The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1930
Page 4
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FKIDAY, AUGUST 1.1. 1030 UIAT1IRVIU.K. (AUK.) COUKlWl NIWS SflASSiFIED ADS Two cciiti a word tot first In- ECitlon end ^ie cent a word for each subiequtut insertion. No sitvertlsetner.l taken for lc« than 60c, Counl lUo wordi and eccd tbe ifdi. Phone 30b ro« SALE |l-'OH SALK—l!f.oy Chicks. Custom halcliing each week from now on. |Maillyn Hatchery. 2Cck-ti | Used Car Specials j For This Week i • mini; Ibis wi-ck «u are oiler- ', litlR Ihu following I'SKl) (,'AKS ill j I'lUCfcS, suhjiHi lo unr ir 30 Hay C.uaranlce: f'J'M Fcnl lioadslcr ?5C3 ,l!l:;» Mud. l-'iir<1 Hnsim-wi Coupe- S3I3 .Model I'ord Pick-Up Truck ?i05 Mod. Ford Sporl Kiiadsler §:!! IliKD .Model I'urd IMiaclon ... |lO:!9 Mixlci I'oril Sid. Coupe Irj^S Mod. Chrysler "G:i" Sedan $313 j Il'JiS Mndcl Whippet Coai-ll ?->U.V .Model Chevrolet C'oil|ie $ 01 i Model Ford Coupe $ U5 ' Model Star Coupe S B3 j U2C Model Hedge 3-1 Truck 5 !J5! Sec Ihcac cars today and make ivuiir selccclion. Weekly Phn,! iMonlhly I'lan ur Fall Terms. Your Car lakeu as part juj-mcnt. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS J10TOU CO. Aullicrlzcd Ford Dealers FHONE Sll TOUAV IFOR SALE—Gcod violin and how. Purchased from fine .Memphis cacher. Write Mrs H. O. Sharp, ICaruthcrsvillc, Mo. 14pic22.• ERNEST LYNN FOK UKNT ! FOR RENT—5-Rcom hottbe 1321 j Hully SI. Call <lli7-\\'. lapkiU' |l''OR RENT—Furnished nuaiUncut | 10!) Kentucky, Phone 033. 13pk21 i IM:I:I\ 111:111: TIIIIAY D.V.V [{OKI >li:u, iriiiiii'nui X Illilll III llollj ^(Klll, 'l njfin:; nllFi llii' sluiMu I'li'luri' ll':us lip Ijli I'uutrai'l ll.s i-Vflllll-iii liri'iE. Hut t.r Ui:'/. ])jn 1,:^,' !,o,nly t-Mini in A\M; WINTI:M, n ;; :;!,! .>,,i, i 'I'uKn, Ilklii., .1)... Mrii. Sin- tins I 1 . ul n:>':i' i-st iurr, f Iriini N.-w V rin, r.i>i\ii> i-iiliiii liiul lal "TIM"I'm ; wliero my |ia-. llio Sib nake i Ills," ] toriila vasn't cxiiiir SI.IIA\. ivn-vi hi \liiir \Vl i.iiiii-ili luinllj riiniiKli f >i;iri-.iii( uny Uni-t lint r-'iro itiui'li fur iv 'in Iiilmin-r. I'.iM.'trr. TI\ '•Ol.l.l.V-i. ri>nn,Tl} lliiiilCil. mm ulfli .\in:l li^llr:, Mni :iuil CILM'TKIl XV! dance fiunr v:as a va>t place. 1'aul Collier had flc- ecrlliod It a-, brir..-; "a cnnpli! o[ in aua. and Dan o:i]y e was a sprinhlini: ot s; ur!ns 01- loiiu^iui; in cliuirs Ihe t-oiia fouulain. "Tbe fleet's not l:i." Collier cM'laincd to .'.jn::a and Kva. "or you'd sec rnr.uuh nf tjicni lo man a halllc- PAGE SEVEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE Tlicy i-oaialni-.l Uicrc- for a couulc ot linur:! of dancing ami walcliins ollierj iliinre. Tisc orclic^tra iila>cil »-iili .)i!wraryi!:K freq'.ifney ami tli^re >vere the inevitable few touiflo^ (s-yEi:E,' to shov: off. Their "i'otrr /r;c;id ing her all thh no! u kit hard on the cj'cs, If'Vicri' linvc you tcc/i lime?" i;i-otcsi|!ie maneuver-; wilh excitement. Anne Winter's dark eyes shonei Paul nodded. "You liel your life. WANTBI) IWANTED — Family Washings. I Washed and ironed by compe- llent- white woman. Mrs. Brown, a- Lake St. Ifck-ti STL'.Ml' TELLS TIJli: KF.NudilA. Wis. i UP) — Fred Inydberg. garage cuiiunny employe, fcs able lo give HIP time merely by "looking at a tree slump lacalcd in front yard. A .sun dial coiisiil- d technically perfect wns con- .icled on the face ot Ihc stump. 01.0 p'ilECK IS:.PAIO- l.OVELAND, Gala. IUP)—A bad 'liork-ft'r £23 irstii-d hi 1955 travelled io many cities was (but here for iiv.TslUjalion anu •within two hours decree Grimes. |i constable, had located the \iritcr, ugiceci to make restitution. iims wuie ras!iy culoi-taiuiut,' lo Collier, lie laughed a gveal deal and declined IhaL il was more fun l!i;in a simw. Moiia sail] it reiuinrlcd her ol seme i't (he glares she liarl been to in Chira^o. "You know, where the tic'.;c!s sell for ten cents a;-:eee. I was ^nst a kill llicn. G<e, it makes me home-sicrr." Collier liiiighnl rt her. "Jusl n kid. did you sny?" And Moaa made • p.,;,.^^ jt ( i lc .,. R ^'--'-'- Kirit; and dance. It was aflcr iniiiuisbt when they ! [ (.,,.-,(, mit ], c , Eoi !^c'< to the hiui^alow. and Anac ' was waiting up. lloriuicr KtiL-w u Tucer fcdliu^ of i;i]ill, .is Ihou^b ho ]iai! J;een iiy.iiii; oa Jicr. .v.-hen OTcXiufSfihed him llial file.' lia.l been oiil to iliniK-r v.itli Mr. Hurley. lie looked al her p.iavely. holding her r.pai^liir.; rye.; \vitii lih ov/n. serves "I wasn't fooling." ho loid her, "when I said Ihero was snmcthhr.; in your voice thai would ^el Ihein. You're gol soiuethiiiK, Anise." "You mean my sin^ins;, Uan?' 1 "l^veryUiius." ho assured licr, :md Anno ."milin^ly lold him lhal lhal inaili 1 her feel lietter. "lieranse I'd be av.-fully difap- iiGl warned me lo Afler all. yon see. 1 e.H'ae nut here with cerlniu pre- lenRioiio lo beiiu; ail actrc: : ^. And 1 tmue to be ^iveu a ei:ai:eu to act." "Yrtir should ivorry ahnn't -ivhal kindVbl a lartiler they pive yo:i' lo climb;'' Pan said. "You're "homid eiinl!n::t.. : "fihe sure dc- it if anyb.idy does. I'm licklcd t" ilcath thai she's made such a Ini with Hurley." "Hurley':; a bachelor. Pan. Arcn'l you jcaiiris?" (.'oilier grinned. ".Maybe I'd bciltcr look Into thai," said Dan. •jVJ'AUTr; ttil.UN'S, n.m learue.l, **^ llv. d al i!:i' errsl nf one of llio 'vli.dlin: ui'liill .IrlvLi In Hills. UollitH had Bent uUatlnn with a mail 'i! it. bul despite ll« ex- luiluiij, Itnriniei- Uisl lid i-i 1 : ninl Iwtcc he lir^ In Hi"; bills lo thv niulii '.Jail i- his bi-ai'lu^s ovor. llnu 1 ." ho ini'iirnicil Anne. i:m to kr,-|t my mind mi '•'•'t" i;<ihiiT, liiHlead o( on ni.:<T. and lulio « look at >." And I'.e Ik^au llicn di ••(• of Ills S|iolll|;ht. "Co 1 • -aid. "iloesil't llvo In Cal- he IIM-S In Crele. Thai my road wo were, on; lhal was a tiiliyihith." Anne hunlicd. "I half expri-ted lo !Xv :\ .Viiinlnur Jump out nl us rriini h.'liinil n tiee. Weren't you :ifraid." "Nut a hit. The Minolaur." ho said, "win a lol of hull, anyway." Antic tinned un him a I'wlft. icaiehiiu; clance-. saw lhal ho vre. served a :..lcmn faee. "ll's a i;ood tiling you dlilu'l latiKh al Hint one," slio saiil. "I think II was terrible." Tim's funny." Dan said, iiro- teiidlin; dlsiipimlnlineni. "1 thomilit U was a iiretty fjood crach. Hat llial's tlic way II Koes; you woik hard lo jmt uver a nitty, and wliat do you yi-l? l)o you tjet a hand? No—you >;ct a lot nf dcslmetlvo criticism." "I bt-lk'Vc," Anne said. Ignoring him, "Uiai iliis Is Ilic place." "it nin-a lii'." said Dan. "Wc'vo tried every other ono In Beverly Hills." Ho luiiicil ln!o the driveway behind a lh;o of jiarkcd automobiles, and ho Jumped out nud gavo Anno Winter His hanil, nud they wall:ed beneath tlie .shadows of palms and Into Die llglil thai drilled aciosa Ihc lawn. "You're licantiful lonicbt, Anne," lie sail!, wilh an adinirlus look. I for the Ir.y, Aane. . jiisht, Paul 1 .'" he i . Isn't (bat : 1 .!^'!, ami he Two stoves on Second street, ulso cotton office lip sLitiiv; \vitli north sUy- lighl. Grand Le;uli'V building- Apply on I. ROSENTHAL ••\',"e went to the Moiitniarlrc." the saiil. Jliui iiiauagetl to i;it her aside end tell her of llio invitation to' Martin Collins' parly. "He's a real i lwco " Mim:l :l::i1 Iicrso'n. Anne; you'll heller" come." i ll:l :">iumlc,l ariniiucnj with the swims aronml toward Collier. 1'aul was sittiii;; ou the .sofa lie- Ova. carrying on -l\'C'J'n lielk:-." .More seriously, lie ruldcii llial Hurley probably could do a lol [or Anne Winter. "Ami nobody gets a bigger kick o:il of puphiup, n pal along, lie's a 1:001! C^K,—a real while man. Anne's v lucky; Ciarry Sloan gives her a 'iiil ami—" Ho. slotiped. •'VWlin't sf* Ir.'cai; If ^Sloan- should rraliy set Intcrcslcd' 1 in her!"' he CMj!:iia:u[ sotlly. "Sloan, Ihe slar maker, eh?" Rorimer laughed enllously. "Kvcry lime 1 (urn around 1 hear Sloan. Sloan! You'd think Ihe man was a Ku-1 or i.oinclliing. There arc ntlur directors in llollywooil. 1'rl 1 ved-liaircil Jlnna. "Hiiro. l!ial'.-s ! IC willini; in stack Mnviin Collins nsnt," he'Fa:.!. la.K-.r.z n;i l;v:-j:!y. ;„„ "What did ho say. Am:*:?" Hip ii!;oue thi "K],e Inld. me l|:c CIIK said she would be tlad lo ^ so. "Did Moua tell you I Hied lo yon tvenic;;'.'" Dr:;i noibieil. £0c:lt licv.-.s tl-o .... How iliil your vuicu yoiinil to- nrili graliheil Hail liy the arm. yiiii? Yon biard II. of course." | "Come, on. Ki'-'e Hie ;;irls a break "II Fouinlrii—" Aiiiu; slc]>|!.-il, and i:u1| l let them wt sumo bleep." liiii;;lieil. "You'll think me Driving lir.::!ev.-aiil. lian t»!il niiSlit "Ho jusl sail! son'.eihin_: veiy nice, Taal." "iNolliinij lons'ii about that," said Collier, :md he picSid un his lut him, for instance." '1.1 K l:-'.'kdl lather well liiiuself. Ai In liis Tuxedo and his i'anaaia. .'aul (Jollier, uho Inul watched hla toilet ivllli crltlfal eye. hail |>rn- ioui:fcil liim acceptable, and Aune's eyes lisd aiigu-uvuil hltu. Collins' nuw lionsc was In design. It was impressive. Tlio Jii|ianc-.j li-.itkr who admitted llieni look lla'iu tuw.inl HID iiallo. where the dinvlor and his wife were sitting with tlicir Rilests, and Collins jumped nn al once and came, lo- ward iliciii. brliiBlin; his wife with him: holdliis; lier by the hand.,) • J^ jviiaer liad met her l)cfor*i" niv $uo:w6lcuiuid liim eorilially. "Tin csittcially f-'lail to pin Dan rforimer ngain!" ^hc exclaimed, -mid tier liu=bai:d said shleivilly: "I'm ei:dly (;lail to i:ce tlio latly." Dan ImiRhcil. "Miss Winter." ho ?,niil. inlrodiiciiii: her, anil a 1110- iiuat later .Mrs. Collins look Auiio ofi with licr. -Mariin Collins tv.U Dan hy llio ami and licaiied him toward tli "Collins In Kiiod. all right," jpallo. "Your frlciiil." he assured Paul agreed. "Uul he's no Carry |his guest. "Is not a bit hard on tlio H bnundcil- snod. rollier llial l.e Kloan-nol yet. . . . what the devil," he demanded, t'linlus on llorimcr, "liavu yon sot aqaiusl H:n;i!:. anyway'; Yoa'vi; never even met the man. I thiiil:. by (Iml. that you're afraid he'd eat Anne Wind-r up, or so:nell:liijr, i[ ho look a i-iiiiio ;o her! Don't be a pap; O'l'ccitcd. I'm so thrilled 1 hardly knnw ; hi;; opportnnily lo cr.ny r. story i m'rl ran |; I'nro of liciveli 1 ." where I am. Mr. llnrlry said lli.u about Anne in Ilia cohimn. "llur- j Dan drove a short slradi in ^- wbni he heard llio jilny-lMrk lie j Icy told •« •;• l- me : a sou:;. ::j;il she'll prnimlily imvc a Gravel Trucks Needed at Wilson, Ark. ! Schultz Construction Co, diYiilul lie have a Aug. . . . D.m. I can banlly ;d:iiice -.viiii it. \Viicn ll'n all set hellevo it! I didn't lhh:k I'd ilaielymi mi s lit gin; the li'.llc tirl a liia lo try n MTU'." [hreak." JTe pah], pR-::t!ii!!y: "Let's i lluiii'y'ij for r\ cup of col- c-yc-o. Where- have you been lildiiiK ffrfP;^ 3 -, her all (hi:; time 1 .' If slie In pic- lures? It slic'a iwt, she ouglil to he." "1 thought I had told you about Auiie Winter," ]n:i uiil. "Slie's new; Ehe's nviT at Rraild llnllcd." His tone was casual enough, but lie knew tor .1 brief scriiud an In- (eiiHe pride In hHiiK nble li> K.'iy dial'. Anno wag "ovrr al (Jrand L'uited." II wns iiiliuitely more satisfactory Uiau aayiuu' she v.-as BACk V6R6 AU 1 Vo" BUr^lK BET'S • UP 3>EM WOLF MEStfe AMVMG ( -~~~ IF, WERE V HlQrt SEAS ID v piTf-THeM , *!•***>&.•>' _ . _ * TIER BUDDIES | SUIIUHU!!!! By Martin NOTICE From May 1 to September I 3«r dental ofticcs will be closed ;ach 'i'lnirstlay allcrnoon. Dr. L- H. Moore. Dr. H. A Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis- V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver Jrcialit and packages anywhere. b;wcial rates on carload icls. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT !Hc Makes 'Em Set Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specialising in Income Tax, Bookkeeping Syslc::is Vhonc 52 > Tngrnm Bids, Blyt-incvillc, Ark of esmios pie." i an exlra. IN A NUT-SHBU.! ND HIS FKll-^NDS New York Cotton YORK. All:;. :- r .eacly. IM T^SIS NECK DP TTI& '-MOODS'? F5R. FROW IV3 PROPEQ.7'/ LlhiS, To ME!.' A uoaoe UIIA ...LOOk' UE l?tf/S...JOST AS I TOOOSHT eve GPEM IF- YOU CAKl SPOT New Orleans ColLon IT) I UP)— ' kE6P YOUR PtAOS SINNKH PKHFOKMS ( MO\HE'S JUST A ONE: closed muet al 1H2, off !•;. Closing Stock P' ices UO HE. tAUST BE A CWI PChp l\ , TOO, CAUSE V1HEU THCS \NTtCytC ABOUT vLt DOG 1 . CM I HC DO KIW OHIt-T) TSICK5'! 1 A. T. & T. Aviation Chrysler Cities Scivicc Coca Cc;a Fox General Eiodric .. Gc-ncrai Mo'.ois .. qsbv (Vitir.OvV . I. T. A; T ^Jonlcomcly Ward 1'ackard Radio Unilcd das U. S. S'.ci'l Over 5i,nrfl.nfu tl 1 .^ ricfici !T"CT n :.-CK cf rcliirn adcirc? j velopes, ^. .

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