Rent lay Davidson, Rent rtarvel Immerfall, Mileage tobert Peterson, Mileage -Algona Mun. Util., Utilities . >4 Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 3r. Richardson, Medical Joseph M. Rooney, M. D., Medical • Honsbruch Drug, Medical St. Ann Hosp., Medical ---Dr. Schutter,' M. D., Medical T. i. Egan, M. D., Medical John J. Lesiak, M. D., Medica v\ G. Bourne, M. D., Medical Psychopathic Hosp., Medical - Thuente Pharmacy, Medical _University Hosp., Medical .. Roy M. Turner, M. D., Medical Dan L. Bray, M. D., Medical C. D. Snyder, M. D., Medical Van Norman Drug Co., Medi- Holy Family Hosp., Medical Mallory Drug Store, Medical C. M. O'Connor, O. D., Medi- Richard'cVTripp, M. D., Medical Rusk Drug, Medical --. Anderson Grocery, Food Vogols Store, Food Council Oak, Food Hood's Super Valu, Food Fareway Stores, Food Consumers, Food Cowing Food Mart, Food Charles Schrader, Fuel Viking Oil, Fuel ---D. X. Sunray Oil Co., Fuel -Bancroft Oil Co., Fuel Standard Oil, Fuel Penney's, Clothing _ Hoods Cash Store, Food Marian Home, Care i Keep -Home of the Good Shepherd, Care & Keep Maple Leaf Rest Home, Care & Keep - .utheran Home Finding Soc., Care & Keep Algona Good Samaritan Home, Care 8. Keep 29.00 Delta Faivey, Care 8. Keep . 124.83 Boys & Girls Home, Care & Keep -- - 85.00 State of Iowa, Dependent Children - 1,171.29 State of Iowa, Blind 245.62 State of Iowa, Emergency Relief -- 203.87 State of Iowa, Disabled 73.63 On motion adjournment was taken until February 23, 1962. JENS M. SORENSEN, CHAIRMAN BOARD OF SUPERVISORS ATTEST: MARC MOORE, KOSSUTH COUNTY AUDITOR BOARD PROCEEDINGS FIFTH DAY FEBRUARY 23. I'jlig SPECIAL JANUARY SESSION The members of the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, met In Special session at the Court House in AlSona, Iowa, on the 23rd day of February, 1962, pursuant to law ant the rule* of the Board. The meeting was called to order a 1:30 o'clock P. M. by Jens M. Soren »en, Chairman, who presided at said meeting. Present were members of tin Board, Charles Plathe, Jens M Soren *en, Charles H Newel, John Hode and A. M, Kollasch. Absent: None Als( present was Marc Moore, County Au Among other things, the Board gave consideration t o the matter of vurlnie and correcting delects in the title tc real estate described as follows: The Southwest Quarter (SWUi of bectiou la, Towuahlp OB North, 141.27 35.00 20.00 15.00 25.00 25.00 45.00 28.49 20.00 65.13 102.45 40.00 4.50 47.63 578.64 86.25 17.0Q 40.03 165.35 15.00 95.1') 365.67 225.00 30.25 49.00 6.10 153.90 18.70 29.50 20.25 132.71 43.49 200.00 80.00 107.00 115.00 40.00 35.00 7.50 34.00 80.62 78.93 33.43 3.99 20.00 130.00 220.00 317.50 65.00 Connie's Column CAKE MAKE-UP Well, I never! Such feminine ingenuity. Mis. Ed Schirmer of Sanborn, Iowa, kge'pd a large, fluffy 'new' powder puff in her flour canister. Soon as cake pans have been well-greased, she puffs the flour into them. Let's share another before we leave the kitchen. One mom was frazzled by trying to keep cereal boxes from scissors-wielding youngsters. Now she collects "economy size" glass jara from instant coffee, mayonnaise and pick- SAUCY IDEAS les, and fills the jars with dry Two ways to dress up Lenten cereal. .The kids get boxes fish or sea food meals! Try first-thing—and mom knows both: Mild • sauce is made when the cer eal jar needs re- from 1 cup catsup, 1 pint plenishing. sour cream, 1 tsp. dried pars- ._.,___.. -«»«,„ley, J / 2 tsp. Worcestershire BATHROOM BOOSTER sauce, 2 Tbsp. pickle relish Lady-next-door keeps a big and 1 chopped hard-boiled plastic-covered TV pillow in egg. Blend well; chill in your her bathroom, stands on it gas refrigerator. Sharp sauce bare-footed while sudsing her combines 2 cups catsup, '/a face and rolling her hair. She cup vinegar, 2 drops Tabasco says it's a real soother for sauce, 1 tsp. Worcestershire, toes and leg muscles. (I'll y s cup prepared horseradish, move one in from the porch Either sauce takes well to right now!) other seasonings. Do experiment! DON'T DRY UR Quick quiz: Does your skin seem dry, your nose and throat ticklish? Have your house plants lost last summer's rich» ness? Your home could use i of. 'year* ' springtime"! WAKER-UPPER Mrs. W. E. Fisher of Lincoln, Nebr., has a new twist for a girl's party. Surprise the; guests! Alert mothers a few days ahead; daughter's invited to a "come as you are" breakfast party. Pick up guests right out of bed, starting at 7 a.m. on a peaceful Saturday. Prizes go to the curler-clad pair who looks most comical 1 WON'T TRADE Mrs, Clyde Boydston of Weeping Water, Nebr,, has a 1959 gas clothes dryer she "wouldn't trade for anything"! But the'62 models are even nicer. Natural gas and gas appliances just naturally get better and better. Gas progress has opened f* new world of hap< I 1-^ jug| fjjj soon, to see ypur local gas wmmnym gas heating contractor tips y OIK W ' *»•* »*« Aie*nnl\nit\nit tntmlnsL t -will, Belhthe, following .described AS 'I flm Q1SI*UHMJ*MIU|5 * f M , , 1® ' •• .u ~i jit W&Y ^u' i «*|AM. i^ ; rt «AHi,i m-hflet-lv on'farih faf*tMf<8 miles <5ast;<tf' Fafrtnont,.JVIWm,,, to & %.miic i west oi f SlSS, Mthtt, ( ,<b,ft e ,Wlot Grove S mile north fend 1 Me west 0N — SATURDAY, mile Will-Serve Lftnch Sale Starts At 22 - HEAD OF GUERNSfeY GAff LE - 22 " MACHINERY - 2 .TRACTORS - l&fuM '"M" tractor, new motor, with 4-in. aluminum pUtoiisi ^fl.ParmaH tractor, ^.Jn. alumih- uTpfetons and road 'gear; IHC No. 488 4-ro,v CM UiVator with delayed fiction and rubber gauge wheels; l&WjMcC. J). No. 16 S-bottom 14-n. slat bottom, high c1eSffl«ce,Ul6w; F^^ormall Z : row cul ivator with ftower lift! IHC No. 62r C 6mbinc, ihotor d^erhaiiled^an^pickup; Blackhawk 4-row corn-planter with fert. attach.! Joliii toeere IS-ft. disc: Miii- nesota 7-ft. power mower! Rttbber tired wagon and wood Hare box; Sunerior Farmhand, loader with Snow buctfetj mahure fork and hay buck; M.tV. 10-in. hammermlll;;60-ft: hammermill belt; ,5-sfebtion Hex- ible'drkgj McC. D. endgato .seeder. MISCELLANEOUS — Hcnson weatherbrake heater fdr "M" Far- mall! hydraulic cylinder; John Deere hand cornsheller; 560 pdund sc&lej egg washer; forks, shovels, toils and 'Other miscellaneous items Mo numerous to mention. ( , , ' , ., "' MILKING EQUIPMENT,— Surge milker Wd 1 pkll, large pump will handle 3 pails; pipeline ifor lO.'cows; Star 6-can side opening milk crjoler, like new; refrigerator used for cream copier; round red wood cream cooling tank; McCormlck-Deerlng 4S electric cream Separator; and three 10-gallon milk cans. '" ' FEED — 120 bales of straw .inside, no rain; 600 bales .2nd ctitttag alfalfa hay; 250 bales. 1st cutting alfalfa hay; 100 bales 3rd cutting alfalfa hay; hay is alt'taside;. . ' . . , ., HOUSEHOLD GOODS, --7- Ele'c. sewing .machine,, attachments and button-holer;. speed queen Ironer; Coronadb electric washing machine, like new; MohtgpnieryiWard vacuunl and attachments; Singer portable electric sewtagfirial^ieifFasteurtier, 1-gal. 1 size and oil burnt*. "'TWO 3-PEN PORTABLE HOG HOUSES ' DUANE PI 1C HER, Owner Wedel & Clark, Atict.' Martta County National Bank, Fairmont, Cleric FARM AUCTION .> HAVING DECIDED TO QUIT FARMING, I WILL SELL THE THURSDAY, MARCH 15 On the Farm 2 miles East and 1% miles north of Lu- Verne, or 4 miles South and 4 miles west of Corwith. , STARTING AT 12:30 SHARP ——~ -MACHINERY- 1950 M; D. with M.W. firedpme pistons, also M ,. 9 speed M.W- live power Heisler pump shut off. Coupler).- All, new bearings, transmission and dif- ereritial. Completely overhauled. - I.H. "H" frac- or, 1944 model; John Deere 'B' Tractor, 1940 model; ; D. Combine 1950 with motor; J. D. Cornplanter 490 with fertiliser; J. D. No. 5 Mower; J. D. Rotary Hoe 4 section 1959 model; I.H.C. 45 Baler; J. D. 15- ft. Disc; I.H.C. 10-ft. Disc; Kovar Spring Tooth 12- foot; Kovar Spring tooth, 9-ft.; 2 - 4 section harrpws w/folding eveners; I.H. Cultivator 4-;row; I.H. Binder - Windrower, 10-ft. I;H. 24 Cornpicker; Hoe Cart Hydra-lift; I.H. Hand corn shelter; Stdnhoist elevator 36-ft.; J.D. elevator 42-ft.; Eclipse >vide oyer- lead wagon hoist; New Idea Manure Spreader;!I.H. 2-16 plow on rubber; I.H. 2-14 Plow; Oliver 2-16 Plow; I.H. Endgate Seeder; Garner trailer with steel flare box; Rubber tired trailer with I,H. No. 100 f|are box; Briggs trailer with flat rack; I.H. Side Rake; Roof Fence Mower, new motor; 2 heat hbusers, 1 for MandlforH. -M ISC Elk AN EO US- 2 • 325 gal. gas barrels, hose, nozzle and stand; - Steel hog feeders, 1 - 25 bu., 1 -35 bu.; 12x14 Brooder House, rollaway nests, feeders; fountains, 1 new time clock; Electric Brooder, 500 size; 250 Hens - Welps 901; Round Oak table, 6 chaJri. -CATTLE- ' 7 Head of Charolais Heifers (open) 700 f? 100 IBS. These gre '/« CharolaU and & Angus crossed <p Northtm Notvrol Oc» CompflBX. Nfbrai k« 300 §a|ef straw. ; 950 Bales 2nd and 3rd tutting Alfalfa in barn -CQNSIQNfcD- 2 CORN PICKERS 1 - J.D, NO, 300, QOOO SHAPE 1 ~ J.P- NO- 200 fan REPAIR PARTS MANY QTH6R MISC. ITEMS TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION- Not RftppnslblQ par Awldffnti. TERMS' CASH - Nc Property I? Be Removed Until Sfttltd rer, Clarence Nielsen Anderson ft Hloye, Av?t- 5f«writy Stgtf^nk. Algeria, (

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