The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on April 8, 1987 · Page 85
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 85

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1987
Page 85
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THE bES MOINES REGISTER Wed , April 8, 1987 7N-WS REAL ESTATEBUSINESS CITY OF ALTOON R.C. Slubbs Inc. to Bryan D. and Judith A. Kan-is, S12 N.W. Sixth St., SW.SOO. CITY OF AMKEHY Roger W. and Denis E. Carter to Russell L. and Kathv L. Allen, 1905 N.W. Third St., $59,000. Kimberlev Dev. Corp. to Jeffrey J. and Shelley R. Wanvsness, 530 N.E. Fourth SI., M 1,000. Vernon D. UerHing to Terry D. and Cheryl M. Van Oort, 121 Richland Circle, (17,500. Vernon O. Uehlins to Dale C. and Ruthann Froehlich, (17 Richland Circle, 117,500. Vernon D. Uehlins lo Kimberley Dev. Corp., 809 Richland Circle, I7,000. Ronald R. Johnson to Rudy B. and Gertrude J. Berna, 1205 S.E. BfHmonl Drive, $5a,5O0. David J. and Linda R. Seeman to Steven J. and Debra K. Vinie, 414 N.W. Bramble Road, $74,500. CITY OF CLIVE ' James E. and Zoe A. Grltzner to Dennis D. and Debbie M. Anderson, 1549 N.W. 91sl St., $87,500. Robert J. and Jeanne H. Clark to Phyllis J. Op-perman, 1573 100th Place, $104,500. First Fin. Sav. Bank lo First Const. Svcs. Inc., 9690 Forest Ave., $21,000. Richard G. and Mary C. Schuster to Dennis W. and Pamela J. Bintner, 1797 N.W. 80th Place, $92,500. R. L. French Corp. to David J. and Lynn A. Zylslra, 10431 Juan Calle, $94,000. CITY OF GRIMES Francis L. Shafer to Jack E. and C. Edward Shafer, Route 2, $54,500. Brian J. and Kim V. Barnes to Christopher R. and Debra J. Siegel, 613 N. Fifth St., $51,500. Mark A. and Pamela S. Avau to Tim H. and Loretta P. Olnev, 505 N. Eighth SI., $67,000. CITY OF JOHNSTON Julius E. and Rebecca J. Erlenbsch lo John F. and Angela K. Tedesco, 7260 N.W. 58lh St., $106,500. Cosgriff Const. Co. to Kelly E. and Pamela L. Rotert, 6671 N.W. 48th SI., $83,000. Rolhchild Const. Co. to Neal R. and Roberta K. Cave, 5607 Terrace Circle, $79,500. Jane T. Bush and Linda B. Thomas to Harold E. and Patricia J. Kuhns, 5900 Village Circle, $100,000. CITY OF POLK CITY John W. Youngquisl to Larry L. and Christine S. Opfer, 400 Crestmoor Drive, $54,000. CITY OF URBANDALE John H. and Jane C. Ortner to Gary J. and Judy K. Cromer, 8005 N. Walnut Creek Drive, $75,500. United Equity Inv. Corp. to Cornerstone Cons. Co. Inc., 4507 96th St., $26,500. United Equity Inv. Corp. lo E goers Bill Homes Inc., 9606 Alpine Drive, $26,000. Jerry's Homes Inc. to Landmark Builders Corp., 7060 Brookview Drive, $13,500. Jerry's Homes Inc. to Landmark Builders Inc. 7064 Brookview Drive, $13,500. Jerry's Homes Inc. lo Landmark Builders Corp., 7068 Brookview Drive, $13,500. Jerry's Homes Inc. to Landmark Builders Corp., 7072 Brookview Drive, $13,500. Neil N. Sllbermann and Jane Wang to Robert C. and Mary S. Dopf, 7501 Brvn Mawr Drive, $105,500. Newcastle Corp. to Lyle J. and Peggy J. Van Langen, 4624 67th St., $19,000. M. H. Partnership to Roger J. and Karen R. Thelin, 4600 66th St., $17,500. J.W.W. Inc. lo Newcastle Corp., 4713 67th St., $20,500. M. H. Partnership to Lyle J. and Peggy J. Van . Langen, 4611 67th St., $19,000. George O. and Margaret E. Gray to Shawn W. and Shelly M. Meighan, 8404 Prairie Ave., $67,000. Stephen Grubb Const. Inc. to Mark A. and Pamela S. Avaux, 8430 Sharon Circle, $79,500. Robert M. and Diane G. Young to Meggison Real Est. Inc., 2803 Patricia Drive, $124,500. Harry S. and Mildred E. Erkkson to Michael J. and Michele J. Lewis, 4508 64th $61,500. Brenlon Mortgages Inc. to Harry A and Eva D. Caruthers, 4837 86lh St., No. 10, $46,000. Michael R. and Nancy L. Standley to Bruce A. and Barbara K. Baumgarn, 4813 78th St., $15,000. Midland Dev. Corp. to Marvin L. and Patty J. Crouse, 6811 Oakwood Drive, $82,500. CITY OF WEST DES MOINES Rolland B. Cole to Vernie K. and Myrna L. Johnson, 917 12th St., $61,000. Eggers Bill Homes Inc. lo Michael D. and Cvn-Ihia A. Grant, 4643 Elm St., $135,500. Marlin E. and Kathleen M. Walters lo Lloyd R. and Nancy C. Harrison, 4645 Elm SI., $130,500. Rubve F. Dean to George J. Reid, 4725 Woodland Ave., No. S, $50,500. Steven W. and Connie M. Herman to Bernadir Link, 634 22nd St., $68,000. Lawrence M. and Mary P. Crowell lo Mark W. and Jo A. Brown, 604 30th St., $66,500. Lyle T. Hanson and Patricia L. Weber lo Thomas D. and Mary J. Greenawald, 731 34th St., $60,500. Joseph C. and Lynn G. Piper to Ronald L. Liv-ermore and Patricia A. Kalahar, 1110 18th St., $104,500. Harold and Carolyn Zacharias to Jeffery A. and Debra I. Martin, 1101 15th St., $85,500. Carlton D. Ben (Trust) to Eggers Bill Homes Inc., 3008 Elm St., $21,000. Carllon D. Beh (Trust) lo Quail Valley Homes Inc., 2913 Elm St., $21,000. Carllon D. Beh (Trust) to Regency Builders Inc., 2801 Elm St., $20,500. Carlton D. Beh (Trust) to Landmark Builders Inc., 2908 Elm St., $20,500. Eggers Bill Homes Inc. to Scoll and Janna M. Rutledge, 2409 Walnut St., $90,000. Carlton D. Beh (Trust) to Eggers Bill Homes Inc., 217 25th St., $17,000. Stephen Grubb Const. Inc. to James W. and Cheryl L. Cox, 225 25lh St., $88,500. Carlton D. Beh (Trust) to Eggers Bill Homes Inc., 312 24th St., $16,500. Quail Valley Homes Inc. to Kraig L. Mooard, 268 24th St., $89,500. Stephen Grubb Const. Inc. to Mary E. Henss,252 24th St., $84,000. Richard H. and Jeanette C. Bangslon to Ardis J. Olson, 4712 Dakota Drive, $96,000. James M. and Sherri L. Bannister lo Lawrence M. and Mary P. CroweH, 4806 Cody Drive, $99,500. Schlegel Invest. Co. to Millard Const. Inc. 5836 Pleasant St., $17,000. Schlegel Invest. Co. to Millard Const. Inc., UK 59th St., $16,000. Schlegel Invest. Co. to Lyle J. and Peggy J. Van Langen, 5841 Center St., $18,500. Schlegel Invest. Co. to Millard Const. Inc., SMS Center St., $16,000. Amstel Inc. to Regency Builders Inc. 1641 35lh St., $21,000. Ronald H. and Kay R. Bromert to Thomas K. and Junell A. Miller, 1262 33rd St., $76,500. Daniel J. and Judith A. Boesen to Douglas A. and Sally A. Orr, 4205 Francrest Circle, $87,500. CITY OF WINDSOR HEIGHTS John T. and Jill L. Dushinske to Sandor J. and Marcia A. Toth, 1011 64th St., $63,000. CROCKER TOWNSHIP Ronald L. Livermore and Patricia A. Kalahar to Monte P. Anderson, 1(30 N.W. 72nd Ave., $79,500. DELAWARE TOWNSHIP Victor Jurovtch to David E. and Jeri L. Hodson, 2735 N.E. Broadway Ave., $2,500. DOUGLAS TOWNSHIP Dennis R. and Susan L Albaugh to John W. and Renee A. Bridenstine, 2505 N.E. 97th Place, $28,500. Dennis R. and Susan L. Albaugh to Gregory J. and Susan L. Mulhall, 2521 N.E. 97th Place, $19,500. EAST SIDE DES MOINES Edith E. Conklin to M.C.R. Associates, 1917 Des Moines St., $5,500. Gail A. and Elizabeth I. Smith to Des Moines General Hospital Co., 1415 Lyon St., (16.500. Eugene J. and Lorretta A. Sullivan lo Jack G. and Evelyn B. Slater, 1658 E. Walnut St., $5,500. NORTHEAST DES MOINES Michael J. and Brvan M. Spongier to Robert D. and Evelyn J. McReynoWs, 2719 Indianapolis Ave., $17,500. Dale H. Gosselink to Andrew H. and Constance A. Reszel, 2207 Elizabeth Ave., $11,000. Larry L. and Carolyn M. Swanda to Mark McDonald, 3937 E. 30th St., $23,000. Richard D. and Joanne Slv lo Craig and Connie Michael, 2104 E. 23rd St., (39,500. Llovd W. and Jeanne Clark to Mark W. and Pamela K. Jones, 3643 E. Seventh St., $35,000. Llovd T. and Blanche M. Mussell lo John r. and Brenda R. Drabek, (24 Roosevelt St., $34,500. Carrie Strolher to Clarence E. and Wilma D. Van Gundy, 1236 Stewart St., $11,000. NORTHWEST OES MOINES Paul H. Martin lo Karen Savage, 3312 Second Ave., $28,500. Steven R. Smith lo Steven A. Christensen,1316 Clinton Ave., $32,000. Michael J. and Sherry L. Goodwin to Glna G. Gourlev, 2917 Garden Ridge, $50,000. Gerald J. Kopitzke to Larry D. and Diane C. Brown, 1916 27th SI., $35,500. Timothy E. and Mary E. Garden to Kenneth W. and Claire A. De Cook, 2115 40th Place, $55,000. Roger and Joni Rae Summit! to Edward M. and Anne F. Morton, 2223 55th St., $51,500. David G. Koester to Gail W. Palmer and Juliana K. Schwabe, 2419 40th Place, (45,500. Vera P. Zimmerman to Janis A. Timmons, 2501 40th Place, $44,500. Herbert A. and Vera B. Lichlenberger lo Curtis K. and Janet K. Jacobsen, 3330 Franklin Ave., $53,000. Mariorle L. Manatt to Brian J. and Tracee Hughes, 2715 46th St., (66,000. Dennis W. and Pamela J. Bintner lo Donald M. and Joan M. Huston, 5911 Boston Ave., $55,500. . Jeffrey A. and Debra I. Martin to Timothy J. Sedrel, 3411 Brinkwood Road, $58,000. C. Robert and Pony B. Oxley to Warren W. and Gloria J. Rice, 1509 48th St., $69,000. Richard W. and Jacauelin Kail to Mariorle Manalt, 3106 57th St., $52,000. Mark W. and Calverna A. Koenig to Russell A. and Jodeen A. Bogue, 1700 38th SI , $71,000. David D. and Tanya R. Gales to Dave Ross, 1601 33rd SI., $31,000. J.W.W. Inc. to Esther M. De Jong, S109 Twana Drive, $57,500. Thelma K. Brand (Trust) and Norwest Bank Dm. Natl. Asso. (Trustee I lo Ark) M. and Jean H. Jacobson, 2716 30th St., (36,500. SAYLOR TOWNSHIP Duane R. and Jo E. Leonard lo Paul G. Cah-111,6890 N.W. Fourth St., (64,000. Loren U. and Faith Boyd lo Etoise McMulin, 5315 N.E. 10th St., (53,500. Harold E. and Patricia J. Kuhns to Duane R. and Jo E. Leonard, 955 N.W. Mlh Ave., $(7,500. SOUTH SIDE DES MOINES Richard L. and Elizabeth T. Ben to Steven A. and Denise J. Dennis, 3120 S.E. Fifth St., (69,500. Ecology Homes Inc. to Dan R. and April W. Williams. 2427 E. Rose Ave., (10,500. Kennie Van Deventer lo William R. and Andrea E. Jones, 518 Park Ave., $37,500. Grace E. Burgess to Robert Greenfield, 3613 S. Union St., $53,500. Robert D. and Myra L. Countryman to Norman L. and Dina L. Dudley, 3714 S.E. 10th St., $53,500. Russell W. and Mdlie E. Evans to Nick D. and Belh A. Adams, 76)0 S.W. Ninth Place, $35,500. Sargio M. Fontanini and Gevia Giacoletto to V.Marcella Rogers, 5802 S.W. Third St., (25,500. Robert T. Huck to David P. and Richard M. Desing, 4018 S.W. 261 h St., $35,500. Bankers Life Co. lo Secretary of HUD, 240 Watrous Ave., $43,000. Doretta J. Randleman to David L. and June D. Davison, 600 Trowbridge St., $20,500. WEST SIDE DES MOINES Donald L. Dunbar to Linda K. Medberry,1139 22nd St., $22,000. Gerald Hamburg and Edward Rubin lo Stephen A. and Marilu Blum, 930 29th St., (51,500. Timothy R. and Karen Doughten to William Ov-eras, 642 37th SI., (33,500. Laura J. Magee to Guy R. and Cynthia R. Cook, 2838 Forest Drive, (130,500. GMAC Mortgage Corp. lo Bonnie V. Anderson, 6100 Rollins Ave., (29,500. John R. and Shaun R. Fay to Thomas L. and Julie S. Drew, 253 5)sl St., (63,000. Dorothy J. Taha to James T. and Lisa A. Frailer, 4015 Woodland Ave., (41,500. The above list of Polk Country real estate transfers is for the week ending March 30. Included are the names of buyers and sellers, addresses of properties sold and the sale of prices taken from the deed or contract or calculated within $500 from the revenue stamps affixed to the deed. 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