The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 13, 1962 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1962
Page 8
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•A while ago I niade some toent on the youth of today, find to answer to "where can, they go" 1 said, "They might go home for a change arid do a few chores", 1 t c , a lK d m ^ 6lf a fuddy-duddy t<5 «S?i« * r « cei y ed » reply from Mrs. , William Goetsch, LuVerne, who took a stand in favor of the youth of today. 1 quote in part: : "It is too bad we hear sd much of the bad via radio and spa'ce in papers'. We don't hear of all the good things. I have worked with youth many years in summer camps as a teacher and in, our local churches as a Sunday School teacher and yputh counselor. I have nothing but praise and admiration for the youth of today." Well, there are several points -for* argument,: but bless you for your efforts with young folk and thank you for writing to me. ': • • '; '•"..:•. • • '• Along conies another small dog lover — Mrs. Wflliam J. Becker who chooses the little Chihuahuas. She has the blond breed and Peppy recently Had 1 a family-Chico, ' Chow-Chow and Herman. I said that r suppbsfed she Kept them well clothed in 1 coats bf' sweaters, the poor little* almost '. hairless •things;— arid "she said "Oh yes, knitted and bell trimmed." •• '•'• •: • ' Y • • .» .. "•! : .'; • Mrs. : Gustin sadly ' reports the little male Pomeranian idled; The mother wasn't able to feed three and Mrs. Gustin didn't realize the little fellow 'wasn't being nourished sufficiently. The other two females are being hand fed .for awhile. ' .."....'• • • Alas for plans — Zalda and Bill Nugent got as far as Wichita, Kan. enroute to McAllen, Tex. for the rest of the' winter when Zaida became sick and when she was able to travel, they headed , back ' h.ome to' Des Moines. Too bad, and better luck next time. And this of all winters was the one to get away from. * * . * • .;••;.' David McDonald has completed a business course' in Des Moines and has joined the service. 1 He first went to \Lackland Air Base, Texas. And .speaking of service, wasn't it good to see Buddy Merrill back -on -the Lawrence Welk program. • , > > ' t ' In -a .Ch^stmas issue of, "Decision" sent-,out by the Billy s Gra, ham organization, . there *' was ' a piece,,^ music_, which I s,ent«4o Bernlce Rising.' She played, It for me 6n"Ker f 'drgan'" while' f listened on the. phone. It was played beautifully — Bernice has that certain touch and interpretation which are super.- It was a lovely composition. Vaughan did some technical work and the music came in nicely. s - • • • • •, . I wonder why so many people use the word prejudiced when', partial seems to me so much better. True, the later dictionaries list as fifth and sixth choices definitions which can be used, but my old Webster is on my side and lists prejudiced , as unexamined opinion — formed without due knowledge of fact — to hurt, — damage, or impair. Partial is listed as inclined to favor unreasonably — strongly -inclined — fond. I'll stick to MY ideas of the words use! 9 ' , * From Glenn Naudain, Rock Hill, S. C. came news that his sister- in-law, Ruth, wife of his brother Earl Naudain, died Feb. 5 at Cresenta, Cal. She had been in poor health for some time and died from complications after gall bladder surgery. The W. E. Naudain sons are Earl, Vallo and Glenn. • * • '• The vacation of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fuller has been somewhat marred by the accident they were in several weeks ago. Their car and another collided and Mrs. Fuller suffered four breaks of the collar bone, bruises and head lacerations Mr. Fuller escaped with bruises, They went to California for a visit with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coors and family, and have taken an apart- ORGANIC SOIL BUILDER FOR Corn . Groin . Field Crop* WIL1 NOT BURN - OPORLPSS No Filler* - No Chemical* Where Can Yow Get More Than Super-Gro For Your Money? CHICK THES6 ADVANTAGES 5 Higher protein content. Supplies major and minor rn . prger root structure, Soots, stay olive lowf I DOC* JiPfc CUIAUW v*»^-«"-3" i Harmless to humans and livestock. ment at Redondo Beach. A recent letter from Mrs. Fuller said tt would be but a few more weeks till they would be home. * 4 * * Mrs, Clarence Prascr has been reading with particular interest the reports on the recent jet disaster in New York. She took passage pa one just like it when she flew from Idlewild to Chicago, having -com' pleted a ; visit with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth .Wright at Plainfield, N. 3. She took the plane after'being urged by Mr. Weight, who had traveled that way and-thought-it so enjoyable, he wanted her > to experience It, too. |3he enjoyed it very much but feels very thankful her ; trip was completely safe. !. '' ' '•','•' : ''•,'*.- '• : . Ah out-of-town woman! having read this column * and the item about Lizzie post's dotted Swiss aprons, wrote id her about them. Lizzie's work is held,up because the only; color she can get heni is.white and she wants some colors. .'-...' ...•:.• ' •; , • :.:••.-.,•..-.,• '' . I saw something the other day I have some time wanted to view at. close range. I've seen moVie and TV stars with what I am, sure are wigs,: and • naturally I have wandered How I'd look to one •blonde I think would be my choice f Well, if Jackie Kennedy can wear ftfte^.why* not yoti tt 1? .Arid-after all, 1 - false hair is no more" to be Idbke'd at askance that) false teeth, eye glasses, false Ijmbs and the more recent "falsies." It was a.topic of.interest and so ,natural looking if — false hair, I me,an, if is n6t , tiasily 'detected. And no amount Of questioning will cause me to divulge the wearer, so don't wheedle. « .* * gnsan Potter, daughter of-Mr. and'. Mrs. James Potter, 1 Nevada, granddaughter of Dr. and Mrs. fi. J.'Ea&m and.Dr, and. Mrs. Ray Potter, took part in a^musical contest Mar. 3 at Indianola, home of Simpson college. 1 She/is a sixth grader and plays the clarinet remarkably well. , , , ' .'•'•'.'• /•'', • '• :»••>•• ,.•.'• '-• The trip home from Chicago a few weeks ago was a perfect nlght- rtiare t6 Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Muen- hold, who had gone there so A1 could ,attend "Dad's Day" with his daughter Joyce at the St. Luke- Presbyterian hospital. They also visited with Mrs. Huenhold's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Aalderks. One of our many snow-storms hit just at the time they Were due home and an auto is not a joy at such times. • ' ' *' • Mrs. Myrna Orton left Mar. C for San Mateo, Calif., to be with her S«h and dattghteMn-latt Mr. and M>S. ! Ard&f Ortdh' for" f'ftw nioWths.,1 had t talked wttft,^ abdut it Saturday and tried te discourage her from" Wing V purely selfish t guess. I like to havS her drop In to see me and I'll miss her. Then later when it begaft to snow again, I called her rind said,/'Get out of this darned country as quickly as you canT* , • * * * The thousands who crwWted the streets' of Washington, D. C. and New Vork City would have had a much better view of^Cdl.jGlenn had they, stayed at, hdmfejtty the TV. And much morei (So'fflfortable. I couldn't help wondefingjif it was pick-pocket holiday. Nd.'rm not a particularly suspicious character, but the "wicked cities" and such mobs are a "happy hunting ground" for their activities. .* • * Deflated male egotism? Yes. Asked why she never wore her glasses when she went out with her friend, the girl explained, "I look better to Harold without them — and he looks better to me." * * • N • , Too true.— "Middle age is that perplexing time of life when we hear two voices calling us, one saying, "Why not?" and the other "Why bother?" Lucy and Karl Hoffman Jeft Sunday for Houston, Tex,, and will visit with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Al Be Crane for several days. They will be on their own there in a motel, my idea of visiting, too. Then they will take off for other points in Texas — just pointing the car and letting it ramble. They expect to be home about Apr. I and in the meantime Mavis and Ray Anderson will keep dental office and home ship-shape. Mavis is Dr. Hoffman's assistant. * « « Mrs. Viola Sluder, Wesley.! was here Mar. 3 to see her mother, Mrs. Jennie Luken. It is six Weeks since she has been here. She's been nursing a broken wrist suffered in a fall oh ice at the church. About the same time a friend fell and suffered a similar break, and the ironic part is Mrs. Studer's right wrist was injured and she is right-handed. The friend, a left- hander, broke her left wrist. Where is justice? * * • Sunday afternoon about 3:45 o'clock I was looking out at the snow buried world and watching the birds in the evergreen tree near my window. A flash of bright red — Yes, you guessed it. A cardinal! I've been wanting to see one. I hope he gets to be a regular visitor. What do they eat that I may entice him? LEDGER SHEETS — Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Algona. Shorthorn Champs Seely Bros, farms of Algona ex- hittted the grand champion bull at the Iowa Polled Shorthorn show, at the state fairgrounds in Des Moines, last week. The Seelys also showed the reserve champion bull and the reserve champion female. Ben G. Studer, Wesley kept the Tuestfdy, Mftfch 13, Afgoftd (la.) Upper Dai Mdffl5**S CURLY wants to sell LIGHT BULBS Regular lamps or special lamps ... you can find the largest and most complete stock of lamps in N.W. Iowa. Don't be satisfied with anything less than genuine G.E. Lamps. They cost no more. PRATT ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION CO. Comer of State & Jones Phone CY 4-4326 honors in the county by showing the champion female. « '•' "'I < '•« For o glorious week-end in Minneapolis stay at the New At the New Hotel Maryland, on any week end. you will get » large double toom, breakfast fot two in the Maryland'* fabu- lout Orleans room, free TV and parking Free lodging to children under 14 when iccom panted by,parent*. Special reduced rate* it thealeri AIR CONDITIONED MO ROOM! 100 SPARKLIN9 tilt BATH! Writ* fot rtt«rvottent and colarfd brochur*. NEIGHBORS GOOD KNOW Around The Town & Country YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR Meet Nels Nelson Of Lakota JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT IN ALGONA We Serve Your Neighbbr, May We Serve You? WATCH THIS SPACE EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR This week's Country Neighbor is Nels A. Nelson, ^yhose ; • address is .LakotaitHe lives 3% miles north and 3 1 /fe« miiei <-«'* east of Bancroft on an 80 acre farm. Mr Nelson has been a subscriber to the Upper Des Moines for 40 years and his father, a pioneer in that area, subscribed for 48 years until his death in 1.038 — making a total of 88 years the Nelsons have taken this newspaper. .Mr Nelson had 32 acres of corn, 31 acres of beans and the balance in the government program during 1961. He also raises chickens each year and formerly raised hogs and cattle, also. He admits he has no real hobbies, but does like sports and enjoys taking trips in his auto. He is a member of the Lutheran church at Bancroft. • , He was married in 1922 to Mabel Telning of Algona at Algona. She died in 1931. Mr Nelson has a daughter, Mrs Wayne Nyman, who lives west of Bancroft, a brother, Oscar Nelson at Swea City and a sister, Mrs C. II. Boelke at Sanborn, Minn. His parents were Mr and Mrs James Nelson and he was born July 27, 1896 at Bancroft. (UDM Polaroid Photo — Engraving) Joe Bradley Equipment, pictured above, is your complete headquarters for farm machinery, passenger truck and tractor tires, farm and commercial trucks and machinery repair, plus many top lines, such as Gehi Firestone, Oliver, GMC, Massey-Harris. Butler Bins. Winpower, Speedy, Continental Belton Co., Meyer Elevator, Allis-Chalmers parts and others. For 19 years the firm was known as Bradley Bros. Implement, run as a partnership. July 1, 1960, Walter Bradley sold his interest to his brother Joe and the firm's name is now Joe Bradley Equipment. The firm is located just south of the Algona Hotel, where you will find a complete up-to-date machinery and truck repair shop. A new building has been completed as well as many other improvements made tee past few months. You will find them ready to service any and all of the equipment sold and friendly service is always found. Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks, Phone CY 4-3561 Algona ALGONA AND KOSSUTH COUNTY NEIGHBORS WORK TOGETHER FOR A BETTER LIFE. NEIGHBORLINESS IS THE BACKBONE OF GOOD BUSINESS IN RURAL AND URBAN AREAS. Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Moline - Kelly-Ryan - Papec New Idea Farm Machinery • Sales • Service O Friendly & Courteous Always N. Main St. Phone CY 4-3451 Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Pearler FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales & Service Plumbing - Heating Sheet Metal Gas or Oil Units Pumps Wal»r Systems Complete Fixtures Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To * """ Serve You Completely" Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Algona Farm Machinery - Trucks — Tires Ollvor Maiuy-Harri* AUi*-Cbalm«r> CMC Truck! Firestone Tire* Phone CY 4-2421 Algona Robinson Construction Co. Sioux Steel Buildings Building Construction For size, strength, long life and ease oi building, insist on — SIOUX — Another advancement in easier farming. C. E. Robinson East on Hwy. 18 Phone CY 4-3374

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