The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 6, 1962 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1962
Page 7
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'ictAt, wot tee "«(* . ,, SttfH ,' !6Wa, ansport, at . 'o aranBierer - willeaxftoH so, me,, Bfownfleid iewa; transfewe, have filed ft joint application for the Com' val, of the transfer of «jy«iiehce, aw Neces* ««S. * iiqaid tfBfl«p6rt Carrier it- all 1 points m the state ot The Commission has fixed Thursday, March 29, 1582, ten (10!pO) o'clock a.m. at its office lii'DeS Molnes, 16 wa, as time and place for .public hearing in ; ,' COMMISSION * Harold E. Hughes, :ChalrWian Kay H. Thompson, Commissioner Bernard J. Martin, commissioner ATTEST: Claude E, DaVisv. Secretary Dated Hi Des Molnes, Iowa, February Dof?ket?Vo. DL&ifl4' ' . (8-6) NOTICE OF' LIMITING TlMfi AMD FILING OBjECTfONS TO THE FOH- MATlON OF A COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT AND^ FIXING DATE OF HEARING To alt persons residing upon or owning - land within,: or interested in the formation Of a Community School District, and Including those lands situated wholly within Kossuth County, State of Iowa, as hereinafter de* scribed! You arid each of you are hereby no- vifled that on the 28th day of February, 1982, there was filed m the office ary, IUD.S, inure was uieu 111 me uiuve of the undersigned County Superintendent of Schools in and for Kossuth County, -Iowa, a petition signed by 127 qualified voters residing within, the § resent Whittemore Independent chool District, Kossuth County, Iowa, and 2 qualified voters, residing within that portion of Whlttemore Township School District, Kossuth County, Iowa, included In this petition, and 467 qualified voters residing Within tne.present Algona Community School District Kossuth County, Iowa, all of which is proposed to become a part of the proposed Algona Community School District, such signers in the instance of the Whittemore Township»School District being in excess of 20% of the qualified voters as shown by an affidavit of Earl Elbert. a Qualified voter residing within that portion of Whitte-. more Township School District to j be included within said new school district and in the Instance of, the Whittemore independent School District such signers being in excess of 20% of the qualified voters as shown by an affidavit of Leo Morman, a qualffied voter residing within the Whlttemore Independent' School District to be included in the proposed said new school district and in the instance of the Algona Community School District sulh signers being in excess of 400 qualified ' voters residing within the said sdhool district as shown by the affidavit of John Hayes, a qualified voter residing within the Algona Community School District and, which af- KENT'S A-1 CARS 1959 FORp v'JQalakie"' 4-dr;, with Fordqiijatic and radio. ., 1959 MER^URY^4-dri,'"Hat|-Topj Leather: interior, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Radio and automatic transmission. 1958 FORD Fairlane 4-door, overdrive, Air conditioning and radio. 1958 FORD Custom, V-8, 2-door, automatic transmission, Radio, 300 h.p. engine. 1957 FORD Fairlane 'W' 4-door with V-8 engine, Fordomatic and radio. 1957 PLYMOUTH Belvidere 2-door, V-8 engine, Automatic Trans. 1956 CHRYSLER Windsor 4-door, Automatic Trans., radio. 1956 FORD Custom V-8 2-door Fordomatic and radio. 1955 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-door Power Glide and radio. 1954 BUICK Hardtop, Dynaflow and radio. 1954 FORD Custom V-8 4-door Fordomatic and radio. 1954 FORD Custom 2-dr. Fordoma tic and radio. USED TRUCKS I960 FORD F-600 2-ton Truck, Heavy duty V-8 engine, 2- speed axle. 1955 FORD %-ton Pickup. 1954 IHC 2-ton Cab-over Truck, 2- speed axle. 1851 FORD %-ton Pickup. 1P47 IHC IVBon Truck, combination box. 1054 AND NEWER CARS CARRY A ONE YEAR IADA GUARANTEE WARRANTY. IN OUR GARAGE WITH TH&IR 4-H DISPLAY 4-H Day, Sat,, March 10 WESLiY BOYS fldavlts are attached to said pcimon and which petition asks tor the establishment of a -community school 'district to be known ag the Algona Com* rnunity School District" in the C6un> ty • of Kossuth, state Of Iowa, including adjacent and contiguous lands bounded by continuous perimeter lines enclosing lands described, by. governmental subdivisions tfs follows: Lotts Creek' Township, Township 88 North, Range 30. KOssUth County, All of'Sections 24, 25, 34, 38, and 36: the Northwest quarter (NWU) and South Half (StS) of section 15; the South Half (S\S) of Sec- tibn 14; the -South' Half (S',!,) of - Section 13; the'East Halt (E',4) of Section 21; the East H«lf (E',4) of Section 26: the Southeast Quarter (SE'/i) and the East Half (E'i) of Southwest Quarter (SWVL) of Section 33; the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i), the Northwest Quarter (NWH) and the west Half or the Northeast quarter (Wli of NEW) of Section 22; and the East Half (E',4) of Section 23. Union Township, Township 88 North, Range 29, Kossuth County, Iowa: _ All of Sections 0, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 20, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 33, 34, 3fe, and 38; the East Half (E«,i) of Section-8; the Southeast Quarter (SEW) of Section 2; the South'Half (S',4) of Section 1) the South Half (S',4) and Northeast Quarter (NE%) of Section 18. Whittemore Township, Township 05 North, Range, 30 Kossuth County, Iowa: All of Sections 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 24, and 25; that part of Section 11 lying North of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway! -•the Southeast Quarter (SEW) of Section 14; the Northeast Quarter (NEW) of Section 23: the East Half (E',i) of Section 36, the North Half (NUO' of the Northwest Quarter JNWU) and the North Hall (N,4 of thl :Northeast Quarter (NEW of Section 18; the North Half (N ft of the Northwest Quarter (NWU and the North Half (N',4) of tht Northeast Quarter (NEVi) of Section 17; the North Half (N',4) of the Northwest Quarter (NW%) of Cresco Township, Township 95 North, Hange 29, Kossuth County. Iowa: Sections 1 to 38 Inclusive, it being all of Cresco Township. . Riverdale Township, Township 94 North, Range 29 Kossuth County, Iowa: All of Sections 1 and 2; the North Half (N>,4) of Section 12; the.North Half (N',4) of the North Half "(N14) of Section 11 lying east of the present channel of the East Fork of the Des Moines River and all that part of Section 11 lying west and south of the present channel of the East Fork of the Des Moines River and that part of Section 10 which lies In the Northeast Quarter (NE14) and which lies in a general direction east and northeast of the highway, which highway extends north and south between Sections 10 and 11 and Which in the Northeast Quarter (NE'A) of Section 10 proceeds In a northwesterly direction through the Northeast Quarter (ME "4) of Section 10; all or Sections 4 and 5; the North Half (N',4) of Section 8; the Northeast Quarter (NE'4) of Section 7 and the Northeast Quarter (NE>4) of JhVrtrtan 8 'Township, Township 94 North, Range 28, Kossuth County Iowa: " ' All of Section B; the North Half (N14) and the Southeast Quarter (SE'i) of Section 6; the Northwest Quarter (NW'4) of Section 7. Irvlngton Township, Township 95 North,Range 28. Kossuth County, Iowa All of Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, FOR SALE, general fS.fSS/////////////////////////////"//"""""""- FOR SALE — 4 Cross-bred sows. Bred to black poland boar far- row within 2 weeks. — Orville ardner, CY 4-2081. 9 ».».•. 28, 20, '30, 31, 32; the North Half (N',4) of Section 24; the North Half (N'4 of Section 28; the North Half N 4 and Southwest Quart" j (SwUl of Section 27; the North. Half. (N',4) and Southwest, Quarter ISW'A) Of Section 33; the "North- West' Quarter (NWW) ejection 34. Prairie ^township, Township 95 North Ranee i 27. Kossuth County, Iowa: fhe T West Half (WJ4). of the Northwest Quarter (NW^ of .Sec- ] tipn 19 and the West Half (W 14) of the Southwest Quarter (SWVs) of • Section 18. • :•• <„.Creek Township, Township 9B . Kossuth .Connty. Iowa: THE SURE WAY TO GET FASTEST RESULTS I ~. Algona Upper Des Moinei Classified Rates c -iPer Word, Cash in Advance c Per Wordj- charged 5c Minimum Copy Deadline Monday, 4 p. m. PHONE CY 4-3535 • UDM Want Ads Reach Over 5,500 Families Each Week! ?OR SALE — Upright piano and bench, $20.00. Edwin Luedtke, Lone Rock. WA 5-3498. 9* FOR SALE — Baled alfalfa Brome or prairie hay. Phone CY 4-4004, George Wildin, Algona. 8-9* FOR SALE — Singer Sewing Machine in beautiful console cabinet. Round bobbin. Sews forward and reverse. Attachments for zig-zig- ging and button-holing. Can be seen in this area. Yours for 8 payments of $5.65, or discount for cash. Write: Credit Manager, P.O. Box 7068. St. Paul 17, Minn. ' , (8-9*) WE .HAVEN'T OCT. « .OB, CANT GET; IT, If 13 NOT MANUFACTURED. * • DIAMOND'S. jft 0R SALE — Alfalfa hay In barn. Mike Baumatin, Whittemofe* , . • (6-9*) Real Estttte For Rent f'OR RENT — FURNISHED & heated apartment, close-in, private entrance, private bath See Bjustrom Furniture. 45tfn FOR RENT — 5 room 2 bedroom apartment, utilities paid, except electricity; 'good location. Phone CY 4-3776. 7-10' DOUBLE EDGE RAZOR BLADES. Finest Surgical Steel, honed in oil. Full money back guarantee. 25-30C, 100-85C, 200-$1.50, 500$3.30, l,000-$5.75. Post-paid. Packed 5 blades to package, 20 packages to carton. COD orders accepted. Postcard brings general merchandise catalog. EMERSON COMPANY, 406 So. Second, Alhambra, Calif. (8-11) « west of the road between Sections ad Township. Township 88 North. Half . and Southeast o the South Half (S',4) of Section 28: the Northwest Quarter (NWW) of fhe tl0 petUion further asks that the "" "'' R NOTIFIED m I the "" Top Used Cars FOR SALE acres on blacktop road, south of Swea City, near-new house, other go6d outbldgs. Immediate possession. ...... $16,000 144 acres, 4 jniies west AlgonflV 2 bedroom modern home. Low down payment. Immediate possession. Contact . CARLSON FARM MANAGEMENT CO. Algona — IZVt No. Dodge _(8-9) HOMES ARE SELLING ! FOR SALE Gold Medallion (all elec.) $15,750 Warm 3 bdrm. 1301 E. Linden, vacant $11,750 Well-kept 3 bdrm., 405 S. Phillips, double garage $10,000 3 barm., 1109 ifi. Lucas ... $14,250 One of nicest 3 bdrm. near- new Priced Right Family, 821 E. North'.'... $ 9,500 Bungalow, vacant, 821 S. Jerome $ 8,750 Home & 5 lots near Third Ward School $.9,000 Two Duplexes: 315 W. State $.8,000 519 S. Minn $ 6,500 2 Story, 309 E. North, Close-in SOLD Neat cottage, 810 S. Moore $ 4,500 High class lot, paved, fine area, close-in, 66 x 264 ft $ 3,250 Several House Rentals Maximum Loans NOW Available See Joel M. Herbst or Ted S. Herbst (over Pcnneys) (9) FOR RENT — Half of business location at 520 South Phillips St. 1800 Square Feet of floor space. Private entrance to South Phillips Street as well as to the alley. Plenty of parking area front and rear. We will remodel to renter's specifications. Can include show" room, office and back room with a large drive-in door In rear. A new front is also planned for the building. For further information phone CY 4-3755 or stop at Lind- : say Soft Water, 520 South Phillips Street, Algona. FOR RENT — All modern farm house, on blacktop road 4 miles east, % north of Algona. Cal 4-3920. (9-10*) FOR RENT — 120 acres near Ti tonka, all tillable, modern build ings. — Folkert Stecker, Titonka, phone 159R2. 9-10 fied with his work and wants to get ahead in his job. We offer steady year around work with plenty of overtime, good working conditions, plenty of tools and equipment, adequately financed, above average weekly pay. This opening is a rare opportunity for you to get ahead. Write us about yourself giving us your telephone number. Box 69-P, c/o Upper Des Moines, Algona. 5-6 MEN AND WOMEN wanted to train for civil service exams ! We prepare men and women, ages 18-55, secure jobs, high pay, short hours, advancement. Grammar school education usually sufficient. For information, send name, home address, phone number and time home. Write PTS, Box 209, Fairmont, Minn. Forest City, la. Authorized Sal- admnster Dealer. 9* If you are having irouule buying car insurance, see L. S. Bohannon, 6 N. Dodge St., Algona, la. 9 STORAGF CABINETS, metal, a* Opper bes Moines. Lost & Found LOST — New dark topcoat, with black unlined gloves In pocket, at Barbershoppers After Glow at VFW hall Feb. 17. Topcoat left has black lined gloves and car keys in pocket. Call CY 4-4930 after 5 p.m. 9 FOR RENT — Modern 2 room apartment, partly furnished. Call CY 4-4572 after 4 p.m. 9 Wanted EXECUTIVE TYPE FEED SALESMEN Expansion program creates oppor tunity for several self-propellec aggressive men. Excellent posi tions. Must know livestock am feed, be neat, dependable am' work hard. Our men know thi ad. Send description of experience and background to Box 69-G, Upper Des Moines, Algona. (8-9) WANTED —.Individuals to help solicit Federal All Risk Crop Insurance. Part time work, good commission. Call or write K. J. Mulligan, Bancroft. 9 WANTED — Route man, at once. Algona Launderers ,and Dry Cleaners. 9 WANTED — Electrician experienced in both service work and new construction. What we want is a willing worker who is satis- Miscellaneous NOTICE — For free service to Saladmaster Stainless Steel customers — notify: John Golbuff, FARMS FOR SALE 160 A. Wesley Twp. Clarion and Webster Soil, poor bldgs. $310 |«^» M ' ISrSSartarBS Under: Joseph Skpw, Pre;,; Jerry Heinen, V. Pros.: Chris Ny^aard, Wesley KENT MOTOR CO, fORO & FALCON phont 6Y 44S04 AJi«n in USED TRACTORS 1960 STUDEBAKER Lark 4-dr. 6- cylinder motor, straight transmission, dark green color. 1960 EDSEL 4-door Station Wagon, radio and automatic trans. 1960 BUICK 4-door S ( edan, radio, heater, Dynaflow, white with fine red interior. 195D PONTIAC Catalina 2-door, Hy- dramatic and radio. 1959 CHEVROLET 9-passenger Sta tion Wagon, with Power Steering, straight transmission, overdrive, radio and electric rear windows. VERY CLEAN. 1958 FORD 2-door Sedan, V-8, 3- speed trans. 1958 BUICK Super 4-door hardtop, radio, heater, Dynaflow, Pow er steering and brakes. 1957 DODGE 2-door hardtop, radio, heater, power brakes, pushbutton trans,, power steering. 1956 PONTIAC 4-door Station Wagon, automatic trans., power steering, power brakes, radio. 1956 FORD Station Wagon 2-door, Six cylinder motor, with overdrive and radio. New snow tires. Runs and drives very good. 1955 CHEVROLET Hardtop, radio and heater. 320 A. Near Lakota. This is a nice -.laying, high producing farm i fair bldgs $325 320 A. Near Swea City, 25,000 bu corn storage, new cattle shed no house. 154 A. near St. Benedict. Good bldgs. Good Farm. 280 A. Near Algona. Very good house, new cattle shed. A-l cattle farm. m A. Martin County, Minnesota. Good bldgs. A good farm. CHILI and OYSTER SUPPER THURS., MARCH 8, 5:30 P.M. LUTHERAN CHURCH, LuVerne ADULTS 75c — CHILDREN 35c Lutheran Laymen's League WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY IN PREPARATION OF OUR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION DOORS OPEN THURSDAY EVENING AT 7 P. M. READ'S FURNITURE AND CARPETS, INC. 'WEST OF COURTHOUSE SQUARE Livestock Auction Thursday, Mar. PAUL M . \LGONA, IA. SEELEY CY 4-3174 (9) FOR SALE — Very nice home, at 701 S. Minnesota St. Three rooms carpeted, and drapes. Priced low. FOR SALE — 1959 3 bedroom New Home trailer house, 50 ft. long, 10 ft. wide. $600 down. K. J. Mulligan, Broker, Bancroft. 9 FOR SALE OR RENT — Modern house in Sexton. Bernard J. Schrauth, Sr. Phone 2591, Wesley, Iowa. 9 951 B John Deere $ 795 1958 MM 5 Star., gas $2750 1954 UB MM $ 1750 J951U MM $ 1295 1948 U MM, with wide front *" 95 1944 "A" John Deere with horn loader and snow bucket $ 585 USED SMELLERS 1960 MM PTO Shell- master 1959 MM PTO Shell- master $1750 E MM PTO Sheller $H95 E MM PTO Sheller $1095 PTO John Deere Portable ... $ 95 PTO MM B2 Sheller $ 495 We wish to welcome the 4-H clubs to Algoua, 4-11 day, Saturday, Marcli 10. JJUSCIIEH 1JROS. IMPLEMENT LEDQER SHEETS - Upper Dei Moines Pub. Co., Algona. 1955 MERCURY 4-door Sedan Mercomatic, radio, heater, power steering and brakes. 1951 CHEVROLET 9-passenger Station Wagon. We still have a nice selection of Buicks, Tempests, Larks, Pontiacs and Cadillacs in stock. Stop out and take a look this weekend. DIRECT BROADCASTS OVER KLGA FROM 7:15 to 7:20 A.M. Schultz Bros. TRANSPORTATION HEADQUARTERS Buick • Lark • Pontiac - Cadilla South Phillips St. -T Algonq . A BIG NEW HOME ON YOUR LOT NO CASH NEEDED! 1100% LOAN! POSTPONED SALE FROM MARCH 5 •s* Sale to be held on the farm located Vi mile east, one mile south and '/4 mile west and Yi mile south of Cylinder ON Thurs., Mar. 15 SALE STARTS AT 1:00 O'CLOCK P.M. —MACHINERY-— 1955 — 640 Ford tractor in excellent condition, 1,000 hours on it, live hydraulic; S.C. Case tractor, good rubber. ^^ Ford Wagner loader, hydraulic; back attachment Dearborn Blade; rear mounted Dearborn 7' Mower; New Holland 66 Baler with motor in good cond.; John Deere 200 Corn Picker; John Deere 12' grain drill, with double disc openers and zig zag; John Deere 8' binder; David Bradley 16' disc; Billion Land Roller, 18'; 4 section )rag; 16' auger with Briggs & Stratton motor; PTO 220X Letz ortable Grinder with unloading auger; 1926-18-22 Case tractor; rase two row cultivator; Case 3-14" plow on rubber; Case tractor preader; Case Side Delivery rake; Case 4 wheeled rubber tired Frailer; 2-Montgomery Ward 4 wheeled rubber tired trailers; two (are boxes; two flat racks; Humboldt stalk cutter; Kewanee 34 Elevator, two wheeled on rubber; 11' spring tooth harrow; clipper anning mill; drive-on hoist and speed jack, mechanical lift; over- hoist. SALE STARTS AT 1 P.M. Now yog can get a COMPLETE homo pnyourM anywhere lor nolhingdown. Including: Complete Plumbing •Complete Heating • Complete Electrical, with Futures • Complete Kitchen Cab- IneU with Micarta Counter Tops •Vinyl Asbestos Floor Covering • Paint (or Inside and QutBAII Foundation Materials. We deliver and do the Homes as low as rough construction on your lot wherever it ii-rtown, (arm, lakeside, jiverslde pr — .. suburb, 9 month COMPARE! You pay less Interest at International I International Homes 1101 N.E. Broadway, Minneapolis, 13. Minnesota. Pepi. No. 120 GI o»n i lot. Ql dnn'l own I lot. but I think I cm (<t one. Name. Address- Town -Stale- I Meets FHA and Gl spec^iCjtioni___ •— •••• "• f — *T ~~ ~" —" ~ " -~ "~ ~ Your Representative, Elead Wognqr 2i$ SowJb Acktey. Algona, low* Phone: CY 4-3700 INDIAN MOTOR CYCLE - TRAIL BLAZER - with 10,000 miles, good Rubber. This belonged to the son in service. MISCELLANEOUS Portable hay rack; Walk-in hog feeder; 4 - Feed bunks; 5 Sheep Bunks; 1 h.p. electric motor; Hay fork; 8' x 10' Trailer house entry; Refrigerator; Electric Range; Oil Heater; Many other articles foo numerous to mention. 500 BALES ALFALFA HAY - IN BARN TERMS: Usual Auction Terms. Nothing to be removed until settled for. - Not Responsible In Case Of Accidents. Lloyd Berkland, Auctioneer Cylinder State Bank, Clerk SPECIAL MENTION 3 OUTSTANDING CONSIGNMENTS LISTED FOR THK 5 THURSDAY'S AUCTION AKE AS FOLLOWS 631 choice quality acclimated Montana steers, 570 are Herefords that carry one-brand, 61 arc Black and Black-Whitefacc; 100 weigh '150 IDS., 350 weigh 500 to 575 Ibs., balance weigh fifl Ibs. These have been just well-wintered, they are dehorned, sprayed, and vaccinated for Lcpto and Red Nose. 220 choice quality acclimated Wyoming Hereford steers. 120 are one-brand, 100 are brand, weight 500 to 600 Ibs. also 80 choice quality Hereford heifers weight 450 to 475 Ibs. These arc dehorned, sprayed, wormed, and vaccinated for Lepto and Red Nose. 270 choice quality acclimated Montana Hereford steers, 50 weigh 375 Ibs., 100 weigh -150 Ibs., 120 weigh 550 Ibs. These are green and long-haired, dehorned, have been sprayed and fed for Grub control. (ABOVE 3 lots are consigned by three neighbors and they will have from 125 to HO miles haul on them. The quality of all three lots will suit the most particular feeder. All will be sorted in uniform lots and will be sold in numbers to suit the purchasers.) I'lO choice quality acclimated Canadian Black and Black-Whiteface heifer calves, strictly green . . . been wintered on hay only guaranteed open, weight 500 to 550 Ibs. 105 good to choice acclimated Canadian Hereford heifer calves weight 525 to 575 Ibs. (ABOVE 2 lots were listed for last week's auction but due to bad road conditions they were unable to get them out.) 75 choice quality acclimated western Hereford and Black- Whiteface heifers, calfhood vaccinated and TB tested, guaranteed open, weight 525 to 575 Ibs. 50 good to choice acclimated western Hereford heifer calves, green, weight 450 Ibs. 80 good to choice acclimated Hereford steers, weight 550 to 575 Ihs. . . , 63 good quality acclimated Hereford yearling steers, weight 625 to 675 Ibs. , 90 choice quality Montana Hereford steer calves, one-brand, strictly green, weight 425 to 500 Ibs. 85 choice quality Montana Hereford steer calves, weight 45U to 500 Ibs. , , ... 175 good to choice North Dakota Hereford steer and neiler calves, weight 425 to 525 Ibs. 100 good quality Canadian steer and heifer calves weight 400 to 500 Ibs. . 250 head or more of acclimated wester steers and heifers of all weights and classes. All cattle advertised for this Thursday's sale will positively 6 On no market anywhere will you find an offering of choice quality cattle that will equal this Thursday's run at GAKNt,K. We can say this without fear of contradiction. Lew Hanson, Nevada, and E. D. (Red) Buntenbach, Auctioneers ED C. BUNTENBACH, OPERATOR GARNER, IOWA

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