The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1930
Page 6
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six I'.I.YTIIKVII.!,.•;. lAdK.) roiJUIKK MOWS Cage Schedule; [BRUSHING UP SPORTS TD With Chance to Use Mod-! ern Court for First Time • Hudsonmen Looking Up. With the neve modern indo.-r !ba:'Jcetball court at (he armory building expected to popularize the rage sport, Jiere and proved an in- Icenlive for the building up of a Kcod team, thj Chlcka«aws of Bly- 'thcville high have started urcpara- lion for the. winter campaign wlin ".brighter prospects than ever before. ' Four niemtos of last winter's varsity squad are back for more action this year. They are Tom Shnrt, J. T. Craig, Bobby Hums and Evans- Olhero who have reported i for practice and are anxious tO| 'break Into the opening lliw-upi against the Osceola Semlnolts al Osceola on December 10th are An .iollnws: Nunn, McAfee, Matthews, P. Craig, Colston, Wiggins, Boin. Holland and Webb. Christian, crack player from last year's junior high quintet will be eligible for the var-1 city after mid-term and is certain! to grab a first team berth. I . Awalfinj orders that will throw; the new armory court open to them j tor practice session, the CYilcka- saws 'are, working out at- their old cramped improvised court nt the high school annex. Th; Hud*on- men will probably have t3 play their .first game of tlw season against - the - O.Keola Semlnolcs Wednesday night without any practice on the new court. But Kietr second game will not be play.:>J until Jan. 2 which will five them ample time for practice at the armory Building. . Coach Henry Hudson has outlined an ambitions program for hie ChieUsaws during the winter campaign. . Besides scheduling a number of important games for this quintet Hud/cn "plans to have northeast Arkansas-Southeast Mls- iouri tournament here Jan. 30-ai. Eight teams' from each slate have bifari'invited 'and the following ar: reported to have accepted: Shawnee, Wilson, Osceola, Luxorn. Leachville and Blythcville in Arkansas and Steels, Holland, Cooler, Arbyrd an'd Campbell in Missouri. The Mississippi county tournament will be held on Feb.. 27-2B but no city^.or town has been definitely iCERE BLIND FpT-UEADEP 80M; N® ICRB ADDRESSED To UMPr?£ CAUEP 05T •••ff SECOND ON A CLOSE By Luafer I Letters Awarded Chicks iaJO ects ® ED PEPPER, Will INDUCE ' SNEEZING - BUT IT'S e!l Basketeers i Co-operative Controls Beat Leachville Teams Connecticut's MO.—Filday the Cartlv.-plI hi^h .•-.c.ioo! Eighteen member.', of (he 1030' football .scmad of lilythevllle lilfihi ichoot were awarded letters at 11:3_ Monday morning assc'inuly of Ihe; fc'h'ol. Ten ol the group are! seniors and played (heir final g:imc| fur u. it. S. i>:\ Thanksgiving nay. ; 'i'-- Marc.on and White sweaters' with ihi- var:.:ty "B" and service stripes were presented to the grid- dors by the alumni association of the high school and the- iuliV\Uc. •'Seniors who received sweaters ivt-ro CajH. Raydcr, I'ctc Craig, I. O. WL'slbrook. Bobby Burns, R. A, t-'~'. •]!. IH-n Hall, George Matthews. ; Gnrdcn, Frnnk Luckett and. Dub Ctilston. Others awarded varL- i'.y leticts were J. T. Craig,. Sh r rl. Mi-Afcc, WiBgins, lione, Jaggors, Alexander and Tiplon. 'II. C'lickaFaws ended their season Kleiiously "" Thanksgiving Day by triumphing over the Cotton I'lant Scrapiwrs and turning in (h"ir tcJi'Js victory of the .Oason. Only Ihe JwieEboro Hurricane took :•• measure of the HudsonrrMM this .MSCII The season Just closed was last for Coach Henry Hudson, has established an 'enviable record I'.ure. Burdetle Basketball Teams Lose to Keiser k'i'.d Kills,Ua-:ke'bal! leans met and if"-fen i id !!-.e-tcamn of Ljac.wille I libli schccl. Tl:e ; ; ?t!H i< ; wr.e p'ay- HARTFORD, Conn., lUPI—Wlia boys is termed one cf llvi most efficient cooperative marketing organim- llons in she United Stabs controls Connecticut's milk supply—regular..... , . Cardv.fl 1 lii.-h <=clioo;' mg a business involving $12,000,000 awarded the . tourney the,same is true of as yet and the district tournament to be held on March ft" .' Following is Iho Chicks' schedule to'date which will probably be enlarge*] upon during the season: ;" December 10—Osceola there. . ' -Juii 2-rShawnee there. "•'.- Jan.. 6—Stifle. . ' JanX 9—Jonesboro here. ; ;'ijan.'i3—Cooler there. \ Jan.. '1'6-rOsceola here. -' Jan. 2lH-Monette there. ': Jilt' S3—Cooler here. Jari.. 21—Wilson there. • .Jaii. '30-31-^NorlheaiA Arkansns- Soiitaeast Missouri lournament here-'-- ]teb. 3r-Shawnee here. '. Feb. IJr-Wilsor. rore. . Feb. 17—Luxora there, ffeb. - 20—Moneltc here. :l j^b. 24—Luxora here. Jfeb-27-28 — county tournament location nr.t determined. '.|<arch.. 6-7—LHslrict tournament location not determined. By WM. E. McKENNKY Secretary. American Briil;e I/.-asi:-: Undoubtedly the snost frequeiv. riuestton asked by thj bcjlnn:r at contract Is "How <to you scare?. I i seems so complicated." Jt is tru: that there is a great d;al incite to scoring contract tlir.n th^re is aticllori, kul if you will havo a contract scoring schedule beside yon and familiarize yourself with how to handle Ihc scoring, you will find It very simple. Following you will find a rubber contract bridge scored. The lall numbers in parenthesis are or reference so that, you may fol- more easily • the descriptions veil below. (1) On tlie, first Hand,'Nortli id South bid one heart and made our. Although they made four icarls. they can only score below le line Ihe number of Iricks bid. herefore we have credited North nd South with 110 bslcw Ihe line, nd as liicy made three overtrlcks. ach of which counts 50, th;v re- eive 150 above the Una. (2) On the second hand North nd South bid p.nd made three pacles. . This gives them a trlri; core of 90 below the line and a: already had 30. we draw a lin: uider tlie 90 signifying that North and South have a Ic? and they im become vulnerable. Above lh; line we have credited lh;m with nw West were not vulnerable, Nortli and South receive 100 each for the first two tricks, 200 each for the next two tricks and 4CO for the WE THEY • - Fore, Mr. Yost! Fielding H. Yost has gone in fo golf In a big way. The former Micr> Igan, coich first played In 1921, on game. The other game he playc th>s year. Figuring on the basis two hours lor 18 holes, and. remem beiing that Mr. Yost's foolball teams In {lie old days were known t».. the ' "point-a-minute" boys. I •woh'der h* Mr. Yosl's golf score isn't -somewhere around 120? points. This for tour honors ! The Yoonjcr Rocknc 1 On the trip to the coast, Frani Carideb had charge of young Jack Boekne, son of the Bald Domo ol South Bend. It seems that yoan- Jack has some of his dad's rudy Til. -When they. asked Wm v.'h^re he was, going to sleep on the PiUl- man, he pointed to an up?2r with • the remark, "Up there in th: pres.- box, I guess." * k ft , ' jBetthic one the Game There wasn't a great deal of bi' lield in one hand. Remember that In contract tlie only honors tha count are either four or five held in one hand. Pour honors of su! bid held In one hand.count 100. flvt honors of suit bkt held in one hand count 150, and four aces hold in on hand iri IID trump count 150. Thcr are no other honor counts. (3) East-West tld three trump on Hit Ihird han:l bu'. tliel contract was defeated four trick undoubted. As East and Wcs: were not vulnerable, North nnd Sautr receive 53 point-', for each Irick they defeated the contract, whlcl totals 201 points. Tills we hav t given Kcrth and Sou'h above ttu line. (« On t!v: tsurth hand. Eis n;id Wsst bid six h:srt?, wcr. doubled. cn:l their cmtrr.c'. was dj. Tcaled five tricks. A-. E.nt • au- Followers of Ihe thorough>reds are ( watching Willis Sharpe Kilmer's Sun Bean. . . . Recently by winning the Southern Maryland handicap at Bowie. the earnings of the famous on of Sun Brier passed those of Exterminator "and Man o' War . . . Sun Beau, with purs- won' in Ihe neighborhood of S272.000. Is third now to Gallant Fox anr! Zev . . . The marks of ihe leaders may be ' surria'ssrvl this winter, as Sun Beau hns been sent to South Carolina to prepare for the rich handicaps at Agua C-iliente and New Orleans . . . The winner of the Agua csliente is to receive $100.(100 ... Should Sim Baau no" out in front In that one, h; wculcl set a new money-winning record for al Rime ... not to count the handicaps at New Orleans. . . ract scorlns until you have famil- ar zed yourself with the various ounts. i-omposer Plays Own Piece for Mannikw liURDETTB, Ark.—The girls and boys basketball teams of Burddtte st to the Keiser girls and boys .•"ilday night in hard fought games COMMISSIONER'S SALE • NOTICE is hereby given.that the umler.signpd commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a de ; cree rendered by the Chancery for the C'.iickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 18 day of November 1930. wherein American Buildinj Loan Association was Plaintiff, No. 4GC3 vs. ai!d C. H. Garner, et al., were Dc- cnrinnts. will sell at public auction to the highest and best bid- dor, on a credit of three months, at (he front door of the Court House. Iwtwcen the hours prescribed by law. in the City of BK- theville, Arkansas, on the 22 day of December. 1330, the following real (state, to-wit: He«inning OTIC hundred twenty- five feet East of the Northeast corner of Main and Front S'.rests. Whence North to the J; L. C. A: E. Railroad riijtit of way; thence East fifty feet; thence South to Front Street, (hence West to place of begin- nini:, in Mississippi County, Arkansas. SAID sale will be had to Satisfy said decree in the sum of S2.10S.63 with 10 per cent interest from November 1. 1929. THE purchaser at said sule will be rctiulred to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase and a lien will be retained upon said property as additional security, for the payment of such purchase monev. WITNESS my hand and the seal of said Court, on this, the 1st day of December, 1930. •W, W. HOLLTPETF.n. Commissioner in chancery. 2-9-16 played at Kclscr. Keiser useri '.hree teams of girls, while KurdeUe used lo"'Kinsey only seven players. i -- -- - . i' The lineups for Burdette were: Girls—Nola Quarles, f: L'.icille Quarles, f; Yettc McHatfcy, c; Ciii-Ullne Quarles, sc;; L;:cill t > Harkey, g; La Verne Harkey. g: Alhue Voss, substitute for La Verne Hurkey. Boys—Whittle, f; Chrlsco, f; Ellis, c; Grcacy, g; Mcllalfcy, g. Subslilutes: Ford for Ctirisco, McKay for Me Ha tie y. tj'in. Scores: B;y.>- C-ird'vell, L'E; | l.^aclnilk. 19. r;, r |3_ <; a -.-d«\ell. !-!!; Lcac!ivli:e, U. ; Til? Cu' LL-dins i-.'i?!''! com- i yr.scd of: Girls— I. McCoy, c; Ci. ! North, t; p. RI?BS, f: I. Blakeney. .c; G. UMiOji, >j; C. Uilmore, v,; K. I L. Collins, s; M. Arnold, u: E. | La:id. f; L. Hin;Ut-y. f; L. I'ryor. c. P.oys— W. WhltsMi. f; O. Ml/3, B; O. Hori!i, c; B. Ray. f; J. Grigg.=. c; B. Mke. f; P. killian. I; L. (F;u) Qltwart. g: J. Ftrtel, E. : Kcicrct, Floyd Pierce. The Card- wtll hisli school teams meet Arbyrd :'.<, Caidwc-ll Tuesday, December 9th.' 'the PiiKilcri-, Independent team, of C'ardttell, met and defeated the! Hcd Devils. Indcijendent team of I nrctor. iU the Cardwoll hi-jhl scliool H'ln Wndnesday cvuciliii 1 . i December D. The score was 23-18.! Tlio 1'urvler cquad, under mniKLse-! merit of Era'Ut (Ducky) llarri-! icn. is comi>osed of: b. Hernn.' Cicssiimi. C. W. Mickey, K. Lock-j ard, J. R. Mann, il. M. Wilson and annually. About 3,803 dairymen are ineinl.--.; of the association, known as Lhc Connecticut Milk Producer;,' Association. Organized as a bargaining organization In 1917, the ass-ciatian authorities with Mab!llzin<r the industry in the state and protecting both the prcclucer and consumer- Thi> association is guidrfl and I supported by its members. Policy I ajid business are dealt with at .24 district meetings in Dsccmb°i>'of i each year amid 55 community Hirelings in February and March. HOME THEATRE Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday RITZ THEATER Tuesday and Wednesday ting on the Notre • California game, we are lo'.d. Pcr- ' hips the reason U the same as tiut which has cut down the wa?erln? : it prize fights recently. Afl;r the -• Cuizooerl-Slnger, Petrolle-McLar- nui affairs, the boys really don' know how a fight is going to turn outl = ; • • • • He Did U in a Trice Tlie name of the Army man wlic ' made the touchdown against Notre Dame has been discovered. I: Is not Pershlng, General Phil Shtr- Ii»n, Salvation Nail or Steve Zlltli It Is C»deT"Harley N. Trice, a guari from Oaklawn, R. I. You see there we two people on the Army squad who**' name*, sound alike. One i Price, a tr.ckle. The o;!i;r is Trice r. gu^rd. Vcr;- coitus:;-.;;. Cowlby, Eeiuy Benny B;n3oush, th: ir.ra;)y little cat;'.-.c-r, has gen: fr=iii t!ic Yankees, and noiv we '.vor.ler v.'. Lou Gehrij will da? Benny ana Loi. came u;> to th3 b'.;; i'.-o7- uj;-.;!...-. "iJiey Trerc lns;paM'j;2. Liki HJ;-; uni Jo: D'.igan ar.3 a r.iirnbjr o. other Damcn-Pythias co:v,j;i\i!br.i they lived, walked and ulkid i;. gelher. Prirno Car:i:ri has complied with the rules nectssary for a mar to become heavyweight champlci of the world. Ha hi; bssten a floe'. of setups and finally defeated I'AU :inD. Schmeljiij rnnlly doJcito . J iulin3 before he coi his siiot t •,ho tlii;. You know very \vsll, Eus :ics, that Prlmo we-ull pack in asalnst Hcrr Saujrx And a pjc.tcJ house 1; nit a tlun tn be n' nfth trick, for a tola: of 1000 point which is credited to them above the line. (5) On the fifth hand North am South bid five diamonds and wen down two tricks undoubted, but a Nortli and South" were vn'.uorahli East and Wesl receive ICO i>Dlnt fw the first trick and 200 mint's fo the second trick, for a toinl of 3(X lioinrs. which ha? been credited t them above the llm. (C) On Ihe sixth hand. North, nd South bid four snides aiic! rre dnuhled. ThMr cont.-acl was"d three tricks nnd as N'orth Pnuth wen* vulnerable 1 . East nd Wept receive 200 for the fira! rick i>n* 400 each for the nest tricks. Tills.-1000 noints IP reditcd to th<;in above the line. • (7) On hand number wen Ta=t and West bid four hearts ant" p 'doubled; and made sk hearts thev only 1 blr| four, they vccelv* r tricks double'd below the llrio Thich Is 240 no!nts. Above tl-e lln» '•cv receive 100 points each for I>IP two overtrlcks atid SO rxiints t«- -.aking Ihrif contract. You wil itlcc that they receive IID boivi< nr making B small slam as Ihc =mnll shm n-ss-IK-t bid- for. 'V On th^ eighth h^ud. Nort' id South . bid six soides. w»n "iibled. and made reven snart^s Thev (>re credited with sk i"i:W*d below th(- line. 36fi '1 thr>v were vulnerable, they re•"\v. 100 nMnts' for maklno their "ntract. They marie a gr?nd shm horefore they receive. 500 noint '"r the e^'tra trlclt. 15" tor hicHtiv ^'ri iri^^'ntr ft s^" 1 *!! sln^i As thcv ^ave now cs ri n?' qr? r n n - thev r*»?ri^" ' r-nnip bftnus of 500 ool'its. I NEW YORK, (UP)— It happened on the lower stage of the Paramount studio whsre John Green. comiwser of "I'm Yours" and "Brxty and Soul," was employing a few moments In practistnc on the piano. Green s studying the piano with Herman Wasserman of Vienna and practices when ever ho can. A.; he played one of the mnnni-. s appearing In a fashion pic- ignorant of his identity, ask- kins tur ed: "Do you kn r 'W 'Body and Soul'?" "I'll try it." Green said. Hi played it as the extra never had heard it played before. COMJIIFSIONER'S SALE NOTICE !•; hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree reiulerctl bv the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District THE CRAZE 0 F THE HOUR! The biff clihi-nnd- grin hoy making laughs an; love. In .Oct a v u s Roy Cohen's roaring romance. of Mississippi (he 18 dav County, Arkansas of November. 1930. 1 1M 'The Social Lion O, Qaramowni picture Matinee &. Nighl—10 & 25c. Coming—Friday & Saturday — Zane Grey's "BORDER LEGION". B\ss=r Than Ever! Star of "The Miglity"! In a deep-sea romance with the wallop of' a tropic typhoon! Phone 555 Service, Inc. Swept together by danger and the re.i—they don't want each other —they love in spite of themselves! Comedy and News. Matinee—10 and 30c. Night—10 and 35c. Cominy—Thursday & Friday — Ed Wynn in "FOLLOW THE TRADER". wherein American Building & Loan ,'I»JJ.IIEJ Coming—Saturday — Warner BaxlEi- in "RENEGADES". Coming—Sunday & Monday —Wm. Haines, in "REMOTE CONTROL". A'ashing & Greasing $1.50 Phillips "06" Gas and/Oil Quiikcr State & Mobiloil ioodrich Tires & Tubes Storage by week or motuii Tire Repairing & Road Service Across street from Hotel Noble SURE - WE GIVE EAGLf S TAMPS- YOU ALWAVS 1 GET MORE- Bob Dent, Prop. AKocintlon was PlalntifT, Nrv. 4816 . •md Wc^t had made « le*. th"i- rOMMISSIONKIt'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that the mdcrsignrd commissioner, In com- uliancc with the terms of a de- •ree rendered by Ihe Chancerv "o:irt for Ihe Chickasawba Dislrlc: of Mississippi County. Arkansas !!ie 18 day of November, 1930 wherein American Buildtni; fc Loan Af.vr!ntion, was Plaintiff. No 4S21 vs. 'nd Ada Rpa^an. et al.. were Defendants, will sell at public auc 'Ion to the hlehfst and best bid'. on a credit of three mouths it the front door of the Conn House, between the hours prcscrib "1 by law. In Ihe City of Rlvthe- '-'i'.le. Arkansas, on the 22 day o r Dcci-mb-r. 1930. the following rea' "siat,-. to-wit: to; Sixteen, Block Twcntv-fo'.ir. Rlvtl-e Addition to Dlvthcvlllp. M'sMsslpnl County, Arkansas. SAID sale will be had to satlsfv '•lid decree in the sum of $8!)3.98 with 10 uer cent Interest from Julv 1. 1930. THE nurcharer at salrt pale wil 1 be irqiiired to execute bond will anniwfd security, to secure thr payment ol the purchase mow ^U;l a Hen will be rctalr.ed u.w 5-iid jiroiicrty ns additional srrnr i'y 'or the payment of such pur fi'n'^ ipone r . WIVSESS my hand and the and Ada Reagan, were Defendants. I will sell at public auction to IheiJ highest and besl- bidder, on a creel- : il of three mouths, al Use fronl j door cf Ihe Court House, between; the hours prescribed by law. In j the City of Blythevillr, Arkansas. I on the; 22 day of December. 1930. j he following real estate, to-wit:, Lol three, Block twenty-five. BlythD Second Addition to Blythevllle, Mississippi County. Arkansas. SAID sale will be had to satisfv | lid decree in the sum of 51,578.17.; ith 10 per cent Interest from 1 ulv 1. 1930. j THE purchaser nt said iMe will j : required, to execute bond with ', pprovcd soourily. to secure the] aynunt of the purchase money.; nd a lien will be retained upon, aid r.roperty as additional sccnr. '• \y for the payment of such pur- hase money. : VCTNESS my hand and the seal, of said Court, en this, the 1 day of December. 1930. ! W. W. HOLLIPKTER. i Ccmmissioner in Chancery. \ 2-3-lG ; bonus would have been 70fj of fR 'd Court, on this, the I da May we su«e4l that you no-,'- • f'Vf your scoring V schedule i>n'* i work but several examples ol con- Dccembcr. 19SO. W. W. HOLUPETETi. Commissioner in Chancerv 2-9-1 in Drainage District The tax books will be closed to payment of Drainage District lumber Seventeen 1930 taxes, al close of business on DECEMBER 20,1930 Pay before that date and avoid payment of pen- allies. W. Shaver, Sheriff and Collector

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