The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 6, 1962 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1962
Page 13
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;..„ -,-May and Aim* shine*! Methtnks I Smell cherry pie — so everything ls"oK the-u^and'' up. Jf ' , • * t Frank arid Hazel Vera came hbffle.§flajijMf6in Phoehfc, Ariz/, where*W;ha>r visited staee before ChrfsJtmfiS with their daugh- ter^Elvle^afid 'family. 'They lett in a'storm and'tame home in a worse one. Had it not been for some?'business transactions- they ••—'* B8fh*ave Ueeif'bM tilt a month later, perhaps more. They have Sold their house on Phillips Street fcscently purchased front'the late Mrs. Addie Driver and their presence was needed here'-to Close negotiations. Thernew owners' ate Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rich who are moving from their farm north of town. The " Veres are going to move into the lower apartment of their duplek on Colby street. The move will be made Mar. 1.' I had a nice chat with Mrs. Cecil Taylor- the other morning. She is a dog fancier, too, and was interested; in the data pn Mrs. Angeline (Justin and her Pomeranians Mrs, Taylor has a fine Peke, Gassey, '''Gu&a-Tea". If 1 were to choose A a pet I'd have an awful time deciding on a Pom or a Peke. Both are so'cute. * - •" i Mrs. .Esther DeCamp. has moved to Des Moines. The daughters., Carol,'Dorothy and Melba', who are employed here elected' to Vemain i in Algoha. It is an interesting fam- [ily of attractive girls, seven of [them and I believe there is only loiie r son.' They lived "neighbor to [me mid there was enough similar- thai I never was sure which s^ which. I watched Astronaut Glenn and vas glad when he was back safely, am a mere woman with absolute- no scientific instincts and while realize it' is a remarkable achievement, I still am not convinced pf it's merit, this space program. "Ve have so much to look after •ight here on our own planet, it eems to me the millions of dol- ars could be used to much great- advantage than snooping into pace. That is God's realm. He taken care of it a good many ears. Why not let Hun continue, ny arguments from anydne? v> " . world is full of nice people among them isr'Kosem^ry |isch', who has for some time-been fbmbining Qarrigw t schipol' ,work Wth nurses-aidingJat^StivApn. 1 Sun- 'ay, .Feb.; 18> was,,her|day.3off, but ecause of the snow storm and the liability of some of the aides to |et there, she cheerfully gave up "holiday" and kept at work, had instances of that here at _)d Samaritan, too.- One nurse pent two nights here. Bless them 11. ' ' '" I •- * | A card from Hazel Miller from Brownsville, Tex., where she and isband 'Ralph are spending the .nter/says in part, "The weather _ really lovely now. Everyone in lunbacks, etc. Lots of Algona people down here." And us with tons |f snow. Ugh! \-.\ " "• V •' , • A letter from my cousin Julia y, Mason City, jhas a different .eport on Oakland, Caljf.,'yvhere jshe was'for the holidays. The pic- ;ure probably has changed by now. "I don't wish to be back Jn California, regardless of bur cold weather. I had a wonderful time of course, but it was cold and foggy all the time I was there." She Ivisited her son, Dr. Jerry Cady and Ifamily. Some time ago I had an litem on some disc trouble he was (having. Of it Julia wrpte, ."I don't [think Jerry's back is as good as he I tells* me it is. He seems to a 1 lot of [pain, wears a brace when,he is [working long hours and hard at the Ihospital, but loves it, The boys are | growing so fast. Glenn looks so much like 'Gerald, (grandfather^ deceased) It is an uncanny resemblance, — Evalyn McDougali's brother My Tubbesing is in the hospital again. Another severe heart attaekV' ' < * • Mr, and Mrs. George Balluff cif- tertained their card club recently and long after the guests had gone, learned two of the members are practical jokers. A rule of the club'is that the low score winners have "to'do 1 the 'supper'dishes. In this case it was Don Jorgenson and Mrs. Bob Deal The card tables were in the basement recreation room and the' dishes were done in the kitchen. All.went well till about 2 a.m. when the alarm clock- went Off and was hidden so it took some time to find it and get it Shut off. When the Balluffs had settled for sleep again, and had about an' -hour k or two of repose, another alarm sounded. This one came from the stove clock. It was all hi good fun and the Bal- luffs had a good laugh, but I'll bet from now on the hostess will keep an eye on the couple that has the dishes to dp. A letter dated F,eb. 15 from my cousin Melvin Henderson, in Upland, Calif., "Quite a thrill to pick up the Pomorta-Pfogress-Bulletin paper and see the article about Algona". It was about the mishaps connected with the wedding of Gwen Egel and James Kildow but had been re-written from the story. "Grace" had in her "Woman's World". Melvin wondered how it; got in the California paper so I asked Don Smith when he picked up my copy. He said "Through Associated Press." Mrs. Egel says it has reached as far as Germany, points in Florida and California and nearer by. Let's hope the marriage of the couple will be placid to make up for the hectic beginning. » * • Melvin says California has been really soaked by, the rain torrents. He blames people for building in the hills, knowing what happens every now and then when houses are placed on' such precarious sites. The fruit picking has been held up for the longest time in many years. * * * According to reports in > our Methodist' "Mid-Week Reminder,'' Rev. Coughenours are haying a wonderful vacation in Phoenix. The day they arrived it was 80. They attended Central Methodist church 'whefe a former . Algona pastor, Rev. ! Earl Burgess is assisting. Apparently there- is 'much to see for among the things mentioned were the Desert Botanical Gardens, Apache trail, Fish Creek Canyon, Roosevelt. Dam, Queens Creek • Canyon, Mystery Castle. Japanese' Gardens and Art Museum. They also were taken on an extensive tour of the Civil Defense Communications center, all located under a mountain. A-family fallout shelter was also on display. They saw the Ed Wolcotts and, John McGuires and I forgot to mention that Hazel Vera spent a couple of afternoons with Mabel Livingston and also some time with Mary Guderian. Could be — "Most of the trouble folks get into these days is through their mouths, either eating, drinking or talking." Too true — "A beatnik figures he's real gone when he's only half there." * * * Looks to me like we're headed for some mighty high water when this terrific amount of snow begins to melt. Glad I'm on high ground. 4 • » An apt quotation by Frank Ily- erson, Burt, from the "Farm Journal" — "Snow would be lovely if it weren't so shovely." It will soon be time for the Eas- t seals to pe,distributed foe bene- t Of cVi&led childfeii tel flMtS. Please remStobef to" doMfe" Wously. fhls society d6el share in the United Puftds silice it is & subject close heart, t am giving ydii this little reminder, t haven't always been crippled arid I am sorry for" those who have never walked. i * * * The John Rlchs, who are vacationing in Florida, have written relatives they will never go again Without haying advance reservations. They have had trouble getting a motel or evert hotel rooms. Their latest communication was from Lakeworth. Traffic is very congested as the state is packed with tourists. * * • Faiinlc Lee says they had a let- ft 'jW&.fc'fc fora' The vacation pins of Zalda drtil Ml tfugeni were spoiled ^hUtf Zafda' became' sick 'whett they feabhed Wichita, R'afl,, afed they, thought It best to c go back hbffie to Des Mqjnea and face wlfltet with the rest 6f us. they had plafi', fled to spend several weeks r '8t Brownsville; Tex.-Better luck next time! > * * •- ' It is conifofUhg to know we don't have' ALL the snow in this vicinity. Mrs. Clare Keith had 'a' recent letter froAi Kathleen Evans,, former resident'here now living at Sioux frails; S, D. She said she ^recently climbed a snow bank to the roof of their hcrtise and removed snow. Kathcrine, now Mrs. Tingley, is the daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. Evans, residents here many years. Whittemore News Mrs. Edward Maahs and daughter Eldora drove to Albert Lea, Minn. Friday morhing where they went to get Mrs Ralph Sobers and Tammy and Steven to spend the weekend with her parents. Mr Sebers is attending Saturday school at St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn, and will come here the fore part of the week to take his family home. . Mr and Mrs Harold McDonnell entertained Card Club 18 at their home Sunday evening. Elmer An liker and MBS William Besch, high, Charles 0. Kollasch and Mrs Elmer Anliker, 2nd high, George Streit and Mrs Joe Loebach, low, Mr and Mrs Anliker and Mr and Mrs Loebach were guests of the club, Mr and Mrs James Dahlhauser entertained their BOO Club Thurs* day Evening. James Dahlhauser and Mrs Leroy Nalg won high and Elmer Elbert and Mrs Nick Hoch, low. Mrs Marie Schmeling entertained the South Side card club Tuesday evening. Mrs Ernie Meyer, winning high, Mrs Olga Braatz, second high and Mrs Edward Greinert, low. Otto Bell is a patient in the hospital at Emmetsburg, Mrs. Kenyon Fogerty entered Palo Alto Memorial hospital last Monday as a surgical patient. Tuesday, March 6, 1962 Algeria (la.) Upper Dei MotnaM ONAL in Algona March 10 Saturday FOSTER'S FURNITURE PRESENTS THE EAGLE-ET1 Leader: Mrs. Cecjl Thoreson President: Vivian Thorson yice Pres.! Mai'Sorie Tobin IN OUR STORE 4-H Day, Saturday, March 10 With Their 4-H Display FOSTER'S FURNITURE SHILTS SHOE STORE PRESENTS &AKOTJ1 lUCKEES Leader: Mrs. Burdette Hoeppner, Lakota President; Linda Hoeppner, Lakota Vice Pres.: Marsha Smith, Lakota IN OUR STORE 4-H Day, Saturday, March 10 With Their 4-H Display SHILTS BROWHBJLT SHOE STORE IOWA STATE BAhlK PRESENTS Eager Beavers Leader:, J,qhn President: Jerry Brlstow, Irvington ' Vice Pres.: Roger Gregory, LwVerne "'•" IN OUR BANK 10 With Their 4-H Display IOWA STATE BANK \ - * KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. PRESENTS RUSK DRUG & JEWELRY PRESENTS: FENTON FORWARDS Leader: Mrs. Harold Wolter President: Karen Seegebarth Vice Pres.: Bonnie Jentz IN OUR STORE 4-H Day, Saturday, March 10 With Their 4-H Display RUSK DRUG & JEWELRY WILTGEN JEWELRY PRESENTS Lone Rock Lively Rockets Leader: Mrs. Amey Cherland, Lone Rock President: Patricia Binzen, Feriton Vice Pros.: Mary Lynch, Lone Rock IN OUR STORE 4-H Day, Saturday, March 10 With Their 4-H Display LTGEN JEWELRY SCHULTZ BROS. PRESENT AERIE FARMERS Leader: Albert H. Johnson, Corwith President: Raymond Johnson, Corwith Vice Pros.: Timmy Sorensen, Corwith IN OUR GARAGE 4-H Day, Saturday, March 10 With Their 4-H Display SCHULTZ BROS. CARSON'S PRESENT THE VERHTE PEPPY PALS 4-H Club Leader: Mrs. -Wilbur Merriam, LuVerne President: Kathy Merriam, LuVerne Vice Pres.: Jeanne Hauswirth, Corwith IN OUR STORE 4-H Day, Saturday, March 10 With Their 4-H Display PAR^flN'^ FOR IAK3UW 3 COLOR ALGONA Leader: Lois Bentele President: Lorraine Funnemark Vice Pres.: Elaine Goetz AT OUR OARAGE 4->H Day, Saturday, March 10 With Their 4-H Display KOSSUTH MOTOR CO, JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT PRESENTS THE St. Joe Trojans Club Leader: Bernard Thilges President: Kenneth Bormann Vice Pres.; Virgil Wagner AT OUR BUILDING 4-H Day, Saturday, March 10 With Their 4-H Display JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT SHARP'S JEWELRY PRESENTS Leader: Mrs. John Voss, Jr., LuVerne President: Linda Schnetzer, LuVerne Vice Pres.: Zelda Wetzel, LuVerne IN OUR STORE 4-H Day, Saturday, March 10 With Their 4-H Display SHARP'S JEWELRY UNITED BUILDING CENTER, INC. PRESENTS amtsey Leader: Clarence Diers President: Tom Anloine Vice Pres.: Duane Diers IN OUR BUILDING 4-H Day, Saturday, March 10 With Their 4-H Display UNITED ILDING CENTER, INC. So. Phillips & McGregor Algona, Iowa

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